Clinton Makes History, Intelligence Officials Would Like to Keep Trump in the Dark, Conventions Finally Over: P.M. Links


  • Trump

    Hillary Clinton makes history.

  • The D.C. metro had a really, really bad day.
  • An unofficial Black Lives Matter group endorsed Republican Sen. Rob Portman for re-election.
  • Donald Trump blames the RNC for poor convention ratings.
  • U.S. intelligence officials are wary of giving Trump access to national security briefings.
  • Yeah, Gary Johnson's religious freedom answers were pretty bad.
  • Conservative activist James O'Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him. Video here (skip to the four minute mark).
  • After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it's a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

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  1. Hillary Clinton makes history.

    For that reason alone she’s got my vote.

    1. Hello.

        1. Helloary.

          1. I was saying “Boo-urns”.

    2. This history argument is dumb. She’s not the first woman nominated for president. And she was close enough in 2008 that there was never any question about whether Americans were willing to nominate a woman. As milestones go, it seems pretty boring.

      But I guess they have to excite their base somehow.

      1. For eight years you’ve been a racist for disagreeing with Obama. Now you can be a misogynist for disagreeing with Hillary. Progress!

      2. But I guess they have to excite their base somehow.

        Robby seems excited.

        1. All your base are belong to us.

          1. Move every Zig

            1. That whole game predicted the 2016 election. Discuss among yourselves.

        2. That’s just his residual boner from the thrill of outing James O’Keefe.

      3. As I pointed out before, Americans have had at least* three female chief executives already.

        -Elizabeth I, the “virgin” in “Virginia” (which is also for lovers).

        -Mary II, one half of William and Mary (who did some actual ruling when hubby was off fighting in Ireland and Flanders)

        -Anne, whose American subjects named a war after her – Hillary is jealous.

        *I haven’t studied Native American leaders, and there may be some women in their ranks.

        1. (Of course, those three don’t count, because they only got their jobs because they were related to earlier chief executives. /sarc)

          1. +1 daughter

        2. Here’s Badass of the Week here to educate you on Running Eagle:

          Probably one of the most epic American female executive leaders, to be honest.

      4. Liberals have all forgot why they rejected her in 2008. She was the pro-war “4AM” candidate while Obama was the anti-war candidate (granted, that ended up being false…). They probably think they just voted for Obama because it was time for a black President.

  2. Donald Trump blames the RNC for poor convention ratings.

    The count of Twitter followers is what really counts anyway.

    1. Hmmmm….CNN is reporting that Trump beat Hillary in the ratings….

      1. And his speech is a lot more popular than hers on YouTube, I’ve read.

        1. Biggest whore on Fifth Avenue, I’m told.

      2. CNN is reporting that Trump beat Hillary in the ratings….

        Not surprising, if true.

        Slobbering sycophancy is less interesting to watch than slavering hostility.

      3. Technically, isn’t it AC Nielsen doing the ratings?

        1. Many of his movies are funny.

          1. He can’t live, if living is without you.

  3. Donald Trump blames the RNC for poor convention ratings.

    He was only on it for 73 minutes. Give the guy a break.

  4. Yeah, Gary Johnson’s religious freedom answers were pretty bad.

    Accommodation laws uber alles.

    1. Do I favor the death penalty. Theoretically I do, but when you realize that there’s a 4 percent error rate, you end up putting guilty people to death.

      Imagine the horror.

      1. when you realize that there’s a 4 percent error rate

        Where does that factoid come from?

        1. No idea, the quote itself came from Johnson’s interview.

          1. Maybe he means the error is that they were not found guilty as they should have been. Since you end up putting guilty to death.

      2. Certainly he meant innocent not guilty.

        1. Yes, I’m surprised no one mentioned it in the interview.

    2. “Yeah, Gary Johnson’s religious freedom answers were pretty bad.”

      Maybe someone should suggest to him that he read the Bill of Rights…

  5. Reposted: Just to finish up the scorekeeping:

    Number of articles last Friday on the RNC convention/election:

    16 critical of Trump, one critical of Hillary (AM/PM links not counted).

    Number of articles today on the DNC convention/election:

    3 critical of Hillary*, one fairly straight reporting article on the Bernie protest during her speech, and two critical of Trump/Repubs (AM/PM links not counted).

    So, that’s more than five (5) times as many articles critical of Trump than of Hillary the day after their nominations, and two (2) times as many critical of Trump than of Hillary the day after their opponent was nominated.

    And that doesn’t count the more qualitative issues re the tone of the stories, why mirror-image stories weren’t written that could easily have been sbout Hillary to match one written about Trump, etc.

    1. I didn’t realize you were a proponent of the Fairness Doctrine.

      1. Last week, during the complaints about the Wall o’ Trump Hate, cooler heads said we should wait to see if Reason was going to post articles of similar volume and tone re Hillary.

        Just checking, is all.

        Make of it what you will.

        1. I was one of those people but not anymore. They’d obviously prefer Johnson but know he won’t win and prefer Hillary over Trump. That’d be OK with me if they’d just give up the charade and admit it but I have to assume they think we’re too stupid to notice.

      2. I didn’t realize you were a proponent of the Fairness Doctrine.


        All he’s trying to do is see if there is bias. In order to measure that you’d want to be totally AGAINST the Fairness Doctrine.

        1. I was just poking a little fun at the unspoken implication that Reason “ought” to have some kind of 50/50 parity in Trump/Hillary coverage, no need to get huffy.

          1. You can’t write treason without reason, hence the Hitlery bias.

            Why do I keep reading this shit?

            Oh yeah, for the commentariat. Thank you, comrades…er…fellow travelers…er…whatever.

    2. They’re preparing you guys for when they endorse Hillary.

      /pops Life Saver into mouth.

      1. I just can’t even.

        /pops cyanide into mouth

        1. Weird question: has there ever been a report of what cyanide tastes like?

          1. Desperation

          2. Weird question: has there ever been a report of what cyanide tastes like?

            Unfortunately, every time someone’s been close to telling us, they’re interrupted for some reason.

          3. I detect a hint of eucalyptus with just a dash of certain death.

            1. Surely more than just a “dash,” Holmes!

            1. arsenic

              1. Nope arsenic has little taste on the tongue, and no olfactoray flavor to speak of, maybe a little metallic sensation and that’s about it.

                Cyanides will smell like almonds/cherries/hazelnuts. The taste on the tongue will depend mainly on the specific salt – sodium cyanide will taste much like table salt, potassium cyanide will be harsher – like salt substitute, which contains potassium chloride.

          4. Pretty sure it’s supposed to taste like almond.

          5. It’s probably bitter since it forms HCN in your mouth.

            “KCN is highly toxic. The moist solid emits small amounts of hydrogen cyanide due to hydrolysis, which smells like bitter almonds. Not everyone, however, can smell this; the ability to do so is a genetic trait. The taste of cyanide has been described as acrid with a burning sensation on the tongue.”

    3. I just want at least one article on SMOD 2016. SMOD’s got a rock-solid position on numerous issues, and he’s a real force of nature. Once he’s committed to a course, nothing will stop him.

      Yes, everyone who went to the convention died in the vacuum of space, but dammit, the truth needs to be told!

      1. I was disappointed that SMOD declined to take on Cthulhu as his running mate. We need to be sure.

        1. At least Cthulhu isn’t the lesser of two evils.

        2. Cthulhu would never stoop to being a VP.

    4. It seems pretty clear that Reason dislikes Trump more than it dislikes Hillary. That’s fine, and it doesn’t mean that Reason actually likes Hillary.

      And dare I say that the comments make up the balance, if that is what we are going for.

      1. Will shit, something like half the staff preferred Obama to Romney, going so far as to “make the case” for him.

          1. As they did for Romney.

            That may be. But even if Romney is a 1 out of 10 on the libertarian scale of favorability, Obama is -20 so I don’t really get it.

            1. Jesus, dude.

              Note: is published by a 501(c)3 nonprofit and doesn’t endorse particular candidates or specific pieces of legislation. Nothing in what follows should be construed as an official endorsement for any candidate, but we do hope that you’ll find what follows provocative and informative.

              This is one of three related articles, each making a specifically libertarian argument for the Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian presidential contender.

              1. That may be. But even if Romney is a 1 out of 10 on the libertarian scale of favorability, Obama is -20 so I don’t really get it.

                1. It was an exercise they applied to the three candidates. What don’t you get?

                  I suspect Nick/KMW will commission the same thing this year.

                  1. The relevant part. I’m eager to see Nick’s libertarian case for Trump. I’m sure it will be as even handed as his stint as a debate moderator.

        1. Not that I’m that invested in this question, but that is a provable lie:


          Virtually all of the writers they polled were voting for Johnson or not at all. There was a “The libertarian case for Barack Obama” article just prior to the election, but you omit the fact that it was paired with a “The libertarian case for Mitt Romney” article (and one for Johnson, natch).

          1. I won’t rest until Reason allows me to follow it into the voting booth so that I know for certain who they voted for. I also pledge to follow them into the bathroom before and after they vote, just to make sure they are not hiding something.

            1. Before or after removing your underwear.

              1. Why’d you stop rockin’, Red Rocks?

          2. Its more carryover from 2008, when there was a number of “I am voting for Obama because black/good on civil liberties” idiocies.

            But Weigel was here then, so duh.

      2. There’s also the fact that it’s the articles on Trump that bring in the comments, and the fact that Hillary is the devil we know.

        I’m reminded of the Mae West quote, “Between two evils, I pick the one I’ve never tried before.”

      3. It seems pretty clear that Reason dislikes Trump more than it dislikes Hillary. That’s fine, and it doesn’t mean that Reason actually likes Hillary.

        No. Of the two, I think Hillary is clearly the worse choice, so some of my angst is probably just that I disagree with them.

        The other may be that they’ve done a shite job of arguing their corner. Shocking, I know, but recycling stale mainstream #HateTrump memes isn’t very persuasive.

    5. I assume that the balance is off because if you are going to convince one group to leave their parties candidate for GJ, it would be Repubs.

      That, however, is likely wishful thinking.

      1. party’s*

      2. Which would be an odd strategy, since it was the Dem convention that had a large group of delegates (presumably representing a large group of supporters) who were actively opposed to the candidate and looking for alternatives. IF I was going to target a group to try to peel off GJ supporters, it would be the Bernies. Many are a lost cause, but I would think the ones that aren’t could deliver more GJ voters as an anti-establishment vote.

        1. What are the #NeverTrumpers, chopped liver?

          1. A handful of GOP establishment apparatchiks. No comparison at all with the @ 1,000 Bernie delegates who walked out and protested throughout the convention.

            1. Reason shilled for the establishment (Hitlery, NeverTrump). While putting on a libertarian anti-establishment mask.

        2. Could this explain some of GarJo’s recent cosmo messaging? His rambling defenses of laws against religious discrimination?

          1. I’m guessing he picked up some awesome shatter last time he was in CO.

        3. Johnson has been targeting Sanders supporters. And moderate NeverTrumpers. Socons, not so much.

      3. I don’t know how no one has picked up on this, but Johnson has been picking up endorsements and support from NeverTrumpers left and right. He will certainly pick up several more before the election. The question is, how can he also get the NeverHillary crowd?

        All of the hit-and-runpublicans might hate him for it, but he is playing this election like chess right now.

    6. “Number of articles today on the DNC convention/election:”

      You misspelled “coronation”.

  6. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home.

    It hasn’t been a picnic for us, either.

  7. The D.C. metro had a really, really bad day.

    You mean, it made history?

    1. Really, really bad day is Page 6. Really, really good day is Page 1 above the fold.

      1. I’m not choosy, As long as the dog hits the paper it’s a good day.

    2. A derailment that injured nobody doesn’t seem all that bad.

  8. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

    Someone get a robot to replace this guy’s job, stat.

  9. Sorry, no link

    “We weren’t expecting one, Robby,” he said coldly.

    1. He could’ve at least linked to some trifle on youtube. Some puppies or relaxing song or some shit.

      1. A link to the 5/17 PM Links?

        1. Und wir muss nicht vergessen!

    2. Nor was I expecting any alt-text. As per usual.

      1. The alt-text to that photo….

        “The same picture I use every time I have to do Links”

        Alt-Text is a master’s level course in journalism school.

          1. Paging SugarFree ….

            1. I WISH he’d SF’d that link. I cannot unsee it.

          2. My initial thought seeing that last night was that’s where the fork in her tongue is.

          3. Some people *like* having a-hole in their tongue.

          4. I’m thinking carcinoma. I can’t unthink it. (Personal experience.)

            1. Ouch! But I think it’s just a cough drop. She just cleared her throat many times during the speech, timed for when it could be covered by crowd noises.

              1. Not clever at all.

    3. “Bang” Tom exclaimed.

  10. “Conservative activist James O’Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him. Video here (skip to the four minute mark).”

    Said it earlier: niiiiiice hair! BTW, was that point in the clip before or after James was assaulted?

  11. One of my big complaints in regards to increased life expectancy, is whether it translates into an increased quality of life during those extra years. No point in celebrating getting from 78 to 84, if I’ve wished I was dead since I was 76.


    1. A broken link?

    2. Screwed up the link.

    3. Diabeetus’d the link.

    4. Your link gave me diabetes.

    5. “Even if we don’t affect when you die, we’d like to make you fully functional up to the day you die,”

      Exactly. “Stay fit and healthy until you die!”

      1. That’s the part I was celebrating. Increased life span with almost full functionality up until the end? Fuck…yes. Let’s do this *cracks knuckles*.

        1. with almost full functionality

          What about…down there?

          1. *looks down LP’s pants*
            I don’t see anything!

      2. Personally, i’d like to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather.

        Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car.

        1. That joke never gets old is a classic.

        2. You’ll never get to Valhalla that way

          1. Depends on who the passengers were, doesn’t it?

        3. I larfed

  12. Conservative activist James O’Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him.

    Congratulations. You became part of the story. MAYBE WHAT’S HER FACE WAS RIGHT.

    1. You’re so brave Robby! Go have yourself a glass of wine with your CNN comrads. *swoons



      1. You know the rules, no talk of Lucy. I wasn’t even around here then and I know this one, sheesh.

      2. No, I wouldn’t talk about her. The Columbia School of Journalism graduate. Or wherever she claimed to be from.

        1. As I wrote in an earlier thread, he’s BFF with her now.

  13. Hillary Clinton makes history.

    I think you mean HERstory.

    1. I think you left off the word *up* at the end of that sentence.

  14. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

    What the hell are you tellin’ me for?? You think I give a damn about how you feel? I give a damn about timely, substantative links, you fruit-sushi-eating –

    Just kidding. Enjoy some R&R, Robby Good-hair. Two weeks at party conventions would drive me insane.

  15. Venezuela’s solution to fixing their food crisis: Slavery.

    International human rights activists are complaining that new laws have introduced forced labour in Venezuela.

    “A new decree establishing that any employee in Venezuela can be effectively made to work in the country’s fields as a way to fight the current food crisis is unlawful and effectively amounts to forced labor,” Amnesty International said in a statement released on Thursday.

    President Nicol?s Maduro signed a decree at the end of last week that gives powers to the labor ministry to order “all workers from the public and private sector with enough physical capabilities and technical know-how” to join a government drive aimed at increasing food production.

    They can be required to work in the agricultural sector for a 60-day period that can be extended for another 60 days “if the circumstances require it.”

    1. Hahahaha holy shit, they went there. They went there!

      Hey, everyone! This is what a socialist utopia looks like!

      1. Bernie Sanders woke up with a boner this morning for the first time since 1998, and now we know why.

        1. Finally, everyone will be equal!


            1. EVERYONE IS FARMERS
              bump-de-bump bump, bum-bum-bum

      2. Back in the day, socialists would brag about that:
        “A southern farm is the beau ideal of communism.” George Fitzhugh – Sociology for the South: or, The failure of Free Society

        Or for an expanded quote:

        A Southern farm is the beau ideal of Communism; it is a joint concern, in which the slave consumes more than the master, of the coarse products, and is far happier, because although the concern may fail, he is always sure of a support; he is only transferred to another master to participate in the profits of another concern; he marries when he pleases, because he knows he will have to work no more with a family than without one, and whether he live or die, that family will he taken care of; he exhibits all the pride of ownership, despises a partner in a smaller concern, “a poor man’s negro,” boasts of “our crops, horses, fields and cattle;”, and is as happy as a human being can be. And why should he not? -he enjoys as much of the fruits of the farm as he is capable of doing, and the wealthiest can do no more. Great wealth brings many additional cares, but few additional enjoyments. Our stomachs do not increase in capacity with our fortunes. We want no more clothing to keep us warm. We may create new wants, but we cannot create new pleasures. The intellectual enjoyments which wealth affords are probably balanced by the new cares it brings along with it.

    2. effectively amounts to forced labor

      That’s the most inaccurate “effectively” i’ve seen since Winston’s mom told me she was “effectively scabies-free.”

      1. I’m hoping they just mis-spelled “absolutely”.

    3. It’s democratic slavery, which is completely different.

      1. They’re working for themselves.

    4. Somehow, some way, greedy capitalists are to blame.

      1. Venezuela fell apart when it abandoned true socialism. Yes, I’ve actually been told that.

    5. Pol Pot tried something like that.

      1. There definitely seems to be a pattern emerging, doesn’t there?

        Eh, probably just a coincidence.

        Or capitalism!

    6. Maduro is officially a scumbag.

      Like all left-wingers.

    7. ???????

      Now I probably have to type something in English for that link to go through. (Yes, the Soviets used it.)

    8. Not quite slavery but that is literally what the definition of serfdom was.

      1. Thank you for not calling it feudalism. You are a treasure to the commentariat.

      2. Technically, not quite “chattel” slavery.

        There have been many types and variations of slavery through the long history of slavery which was not, believe it or not, invented by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

        This is probably closer to serfdom than anything else, though.

      3. A different form of slavery than the chattel slavery practiced in the US.

      4. The technically correct term is corv?e labor.

        Not quite slavery, but close enough … it’s order of magnitudes closer to real slavery than the so-called “wage slavery” that Marxists and other progressives whine about.

    9. Bonus fun from the comments. Remind you of any of our classic trolls?

      green granite (violet mist) Free ? 9 hours ago
      There are a lot of excess capacity, but the Venezuelan businesses decline to produce
      Evil people want to incite mutiny and reverse the gains of Bolivarian revolution

      green granite (violet mist) Zachary Wheeler ? 7 hours ago
      see, lots of unemployed or underemployed
      seems like organizing agricultural communes of such ppl makes sense

      (after being called out on things)

      green granite (violet mist) Free ? 8 hours ago
      well, than the lands should be confiscated and passed to village cooperatives run by Chavistas
      That is fair and simple

      green granite (violet mist) Free ? 7 hours ago
      well, the majority of venezuelans support Maduro so his policies are inherently democratic, right?

      1. Zack Wheeler – stop wasting time commenting and get healthy from your Tommy John surgery! The Mets need you!

    10. A government powerful enough to give you whatever you want, is powerful enough to shove a plow in your hand and push a rifle barrel into your ribs.

      Police, taxes, forced farming: it’s all just the socialism we do together!

    11. In the depths of hell Mao is smiling.

    12. Uh, no, the word is serfdom. Read your Hayek, dumbasses.

  16. U.S. intelligencd officials are wary of giving Trump access to national security briefings.

    Hillary, on the other hand…

    1. They do not plan on e-mailing her anything.

      1. “Please send briefings to

        1. What the fuck? Let’s try:

          “Please send briefings to historymaker(AT)”

          1. She’s more a yandex kind of gal.

    2. It’s a long way from tips to wary.

    3. Does she still have clearance?

      1. She wouldn’t without the Clinton exemption to all laws.

  17. U.S. intelligencd officials are wary of giving Trump access to national security briefings.

    I would be saddened, but not too surprised, if they weren’t wary of giving serial national security offender Hillary access to the briefings.

    1. Anyone know the official requirements on intelligence officials? Are they obligated? Is it a courtesy? Discretion of current c-in-c?

    2. Isn’t giving Clinton information essentially the same as making it public domain?

    3. They know someone on Trump’s staff will read them whereas they know the briefings will be ignored by the Clinton staff.

      Or they’re afraid Trump might send them to Putin. Whereas giving them to Clinton means the Russians will absolutely see them.

  18. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

    Robby, I feel for you, I really do. If my employer had sent me away from home to cover a non-event like the RNC and DNC when I aspired to report actual news stories, I’d be pretty disgruntled about it.

    The good news is you are home and can divert yourself to less demeaningly meaningless subjects, like Jessica Valenti’s latest twitter tantrum.

    1. Can you imagine what 2 weeks of hotel conditioner does to your hair. Can you? Can you?!

        1. Or, keep your hair short like I do.

          1. Treason! Robby’s hair is a national treasure.

      1. C’mon. Let’s be serious. Robby’s hair produces it’s own conditioner.

        1. I think the word for that is “grease”.

    2. He knew the job when he took it.

      1. I say, let ‘im crash!

    3. Hey look, covering the garden and dog shows is part of being a journalist.

  19. One senior intelligence official told the Post’s Greg Miller that he would refuse to brief Trump. “He’s been so uninterested in the truth and so reckless with it when he sees it,” he said.

    Don’t brief Trump or Hillary until we understand what is going on.

    1. “He’s been so uninterested in the truth and so reckless with it when he sees it,” he said.

      Just like the current president.

      1. Related, of course, is this from late last year: Obama’s Intel Scandal

        TW: Weekly Standard.

        1. +1 “JV squad”

          1. In the beginning was the plan.

            And then came the assumptions.

            And the assumptions were without form.

            And the plan was without substance.

            And darkness was upon the face of the workers.

            And they spoke among themselves saying,

            “It is a crock of shit and it stinketh.”

            And the workers went unto their supervisors and said,

            “It is a pale of dung and none may abide the odor thereof.”

            And the supervisor went unto their managers and said,

            “It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”

            And the managers went unto their directors, saying,

            “It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”

            And the directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another,

            “It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong.”

            And the directors went unto the vice presidents, saying unto them,

            “It promotes growth and is very powerful.”

            And the vice presidents went unto the president, saying unto him,

            “The new plan will promote the growth and vigor of the company, with powerful effects.”

            And the president looked upon the plan and saw that it was good.

            And the plan became policy.

            This is how shit happens.

    2. The upshot is that it seems to be the case that as president, the rest of the government would be constantly working against him. Haven’t seen that in a generation or two.

    3. “He’s been so uninterested in the truth and so reckless with it when he sees it,” he said.

      So Trump is ALREADY a member of the CIA?

    4. Intelligence officials are the last place I would go for truth.

    5. Seeing how retarded intelligence officials are, I think they’re doing Trump a massive favor.

  20. U.S. intelligencd officials are wary of giving Trump access to national security briefings.

    Can someone explain to me why, from a policy perspective, *any* presidential candidate would get classified security information?? At this point, Trump and Clinton are just private citizens that won the internal contests of two private clubs. It’s no different than giving them to the winner of Miss Teen USA.

    And are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein going to get those briefings?

    1. I don’t get it either. They have more than 2 months from election day to inauguration. Isn’t that sufficient time to start briefing them on national security issues?

      1. ^This, too.

      2. Given how quickly geopolitical situations change, today’s briefings will probably be woefully out of date by January.

        1. Every time I take off my underpants I have a de-briefing.

        2. Given the historic performance of our intelligence community, today’s briefings are probably out of date, well, today.

        3. Some of it, yes. But I imagine they start with a lot of the general and historical stuff – what happened in Roswell, what secret weapons we have, etc.

          1. Well, they can skip who *actually* shot Kennedy…Trump’s an expert on all that.

        4. January’s briefing will be woefully out of date in January.

    2. At this point, Trump and Clinton are just private citizens

      Not to put too fine a point on it, I daresay they are just private citizens who have not undergone security background checks.

      1. Search them for White House silverware and furniture while you’re at it.

        1. Bill and Hill already have it all.

    3. It’s my understanding it was a tradition/policy started by Harry Truman to ensure an incoming president was up-to-speed on world affairs before he took office. I think it was an effort to ensure the new president wasn’t caught unaware when presented with various circumstances (like Truman with the Manhattan Project, which IIRC is specifically cited as why he started the policy in the first place).

      I would argue that there’s something to be said that the two major party candidates be given briefings during the campaign to better inform their decision-making. One of them is more than likely to be president (ugh), so there’s that. Minor parties will always be presented with the question of wear to make the cut-off; sort of like the cut-off for the debates, although I think that threshold is much more arbitrary than who should see classified material.

    4. “And are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein going to get those briefings”

      No, just Hillary’s gmail password.

  21. Welcome back Robbie’s hair

  22. Still waiting on Reason’s in depth look at Hillary’s speech. There was so much bad shit in it.What’s the deal?

    1. Nobody can get more than 30 seconds in without vomiting blood and passing out.

    2. Rico discovered that reading the transcript was causing his glorious locks to wither and die.

      Think of the well-being of his hair, if nothing else.

  23. Yeah, Gary Johnson’s religious freedom answers were pretty bad.

    Ouch. Yeah…

  24. Obama Signs Executive Order That Threatens to Drive Gunsmiths Out of Business

    The issue is the definition of “manufacturer.” Previously, only machine shops who actually produce a firearm from scratch were required to register as a “manufacturer.” Local gun shops with a shade-tree gunsmith happily threading barrels and trueing up receivers were exempt, since they didn’t actually make anything new.

    This new interpretation of the ITAR regulations has changed all that, and anyone who so much as threads a barrel now must further register with the Federal government as a “manufacturer” and pay an additional $2,250 in registration fees. That might not seem like a lot to a big shop, but for the small mom-and-pop gunsmiths this could be enough to put them out of business.

    Say what you will about the sitting president, he sure is a sneaky little bastard.

    1. “We’re not going to take your guns.”

      1. ‘just the parts that make them go bang’

        1. And the things that go up.

    2. Hey guys, remember how Obama’s DNC speech was all about how awful electing a piece of shit demagogue that ignores national debate would be?

      1. And look what we’ve had for the last eight years.

        (And what Canada has now.)

      2. But 952% of Americans, including 8,000,000% of gun owners, support these COMMON SENSE regulations!

    3. Just when I thought he couldn’t be anymore of a progressive parasitical prick.

    4. Thank God both of the major party candidates will repeal that order immediately on taking office.

  25. Yeah, Gary Johnson’s religious freedom answers were pretty bad.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. I was well aware of how much I disagreed with him on this issue. Still better than Trump, Clinton, or Stein.

      1. Some of us thought maybe he’d been caught off guard at 1st, then when asked about it again shortly afterward dug the hole deeper, and that once he had few weeks to cool off…but no, looks like he really thinks that way. It wouldn’t be so weird if he were for anti-discrimination laws generally, but his zeal for applying it in the extreme to which even most supporters of anti-discrimination laws (i.e. just about everyone but radical libertarians) is what’s weird.

        1. The extreme to which most supporters of anti-discrimination laws would not take it, I meant. Just about everyone favors some laws forcing businesses to serve certain classes of customers equally, but few would want that to apply to very small and non-essential businesses dealing with customers in such a narrow class of circumstance.

  26. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

    Most Millenial link ever. Dislike.

    1. The witnesses survived to report it, so obviously not Warty…

      1. Warty doesn’t kill his victims. They’re all live in various caves and basements.

    2. I like how one of the two images is a screen cap of Trump. Also aroused (probably).

  27. Cannabis Tampons are here!

    These are actually suppositories. Yes, that’s right. You can’t smoke the green stuff with these tampons, but you sure can stick it where the sun don’t shine! These toke torpedoes are made of three all natural ingredients; cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate. The combination of the CBD isolate and the THC oil is where the magic is (obviously). According to Foria, it “activate[s] certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced to the body.” So, I say forget the Midol, bring on the reefer relief!

    These little gems can be inserted either vaginally to relieve cramps, abdominal pain, and swelling or rectally to relieve hip and back pain, also commonly associated with menstruation. So, it’s like butt-chugging for bud. These kush-pops should be kept in a cool dark place because they will melt in temperatures over 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Which also means once you insert it, the cocoa butter will melt and cause a little dribble. But hey, what’s a little anal leakage among friends, am I right?

    1. But hey, what’s a little anal leakage among friends, am I right?

      You are.

      1. The voice of experience!

    2. Length and girth? Asking for a friend.

    3. If vodka-soaked tampons didn’t work, why would this?

    4. Anal leakage? What kind of women are getting periods in their anus? Nevermind, don’t tell me.

    5. Are they made of hemp?

  28. Conservative activist James O’Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him.

    Um, congratulations?

  29. Clinton’s Comments on 60 Minutes About Private Email Server Now Used Against Her in Court

    Clinton admitted that someone recommended she set up the server. The group wants to know who that someone was. They also contend her statement provides further reasoning for why she must be deposed under oath.

    Let’s hope Judicial Watch is a more tenacious fighter than Hillary.

    1. She didn’t take the best legal advice in existence: “shut the fuck up”.

  30. Conservative activist James O’Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him. Video here (skip to the four minute mark).

    You’re such a hero, Robby. You got him good! I’m still not exactly sure of the significance of your heroic act of journalism but please beat this dead horse some more tomorrow will ya?

    1. Yup, if Robbie hadn’t outed him, no one would have ever known he was there, because O’Keefe avoids publicity like a hippie dodges soap.

  31. So let me get this straight. Clapper, who committed perjury before Congress, is reassuring us that it’s A-O-K to give classified briefings to someone who blatantly ignored classified information procedures, as well as to someone whose picture is in Webster’s next to the word “buffoon.” I haven’t felt this safe since practicing “duck and cover” drills in elementary school.

  32. Hillary Clinton makes history.


    1. I think the word is spelled ‘histrionic’

  33. U.S. intelligencd officials….


  34. Voodoo Festival Transforms Village

    A different perspective on the DNC.

    1. The Beast of the Haitian Hills is a decent novel

      From one of the “bad ratings” (one star)

      Quinn Slobodian rated it it was ok
      Despite the fact that at one point a mulatto planter possibly possessed by dark voodoo overlord Baron Samedi has sex with a werewolf woman who is in the process of turning into a hoot-owl while a horse-sized dog with human legs waits in the backyard, nothing really seems to happen in this novel.

  35. Yeah, Gary Johnson’s religious freedom answers were pretty bad.

    Someone attacked me when i said so, and suggested “what, so you think its OK for religious crazies to shoot people”?

    even Team-LP can get ‘tarded

    1. I think this election cycle has collectively knocked the American IQ down by twenty points. It’s probably the dumbest election in my lifetime. The entire thing is dominated by the culture war. Has anyone said anything about national debt or spending?

      1. Has anyone said anything about national debt or spending?


        try, “any major policy area”

        Its all identity politics for team blue, and all hurr-durr GREATNESS and ISIS for team red

        1. I thought the election up here was bad enough, with people screaming about Harper being a ‘dictator’ and Trudeau actively criticizing members of his own party in the leadership race for daring to suggest that “sound policy” was more important than “connecting with the average Canadian” (i.e. spewing a ton of vapid bullshit platitudes and basking in the media attention).

          But no, you folks have managed to out-do us on the stupid platitudes, I’m truly impressed at how they’ve managed to completely ignore every major problem in American society and turn it into a contest of shitty culture war social signalling.

          1. What time period are you coming from now?

      2. Bill Weld said he would cut spending. Live on CNBC this morning.

        1. I hope he said it as “fuck you, cut spending.”

          Then he’d finally get the Reason commenters’ endorsement.

      3. The electorate is simply not interested. Don’t blame the politicians for this one.

      4. “It’s probably the dumbest election in my lifetime.”

        Um, flag burning?

  36. But I outed him.

    Sadly, no one will be impressed by this except Gawker.

  37. You know, why not just tell the world, if you’re the GOP, that you’re impeaching Clinton if she somehow wins. High crimes and misdemeanors indeed.

    1. This is one I have wondered about because I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere.

      By virtue of the fact that they did not get Hillary to cop a plea to some misdemeanor over the email she is still subject to be charged and therefore the minute she completes the oath of office a Republican lead Congress could begin the impeachment process against her.

      Even if they aren’t successful at getting her kicked out of office it basically guarantees she’s not going to be able to get anything done

      1. I think she is guilty but I don’t think it is appropriate to impeach her for something she did before the election and for which the voters had adequate information.

        1. I completely disagree. Taking any opportunity to check power, to remove corruption, and to protect our liberties is more than just appropriate, it’s a moral imperative. Limits on power also include limits on democratic power.

          Frankly, I find it appalling that there isn’t an impeachment a month, rather that the fifty or so we’ve had in our entire history. Especially given that any federal official, of any kind, is subject to impeachment.

          1. Impeachment is a political process not criminal. Elections trump.

            1. We also need checks on the criminal criminal justice system.

    2. Because if that happened the Democrats and the media spend the next 3 months screaming about sexism and everything else and the GOP loses the Senate on top of losing the Presidential election.

      1. Then wait until election day.

    3. That’s their “nuclear option”!

  38. Clinton fans trying to seriously argue that she is the “most qualified candidate ever” is one of the funniest parts of this race. Even if you just looked at titles and years of experience, I don’t think she comes close.

    1. Not remotely. And how the fuck was she handed State with zero experience? That’s a qualification?

    2. Eisenhower? Pfft, all he did was manage an entire war theatre while engaging in constantly diplomacy and reconstruction.

      No, the most qualified person for President in American history is a First Lady who didn’t divorce her deranged pervert of a husband and has managed to fail in every major diplomatic and administrative role she’s given.

      1. Excuse me sir, she was also an attorney, a real estate investor, a WalMart board member, and most likely a contract killer.

        1. She showed a brilliant aptitude for cattle futures trades as well.

        2. And don’t forget her spectacular job reforming healthcare.

      2. So a guy who gets as much pussy as his circumstances allow is now a pervert ?

        I’m guilty as charged.

        Now I have never lied about it in court but then again I have never been in court with that as the subject matter.

        1. Get back to me when you’re accused of rape. And not ‘we got drunk and I want to take it back’ rape, like ‘he held me down and raped me’ rape. In short, ask Juanita Broaddrick what her opinion of Clinton is.

          1. I don’t understand why Trump didn’t have Broadrick at the RNC, followed by a psychiatrist discussing enabling behavior.

            They really need to call me when they plan these things.

    3. Yeah how can she claim to have been more qualified that someone like Bush Sr?

      4 years in Congress, Ambassador to the UN, Ambassador to China, Director of the CIA, 8 years as VP

    4. 1) there are no qualifications for president

      2) some of the best presidents have been the least-experienced in governing

      3) Clinton actually has ZERO experience that didn’t come as a political bonus from her marriage, or as a bi-product of failures elsewhere.

      She never would have been a NY state senator were it not for Bill, and she would never have been SecState were it not for her failed presidential campaign and a need for Obama to buy off the other half of the party

      4) She was an abysmal, awful, atrocious, incompetent fuckwit of sec-state.

    5. Bill Burr has some thoughts

    6. Bill Burr has some thoughts

    7. I almost vomited when I head Obama say that. He ever heard of Washington,Jefferson,Madison,?

      1. ever heard of Washington,Jefferson,Madison?


        1. This reminds me of another quick movie put-down, which seems to have been removed from the film.

          Does anyone remember in Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Spicoli is fantasizing about winning a surfing championship, and a tv reporter asks him if he’s concerned about some other top surfers.

          “No way,” says Spicoli. “Those guys are fags!”

          I haven’t seen that part, much less that line, in recent airings of the movie. I wonder if it’s been retroactively taken out forever, perhaps on Sean Penn’s urging.

          1. I have a Spicoli Colt 45 t-shirt. It’s awesome

    8. Even compared to Bush II, its hard to argue that she is more qualified.

      Bush was elected and re-elected governor of a major state (the first in Texas history to win consecutive terms), and before that ran a MLB team. Right off, that’s more executive experience than Hillary.

      1. Being CEO of an international slush fund doesn’t count as executive experience?

        1. I guess Donna Shalala can put that on her resume if she wants, sure.

      2. Rick Perry was reelected governor until he just got tired of being governor. Eminently more qualified than most candidates.

        1. According to a theory in this Texas Observer article, Who Runs Texas? , the TX Guv isn’t always running the show: the Lt Guv and House Speaker can be more powerful. This comment was frequently made when GW Bush was running for the first time.

  39. Russian Humanitarian Mission in Syia *May Be a ‘Ruse’* = Says sharp-eyed and razor-witted John Kerry, making sure to publish his suspicions in every newspaper on earth.

    “On the other hand, if we’re able to work it out today and have a complete understanding of what is happening and then agreement on the way forward, it could actually open up some possibilities,” he added,

    This is how a master-negotiator works his trade.

    Translation from Retarded-Diplomatese =

    “Russia is going to do something. We aren’t going to try and stop them, but we don’t want to be blamed for failing to stop them if it turns out bad, so we’re going to say “things are uncertain” and hope we can bullshit our way around any subsequent consequences”

    1. The State Department makes the V.A. look good by comparison.

      1. The difference is that people can count up the bodies from the VA and point fingers at its failures… whereas the State Department counts up bodies and tends to tout them as examples of its own success.

  40. After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it’s a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)

    You’ll need this Fruit Sushi.

  41. Tesla Mulls Possible Theories on AutoPilot Crash

    “We’re pretty sure something wasn’t working exactly right – but we don’t want to jump to conclusions”

    1. I take it the autopilot was Muslim?

      1. Its motivations are a mystery, true.

        1. Self hating gay car.

      2. The autopilot was having some trouble at home, and was taking medication.

      3. 01100001 01101100 01101100 01100001 01101000 01110101 00100000 01100001 01101011 01100010 01100001 01110010 00001010

        1. I’m guessing that’s binary for “Allah u akbar”

          1. 01001001 00100111 01101101 00100000 01100111 01110101 01100101 01110011 01110011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 00100010 01000001 01101100 01101100 01100001 01101000 00100000 01110101 00100000 01100001 01101011 01100010 01100001 01110010 00100010 00001010

            01000011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01100101 01100011 01110100 00001010

    2. From the description that I read here, the damning thing was the half-assed system was probably working precisely as designed.

  42. “Hillary Clinton makes history.”

    Fuck those other little parties and THEIR female presidential candidates long preceding ours, amiright??

  43. BBC Journalist notices Hunger in Venezuela comes close to truth, and then:

    There are a number of causes – shortages of basic goods, bad management, a host of speculators and hoarders, and a severe drop in the country’s oil income.

    1. Price controls somehow don’t make the list?

      1. It all just get’s swept under the rug of “bad management”.

        When socialism fails it’s always because of “bad management”. Never any question of whether there is any other kind of management under socialism.

      2. Article soul-crushingly oscillates between “idiot” and “non-idiot”. On subject of price controls:

        In an attempt to stop speculators and hoarders, the government years ago fixed the price of many basic goods, such as flour, chicken, or bread.

        Fuck you. But then

        As inflation rises, the incentive grows for people to queue to buy these goods at regulated prices and then sell them on the black market, where a pack of flour can cost 100 times more.

        The whole thing is worth reading, but it’s so frustrating to see him flit around comprehension but never landing on it.

        1. Which part of ‘BBC journalist’ did you miss?

          1. His mama is a “staunch government supporter,” and she named him Vladimir!

            I’d say chickens came home to roost, but those people could use some chicken right about now.

    2. drop in the country’s oil income

      /looks other country’s with economies based on oil

      /assumes that they must also have speculators and hoarders

      /doesn’t see starvation and slavery

      The drop in oil prices is the laziest explanation, and, therefore, the most common.

      1. Venezuela had such terrible policies and governance that the only thing propping up the country was high oil prices. When those dropped, shit hit the fan. It’s kind of like we’ve had terrible monetary policy and fiscal policy for a long time. But when the competition is Commie China, Pretend Commie Lite Eurozone, Corrupt BRICS, Politically unstable Middle East, the US dollar looks pretty good and remains the world’s reserve currency. If any of those groups got their shit together or started using something like Bitcoin, we’re fucked.

    3. “speculators and hoarders,”

      Modern “Kulaks and Wreckers”

      1. It also confuses cause and effect.

      2. Speculators and hoarders were literally part of Soviet purges.

        shortage of silver coins had perpetually dogged the Soviet economy in the 1920s and silver was becoming too expensive to use, with much of it needing to be imported. By 1930 the silver coin shortage had become acute and the authorities scapegoated “hoarders” and “exchange speculators” as responsible for the shortages, and confiscatory measures were taken.

        1. If you actually take the terms “speculators and hoarders” literally…

          …basically what they’re saying is that “Anyone who responds to actual price signals” is a *criminal*.

          Apparently you’re supposed to *ignore* price signals, and try and help the system “work” for the greatest number, even if that means oversupply at one moment and scarcity the next. actually stepping in and responding by buying low/selling high is considered “meddling” rather than the natural consequence of volatility caused by govt meddling.

          Seriously how is it that no one understands “markets”. Adults.

          Its almost like school systems go out of their way to avoid even instructing people on the basics.

        2. I’m so glad to live in the US of A, where something like that could never–

          Oh, that’s right.

        3. So, like the USA in 1965!

  44. I’m getting the sense that Gary Johnson has a bit of a Clinton in him. He sounds like an opportunist in every interview. He’s sort of libertarian on drugs and the size of government and decides to ride the fence on just about everything else. When the interviewer tosses him tired strawman libertarian positions (“do you think its ok let people die without getting medical treatment?”) or mocks the movement, he doesn’t offer any spirited response.

    Truth be told, I think Gary Johnson feels burdened by having to defend the 2A, religious freedom, shared economy, and other center right causes that tends to invite controversy. His campaign has been more about the surveillance state, spending and intervention, which is Ron Paul territory that meshes well with the electorate.

    To my knowledge, he was halfhearted in defending trade and is mostly silent on minimum wage. If he has an alternative to ACA…… I haven’t heard it. I think Reason is giving too much of a pass to a former republican just because he’s smoking pot and doesn’t like “big government”.

    It’s disappointing. My enthusiasm for this man is fading everyday. I almost Ron Paul was running again.

    1. I’m getting the sense that Gary Johnson has a bit of a Clinton in him.

      Maybe Clinton(either) has a bit of Johnson in them?

      1. No, pretty sure that neither Clinton has had a Johnson of any size in them in a very long time

        1. Once you’ve gone Webb, you can’t go back.

    2. In GJ’s defense, the people asking him questions are so utterly stupid – and numerous – that not putting bullets in their heads is marvelous restraint.

    3. It’s the winning strategy though. Write off half the 0.5% Libertarian base, and try to get the 35% in the middle who hate Trump and Clinton.

  45. Why?

  46. Hillary Clinton makes history.

    I know, NPR has been reminding me every 20 minutes.

  47. On the advice of Scott Adams, I’m spending the afternoon watching Hillary’s speech with the sound off.

    Adams’ description of Hillary as demonic is appropriate–don’t know why no one has told her to cool it with the bug eyes, lifted eyebrows, and unblinking Palpatine glare–but the most interesting thing is how much Caine resembles a retarded chipmunk every time the camera cuts to him. Reluctant to actually listen to him speak now for fear of ruining the effect.

  48. Australia has moved:

    Australia has moved 1.5 metres, so it’s updating its location for self-driving cars

    Apparently the continent is averaging about 7cm per year, and this has added up to a large enough change since 1994 that they’re now having to redo all of their maps.

    1. I catch your drift man.

      1. Lincoln Continentals hardest hit.

    2. TL;DR, but wouldn’t that be relevant only to cars driving into the ocean? I mean, as long as every point in Australia moves in parallel w the others…?

      1. Never mind cars, just hitch a ride on Australia itself.

      2. I think the self-driving cars go by degrees, minutes and seconds of lines of latitude and longitude, so then, yes, it would be relevant for everything.

      3. Relevant if you want cars driving on the street and not the sidewalk.

      4. So yeah, GPS doesn’t use dead reckoning, it plots your position on the globe. If the contender has moved, you’re gonna get bad directions.

        1. Read “Pinpoint” about the development of GPS, there must be a reference point to which all others are related. This is needed for space flights to Jupiter as well as on earth. I think they use the center of the earth.

  49. Watching the true scotsmen libertarians in the commentariat abandon free association because Trump is a racisty racist was interesting today.

    1. “”After watching that performance last night, such lies, I don’t have to be so nice anymore,” Trump said to thunderous applause. “I’m taking the gloves off. Trump is gonna be ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy.”


  50. Trying to start a #BestLinesinaRockSong hashtag,,, I went with “Rhinestone shades, or cheap sunglasses?” Oh Yeah!

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