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University of Wisconsin
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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Multicultural Student Center held separate meetings based on race to discuss issues regarding race, including the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The center held two meetings for white students and staff and two for students and staff of color.

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  1. I’m OK with separate meetings so long as they were equal.

    1. Ok,we’ll take the nigs and the chinks ,but,no Irish!

  2. I’ve always said the only important color at UW is red.

    And I’m not talking about the sports team uniforms.

    (Go, Warriors! Ring out, ahoya!)

    1. A brave went to his chief and asked him how he named new born braves. The chief replied,i when a brave is born, if I see a eagle in the sky I call him ‘soaring eagle’, if I see a deer going across the plain I call him ‘running deer. Why do you ask ‘two dogs fucking’?

      1. That joke was old even before I was born.

        1. Everyone’s a critic.

        2. And it’s still a classic.

  3. The center held two meetings for white students and staff and two for students and staff of color

    So regarding race issues. Whites are uniformly the same, and everyone else is uniformly the same?

    1. “Son, if you learned nothing else during your four years here at UW, you’ve certainly got that down pat.”


    2. Yep,Greek,Irish,French,German,Polish,Slav,Italian. All the same,that’s why Europe has always been so peaceful and the E.U is so successful.

  4. It’s like living in South Africa circa 1980

    1. South Africa circa 2016 isn’t all that rosy either.

  5. “It’s a bit off-putting to hear that news outlets are upset about the MSC holding separate meetings based on race,” Wisconsin Black Student Union President Marquise Mays said in a statement. “That is not segregation, it is actually providing the appropriate healing for the variety of communities that have attended.”

    “Also, the university has provided appropriate spaces for students of color to reflect quietly while sipping water, using restroom facilities or traveling on public transportation. For convenience those areas are marked with clearly visible signs.”

    1. Now all that’s needed is to make businesses in the area have separate sections for the ‘colored’. Or,maybe separate businesses .

    2. “…the variety of communities that have attended.”

      I’m so old I remember that when you went off to college, the COLLEGE was supposed to be your new community.

      1. I don’t get where people get this misconception that there is such a thing as a college community.

      2. Probably because they were all white?

    3. “That is not segregation, it is actually providing the appropriate healing for the variety of communities that have attended.”

      The school system in 1950’s Alabama didn’t segregate; they actually provided the appropriate educational opportunities for the variety of communities they served. Same with respect to public conveyances.

      As SCOTUS concluded in Plessy, “We consider the underlying fallacy of the plaintiff’s argument to consist in the assumption that the enforced separation of the two races stamps the colored race with a badge of inferiority. If this be so, it is not by reason of anything found in the act, but solely because the colored race chooses to put that construction upon it.”

      My grandfather was an Alabama Democrat who supported George Wallace. He wasn’t a hateful person; he genuinely believed that the interests of white persons and persons of color were best served when they are separated by race, and that only troublemakers were trying to crash events held for the other race. Evidently 2016 Wisconsin Democrats are like 1960 Alabama Democrats in this regard.

    4. “That is not segregation”

      Words, what the fuck do they mean?

  6. When I went there it was just beer and fat chicks. Now it sounds much better.

    1. Things are better there. Since my Madison days (mid ’80s), Pizza Brutta has opened and it is seriously world-class Neapolitan. And better beers than Point.

      1. I got really drunk in Madison once…

      2. Point. The only beer that wasn’t worth $1.25 a glass.

        1. Hamm’s begs to differ.

    2. Morning,going to be hot here,so beer weekend. No fat chicks though.

      1. I’m in Wartyville for a day or two, and it’s always over 150 degrees here just from his body heat emanations.

        Back home in Chicagoland, it’s even hotter and more humid, so I’m looking on the bright side.

        1. Yeah, thanks for that.

          *grumbles and looks at thermostat*

      2. Morning, to, you, too, Adans. Cheers.

  7. Where the white girls at?

    1. Complaining to the Title IX coordinator.

  8. It’s been ten years or so, but my university had one of those mandatory ‘diversity’ courses. The instructor kept referring to white people as “Anglos” and stated that people used tanning beds or sunbathed because they wanted to be the same complexion as she was.
    I asked her if she actually knew what an Anglo was.

    1. Except for the Jews in Germany, no race has been so oppressed as were the Irish Celts by Anglo-Saxons. They were targeted for extermination and enslaved in their own land.

      I always feign extreme offense when a PC type refers to me as an Anglo. I’m a few generations removed from Ireland, and think that this whole victimhood zeitgeist is bullshit. Other than the psychic pain have having to endure PC lunacy, the ignorant usage of “Anglo” as a reference to all persons of pallor doesn’t really matter much to me, but it’s sometimes fun to turn the language of the PC crowd against them.

      1. Brilliant.

        I think I’d go apeshit and demand they respect my Nordic ancestry.


  9. Why isn’t it called ‘Lives of Color Matter’?

  10. Why is it always my alma mater that is the news for these things? =(

  11. Why not have 6 meetings then? You could at least have given them the chance to talk to one another like people.

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