Republican Convention 2016

Donald Trump's RNC Speech Was a Terrifying Display of Nightmarish Authoritarianism

The GOP presidential nominee had only one solution to every problem: Give him more power.



Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican nomination was easily the most overt display of authoritarian fear-mongering I can remember seeing in American politics. The entire speech was dark and dystopian, painting America as a dismal, dangerous place beset by violent outsiders. In response to the nation's problems, Trump had only one solution: Donald Trump, the strongman who would take America back, by force if necessary.

Trump framed the speech by painting America as a nation under siege from urban crime, terrorism, and immigrants. He talked of rising homicide levels in some cities. He warned darkly of terrorist and immigrants, practically conflating them with urban violence, and told stories of Americans killed by those who had entered the country illegally. The simplest and more straightforward way to interpret Trump's speech was as a warning that outsiders are coming to America to kill you and your family.

It was a relentlessly grim and gloomy picture of America, built on thinly disguised racial distrust and paranoia. It was a portrait that was also essentially false. Violent crime has been steadily falling for more than two decades. Immigrants are less prone to criminality than native-born Americans. 

But portraying America in such a dark light let Trump cast himself as the nation's dark hero, a kind of billionaire-businessman fixer, unbound by rules or expectations of decorum—President Batman, the only one with the guts and the will to fight for the people.

Trump did not invoke superpowers, of course, but he might as well have; he had no other ideas or solutions to offer.

In addition to terrorism and criminality, Trump stoked anxiety about jobs and the economy, lamenting bad trade deals and the loss of manufacturing jobs. As president, he said, he would take our bad trade deals—especially NAFTA—and turn them into good ones. He did not say one word about how, or even what a "good" trade would look like, only that he would fix the problem. Trump promised to bring outsourced jobs back to America, and, as he has in the past, threatened unspecified "consequences" to companies that move operations overseas.

Trump's entire speech was packed with threats and power grabs, details be damned. It was a speech about how government should be made bigger and stronger and given more authority over every part of American life, and government, in most cases, simply meant Donald Trump himself. It was an argument for unlimited government under a single man, for rule by Trump's whim. He sounded less like he was running for president and more like he was campaigning to be an American despot.

Even when Trump veered into policy territory where there might be some overlap with those who favor free markets and limited government, he came across as shallow and unreliable.

He mentioned that his tax plan offered the largest tax cut of any candidate, for example, but said nothing about the mountain of new debt that plan would create. His plan to reduce burdensome regulations was not a plan at all, but two sentences of hollow assertion: "When we are going to deal with the issue of regulation, one of the greatest job-killers of them all. Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion a year, and we will end it very, very soon." That's it. That's his plan. The whole thing. We will end it very, very soon—which, in this context, means I will end it very soon. Trump himself is the only solution that Trump knows. 

The hour and fifteen minute long speech was a tour de force of grandiose narcissism, a petulant demand to be placed in the most powerful office in the most powerful nation in the world. Thanks to the Republican party, which nominated him and gave him his platform last night, he is alarmingly close to achieving this goal. Trump is the threat, but the Republican party as an institution deserves nearly as much scorn as Trump for making this happen. The GOP has proved a willing vessel for his ambitions, a ready audience for his dark and troubling argument. 

The essence of that argument is that America is unsafe and decline, and that as a result it should be cut off from the world, plunged into fear, and managed by a simple-minded strongman who ego and bluster know no limits. This was the argument that Trump made last night. It is his pitch for the presidency. And it is a lie—a fictitious, nightmarish vision that a power-hungry narcissist invented for the purpose of acquiring power for himself by being elected president. That's the all-too-possible nightmare that should terrify us most. 

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  1. Peter Suderman’s article on Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Was a Terrifying Display of Nightmarish Hyperbole.

    1. Yeah, a bit over the top. Try listening to a Taliban speech or such.

      I would rather think it should have been something like “Blowhard Bloviates and Bashes.”

      1. Suderman’s article was over the top, in depicting even accurate Trump claims as false. The crime rate stopped falling in 2014, the crime rate has increased substantially since then, and now may be back up to where it was in 2006.

        As even the liberal Washington Post has conceded, in 2015, the homicide “rate did, indeed, increase nearly 17 percent,” in 2015 in the nation’s 50 largest cities “and it was the worst annual change since 1990. The homicide rate was up 54.3 percent in Washington, and 58.5 percent in Baltimore.”

        So Suderman is wrong to claim that “Violent crime has been steadily falling for more than two decades.”

        1. Crime is definitely going up again. In addition to liberal Washington Post reporters admitting crime is up since 2014, see this discussion by a conservative lawyer at a Washington Post blog:

          “2015 closed with a 17 percent increase in homicides in the 56 largest cities, a nearly unprecedented one-year spike. Twelve cities with large black populations saw murders rise anywhere from 54 percent in the case of the District to 90 percent in Cleveland. Baltimore’s per capita murder rate was the highest in its history in 2015.

          Robberies also surged in the 81 largest cities in the 12 months after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

          In the first quarter of 2016, homicides were up 9 percent and non-fatal shootings up 21 percent in 63 large cities, according to a Major Cities Chiefs Association survey.”

          1. And that was all Trump claimed: that it’d gone up in the major cities in the previous year.

            So what if he really has no power to stop crime? At least he is against it!

        2. You are absolutely correct. Evidently Peter is disconnected with the world in which you and I live. If he cannot see the decline, then he cannot help stop that decline and help fix the problems. When he can promote true solutions, people “might” listen to him.

          1. Has anyone else noticed that the weekend Reason is even worse than the weekday? The weekday version will at least try to align Libertarian ideas to current events and sometimes present fair, unshrill, analysis of what the major media is discussing (although they less and less disagree with them). But the weekend Reason seems to lack parental supervision and writes like they are still in some liberal arts journal. This article is like that, long on criticism and short on facts. It is a point of view looking for facts to support it, which may be what most media is today, but is not good journalism which should give a balanced opinion of the story, i.e. present all the facts and no cherry picking. Reason itself has already swung more to the Left than to either the Right or Libertarianism in the 3 years I have been reading it so it is sometimes (think Bailey’s work especially) just a rehash of what the major media says. It’s fawning for credibility from the major establishment will be its downfall and unfortunately its integration into their narrative is undermining their ability to be an independent voice. Resist assimilation. Reason, it will steal what is left of your soul. Be better.

    2. I wonder how much of this was written in advance

      1. I’m pretty sure Suderman spends all his time furiously typing diatribes against Trump, and Reason is mercifully only publishing one or two a day.

      2. I was thinking the same thing myself. I’ll bet he already has articles written advance praising how wonderful Hillary is, ad nauseum.

    3. “Peter Suderman frightened by frank vague discussion of Americas problems.”

      1. I’ve never met Frank Vague but if he’s anything like trump he fails to grasp what Americas problems really are.

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    5. If speech of this sort disturbs Suderman this much then the last seven years of Obama should have him apoplectic. Yet strangely he is not.

      Maybe, just maybe with Suderman it’s not the what, but the who that really matters.

  2. Jesus Christ, Suderman, isn’t it about time to change your Depends?

    1. The hyperbolic, wordy paranoia of the status-anxious mcardle class.

  3. And it is a lie?a fictitious, nightmarish vision that a power-hungry narcissist invented for the purpose of acquiring power for himself by being elected president.

    Holy shit! This is an entirely new phenomenon! We have literally never before had a power-hungry narcissist invent lies of doom and gloom to get elected President!

    1. HTML tag fail

  4. Trump is the threat, but the Republican party as an institution deserves nearly as much scorn as Trump for making this happen.

    Thankfully, the Democrats and the media have no blame at all in this matter.

    1. Yup, because Trump supporters are basing their voice on principle. In absolutely no way, shape, or form is it a push back on rabid SJWs.

    2. Good point WTF. I have it on good authority that Democratic operatives were spiking the Kool-Aid with Ex-Lax. Mission accomplished.

  5. Two weeks after the Trump loses the election, his new book, “How I Conned the Greastest Nation on Earth into Thinking I Wanted to be President” will come out. The movie will come out a week after that. His will be the greatest dicker of all time.

  6. Canklestein or Drumpf.

    Which power-mad, soulless homunculus do you prefer?

    1. Depends: Do you fear more about your life under a fascist strongman or a politburo chief?

      1. Under Clinton the entire Federal bureaucracy, Congress, and the media keep on keeping on just as they have for the last seven plus years.

        Under Trump everyone will discover a need to serve as a check on an imperial presidency.

        It really is that simple.

  7. I can’t say that I disagree with Suderman…just wish this send-up would have ended with,
    “That’s the all-too-possible nightmare that should terrify us most. Oh…I forgot about Hillary.”

    1. Suderman is probably working on the “Libertarian Case for Hillary” article.

      1. Just like 2008.

      2. Pete Macadoodle Suderweigel (PMS, heh) has probably already cast his absentee ballot in at least two states.

      3. If reason doesnt give full throat support to Johnson I will seriously have a “what the fuck” moment.

    2. Suderman and his ilk appear to be trying to create a history that will keep him out of Cankles gulags. Every commie thinks that after the revolution they will be the ones invited to the cocktail parties. After prosecuting climate deniers who knows who will be next? (It will be pro-2nd’ers)

      *How is that for hyperbole?

      1. How is that for hyperbole?

        Not far enough. You also have to declare anyone whose opinion you disagree with is either lying or being paid for lying.

  8. I agree about Trump.

    It will be interesting to see if Reason unleashes this same tidal wave of criticism next convention for a candidate who’s just as bad and maybe worse, though in more conventional ways. Or if they pull a Johnson.

    1. Okay, that’s not even a euphemism.

    2. Beat me to it.

      The RNC was wall-to-wall screaming about the Trumpenwinter upon us all, and I dealt, you know, because it’s the RNC and that’s pretty much the topic for the week.

      If the DNC is wall-to-wall screaming about Trump as well, the writers can officially move themselves into the Part Of The Problem category.

      1. It will be interesting to see the Reason coverage.

        1. I expect to see some articles noting how the Dem speakers have “called out” Trump, and “exposed” Trump’s various positions, etc. Maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea.

          1. Nobly offering an alternative to Trump’s hate

  9. Yeah, it seems to be a bit of a throw back to early 90’s law and order stuff, but nothing really struck me as “nightmarish”. I really thought the articles today would be on stuff the GOP opening to LGBT folks with the events of last night..

    1. Considering the GOP platform went so-con, there’s an argument to be made that the RNC’s inclusiveness was Trump’s doing, not the GOP’s.

      There’s no way most of the staffers would be willing to compliment Trump for inviting LGBT viewpoints where they would otherwise not be welcomed.

    2. Huh. Yeah. I was shocked that news this morning led with Trump’s embrace of homosexuals in his speech. I just heard it in passing. Maybe they were taking a shot at what they think are regular GoPers.

      1. Or since Trump has never been particularly bigoted, and anyone who reads news now understands that a decent fraction of the LGBT population own guns or want to own guns, it seems like a good time to ‘transition’ to being okay with gays. Just around the edges, as the Christian communities become more accepting. In another ten years, there will be a couple of splinter groups still bashing homosexuality, but not enough to drive the platform.

        1. “Or since Trump has never been particularly bigoted”


          1. Only if you drink SJW Kool-Aid do you believe Trump is a bigot.

            1. Or read what he’s said about Mexicans. It doesn’t exactly take an imagination to think he’s a bigot.

              1. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

                “Some are good and some are rapists and some are killers. We don’t even know what we’re getting,” Trump said when asked if he regretted his comments at his announcement event in New York last week.

                Nothing bigoted there. Just things that are obviously true, if uncomfortable to talk about.

                SJW types have defined the terms “bigoted” and “racist” down so far that it makes it impossible to have a discussion about any controversial racist or ethnic issue, because the moment you say something uncomplimentary, you’re a racist.

                This is ridiculous, and you may be suckered into letting the terms be defined that way, but I’m not.

          2. He certainly knows how to appeal to bigoted voters, but if Ivanka is to be believed, women and minorities are treated fairly at the Trump Organization, and if Trump is to be believed, minorities have suffered substantially under a minority president.

        2. “Or since Trump has never been particularly bigoted”

          I’m not sure that any single fact can penetrate the author of such a sentence, but just in case, here is an avalanche of racist actions. Additionally, it contains dozens of “guilt by association” that no other politician would have survived.

          And this doesn’t count misogynist or other contemptible qualities that people find so endearing of The Donald. Just racism.

          1. Was there one in there that was more than an unsupported accusation or an unconfirmed quote from a bitter competitor? I couldn’t find one.

          2. A racist he probably is, but, in all fairness, what has he done to make people accuse him of misogyny? He has a vicious hatred of Rosy O’Donell and he made a tasteless period joke about Megyn Kelly. That does not amount to hatred of women. Insulting one woman is not misogyny, no more than insulting one man is misandry.

          3. The progderp is strong in that article.

        3. The Libertarian Party has since 1972 been the only defender of sex and reproductive rights for grownups. The possibility of this kind of courage getting votes caused the kleptocracy court to free women and gays from coercion at the hands of the Klan and Methodist White Terror. Both soft machines can now turn to their queer-rollers and woman-rapists and say “we tried, but the courts we appointed struck down the laws you morons wanted.”

      2. To be fair, a large part of that “embrace” was about not wanting them to be murder by Islamic terrorists, a position that (contrary to what the progtards in the media keep claiming), even the most extreme SoCon agrees with.

        1. I think you missed a few of the deleted tweets from the most extreme SoCons then.

        2. Scott Adams claims Trump made a credible case that he is the better protector of the LGBTQ community because he takes a harder line against Muslim immigration. This and the GOP’s truncated interpretation of our pathetic migration plank is definitely going to cost the LP some votes now that the GO Pee is no linger free to order its cops into gay bars to do pretty much the same as their fellow religious fanatic in Orlando.

      3. Most SoCons that do find homosexuality deviant, and a sin, also embrace the ideal that you should hate the sin, not the sinner. Therefore, they want gays not to die, so they can come to Jesus. Perfectly logical (and literally how my uncle thinks).

        1. I’m not sure think is the right verb. Believing perhaps…

    3. Yep. Especially worth noting that when Trump spoke positively about the LGBT community the crowd was quite enthusiastic.

      Suderman is either deluded or just a straight-up shill. Either way his articles are getting more and more mendacious.

  10. So to recap – Trump is not iota worse in any way whatsoever than Hillary but Suderman will never admit it.

    That is all.

    1. Trump is actually an improvement on the GO Pee, but the GO Pee is the problem. Prohibitionism has recreated the murdering junta rule of the 1920s that completely collapsed the economy when Hoover?s Congress raised sugar tariffs, raided glucose plants and broke up huge industrial stills worthy of an oil refinery while confiscating bank accounts and doubling prison populations by rounding up victimless non-criminals. Reagan and Holy War Bush did the same, but largely to break Soviet profiteering on prohibition. George Waffen Bush proceeded to use asset-forfeiture to unleash rabid bigoted and greedy cops on the population and the video result is plain to see.
      Because using the communist income tax and looting to enforce ku-klux prohibitionism literally destroys the economy wherever it happens, the nationalsocialist GO Pee is the real threat to These States. The dems are ordinary parasites cut adrift when their Soviet fell, and are relatively harmless.

  11. I kinda want to see Trump win now, just to see what Suderman does.

    “Dogs and cats LIVING TOGETHER! “

    1. He may just have to move to Venezuela. Because even that will be better than TRUMP’s America.

    2. Real Wrath of God stuff.

  12. Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Was a Terrifying Display of Nightmarish Authoritarianism

    Relatively speaking, it really wasn’t.

  13. But portraying America in such a dark light let Trump cast himself as the nation’s dark hero, a kind of billionaire-businessman fixer, unbound by rules or expectations of decorum?President Batman, the only one with the guts and the will to fight for the people.

    Don’t sully the name of Batman like that!! You monster…

    1. Go look at the 1930s where Dick Tracy/Batman were the comic fantasy reaction to the entrenchment of rent-seeking politicians. A world where bribe gouging bureaucrats into the fabric of a mixed economy copying Sharia law out of superstitious mythology–this world. That is also the legacy of the Prohibition Party weaving its tentacles into the GO Pee, just as the incumbent kleptocracy is the result of WJ Bryan’s dry communist People’s Party swallowing the democratic jackass like a giant anaconda. The DemoGOP is what it is because it imports its ideas through the “wasted” spoiler votes of fanatical looters and mystics. Verifiable spoiler votes for freedom are the only thing capable of reversing the trend begun even before 1848.

  14. Trump is a conman and you’re a fool to ever give him anything. The fraudster has said repeatedly in various ways that he doesn’t really negotiate great deals – he renegotiates deals. He’ll make any deal you want, but once you keep your end of the bargain you’re fucked because he ain’t keeping his. That’s where the negotiation starts, that famous “if you owe the bank a million dollars you can’t pay back you have a problem, if you owe the bank a hundred million you can’t pay back the bank has a problem”. Right now he wants to be President and if you give him the office on the promise that he’ll do Great Things you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself for the fucking that’s coming.

    1. Agreed. Expanding on that…

      If we created a political system where one person can damage the entire country for years to come, then having poor choices to fill that position is not our problem.

    2. since the U.S., rarely keeps its promises anyway, just ask the natives the Vietnamese, Libya and
      Americans in general I’d say Trump fits right in

  15. Breaking News at 11: Big government Democrat gives a big government Democrat speech. The only newsworthy part about the speech is that it was at the RNC.
    We’re doomed. I don’t care how scatterbrained Gary Johnson is, I’m voting for him no matter what.

    1. I’m voting the straight libertarian platform ticket, despite Gary–who is still WAY better than the soft machine candidates. The candidates for City, Statehouse, House and Senate are the one that will repeal bad laws or be replaced by libertarians–provided 2% of the population summons the gumption to vote against looting.

  16. “It was a relentlessly grim and gloomy picture of America, built on thinly disguised racial distrust and paranoia. It was a portrait that was also essentially false.”

    And who said the guy wasn’t a natural politician: politics thrives on FUD. However, Trump’s FUD can’t hold a candle to Clinton’s FUD.

    1. This. The Democrats not only literally think the sky is falling and our cities will melt (if they don’t get flooded by rapidly rising seawaters first), they want to arrest anyone who questions their Chicken Little pearl-clutching god of “Science”.

      1. The Democratic “god of science” is more like a cheap plastic idol. Actual science itself is invisible and personal; kind of like religion.

  17. In this election people seem to be scrambling to vote for Hitler because they are afraid of Stalin. You can add the party to whichever name you please. Mary Katherine is right, I think we have encouraged the bastards enough.

  18. In fact, people aren’t scared. They’re angry. We’ve recreated the Garden of Eden and that’s just not good enough for them. So now they want to burn it all down. The irony is that the man who will do this is “Donald J Trump, builder.”

    1. ROFLMAO. This is some of your best material yet, Weigel!

    2. Trump didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.

    3. We’ve recreated the Garden of Eden and that’s just not good enough for them.

      But what about the plutocracy? The massive inequality? The institutionalized racism? Misogynist male gamers looking at T&A? Surely these bugbears of progressives cannot exist in a Garden of Eden!

      So now they want to burn it all down. The irony is that the man who will do this is “Donald J Trump, builder.

      Trump couldn’t “burn down” a garden shed. The presidential candidate with the program, the will, and the political connections to “burn it all down” is Hillary Clinton. An incompetent fool beats a corrupt psychopath any day when it comes to government.

  19. After 8 years of having a POTUS making apology tours, bowing to foreign princes, capitulating to enemies, pushing away allies, lecturing and denigrating Americans, punishing America economically, dividing the country by race etc etc is it any wonder a populist America-first message resonates? His sincerity aside, the message is going to sell to people that are tired of having shit rubbed in their faces from an arrogant, petulant empty suit.

    1. Exactly. Got in an argument with the wife last night when she made the claim that all Trump supporters are misogynists and bigots, to which I replied that she was being just a tad unfair and painting with too broad a brush, which apparently blew her mind. What I didn’t directly say but strongly implied was that her reaction was the kind of thing that drives people who are not bigots to vote for someone who is famously anti-pc.

    2. Pretty much. And the Obama-sycophants are too far up his ass to realize any of that.

  20. It was a shitty speech, sure, but 90% of what Suderman cites is pretty standard stuff for the candidate of the out-of-office party. Of course he’s saying everything sucks – if everything were terrific, why wouldn’t the voters choose a candidate from the party of the incumbent?

    It would also be nice if someone other than Harsanyi would acknowledge some of the reasons why this kind of man on a horse bullshit has gotten traction this particular election cycle. These things aren’t happening in a vaccum.

  21. at least he hasn’t claimed he could lower the ocean levels like the messiah did.

  22. “Trump did not invoke superpowers, of course…”

    Well, Batman doesn’t have any superpowers – but The Orange One hasn’t said anything about a utility belt, either.


    1. Except Trump is way more Lex Luthor than Batman.

      1. I’m pretty sure Elon Musk is Lex Luthor. Unless he’s really Tony Stark.

        1. Trump is The Smiling Cobra, Morgan Edge. (pre-Crisis, Kirby Fourth World era.)

          We’re in trouble if he’s really the clone from Darkseid’s Evil Factory.

          Hillary? Granny Goodness.

          Kevin R

  23. “Donald Trump’s speech accepting the Republican nomination was easily the most overt display of authoritarian fear-mongering I can remember seeing in American politics”

    And it sounded just like a penis!

  24. Suderman’s pants shitting is truly magical to watch.

    1. Megan must go through through an awful lot of detergent!

  25. Americans aren’t imagining the shitty economy, shitty schools, corrupt judiciary, police assassinations and terrorist attacks, plus a government that tells us to get used to it while they enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the people who still bother to work.

    1. All this while the national debt goes up by more than a trillion dollars a year.

  26. I didn’t listen to all of Trump’s speech (weak stomach I guess) but from the parts that I did hear Suderman is actually quite restrained in his criticism. What Trump said was awful but when combined with the tone of his voice when he said these things, the overall impression is one of near criminal insanity and narcissistic paranoid delusions.

    It has been said that if you really want to reveal a person’s character, give them power. I’m not sure I want to see “Trump Unbound” whether or not he actually believes the vile tripe that he expounds.

  27. You guys are still underestimating Trump and writing the GOP obituary way too early.
    Hate him or hate him even more, Trump is speaking directly to the people who want change (whether it’s smart change or not.) He will make mincemeat of Clinton, and it started last night.

    His speech certainly ran on way too long, but it connected with people in a way Romney never could and Clinton never will. And Ivanka knocked it out of the park.

    As for the Republican Party, a new governing coalition is always easy to put together. The Democrats have drifted so far left so fast, the middle is there for the taking, and Trump is grabbing it, let me tell you.

    1. Oh, I don’t underestimate Trump. I think there is a very good chance he will win.

      And if he does, it’s the end of the GOP as a home for even vaguely-libertarian-leaning voters.

  28. When is Reason going to go back to fighting the real threat to American freedom: gender pronouns and safe spaces.

  29. Someone should email Suderman a link to Buchanan’s ’92 RNC speech. Pete wouldn’t shit right for a week.

  30. Despite suffering from early-onset dementia, Suderman retains his lovely evirato singing voice.

  31. You had me until you started that same defense of illegal immigration and the call for an influx of people from cultures who will ENSURE that libertarian ideals will NEVER be realized in this country! My constitutional rights are just TOO valuable for me to sacrifice them on the alter of political correctness!

  32. Next week Hillary will say the same thing and it will be called dreamy utopianism achievable with her as our unquestioned leader.

  33. One could draw that conclusion, forgoing expressing absolutely no support for Clinton.

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  35. Seriously: can anyone point me to any news writers who haven’t lost their mind one way or the other on Trump? Some of these articles are just unreadable, and almost nowhere seems to still bother with even a pretense of logic.

    One of the few places I can stand for Trump news (since it’s not shrieking) is Scott Adams, but he’s probably not the most, objective source either.

  36. I’d like to assume American isn’t insane enough to elect this semi-retarded baboon.

  37. Unlike the Clintons, I’m pretty sure he has never killed anyone.

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  39. Awesome article, Peter! For further reading and viewing:
    “Donald Trump is What Fascism Looks Like” (article by Jeffrey Tucker, published in Newsweek) (Google it.)
    Heil Trump: A Warning to America (Anti-Trump ad, comparing him to Hitler)
    Great stuff.

  40. When Donald Trump announces his policies, he’s not announcing his best. He’s not a libertarian. He’s not a libertarian. They’re policies that have lots of problems, and he will enforce those policies on us. They’re polices of control. They’re policies of violence. And some, I assume, are good policies.

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  42. Another hysterical, alarmist screed from….shocking, aint it?

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