Republican Convention 2016

Far-Right Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Addresses Breitbart Gays-for-Trump Party


Listen above to an excerpt from Geert Wilders, founder and head of the Dutch Party for Freedom, as he talks to conservatives at a "Gays for Trump" party in Cleveland, Ohio. The July 19 event, thrown by Breitbart News in conjunction with the Republican National Convention, featured Wilders, anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller, and alt-right celebrity Milo Yiannopoulos. Below is an abridged transcript of Wilder's comments:

Europe, as a matter of fact, is collapsing. Is imploding. Is exploding. We have terror attacks by jihadis almost every week. Almost every day in the last 24, 48 hours only we saw a guy with an ax, a Muslim on a train in Germany. We saw a young girl, 8-years-old, being stabbed by a Muslim because her dress was too short. … You've had your own bad experience with San Bernardino and Orlando and anywhere else.

And let me tell you: When it comes to Europe, I'm sad to say, it will only get worse. Why? Why will it get worse? It gets worse because thousands, thousands of Arabs, thousands of Muslims from Europe went to Syria and to Iraq to fight for the jihad. And since ISIS is losing ground now in that region… hundreds of them are returning to Europe. They are returning, and our stupid government allowed them to return to Europe.

[…] We have no real leaders in the Western world anymore. … We have Chamberlains, instead of Churchillss, ruling our countries. And they allowed millions, millions of Muslim immigrants to come from Islamic countries to our free Western societies, without any demands of assimilation or integration. And that, my dear friends, is a suicide policy.

And make no mistake: get rid of your political correctness. If you allow anywhere in the West, if you allow Islam to be planted on your soil, don't be afraid that you will have Sharia law. Because Islam and Sharia law is exactly the same. And so we did—we allowed Islam to be planted, and we are facing now, all around us, Sharia law. My friends, you know, Sharia law means terror. It means violence. It means hate. … The result is terror all over Europe.

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