Bernie Sanders

Sanders Delegates Looking to Nominate Alternative to Tim Kaine

Say Clinton campaign has not made overtures for party unity.


Ed Krayewski

The Bernie Delegates Network, a "reflective, not directive" grassroots network of about 1,250, or two thirds of, Bernie Sanders delegates, held a press conference this morning to express their displeasure with the Democratic party as the convention comes to a start in Philadelphia today, and indicated delegates would try to put forward an alternative vice presidential nomination, but would not offer any names.

California Sanders delegation co-representative Karen Bernal said delegates came to Philly "with an entirely different agenda than what the Democratic party would like to see itself part of." She reported that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed at the Florida delegate breakfast and that California delegates booed other speakers at their breakfast. They were also in Philadelphia "to talk about actually the power structure, its corruption, the fact that we utterly reject the system we're operating in now," said Bernal.

"The California delegation is not happy about this at all," said Manuel Zapata, a Bernie Sanders delegate and volunteer. "We are progressives and we are true progressives," saying it was "disrespectful" that a "madman" like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was reaching out to Sanders supporters more vigorously than HIllary Clinton.

The delegates who spoke at the presser, all from California, mentioned the selection of "neo-liberal" Tim Kaine as a running mate and the selection DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz' as an honorary chair with the Clinton campaign after she resigned as DNC chair over allegations stemming from the leak of the DNC's email database that the party had "colluded" with Clinton during the primaries.

Norm Solomon, the national coordinator of the delegates network, insisted that delegates "understand the necessity of defeating Donald Trump," and that one of the reasons they were disappointed with the selection of Kaine as Clinton's running mate was that it was "not a move that will solidify support from progressives" and that it would not "strengthen our hand to defeating Trump."

Sanders delegates are interested in presenting a vice presidential candidate of their own, according to Solomon, who said the selection of Kaine could "facilitate a Trump victory" and that there was "overwhelming support for a strong challenge" to Kaine on the floor this week. He said 300 delegate votes, with no more than 50 from any one state, had to sign on to nominate a vice presidential candidate, and said he hoped the DNC would not delay in making the necessary forms available.

Solomon slso suggested action on Wasserman Schultz. "If Hillary Clinton wants to move today toward more party unity," Solomon said, she should admit "mistakes were made making Debbie Wasserman Schultz an honory chair. She should be disempowered of that post before she even takes it on Friday.'

The delegates at the press conference also argued with members of the media about the merits of booing and other symbols of protest at the convention itself. One pointed out that what appeared to be Sanders delegates outside were chanting "lock her up," a popular refrain at last week's Republican convention. The delegates repeatedly highlighted that they could not and would not speak for all Sanders delegates when questions of floor tactics came up. Asked what they would do if Sanders suggested a course of action for them, they insisted they would "take it under advisement," as they would suggestions from anyone. "It's still essential to defeat Donald Trump," said Solomon.

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  1. Is Kucinich still alive? They should nominate that guy.

    1. Or his wife.

      wink wink nudge nudge

      1. She is pretty shiny looking (I never knew the gnome had it in him). But looking at her vegan and anti-GMO rants, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

        1. I would guess she has been hoodwinked into thinking her husband is actually Chihuahua from the local rescue.

          She finds all the barking and leg-humping endearing.

  2. Sanders’ supporters have been given their white-trash-coiffed scalp already, they will not be afforded another.

    1. Progs are like alligators; all one gets feeding them is an unfortunate budding association of humans with food. Tossing some chum so easily was just Hillary’s latest mistake.

  3. So, I’m struck by something this morning. I’m a little out of the news cycle as of late, and I was shocked to hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz had resigned her position with the DNC.

    I guess I’m a little surprised this Wikileaks story has legs. It’s like a bunch of Sanders supporters either woke up over the last 24 hours, or fell off the turnip truck (take your pick) and discovered that the DNC is an arm of the Clinton political machine. Did people really not know this? Or did they know this but were waiting for the ‘hard evidence’ so they could spring into action?

    Also, does anyone else find it interesting that this leaked email thing would normally be the kind of story the regular media would discover and report itself? Does anyone else find it strange that the media is now reporting stories that they themselves read in a blogpost?

    1. They needed to give something to the Sanders’ people after not giving him in the VP slot.

      Graveltooth hadn’t secured the down-ticket races, she couldn’t knock off Sanders early so the coronation would proceed smoothly, and by the Dark Gods, Hillary had to put forth a little bit of fucking effort to secure the nomination. Debbie was a scapegoat and a sacrifice for party unity, and they get to blame the leak on 1) Russia, tying it to Trump and 2) wikileaks, getting them back a bit for exposing Obama’s lies.

      Hillary 100% percent leaked those emails.

      1. Hillary 100% percent leaked those emails.

        It’s an interesting theory. I’ll admit to possibly being too politically naive to really believe it though.

        It seems that this story threatens to turn the Dem convention into the circus they promised the GOP convention would be. I mean, it just feels like Sanders supporters are pissed off enough that they might actually disrupt something at the Dem convention which wouldn’t be in Hillary’s interest.

        1. They didn’t play it right. They should have forced her out before the convention.

          1. Maybe, maybe not. If they are planning some shenanigans with the convention rules, like if the Bernie people actually want a floor vote on rules or something, then they need her to take the blame for those.

        2. I see no way that the average American ties Trump to the Russians leaking this. It’s being pushed as a narrative a bit by the media, but the Clinton camp will never directly make the accusation as there is no evidence.

          Most people buy Trump’s patriot shtick even if they hate him. There’s no way this is a false flag. And all of this makes the DNC, which is selling itself as the sane counter to the chaos of the GOP, look ridiculous. All of last week was spent by the media contrasting the Democratic calm with the Republican disunity. It’s all going up in smoke now.

          1. …but the Clinton camp will never directly make the accusation as there is no evidence

            It was Clinton’s creature Mook who broached the idea – completely uncorroborated by anything – into the MSM narrative, by design absolutely (though I don’t think Clinton’s peeps leaked the mails).

            And since when does ‘evidence’ drive a Clinton?

            1. He merely stated that Russia wants Trump to win. Which isn’t the same as a conspiracy – Putin is already on record noting he’d look forward to a Trump presidency.

              It’s not about fact. They will definitely leak and push the story through the media. But they won’t put their names to any conspiracy talk as they don’t have the slightest bit of evidence and it will just make them look stupid.

            2. And since when does ‘evidence’ drive a Clinton?

              Does withholding or destroying evidence count?

              1. I have been corrected. Thank you.

          2. I still don’t see any evidence other than a bunch of neocon blog posts that Wikileaks is associated with the Russian state. Its a convenient way for a bunch of Cold Warriors to attack things that make the State look bad by blaming VH Putin, supergenius.

        3. “it just feels like Sanders supporters are pissed off enough that they might actually disrupt something at the Dem convention which wouldn’t be in Hillary’s interest.”

          Maybe, maybe not.

          The segregationists and pinkos broke off from the Democrats in 1948, and this may actually have *helped* Truman by dramatically demonstrating that he was against segregationists and pinkos.

          Maybe Hillary can position herself as a centrist like her husband, someone who protects America from the extremists in the Democratic Party.

          (and then when she’s elected appoints the extremists to key government posts, but let’s not talk about Phase Two right now)

      2. Also, they are using the DNC email scandal is a proxy for that other email scandal. IOW, they are hoping that by DWS taking the fall, allegedly for an email scandal, that the vast, cud-chewing masses will assume that the email scandal was dealt with. But her fall was pre-ordained – even before the scandal she was going to be thrown under the bus because of her support for payday lenders as a conciliatory gesture to the Sanders/Warren crowd. Most people probably don’t realize she only resigned her DNC job, not that she’s still a US Congresscritter.

      3. Hillary 100% percent leaked those emails.

        FBI on the case:…..l?adkey=bn

        Need to bolster the Russian narrative. The ‘investigation’ should leave Russian connotation hanging like fart in the room until after election.

        1. I think you meant “security review”.

          It would be fantastic if the FBI used that term to describe what they are doing.

    2. What’s strange to me is that no one bothered to leak the documents to the media. The Ruskies basically knew the media would sit on it or downplay it if given to them, and that Wikileaks was the best way to go. What it says to me is that Russia views our media as a propaganda arm of the White House (which I’ve read reports in the past indicating as much

      1. What’s strange to me is that no one bothered to leak the documents to the media. The Ruskies basically knew the media would sit on it or downplay it if given to them,

        this exactly. It makes one wonder how much the world has changed where the Washington Post is the last place you take your story when you’ve got evidence of political dirty tricks.

        1. As long as they don’t see any drop in clicks from not being the original source there is no reason to change. If they get just as many permanent eyeballs from retelling stories other people broke, monetarily it makes no sense to spend the time, money, and effort to break the stories yourself.

        2. where the Washington Post is the last place you take your story when you’ve got evidence of political dirty tricks

          Depends on which party is in power. We all know who WaPo is all-in for.

        3. If anyone remembers Climategate from 2009, it was similarly just a public dump on FTP instead of ‘insider’ leak to MSM that would sit on it.

          Nobody ever figured out the whodunnit on that one either.

          1. One of my favorite TV/Movie tropes is when the poor protagonist has to run around with a disc/thumb drive of incriminating information to get it to the proper authorities before getting bumped off by the bad guys.

            Do writers not understand how easy it would be to simply publish and let bit torrent disseminate to the entire world? No reason to run for your life. Just saunter into local coffee shop and upload the files.

  4. “We are progressives and we are true progressives,”

    Oh, please let’s see the (figurative) ice pick buried in the Trotsky progressive wing by the Stalin progressive wing.

  5. There’s a lot of deliciousness in this post.

    “The delegates at the press conference also argued with members of the media about the merits of booing and other symbols of protest at the convention itself.”

    Press: “Come on, guys, you’re making the party look bad, and we’re trying to drag this mendacious harridan across the finish line.”

  6. These yahoos had better dial back on the negativity if they know what’s good for them…

    Don’t they understand that Hillary is about to assume her rightful place as president, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will soon be Secretary of State?

    1. DWS is no one’s secretary. DWS will be your Overlord of State. Or whatever Valerie Jarrett is, whichever entails the most arbitrary abuse of power.

    2. And neither one of them has ever forgiven an enemy.

      1. So they’re female?

    3. Chief of Staff. Huma is going to be pushed out.

  7. What is with all of the Hillary stories? Is Reason pro Trump now?

    1. No, they’re pro political glamour shot.

    2. I still see mentions of Trump, so they’re actually Trump stories. The cosmos just can’t help themselves.

  8. But…but…Chris Matthews told me that the DNC was going to be super positive and fun with all these celebrities!

    Next you’re going to tell me that every time Hillary is mocked she doesn’t really gain another voter.

    1. Is Matthews still on the air? Wow. I should turn on the tv more often.

      1. No, just keep it on the shelf somewhere so you won’t be one of those insufferable no-TV-having hipsters, but on no account turn it on.

  9. “There is another matter, Grandmother. A traitor in our ranks,” Hillary said.

    The crone sniffed the air and smiled.

    “Bring it to me,” she whispered.

    A figure was dragged out the forest, filthy, nude, bleeding, gross, with terrible hair. A large root was jammed mouth to keep her from speaking.

    “The Florida Jew,” the crone sneered. “You have betrayed us all.”

    Debbie’s eyes went wide and she made muffed sounds around the root gag.

    “Let the traitor speak,” the crone said.

    Hillary pulled the root from Debbie’s mouth roughly, breaking a few of her distorted gravel teeth in the process. The delegates tittered as she spit blood and tears cleaned paths on her dirty face.

    “You said of accused of helping Them,” the crone said.

    “Grandmother,” I only did as you told me.

    Hillary kicked her in ribs, below her distended breasts, and knocked her to her side.

    “Betrayer,” she hissed and spat at her.

    “Emails were written,” said the crone.

    “Emails were written,” intoned the delegates, and they did up-twinkle.

    “Emails were retained.”

    “Emails were retained.” And they did jazz-hand.

    “Emails were leaked.”

    “Emails were leaked.” And they did side-step shuffle.

    1. “I sentence you to be known and degraded by every man here,” the crone said.

      The forest filled with the sounds of hundreds of men fleeing into the night. Far away retching was heard.

      “Then death,” said the crone. “Bring her.”

      Hillary kicked Debbie in the crotch until she began to crawl to the crone in her bower. A supplicant rushed forward and put a silver knife into her veiny and shaking hand.

      “Give me your neck, Florida Jew,” she said.

      Debbie tried to turn away and Hillary booted her once more in the ruin of her vagina.

      “It can be worse, Betrayer. I can bring you before a Senate Subcommittee. Even your used assrag of a soul won’t survive that,” Hillary said.

      Debbie turned her head away and presented her neck.

      “Be swift, Grandmother,” she begged.

      The crone struggled to raise the blade and swiped feebly at Debbie’s neck folds. The blade barely made a mark.

      “Closer,” Hillary said, punching the pudding socks of Debbie’s teats painfully.

      The crone steady her knife hand with the other and laid the knife on Debbie’s neck. She sawed back and forth with the knife until her strength gave out. A thin line of blood appeared.

      “Aw, fuck it,” the crone said. “Let the dumb bitch just resign.”

      1. Two Hillary stories from SugarFree in one day? What is this, Shark Week?

        1. This is a continuation of this morning’s tale.

      2. punching the pudding socks of Debbie’s teats

        *wild fucking applause!*

  10. DNC is like the movie Titanic: Drama! Stars! Sex! Sets! CGI!

    But everyone already knows how the story ends.

    1. But everyone already knows how the story ends.

      We finally join the EU?

    2. The wimminz leave the men to die?

  11. “The Bernie Delegates Network hereby puts forth, for the Vice Presidency, this slightly-used Che Guevara poster.”

    1. Slightly used as in ‘The corners are crinkled and it’s got thumbtack holes.’ or in the more euphemist… nevermind.

      1. “Why is it all wet?”

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  13. Give us a name. The list of crippled lesbian anchor babies can’t be that long.

  14. From the derpbook:

    Dear Anti-Hillary Dems,

    I was for Bernie and now I’m for saving the world. As for you white privileged cry-babies: This isn’t just your election you are sitting out (or voting for those ridiculous other candidates) you are helping a man and a party that will cause (and has caused) violence and disenfranchisement to black and brown people (and others) who may be blocked from voting.

    Your action could literally further destabilize the world. Bernie lost. Period. Stop making this about yourself. This is bigger than that. You are in a rare position to use your Bernie authority and change the minds of those who are undecided to vote for Hillary, as the alternative to disaster. Don’t waste this opportunity. Remember the result of the vote for Nader. You will not be forgiven this time. And, YES, I’m talking to you.

    OMG, this is delicious. They aren’t even trying to mask it.

    1. has caused) violence and disenfranchisement to black and brown people

      Citation needed. Not that reality has any meaning for these lunatics.

      1. All that matters is the narrative. Any contradictory evidence is immaterial.

    2. When they say you won’t be forgiven, what does that mean? Like, you will be one of the people lined up against the wall and shot when the time comes sort of thing? It’s pretty ominous. If I didn’t know the people behind it were mostly limp wristed betas and out of shape feminists, I’d be worried.

    3. You will not be forgiven this time.

      +1 Leon Trotsky

    4. “A voter has been given a second chance. There will not be a third.”

    5. You will not be forgiven this time.

      Somebody can hardly wait for the purge to begin.

  15. “…the fact that we utterly reject the systerm [sic] we’re operating in now,” said Bernal.


    1. “I categorically reject this whole system that i’m voluntarily participating in!”

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