Gary Johnson

Watch This Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Ad While Waiting for CNN Libertarian Town Hall To Start

A commercial that is eloquent in its plain-speaking appeal.


Note: I originally posted this Johnson-Weld online commercial back on June 30 and it proved quick popular. What follows is the original text and the embed of the ad itself, which is quite powerful and attractive in its plain-spoken eloquence and straightforwardness. So take a look as CNN's Libertarian Party Town Hall cranks up at 9:00 P.M. ET.

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld have just released a masterful ad that touts their impressive records as two-term governors (of New Mexico and Massachusetts, respectively) while drawing sharp distinctions among their positions and those of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

This is hands down powerful, powerful stuff and highlights Johnson's interest in capturing what he calls the "broad middle" of Americans who are socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and desperate for "small, efficient government" that gets core tasks done without blowing up the budget to pad the payrolls of favored businesses, bomb and drone foreign countries into the Stone Age, and strangle us all in regulatory red tape.

Take a look and comment it up below.

If you're interested in presidential commercials dating back to 1952, check out The Living Room Candidate, an exhaustive archive of such strange and wonderful artifacts.

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  1. What do you want to be t the douchebag fucks up his reboot?

    1. I would’ve won that bet.

  2. “12% in a three way race”

    Jill Stein has been unpersoned.

    1. 12% is fucking pathetic given the circumstances. That’s only a 50% gain over what he had in 2012 at this point running against much better candidates. The Dems are shaken and the GOP is completely imploding, and these idiots look like all they’re concerned about is where their next joint comes from.

      1. What the everloving fuck are you even talking about

        August 2012, Rasmussen Reports poll includes Johnson for the first time. …

        Aug. 26, 2012 2:19 pm.

        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 16% of Likely U.S. Voters have a favorable opinion of Johnson, while 20% offer an unfavorable view. Only one-out-of-10 have a strong opinion of him: Two percent (2%) have a Very Favorable view of Johnson, while eight percent (8%) have a Very Unfavorable one. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

        Sixty-three percent (63%) don’t know enough about Johnson to have any opinion at all.

        If Johnson is included by name in the presidential ballot question, up to four percent (4%) of voters might support him. However, the final results show 48% for Mitt Romney, 48% for President Obama, one percent (1%) for Johnson and 3% undecided.

        one – who cares? and
        two – you’re wrong anyway.
        three – and who cares?

      2. In the past 100 years, 3rd party candidates have hit 10% 3 times IIRC. 1924, when La Follette had a strong showing on the Progressive ticket due to both major party nominees being pretty conservative, 1968 where Wallace rode the backlash to Civil Rights, and 1992 where Perot, a billionaire, rode a wave of discontent to a strong showing. This year is favorable for 3rd party candidates, but that’s still a hard number to hit if you’re not on a major party ticket.

        1. Wallace won states and got electoral college votes. John Hospers is the only 3rd party/independent to do so since ’68 and that was with a faithless elector

  3. GayJay and Weld keep saying “vote for two Republican governors who are running as Libertarians”

    Ha! You cosmos are TEAM RED now, own it.

    1. The Democrats are running a neocon, the Republicans are running a big gov guy, and the libertarians are running a Republican.
      The difference between the candidates and the partys’ platforms and core constituencies is surreal, and the cognitive dissonance is a thing of beauty.

  4. “If you can’t compromise on principles you aren’t part of the coalition”

    __ William Weld

    He vows to “reach across the aisle”

    1. If you can’t win an election you’re not part of the coalition either.

  5. Weld cut taxes 21 times as governor….of TAXACHUSETTS!

  6. socially liberal, fiscally conservative

    You know Who Else tried to appeal to the masses with a reactionary third-way appeal to a non-existent past?

    1. Nick Gillespie?

      1. No. I don’t read the articles, only the comments.

        1. I just come here to look at the pictures

          1. But wood you?

    2. Dr. Paul Proteus?

    3. Ross Perot?

    4. I don’t see how that is reactionary. And what non-existent past is being referred to (I’m not watching)?

      1. Appeal to the 1960s-1970s where the Republicans were fiscally conservative and the Dems were socially liberal?

    5. Your mom?

  7. “small, efficient government” that gets core tasks done without blowing up the budget

    So…idealized Republicans?

  8. Actually, this is a pretty fucking awesome ad. Yeah, their records are not purist’s perfection, but name an idealist who ever governed successfully? I’m actually kinda excited to cast a vote for these guys.

    1. If you can’t win the election, you can’t govern at all, successfully or otherwise.

    2. Just vote Hitlery and cut out the middleman.

    3. Problem is most idealists want a bigger government which is what most politicians and elites want. Libertarians want to cut government which will be tough. And we all know how much Reasons loves it when Republicans advocate raising spending and taxes at a slower pace than what the Dems want…

    4. but name an idealist who ever governed successfully?

      George Washington?

      1. I don’t see how Washington was an idealist in an ideological sense. He was very pragmatic and non-partisan in his governance.

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  11. WILLIAM WELD WANTS TO PUT 1000 NEW FBI AGENTS ON THE STREET!!! with a “supplemental appropriation” to pay for all this new domestic surveillance.

    1. To hunt ISIS and “lone wolves”

  12. The ad is sure put together well. Where were these production people when Ron Paul had all kinds of cash for good ad buys?

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  14. GayJay isn’t coming for your guns. Hillary says the exact same thing.

  15. Anyway, Johnson had my vote when he got the nom. I’m in a blue state, so blue that Hillary could defecate on a chained up black woman’s face on live TV in a klan hood and still carry Washington by a landslide. My vote doesn’t matter, so I’ll use it as a middle finger.

    1. I’m in a pretty close state (FL) and I still refuse to vote for Trump or Hillary. Fuck that.

      1. Geez those two are probably even more insufferable there than anywhere. Hillary is a shoe in here so I see almost no ads (of course I cut the cord years ago).

  16. I originally posted this Johnson-Weld online commercial back on June 30 and it proved quick popular.

    Is that some rustic expression from rural … new jersey or something?

    re: the ad? Not bad as far as “generic, vote-for-me-appeals” go. Unfortunately I dont think there is a single thing i actually remember about it now that its over, which is sort of the real test of any ad.

    Also -they didn’t spend enough for more than 8 bars of “eye of the tiger”. It never gets past the chunka-chunka into the good part.

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      1. “that chick from the cooking show”

        Who? Paula Deen?


        1. I don’t know why it was censored. The original was “… right next to meeting that chick from the cooking show, while simultaneously learning the proper way to dip strawberries in the fondu.

      2. I feel like if I were to meet AC it would be something like Troy and Levar Burton on “Community”. I’d rather just admire from afar.

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  19. Weld wants anti-Catholic KKK judges on the Supreme Court.
    GayJay wants “original intent”

    1. Weld wants anti-Catholic KKK judges on the Supreme Court.

      Hugo Black?

      1. Yes

        Weld named Black, Douglas and Frankfurter as the kind of justices he wants

        1. Pretty sure Frankfurter wasn’t anti-Catholic, and certain he wasn’t KKK.

  20. GayJay’s waffling on the Nazi cake issue.

    1. Christfags shouldn’t be forced to decorate gay nazi cakes but they should be forced to sell pre-made cakes to gay nazis

    2. That was painful to watch.

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  22. Another fatal knife attack in England:

    1. I understand they’re having difficulty untangling the motive.

  23. Doesn’t look like Gary improved after his last town hall. Weld didn’t sound very Libertarian when talking about appointing an FBI task force.

    1. GayJay just stumbles around if he can’t relate a question to his experience as New Mexico’s governor.

      Weld is worse than Wayne Allyn Root.

      1. What’s so bad about Root?

  24. The LP shoulda gone with the Muslim guy for VEEP.

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  26. Problem with the whole pragmatic moderate stuff is that you are admitting that libertarianism is unworkable and unpopular. What will keep the LP from further watering it down into nothing more than pro-gay Republicans? And will there be future Libertarians with a secret agenda (which the Dems will not accuse LP of having, obviously) or just ditching it entirely?

    And how will the LP deal with the backlash when they will attempt to cut spending? Hope that the Dems, Unions, government employees, MSM, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee will be nice since you are not a Republican?

  27. Gary Johnson is kind of weird looking (aw shit here comes the pot question) and has a Nazi-ish haircut.

  28. So does the LP support Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion? Does Reason?

  29. I was carded at a restaurant in Delaware today ordering a beer.

    I laughed it off but we had a chat with the manager about it. He completely agreed with us but he was tied by the retarded law that removes common sense from the equation.

    How about some real common sense AMERICA?

    1. Rufus The Monocled|8.3.16 @ 9:40PM|#
      “I was carded at a restaurant in Delaware today ordering a beer.”

      A couple of years back, getting a burger while waiting for a flight at SNA, I got carded. Thought it was a joke or a PR excersize.
      Turned out they’d served an underage patron and got busted; henceforth, the CA ABC *REQUIRED* them to 100% card to keep their license. At least that’s what the manager told me, and knowing CA’s petty hall monitors, I have no reason to doubt.

      1. Wait, you got carded for a burger? Did I read that right? I’m a little buzzed, so maybe I’m not getting something.

      2. Exactly what he told us. Apparently they send families to bust them.

        It’s RETARDED.

  30. Can we get a reasonable extension to change every SIV post into “VOTE FOR DADDY” and every Winston post to “My mother is a cheap mouth whore,” because that’s all they end up saying anyway.

    1. Been gone a while. Is he a Trumptard?

      1. The tardiest. He flips out more over Johnson that a junior Republican congressman from the midwest.

          1. I’ve been anti-Johnson since he was running for the GOP nomination in 2012.

      2. The whining is worse than the kid needing a bottle.

  31. Ducked in to find….SIV/Winston circle jerk. No thanks.

  32. 95% THC marijuana?

  33. The problem of pragmatism is that in theory all principles are up for negotiation. For Libertarian Pragmatics what will be the Rubicon?

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  35. Can’t believe he blew that question regarding increased pot related ER visits so badly. That one is so easy to refute. Because obviously it doesn’t take into account that people are less likely to be worried about the legal aspects of seeking medical help when it isn’t illegal anymore.

  36. is anyone watching the actual CNN thing?

    It seems like Gay Jay & Weld give 3 different answers to every question. They start with “look” and then wander off into a couple of examples, but by the time they’re done, you’re not sure WTF they actually think, or want.

    Weld’s response to “what about free college” was basically, “Uh, jobs”. Internships! Bricks & Mortar college isn’t for everyone. Internet college! Also, we can reduce costs for schools…. it was like a buffet of “stuff”.

    1. I’m suffering through it.

  37. So Weld approves of Hugo Black? A Klansman who opposed Birth Control, opposed anti-lynching laws and supported Japanese internment?

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  39. voter question =

    – How are you like Bernie Sanders?
    (pretty retarded, but Johnson actually handles it well – he says hes ‘75%’ there)

    he then gives the “equal opportunity speech”. He says he will stop influence peddling.

    Not bad in terms of snappy answer.

    1. Yes, he did do good on that one. But he failed miserably on the nazi cake and pot ER visit things.

    2. My pirated CNN feed cut away for coverage of that stabbing in London, but he seems, based on my Twitter feed, to be doing somewhat better than last time.

      He would still be awkward as hell in an actual debate though.

      1. Thank jebus he won’t be in the debates, then.

  40. Why is it the reason staff live-tweeted so many debates no one cared about, when here i am actually listening to these guys, and we got nothing.

    1. They figured I could handle it in the comments.

      It’s a lot easier for Reason to write pro-LP pieces if they don’t actually listen to what these guys say.

    2. Better question is why they ‘live tweeeted’ any of them at all. Writers need editors; they didn’t have them.

  41. This Weld guy is a pretty good public speaker. He comes off like a real person.

    1. He’s no libertarian though. Holy crap was that BLM answer bad from a liberty perspective.

      1. Agreed. They could have made a point that a most of the incidents BLM groups protest against are usually for petty BS charges like expired tags, weed/knife possession, selling loosies, etc. And getting rid of those laws would get rid of the excuses cops use to go after people, not just black people.

    2. Weld is your nice retired neighbor that’s always eager to chat about his latest home improvement project.

      1. Well cool. I’m thinking about expanding the deck.

  42. A muslim-american veteran gets up and says some dumb shit and then just says, “what do you do for me”

    Makes little sense unless you think that politics is supposed to be a process of pandering to interest groups.

    Weld does good job simply saying, “I want your vote. We’re not shits”.

    That’s pure-salesman stuff.

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  44. Matt Welch is a fanboy of Vaclav Havel but of all the Czech politicians he resembles he is more Zden?k Fierlinger.

  45. Anderson Cooper strikes me as far more “Not a dick” than Chris Cuomo

  46. “wake up”


  47. Q = “What do you think about Black Lives Matter”

    Johnson = “Shit is real. Wake up call” (applause)
    Weld = “We have a national emergency. Black males aint got no jobs. Schools suck. We need more govt to fix this shit”.
    (boo? Booo)

    1. We need more govt to fix this shit

      Did he actually say something to that effect?

      1. Yes. “We need to focus government power” were his words if I recall.

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  49. they wont show me the commercials on my livestream. I feel cheated. I was going to do an analysis of who the sponsors/advertisers are for a program like this.

    KY Jelly? Smith & Wesson? Sunglass Hut?

    1. All of the above, plus Chipotle.

  50. GayJay vs. Samantha Bee: Watch a presidential candidate say “batshit crazy”

  51. Registered libertarian thinking of voting for Trump? wtf

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  53. Lawyer in Long Island, Trump voter =

    – how pissed are you the FBI let hillary off the hook?

    Weld = Meh. insufficient intent. then he gets lawyerly and says nice things about comey.
    Johnson = Bitch was lying. fuck the govt- but she’s a hot mess, i mean really.

    1. Not the whole state, just their hookers.

  54. This libertarian guy asking about sex work… Do we all seem that creepy?

    1. It was slightly less creepy than if he were to ask about legalizing incest.

    2. I saw it as more, “Do you actually support the Libertarian party platform not just the popular stuff like legalizing weed?” And judging by all the hemming and hawing afterwards, it was basically that they sort of do, but don’t want to talk about legalizing prostitution.

    3. This libertarian guy asking about sex work… Do we all seem that creepy?

      yeah, he wanted to ask a question about “more serious libertarian principles of self-ownership”, but he ended up getting a series of mixed opinions about Whores.

      He set the question up wrong, and ended up getting answers about the technicals instead of their feelings on principles, which seemed to be what he actually *wanted*. Don’t talk about whores, moron. it just plays to cliche perceptions about libertarians.

  55. Obesity!

  56. Weld is for criminalized sex work. This is why Reason isn’t live tweeting this shitshow.

    1. They split the question. Gary said prostitutes are victims. Weld said they’re crooks.

      Net result = fail, because they don’t have any clear shared vision. No shared empathy.

      There was a lot of that.

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  58. Libertarian asks =

    – what about legalizing Ho’s

    Johnson = Let the states handle it. Not much of an issue for me.

    – Anderson redirects and asks about “victimless crimes” in general

    they sort of split the difference and give nothing.

    – Student Athlete asks whether Govt has a role in reducing “Obesity Epidemic”

    Johnson = Turns pander-machine on as hard as possible. Says lots of bullshit about his own food habits.
    Weld looks like he wants a hot-dog

  59. Anderson asks what Weld does to “unwind”.

    I think they should have shown the clip where he jumps in the charles river.

  60. Town hall over. Sort of anti-climactic. Ends with thinking what weld looks like when he was overweight.

  61. That was painful to sit through. Problem with town halls is they are like debates with no one. So the slip ups can’t be over ruled by their opponents slip ups.

    1. Yeah, they’re more like open-ended job-interviews.

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  63. That was better than I expected, but not as good as I hoped.

    Other than the contractually obligated gay cake bullshit, I thought Gary played it pretty well and hit a number of singles instead of striking out half the time as in the last one.

    Weld is not anything resembling a libertarian, but he’s a good campaigner and he sold himself well tonight.

    Less treatment of their opponents with kid gloves, which is good.

    I’m not depressed about what I just saw. I also don’t think it did anything to get them in the debates but I’m not embarrassed to associate with those guys.

    1. Gary played it pretty well and hit a number of singles instead of striking out half the time as in the last one.

      Same impression. He made a few plays. Prior appearances he seemed error-prone and unprepared.

      1. Baseball euphemisms

    2. He may be less Libertarian than Johnson, but Weld is so much better at speaking English.

  64. GayJay and Weld’s only problem with Hillary is spending and taxes. Gary mumbled a bit about foreign policy but that was it. That doesn’t do much to counter the gushing praise they offered her in the last CNN town hall.

    1. GayJay and Weld’s only problem with Hillary is spending and taxes

      That’s not true.

      In the above question from the LI Lawyer re: hillary, Weld just passed on his opinion and said, “Comey made the right call”… but gay jay laid into her and said she was a disaster in like 5 dimensions, citing her tenure as sec state, libya/syria, her lies about money, her big-govt answers to everything etc. He could have been more concise and simple *(“she’s a crook”) but he definitely didn’t play it soft.

    2. Nothing about the War on Drugs? Or gun control?

      1. Weld agrees with her on both. 2016 LP softpedals any talk on unrestricted guns and drugs.

  65. I can see the “Libertarians support pro-lynching pro-Japanese internment Klansmen Judges” headlines if only anyone cared about the LP…

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  67. Better than before. I’m sorry but Johnson is an idiot. Still I’ll vote for him because at least he is principled. At least he would be if he ever mentioned the Constitution and I thought he would think about it regardless of what a campaign staffer under 30 asks him to pander about.

    Weld as usual gave a solid performance.

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  70. Johnson is not funny and needs to stop laughing at his own jokes. He needs to just stop making jokes. Just stop trying. And mention the Constitution more. As in, try to make me believe that you’ll think about the principles and not how to make yourself likeable to everyone. So many blown opportunities to explain being libertarian other than ‘muh feelz’.

  71. The honesty comments probably hit home with many viewers, such a stark contrast to Cankles and the Rump. I’d wager the term limit talk did more than anything else to bring the ticket closer to 15%. The biggest negative, pandering to the Bernlievers gets nauseating after a while; you just can’t agree with a commie on 75% of the debate topics and call yourself a libertarian, I’m sorry!

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