Democratic Convention 2016

Bernie Delegates Coordinator: Foreign Policy a Bernie Sanders 'Shortcoming'

Says anti-war movement will continue after election.


Bryan Smith/ZUMA Press/Newscom

The national coordinator of the Bernie Delegates Network talked this morning about the "End the Wars" chants during last night's convention speech by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, which were drowned out by chants of "U-S-A."

Norman Solomon, the national coordinator of the network and a Sanders delegate from California, said the U-S-A chant had a "certain resonance" harkening back to the Ronald Reagan era and the idea people should "shut up" about foreign policy.

Solomon also addressed a perceived lack of focus on foreign policy by Sanders supporters, attributing it in part to foreign policy being a Sanders "shortcoming."

"When it comes to foreign policy, all of a sudden there's no war profiteers," Solomon said. "He's unwilling to stand up to Pentagon power."

Solomon also attributed the lack of focus to the political atmosphere.  "Because of the dominance of other issues," Solomon said, foreign policy had been "subsumed and masked," but he predicted the anti-war movement would continue after the election.

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