No Cash, No Film

N.J. law overturned


A 2014 New Jersey requirement that all police cars in the state be equipped with dashboard cameras has been ruled unconstitutional by the Council on Local Mandates, an independent body that can overturn laws it deems to be unfunded mandates.

The dashcam law, signed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie, called for an additional $25 surcharge to be levied on people caught driving under the influence. The township of Deptford successfully argued that the surcharge was not sufficient to purchase enough cameras to comply with the mandate.

Democratic Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D–Camden and Gloucester), the sponsor of the bill, urged the state government to appeal the decision, but Christie rejected that suggestion. "They ruled, that's it," he said at a press conference. "I signed it the last time so I'm certainly willing to look at it," he added regarding future efforts to fix the legislation, "but look at it in light of the new costs."

Under the state constitution, laws, rules, or regulations "which implement the provisions of this Constitution" are exempted from review by the Council on Local Mandates, as are laws, rules, or regulations "which are required to comply with federal laws or rules or to meet eligibility standards for federal entitlements."