Republican Convention 2016

Reason LIVE from the Republican National Convention—Robert Draper

Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie talk to NYT's Robert Draper at #RNCinCLE


Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie talk to journalist Robert Draper of The New York Times LIVE at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  Streaming here too.

NEXT: Republican Platform: Some Science Policy Proposals to Cheer About

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  1. You know, no one will think less of you guys if you do one of your slick pretaped and post-produced Reason TV videos instead of livestreaming.

    1. Judging by comments the past few days, that’s only because no one could possibly think less of them.

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  3. Don, do some people try to call you “Don,” and if so how annoying is it, Don?

    1. So you stole my joke, did you?

      1. I am producing Eddie-level material now?

        I need your thoughts and prayers, everyone. Also, more alcohol. Also, a new latex catsuit.

        1. Is this from The Road Warrior? Because I haven’t see that one in a while.

          1. I assumed it was a Pulp Fiction reference and Crusty was trying to imply that he’s Eddie’s gimp, but I suppose then he would have said he needed a new latex gimp suit, not catsuit..

        2. Hey, most commenters can only *aspire* to create Eddie-level material.

          1. Sadly, this is true.

  4. Draper’s work, here

    It seems to be dominated by that very-NYT political POV, where there’s a lot of “Aren’t these republican creatures a bizarre lot”?- chin-stroking, and an inordinate amount of attention paid to John Kasich. Broken up by the occasional “Foot-Travels Through the Italian Dolomites” and “Experiencing the Diversity of Asian Mustards”…which i presume have to have been for the Sunday Times Magazine

    1. Mr. Frying Pan: Well now, here we all are. Ike, Mike and Mustard.

      Harry: What the hell does that mean?

      Mr. Fire: You know, I’m with him on this one man, that’s pretty fuckin’ obscure.

      Mr. Frying Pan: Horseshit, I hear that all the time.

      Mr. Fire: You do?

      Mr. Frying Pan: Yeah, sure.

      Mr. Fire: Where, at the 1942 club?

    2. The NYT. Nowhere else can derp be spewed in such a mild mannered and eloquent way.

      1. Its derp that needs to be spread on a thin wheat cracker, savored alongside a whimsical Riesling

  5. What is in store for today? Sniffing aristocrats making paternalistic comments about the poor, a religious nutcase invoking Lucifer, Michelle Obama rip offs? How much of a hot mess can America’s right-wing become? Tune in today and tomorrow to find out.

    Watching the Republican Party these days is like watching your disagreeable, distant father suddenly joining a nudist colony and becoming an expert on shirt-cocking. In some ways, you have to clap and cheer for its liberation from the boring old days of being a mouthpiece for corporatism, but the people who took over– fascists, conspiracy theorists, paranoids, and assholes– are pretty difficult to love. Balance in all things, I guess.

    1. What is in store for today?

      Don’t matter none, amsoc, because:

      Human DNA sent into SPACE to ‘back-up’ species so we’re NEVER extinct

      1. Uh, who’s going to restore the backup if we’re all dead?

        I don’t think they planned this out very well.

    2. I look forward to your balanced and nuanced take on the Democratic convention in the coming days, though i suspect i shall be left as disappointed as your mortgage servicer on that score.

      1. If the DNC cannot out stupid the RNC, I’ll be really disappointed with them this year. The last one was a literal freak show.

      2. I doubt they’ll have as many people there who think HRC killed those people in Benghazi. That’s mostly what I’m learning from the RNC, who seemed obsessed with the fact that 4 Americans died in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Where were these peaceniks in 2003?

        1. Let me know how the fart-in goes.

  6. Robert Draper looks confused.

  7. Yeah, let’s open that old Rand Paul wound again, fun.

  8. User Actions

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account
    The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI spent on Hillary’s emails.

      1. His tweet team is savage

  9. Lemme get this straight: we now have journalists interviewing journalists at the convention? How many journalists per delegate are there in Cleveland?

    1. I think its like 3 to 1. Similar to any BLM protest-event.

  10. Here’s Draper’s 2013 piece on the NRA, where he wrings his hands over the lack of background checks when buying firearms “From the Internet”

    (all smart NYT journalists know of this glaring “loophole”; which is somehow a serious problem, even though all internet purchases can currently only be delivered to an FFL, who would then conduct a background check on the purchaser)

    The piece also muses at great length about the NRA’s apparently magical super-powers to sway politicians; never once actually noting that it is not actually the NRA which frightens pols, but rather their millions of politically-active members. (*he does note in passing that the NRA gained a million new members in the wake of the Newtown shooting; if he had also pointed out that this was “20% growth”, it might have suggested that the NRA’s power has more to do with its grassroots support rather than its insidious, sophisticated manipulation of political insiders)

    In short – its the sort of piece designed to allow a NYT reader to come away with all their pre-existing biases confirmed. par for course

  11. Are you sure that’s not David Spade?

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