The New Vikings Stadium Is a Broken Window Metaphor Come to Life

Vandalism at the Minnesota Vikings new stadium turned the $1.1 billion glass structure into a hulking metaphor about the folly of publicly-funded ballparks.


Brian Peterson/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Friday's grand opening of U.S. Bank Stadium, the $1.1 billion new home of the National Football League's Minnesota Vikings, was marred by a bit of vandalism. The façade of the new stadium was damaged last week when a vandal tossed a rock through one of the hundreds of glass panels that cover every inch of the stadium's exterior.

The result: a hole big enough for a small human to crawl through, according to the Minneapolis Star-TribuneThe 10-foot-by-five-foot exterior glass panel was smashed, though an interior panel did not break.

The newspaper said stadium security suspect the rock responsible for the damage was part of a "pile of decorative rock" located adjacent to the stadium's north side.

You have to wonder about the wisdom of leaving "piles of decorative rock" next to billion-dollar rendition of a Jawa sandcrawler covered in glass. It makes a very inviting target if you find it pleasant to break something from time to time, or if you're frustrated by the expense of the publicly funded stadium and want to make Austrian economic parables come to life.

That's because U.S. Bank Stadium, like many of today's taxpayer-funded professional playgrounds, is itself a giant testament to the enduring power of the broken windows fallacy.

Minnesota taxpayers fronted $348 million for the stadium, thanks to legislation signed in 2012 by Gov. Mark Dayton. The same bill required Minneapolis to fund an additional $150 million for the stadium, which the city did by increasing hospitality taxes.

Like the broken window in Bastiat's parable—which points out that economic activity redirected from one "unseen" purpose to another "seen" one, as in when a broken window is repeaired, does not produce a net positive in economic activity—new stadiums don't generate new economic activity, they merely redirect it.

In other words: What could have been done with those millions of dollars had they remained in the hands of Minnesota families and businesses? We'll never know.

But we do know that the stadium is unlikely to generate net economic benefits for the Twin Cities.

"Sports facilities attract neither tourists nor new industry," concluded economists Andrew Zimbalist and Roger G. Noll at the Brookings Institute in a report published nearly two decades ago, as cities across the country were embarking on a stadium-building binge. "A new sports facility has an extremely small (perhaps even negative) effect on overall economic activity and employment." 

At the end of the 2010 season, the average public bill for the 121 professional sports stadiums in the United States was $259 million, according to research from the University of Michigan. The same study found that taxpayers lost $31 billion in net economic costs for stadium construction. 

A 2012 analysis by Bloomberg found that taxpayers were on the hook for more than $4 billion in bond payments for professional sports stadiums built since 1996.  

Yet local governments keep committing big bucks to stadium projects.

In Hartford, Connecticut, local officials have blown through $63 million on a publicly financed stadium and still don't have anything to show for it. In Cobb County, Georgia, county officials had to raise taxes to keep public parks open after spending $400 million on a new stadium for baseball's Atlanta Braves

The list goes on and on. And on

Incredibly, the Vikings say it will take up to two months to replace the damaged window at U.S Bank Stadium, since all the glass panels were custom-made.  There's no word on how much those massive, custom-made glass panels will cost to replace, but they probably won't be cheap.

Just add that to the tab. Taxpayers in Minnesota are already paying for $16 million in cost overruns (though the Vikings have generously offered to cover $4 million worth) at U.S. Bank Stadium.

At least the glaziers will have work.

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  1. the rock responsible for the damage was part of a “pile of decorative rock”

    So, the glass resulting from the damage is part of a “pile of decorative glass”. Problem solved.

    1. Am I the only one thinking we need common sense decorative rock legislation?

      1. At least create the Decorative Rock Security Administration. Think of the JOBS!

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    2. Where is my hat tip? I reported on this last week. I even broke the news about it taking two months to replace.

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      1. 2.4 out of a million

        Just to be clear, that’s on a per-year basis.

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            The point was that lightning and human action are materially different and it’s not irrational to treat them as such, regardless of death tolls.

      3. I don’t think I’m in the slightest danger of being killed by a terrorist, but it’s still a trend worth looking at that will have an effect on modern politics, especially in Europe where the attacks are.

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      5. 50? Why are you just running the numbers on white people killed?

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  3. You have to wonder about the wisdom of leaving “piles of decorative rock” next to billion-dollar rendition of a Jawa sandcrawler covered in glass.

    Just. Fucking. Stupid.

    1. I don’t understand why they didn’t use tempered glass. Or put a metal screen in front. Dumb!

      1. Sad!

        1. That article is media bias in a nutshell.

          Government is covering almost all the cost of the stupid stadium, but somehow THIS ONE THING is the team’s fault and not government’s fault.

        2. What if, say, I feel threatened by birds?

      2. Even better, directives from the Decorative Rock Security Administration offices requiring the use of Raux?, a “green” recycled rocklike product that won’t break glass. It’s expensive, but uses 15% recycled waste. Even more better, I’m pretty sure Hillary’s got the CEO’s phone number (it was on one of his checks).

    2. I wasn’t wondering about the wisdom of it at all.

    3. I’ve seen dumber design flaws. Like architects removing concrete sidewalk that has been diverting water away from the sub-basement walls for the last 30 years because it interfered with their landscaping ideas.

      Of course, the tenants had slight problems with the foot of water that subsequently showed up in their server rooms during a northeaster.

    4. Utiniii! I have a friend who is quite short and cosplays as a Jawa. I need to start a kickstarter or gofundme to send her to a Vikings’ game in full Jawa outfit.

    5. It isn’t a pile of decorative rocks. More like they created a landscaped border around the stadium. This border is a bed of softball sized basalt rocks.

      It is way stupider than a pile of rocks. A pile makes you think that a guy might have to wander a few yards to get a rock. Nope. All around the stadium there is a bed of these rocks that is about the width of a sidewalk.

      Thank god that they weren’t playing there last year. Blair Walsh’s missed chip shot FG to win the game against Seattle would probably have resulted in us needing a brand new stadium.

  4. It was probably just a drunken Bears fan.

    1. Np Bear can throw that accurately. Now on either side of the MN/WI border you will find Packer fans and Viking fans living on the “wrong side.” Some are even married to each other.

  5. They can replace it with the revenues they get from electronic pull-tabs. 😉

    1. No one even talks about those e-pull tabs anymore. Complete memory hole.

      The whole sales job when they rammed this through was that all the money would come from those and no general funds would be needed.

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  20. Opportunity cost, how does it work?

  21. hundreds of glass panels that cover every inch of the stadium’s exterior.

    Not true.

  22. Edmonton taxpayers are getting fucked to the tune of $500M+ (depends on what you count as a cost attributable to the hockey arena) so a billionaire carpet-bagger team owner who lives in Vancouver can go from being a drugstore owner to land baron. Voters not only failed to punish city council for giving away the money, they voted for the former in-the-bag mayor’s hand-picked successor rather than the alderman whose platform was explicitly ”no public funding for the arena.”
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  24. The top line in the linked article about Bastiat’s paradox is this:

    This article is about the economic parable. For the criminological theory, see Broken windows theory.

    I’ll bet most people seeing the “broken windows” phrase in this article’s title thought it was referring to the latter.

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