25 Years Ago


"To counter the avalanche of pro-government persuasion, who comes to Washington to criticize spending programs? In the case of most programs, no one."
—James L. Payne, "Bad Influence"

"Unfortunately, political reformers routinely define apathy as 'not voting.' While this hypothesis is easy to test (all you have to do is count heads), it ignores the proud tradition of, say, the Constitutional Convention delegates who threatened to walk out unless the document included a Bill of Rights. Sometimes not voting reflects the belief that the lesser of two evils is evil."
—Rick Henderson, "It's OK to Hate Politics"

"Efforts to prevent globalization by imposing immigration barriers or boosting corporate welfare amount to nationalist economic planning. Like more familiar socialist economic plans, they are based on the false assumption that a small cabal of bureaucrats (in Washington, Whitehall, or the Quai d'Orsay) is better able to supervise your life than you are."
—Martin Morse Wooster, "Going Global"

—August/September 1991