There Were No Survivors: Libertarians Debate Donald Trump, Pro and Con, at FreedomFest.

Matt Welch, Jeffrey Tucker, Wayne Allyn Root, and Dan Mangru get into a shouting match, "moderated" by yours truly.


Note (2:45 P.M. ET): If any of this seems familiar, it's because Matt Welch linked to the full debate back on July 28. Apologies for the duplicated post, but give the video a play if you haven't done so yet.

Among the many good times had at FreedomFest, the world's largest gathering of libertarians and fellow travelers held in Las Vegas each July, was a debate over whether libertarians can or should support the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

Taking the pro side of the argument were 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root and investment advisor and commentator Dan Mangru. On the "no way, Jose" side were FEE's Jeffrey Tucker and Reason's own Matt Welch. I acted as the moderator of the "YUGE debate" (as it was advertised).

More than a few of the 2,000 attendees said it was the highlight of this year's event or, same thing, that it was among the worst things they ever saw in their entire lives, partly because of my partisan moderating (I am and remain firmly anti-Trump as well as anti-Clinton).

The good folks at FreedomFest have made the whole spectacle available on YouTube, so take a look now and decide for yourselves.

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