Melania Trump

Trump Campaign Strikes Right Note on Melania's Nude Pictures

This is probably the closest thing to a pro-sex-work stance that any major-party candidate has ever taken.


The cover of this Sunday's New York Post featured a first for a future-First-Lady hopeful: a nudie pic. "You've never seen a potential First Lady like this!" the Post promised under the headline "The Ogle Office," beside a photo of Donald Trump's third wife, Melania (Knauss) Trump, nude except for a few bracelets and stars strategically added over her nipples. The image—and more like it inside the paper—comes from a photo shoot that the Slovenian-model turned billionaire's wife did in 1995 for a now-defunct French men's magazine.

In another GOP era, such a revelation about a presidential candidate's wife might make for quite the scandal. At least it would make for some uncomfortable hemming and hawing from the campaign, plus an apology from the wife and/or candidate and platitudes about America's moral character. But this is Donald Trump's party now. And while that might mean an abandonment of limited-government principles, a tepid-at-best embrace of Christianity, and an uptick in blatant racism and nationalism, it's come with a few idiosyncratic upsides, including less tolerance for the old culture wars. Animosity toward sexuality—be it in the form of pinup pics or same-sex relationships—just isn't a motif with Trump.

In keeping with this aesthetic, Trump and his campaign's response to the Post article has been anything but apologetic. While Trump did try to distance himself from the Melania of yore—the pic was "taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania," he said—the candidate also waved away the controversy. "Melania was one of the most successful models and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines," he told the Post. "In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common."

In an interview Sunday morning with CNN money, Trump campaign aid Jason Miller called the photos "a celebration of the human body as art" and "nothing to be embarrassed about." Asked whether Trump got "furious" about things like this, Miller replied: "I think Mr. Trump is a little more focused on the direction of the country and what we need to do to get it turned around."

It's a great tack: paint the people making these pics into an issue look petty, prudish, and non-serious. While it might piss off the Christian conservative base, Trump has already done plenty to alienate them, with seemingly little consequence. Meanwhile, many in the Republican Party wish their party would ignore, or at least take a less aggressive stance, on things like pornography and other social issues. Making Melania's racy photos into a non-issue seems right, strategically.

On a rhetorical note, it's nice to see any major political party—let alone the Republicans—make the case that nude photos are no big deal and "nothing to be embarrassed about." This is probably the closest thing to a pro-sex-work stance that any major-party candidate has taken. In a sea of awful opinions from both major-party candidates, I'll take this as one teeny, tiny bright spot.

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  1. In a sea of awful opinions from both major-party candidates, I’ll take this as one teeny, tiny bright spot.

    I think that’s unfair. I think there are at least 2 bright spots, and they are ample.

    1. She’s so shiny she looks like a realdoll.

      1. Trump spent the extra on the v2.0 upgrade

        1. But didn’t spring for the premium voice modulator.

          1. Actually, you have to pay more to make them shut up

            1. Mute button on all future fembot models, standard.

              1. There is a joke in here about Bluetooth, somewhere.

            2. “Harcourt! Harcourt Fenton Mudd, what have you been up to?”

    2. They look like implants to me.


      1. Yes, she absolutely has implants. Take it from a physician who has had to do a lot of physical exams.

        I wonder if she’d be the first First Lady to have implants?

        1. Little known fact = Eleanor Roosevelt burlesque-career has long been kept very quiet

          1. Thank God…

          2. Good ol’ “Baloney Flaps” Eleanor really used to pack’em in.

        2. No, since “implants” cover orthopaedic appliances and replacements, not mention any other types of cosmetic or even dental implants, My Good and Right Colleague. If you are limiting to just saline fun bags, well, Melania would be the first we “know” about.

          WRT the rest of the FLOTUSes (FLOTI?), both past and present, and their chesticle buoyancy, it’s rather likely.


          I do admire Troomp for having a knack for courting Sultry Slavic Wimminz; I have personally found it a smart and blissfully fulfilling strategy myself.

          1. Cosmetic breast surgery has only been around since the 1970s, no? Rosalind Carter, Nancy Reagan, and Barb Bush were pretty old already at that time so I’d think it unlikely, which leaves us with Hillary, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. I can’t see any of that group doing it either.

            1. 1) Firstly, “implant” here means anything surgically placed in the body, so a knee or hip replacement counts, since Dr. Anacreon didn’t specify *what* kind of implant (though implied, ahem, the “saline solution”.)

              2) 1970’s? Hardly.

              Strictly speaking, breast augmentation and reduction is almost as old and the modern human’s breasticles, with all sorts of arcane (and quite medieval) methods for enhancement in the never ending search for the perfect bosom (though Dr. ZG’s are spectacular. And womb factory orginal!)

              1. And Doc Groovus again shows why the “Reason” comments are the best ever…

                1. But for CA, I was going to suggest Barbara Bush- it’s an image that’s hard to forget!

            2. Carol Doda in the 60s.

          2. -us, -i, 2nd declension is masculine gender, usually, so unless we are talking about future First Bubba WJBC, FLOTI would not fit. It could be 4th declension, which has a few feminine nouns, like manus, man?s, so FLOTUS, FLOT?S?

            Kevin R

            (2nd year high school Latin was a looooooong time ago.)

            1. There are over 100 feminine second declension nouns, including some common ones like humus, humi or prunus, pruni. If you object that feminine 2nd declension nouns are rare, well, so are feminine fourth declension nouns.

            2. Flotus isnt a Latin word, so conjugating it in Latin is a fool’s errand.

        3. Pretty sure both Betty Ford and Mrs Rockefeller did as both had mastectomies while in the White House.

          Who can forget the joke “What has 8 legs and 1 tit? The Ford’s and Rockefeller’s on a double date”

      2. She looks like she’s had a lot of work done.

    3. Trump Campaign Strikes Right Note on Melania’s Nude Pictures

      How dare you post yet another Trump hit piece! When are you going to start saying nasty things about Hillary?

      1. When are you going to start saying nasty things about Hillary?

        No pictures, please!!!!!

        Kevin R

  2. Now, that’s a movement I can get behind.

    1. Now, that’s a behind I can get moved by…

      1. It’s funny that Trump enemies think publishing nudes of his wife is an effective attack strategy.

        1. As if the people who like Trump will expect the media to treat Trump fairly and even handedly, and will gain respect for the media, and allow it to influence them….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!

  3. This is probably the closest thing to a pro-sex-work stance that any major candidate has ever taken.

    I still say Eliot Spitzer is the most pro-sex-work American politician in my lifetime.

    1. No love for Weiner?

      1. Plenty of people love Weiner.

    2. Just not for other people.

    3. Don’t forget former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer.

      1. Yup! Who knew hookers would take a check?

  4. “I’ll take this as one teeny, tiny bright spot.”

    A tiny bright spot instead of blue stars would have been better.

  5. It’s like they’re trying to get him elected.

    1. Especially by casually throwing around “racist”. Elizabeth, take note: a huge amount of Trump’s appeal is from middle-American whites for whom racism is just a word lefties use when they’ve run out of arguments.

      1. racism is just a word lefties use when they’ve run out of arguments.

        i prefer the Thomas Sowell

        The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’

        There’s also the thing how…. anything people insist is “self-evident” is something they are just refusing to make an argument for.

        1. Verbal ketchup. I am going to steal that.

        2. ugh, I know, like those old white slaveowners and their “we find these truths to be self-evident…”


        3. Putting ketchup on anything is worse than Hitler.

          1. Is this the first Godwin & EUPHEMISM combo platter?

          2. Because you’re only supposed to dip in ketchup, right?

          3. Why the fuck would you ever use ketchup when you can use sriracha?

  6. For compare/contrast purposes, next week the Post publishes the Bubba nudes.

    Headline: And You Thought Hillary was Crooked!

    1. Don’t worry. Coming soon to you, via Youtube, live from the Whitehouse lawn.

  7. And now we await John’s critique.

  8. Skip everything else and focus on the “blatant racism.” Let’s go, Team.

  9. Also =

    In 1971 Jackie O was sunbathing in the nude, photographers saw her in the buff and sold the pictures to Hustler, who published them.

    1. So they’re going to compare Melania positively to Jacqueline Kennedy?

      1. You’re a funny man, Ted.

        …while Trump appeared flawless on the Cleveland stage Monday night, whether she intended it or not, her all-white ensemble displayed the kind of foreignness that is accepted by her husband’s political party. To many, that outfit could be another reminder that in the G.O.P. white is always right.

        1. Really, all it was missing was the hood.

  10. I am unable to make a decision as to whether or not these are tasteful works of art or simply sleazy porn based upon so few examples.

    I say post the entire photo shoot and give us each and everyone a fair chance to decide.

    Meanwhile I shall be in my bunk awaiting further evidence.

    1. Click through to the NYPost story! They have more posted

      1. Meh, I live in Slava-Landia. I see much better on a daily basis. Yawn.))

  11. In a sea of awful opinions from both major-party candidates, I’ll take this as one teeny, tiny bright spot.

    There’s no shortage of awful opinions coming from the minor party candidates.

    1. We must close the sea of awful opinions gap.

    2. Yeah but they only make a pond.

  12. Still with the casual, unsupported accusations of racism, I see.

    You stay classy, Reason.

    1. also, incorrect use of the word “blatant”

  13. hopefully, the Hillary campaign won’t push for equal time.

    1. I’ve always been curious to find out how crooked Bill really is.

  14. an uptick in blatant racism and nationalism

    Libertarianish Liz thinks “nationalism” means “bad.”

    1. Well…it is bad. Libertarianism is about the supremacy of the individual. Nationalism is about the supremacy of the collective state.

      1. Words mean different things to different people. And it appears that in this case Elizabeth, bless her little cotton socks and I’m sure she meant no harm, could be interpreted to mean “pride in your nation’s traditional core values”.

        1. What’s a ”traditional core” value?

        2. “pride in your nation’s traditional core values”.

          I’d call that patriotism. Nationalism is belief that your nation is not only great but greater than others and should demonstrate it in all things.

          1. I hope your not taking out loans for that lousy education.

          2. Nation =/= country

            Nationalism says nothing about superiority; you can support Korean nationalism, German nationalism, and American nationalism simultaneously.

          3. This sounds like the difference between black pride and white pride. One’s a celebration of a vibrant heritage based on work and family, and the other is a backward racist belief system which ought to be rooted out at all costs.

            1. I was of the opinion that there was no such thing as “white nationalism” because “white” was never even close to a national identity. Tell an Irishman, a Scot, and a limey that they’re all members of the same nation and you’ll be ridiculed.

              I’m starting to change my mind now that we’ve been exposed to “white privilege” talk and thinly veiled hate whitey sentiments in the Obama era. Nothing builds national identity like the creeping suspicion that you’re hated for your ancestors’ continent of origin.

              1. Hey, I’m Irish-American, and I consider Scots my Celtic cousins. We both get to grumble about the sassenach, the lovely darlings.

                Kevin R

                1. Well, technically speaking the Scots were originally Irish anyway. They were the Hibernian-Scots who raided across the Irish Sea. Both also have a heavy mixture of Viking blood too….

      2. Nationalism is about the supremacy of the collective state.

        Nationalism is government of, by, and for the people it governs. It’s the fundamental premise of representative government.

    2. Well, I mean, nations are Imagined Communities, so I guess it’s delusional.

  15. Ok, ya’ll, would anyone rather that we are seeing nude Hillary photos? No wait, that’s not quite right. Would anyone rather we be seeing nude photos of Bill Clinton?

      1. I knew there was a reason I shouldn’t ask that question, and that it had a name…

        1. RC Dean to the white courtesy phone, paging RC Dean.

        2. Excuse me for having the courage to admit that I would like to see Bill Clinton’s crooked penis.

          1. Since you are asking… for a *friend*, I’m sure, Crustacean.

            You’ll no doubt find this info personally useful, what you you fracturing your penis and all, Your Juggleship.)))

            1. Good lord, I’m not clicking on that.

              1. my thoughts exactly

            2. You leave your medical mumbo-jumbo out of this discussion.

    1. Maybe Chelsea.

      1. No, no, no, thank you.

        /men everywhere

    2. I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than be subjected to nude pictures of Her Imperial Majesty Van der Cankles.

  16. She’s had more facial surgery and a second breast augmentation done, I think.

    They’re fake, and they’re spectacular.

    Also, she kind of looks like 90s Lucy Lawless here.

    1. They’re fake, and they’re spectacular.

      … as long as you don’t see them outside of clothing, or… you know… touch them.

  17. What exactly are we supposed to be patting Trump on the back for here? Not criticizing his wife for posing nude? (Pretty sure he already knew she had, that’s probably how he found her)

      1. NICE tits

        1. Speaking of those, I think the more the campaign gets Ivanka in front of the camera, the better Trump’s chances will get.

  18. Grover Cleveland’s wife was 21 when they married – he was 49.

    It gets better:

    “Cleveland had known his bride her whole life. Her father was a close friend of the future president, and Cleveland bought the infant Frances a baby carriage as a gift. Growing up she called him “Uncle Cleve.” When her father died leaving no will, the court appointed Cleveland to administer the estate.”

    1. “I’ll administer that estate” he said

    2. What a reprobate. It makes sense they named that city after him.

      1. Reps: Ma, Ma, where’s my pa?
        Dems: Gone to the White House, Ha! Ha! Ha!

        Stephen Grover paid child support to a women with whom he may, or may not have fathered a child.

        As for the city’s namesake, you’ve got the wrong Cleaveland .

        Cleveland was a hard-money anti-inflationist, against high tariffs and needless foreign interventionism. The Free Silver
        crowd kept him from running for re-election in 1888. He ran, and won, his second, non-consecutive term in `92.

        Kevin R

    3. Cleveland’s Wife Husbandry went over quite well with the public. Their kid got a candy bar named after her (Baby Ruth).

      1. Cleveland’s Wife Husbandry went over quite well with the public.

        Utah begs to differ.

  19. “At least it would make for some uncomfortable hemming and hawing . . . .”

    Now even the Reason staff are using euphemisms.

  20. Andrew Jackson killed a man for challenging his wife’s honor- and challenging his own honor as a gambler

    (When Jackson and his wife had a marriage celebration, they believed she’d had a divorce from her first husband, but in fact this had not happened – so Jackson was an early practitioner of sexual liberation)

    1. Hollywood made a movie about this: The President’s Lady, with Charlton Heston as Jackson and Susan Hayward as Rachel.

  21. O.T.

    Elderly man, 76, is in critical condition after being shot by state troopers in his own living room – before they realized they were at the WRONG address

    Gerald Sykes, 76, thought his home in Cumberland County, New Jersey, was being invaded
    State troopers, responding to the wrong address, thought he was a threat while they followed up on a hang-up 911 call
    They exchanged gunfire, and Sykes ended up in the hospital in critical condition after being struck by bullets
    Both troopers were treated and released from Inspira Medical Center…..dress.html

    The gist of it is that the cops claim to have been responding to a 911 call, so they crept around the guy’s home, shining flashlights through windows and a glass door. That got the dogs barking, so the owner responded by getting his shotgun and yelling at his wife to call 911.

    That’s what everyone seems to agree on.

    But then there’s this:

    Although preliminary investigations indicated Sykes fired first, his family said one of the troopers wass [sic] the first to shoot as Sykes stood in his living room, according to Kaser said.

    A jumpy cop saw an armed homeowner reacting reasonably to barking dogs and lights being shown into his home, so he shot him.

    1. The cops and the family disagree, therefore the cops must be wrong. QED

      1. When the cop’s story and the witnesses’ stories disagree, I will always defer to the witness. Especially when it involves the cops shooting someone.

        1. The cops ARE witnesses.

          If you’re trying to say they don’t count because they are not independent of the shooting, then the family that stands to get a payday if it’s a bad shoot shouldn’t count either.

          1. The cops are already getting their payday.

            Your turn.

      2. Basically.

        If you’re going to sneak around someone’s house without authorization – and no, a ‘911 hang-up’ does not give you that authorization no matter how much you try to torture ‘exigent circumstances’ to get it – and there’s a shoot out, the onus is on the sneaker to prove that he didn’t fire first.

        Doubly so when its a cop sneaking around. *Your local PD may be the finest police force since Mayberry but I’m not giving random LEO’s the benefit of the doubt anymore.

        1. That’s not how it works. 911 hangup means the cops have to make sure everybody’s OK at the source, period.

          You don’t like that process, disconnect yourself from the phone network.

          1. You must have missed the part where they went to the wrong house! There wasn’t a 911 hangup at that address.

            1. You just don’t understand. The cops don’t shoot innocent people, ever. If someone they shoot appears to be innocent, you just don’t understand what they did to deserve being shot.

          2. That’s not how it works. 911 hangup means the cops have to make sure everybody’s OK at the source, period.

            There wasn’t a hangup.

            So, if someone calls 911 to prevent/investigate/remediate a home invasion and the cops not only fail to address the one associated with the call but initiate another one *and* shoot the innocent homeowner they’ve objectively failed to make sure everyone’s okay, right?

            1. My favorite story is with the woman who called the cops because her boyfriend was suicidal, locked in a room with a knife.

              So the cops break down the door, enter the room, and kill him because he was armed and they were in danger.

              No need to thank us, ma’am. That’s what we’re here for.

      3. When you’ve got cop balls down your throat, aftermouth, are they salty or chocolate?

  22. One wonders how the feminists who claim publishing nude or sexualized images of consenting women is aggression will react to this.

    1. Good point. Though honestly, will we have to wonder for very long?

    2. No feminist has called publishing nude images of *consenting* women aggression. They’ve called it *exploitation* which is something completely different.

      1. Plus, its Trump.

        Clinton wears white and she gets called a ‘suffragette’.

        Trump wears white and fuck that bitch.

  23. Slate finds the Slate angle:

    The New York Post Published A Trashy Cover of Melania Trump

    A woman should be able to agree to take naked photos for a European magazine in her twenties with the expectation that they will not show up on the cover of a newspaper/tabloid some 20 years later under the headline “Ogle Office” when her husband decides to run for president.

    Slate commenter finds the Slate commenter angle:

    God I love New York Post and their take-no-prisoners attitude. I just wish they’d let the Khan outrage stew for a couple of days before doing this, now Trump can switch from burying himself with his statements to outraging over the public display of his wifes silicon boobs.

    And damned if ze isn’t right, since as quoted in the very article upon which the comment was made, trump is quoted, positively fuming:

    “Melania was one of the most successful models and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines. This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.”

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised that Slate is being consistent with their philosophy in reaction to this. And you don’t have to be a feminist to think what the Post did here is scummy.

      1. Pfft, these people are public figures, they know what they’ve got themselves into.

        1. Well, she did make her figure very public, that’s true. But just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

        2. I’m actually surprised it took this long for the photos to show up.

          What’s next? The Donald and Melania sex tape? (Well, sex tapes did make Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian successful, would one elect a president?)

          1. You casting a write-in vote for Hulk Hogan, too?

            1. These euphemisms…

      2. “And you don’t have to be a feminist to think what the Post did here is scummy.”

        If “visual sex work” is like other “visual work” – pictures of stuff – why is it a problem to publish it again, decades later?

    2. Yeah, that’s a stupid article.

      Anything you did 20 years ago, where there’s still evidence of it, is going to be off-limits when you step onto this stage. Doubly so now that we’re firmly in the internet age. But . . .

      Its hilariously funny that neither of them are embarrassed about the pictures nor really care about them being re-released.

      Quite frankly, this will probably boost Trump in foreign eyes – especially the French/Italians whose senior government officials always have a wife or mistress half their age and smoking hot.

    3. I’m not getting the “when I do nude modeling, I expect the pictures to magically vanish sometime in the next 1 to 20 years, so that no one remembers they ever existed” angle.

      Human rights demands are getting complex.

  24. Bizarre moment half-naked STRIPPERS dance provocatively around a man’s coffin in an attempt to attract more mourners to a Chinese funeral

    Two scantily clad women gyrate next to a man’s coffin to Maroon 5
    Lights flash in the background around a picture of the deceased
    Trend in China to invite strippers to encourage more mourners to attend…..neral.html

    I got nuthin.

    1. Trying to “get him up” to heaven, I guess?

      1. Nice.

    2. “OK, check his pulse…nothing…strippers do your stuff…no, nothing…this guy is definitely dead, proceed with the burial.”

  25. my question: why didn’t they have their lights on? Someone pounding on the door in the middle of the night in a rural county would raise the suspicion of most people, but much of that suspicion would be alleviated if the troopers had their lights on.

    1. “why didn’t they have their lights on?”

      Are we still talking about Melania here, or what?

      1. I would want the lights off if I had to fuck Trump too.

        1. Laying on your back receiving his disorganized thrusts while hearing his spastic grunts, his sweaty, tantalizing hairpiece swaying back and forth, your hands sticky from his self-bronzer melting off his flabby back…eh, i’ve had worse.

          1. Half a bottle of booze, some lube, lay back, and think of the alimony check.

      2. Wake up, Elly Mae, and turn on your headlights!
        My snake is crawling in your grass!

        /classic elementary-school playground joke of yesteryear

  26. OT: do any of you think that any part of mainstream Holocaust history is fabricated or exaggerated? I know this is a SUPER touchy topic, and I’m not an out-and-out “denier”, but I just think it’s something worth looking into; nothing should ever be beyond questioning.

    There was a lot of conjecture in the immediate aftermath of WWII (stories of chambers where prisoners were said to have been executed by steam or electricity, which is now known to be false). Do you think any of this conjecture has blended in with the accepted facts and become part of the official story?

    1. Troll factor = 89%

      1. Akira’s not a troll.

        I’d say, rather, that you are.

        1. I’d say Akira is insane (not just for today’s stupid post) and aftermouth is a sock puppet.

          1. “I’d say Akira is insane (not just for today’s stupid post)”

            Why, just out of curiosity?

            1. Extensive membrane analysis.

        2. You’re right.

          1. That was to 0x90, I’m pretty certain that Akira is not a troll.

            1. Posting OT death camp skepticism is de facto trolling.

              1. All I asked for was some perspectives on whether or not some part of Holocaust history is erroneous. I know that unfortunately, most of the discussion on this topic is from blatant neo-nazis. I just wanted a few perspectives since most of the commenters here are (generally) reasonable people.

                1. Or as you have surely noticed, not all of them.

                2. “Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It?”, Shermer.
                  Examines all the claims; it happened and it was horrible.

                  1. “The Good Ol Days”, a book in which the holocaustcis recalled from the perpetrators’ perspective, will turn your stomach.

                    Its a collection of diaries, letters, official memos, and testimony at trial. Yeesh. i will never read it again but i cant quite take it out of my bookcase.

                    One thing that did surprise me when i read it was how enthusiastic non nazis, like the occupied lithuanians etc, were to help exterminate jews. The jew hatred was real and rabid.

                3. most of the commenters here are (generally) reasonable people.

                  [citation needed]

    2. JESUS CHRIST. A possible First Lady has her noodie doodie pictures published in the NY Post, and we STILL have to go off topic? There is no hope for this country.

    3. You know who else married a woman in her 30s when he was in his 50s and made secret pacts with Russians?

    4. There’s a NSFW picture of a major presidential candidate’s wife staring at you. And this is what you’re curious about?

      1. Love trumps hate, but Godwin trumps Trump.

      2. Akira wanted the Herself version spread instead, with all that Steamin’ Hawt & Spicy Arkansan Herselfness spilling out for all to see…

        The OT is His Own Private Idaho, of sorts.


        His handle *is* the epnoymous title for a squick-tastic, super popular anime and manga.

        1. She is NOT Arkansan, in way, shape, form or fashion.

    5. If you really want to go digging you’d probably have to access to the ITS Holocaust Archive, which is apparently the most comprehensive collection of both Nazi documentation of the Holocaust and more general documentation by the Allies. Also, you’d have to learn German and how to decipher Himmler’s terrible handwriting.

      1. ach – two loaves of bread! Why does my wife go through so much bread?

    6. Yeah, probably, just going by the law of averages on any big enough story.

  27. Melania is the archetypical trophy wife… of course Trump is cool with showing off her parts. It’s not like they’re beloved life partners who are going to grow old together. More than likely in a few years she’s getting a payday and he’s getting another Slavic model.

    I know you have to dig deep to find something to praise Trump on, but come on.

    1. No, there actually are a couple of things that Trump could be praised for, but he won’t be, because that doesn’t fit the narrative that Trump is Hitler.

      Trumps outspoken criticism of PC and absolute defiance of it is a real breath of fresh air on the political scene.

      Also, his admission that our military adventurism has been an abject failure.

      So there are a couple of things to praise about Trump, no matter how awful he is on most other things.

      What are the praiseworthy points about Hillary? The music was better at the DNC? People at the DNC were funner to hang out with?

      Crikey, this shit is getting more and more disingenuous by the moment.

      1. There’s a happy medium between being a slave to political correctness and actually calling out people as unfit for jobs and entry into the country because of their race.

        Hillary’s general suckitude doesn’t make Trump suck less.

        1. Hillary’s general suckitude doesn’t make Trump suck less.

          Of course, that is accurate. And it’s accurate if stated in reverse.

          However, it’s not what I’m speaking about. I’m talking about the lopsided standard that Trump is held to compared to Hillary. I’ve seen this for what it is, from the very beginning. Absolute cowardice for fear of being labeled some ‘ism’ or ‘phobic’ by the left. I for one, don’t give a fuck what anyone cares of my opinion, and the PC left can go fuck themselves with a rusty something.

      2. Feed every stray Tulpa that wanders by and pretty soon you’ll have a yard full of them.

        And this is the short attention span election. Less than a month ago, Hillary was given a free pass by BHO for multiple felonies and is guilty of capital-T Treason for selling influence as SoS. Now we’re expected to give a shit about anything Trump does?

        I enjoy Trump’s anti-PC stylings as much as anyone, but his chief selling point is that he’s the only major-party candidate who doesn’t deserve the gallows.

        1. We’re supposed to forget all about Hillary’s proven atrocities, scandals, and crimes, and care about how Trump said something that might have hurt someone’s feelings.

          Hillary is absolutely the most corrupt politician in the history of American politics. Trump, if elected, has a long, long ways to go to catch her.

          I’m not voting for any of them, but no one in their right mind can think that Hillary is somehow better than Tru… anyone.

          1. Hyperion, you summed it up perfectly.

            1. I second that.

          2. Ditto.

            What would be a bigger public service? Investigative reporting on Hillary’s corruption andlies, or retail g the latest Twitter meme on Trump?

            Guess what Reason is doing?

  28. We’ll look fondly back at Biden’s inappropriate hugs and roaming hands after 4 years of Kaine and Melania working in the same house.

    1. Wait, is that if the EC doesn’t have a majority and the House votes for Trump while the Senate votes for Kaine?

      1. Goddamit, I knew I’d screw that up. I almost wrote “Bill” and then “corrected” myself. I think I spend way too much time on the internet.

  29. This raises an important question =

    Is “Ogle” typically pronounced like “Boggle”, or like “Mogul”?

    1. When dealing with anything Sultry & Slavic, it’s pronounced, “Ol’ga.”

    2. Indeed, that is a very important question. Can you see me? Because I’m rolling my eyes. I mean REALLY rolling them. (rolling like bowling, not balling)

    3. “Oogle” as in doodle.

  30. Yo, where’s the pink?

    1. Getting parties started on a Saturday night.

    2. You’re confusing a hustler called Trump with Flint’s magazine.

    3. Having a cigar with his manager? (If I have to explain, you’re too young…)

  31. Re: Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s casual GOP “uptick in blatant racism and nationalism”… Why are liberal Democrat cities so dangerous and oppressive to minorities?

    Chicago, which has not had a Republican mayor since 1931:

    ‘Crook County’ Author: Judicial System Stacked Against Blacks, Latinos

    Van Cleve documents how minority defendants in Chicago were referred to as “Mopes,” a term with the same derogatory intent as the N-word. Fabricated police reports were overlooked.

    Rather than a case of rogue officers and “a few bad apples,” Van Cleve presents a searing picture of systemic and deeply entrenched racism – including among defense attorneys. Those within the system who try to fight its defects often risk retaliation and isolation.

    Minority defendants, she writes, were often viewed as objects with no humanity. Van Cleve shows how even members of the public, such as defendants’ family members, were routinely disrespected and subjected to humiliation and abuse.

  32. It’s a great tack: paint the people making these pics into an issue look petty, prudish, and non-serious.

    It’s only a crime if you try to cover it up.

    “You’re goddam right I did it. So what?”

    1. The media teed this up for Trump to knock it out of the park. His persuasion skills on display.

  33. As long as we never see nude photos of potential future First Lady Bill Clinton, I’m OK.

  34. I’m talking about the lopsided standard that Trump is held to compared to Hillary.

    There was a time when people who devoted their entire lives to suckling at the teat of government were quite rightly seen as parasites, dug in like ticks on the government payroll due to their utter lack of useful skills. Now, we are expected to celebrate their “selfless devotion” to their fellow man.

  35. Roger Stone ?@RogerJStoneJr
    So @MELANIATRUMP nude looks……..great. Let’s see @billclinton naked #verysmall #twisted

    Angry mooslim waving outmoded pamphlet written by dead white slaveholders is old news. Now time to talk about naked women from eastern Europe, which are the very best kind of women from eastern Europe, as well as Bubba’s small, twisted junk.

    Next up: Monica and her favorite tossed salads.

  36. Yeah, I don’t think you could expect a negative response from Trump on this one.

    “Yeah, my wife’s a smoking hot Slavic model, your point is…?”

    1. True that, he’s like wtf do you want me to say?

  37. Yes! The Trump campaign finally did something right, and Reason gave it to them completely. Good news.

  38. Phew, I’m just glad that look of disgust on her face is apparently a natural resting face of naked ladies and not just the looks I always ever got.

  39. clearly what he’s saying is, we need to be more like europe.

    1. Shit yeah, topless beaches

  40. So this is the closest to a Pro-Trump article Reason is going to publish. Meh

    1. I was thinking that T shlonging the P logo.

  41. Replace the blue stars each with a Red, White & Blue flag, it’ll go viral!

  42. “Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions………”

    Laura, if your children are watching so much porn that it is damaging them, you might have a better use of your time than worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  43. Beats the shit out of look at Hitlaryand day. Hell, we might even some respect from France (and Germany) again, not that we give a rat’s ass about that.

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  45. … Hitlary any day …. despite what posted…..

  46. Oh! And, “oh my god, a beautiful woman nekid. My lord, the world will end!”.

  47. So this is interesting, right? The left will want to use this against Trump. But a lot of them won’t be able to, because they have to support freeing the nipple. What a dilemma.

    In other news, the First Lady may end up being a Slovenian nude pin-up model. Jesus H. It’s a good thing the First Lady is even less important than the Vice President.

  48. blah blah nude pictures blah blah blah

  49. Serious question though. If Clinton wins, what is the official term we refer to Bill by? The equivalent of lady is gentleman, right? So does he become the First Gentleman?

    1. Let’s just go with Serial Rapist. Though I doubt he winds up back in the WH, one way or the other.

    2. Molester First Class

    3. He hasn’t given up “President”, has he? So there would just be two Presidents Clinton, I guess.

      “One question, President Clinton: how is President Clinton handling the new role?”

    4. Pervert in Chief

    5. Cigar Boy

  50. If Clinton wins, what is the official term we refer to Bill by?

    I’m okay with “porch monkey”.

    1. The guy that will be watching Hillary’s interns like a hawk.

    2. Rapist in Chief

  51. Would

  52. Is it just me or are those blue stars the anti-Semitic kind? They just don’t seem quite right.

  53. Can’t believe it but this is the second time in the past couple days that I have complemented/defended the Trump campaign. Still not even close to be considered voting for, but at least he is showing some signs of improvement.

  54. It’s funny the way the press goes after Meliana, it has the same boomerang effect that it had early wen they went after Trump.

    You’d think blasting her for a plagiarized speech would make people hate her, but women I talked to said they felt sorry for her.

    Plastering nude pics of Meliana all over the media will almost certainly have the same impact. It just makes the press look mean–and makes women, in particular, feel sorry for her.

    Meanwhile, Meliana is about the most unsympathetic woman on the face of the earth, which makes it all even funnier.

    No matter how hard the press tries, people keep feeling sorry for Meliana and hating Hillary.

  55. It sort of reminds me of what the KGB is alleged to have said about trying to blackmail French men about their illicit affairs.

    Apparently, you show French men photographs of themselves having sex with Russian agents and threaten to put them in the papers, they’ll beg you to promise you’ll put it in the papers–and then they ask for some copies of the photos to take home to their wives.

    The last thing Meliana is worried about is having nude pictures of herself in the newspapers. She stays up late at night trying to think of new and better ways to get into the papers. In fact, she may have leaked the photos herself.

    You know what it takes to embarrass the gold digging trophy wife of a media whore?

    No one else knows either.

    1. Although I am not asserting that she has mercenary motives, I have never seen her in the company of a poor African-American.

      1. She’s the most unsympathetic person in the whole wide world. If she’d been there instead of Marie Antoinette, the French Revolution would have happened much sooner!

        Do you know how her and Donald met?

        Trump bought himself a modeling agency. Why go to a dating agency as a customer when you can just buy a dating agency? I’m in his business (commerical real estate) and I’ve got very little respect for his business acumen–but the man’s a pussy genius.

        Anyway, he bought the modeling agency, and she was one of the models they had under contract. He wanted to meet all the models in the agency, you know, as their employer, etc. and one things led to another . . .

        These are people without shame. Trump only got into this because it was a good way to get into the headlines.

  56. i have a very well-known pic of hillary in her youth. How the hell do i post it here?

    1. You have Photoshop and a dirty mind, and that’s it.

  57. Twitter is the condensation of stupidity into 140 characters or less. Let’s put “intentional” “self-immolation” and “EMT protocol” together as an excuse for you setting yourself on fire at a flag burning… This election is going to be awesome!!!

  58. “Trump 2016! I have a lot more nude pics of my wife!”

  59. -2 points with the conservative moral fringe
    +6 points with working men

  60. Crikey!

    Next thing you know, they’ll be publishing nude photos of the future queen of England!

  61. You seem to have missed the news that The Donald has signed an anti-porn pledge.…..1784643504

    1. Meh. Even though I can’t stand the ninnies in the anti-porn movement (though the feminists sure seem to be latching on to it, as well as the hard-core Socons), the pledge itself seems much more focused on child porn and sexual trafficking of children. (However, I am aware that much of the hysteria regarding child trafficking in the US, is just that.)

      1. Still, better that the witchhunt with burning torches and pitchforks show up on GOP rather than LP porches.

  62. Eh, I never liked bangs

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  64. Yeah, those rascally Republicans are all about nudity, free love and “if it feels good, do it”. It’s those awful repressed Democrats that always want to control what we do with our bodies and try to press their religious values on us.

  65. Libertarians think whichever candidate’s wife looks better naked should be president?

  66. Well-written reporting. Thanks.

  67. BB (Big Blowhard) Donald vs Slitherin’ Hillary, what a world!

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