"It just doesn't make sense to require a nonviolent drug offender to serve 20 years, or in some cases, life, in prison."
—President Barack Obama, announcing the commutation of 58 prison sentences, Medium, May 5

"On the one hand, I'll say #NeverTrump, and on the other hand, I'll say never say never."
—The Weekly Standard founder and editor Bill Kristol, The Steve Malzberg Show, May 2

"Call the government." 
—North Carolina tow truck driver Kenneth Shupe, refusing to tow a car outfitted with Bernie Sanders stickers, May 2

"We are witnessing a compression of the working period in which bad policy shelters in the shadows, the time frame in which unconstitutional activities can continue before they are exposed by acts of conscience."
—Edward Snowden, writing about whistleblowing, The Intercept, May 3

"I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime."
—Pope Francis, accepting the Charlemagne Prize at a reception at the Vatican, May 6