Watch This Video of a 3D-Printed Building Whenever You Feel Worried About Politics

It's true that good and bad policy can change the timing of when it arrives, but a better future eventually shows up.


So this is pretty cool, courtesy of Business Insider Australia. It's a short video from a company Fastbrick Robotics. There's a housing boom in Australia, which has pushed up demand for bricklayers, who are in short supply. The company is shooting to create a robot that can lay all the brick work for a typical house in three days and at lower cost. Currently, bricklayers make about $600 to $1,000 a day and lay about 300 bricks a day. The robot below can double that in just one hour.

I post this on day three of the Democratic National Convention, from the media tent, where a bunch of Bernie Sanders protestors (including actors Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon) are chanting for even more rules and regulations to slow down the sort of technological progress that makes us richer and better off over time. There was a lot of that last night, too, at the DNC in Philly, with various calls to block free trade and regulate and restrict innovations such as the sharing economy. And of course last week at the RNC in Cleveland, Donald Trump and a bunch of Republicans called for other sorts of barriers to trade, which will slow the rate and quality of innovation as well.

So far at least, a better future always arrives for us in America and the rest of the world. Politics can create a context in which it comes faster or slower, but politics doesn't ultimately stop it from happening. Given the Fortress America mentality regarding trade in both parties (and immigration on the part of the GOP), I'm thinking we may well be heading into a slowdown period. But hopefully not. In any case, I find this sort of video that gives us a glance of possible developments that will free us from doing various sorts of manual labor and give us the opportunity to do other stuff with our time strangely calming. Maybe you will too.

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  1. You people think 3D printing will some crazy how be free from regulation? Bureaucrats will find a way. They always find a way.

    1. Registered with the government, and by law, all 3D printers will microprint the serial number of the printer on every piece.

      1. I’ll 3D print a 3D printer that doesn’t do that

        1. *mind blown*

        2. Then the 3D printer becomes sentient and makes you it’s slave. You’ll be forced into slave labor, printing bizarre alien 3D dildos all day long, for no specific reason, and no one will know. Women and children hit hardest, Trump becomes president, the horror, the horror…

          1. you’d think a sentient 3d printer would know better than to try using a human for 3d printing, but such are the inefficiencies of slavery.

    2. They *try* to find a way. They couldn’t win the war on drugs. They won’t stop 3d printing.

      1. Though I wouldn’t exactly say the drugs side of that war is winning, either.

        1. The balance sheets of cartels, ubiquity of drugs, and ongoing presence of online dark markets say otherwise.

        2. How many legitimate businessmen have profit margins that leave suitcases full of large-denomination bills sitting around they don’t know what to do with?

  2. Where’s the printer part? I see blocks coming down a conveyor and being laid down. Where’s the printer?

    1. The bricks are 3D. And it’s sciency. That counts.

      The rest of us would call it a pick and place machine. With no mortar.

      Or you could just do higher performing ICF.

        1. ICF is continuous pour and reinforced, and it comes with integrated insulation on top of the concrete. Still a better solution than pre-fab.

    2. It’s not…China has been 3D printing houses for last few years

      Old news

      1. That thing is not a 3D printer. It’s a concrete extruder. Where is the 3D printing?

        1. The concrete is the toner.

          1. No, the concrete is coming out of a nozzle being controlled by robotics. The only difference in this and current methods is that there are no humans controlling the nozzle. 3D printing, this is not.

              1. Ok, then making some cake icing or taking a shit is 3D printing. I see.

                1. Not sure a chocolate flavored or shitty smelling prosthetic would sell

                  But hey…capitalism

  3. How long would it take one of those bad boys to seal the border?


    1. How long would it take this thing to make Grandmao Pantsuit a concrete pantsuit?

  4. You know who else wants to 3d print a wall?

    1. I knew this post had to be about Trump somehow!


    2. Roger Waters?

    3. Qin Shi Huang?

  5. Granular humanity once emerged pointed cemeteries. Now granular robots will emerge the pointless.

  6. Well, that wasn’t too bad.

    1. Except for the peculiar lack of any mortar. Would feel a lot better with mortar.

      1. If the bricks are plastic, maybe they’re just waiting for global warming to make them melt and stick together.

        1. After they finish this part, the Chinese peasants appear (off camera) and super glue all this shit together, for 15 cents a day.

      2. There’s mortar in the keyway holes through the middle of the bricks, watch the video again and you’ll see it. I assume a human would come by later and tuck point between the bricks.

        1. I sort of see that….thanks. Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise. Dammit I have a Master of Science not a Master in Bricklaying!

          1. Euphemism?

            1. ….

              I leave the bullshitting to others. See below.

          2. “Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise.”

            Where cytotoxic finally admits what everyone else has know all along.

        2. But, seriously, the keyways are the holes in the middle. I’m not sure if that’s what mains call them, but that term is used throughout the trades, particularly concrete work.
          Tuck pointing is filling in the gaps between the bricks. It’s usually done as you build the wall, but, with older walls the mortar between the bricks had been subjected to weathering that the mortar in the middle isn’t. So, often, a company will come out and use a grinder to remove the old mortar between the bricks, and then come back and put new mortar in.

          1. Lots of auto correct typos, I’m sure you can figure it out.

          2. Thanks.

  7. Mortar included in version 2.0.

  8. Currently, bricklayers make about $600 to $1,000 a day and lay about 300 bricks a day. The robot below can double that in just one hour.

    You think the socialists and unions are going to stand for this?

    1. WTF? A brick layer can make 200-300K a year?

      1. Australian dollars, currently AU$1 worth about US$0.75 (still, that is better than I do).

      2. To put this more into perspective, $600-1000 a day is $75 – 100 a an hour. Why are these one percenters allowed to go unpunished?

        Millionaires, Billionaires, and brick layers, pay your fair share!

      3. You people don’t really pay attention to me, do you? I think I’ve mentioned the high pay of some trades. But that’s not all the guys on the job, the hod carriers and such don’t get paid anywhere near that. And, the article has it backwards: I’m pretty sure they get paid by the foot, not by the hour. A good bricklayer can lay a lot of bricks an hour, so he gets paid more than a slow bricklayer.

        1. Does that typically add up to getting you into the top 5% of income?

          I used to work construction back before finishing college and I knew some brick layers. Those guys were making good money for back then, but not anywhere close to that, not even close. I would guess that today, it might work out to be 20-30 bucks an hour. That’s still pure evil, of course, and unfair, and women and children hit hardest, but we don’t need to send them to the gulags, yet.

          1. To be honest, I’m not sure, and don’t have my Means price guide handy. My guess is that the prices quoted are for labor. So, a subcontractor charges X per foot. But that’s not all profit. He may have to be paying for his own helper, since a helper means he gets more bricks laid. The main is also a contractor, 4-99 instead of W-2, so he’s responsible for all his taxes, such as workmen’s comp, social security, etc.

            1. *Mason, not main

            2. Well, ok. That’s not brick layers making 600 to 1000 dollars a day. It might be honest to say that the COST OF having bricks laid is that. But that’s not what was said.

              1. Yes, well, journalism is an art, not a science, eh what?

    2. No, but they can’t stop it.

    3. Is it just me or does 300 bricks a day sound really low?

      1. That’s almost 40 bricks per hour, for an 8 hour day. Keep in mind, that’s including keeping things level and aligned, and all that. I think that’s not low, but I think the income is insanely exaggerated.

        1. You forgot to add in the cost of Obamacare.

      2. I’m not a mason, but I’ve built a lot of retaining walls, out of many materials, including block. You have level and you have plumb. It can get difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. And that’s just plain block; brick can get pretty damn fancy. You have bricks that are soldier, sailor, all kinds of other things I don’t remember the teens for. The place I’m working at now has this brick work that looks like the mason was tripping on LSD, and it was built in the 70s, so maybe he was.
        I think they were going for a rustic medieval thing, or something. Maybe I’ll post some pics tomorrow on Pinterest or something where I can post a link.
        But, the courses aren’t level, aren’t plumb, and aren’t really even courses. And yet, at the top, 5 stories up, they brought it all back into level and plumb. It is a work of art.
        So, 300 bricks a day ain’t bad.

  9. If I wanted to watch a machine place bricks I could watch my mason-artist cousin do it. He put up a brick oven in my parent’s backyard 30 years ago that stood the test of time! Plus he sings while he does it! Well, he’s retired now.

    1. Also, given my comment, this is why libertarians are not well liked.

      1. You mean because of being fake libertarians? Real libertarians have brick laying orphans.

        1. Troo dat.

  10. OT: Germany’s ‘terror crisis’ isn’t what you think…..-you-think

    Inept comments regarding gun control and a ‘climate of hate’ aside, this is a good article. It basically debunks the myth of a Europe-wide terror wave caused by immigration. There’s really only a France-Belgium terror wave with some pretty minor attacks in Germany. German immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than the German average.

    The reasons for this include the fact that Germany’s intelligence folk seem at least competent while their French and Belgian counterparts suck at their jobs. More importantly, Germany’s economy is healthier owing to a far less dirigiste government. In particular France’s labour market is suffocated by government laws against firing people. Hopefully some legislation is being passed that will help somewhat in that regard.

    1. It basically debunks the myth of a Europe-wide terror wave caused by immigration. There’s really only a France-Belgium terror wave with some pretty minor attacks in Germany. German immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than the German average.


      1. Funny cause it’s true I guess.

      2. Also, we’re not the ones conflating ‘immigrants’ with ‘refugees’ or ‘”refugees”‘.

        1. Last I checked, the latter were the former in a squares to rectangle kind of way.

          The article also aptly debunks the yokel fantasies over a political uprising against Merkel and her horrible no-good freedom of movement policy. Polls show that her ‘Grand Coalition’ would win today. Elections are next year and Germany’s already limited violence will have dissipated by then.

        2. Yea. Anybody putting French professionals, Turkish laborers, and Afghan “minors” in one bin and traffic offenses and sexual assault in another bin is being intentionally dishonest. Except for Cytotoxic. I think he’s a genuine retard.

          1. “In the first quarter of 2016, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), immigrants committed 69,000 offenses, an 18 percent year-on-year drop. About 23 percent of these offenses were violent ones. In Germany, about 6 million crimes are registered every year, or about 75 per 1,000 people. Given that 20 percent of the country’s population has an immigration background, immigrants commit fewer crimes than the national average ? extrapolating the first quarter rate would produce about 17 offenses per 1,000 people. Immigrants commit a larger number of total killings, but it is still in proportion to their share of the population. Though Syrians, Afghans, and Iraqis commit a high absolute number of offenses, it’s in keeping with their share in Germany’s immigrant population. (Immigrants from North Africa, Georgia and Serbia are caught in a disproportionate number of crimes, however.)”

            WTF part of this don’t you understand? I’m not the retard here, retard.


              Foreigners — 9% of population, 30% of prisoners, 3x as likely to offend


              Foreigners 27.1% of prison population in 2011

              I’m done with your dumbass.

              1. Do you have an English version of your first link? So that I can read it?

                “Foreigners 27.1% of prison population in 2011”

                So what? They are still committing less crime than the national average would have them at.

                1. So what? They are still committing less crime than the national average would have them at.


                2. “Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise.”


  11. Time for some common sense 3D-building laws and regulations. What if somebody’s child gets injured in one of those things? And think of the union construction jobs that are threatened — high paying, good old fashioned American blue collar jobs!

    1. We need a new and powerful, huge, monstrous, ginormous, mega funded bureaucracy to protect the wiminz and children from this dangerous 3D printing. It’s the only way.

  12. Currently, bricklayers make about $600 to $1,000 a day and lay about 300 bricks a day.


  13. I take a lot of comfort knowing that even if Trump were to win this election (not happening), the jobs and way of life his retard supporters are so bitterly and desperately clinging are going to die. Technology always wins.

    Hail robots fuck people.

  14. In fact Hillary’s push for a higher minimum wage will accelerate this type of automation. Which is why Silicon Valley loves her. (In spite of this, she’s still better than Trump overall.)

    1. Yes and yes.

      Trump is also pushing for higher minimum wage now. He is left of Hillary.

      1. Hillary is pushing for a 50% higher MW than Trump.

        1. Trump said that $10 would be ‘the start’.

          I don’t want people to be in the $10 dollar category very long. I believe it should be raised.”


    2. Lick them cankles, shreek, lick them cankles, you fucking coward. Just say that you support Hillary, you disingenuous sycophant.

      1. Angry yokel is angry.

      2. But cankles so sweet and tasty….

        1. Nice to see you admit what a sick fuck you are, shreek.

  15. I want a printer that I can supply with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen and it will print cocaine.

    1. Source Victoria FTW

    2. If humans are ever able to print things that the government doesn’t want them to have, then we’re all doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU!

      1. Well the nannies would probably use that to justify even more destruction of rights. Not that they seem to need justification.

      1. But I do want it to look like a Chinese orphan so I still get the feeling of exploiting someone.

        1. That’s actually a great idea.

          We can’t just go and put all the slave-driving foreman out of work!? think of the depression they’d experience when they realize their year of whip-skills and barking commands were all going to go to waste?

          1. It’s all I have! The contractors better be scared of me, and if a labourer actually met my eyes, he’d better just commit hari Kari.

        2. I want my printer to look like a bearded hipster so I can say it’s artisanal

      2. Then how am I supposed to raise an army of spear wielding Chinese girls?

  16. I found the version with mortar!

    1. It’s propane powered! It has its own tanks!

      1. Yes, much better. Maybe a little slower per brick, but if you don’t have to come back to tuck point, is faster in the long run.

  17. Watch calming video whenever you feel frustrated about Reason‘s lack of any substantial coverage of the Democrat National Convention.

    1. Alcohol works better.

    2. But Reason has plenty of DNC coverage.

      1. “Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise.”

        1. He progresses, gets to the point where he can admit that he doesn’t know something, and instead of encouraging him, you mock him. This is why there are no Cytoxic libertarians…

    3. need to pee now

      also= why has absolutely no one anywhere written anything about Bill Clinton’s speech? I swear, Trump’s dumass comment about Russia was plastered everywhere, but i didn’t see a goddam words about anything Bill said.

      I was hoping he was going to gaffe it up and say some “All lives matter” stuff, and then suggest that everyone should always believe rape-survivors, except those lying bitches who keep talking about him… or, i donno, something “off message”, whatever the message was supposed to be.

      1. What did he say? I heard it was just a boring speech.

        1. The old grey rapist, he ain’t what he used to be.

          1. Bill was never proven to be a rapist. Stop that.

            1. Yeah there’s rape rape, and then there’s the most powerful man in the world pressuring a girl less than half his age into sex. Not rape, but pretty slimy.

            2. “Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise.”

        2. Basically, it’s a shame we don’t know the real Hillary that he’s loved and adored for the past forty something years.

          1. Oh, and what a shame that is. But not compared to having to know her as SoS and about to get to know her as president.

            1. “Don’t really understand what you just said. This is beyond my expertise.”

              And he finally admits his cankle love

      2. The message was he fell in love with Hillary at first sight, has loved her as much or more everyday ever since, yet she never stops surprising him on how smart and good and caring she is about everything all the time.

        It was a very good speech. If you had no idea who the Clintons were before you heard it you’d want to vote for Hillary.

        The speech was a kind of porn for married and marriage-minded heterosexual women of all ages too causing Rachel Maddow to say she was absolutely horrified by the first half while still giving it an “A+” overall.

        1. Sounds dull and nauseating.

        2. It was a very good speech

          Yeah, my prediction yesterday would be that he would knock it out of the park. when he’s on, he’s on.

          The message was he fell in love with Hillary at first sight

          as someone said yesterday, “I knew right then and there she was the woman i wanted to cheat on for the rest of my life

          So basically he made all the middle-aged women go ‘squeeeeeeeee’. Good for him. I guess i can see why it was so little remarked upon. (*except maybe in places i will never go anyway, a la “Bustle”)

          1. I’d call it the second best speech of either convention so far. Laura Ingraham delivered the best imo.

  18. OT: The Trump Subreddit Creates A “Safe Space” For Special Snowflake Donald Trump’s AMA…..rumps-ama/

    Take that lefties!

  19. Reason, I understand that for unknown and totally unsolvable reasons, you are unable to provide us with an edit feature, something that any 5 year old aspiring web developer could do in 10 minutes or less.

    But, since that is more impossible than making the big bang run backwards and reversing time, can you please have mercy on us peasants and get rid of the extra spacing caused by troll blocking?

    1. Speaking of people with a desperate need for safe spaces…

    2. well this is a decades long bonfire sprung from a pretend boy.

      1. Well said.

  20. acid printed dreams will be the weekend voyages of the slowly spinning cities among the goddamn darkness of star cemeteries…

    space is the optimal future for libertarians because spaceships running dark alleys that run for neon ribbons flitting among the hummingbird rafts. We drop presidents and bureaucrats off the edge into space… And then get drunk or tripped out on odd atomics.

  21. Bloomberg gets booed for defending the private sector. He quickly pivots to Hitler Trump for the save.

    1. Michael Bloomberg’s fortune went from around $11 billion in 2008 to over $41 billion in late 2015 according to wikipedia.

      1. Then I guess he’s one of those people who won’t mind paying “just a little more” in taxes.

  22. JB linked earlier to this piece in the BBC, which ponders…

    With four attacks in southern Germany coming shortly after the mass murder of 84 people in Nice, counter-terrorism officials are struggling to detect a common thread. Is there a single, defining feature to these attacks that could offer clues on how to prevent more of them from happening?

    18 July: An axe-wielding teenage asylum seeker from Afghanistan is shot dead after injuring five people in an attack on a train. IS claims the attack, releasing a video recorded by the attacker before the incident
    22 July: A German teenager of Iranian extraction goes on a shooting rampage in the Bavarian state capital, Munich, killing nine people, most of them migrants, before shooting himself. He is said to have been obsessed with school shootings
    24 July: A Syrian asylum seeker is arrested in the town of Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, after allegedly killing a Polish woman with a machete and injuring two other people. Police suggest it was probably a “crime of passion”
    24 July: A failed Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up outside a music festival
    On the surface, the answer would appear to be no.


    1. I don’t really worry much about the migrant/refugee thing, but that is some pretty amazing willful ignorance.

  23. I’m going to campaign on a platform of removing extra spacing caused by troll blocking. Will you vote for me?

  24. What about mortar? The wall as shown could be rather easily knocked down.

    1. Oops, I see that has already been discussed.

  25. “So far at least, a better future always arrives for us in America and the rest of the world.”

    I bet that’s exactly what the millions of rubes in Soviet Russia and China thought before Stalin and Mao killed them.

    That sentence was one of the dumbest fucking things The Jacket has ever written.

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