Brickbat: Don't Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em


upupron via / CC BY

Michigan State University has banned the use of all tobacco products, vaporizers and e-cigarettes anywhere on campus, even in private vehicles.

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  1. Banning e-cigs shows that it’s not about harm reduction, but control.

  2. Hey, this is like a private vehicle, man.

    1. Morning, it seems government of all shade are trying to eliminate private property from the law in most forms. Look at how much control businesses have lost in the last 50 years. Everything from barber shops to farmers [ cherries ? } .

      1. Mornin’. You didn’t build that.

        1. And you can’t smoke that.

        2. I think I’ll have a cigar with a couple beers today on the deck. Fuck the nannies

          1. I smoke a cigar most mornings when I take my walk around the neighborhood. A few weeks back one of my neighbors commented on my “…smoking while you exercise?”

            “Sure,” I replied. “I figure I’m breaking even.”

            1. That’s whai I told some lady who saw me light a cigarette outside the pool, but she said that’s not how it works.

  3. ‘I don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan cause I’ from O-HI-O’.

  4. I’m sure they will have as much success with this as banning college students from drinking beer and smoking pot.

    1. Laws are magic.

      1. Yeah, I’m gonna guess this going to go the way of every other ban.

        They’ll remove the ashtrays from outside buildings, the campus cops have more important things to deal with than errant smokers, and the campus groundskeepers will have to deal with discarded cigarette butts all over the place.

        But since the people in charge of the rules don’t have to clean up all the cigarette butts, it will be heralded as a huge success. All they need to add is to have the RA’s survey student’s smoking habits and have every student state categorically for the record that they don’t drink or smoke (Regular tobakkee or wacky), and it will be 100 percent drug free. Except for the Adderall abuse.

        1. I see a anti smoking class being required in the future.

          1. I”m sure it will be as effective as current anti-smoking efforts.

            After all, I can’t watch a South Park rerun without some guy pulling out his teeth, some chick pulling the skin off her face, or an obnoxious cat video.

            That is why man created DVRs.

            1. I prefer my cigars hand rolled by orphans in a ceder shack. So,I have that going for me. As for the ads during SP,that’s when I go get another beer.

              1. I have agreed with my roommate not to smoke indoors, so whenever the anti-smoking ads pop up, I’ll pause the TV and declare a smoke break, then go outside to smoke.

                I also do the same with ASPCA ads, but it’s not as situationally ironic. Seriously, I’m just trying to watch some dick and fart jokes, and you assholes had to bring in tortured puppies. Nope.

                1. There’s nothing like a good cigar and a glass of port sitting on the deck on the a summer evening. I only smoke outside ,I don’t like the smell in the house.

                  1. you know who else doesn’t like the smell in the house?

                  2. the smell sucks, but the tarry-dust is also hell on the inside of your computer.

                2. need to smoke some tortured puppies & kittens…and chicks, don’t forget the chicks

                  1. You can smoke a hamster, I’ll smoke a parakeet!

              2. rolled between the thighs of virgins…

              3. Your orphans get a shack? You ol’ softie.

    2. They just need to get the word out that smoking is cultural appropriation. If a student is not at least 1/64th Native American, as documented by family stories passed down through generations, the student has no business stealing this noble traditional tribal practice.

  5. Vaping leads to smoking which leads to the bad crowd that hangs out behind the school which leads to pills which leads to heroin which leads to a 60 Minutes feature and ultimately one’s own undoing.

  6. “At least I can still smoke in my car.” Oh wait

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  8. I hardly smoke cigs but I let my friends smoke inside, it blows all their minds, the authority is so absolute for them they haven’t smoked indoors in years. The smell don’t bother me and even if it did — fuck everyone who stands in the way of liberty — fuck the United States government that I used to hold so dear, fuck the oppressive progressives.

  9. Michigan. Land of morons.

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