Democratic Convention 2016

Bernie Sanders Delegates Protest for Jill Stein at the DNC

Protesters at the Wells Fargo center chanted "this is what democracy looks like."


Ed Krayewski

About a half dozen Bernie Sanders delegates began protesting in the halls of the Walls Fargo Center during Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, while others shouted from the stands.

Throughout the day, various Bernie Sanders said they were planning to walk out of the Democratic National Convention, and many more wore fluorescent-colored "Enough is Enough" Sanders t-shirts. They also said their seats were being replaced by Clinton supporters as they walked out.

The protesters who began a march in the halls of the Wells Fargo Center were from the California delegation and held up a California flag as well as smaller American flags and signs in support of presumptive Green party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

"They have stolen the election," Bernie Sanders delegate Carlos Marroquin told onlookers. "Hillary Clinton and the DNC stole the election."

Marroquin said "millions of people" had lost their vote "because of the corruption that happened at the DNC," referring to the perceived collusion between the party and Clinton.

More Sanders delegates and supporters with credentials joined the protest, which soon turned into a media scrum.

"It's so easy to preach this idea of unity, of getting over it," California delegate Martha Meccano said. "We talked to Clinton delegates, all they said was grow up." Meccano said Clinton supporters argued Sanders supporters should vote for her to stop Trump, but Meccano rejected the argument. "We're not going to vote out of fear," she said.

Asked what the protest would accomplish by one reporter, she said it would change "the way we approach things."

"What matters now is Sanders has changed the way we do politics," Meccano said, pointing to Sanders' grasssroots network of supporters and donors.

Other protesters hit the same theme. Asked by another reporter why Sanders' endorsement of Clinton did not appear to matter, Oregon delegate Kevin Hunt, one of the delegates who joined the initial California protesters, said the convention didn't end the Sanders-inspired movement, it began it.

"Regardless of what Bernie Sanders said," Hunt explained, "he said to continue the political revolution and we are continuing the political revolution."

"We are very grateful for Bernie Sanders," Hunt said. Hunt attempted to prevent police officers from removing him from the arena while they ushered protesters outside, telling them as a delegate he had a right to be there, but his credentials were taken away and he walked outside, where the protest continued.

Despite the feeling that the Democrats unfairly dismissed them, some delegates were optimistic.

"I am very hopeful that a lot of the people that are on the other side of the fence understand that we are inside in solidarity with them," said California delegate Lorraine Salas, referring to protesters outside the secured DNC area. "We're ready to go outside and meet with them… together, as a movement."

Watch a short portion of the protest here.

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  1. Why don’t they just write in “Bernie Sanders”?

    1. I don’t know, but I hope a hell of a lot of them do.

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  2. So much for the Bernie Bros defecting to Johnson.

    1. Hey, I heard one might.

  3. Top men/women colluded to steal from us. Says the socialist.

  4. Shrill’s claims, from a lefty rag:

    “‘I’ll be a president for all Americans'”

    Yeah, so long as none of them are members of the VRC!

  5. But what does democracy smell like? Based on the picture, I’m guessing weed, patchouli, and Gold Bond.

    1. Don’t forget BO. Because, you know, no one needs 23 kinds of deodorant because FYTW.

  6. Spot the Not: Hillary’s nom speech

    1. And you know what, if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the “woman card,” then Deal Me In!

    2. I’m not here to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I’m not here to take away your guns.

    3. And though “we may not live to see the glory,” as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, “let us gladly join the fight.”

    4. Bernie Sanders and I will work together to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt-free for all! We will also liberate millions of people who already have student debt.

    5. Unlike Donald Trump, I care about the middle class and will make sure the rich pay their fair share.

    6. We have the most tolerant and generous young people we’ve ever had.

    1. fun fact: Clinton mentioned Trump in her speech about 20 times.

  7. I hope the “The DNC stole our democracy!” people are ready for WDATPDIM.

    Old news. Fake scandal. Big nothing burger. Move

  8. Speaking of speeches, who said this (edits made by me to hide the exact country)?

    Today I address myself to you as a soldier and as the head of the [this country’s] government. I address you concerning extraordinarily important questions. Our homeland is at the edge of an abyss. The achievements of many generations and [this country’s] home that has been built up from the dust are about to turn into ruins. State structures are ceasing to function. Each day delivers new blows to the waning economy./…/
    The atmosphere of conflicts, misunderstanding, hatred causes moral degradation, surpasses the limits of toleration. Strikes, the readiness to strike, actions of protest have become a norm of life. Even school youth are being drawn into this. Yesterday evening, many public buildings remained seized. The cries are voiced to physical reprisals with the ‘[political slang]’, with people who have different opinions.

    The cases of terror, threats and moral vendetta, of even direct violence are on the rise. A wave of impudent crimes, robberies and burglaries is running across the country. The underground business sharks’ fortunes, already reaching millions, are growing. Chaos and demoralization have reached the magnitude of a catastrophe. People have reached the limit of psychological toleration. Many people are struck by despair. Not only days, but hours as well are bringing forth the all-national disaster./…/

    1. continued…

      The load of responsibility that falls on me on this dramatic moment in [this country’s] history is huge. It is my duty to take this responsibility – concerning the future of [country], that my generation fought for on all the fronts of the war and for which they sacrificed the best years of their life. I declare, that today the Military Council of National Salvation has been formed. In accordance with the Constitution, the State Council has imposed martial law all over the country. I wish that everyone understood the motives of our actions. A military coup, military dictatorship is not our goal./…/
      In longer perspective, none of [country]’s problems can be solved with the use of violence. The Military Council of National Salvation does not replace constitutional organs of power. Its only purpose is to keep the legal balance of the country, to create guarantees that give a chance to restore order and discipline. This is the ultimate way to bring the country out of the crisis, to save the country from collapse./…/
      I appeal to all the citizens. A time of heavy trials has arrived. And we have to stand those in order to prove that we are worthy of [country].
      Before all the [country’s] people and the whole world I would like to repeat the immortal words:

      [This country] has not yet perished, so long as we still live!

      1. I peeked at Google – it’s General Jaruzelski declaring martial law in Poland in the wake of the Solidarity movement.

        1. Huh. I bet that Maduro cribs it pretty soon.

  9. So is the Dems salami strategy on Reason working well?

    1. I think Reason has taken the whole salami, yes.

  10. So some have argued that parliamentary government will save America. I have my doubts. Didn’t prevent Mussolini, Hitler, Apartheid, Erdogan, keep Yugoslavia together and most communist regimes were “parliamentary”.

    1. I haven’t seen anybody argue that a parliamentary government would save America, just that a parliamentary system would give smaller parties an actual voice in governing. The first past the post system we have now guarantees that there will be two big tent parties. With plenty of people stuck voting either for the lesser of two evils, or for a third party candidate that is closer to a voter’s preference, but has a snowball’s chance of winning. (As the current Douche vs. Turd election aptly demonstrates.)

      Under a parliamentary system, the fringe candidates become less fringy, and more viable candidates. So if 10% of the population is libertarian or socialist, then ~10% of the legislature is made up of Libertarians or Socialists.

      Parliamentary systems aren’t perfect. But the examples you use to argue against it aren’t exactly the best examples, since they usually outlawed competing parties. After all, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is actually a totalitarian shithole, but that doesn’t mean that all democracies or republics look like North Korea.

      1. The first past the post system we have now

        Parliamentary governments can have that too you know. Voting systems are a bit different.

        But the examples you use to argue against it aren’t exactly the best examples, since they usually outlawed competing parties.

        I said it didn’t stop them: Pre-Fascist Italy, Weimar Germany and Turkey until recently were parliamentary governments. And South Africa was until 1984..

        1. Yes, I am aware that there are differences in how parliamentary elections work. The Italian parliament is a different beast than the British parliament. Like I said, parliamentary systems aren’t perfect, they’re still a democratic messy system.

          I said it didn’t stop them: Pre-Fascist Italy, Weimar Germany and Turkey until recently were parliamentary governments. And South Africa was until 1984..

          Yes if only there was some way to write some sort of ultra-law that couldn’t be amended by a simple 50%+1 vote, laying out a list of things the government isn’t allowed to do. Like outlawing people expressing certain thoughts. I mean that’s just crazy talk, no way a government could ever allow that.

          1. Yes if only there was some way to write some sort of ultra-law that couldn’t be amended by a simple 50%+1 vote, laying out a list of things the government isn’t allowed to do. Like outlawing people expressing certain thoughts. I mean that’s just crazy talk, no way a government could ever allow that.

            I can’t think of a government that’s ever allowed the existence of such a thing to stop them doing more or less whatever they want to anyway.

  11. Mr. Marroquin nailed it. That is exactly what millions of us are thinking. He has delivered a message that deep in the hearts of of many of us Bernie supporters. Thank you sir! Thank you to all of those that are protesting, and not giving up, for “not going silently into the night, for standing up for real democracy, for speaking the truth.

    1. Apparently, you became a socialist before you were 20. At least you have a heart!

  12. I see a lot of Jill Stein mugs for sale online, but I haven’t seen a Jill Stein glass – you know, something like this with the candidate’s name on it.

    Are her supporters so bad at capitalism they missed this obvious marketing opportunity?

    Or maybe they don’t want to remind people of the associations between socialism and beer?

  13. You can’t sniff smug in a glass stein.

  14. Apparently he will be returning to senate as an Independent. Surprise, surprise. Not complaining, I just find it amusing.

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  16. I’m tired of the “Bernie wuz robbed!” complaints.

    1. Yes, the DNC wanted to sink him.
    2. Clinton won the primary fair and square.

    These are not mutually exclusive.

    Just because they’re after you doesn’t mean you’re not paranoid.

  17. i cant wait until the rigged voting machines tell us who they chose for our president. they should just make voting booths like slot machines,its better than what we have now.

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