Trump Destroys the Republican Party, Suicide Squad Self-Destructs, ISIS and the D.C. Metro: P.M. Links


  • Suicide Squad
    Screenshot via Warner Bros

    Democratic presidential candidate executes plan to destroy the Republican Party (not Hillary Clinton, the other one).

  • It's getting so bad that even Newt Gingrich thinks it's bad.
  • Accused man found guilty in York University rape case. Barbara Kay has questions.
  • D.C. commuters' long-held suspicions have been confirmed: the metro system is in league with ISIS. Okay, not exactly, but close enough.
  • Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.
  • Our national conversation about cargo pants enters Day 3.
  • Is the GOP finally getting gay-friendly? Yes, but not in a libertarian way, writes Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

NEXT: This UAF Student Was Acquitted of Rape. After 15 Months, Title IX Officials Still Won't Let Him Graduate.

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  1. Democratic presidential candidate executes plan to destroy the Republican Party…

    With this one weird trick.

    1. You won’t BELIEVE what happens next!

      1. Politicians hate him!

        1. Which would almost be enough to make me like him, if not for his ideas and his persona.

        2. Trump DESTROYS the Republican Party!

          Oh wait, that actually WAS in the title. Carry on.

    2. I feel bad for the country. If the Democrats have one-party control like in 2008, expect more sh1t like Obamacare.

      Also, the SCOTUS is gone for 40 years.

      But the GOP is the stupid party, so I don’t know if I feel bad for them. A$$hats like Christie, LePage, Huckabee endorsed Trump. They should have seen this coming from a light year away.

      1. Of course you don’t have to feel bad for them. We’re the ones who suffer.

    3. We can’t look away!

  2. Is the GOP finally getting gay-friendly? Yes, but not in a libertarian way, writes Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

    Homosexuality is now required.

    1. Finally.

      1. You are a bear, aren’t you.

        1. I mean, I don’t love that designation, but others automatically see me that way, so sure.

          1. What’s not to love? Bears are so cute and cuddly.

            1. He’s not really bulky enough to be a bear. More of a baby bear or a beard daddy.

              1. The term is “cub,” Sug. Last pic I saw of Jesse he was rocking the cub thing. He’s too young to be a daddy by the standards of anyone old enough to legally drink.

              2. “beard daddy” oh man, I’m only 33.

    2. Is it too late to nominate Lindsey Graham?

      1. Christ, isn’t this election season entertaining enough for you?

    3. There is no way to be gay friendly without being Libertarian. Libertarian is the gayest ideology in the world. It is all about gays all the time. Nothing defines libertarians more than gays. They love gays. If it is gay, its Libertarian and vice versa.

      1. You realize that you think about gays more than most of the actual gay men on here, right?

        I mean, that’s cool. I’m not trying to judge.

        1. Sure. It is the most Libertarian thing about me.

  3. Our national conversation about cargo pants enters Day 3.

    When is the country going to address its jorts problem?

    1. Not as bad as jeggings.

      1. Yoga pants, on the other hand, are almost always awesome.

          1. Hence the “almost.”

          2. Arrest this man!

      2. Jeggings on an adult: Bad.

        Jeggings for $10 from Justice that my daughter will actually wear when we go away for Christmas: Good.

    2. Are folk at least wearing the cargo pants at the hip or above, and not below the cheeks like a damned fool?

      1. I feel naked without a belt. I put a belt on everything.

        1. Swim trunks?


    3. Cargo shorts are uncool? Well…good. Now excuse me while I put on some socks and sandals and a tucked-in T-shirt and dad the shit out of your eyeballs.

      1. Reason #357 why I want to get Warty naked…

        1. Naked but for the socks and sandals?

          1. Well now you’ve given me an erection twice this thread. If you keep flirting like this, Florida Hipster will get jealous and feed you to a python or whatever it is Floridians do.

            1. feed you to a python

              Error, not euphemistic enough.

            2. They call me Reason’s boner fairy for a reason.

      2. Craig Ferguson, talking to McConaughey in a 2014 episode of The Late Late Show, piled on.

        “Just like who are you trying to kid, man, you’re not doing any maintenance,” Ferguson said. “You don’t need pockets for tools.”

        If you don’t keep your tools in your pants, where are you supposed to keep them, huh?

        And, yes Craig, until I left for work-work this morning, the box cutter was in the right-hand pocket and the adapter and drywall screws were in the left.

      3. They said cargo pants are uncool.

        Cargo shorts, however, define cool!

        Just last week went to an outdoor concert on a hot day. Thanks to cargo shorts, I had room to carry everything and kept my hands free to hold beer without needing a fanny pack or purse or other ridiculous thing.

          1. The Red Sox are not cool.

        1. Practical clothing is NOT cool — by definition.

          1. You’re confusing ‘cool’ with fashionable.

            Wearing a jersey because you’re a pro-athlete is freaking cool. Wearing a jersey in the off season because it’s laundry day…

            Wearing a flight suit and aviator glasses because you’re flying a fighter jet is freaking cool. Wearing a flight suit and aviator glasses because you’re Tom Clancy or someone else accomplished your mission…

            1. Wearing a Nobel Peace Prize because you created an organization to provide modern healthcare to third world shit holes is cool.

              Wearing a Nobel Peace Prize because you are black…

          2. My codpiece is extremely cool!

    1. Oh, is that what that article is saying?

      I had to read it three times, and I’m still not quite sure.

      1. Religious freedom for some isn’t religious freedom, homeboy.

        1. Silly me. I assumed the article had something to do with its title.

          *** gets coffee ***

          1. If the Liberty Counsel already has the church group as a client, and they believe a competing group is trying to shut the original group down, why would Liberty Counsel would just step aside and say “Whatevs…”

            If your contention is that LC would never take the satanist group as clients, that would be one thing, but that’s not actually a part of this story.

    2. Let me put on my Sunday-go-to-meeting shocked face.

    3. I thought the Satanic Temple only did petitioned to do things they thought Christians:

      1) Currently Do


      2) Shouldn’t Do

      So to protest the ten commandments statue on public property they demanded statue of Baphomet on public property.

      So now they want “Satanist Clubs” in areas where Christians form their own clubs. I’m not seeing, however, why Christians having clubs is a bad thing. The Christian clubs don’t get state money, right??

      1. I don’t think the Christians having clubs are a bad thing, but the so-called religious freedom advocates want to prevent the Satanists from having clubs.

        1. What I would really like to see from the Satanists is an effort to overturn some of these town ordinances against keeping goats.

          1. “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”

            1. Need to make sure ‘keeping’ gets replaced with ‘keeping and sacrificing’.

              The potential for deliciousness diminishes greatly if the Puritans, Neo-Puritans, and Eco-nuts team up to prevent you from eating before it has died of natural causes.

      2. What kind of 2 bit Satanist works through the system to get permission to open a club? I thought they were supposed to just do their thing without asking permission or having regrets.

        1. I’ve never understood a ‘religion’ that is wholly reliant on being the antithesis of another religion. That’s…bizarre. I don’t necessarily care or anything, but I’m having trouble thinking of any other ‘religion’ like the Satanists.

  4. That photo is apparently reversed.

  5. Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.

    That’s disappointing. The trailers are epic and look like a lot of fun.

    1. One review said the scenes in the trailer come almost exclusively from flash back scenes in the beginning of the movie. After the 1/3rd mark, the movie tanks.

    2. That seems to be the main complaint: it looks like a committee that doesn’t understand the concept of fun at all was assigned to make a “FUN” movie.

      1. I guess the movie had been planned as gritty all along, but the original teasers had been fun and poppy. When WB started worrying about how poorly Batman vs Superman was they called in the crew who had done the teaser to recut the movie and then eventually merged the dark/gritty cut and the poppy/humorous one together which is why people feel like the movie’s tone is all over the place.

    3. From the reviews, it sounds like the trailers were accurate: a bunch of pretty nonsense set to familiar songs. That’s fun, right??

      1. It was fun in Guardians of the Galaxy, so clearly we can just copy that even though I don’t really understand why that movie was popular.

        Cargo Cult movie production, if you will.

        1. It was fun in Guardians of the Galaxy, so clearly we can just copy that even though I don’t really understand why that movie was popular

          Guardians of the Galaxy was a Roger Corman flick with 100 times the budget, 1/100 of the brains, and none of the boobs.

          1. There’s boobs?

            [Buys two tickets]

            1. No boobs for you.

          2. What Roger Corman movie has brains?

            1. Exactly.

          3. Rocket Raccoon qualifies as a boob.

        2. I don’t really understand why that movie was popular

          me either

          1. I think the popularity was either due to the firepower-toting raccoon or the walloping tree stump. You don’t usually get these as heroes in a DC comics film.

        3. I don’t really understand why that movie was popular.

          1) Chris Pratt
          2) Buff Chris Pratt
          3) Raccoon with a machine gun.
          4) Chris Pratt.

          1. The “I” in that comment was in the voice to the hypothetical clueless Warner Brothers executive was imagining saying it. The actual I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and can’t wait for the sequel.

          2. Sigh. Goofy fat Chris Pratt now with abs is dreamy.

        4. I don’t really understand why that movie was popular.

          I saw it on accident because I confused Batista with Bastiat.

          1. You’re a dumb snob! ; )

        5. Cargo Shorts movie production, if you will.

    4. I thought the trailers were awful. Apparently the movie is even worse.

    5. Never trust a movie trailer that exists purely to show off a hot clown girls ability to open her mouth really, really wide.

      1. Never trust a mainstream movie trailer that exists purely to show off a hot clown girls ability to open her mouth really, really wide.


        Until now, I have yet to watch a movie trailer that exists purely to show off a hot clown girl’s ability to open her mouth really, really wide and been disappointed with the resulting performance.

        1. If USA Today needs more readership, they should hire you as a movie reviewer.

  6. Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.

    DC Comics can’t seems to get its universe to movie form quite like Marvel.

    1. Because they try too hard. Marvel made it work with its less popular characters (x men was a different studio, and spiderman ). Pull hulk, etc., in and you don’t have the same fan boy base like superman, so you can have fun without being eaten alive.

    2. DC has been trying for these melodramatic dramas ever since the massive pull of the Dark Knight. The problem is that their scripts are largely terrible and the directors they choose are equally awful. Marvel wants a silly scifi hero movie with a talking raccoon? They get James Gunn, a guy well known for his goofy, weird interpretations of genre movies (Slither, Super). DC wants someone to direct a melodrama that’s supposed to be ‘deep’? They hire Zach Snyder, a glorified music video director with the depth of a kiddie pool.

      Every DC wants to be bloody Watchmen, while every Marvel movie just wants to be a goofy comic book. Guess which one works better.

      1. The goofy comic book movies from Marvel are getting old, with a weary sameness to them. Batman v. Superman looked like Citizen Kane next to Civil War and it’s Spidey Kid schlock.

        1. You’re joking right? Civil War was 100 times better than Batman v. Superman

        2. Marvel is at least self-aware enough to mix stuff up. They realized people were getting sick of the standard origin story movies. Suddenly we get Winter Soldier, the quasi-commentary on the modern surveillance state, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is half scifi road-trip movie, and Antman, which is more heist movie than superhero. DC is just obsessed with turning everything darker and more edgelord, and lacks the writers to support it.

          “DO YOU BLEED?”

          *Insert shitty Judeo-Christian symbolism that Snyder thinks is deep but is less impressive than bloody Evangelion, and that’s not a good sign*

          1. Been awhile since I’ve seen an Evangelion reference in the comments.

            It’s my wife’s favorite cartoon. I can’t understand a damned thing that’s going on.


            2. For original Evangelion, watch it and know that its creator was literally a gibbering madman. Dude’s brain chemicals were fucked. He was fucked.

              For the remastered recuts, he’s on his meds. They are just beautiful. I’ve always loved Evangelion, even when I know I’m watching a madman’s brain vomit. It is an emotionally brutal experience.

          2. Did you just say something bad about Evangelion?

            [Stands up and backs away from table, hand floating above hip holster]

            1. If you make Chipper Morning Wood pull, he will put you down.

            2. Komm Susser Tod starts playing as Chipper shoots me in the face.

              Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

          3. Not to mention the crazy fun that was Deadpool.

        3. I’m also experiencing serious Marvel fatigue with the absurd number of movies and TV shows they’re churning out now.

          But that doesn’t absolve DC of being incredibly inept at adapting their material. The frustrating thing is that Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman could have been really great movies if they only hired some decent writers and a competent director.

          As it is, DC remains kick-ass at animated productions. To the point where I wish they would just hire the writers from that department to write the live action movies. They actually understand the material.

          1. Eh, wifey came home with The Killing Joke yesterday, and they added a lot of random bullshit to pad the comic out to feature length. I was so upset I smoked a bowl and read a book, which is harder than it sounds when you’re high.

            1. Saw Killing Joke in theaters last week with my fianc?, who is a much bigger comic book nerd than me. We both thought that the added prologue with Batgirl was awkwardly shoehorned in, but at the same time it didn’t ruin the movie for us since the actual comic book adaptation was on point.

              I’d give it a solid 7.

            2. The early stuff’s pretty terrible, but the actual adaptation part is pretty good. I was really only in it to see Hamill and Conroy read the Killing Joke as their respective characters, and they did a great job.

          2. I agree with this assesment.

            The animated stuff is often pretty good, with pretty decent writing, and definitely better plots.

            i just don’t get DC. The Dark Knight trilogy was amazingly good. They even set up the ending for Robin et. al.

            And then they promptly dropped that universe for a terrible reboot into the lame Superman universe. WTF?

            How can the people that gave us those three movies have green-lit this crap?

            1. The real issue is that DC hasn’t figured out how to solve The Superman Problem:

              Superman is just a terrible character. He is invincible so no matter what is going on he’s never actually in danger, and his personality is perfect so he never faces moral dilemmas. While these would be good things if he actually existed, they kill any potential for meaningful conflict in stories involving him, so there’s no actual drama.

              1. Don’t blame the character, don’t even blame the writers, blame the DC overlords who rule their trinity characters with an iron fist.

                Given a free reign many an author could make an amazing Superman story, I fully believe that. I also love Superman’s whole deal — he’s god, but he chooses to live among man as one of them.

                Trick to all superhero stories IMO; it’s gotta be about Clark, not Superman, Bruce, not Batman.

                In Marvel it’s always about Tony: his alcoholism, personal life etc, or it’s about Steve culture shocking with present time or just hitting the road. In Marvel Steve and Tony are Cap and Iron Man — in DC Batman and Superman are Bruce and Clark.

              2. Christopher Reeves pulled it off pretty good in the first 2 films.

                1. You should see Reeves in Deathtrap.

              3. I don’t know, there have been some good Superman plotlines that play off a similar vibe to Watchmen. Kingdom Come springs to mind, as does Red Son.

                But you’re right. The big problem with Superman is that he’s Superman. He’s alien enough to be impossible to relate to, but not so alien as to be interesting for his differences. That’s why DC had to start messing with that formula when they wanted to appeal to older audiences. Older than 9, I mean.

        4. Didn’t see Civil War but BvS was very bad. Snyder is a terrible director who shouldn’t even attempt to make a more serious drama.

          1. I just saw BvS. Zach Snyder makes good action sequences, but that is about it.

            1. Even the action sequences are an over-the-top CGI fest.

        5. Batman V. Superman had Ben Affleck in it. I rest my case.

          1. And he was the good part.

    3. DC forgot to make any of their movies fun so far. The TV stuff seems to work a lot better.

      1. They need to make a Teen Titans Go! movie.

    4. Does anyone even bother taking film reviews seriously, though? It seems the thing nowadays, at least on the domestic front, is to release a series of trailers that go viral and build buzz, and then hope that enough word-of-mouth gets out to keep the box office churning after the built-in audience demographics sees it in the first week. The Star Wars franchise is the epitome of this business model.

      Plus, studios make so much money from overseas ticket sales these days that even a tentpole could have a mediocre showing stateside and still make money in the end. Cracking the $100 million mark, which used to be the measure of a legitimate hit, isn’t even a feat anymore.

      1. I haven’t cared about reviews since Ebert died.

  7. Moon Express Approved for Private Lunar Landing in 2017, a Space First

    The U.S. government has officially approved the planned 2017 robotic lunar landing of Florida-based Moon Express, which aims to fly commercial missions to Earth’s nearest neighbor and help exploit its resources, company representatives announced today (Aug. 3).

    “This is not only a milestone, but really a threshold for the entire commercial space industry,” Moon Express co-founder and CEO Bob Richards told

    NASA is too busy chatting with the Brown Hordes.

    1. Wait, how does NASA have authority to approve anything landing on the moon?

      1. I think the Outer Space Treaty (seriously, that’s a thing) would be the place to look. The US can’t claim the moon for itself, but they might be able to regulate (at least theoretically) what Americans can do.

        The Wikipedia article claims Article VI covers that.

        1. It used to be illegal for anyone but the government to go to planets. I forget if it was Bush or Obama who lifted that ban, one good thing by either for if it wasn’t for the ban we might already be on Mars

        2. According to your Wiki article, lot of ways of looking at this:

          The treaty explicitly forbids any government from claiming a celestial resource such as the Moon or a planet, claiming that they are the common heritage of mankind.[3] Art. II of the Treaty states that “outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means”.

          1. Effing squirrels.

            It suggests to me that if NASA forbids or claims the power to forbid someone from landing there, they are subjecting the moon to a kind of national appropriation. If I parse that passage with a broad understanding, it sounds like private individuals already have a right to land on the moon, no laws ‘allowing it’ needed.

        3. Also, it’s the FAA giving approval, as that is the agency with authority over flight vehicles in the U.S. (or so I read in another article on the subject).

          1. Flying around in the airspace, sure. But once I’m in outer space, I’m skeptical that any federal agency peopled by unelected bureaucrats can say “nay” to me.

          2. You have to go through the atmosphere (etc) to get to space, and the atmosphere is FAA’s turf (according to US law, SLDs…). IOW, if your flight plan, which you technically have to file and which you can be damn sure the FAA will insist on your filing for a high-profile flight like this, is deficient then no takeoff for you. FWIW the FAA (not NASA) was the government agency which bestowed astronaut wings on the Spaceship One pilots who passed the Karman line (100 kilometers, the current civil boundary of space).

    2. The Brown Hordes will let you down one last time.

    3. So what happens if you go to the moon without approval?

      And why is NASA the approving agency? Shouldn’t it be the UN?


      Salvage 1 cleared for liftoff!

    1. Huh. That explains my luck in college.

    2. Tenderness Beats ‘the Act’

      ‘The Act’ being Democratcare, one supposes.

      1. Is that another masturbation euphemism?

      2. Sorry, but my girl prefers orgasms.

    1. Alright, that’s funny.

      1. Less funny when you remember that Kratman has tended to use “former” Nazis as protagonists in his books….also, dude has a fucking google alert on his name, so he’s probably going to show up now and throw a hissy fit.

  8. The latest terrorist mastermind created by the FBI stopped by brave FBI heroes: An 18 year old with the mental capacity of a 6 year old.

    AN 18-YEAR-OLD RECENTLY arrested on terrorism charges in Arizona has the mental capacity of a child and had been in regular contact with the FBI for years before his arrest, according to family members, former teachers, and medical documents reviewed by The Intercept. Mahin Khan was arrested July 1 on charges of plotting to support the Taliban as well as the militant group the Islamic State and commit acts of terrorism in the local community.

    People close to Khan say that he suffered from serious mental and emotional illnesses and that the FBI was aware of this, having met with him regularly since he was a young teenager. According to medical records and statements from family members, he was first referred to the FBI after sending a threatening email to one of his teachers at the age of 15. After an initial meeting with the FBI, he spent 45 days at an inpatient psychiatric facility for evaluation. His family says this stay at the facility was coordinated with FBI officials. Agents reportedly continued to meet with Khan regularly after he returned home and continued to do so up until the time of his arrest.

    1. A community activist told The Intercept that after Khan’s initial contact with the FBI, he began regularly meeting with the teenager in an attempt to mentor him. He said that during these meetings, Khan had exhibited obvious signs of mental illness. “He was unable to even tie his shoelaces and his mother would have to do it for him. He would say things supporting extremism and terrorist groups but then would later start crying and apologizing,” the activist said. The activist did not want to be named for fear of retribution from law enforcement.

      1. Trump warned us the Khan family was trouble, and you cuck-a-fag-a-doos ignored him.

        1. Trump warned us the Khan family was trouble, and you cuck-a-fag-a-doos ignored him.

          That new word you created…Mike would like to have a word or two with you. Meet him at Block Yomomma’s house that was built with the slave labor.

          1. It was in his honor, long may he tardpun in peace.

      2. Looks like immigration continues to enrich our culture, and provide jobs for FBI agents.

      3. so my take from this is that any idiot can fool the FBI no wonder they can’t catch any terrorist except for the ones they make.

    2. And yet he’s got a greater mental capacity than the FBI agents.

      1. See, I thought about making that joke, but figured it was too easy.

      2. Yeah, it took them years to outwit him and finally the goods on him. Sad!

    3. Throwing him into a federal penitentiary is sure to build up his character.

      (though reading tfa, looks like he’s being tried at the state level… more great work from Arizona!)

  9. Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.

    Margot Robbie. Their arguments are invalid.

    1. The Wolf of Wall Street is still on Netflix, and your imagination can take a break.

    2. She is the liberated college sophomore of Hollywood.

    3. ^Sugarfree hits the sweet spot. I am not usually into clown porn but she has changed my mind. *straps clown shoes on and puts red nose on penis

      1. Can I…can I honk it?

        1. If you get the go-ahead, we’re gonna have to call you “Honkey” from now on…

  10. It’s getting so bad that even Newt Gingrich thinks it’s bad.

    So Gingrich wasn’t even promised a cabinet post?

    1. Gingrich was talking about Suicide Squad.

  11. Climate change has put Christmas in danger Russia anthrax outbreak affects dozens in north Siberia

    Eight people are confirmed as infected with anthrax, a rare but deadly bacterial disease. It is believed to have spread from reindeer.

    More than 2,300 reindeer have died in the outbreak, in the Yamalo-Nenets region of Siberia. Reindeer-herding families have been moved out.

    A heatwave has fuelled the disease

    1. Better or worse than a Slayer outbreak?

      1. Probably, but not as bad as a Megadeth outbreak like they had in WWII.

        1. But that led to setting up Rammstein air base.

          1. du Hast to stop with these puns or it’s into the Iron Maiden you go

            1. How’d you get an Iron Maiden? Iron Maiden can’t be bought, Iron Maiden can’t be sold.

            2. Not the Iron Maiden! Now that’s a serious threat. Guess I should run to the hills, run for my life.

              1. Yep cause I hear there is a Warrant out for your arrest

    2. Santa doesn’t use any of them commie reindeer. He uses good ol’ AMERICAN reindeer.

      1. The Russians don’t have Santa Claus, anyway; they have a cheap knock-off named “Ded Moroz”, or “Grampa Frost”.

        1. I read that as “dead morose”, which is perfect for Russian Santa.

          1. “Mischa the dog lies dead in the bog. The children cry over the carcass. The mist chokes my heart, covers the mourners. At least this year we eat.”

            1. Who let Red Green in here?

    3. Trump will bring back Christmas.

    4. That’s not a red nose, that’s a necrotic skin lesion on Rudolph’s face!

  12. Trump Destroys the Republican Party

    These H&R blog titles are looking suspiciously like a youtube feed.

    1. Are the polls like Clinton 85% Trump 5%?

      I don’t understand the apocalyptic nature of these posts.

  13. We need this site to be shut down because It’s Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews, Like
    1- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016
    2- Suicide Squad 2016

    and that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies


    1. I think they don’t know how an aggregator works.

  14. Sailors on Guanabara Bay Are Adept at Dodging Debris and Skirting Sewage

    he competitors remain surprised at the volume and variety of the garbage, including not only large debris, like furniture and shipping containers, but also smaller items like plastic bags that can catch on a rudder and stop a boat in its tracks.

    Jorge Lima of Portugal recalls dropping from first place to last in a race here after a tarp that was floating beneath the surface caught his centerboard.

    There is also the weather.

    “What you worry about is the rain” because it flushes more debris into the bay, said Aude Compan, a French sailor.

    As bad as the debris may be, the more insidious fear is the sewage and harmful microorganisms.

    “The problem is, there is so much in the bay and the sewage, you can’t get it out,” said Philipp Buhl of Germany.

    1. This is why they’re world-class sailors.

    2. IOC, sitting on piles of bribe money: WHAT? ALL IS FINE. THERE’S NO PROBLEM WITH THE WATER, SILLY AMERICANS!

    3. Fire, theft, sickness. Australia’s Olympics off to rough start.

      1. If Michelle Hennecke is sad, H&R’s heterosexual male contingent are angry about it! Somebody queue up the video, I’m on my phone.

    4. I’m Mr. Burns-ing the hell outta this Olympics. “Eeeeeeexcellent.” *wrings hands*

  15. Goldman Sachs fined over use of confidential documents:

    Goldman Sachs has been fined $36.3m (?27m) by the US Federal Reserve for using confidential documents improperly obtained from the central bank.
    The Fed said Goldman Sachs had used documents, obtained by a former Fed employee, to brief clients during presentations.

    And of course no prison sentences. Because this is Obama’s America.

    1. I said fifteen, Hillary said twelve! That’s the difference!

  16. Gary, Indiana: Video Shows Manager Asking Muslim Woman to Leave Dollar Store for Wearing Islamic Veil

    “If you can’t remove that from your face, I’m going to need you to leave the store,” the Family Dollar employee told Sarah Muzdaher Safi, who was wearing a niqab, in the video recorded on a cellphone.

    1. I don’t see the problem here.

      1. If they have a policy against allowing people to wear masks in the store (which should be perfectly legit, this should be bullet-proof.

        There shouldn’t be a problem with a store asking anyone to leave for any reason, but c’mon.

        What will be interesting is whether the Usual Suspects suddenly discover (or lose, depending) their support for freedom of religious exercise, because Muslim!

        1. We have two freedoms at play here, Freedom of Religious Exercise and Freedom of Association.

          As rights are never in conflict, we have to see…oh, yeah, private property.

          This only becomes an issue do to the incredibly stupid concept of public accommodation.

          1. You’re free to wear a veil, just not when transacting business in my store.

            1. No one has asked the question on my mind… can a business force a woman to wear a veil? For safety?

              1. No, but they can require her to leave if she refuses to wear one.

                Just like a high end restaurant can “request” I wear a tie, and refuse me service if I dont.

              2. What, like a surgical mask? Pretty sure you’d be fired for not wearing one!

        2. Don’t act like you don’t know the answer to the question there. Of course they will.

        3. Their motive for wearing the veil is not religious, it is cultural.

    2. “Muslim woman told to leave Family Dollar after refusing to remove hijab”

      “‘If you can’t remove that from your face, I’m going to need you to leave the store,’ the Family Dollar employee told Sarah Muzdaher Safi, who was wearing a niqab”

      The idiot who wrote this thinks hijabs and niqabs are the same thing, don’t they??

      1. I’m not going to count rational ignorance of the minutiae of a primitive religion against anyone, EBS.

    3. Aaaannnnd, there’s this gem:

      Gina Marie Longo ? Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison
      I hate to say it, but you are a moron. Would you ask a nun to remove her habit? Or how about an Orthodox Jew remove her veil (yes, they veil too). Or what about someone wearing a surgical mask, like many tourists. My guess is that you have never had your presence questioned, and you have spent your entire life in your little privileged bubble. You are unwilling to understand the citizen’s concern that concides with the first amendment, instead choosing to act like an ignorant jackass.

      Oh, Buddha…I wonder what other rights this “lecturer” is unaware of.

  17. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Man Charged After Attacking Flamingo at Theme Park in Florida, Police Say

    Joseph Anthony Corrao, 45, was arrested on Tuesday for animal cruelty charges after attacking Pinky the flamingo at Busch Gardens, police said. The flamingo had to be euthanized after severe injuries.

    1. Please tell me they had another one named The Brain.

      1. *quiet clapping from the back*

      2. +1 is a genius, the other one’s insane

    2. “Pinky was a beloved member of the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay family and made many appearances on behalf of the park’s conservation and education efforts. She will be sorely missed.”


      1. Did the zoo at least feed Pinky to the lions?

        1. Excellent.

      2. I have a suspicion that every one of the park’s flamingos had the name ‘Pinky’.
        I doubt there were any named “Blackie” or ‘Greenie”.

    1. This has been done before, you know.

        1. *Eadweard* — elfin’ autocorrect!

      1. Are you complaining?

        *squints suspiciously*

        1. Aww, hells no. Not complaining. More . . . reminiscing, if you must know.

    2. And I was just telling Warty recently I was more into men’s gymnastics than wrestling. I may have to change that to “why not both?”

      1. I’m glad to see that unlike RC you appreciated the link, Jesse. Thank you.

        1. RC is right, The Body Issue is basically the same thing (and a wonderful reminder that baseball players have great asses), but I don’t see a downside to there being more athletic asses beamed straight into my eyeballs while I’m sitting at my desk at work.

        2. I’m the one who remembers past versions of this. I’m the connosseiur, and I get slammed for not appreciating it?

          *kicks orphan, hurls monocle*

      2. Just make sure you schedule the gymnast first this time, okay?

    3. NUDITY DOESN’T NECESSARILY HAVE TO HAVE A SEXUAL COMPONENT. You people are the type I always see humping the statue of David in my cough-syrup-and-Vicodin-fueled dreams. You also give the Puritans fodder for their various causes. Just appreciate the human form and then masturbate in privacy with some decorum.

  18. “Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.”

    27% and 34% ratings seem way more than a little harsh even if it’s not that funny of a movie. I can see why folks would be upset, but is a ridiculous attempt to address it.

    1. Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t grade on a scale though, it’s a vote. Only 27% and 34% of the reviewers gave those 2 movies positive reviews (from 51 to 100). The average rating wasn’t 27 or 34 out of 100.

      1. I’m just comparing it to Ghostbusters. They should probably be in about the same ranking.

  19. ‘Sleep switch’ in brain discovered by Oxford in breakthrough which could lead to better sleeping pills

    “Sleep is still one of the mysteries. It creates considerable risks to disconnect yourself for seven to eight hours every day. Our long term goal is to find out what sleep is for and try and control it”.

    Obviously sleep is the most important thing in life, and the purpose of waking existence is merely to sustain the body and enable sleep.

    1. Not sleeping poses even bigger risks.

  20. Ozzy Osbourne: Musician Has Been Dealing With Sex Addiction for 6 Years, Representative Says

    “He is sorry if Ms. Pugh took their sexual relationship out of context,” a spokesperson told People after Osbourne’s alleged mistress Michelle Pugh said the pair connected on an “emotional level.”


    Ozzy’s Mistress Michelle Pugh Sues Kelly Osbourne for Defamation

    The same day Ozzy Osbourne revealed he was undergoing “intense therapy” to combat a sex addiction, the singer’s alleged mistress, hair stylist Michelle Pugh, filed a defamation lawsuit against the rocker’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne.

    1. undergoing “intense therapy” to combat a sex addiction

      Now, *that’s* a masturbation euphemism!

    2. Wasn’t there a South Park episode about this?

  21. Recently there’s been a backlash against cargo shorts, and not just on late night talk shows.

    My backlash started the first time I saw them.

    1. C’mon, man.

      If vice does a stop-and-frisk with me wearin’ my cargo pants, they’re gonna hit the pot at the end of the rainbow.

  22. Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.

    the amount of hype being pumped via the intertubes has been so extreme that it seems to me that if it failed to be better than Dark Knight (with more/better titty), it was going to be a horrendous shitshow.

    Guardians of the Galaxy did the right thing = they just dropped the movie sans ANY warning, trailer-hyping, “inside edition” looks at the cast, deep interviews with the stars about how they’d prepped themselves spiritually for months to adapt to the role….. etc. They just delivered the movie to theaters, and it blew up because it was great.

  23. From the York University thing:

    Yet Zuker proclaimed (seven times) that Ururyar’s version “never happened.” He went further, reading in an attitude that was neither enunciated by Ururyar or supported by objective evidence at trial: “power, power, power. (Ururyar) was the boss and he loved it.” How would he know?

    Perhaps Zuker inferred Ururyar’s lurid state of mind from his extensive reading of superannuated, radically feminist icons he references in the judgment, such as Susan Brownmiller, who saw all sex in terms of power imbalances, Catherine MacKinnnon, who said “penetrative intercourse is, by its nature, violent” and the methodologically discredited Lenore Walker, whose focus in any case was abuse in spousal relationships, which was not relevant to the witnesses’ brief sexual relationship.

    1. Faithful to feminist “rape myth” tenets, Zuker set aside Gray’s memory lapses and memory ? “Asking (Ms Gray) to remember the details is ridiculous,” he wrote. He adduced precedents for “non-recording, incomplete recording and delay in reporting” as “common in cases of sexual abuse.” Gray’s further claim of “disassociation” to explain her “lack of verbal or physical resistance” and “lack of protest” are consistent with rape, Zuker wrote. Deleting all her flirty text messages to Ururyar; failing to tell police she invited him for “hot sex” on the night of the incident; failing to leave the scene after the incident even though free to do so; having no memory of what actually happened beyond a negative feeling (which could easily have been exacerbated by anger over the break-up); delaying reporting the incident because of concerns about her work status; all these we are asked to accept as consistent with “violent rape,” though the testimony shows that there was no physical force used during the assault.


      1. Back during the Satanic Day Care abuse cases were happening in the 80s, there was a psychiatric/legal theory called Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome. Basically, if a child said they were abused, they were abused. If a child said they weren’t abused, they were abused. If a child later recanted their claim of abuse, they were abused. Seems similar to that.

        1. So no matter what I say, I got raped?

          1. No matter what a woman says…

            Inherent in the system.

        2. The fact that Martha Coakley still has a political career shows what a joke our system is.

          Attorney General Martha Coakley?who had proven so dedicated a representative of the system that had brought the Amirault family to ruin, and who had fought so relentlessly to preserve their case?has recently expressed her view of this episode. Questioned about the Amiraults in the course of her current race for the U.S. Senate, she told reporters of her firm belief that the evidence against the Amiraults was “formidable” and that she was entirely convinced “those children were abused at day care center by the three defendants.”

          1. So Martha Coakley is an A-list political opportunist sociopath piece of shit. Got it.

            1. Having spoken with people involved in another day care hysteria case, I am convinced that people truly believe the impossible, if the alternative is to believe that they are the villain of the story.

              If you can dismiss the silliness of a 4 year old being raped with a butcher knife but having no physical evidence of such upon examination, you aren’t going to back down no matter what evidence you face. There are powerful psychological forces at work that cannot be overcome by simple presentation of facts.

              1. This is the general problem with management, communication, problem solving, voting, you name it: people do not see things for what they are or make rational decisions. That’s not a problem until, say, an election or your jury comes back with its decision.

                I prefer liberty, but people are idiots… it’s going to be bad even on a good day.

                1. I would say that’s the strength that free enterprise and democratic systems have over the more authoritarian systems out there. Yes, people make mistakes all the time, the difference is that in free systems, most mistakes are small in scale, and can be remedied. If the management of my local grocery store runs out of food they’ll likely replace the management or go out of business.

                  Compare that to systems run by Top Men, who are after all only human, remove any sort of feedback short of an armed insurrection, and the end result looks like Venezuela or the USSR.

              2. For Martha Coakley, I have no reason to believe her irrational reasoning isn’t just naked ambition for political office.

  24. Democrats and atheists

    “…we atheist Democrats still have reason to be optimistic about our party. Even if we are neglected in official rhetoric in favor of ostentatious piety, there’s little sign that religious conservatism has had any influence on the substance of the party’s principles. Much to the contrary, the 2016 Democratic platform is boldly, unapologetically liberal.

    “It’s unambiguously supportive of marriage equality and LGBT rights and opposes the freedom-to-discriminate laws passed by some red states. It’s fiercely pro-women’s-rights and pro-choice, with none of the “religious liberty” loopholes that the Christian right has loudly demanded. It’s a welcome change to see a major party stake out a truly progressive stance on these issues, without all the hedging and equivocation that used to typify the party rhetoric in a misguided attempt to appease religious conservatives.

    “Plus, when all the other candidates or parties are spreading vaccine misinformation or sowing doubts about climate change, the Democrats alone are declaring that they “believe in science” and calling for “ambitious” public support for research and clean energy. All these are priorities that nonbelievers support by huge majorities. Groups like the Secular Coalition for America have even gotten state parties to adopt their policy language.”

    1. when all the other candidates or parties are spreading vaccine misinformation


      1. Trump’s said stupid stuff, and Jill Stein is anti-vaccine. Gary Johnson is apparently anti-vaccine because he said he’s against compulsory vaccination (not like with public schools, actually requiring vaccination under force of law)

        1. The Stein thing was even more complicated than that. She basically said you don’t need compulsory vaccination in a world where people trust the regulators to make sure that vaccines are safe and effective, and then she tripped up on how our regulatory system is structured, and then pulled a tweet saying that there was no evidence that vaccines caused harm.

          Her actual statements were lame, but not nearly as crazy anti-vaxxer as they’ve been portrayed, but she’s also put herself in the position by being intentionally unclear on the issue in order to be palatable to that crowd.

          1. She may not be anti-vaccination herself, but she certainly plays to the typical Green voter who may be anti-vax.

            There’s also the issue of the Green Party platform, which (alongside its call for a British-style NHS) calls for public funding of homeopathy and other quack “medicines”.

            1. My thing is that as crazy pants as the Green Party is Jill Stein has been one of their most reasonable candidates…which doesn’t say a ton. She certainly has to play up to the crazy that is the Green Party platform, and she’s been doing a bang up job of it, but the statements she’s being lambasted for in the press are a pretty narrowly edited version of what she has actually said.

              I think Stein touches on a sentiment that resonates well here, namely that people feel the relationship between government regulators and those that are regulated is broken, but then widely misses the mark in going deeper on the issue and seems to have a cursory knowledge of the actual process. I think the way her position is being broadcast is largely to clear her off the board as quickly as possible to not draw voters away from possible Clinton voters.

        2. Clarification: Johnson made a tweet in 2011 saying no to mandatory vaccination (likely in reference to a federal mandate). That appears to be the extent of the “Johnson is an anti-vaxxer!” charge.

          The other bit of evidence is that an org he co-founded supported a bill in Mississippi allowing parents or doctors to opt-out children for vaccines. So not some full repeal of mandated vaccinations, just the same kind of minimal choice offered in 48 other states.

      2. Atheists are just as willing as everyone else to build up nonsense mythologies to support their views.

        Ask a New Atheist about Hypatia and they’ll tell you the most historically inaccurate nonsense about her being an atheist pioneer against church dogma.

        1. As an atheist, you can ask me about Hyapatia Lee.

          1. Tastefully done boobies.

        2. Atheists are just as willing as everyone else to build up nonsense mythologies to support their views.

          SOME atheists

    2. “Progs with no God” would be a better name for the group.

    3. the Democrats alone are declaring that they “believe in science” and calling for “ambitious” public support for research and clean energy. All these are priorities that nonbelievers support by huge majorities.

      And I thought the atheists were not much into believing in stuff. Or is it just me?

    4. “Why do Democrats keep snubbing atheists? We help drive the party”

      Cause ya idiots drive the party TOO well. As a block the atheists vote Democrat overwhelmingly. The Democrats are mostly career politicians who thus have no reason to help you whatsoever. You’ll vote for the Democrats REGARDLESS of what the Democrats DO, so why SHOULD they throw you a bone??

      Take the Democrats and the issue of gay marriage. Gays faithfully voted Democrat for years, and yet most Democrats said marriage should remain one man and one woman. Then, in a midterm election, suddenly 1/3 of LGBT people were fed up enough with the Democrats that they voted Republican, and then, suddenly and shamelessly, every Democrat suddenly “evolved” on the issue.

      If atheists want the Democrats to support their pet causes, they need to en masse vote Republican to send a message. The Democrats only deign to raise a finger for you if there is a threat of losing your vote.

    5. One of my FB friends (who is a D delegate) was spreading this stuff today. They are taking Stein’s comments about “I support vaccination but it needs more examination” and Gary’s 2011 Tweet of “No to mandatory vaccinations” and equating it with Trump’s nod to the anti-vaxxers and then saying “Hillary is the only one who is wise in the ways of science!”

      It’s almost like they don’t understand why a doctor would want to continue to study the effects of something or why a libertarian is opposed to government forcibly intruding upon our bodies.

    6. the freedom-to-discriminate laws

      I’m glad he phrased it that way. Needs to be done more often.

  25. Clint Eastwood: Actor Discusses His Support of Republican Candidate Donald Trump

    “He’s onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,” Eastwood told Esquire about Trump. Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood was also interviewed.

    1. You neglected to share the best part:

      ESQ: Your characters have become touchstones in the culture, whether it’s Reagan invoking “Make my day” or now Trump ? I swear he’s even practiced your scowl.

      CE: Maybe. But he’s onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist. And then when I did Gran Torino, even my associate said, “This is a really good script, but it’s politically incorrect.” And I said, “Good. Let me read it tonight.” The next morning, I came in and I threw it on his desk and I said, “We’re starting this immediately.”

      Damn pussies ruining my country.

      1. You know. Clint Eastwood isn’t very different from the characters he plays. It’s always interesting to see an actor like that.

        1. +1 George Costanza.

      2. I assume he did the entire interview with a cigarillo in his mouth.

        1. I doubt it, he’s been pretty vocal about his hatred of those cigarillos.

        2. I read it first in Clint’s voice, then again in Trump’s voice. It’s fantastic in both.

    2. Does the empty chair support Trump?

  26. Is the GOP finally getting gay-friendly? Yes, but not in a libertarian way, writes Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

    Since Elizabeth brought it up again…. She points out in this article her dislike for “the right of parents to determine the proper treatment or therapy for their minor children.” Why you ask? Because it might be a help the apologists of gay conversion therapy. So we need government to have the authoritah to tell parents what treatments they’re allowed to pursue for their children.

    Of course in the article she didn’t offer any detail on that plank of the platform she disagrees with, because the text of it is broadly supportive of freedom and she thought she needed to give Reason readers only her summary of how she feels about the plank, otherwise someone might disagree with her.

    Notice that the NYT and basically every other outlet had no trouble spelling out the broadness of the plank, because their readership isn’t very liberty oriented and have no problem disavowing the text in it’s full glory. But ENB knew better and she intentionally obfuscated the actual content of the plank. Or maybe she tripped and fell onto the delete button, I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  27. Homosexuality is now required.


    However, at a closer look, it is obvious that love actually works to uphold hetero- and cis-normative, patriarchal, capitalist and hierarchical structures in society


    If you are only attracted to able ‘mentally well’, successful (by society’s standards), cisgender, normatively beautiful, slim people, from class privileged backgrounds, then you are also upholding violent norms.

    So if we can make people gay does that mean we can make people straight too?

    Also isn’t this some real Orwellian shit?

    1. We might even be able to cure your mother of being a whore.

      1. Why would you want to do that? You have never been ashamed of your mother being one. Why do you assume he is ashamed of his?

        1. Look, what Winston and his mother do in the comfort of their shared home is none of my business, but he has expressed distress before about his mother hooking and I’m just trying to comfort him.

          1. You should be more positive. Teach him to embrace it. Be nice.

      2. I’m sorry, that’s not curable. Of course she might want to lay off Dr. John’s Root Tonic.

    2. The institutionalization of love in society through, for example, the marriage contract, reflects our understanding of desire, human nature, and the political imaginary of the capitalist social contract.

      What’s a ten letter word for “not coherent”?

      1. Disjointed?

    1. My guess would be that the Supreme Court has said Virginia’s government schools can keep their retrograde bathroom policies until the matter has been decided in court.

    2. Read the link, what was the court’s reasoning?

      1. I doesn’t seem to be up on the Web site yet.

        1. Here it is

          The four surviving conservatives plus Breyer granted the stay – until the Supreme Court is finished with the case, the school board gets to reserve its boys’ room for boys and its girls’ room for girls. This overturns an injunction letting the “transgender” plaintiff use the wrong bathroom.

          Breyer gave this reason for supporting the stay: “In light of the facts that four Justices have voted to
          grant the application referred to the Court by THE CHIEF JUSTICE, that we are currently in recess, and that granting a stay will preserve the status quo (as of the time the Court of Appeals made its decision) until the Court considers the forthcoming petition for certiorari, I vote to grant the application as a courtesy. See Medell?n v. Texas, 554 U. S. 759, 765 (2008) (BREYER, J., dissenting).”

      2. “breaking” – i don’t know. just says they are letting the lower court ruling stand.

  28. Corey Lewandowski: Donald Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager Asks Christine Quinn Not to Touch Him on CNN

    “Excuse me, don’t touch me,” he said to former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn during an interview on CNN Monday when Quinn was defending Khizr Khan’s criticism of Trump.

    1. Christine Quinn rivals Hillary for being one of the densest concentrations of Shit/Evil on Earth.

  29. ” Last week’s killing of a French priest by radicals associated with the Islamic State has inspired atheist Wall Street Journal writerSohrab Ahmari to come out publicly about his plans to convert to Catholicism….

    “A source close to Ahmari told The Christian Post that Ahmari has been under instruction with a Roman Catholic priest for some time now but Hamel’s death was what prompted him to announce his conversion plans.

    “Ahmari was born in Tehran and moved to the United States when he was 13 years old. He earned a law degree from Northeastern University and was inspired to become a journalist because of the disputed 2009 Iranian elections.”

  30. I have a random question for the commentariat. I used to enjoy talented artists in my cartoons when I was a kid. Mostly Bill Watterson, but I noticed that some Japanese shows had great artwork too. There weren’t many options for the latter available though. Mostly just this one show on Sci Fi called “Gigantor” about a kid who could control a giant killer robot.

    Now I have a 10 year old boy and want to introduce him to the best of the Japanese animated shows. Any recommendations? Please refrain from any sarcasm in your replies and I’ll take my answer off the air.

    1. For a 10 year old? Hmmmm, sorry if he was a little older I could give him some good ones, but that young most of my recommendations are American cartoons. I would recommend browsing Netflix and Hulu and seeing what you can find. Though, Voltron isn’t half bad for that age range.

    2. Can’t go wrong with Star Blazers/Battleship Yamato. A fave of mine around that age.

      1. +1 G-Force!

      2. +1 on Yamato

    3. I don’t know if 10 is too young for Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell but both are excellent.

      1. Yes, and Samurai Champloo.

    4. I have no recommendations but I remember loving Gigantor as a kid.

      1. I’m not quite sure I’d recommend Evangelion to a 10 year old.

    5. Avatar The Last Airbender if he hasn’t already seen it. Like others, I can’t think of anime series to recommend to a ten year old. Movies, on the other hand: most of the stuff from Studio Ghibli, Mamoru Hosoda, Satoshi Kon (may be too adult for him, not sure).

    6. Outside of the obvious older stuff which was already suggested by others:

      Gurren Lagann
      Eureka Seven, somewhat hesitantly for 10, maybe in a couple of years. Research it.
      and the Gundam series.

      1. Was just thinking mecha anime there, for the record.

        1. Oh for mecha.. I seem to remember “The Big O” being pretty good.


          2. God damn it. Where were you yesterday when I was trying to make a reference to his skeleton key and couldn’t remember the name of that series for the life of me? I eventually found it by looking at a list of anime released in the US in the early 2000s.

    7. Thanks to all, I’m going to save these replies. If you’re still here, what are the series that you recommend but he’s too young for?

      1. I’m a fan of Berserk, but the 90s animation hasn’t aged that well. It’s still got really great atmosphere and music, and the plot goes absolutely nuts by the last quarter. The comic’s damn good as well. There is a lot of ultra-violence, body horror and rape that might turn some people off.

        1. There’s a new Berserk series that’s airing right now in Japan (prequel to the original) that’s pretty good and faithful to the original. Like the original, it’s absurdly violent.I wouldn’t recommend it for a 10 year old, but in a few years, why not.

          1. I’ve been watching it, it’s kind of meh. They use a lot of CGI that doesn’t look very good and skip a bunch of interesting storylines.

            Opening’s pretty awesome though.

        2. Since we’re talking about Berserk, I’d like to share this image that I stumbled across many moons ago. It’s safe for work, on topic for Berserk and sexy as hell from my point of view.

          1. Berserk and homoeroticism? Never.

            1. Yeh.

      2. Hm. This is just going off of stuff I know and like:

        A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun (To Aru Majutsu No Index / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)
        Angel Beats!
        Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
        Naruto (probably fine for him now)
        Inuyasha (probably fine for him now)
        Cowboy Bebop
        Sword Art Online
        Kuroko’s Basketball
        One Piece (probably fine for him now)
        Accel World
        Kill la Kill (probably not til he’s 15 or 16, but it’s fucking hilarious)
        No Game No Life
        Yuuki Yuna is a Hero (Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru)
        Attack on Titan, but not for several years

        I could probably think of more when I get home and look at my collection.

        1. A few of those are definitely fine as long as he watches the sanitized versions dubbed explicitly for young American audiences. Naruto, Inuyasha and One Piece immediately jump out at me as being on that list.

          1. Yeah. To the extent I’ve watched them it’s been subbed versions of the Japanese language originals, so my view might’ve been a bit different.

            1. I think Inuyasha was pulled in by adult swim, so it was nerfed a bit less, but I don’t remember anything that’d shock a 10 year old.

              I’ve only seen a couple minutes of One Piece and Naruto, but I read a surprisingly interesting article on how they had to be restructured for the American target audiences.

        2. Attack on Titan combines two of the things I hate most in anime series:

          1. Nation whose army is for some reason composed entirely of whiny children.
          2. Nation whose army tactics are based around some crazy gimmick that would never actually work.

          And maybe it would work if it was a farce, but I the dark and gritty tone just doesn’t work for me in a show that’s ultimately about kids fighting monsters with the power of bungee jumping.

          1. I watched until the point it hit emotional rock bottom, then quit for a while. Was surprised to see how much it turned around in tone, not that it ever stopped being dark.

      3. Thanks to all, I’m going to save these replies. If you’re still here, what are the series that you recommend but he’s too young for?

        Fooly Cooly (FLCL)

        1. Good call. I almost suggested it but the 10-year-old thing put me off, but it’s absolutely one to age into.

        2. Oh shit, how has nobody suggested Serial Experiments Lain?

          1. oops, that wasn’t the original opening sequence. this is.

      4. Blood +

    8. Some of my favorite shows I was turned onto by lurking here, so it’s much appreciated.

    9. With Japanese animation, you have to remember that the Japanese don’t have the same sexual mores Americans have and shonen ? young man ? animation is directed at boys about 8-18. This means girls wearing too short skirts who often walk out in a strong breeze or fall backwards with their legs splayed and they show lots of cleavage like bending over or taking baths.

      So you may want to watch them before you let him watch them.

    10. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is pretty good for all age groups, there’s some blood and…a little genocide…but it’s not like it’s framed positively. It’s also crazy optimistic, all about friendship and stuff.

      1. Another vote for FMA:B. Although the Sewing-Life alchemist episodes were not something I should have watched right after my son was born.

    11. My father would take me to the bookstore and just roam around alone to let me find whatever interested me. I would then find him and beg him to buy the armload of books I had picked out, usually fantasy / SciFi.

    12. 10 year old boy, you say? I recommend Legend of the Overfiend.

    13. Code Geass is great, though the animation is not the best.

      1. what are the series that you recommend but he’s too young for?

        Steins Gate
        Shinsekai Yori
        Psycho Pass

    14. Hellsing Ultimate is good, but it might be a bid too gory for a 10 year old. Though it’s not as bad as Berserk, which I see has already been mentioned.

      Also, do yourself a favor and watch all the Hullsing Ultimate Abridged parodies on Youtube. Funny as fuck.

    15. I don’t believe this…no love for Escaflowne??

      Cretins, the lot of you.

  31. It probably has been mentioned here before but Mike Ward lost in the human rights cause opposing him to Jeremy Gabriel (not surprising). He was ordered to pay 35 000$ to the kid and 7 000$ to his mom (I really don’t get why he has to pay his mom). He is going to appeal and is collecting money on Go Fund Me.

    I have a brother that has 4 young kids. The first 3 are autistic and a few years apart. They knew that each following kid would have a greater chance of being autistic. They are lovely kids, but it’s hard to tell if they are going to be able to fit in society one day. And this being socialist Quebec, the state is throwing money at them for special care. So far it looks like the third one will be a ward of the state all his life. Still didn’t stopped them from having a fourth one. And I remember defending their choice to keep the kid to literally everyone.

    His wife and him were all celebrating over the derpbook and insulting people defending Mike Ward’s freedom of speech. I pointed out that restricting freedom of speech is a slippery slope, and that not far away down that slope is a little thing called eugenics. Somehow, after shitting over derpbook and insulting people, now they don’t want to talk about it anymore… weird.

  32. Destroys the Republican Party

    Good. I mean the libertarians haven’t been very fond of anything the GOP has done since 1877 (with the exception of 1921-1929 perhaps) and that means we can look forwards to the wonders of Detroit and Chicago…shit.

    Well perhaps the LP can take the GOP’s place and not totally sellout and become “pragmatic” “small government” types like the GOP has been since about 1952/1969/1981. Um…

  33. Obama = “That Planeload of Money? That Was For Something Else. Not Hostages.

    – which no one anywhere believes.

    Not newsworthy tho. Let’s talk about that Khan dude.

    1. “I wasn’t even going to bring it up, that’s how innocuous it is.”

      1. “Ugh, I knew some of you would take it the wrong way!”

    2. Trump was sooo mean to him.

    3. I am sure reason would have totally ignored the story if Bush had done something like that. It is just so pathetic.

      1. Iran-Contra anyone?

        1. At least Reagan was dealing in far smaller sums, and tried to launder the money.

          This is just dropping off the cash in a briefcase marked “Hostage Ransom”, fer fuck sake.

    1. A gun battle erupted between traffickers and police after they deployed some 450 officers to the Alemao favela in the north of the city to carry out dozens of arrests warrants, a spokesman said.

      The sprawling slum of some 70,000 people lies next to the Galeao international airport, which is expected to receive some 500,000 passengers during the Games.

      Local television showed images of scores of police in dark camouflaged fatigues firing automatic rifles and helicopters flying over the hillside favela overlooking the city.

      450 vs would constitute a battle.

      1. A police action, as it were.

      2. Remember the Alemao!

  34. In the “There’s a Pony In here Somewhere” department =

    Clinton campaign studying alternative to U.S. ethanol mandate

    Chances that they will find a proposal to “replace it” which in fact requires MORE/different handouts to crony constituents?


    1. Not “replace it”, “augment it”.

      Additional hand-outs, because that is what they do.

  35. I’ve been looking at the history of old Hollywood. Frankly Hollywood has never been some bastion of pure art or originality. There have always been financial considerations involved (making profits and fighting with directors over costs) and there have always been making remakes, adapting famous properties, sequels, franchises, etc and aping the latest trend. Though in the days before TV/VHS when a film went out of release it was barely seen again (and for many silents and early talkies copies don’t even exist anymore) and when a film was remade it was common to suppress the original to prevent competition. I recall reading that when Beau Geste was remade in 1939 the 1926 original was shown at the premiere and it backfired since the audience realized the talkie was a scene-for-scene remake and many liked the original better!

    I think the big issue is that audiences have changed quite a bit and bid-budget movies are too expensive. The days when something like On Golden Pond could outgross Superman II and be the #2 movie of the year is something I don’t seem to coming back anytime soon. The audience is really there for the comic book movies and genre films. Problem is these movies are really expensive and building franchises aren’t easy.

    1. Foreign box-office has always been important though what they really like are big explosions which translate quite easily however the enormous budgets depending on foreign grosses is going to catch up. In the 1930s Hollywood didn’t want to lose Germany so they tried to avoid offending Hitler. And in the 1920s were reluctant to go to sound since that would lose foreign markets. Oh and apparently the Production Code was heavily influenced by trying to appease British censors.

    2. For the most part the vast majority of people go to movies only when it is something action-related, like the Marvel films, or the Star Wars films, the Fast and Furious series, etc. They go for the experience, and willingly pay the high cost for the experience.

      There is really no point of going to see On Golden Pond in the theater, unless you just want to see Jane Fonda in a bathing suit on a big screen. It is much cheaper and more convenient to watch that sort of movie on your HD TV while sitting on your couch.

      1. unless you just want to see Jane Fonda in a bathing suit on a big screen.

        Crusty would.

      2. This is how movies in the theater have evolved for me. I’m more than happy to watch Love Actually in my living room– I don’t really need to all the pomp and circumstance of a theater experience for that. So the theater has been relegated to fun, “experience” viewing.

      3. Funny because that is what they faced back in the 1950s.

        1. In the 50s they had the option of waiting to see North By Northwest at home four months later on their high definition televisions?

          1. They responded to the rise of TV (and fall of admissions, over 50%, which they have never recovered from) with lots of expensive widescreen color epics with multichannel sound. And tried 3-D too.

  36. The DNC-email-leak story (non-story?) literally lasted 2 days.

    The subsequent “DID RUSSIA DUN IT?”-frothing/speculation? Has lasted over a week now.

    Add in the “Wrath of Khan” bullshit….
    …. and the media has managed to completely bury even the hint of any possible discussion of “how do Bernie voters feel about their own Party actively trying to fuck them“. Including many people who donated huge sums to the DNC thinking that they were a neutral party serving the interests of all DNC candidates. *(and are now suing the DNC/DWS)

    And you’d think that theoretically ‘independent’ media might have taken note of this blitzkrieg-of-bullshit in the past week, and pointed out the degree to which there has been active attempts to “re-direct the narrative”.

    not so much, really. more like weak echoes.


    2. It’s interesting that traditional media is supposedly dying (ie, NYT losing readers while things like Drudge gain clicks) but they’re still able to control the narrative so well.

      1. The New Media agree with them? Cocktail parties?

    3. It is working. I see Cankles is ahead of Trump by ten points today.

  37. Suicide Squad is getting incredibly bad reviews.

    Well, at least Wonder Woman looks not terrible.

    1. Only if they use the Linda Carter-era theme song for the fight scenes. And Linda Carter.

  38. Young appears to own a large number of firearms. A Metro police officer told authorities that during an off-duty weapons training event last March, Young brought an Egyptian AK-47, a Kimber 1911 .45 caliber pistol and an AK-47 AMD rifle. The training officer told the FBI that Young also owned a semiautomatic AK-47 RPK, an 8mm Mauser rifle and a World War II-era Russian Nagant rifle, according to the court papers.

    Uhm, I went shooting with some friends the other day, and a small group of us had (if I recall correctly)

    5 Glocks- various calibers.
    2 .45 Springfield semi autos, one full sized, one compact.
    1 Walther PPQ 9mm.
    2 M1 Garand rifles.
    1 M4 semi auto carbine.
    2 AR platforms, one .223, the other .300 blackout with threaded barrel and silencer.
    1 .308 ‘sniper’ rifle, sighted in for 600 meters.
    half a dozen .22 rifles, various makes and models.
    two or three .22 pistols, various models
    Sig sauer pistol, model unspecified.
    1 Mosin Nagant
    1 Ukranian AK-47

    I left several handguns at home because I didn’t want to clean everything.



      Seriously though, I got introduced to IDPA last month and, upon realizing I owned nothing but .45s, promptly tested out a G17, Sig 320, XDm-9 and CZ P-09. Fell in love with the P-09 and added it to the arsenal. Unfortunately the one I bought (unlike the range model) is currently going through about a 20% failure-to-feed stage and haz much sad. Really don’t want to send it back to CZ and have to wait a month for it back. When it works it’s a freaking tackdriver. Don’t know why I wait so long to buy a 9mm.

      1. For anyone with a Glock or a friend with a Glock, do check out GSSF events. Lots of fun for beginner to expert and great competition/random drawing prizes.

      2. The Walther PPQ 9mm, I can’t recommend enough– assuming some things about what you want.

        It’s pretty much a full-size pistol, so if you’re not into carrying full-size it may not work.

        But as a platform, it might be the finest pistol I never needed. Ergonomically it’s the best of any pistol I’ve ever held. Never fails and the trigger is excellent. Some have described it as the best trigger of any pistol straight out of the factory ever made. My only complaint is it’s so light that I’ve had some ‘unintentional discharges’ when bringing the pistol back onto target after firing a round. Ie, fire down range then after recoil, I’m lowering back on target and *BAM* goes off.

        One of the shooters in my group who has the most life-long shooting experience did that twice.

        We both agreed that if one spent enough time training with it, it wouldn’t be a problem. But I have so many pistols that I carry daily with heavier triggers that it’s unlikely I’ll ever get the time on it.

        1. Sounds like you just need the trigger worked on. Light triggers on (long-range) rifles – good. Light triggers on handguns – very very bad.

          1. It’s the standard PPQ trigger. I’m just used to a harder trigger pull. My carry weapon has been described in reviews as “a bad trigger”, has drag on the pull, reset is ‘meh’. The PPQ is pretty much match grade. Lots of forum posts about people wondering if it’s “too light” for defense carry.

            My opinion it is. But for target shooting, it’s a dream. I never flinch and my long-term habit of ‘pulling low and left’ goes away with that pistol.

            If there’s only one novelty of the PPQ that can without question set it apart from other pistols on the market, this is it.

            Walther calls it the ‘quick-defense’ trigger. The pull is so light and smooth at only 5.6 pounds, with a .1-inch reset (awesome!) and .4-inch travel. Trust me, with this kind of a trigger, you can’t only shoot the PPQ fast, you can shoot it accurately too. It’s a marked improvement over any other pistol I’ve ever fired, and it’s what I look forward to the most when I shoot the PPQ on the range.


      3. Check a few things:
        1. Is the ramp clean? Don’t polish or remove any material until you are sure this is the only problem left.
        2. Is your thumb dragging on the slide?
        3. Are you limp-wristing?
        4. Check the spring strength and look for kinks/bent spots if previously owned
        5. Is yours designed for +P loads?
        6. Too much or too viscous oil? Can matter on them little plinkers.

        Good luck !

        1. Try a different magazine (or different brand) magazine if you can too. I had a small Kimber that didn’t like Wilson Combat magazines but would fire others reliably.

    2. Obviously, no one needs all that ordinance. Rights are decided based on need, right? Did I get that right?

    3. Honestly, one handgun and six rifles, including a couple of WWII-era rifles, is not “a large number of firearms”.

      The Dean Armory has let’s see, 3 shotguns, one muzzleloader, 5 handguns (I think, who knows what Mrs. Dean has stashed around the place), and 5 rifles.

  39. refusing to back prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte in their elections

    More of that and I might check the box for Trump after all. Fuck those shitheel establishment Republicans. And fuck the Kahns for using their son’s death (which, while a loss and sadness, is not a sacrifice by them) as a political prop and the others defending them who can’t slurp enough Support the Troops cock in a knee jerk Pavlonian response.

    1. They are losing their minds over this. Fuck them is right. It is going to be very interesting next Tuesday if Ryan loses. Couldn’t happen to a better shit head if he does.

      1. John, how much attention have you paid to Kelly Ayotte?

        Would you agree that she is a more vapid version of Paul Ryan?

      2. The polls are all over the map on the Ryan race, plus its an open primary. My guess is that its probably pretty close, but if the unions follow through and deliver anti-Ryan voters to the primary, he’s done.

    2. Perhaps the best take on Republican pearl-clutching I’ve ever read.

      I think the whole Kzir Kahn thing is more bullshit handwringing by puritans and prudes on both sides of the aisle — I don’t, for example, believe in this bullshit that certain people have Privilege and Status and therefore Absolute Moral Authority.

      I don’t believe minorities have that, and I don’t believe even Gold Star families have that. Or veterans.

      Meanwhile, Pat Smith’s son died just four years ago — and she hasn’t had five minutes of this Force Field Against Criticism.

      Hillary Clinton called her — and the other Benghazi victim family members who were in attendance, and all heard her say “We’ll get this filmmaker” — a liar on national tv.

      Not a peep from the media on that.

      And while conservatives did kick up a fuss about it, no one heard that, and it did not reach out into the wider public at all, because conservatives have no voice in the wider media; we merely have a ghetto where we shout to each other from our windows on each side of the street.

      He goes on about it for awhile.

    1. Arcadia, Iowa, parade float features Hillary Clinton look-alike behind bars, invites kids to throw water balloons

      As for those who might take offense, “I mean if they do, they do,” Julin said. “We believe if Hillary gets in, it’ll be bad for moving our political agenda forward. … Also, it wasn’t just kids, there were a bunch of adults grabbing water balloons and cheering.”

      My assessment = Gadunkadunk

      1. Nice.

  40. Democratic presidential candidate executes plan to destroy the Republican Party (not Hillary Clinton, the other one) It’s getting so bad that even Newt Gingrich thinks it’s bad.



    the underlying ‘story’ being so fucking frothy and pointless that its still not worth even mentioning, but still = its so freaking incredibly devastating that WOW top of links pile amirite journalism is serious bizness

    1. On a case by case basis, piece by piece, post by post, Robby keeps building the case against himself.

      He needs to try to suck less. He seems to be trying to suck more.

      He must be trolling. Robby is a troll.

      P.S. No mention of Barack Obama secretly sending $400 million in cash to the Iranians either.

      That’s even worse than the headlines Fusionist predicted earlier today.

      Two big scandals implicating Obama and Hillary over the last three days–and they’re never even mentioned at Hit & Run.

      1. Ken, he is obviously not putting effort into the links because of the complaining. It’s not like he is deliberately not sharing stories because of his innate, liberal bias.

        1. It isn’t even a liberal bias.

          I had total respect for Christopher Hitchens, and he was a goddamn Trotskyist communist.

          I think he’s got Weigelitis big time, in that, you know, he wants to write about politics but somehow got stuck with a gig writing for libertarians.

          Remember how we could just tell that Weigel held us in contempt?

          And, anyway, it isn’t about his opinion. It’s in the way he does it.

          Horseshit headlines like the one Dennis the Menace identified here, that’s pretty standard practice for Robby.

          It’s like reading Tony’s shit half the time.

          People like Bailey and Sullum have worked hard for decades to build a reputation for intellectual honesty.

          Robby probably thinks they’re naive.

          If Robby can’t tell the difference between what they do and what he does, then he should ask Sullum or somebody to glance at what he writes before he posts it.

          1. I’m convinced. Robby is pod people.

          2. Ken, you (and Gilmore) take umbrage with a lot of what he writes, and while I think you are both nuts, I don’t ever comment it. More power to you!

            Horseshit headlines like the one Dennis the Menace identified here, that’s pretty standard practice for Robby.

            I am just amused that links headlines get your ire up. It’s not like Reason links are your only news source.

            If you write to the Reason Foundation or the editors saying your contributions are contingent on higher links standards, I would appreciate if you would send me a copy as well.

            1. I don’t get what you’re saying here.

              It’s almost like you ignored the contents of the comment you;re replying to.

              It isn’t about what is or isn’t there. It’s the way it’s done.

              I’m big fans of people I disagree with.

              But they don’t act like Tony.

            2. Ken, you (and Gilmore) take umbrage with a lot of what he writes

              Not so much the content of what Robby writes…

              …. as much as the boringly-predictable “On the one hand…. and on the other hand” -equivocation which often ends up making a half-assed ‘defense’ of free-speech….one which is often worse than none-at-all.

              Particularly in that it results in absurd rationalizations along the lines of – “I defend your (theoretical) right to have bad ideas; just not the right to communicate them, because then that’s Bullying, which is Not Okay”

              His ‘conclusions’ (can be) often in the right ballpark, but the means he uses to eventually get there is frequently absurd.

              the Memories Pizza story was the thing that i think showed his M.O. at its worst. In trying to please everyone, he pleases no one, and effectively sanctions mob-punishment for wrongthink.

              Tho i do think things like =

              This Super Woke Teen’s ‘White Boy Privilege’ Poetry Slam Is a Trump Voter’s Nightmare

              …are hilarious in their own way, if not intentionally so. He actually managed to suggest that “if you find something wrong w/ a 14yr old lecturing you on white privilege, you’re probably a Trump Supporter”

          3. It’s not that he necessarily isn’t libertarian, it’s that he doesn’t understand that his audience is, or wants to pretend that they aren’t. If you’re Conor Friedersdorf writing for liberals or David Harsanyi writing for conservatives, you pull your punches and temper your language. Robby writes like he’s polishing his resume for House Libertarian at a prog outlet.

        2. he is obviously not putting effort into the links because of the complaining

          “Coach, i’d actually try harder if you stopped telling me I how i have no hustle. Seriously, have you considered more positive-reinforcement? Maybe you should let my mom coach the team for a while.”

  41. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort said Wednesday he had heard nothing of such a meeting and disputed that it would be necessary, saying on FOX News that “the only need we have for an intervention is with some media types who keep saying things that aren’t true.”

    They keep giving my candidate airtime! How dare they!

    Hey, dummy, dealing with a heavily biased press comes with running a Republican campaign. It’s practically in the job description.

  42. Maybe covered last week?

    On Claudia Christian’s FB page when she posted on the death of Jerry Doyle, she wrote:

    “If you are going to start your post with “I didn’t like his politics but…” then fuck off….seriously. The man just died. He was an incredible human being so post something honorable or get the fuck off of my page…I am not in the mood for BS…. The rest of you, thank you for your kind words.”

  43. Millenials. Won’t. Fuck.

    That story spread like herpes. So who’s going to take one for the team and poll a millennial?

    1. Robby wrote a post about that yesterday. Saying that millennial men being painty-waists is just fine.

      The monumental lameness of millennials is so profound, not even the biological imperative can stand against it.

      1. There was a good side-discussion about the wide availability of porn, which used not to exist for young males a generation ago.

        I posited that since men are traditionally relationship averse, fake sex sans relationship might actually be the better deal.

        Notice this goes right along with fewer millennials getting married?

        Coincidence? I think not. Millennial males may end up being the best males in modern history.

    2. “Poll a millennial.” Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

    3. only if you count home base as sex. If you know you don’t want to be with someone long-term, that shit is stressful. Condom’s arn’t 100% 😛

  44. “Is the GOP finally getting gay-friendly? Yes, but not in a libertarian way”

    Yet the bitch thinks the Dem’s have embraced for libertarian reasons?

    HELL — even libertarians on this site haven’t embraced for libertarian reasons!!!!!

    1. It’s worse than that.

      It’s not enough that they cheer for the rights of LGBT from the floor during a nomination speech–they’re not cheering LGBT for the right reasons?

      What are we, Objectivists now?

      I used to think people hated the Republicans for being social conservatives, then they nominate someone who is not a social conservative–who stands up for the rights of LGBT on national television in his acceptance speech–and it’s wrong because it’s for all the wrong reasons?!

      Last time I did the math from surveys, there were tens of millions of Americans who don’t own firearms but defend the Second Amendment. I’ve got no problem with those people. Those are good honest loyal Constitution loving Americans.

      Imagine some idiot claiming that they don’t support the Second Amendment for the right reasons.

      WTF is that?!

      It’s like someone–like me–who supports gay marriage. Am I wrong if I support it for the wrong reasons? What about people who don’t support gay marriage–but never use the “fag” ever? Are they somehow better than those who support gay marriage but refer to millennial panty-waists as “coffee-fags”?

      1. Ken, name one issue the left has that is not some made-up, phony baloney bullshit. Their outrage is manufactured, their issues are manufactured, their agitation is manufactured.

        They are in it for the power. Imagine a progressive boot stamping on a human face forever.

    2. The worst part of this is that the support IS, most definitely in a libertarian way.

      They’re not supporting them because they’re special snowflakes that need special rights and protections.

      They’re supporting them because they believe that they’re American citizens entitled to the same rights of self defense and protection as every other American citizen.

      This is the right way to support gay people.

  45. Suicide Squad fans want the federal government to ban giving movie bad reviews:

    ‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Over Negative Reviews

    1. Damnit, Stormy, it’s right there in the links.

      1. Well that was a terrible description of the link then. “Movie fans want to shut down review site because it hurts their feefees” is way bigger news than “movie gets bad reviews”

    2. Wouldn’t it be quicker for them to just call 911?…..911-system

    3. Not that the (earnest) petitioners aren’t weirdos, but… where is federal (or any?) government involvement mentioned?

    4. Could someone summarize for me, and tell me what leverage it has?

    5. Jesus, just leaving the actual wording of the petition here…

      We need this site to be shut down because It’s Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews, Like
      1- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016
      2- Suicide Squad 2016

      and that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies

      1. English is hard.

  46. The blonde girl in the pic reminded me of this.…..n-41005294

      1. So she can go back to prison, eh? Maybe it’s the best only sex she’s ever had.

  47. I’m 30, and totally buy the less sex thing, but only if you consider it as a home base or nothing kinda thing. Condom’s arn’t 100%, and I live in the bay area — last few GF’s have been SJW’s and you don’t stick it in crazy. Or if you don’ see being with someone long term. Heard too many horror storries from my friends and I’m not about to pay child support

    1. Oh, come on, just admit it to yourself. You’re waiting for someone to invent a sexbot that doesn’t talk.

      1. or i just need to meet the only female libertarian in the bay area 😛

        here it’s a lot of super religious or super sjw. Occasionally a normal person

    2. so what you’re saying is your pokemon game is on-point.

  48. i get paid over ?79.91 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over ?9185 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I’ve been doing,……


  49. Trump Destroys the Republican Party

    What the hell, I thought I clicked on my Reason link, and here I am at The Onion.

  50. Metal

    I don’t know about AOTY, but it’s friggin awesome

  51. I saw Trump talking about a plane load of cash going to Iran. Then the news reported it was true.

    We fucking printed then laundered $400 million for hostage releases. Since then, they took 2 more hostages.

    1. Incentives, how the fuck do they work?

      1. 2 hostages. That should be worth, what, $220 million? I’m assuming Obama got a group discount on the first batch, but he’s such a shit negotiator, that may be assuming too much.

    2. I wonder how much of that cash will go straight into the hands of terrorists?

      Also, Obumblefuck’s excuse is that we paid Iran for money we took just before the Shah was deposed. What the hell is that? That government doesnt exist anymore.

      This is just Obama fucking us again and then giving us the finger.

      1. Also, it occurs to me that the Shah probably got that money from US taxpayers.

      2. Cash. Fucking cash. Cash is a giant pain in the ass compared to a wire transfer. The only reason the Iranians would demand cash is:

        (a) To humiliate the US; and/or

        (b) To fund something with untraceable funds. Gee, I wonder what that would be?

        What a disgrace this puling twat of a President is.

        1. Without Congressional appropriation, where did Obama get $400 million in cash?

          Isn’t that what tipped people off to Iran-Contra? Where was the money coming from if it wasn’t appropriated by Congress?

          Same question here. Where did Obama get $400 million in cash?

          1. Iran-Contra. I have to laugh.

            Who is going to jail over Benghazi? Where is the 24 hour news coverage of the congressional hearings?

            1. I’m sure Don Henley is writing a new song about this even as I type–just like he wrote End of the Innocence about Iran-Contra.

              For this tired old man that we elected king
              Armchair warriors often fail
              And we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales
              The lawyers clean up all details
              Since daddy had to lie

              Maybe Remy could do a version!

          2. Wait, when did Obama start waiting for Congress to act?

            1. He still needs an appropriation bill to spend money.

              And this payment agreement was never appropriated through Congress–the “Iran Deal” was never ratified!

              By what authority can Obama just spend our money is one question.

              My question is–where did he get the money?

              Arm sales to Mexico?

              Who gave him $400 million in cash? That money came from somewhere, and I want to know where.

              1. Who do you think you are? If you were supposed to know where it came from Obama wouldn’t have had to launder the money through European banks and secretly fly it to them in the middle of the night on an unmarked plane.

                Some people.

    3. Now they’re reporting that Justice Department officials raised objections to the cash payments, but they were overruled by the State Department.…..1470262789

      They’re saying this was part of a larger settling of accounts–as part of the “Iran Deal”. They don’t call it a treaty, of course, because Obama never submitted it to the Senate for confirmation.

      They call it the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”, but that’s just the part of the deal the Obama Administration announced through press releases. They’re saying this $400 million was part of a bigger $1.7 billion payment to Iran as part of the proverbial “Iran Deal” that wasn’t announced to the press.

      I want to understand how this appropriation was made without Congressional approval. How can the President spend $400 million in cash without any input from Congress? Where did the cash come from?

      1. “confirmation”, ratification
        Istanbul, Constantinople
        That’s nobody’s business
        but the Turks

      2. If Congress (or the courts or the media) do nothing to arrest his spending of unappropriated money, then that’s his defacto authorization.

  52. Huh. Local NBC newscaster just referred to the Libertine-arian party. He said it very fast three times in his report.

    1. I got polled if I’d be voting for Greg Johnston, Librarian Party a few weeks back. The pollster may have been illiterate, I was getting most of the verbiage of the questions from context rather than what she was saying. We even argued over one of the words. I asked her if it was spelled [however whatever word it was was spelled] and she said “yeah, it’s [totally different word].

      1. Did you ask them who they were voting for?

        1. Did I have to?

          1. Touche

            I recall getting a very long survey from someone from Microsoft about my usage patterns w/ Office applications…

            .,..and the last question was, “Do you use a computer at home or work”?

            and i just said, “No, actually. Neither. Ever. Never.” They didn’t even notice.

  53. Fox News Poll: Clinton Up 10 on Trump head-to-head, Johnson gets 12% in 3-way

    Sixty-one percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is dishonest, yet she’s opened up a big lead over Donald Trump in the latest Fox News Poll.

    Here’s why: majorities think Clinton is nevertheless qualified to be president, and has the temperament and knowledge to serve effectively. It’s the opposite for Trump: over half feel he is not qualified, and lacks the temperament or knowledge to lead the country. And his 62 percent dishonesty rating tops hers.

    After the conventions, the Clinton-Kaine ticket leads the Trump-Pence ticket by 10 points (49-39 percent) in the race for the White House. Clinton’s advantage is outside the poll’s margin of error. A month ago, Clinton was up by six points (44-38 percent, June 26-28).

    Since last month, Clinton’s position is improved with most groups, as she gained ground among men, women, whites, Democrats, young voters, and seniors.

    The Democrat is winning among the so-called “Obama coalition,” the key voting blocs that secured his re-election. Clinton is favored among women by 23 points (57-34 percent), blacks by 83 (87-4 percent), Hispanics by 48 (68-20 percent), and voters under 30 by 18 (49-31 percent).

    I’m starting to think this Donald Trump fellow just might not pull this off. Sad!

    1. It helps that we have had a solid week of nonstop coverage of his gaffes and hardly a peep about Clinton’s criminal behavior, taking money from foreign governments while SOS and her complete inability to tell the truth.

      1. Her unfavorability ratings do suggest the public is aware of how loathsome and dishonest she is. It’s simply a matter of Trump being so obviously unqualified for the job that they are forcing themselves to vote against him rather than for her.

        Half her support in the poll is from people who are voting against Trump. If he wasn’t incapable of controlling himself when criticized he probably would be crushing her right now. But instead he’s starting feuds with military families and fellow Republicans.

        1. Well, he isnt qualified to be President. The catch is that no one else is either.

    2. I’m starting to think this Donald Trump fellow just might not pull this off. Sad!

      Even with all the positive press coverage…

    3. RCP avg – Clinton vs Trump – Clinton + 5.1 (about half the lead she had before the RCP)

      3 way – Johnson 8.4

      Meh. Nothing much to see here.

      1. National head to head polls are just attention-grabbers. What matters is the breakdown by groups both nationally and state to state.

        Hillary is performing equal to Obama 2012 among his winning coalition, Trump is severely underperforming Romney.

        In Florida Trump has 14% of the Hispanic vote. Romney and McCain pulled 40% in their losing efforts.

        He’s not going to win unless something radically changes.

        1. Let’s say something happened to Trump or he decided to bow out of the election. What happens to the GOP then? Can they put in a substitute candidate, or does Pence move up, or what? Anyone know?

          It’s starting to seem like the GOP’s only chance is to get Trump off the ballot, even to be replaced by a trained chimp, at this point. Even the most die-hard Trump supporters seem ready to give him the heave-ho.

          Good grief, even the stuff that he’s gotten in trouble over the past few days would have been so easy to turn favorably for him, had he even thought about it for a second — but he can’t. I could have turned the whole Khan thing around to make Khan seem like an asshole and me, the Presidential candidate, smelling like a rose, but Trump’s instinct was to insult his wife. Sheesh.

          1. What happens to the GOP then? Can they put in a substitute candidate, or does Pence move up, or what? Anyone know?

            I presume one of the other primary candidates would step up and the delegates would switch their votes.

            Emergency party-confab or something like that.

            that said, i think the idea that there’s been some tectonic shift in the underlying support for each candidate is completely wrong. The period surrounding the conventions is volatile and can revert back to prior margins very quickly.

            Wait until late sept, then people can start pants-shitting.

            1. I won’t be surprised at all if Trump wins. I mean, not at all. Not that I expect it, I just won’t be surprised if it happens.

  54. My little one just said “Harley Quinn” in a way that sounded a little like Hillary Clinton. So, maybe that’s something that Mike can start from to name her?

    1. “A Hillary Clinton Romance”

    2. One is a murderous clown with a big mouth, and the other is played by Margot Robbie in a new film.

  55. So how would the Dump Trump movement actually work? I guess they would have some special RNC meeting to appoint a replacement. The problem is, who? The big reason (drink!) that Trump won in the first place was because the Republican Establishment was extremely divided and they are going to have be really united now. And the replacement nomination might be a poisoned chalice for whoever accepts as they will have less than three months to turn things around. I mean at worst they are going to have to lose less worse than if Trump had ran in order to make it worthwhile. So…Mitt Romney? Take one for the Team.

    And knowing the Republicans they are expecting Obama, Hillary and the MSM will say nice things for Dumping Trump. Yeah right…

    1. Trump is their best chance at this point. I guess if they want to cede the election to Hillary they could go with one of the losers?

      1. They already ceded the election to Hillary when they nominated him. This is about not losing the Senate and House.

  56. Suicide Squad Self-Destructs Commits Suicide


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