A.M. Links: Weld Says Trump Has 'A Screw Loose,' GOP Insiders 'Panic' Over 2016


  • Todd Kranin

    "A sense of panic is rising." Republican insiders are reportedly investigating what to do if Donald Trump drops out of the race.

  • New poll: Hillary Clinton 44 percent, Donald Trump 35 percent, Gary Johnson 12 percent.
  • At last night's Libertarian Town Hall on CNN, vice presidential candidate William Weld said Donald Trump has "a screw loose."
  • Two men have been arrested in connection with last month's terrorist attack on a restaurant in Bangladesh.
  • "A U.S. woman was killed and five other people injured by a man with suspected mental health issues who went on a rampage with a knife in central London, but police said there was no evidence that the attack was terrorism related."
  • The 2016 Summer Olympics officially start tomorrow in Rio De Janeiro.

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