Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg's Speech Could've Been a Gary Johnson Endorsement, if Bloomberg Weren't a Big Nanny Statist

Says Americans have to come together and embrace the freedoms the founding fathers established.



Former Republican/Independent New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the Democratic  National Convention tonight, making the pitch for Hillary Clinton to independent voters.

"You know, when the founding fathers arrived here in Philadelphia to forge a new nation, they didn't come as Democrats or Republicans, or to nominate a presidential candidate," Bloomberg said. "They came as patriots who feared party politics, and I know how they felt."

They felt the same way an increasing number of Americans who don't affiliate with a major party do. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton (and Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump), a record-breaking number of independents say that government is too powerful.

Bloomberg admitted he has sometimes disagreed with Clinton, but no matter. "I've come here to say: We must put them aside for the good of our country," Bloomberg said. "And we must unite around the candidate who can defeat a dangerous demagogue."

For #NeverTrump Republicans, that candidate is slowly becoming Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. But it's not an option for dyed-in-the-wool nanny stater Bloomberg.

"Today, as an independent, an entrepreneur, and a former mayor, I believe we need a president who is a problem-solver, not a bomb-thrower," Bloomberg said, "someone who can bring members of Congress together, to get big things done."

Yet "bipartisanship" has been the cause of many a disaster, including the drug war, farm subsidies, and interventionism. Bipartisanism is a dangerous ideology of its own. Bipartisanship has shaped the presidency into a dangerous tool for candidates like Trump and Clinton. The call for bipartisanship is one of the oldest, and most dishonest, cliches in U.S. politics.

After laying out a case against Donald Trump as businessmen (Bloomberg says he encourages business leaders to run for office), Bloomberg returned to appropriating the founders.

"We can only solve our biggest problems if we come together and embrace the freedoms that our Founding Fathers established right here in Philadelphia," said the man who is a leading advocate of stripping Americans of their right to self-defense, and blamed Republicans for "standing in the way of action" on gun violence in his speech. Those freedoms onto which Bloomberg imposes terms adn conditions, "permitted our ancestors to create the great American exceptionalism that all of us now enjoy."

As many of the anti-Clinton speeches last week and other anti-Trump speeches this week, the thrust of Bloomberg's argument is just as powerful a case for Gary Johnson.

NEXT: Neither Clinton Nor Trump Would Reduce the National Debt

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  1. ‘Nanny Statist’ sounds pretty good right about now.

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    1. england swings like a pendulum do

      1. You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd.

    2. To the point… I like it.

      1. I like pie.

  3. “Bipartisanship” nowadays functionally means “serve as a proofreader on the liberal policy agenda”. Hogwash to that.

  4. i found a thousand popcorns all over my body, boys. i am dry and dusty with delicious corn clouds and i have no FUCKING GODDAM IDEA how to clean all this shit up. and so on

  5. Embrace those freedoms – except for all the ones Nanny Bloomberg doesn’t like.

    1. got to outlaw those soda pops and guns

  6. I’m more in the market for a president who could get big things undone.

    1. Single payer? Another military intervention? Overturning amendments?

      Why not all 3?

    2. I like that I think I’ll use that line

  7. presidents should be enjoyed with salsa

    1. Love the ambiguity of that.

  8. freedoms like owning a gun or buying the size soda they want or being free to be brown/black in the city?

    1. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

      Freedent’s just another brand of non-stick gum to chew

  9. Gary Johnson is a stoned sideshow clown in a tie-dyed peace sign T-Shirt. TEAM Capital-L has more in common with the Demopublican duopoly than they do with liberty and real dynamic. disruptive paradigm-shifting pro-liberty change.
    You wanna shake things up? VOTE TRUMP. His press conference today (totally ignored by treason.com) is testimony to this essential truth.

    1. Goddamn you are fucking boring.

      1. You know I’m absolutely right. If not, you’ll learn soon.

        1. You think Trump is preferable to a random batch of grass clippings, let alone Johnson and expect anyone here to give you cred?
          “Ignoramus” doesn’t begin to describe your stupidity.

        2. Let’s not forget siv is wrong about almost everything. Remember when he thought pence was some super secret red herring double cross of a genius? Moron.

        3. SIV, you do know how the whole electoral college process thing works? If you are one of those weird few living in one of those ambiguously lavender to dark purple bi-swinger type states then, why not? If somehow that makes you feel better. Other wise vote for the libertarian candidates, on general principal. Trump, we can assume is not – the “Truest of Scots”. But probably still an order of magnitude more palatable than Clinton by any measure. And already the whole predictable seasonal avalanche of Re-Hitlering by Pants Shitters Unanimous is starting to get SO FUCKING TEDIOUS. Even to me. I am old enough to remember when old man Dole – who always seemed closer to Grandpa Walton than Hitler, was cast in that role. And by no less than Teflon Clinton One, you know, – the Rapey One. So I can assume that the average lever pulling partisan must have puked already and gone into one of those merciful rerun induced comas from all this by now. Well half of them maybe. I think those ones in Philly might still be obsessing over all the details in their plans for invading Poland and Czechoslovakia or some other such nonsense. I

  10. agile would love to eat his salsa and goddamn beer with USA prez… bring the boys by to my spot and let us sprout lines, beer, and salsa… and maybe the fuck even some presidential pork melted on the hell fires of oaken hickory stampedes…

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    i guess this is where these lines end and start after the cliff jump lovya boys and sweeties gone gone

    1. Wishing you a pleasant evening, A C ….

    1. I thought I was the only S3 fan left in the whole wide world.

      1. I am but a naive millennial but I love Spacemen 3

    2. Have you known about them for a long time?

      Did somebody turn you onto them recently?

      1. I’ve known about them since about 1990. I’ve posted their cover of the MC5’s Black to Comm here as the perfect libertarian anthem many times here for many years.

        1. You had to be incredibly hip back then to know about them. It’s hard for people to imagine what it was like back in the day, before the browser, when radio didn’t play stuff.

          If you had an incredibly hip college station, you might have heard of them.

          Spacemen 3 is like the missing link between stoner metal, grunge, shoe gazing, and American bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre–but precursors to most of it.

          You must have been a hep-cat back in the day!

  11. It was delicious irony to see Tim Kaine mocking a retarded person.

  12. “They came as patriots who feared party politics, and I know how they felt.”

    Is that why you walk around with a small army of armed security you statist shitbag mutherfucker?

    1. I loved how one of his Executive Protection guys put hands on the journalist. That’s battery where I live and and grounds for dismissal (among other things) as well as a fine and potential black balling for life. Then, of course, to be followed and harassed by an NYPD cop to boot.

  13. Hey, the athletes know what to do with it:

    “Brazilian drug dealers are using the Olympics logo to sell cocaine”
    “And despite the bags being filled with cocaine, drug traffickers were at least responsible enough to warn users to “keep away from children.”

    1. Meanwhile, police officers have been greeting travelers with “Welcome to Hell” banners at the airport

      The enforcement arm of the mafia at war with their masters. Let’s make that an Olympic event.

      1. Kalashnikovs at 100M should be an entertaining event, just make sure the audience is widely spaced at both ends.

        1. We just want to watch. Not advocating violence!

          **Disclaimers are necessary only for thin skinned comment monitors**

        2. Yet another Olympic event the Brits can’t train for.

    2. The corrupt motherfuckers at the IOC think they’re the only ones who should be making money off of the five rings.

    1. That was actually a pretty good stunt.

  14. When the taxpayers clean up your mess, you can claim you ‘meant well!’:

    “Reality check on state pension investments”
    “California’s two enormous pension pools ? the biggest in the nation ? favor the long view on investment returns. Up and down economic times shouldn’t dent the overall ability to pay benefits to state workers and teachers, who number 2.6 million and counting.
    But that comforting outlook is falling apart. Both funds are running drastically short of yearly goals of a 7.5 percent return. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, known as CalPERS, with $300 billion in its pool, eked out a 0.6 percent return, and the teachers’ fund grew by 1.4 percent this past fiscal year.”
    http://www.sfchronicle.com/opi…..477566.php (may be pay-walled)

    Translation from proggy Chron headline: The favor investments that may not pay a penny, but they sound good to watermelons and other imbeciles.
    And guess what? They don’t pay the bills.

    1. php…how quaint.

  15. Which freedoms do you think he meant? Knowing Bloomberg, probably financial freedoms, I guess. The ability to own & trade securities, to form public corporations, limited liability, probably.

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  19. heh, was looking for an old article and came across the prediction John got a bit wrong:

    John|7.18.07 @ 3:40PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

    Yes we can end the occupation and declare victory and go home. But when that happens, the betting seems to be that Al Quada takes over Iraq or a good part of it and turns it into Afghanistan West, only this time with Iranian protrection and probably in a three or four years Iranian nukes. What happens then? Al Quada pulls another 9-11 or two being supported and protected by a nuclear armed Iran? Would have made things a bit sticky wouldn’t it have? Do you really think that Europe, then within range of Iranian missiles would support action against Iran after another 9-11? Hell no. There would be deniability and lying and calls for peace and negotiations and meanwhile, the US will be left powerless to do anything without running the risk of starting a nuclear war. The whole world will fold and supplicate themselves before the Iranians and abandon the US to avoid that. The US will be like the Corleone family after the drug dealer gets the protection of the cop. All the families will turn against them just to prevent a nuclear war. I have a feeling that once Iran has the bomb, the US will get hit and hit hard and will continue to get hit with impunity. That is the future.

    1. At this point what does the US do? In all seriousnes, why not just pay them and make some adjustments to our culture and hope they leave us alone because clearly fighting them is not an option, if a war that causes 20,000 casualties in a nation of 300 million is too much to bear.

      I am sure a few hundred billion a year and the agrement to crack down on Hollywood and pornography and the like, would probably keep them off of our backs for a while anyway and be cheaper than fighting them.

    2. Heh, he seriously believes that Shia and Sunni will come together and magickally unite against the West. Not just Shia and Sunni, mind you, but the Iranian Theocracy and Wahhabis. Because those two groups just LOVE each other.

  20. Bloomberg is about as independent as Sanders. Just like Sanders, if it benefited him, he’d join the party. I must admit that anyone who can make Rudy look good has some serious talent though.

  21. A protestor in Philly pulls a Hold my beer and watch this. NSFW for language.

  22. “They came as patriots who feared party politics, and I know how they felt.”

    Modest as always.

    1. For most of the Revolutionary War, New York was occupied by the British. Bloomberg would have made a good collaborationist mayor.

  23. Basically, America is hosting a catfight among New York progressives.

    Hillary, Trump, Bloomberg, Giuliani…

  24. According to the linked report Trump’s debt increase comes from cutting taxes which in their minds equals less revenue. It also has him cutting spending but not as much as the revenue decrease they estimate.

    Hillary will raise taxes and spending, they are just saying the difference won’t increase the debt.

    Is it the Reason foundation’s idea in general that taxes shouldn’t be cut because they reduce federal revenue?

  25. ” the thrust of Bloomberg’s argument is just as powerful a case for Gary Johnson”

    These euphemisms…

  26. “I know how they felt” Um actually no you don’t you statist shit. The founders endured far more than this weasel could ever imagine. > Eleven signers had their homes and property destroyed, Eleven signers had their homes and property destroyed. Francis Lewis’s New York home was razed and his wife taken prisoner. John Hart’s farm and mills were destroyed when the British invaded New Jersey, and he died while fleeing capture. Carter Braxton and Nelson, both of Virginia, lent large sums of their personal fortunes to support the war effort but were never repaid.

    Bloomberg wouldn’t make a pimple on any of the the founders asses. He would have been a loyalist in NYC watching the execution of Nathan Hale.

  27. “Not a bomb Thrower” No Hillary doesn’t throw bombs but she does give them to random insurgent groups who will throw them right back at us.

  28. How anyone can take Nanny Bloomberg serious is beyond me.

  29. Statists gonna state.

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