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Gary Johnson Gets Metaphysical

The libertarian presidential candidate "has significant astrological chart similarities" with Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan.


Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave an interview with the radio program Outer Limits of Inner Truth, in which he talked about his "personal life challenges, zest for adventure, and passion for fitness," as a press release from the program put it. That's all nice, but beside the point here. The point of this post is simply to bring you the single greatest image of Johnson to yet emerge this election and help give it wider reach in the world. My friends, behold:

So memeable! So like Johnson is hawking astrology tapes on the Home Shopping Network, or leading a new cult with extraterrestrial aspirations!

In any case, Outer Limits is feeling the Johnson: "Mr. Johnson answered every question without hesitation regardless how far out of his comfort zone it was," Ryan McCormick, the show's executive producer, said.

Following the chat with Johnson, the program features "a team of three globally respected Psychic Mediums and an Astrologer" offering a "Forensic Soul Analysis" of the Libertarian candidate. It apparently revealed that Johnson "has significant astrological chart similarities" with Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan.

Peer into GarJo's soul for yourself here. Read more Reason-able Gary Johnson coverage here.

[Yes, I made a terrible Reason pun. Drink!]

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  1. Papyrus, the font that shall never die. Fuck your graphic designer with a rusty fork.

    1. I like Papyrus, though I have never actually used it for anything…

      Would you prefer Comic Sans?

      1. (D’oh!)

    2. Two of my favorites are Copperplate and Engravers MT. I also like Windsor, but that’s probably from watching dozens of Woody Allen movies.

      1. Avenir is mine. It’s a friendlier, more versatile Futura

    3. I like big fonts and I cannot lie, all the other typefaces can’t deny

  2. Why is Papyrus the font of choice for every low-rent New Age woo woo outlet out there? Papyrus is almost as bad as Comic Sans, it is known.

    1. It is known.

    2. Ancient Egypt, man. A theocratic society fueled by slave labor is so cool, man.

  3. I’m not much into metaphysics, but I swear I keep seeing a ghost on TV. It looks like the shade of a once-great libertarian, but I know it can’t possibly be him because he died years ago.

  4. Well they screwed that image up. Lost opportunity to put the totally apt “GayJay” on it.

  5. Watching the Obama-Iran scandal that Reason sees unfit to mention. The entire thing strikes me as hiding in plain sight. Rather than doing in clandestinely, they just didn’t make a thing about it, but didn’t deny it. There’s no cover-up. It’s a bit like what the Clintons do. Their corruption is so open and so blatant that it appeals to the cognitive dissonance of followers. They can rationalize it away by saying it must be ok since it’s not quite secretive.

    These guys know they control the narrative and the media will go along compared to Republicans who would just be lampooned endlessly if they did the reverse.

    And the same is true for Johnson. In a normal election cycle, he’d be painted as a fringe extremist like any other icky conservative. And he is ultimately ‘conservative’ whether he wants to admit it or not.

    1. It’s not a scandal, you teahadist rethuglican. It’s a *coincidence*.

    2. It’s all part of the deal. That was historic!

  6. THIS is the Great Hope to whom we hitched our wagon? Jesus Christ On a Popsicle Stick.

    1. You can always vote for the scary right wing criminal. Or Trump.

  7. “I made a terrible Reason pun.”

    Three Psychic Mediums globally respect that.

  8. “To boldly go where no Johnson has gone before.”

  9. Not helping.

  10. Well.

    Okay, then.

  11. Peer into GarJo’s soul for yourself here.

    Is this a Reason style-guide thing? Like Fox News’ “homicide bombers”?

  12. Pity the poor saps that actually donated money to this campaign.

    1. What’s more pathetic – Cosmic Guru Gary Johnson or Cardboard Bum Sign Gary Johnson?

      1. Cosmic Guru Gary sounds kind of cool actually. Tune in, turn on, Johnson uhh in?

  13. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave an interview with the radio program Outer Limits of Inner Truth [?]

    Why the flippity fuck is he wasting his time with such nonsense?

    1. Earned media, fool!

  14. Even though I have some serious problems with Gary’s candidacy, he seems like a legitimately good person, with a conscience unlike Trump or Killer Hillary.

  15. Oh, Gary…

  16. FWIW, this interview was pre-LP convention. Still, pointless and ultimately embarrassing.

  17. Gary, dude … go back to the weed — you seemed saner then.

  18. GarJo? I think it’s spelled ‘GayJay’

    1. I strongly prefer GarJo. It’s funnier and connects to a celebrity nickname that already has brand recognition. Why do you hate freedom?!??!!!?!

  19. *facepalm*

    He does realize that the mainstream media and the major party duopoly are looking for any excuse to dismiss them as kooks and freaks, right?

  20. I finally got around to watching the CNN Anderson Cooper townhall, and it reinforced my opinion that many of the commentariat are way too hard on Johnson and Weld. Ideologically pure libertarians they are not, but I think they are doing an awesome job of trying to move the public discourse needle to a more sane libertarian outlook while not driving people off.

    Put down your pitchfork for a second and hear me out. Your average voter has not read mises or hayek. Your average voter probably has not read any political philosophy texts. What your average voter DOES do is debate at length on derpbook whether the Gadsden flag is racist and should be banned by governments and employers; or whether mooslims are bringing Shariah Law to ‘murica. When you’re talking to fucking morons, you gotta bring the conversation down to where they can understand it.

    1. derpbook – that’s excellent.

      While I cringed through both town halls and thought it was disappointing and best and disastrous at worst, I then recall the shit spewed from the stage at the R and D convention and gain some much needed perspective. I have to “slap slap” myself and realize how incredible it is to be watching the LP candidates on CNN polling at 10% + when, for me, it all started with Harry Browne at 0.5% and zero media in 1996. Love to bitch as much as anyone, but really the glass is over half full right now for us folks….

      1. Also, I think it helps to remember that the LP ran with Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root in 2008. Yes, the fucking Wayne Allyn Root who stands on an H2 in front of his house posing for shitty book cover photos.

        1. Clinton 92 and Barr 08 are the two votes I wish I could have back.

    2. …hard on Johnson…

      Hurr durr a huh huh durr hurrrrr!

    3. I agree wholeheartedly.
      Good luck with your quest, ECU.

  21. Technically, this is in the realm of mysticism, not metaphysics.

  22. I would not have clicked this for anyone else ENB.

  23. So he finally decides to reach out to the religious community and *this* is the religion he reaches out to?

  24. Gotta reach more voters. These people probably didn’t watch cnn.

  25. Yet another reason for libertarian leaning folks to dismiss the LP. FML.

  26. I don’t suppose any of the 3 globally respected Psychic whateverthefuck shared who was gonna win this flushable moment?

    Between naked guys on the stage at the convention and this kind of shit, it’s difficult to maintain a calm and resolute demeanor when discussing what it is that makes me a libertarian with people from those other parties. “Oh yeah, I saw the video of the naked guy at the convention. What was that all about?”

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  28. OMG Gary Johnson is wearing a black shirt

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