Clinton Makes History, Intelligence Officials Would Like to Keep Trump in the Dark, Conventions Finally Over: P.M. Links


  • Trump

    Hillary Clinton makes history.

  • The D.C. metro had a really, really bad day.
  • An unofficial Black Lives Matter group endorsed Republican Sen. Rob Portman for re-election.
  • Donald Trump blames the RNC for poor convention ratings.
  • U.S. intelligence officials are wary of giving Trump access to national security briefings.
  • Yeah, Gary Johnson's religious freedom answers were pretty bad.
  • Conservative activist James O'Keefe went undercover at the DNC. But I outed him. Video here (skip to the four minute mark).
  • After two weeks of non-stop, on-the-ground convention coverage, it's a relief to finally be back home. (Sorry, no link. Just needed to say it.)