Gary Johnson Hits Record High 13 Percent in Polling, Scott Baio to Speak at RNC, 100,000+ Cross Venezuelan Border in Search of Food: A.M Links


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    Gary Johnson reached a high of 13 percent in the most recent presidential polls as the Republican convention begins in Cleveland, where Scott Baio is set to speak and where a hundred naked women welcomed Donald Trump. Police in Philadelphia, site of the Democratic convention next week, warned business owners to secure outside belongings "to avoid misappropriation by demonstrators."

  • Six police officers were shot in Baton Rouge, three fatally, by a gunman law enforcement officials described as a "black separatist."
  • A rape suspect took four hostages at a Burger King in Baltimore; the stand-off ended after five hours with police taking the suspect into custody.
  • Police in France arrested an Albanian couple in connection with last week's terror attack in Nice.
  • More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.
  • Authorities in Turkey have detained at least 6,000 people after a failed coup attempt.

NEXT: The State of Cleveland's RNC Security State

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  1. Gary Johnson reached a high of 13 percent in the most recent presidential polls…


    1. If he keeps gaining 1% a week until the election, he’ll be up to…um…27% by election day!

      1. 27% would be amazing.

        1. 27% might be enough to throw the election into the House.

          Might. Depends on regional variation and closeness of the other 73%

        2. The recent police shootings might hurt Johnson in the polls. Unfortunately a lot of people equate meaningful law enforcement reform to “you hate the police!”

          1. A growing contingent of normies is looking for moderation on all sides when it comes to police vs the people.

    2. Hello.

      “More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.”

      And? Your point?

      1. Reportedly Chavez’s daughter is worth around $4 billion. No wonder Sean Penn kept hanging around.

        1. And this is the end game in a socialist’s novel, no? Their impressive skill is to rape and pillage all the while convincing the people it’s for their own good.

          What’s most frightening is despite the horrible stories out of Venezuela we still have dumb ass Western *pundits* and writers defending or deflecting what is going on. Penn should take his sorry ass and LIVE there. And then he could get back to us.

          1. What do you expect from a government that’s just like North Korea?

      2. Somebody should have built a wall?

  2. …as the Republican convention begins in Cleveland…

    Preparing to let the nation down one last time?

    1. Well there is the Democratic convention later in the month.

  3. 201) We were vacationing in Seattle many years ago when I ordered a steak at a fairly expensive downtown restaurant. I asked for it to be cooked medium-rare, only to be told “the chef isn’t comfortable cooking beef below medium.” What the hell? Who’s the one eating this food?

    Gene Weingarten, often a jackass but occasionally the Washington Post’s most perspicacious columnist, coined a new term for such people yesterday: food cowards. He was referring specifically to discovering that most of his readers scorch the hell out of their hamburgers, not because they like the taste, but because they fear catching something from their beef. This is brilliant. I can think of a few food cowards who I plan to label accordingly as soon as possible.

    1. I cook beef to well done because I prefer the taste and texture. I’ve had many a ‘lively’ debate with people whose preferences tend towards the rarer side, but never once did pathogens enter into it.

      Pathogens only ever come up when discussing chicken or pork.

      1. You are not a food coward. You are just a phillistine.

        1. Fine, you get the carbonized lump that used to be steak. And we’ll undercook the fowl for you.

          1. You like Chicken? Put this in your mouth. It’s foul.

            *PU lines that never work*

            1. That’s why Crusty lost only half of his virginity at a time.

              1. When I was about 6, my dad terribly burnt the outsides of burgers on the grill, since my brother, at 2, wouldn’t stop trying to get into trouble, and was in a stage of not listening or stopping for me. The insides were about medium well, and that’s how I’ve liked meat ever since. It works well for our family cookouts, since my mom will eat any medium to medium well, I’ll eat anything medium or above, and then dad and brother will eat the rarest ones.

      2. Dude. You don’t like alcohol, you don’t like coffee, you don’t like properly cooked beef… Let me guess. You take that burned steak and dip it in ketchup*, don’t you. DON’T YOU.

        *Hunt’s, not Heinz.

        1. A charred steak and a plain baked potato for UnCivil.

          1. He doesn’t like potatoes either, probably. All that starch is just too exciting. A thin, watery gruel of finely ground plain barley, please.

            1. “I’ll have a bowl of mild farina…”

              1. No salt, no butter. Maybe spice it up with a tiny splash of skim milk, if he feels like partying.

            2. A Coors Light then.

      3. Medium cooked pork is delicious.

        1. Medium or less. We don’t have the pathogen problems in pork that we used to.

    2. Was this during the Mad Cow scare? I can’t imagine why that man wasn’t fired.

      1. It was the early 2000s. I chalked it up at the time to ordering beef in a seafood restaurant. I love seafood but at that point I’d salmon like four days in a row. Also, Seattle struck me as kind of a woos-y place in general.

    3. That’s weird because I’ve been in plenty of restaurants where I’ve ordered a steak ‘medium’ and the waiter has said “are you sure you want it cooked that much?”

      1. How rude. I want a different waiter.

    4. Smile ambiguously and ask “…and what perversions IS he comfortable with?”

    5. Hmm, I prefer my beef just at medium and my wife prefers it just past medium. What I’d rather know is who decided that medium rare was the ideal temp for beef to be served at.

      1. Someone whose stove was broken.

      2. people who have taste buds and rare is the ideal.

        1. Yeap

        2. Uh huh. If I ever gained sufficient power, foodie assholes would be first against the wall.

          1. I don’t consider myself a foody, I just like steak and prefer it to taste good when I consume it.

          2. *Throws pork belly confit with black lentils at $park?*

        3. “rare is the ideal.”

          Only if you think eating steak is a dick measuring contest.

          1. It is.

            Black and blue, motherfucker.


      3. I have moved from medium-well to medium-rare over the course of the past 10 years. I don’t know exactly why.

        1. Because you like to taste the meat, not the heat.

    6. Overcooking burgers can make sense, given e. coli, but overcooking steak is an unforgivable offense. It disrespects the eater, the cook and the noble cow that gave their life for the meal.

      1. [hums “The Star Spangled Banner”]

        1. *Waves flag behind X and SF*

          1. These euphemisms…

      2. Here, here!

    7. At least with a hamburger it makes sense: bacteria that were on the outside of the cut of beef can wind up on the inside of a burger. Not a problem with a steak.

    8. “He was referring specifically to discovering that most of his readers scorch the hell out of their hamburgers, not because they like the taste, but because they fear catching something from their beef”

      Now, me personally, I like the taste of char and carbon. If it ain’t black and crunchy, why even bother??

      1. Filet Mignon, rare+ in a mound of blood-soaked mashed potatoes.

      2. I love my brisket crunchy. Steak, however, is different.

    9. Take a 4000 level invertebrate zoology class and you will be a food coward also.

      1. Fuck it. I know oysters filter literal shit. Give me a dozen raw in July and plenty of beer to denature the bacteria.

      2. I sear the burgers, then turn the heat way down, to let them cook properly. My mom was involved in Food Safety and labeling for 25 years out of her 35 year career at a major Fortune 500, and instilled a little bit of paranoia into me. Plus, my best friend’s dad is retired from a division of OSHA, and most of his career was working on ventilation hoods for kitchens. He also accompanied us on most of our Boy Scout trips, and instilled a very fine knowledge of food safety as well. You might say I’m a bit paranoid about it.

      3. When we were dating, my wife used to waitress at a high-end steak restaurant in Austin where the typical preference was naturally medium rare. She observed that clientele whose attire and demeanor suggested that they were ranchers or farmers invariably ordered their steaks well done: “I don’ wanna see no blood.” She attributed this to their rural gaucheness. Having been a ranch hand myself, I suggested that this behavior was indicative of their familiarity with animal horticulture: they knew what they were going to eat.

        1. This is nonsense. I grew up on a farm and one of our neighbors had 30-50 head of cattle a year. We always bought our beef from him. If you think it is anything OTHER than “stickin’ to what I know” then you are mistaken. My parents would sit down at the table and discuss the butchery form for about an hour. This was serious stuff. This man would take his beautiful prime steer (he was a farmer not rancher so his herd was small and only for supplemental income and thus very well taken care of and ate his grain and grass and were very lazy) and tell the butcher to grind it all. GRIND IT ALL! My father was mortified. And I will guarantee you the butcher was the happiest butcher for 8 counties…aint no way he ground that whole steer. He gave our neighbor the sweepings and kept that steer for himself.

          This is also the neighbor who ate his rooster because it pissed him off…the french call it capon, he called it revenge.

    10. I asked for it to be cooked medium-rare, only to be told “the chef isn’t comfortable cooking beef below medium.” What the hell? Who’s the one eating this food?

      Are you sure it wasn’t a moral issue rather than a culinary/technical one?

      Sir, the chef says, “Your funeral, enjoy.”

  4. This Political Cartoon reminds me of a SugarFree story.

    1. The Illuminati earring is a nice touch.

      1. That’s all you have to say? I am disappoint.

        1. Crusty’s erection over the image is distracting me.

          1. Are you guys at his house or yours?

            1. He just keeps snapchatting me. I’ve asked him to stop.

            2. Crusty doesn’t have a house, Chipper.

              1. Doesn’t he live in the back of a pet store?

                1. Oh that’s right. He rents out a chinchilla cage. They even let him take a dust bath once a week. He has gotten pretty good at flipping around in the dust.

                  1. It’s pretty cute to watch. He gets so excited!

                    1. I heard the chinchillas finally managed to get him out of their cage, and into warty’s. Some say the price they had to pay is specifically outlawed by the Geneva Convention, and appears on both PETA’s and Lena Dunham’s short lists (though for quite different reasons.)

  5. …where Scott Baio is set to speak…

    Blah blah blah.

    1. “Let’s call that…15 minutes.”

    2. Can someone clip this bow tie on my Member’s Only Jacket?

    3. That’s a low blow, Loblaw.

      1. Oh, now I get the Fist joke.

        1. +1 law blog

    4. He might be polite enough not to strip down to a thong on the main stage of the convention, unlike the amusing incident at smart peoples’ principled party convention.

    5. CHARLES is back in CHARGE!

  6. A rape suspect took four hostages at a Burger King in Baltimore;

    That was his first mistake. Everybody goes to Gino’s, ’cause Gino’s is the place to go.

    1. Wouldn’t a rape suspect be the person who was suspected of being raped? Wouldn’t it be better to write a suspected rapist?

      /Asking for a friend who has a journalism degree from Columbia.

  7. Would, Wouldn’t, Would

    Over 100 nude women pose against Trump in Cleveland

    More than a hundred women stripped and posed naked with mirrors in Cleveland, answering a photographer’s call to blend art with politics and portray Donald Trump as unfit for the White House.

    They gathered on the eve of the Republican National Convention, where the brash New York billionaire will be anointed the party’s nominee for president after winning a raucous primary race despite alarm from the party establishment and the country at large about his divisiveness.

    “He is a loser,” photographer Spencer Tunick told AFP after the sunrise shoot in which 130 women took part. One hundred of them will be featured in the picture to be unveiled shortly before the November 8 election.

    1. Wouldn’t

      Really? She looks like she’d be the most fun.

      Where’s Crusty on this?

      1. Insufficient information. Not sure if she is covering up a world of hurt.

      2. Big flubbery thighs aren’t my bag, baby

    2. They only show 3% of the women?!

    3. So, in an effort to mount a pointless, arty protest he ends up giving Trump the greatest, most patriarchal tribute possible. Idiot or brilliant troll?

      1. Genius of the “and,” d00d.

    4. The first woman could get me to stay home on election day.

      1. Am I the only one who looked at her face?

        1. Gay?

        2. They have faces?

        3. ‘her’?

          1. +1 mayonegg

    5. Wait, so Trump presidency = Naked Women??

      And these people think this is how to campaign AGAINST Trump??

      1. My thought exactly. But maybe it makes sense because . . . patriarchy?

    6. a photographer’s call to blend art with politics

      Oh, how fucking original.

    7. How is standing naked with a mirror supposed to show that thecandidate you do not like is unfit for office? How does it show anything other than you are gullible or an exihibitionist?

      1. Or need a quick $20.
        I doubt they did this gratis.

    8. Would, So Would, and Would twice.

  8. …and where a hundred naked women welcomed Donald Trump.

    Because he speaks on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.

    1. So…to get a bunch of women to strip in front of you, you just have to call yourself an “artist” and put out a call for models for some alleged political art?

      1. What do you call the guy at the strip club yelling “take it all off!” Vermeer?

        1. Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole

          1. He also stopped being an artist about halfway through his career.

          2. He was called “Peak Asshole”.

          3. +1 Modern Lovers.

          4. Well the girls would turn the color of an avocado,
            When he’d drive down the street in his Eldorado

        2. Maybe the thing is to make a it a contest, so that they think *you’re* the one who’s doing *them* a favor if you permit them to take if off for you.

      2. Yes, Eddie, chicks been falling for that since the first guy said “Baby, Ima put you on this cave wall and you’ll be famous forever.”

        1. I always figured Jackson Pollock had just been using his used sheets.

          1. He must have had giant balls, then. But how did he get his sperm to turn all those different colors?

            1. Had his girlfriend gargle with food coloring?

      3. My best friend – who is a big unattractive guy with a huge hippie beard – somehow got women to pose nude for him. Something about being in front of a camera does weird things to people. Maybe not so much these days… ??

      4. Yup. My wife’s friend is a “genius” choreographer. We attended one of his dance performances where he got 20 nubile, aspiring young women dancers to writhe around naked on the stage floor. All being paid diddley and thanking him for the opportunity, I’m sure.

    2. Were they throwing little pickles at him?

      1. Do you have that dream, too?

        1. +1 Sun God robe

          1. but can you pound a six inch spike through a 2×4?

            1. Who talks like that?

  9. “More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.”

    Geez, these hoarders will do anything to make Venezuela’s government look bad.

    1. They took the path that was shining.

      1. [golf clap]

      2. *narrows gaze… the brilliance of that remark*

  10. Officials plead with local deity to allow construction of toilets

    The villagers, following a superstition that the local deity is angry with building of toilets in the villages, had refused to cooperate with Swajal. This had forced the administration to call a maha panchayat to explain the importance of toilets to villagers.

    The maha panchayat was held at Kyari village where residents from Kyari, Dashgi, Tarakot, Ramoli, Badalda, Suri, Mathali and Jibya villages along with local administration officials had gathered to appease the local deity. They sought his permission to allow building of toilets in the villages.

    The many-handed-god of toilet paper

    1. They worship Cornholio?

    2. Religious shakedowns – happening since the dawn of time.

    3. Perhaps the god of the earth doesn’t want your shit buried in his flesh. Why don’t you go bother the river goddess.

    4. Apparently, the local diety at our office is angry that the toilets are being flushed.

      1. We had a problem with the ‘Bathroom Bandit’ here. Someone was smearing shit on the seats and a variety of other locations.

        Enersha, the god of Bureaucracy rained down a plague of memos, which were useful in wiping up the mess.

        1. Enersha, the god of Bureaucracy


          1. AAAANNNNNNDDDD stolen.

    5. Officials plead with local deitymayor to allow construction of toilets

      The villagers, following a superstition media rumor that the local deity mayor is angry with building of toilets in the villages, had refused to cooperate with Swajal. This had forced the administration to call a maha panchayat to explain the importance of toilets to villagers.

      The maha panchayat was held at Kyari village where residents from Kyari, Dashgi, Tarakot, Ramoli, Badalda, Suri, Mathali and Jibya villages along with local administration officials had gathered to appease the local deity mayor. They sought his permission to allow building of toilets in the villages.

      It’s quite droll, how you can change a few words around and it still works.

      1. What is a god but the autocratic mayor of a corrupt city?

    6. “The local deity active in the priest’s body expressed dissatisfaction saying sewage tanks built for toilets were vitiating the environment all along the path leading to the village temple. Earlier, people used to go out in the fields but now toilets were being made right on the temple path, resulting in unhygienic conditions and making it difficult to live in the village, he said.”

      You know, God’s demand that the toilets not discharge waste on the path to his temple seems rather reasonable to me.

  11. Six police officers were shot in Baton Rouge, three fatally, by a gunman law enforcement officials described as a “black separatist.”

    So an African-American Todd Palin then?

  12. More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.

    Inflation. Started as only one.

  13. An aunt of the youngest hostage said she talked to the gunman at the request of police negotiators and convinced him to throw his gun out a window and give up. “He was crying and said he didn’t want to die.”

    For a rape suspect he sounds like kind of a pussy.

    1. How many rapists prey on the strong?

      1. STEVE SMITH?




    2. That aunt sounds terrifying.

      1. We may have found the plot of the next Madea movie. Filming starts tomorrow, it’ll be out this weekend, and by the end of July it will have made eleven trillion dollars.

        1. Madea movies are hilarious.

          There, I said it.

  14. Florida man arrested after breaking into ex’s house with backpack of sex toys including handcuffs, whip, sex swing

    The 56-year-old had hidden his bike on the side of the house and was sporting a red backpack filled with items that police described as “sexual in nature,” including handcuffs, leather bonds, lubrication, a whip, a sex swing and “a purple replica penis.”

    When questioned about the purple penis and pervy props, he said his ex liked make-up sex and “a good pounding.” He told police that he planned to leave if she wasn’t interested.

    Vanderhoff also had two USB sticks believed to be stolen from inside the house, though he claimed he didn’t know how he ended up with them and that he’d never entered the home.

    He was charged with unarmed burglary and stalking and taken to the county jail.

  15. Police in Philadelphia, site of the Democratic convention next week, warned business owners to secure outside belongings “to avoid misappropriation by demonstrators.”

    What will Filthadelphia do with that sudden influx of all those Democrats?

    1. Put them in charge of the City, the schools, public works, the DA’s office, the Police….. oh

  16. *looks at past articles*

    Jesus! I go to the Amazon for two weeks and the world goes to hell in a hand basket. On a happier note I came home to find my peppers ripe. Made a ceviche with habaneros and a pico with jalape?os and Serranos. I’m planning to make a pepper jelly and hot sauce tonight and dry my cayenne peppers. Glad to be back in the USA.

    1. You don’t have to go there, they ship it all right to your home.

      1. The surcharge for “Middle of swamp” is more than he wants to pay.

        1. Florida Hipster and UnCiv back on the same thread? Coincidence, I think not.

          1. I was in Peru for two weeks. What was UCS’s excuse?

            1. He accidentally ate something that tasted good and had to go to the hospital for a while.

              1. I have a box of old leather shoes that could feed UnCivil’s family for a week.

            2. I was in Peru for two weeks. What was UCS’s excuse?


              I know, shocking, but sometimes they actually ask me to do something for my paycheck.

      2. The guide was interested in all the species from South America that are now in Florida. He kept asking “Do you have this there?” Nice guy.

        1. Did you bring back any llamas? I haven’t seen those in Florida yet.

          1. They are here. I want a Vicu?a, because they hate people.

            1. They are not really there until someone runs one over in their car?

            2. Got drunk and tried chasing some of them down in Bolivia. Vicunas cant be caught. Rheas on the other hand…

              One of the guys hopped out of the back of the truck and grabbed a Rhea. I won’t sugar coat it, that wasn’t the smartest thing he had ever done. Poor bastard ended up in a hospital with bandages from head to toe and a few hundred stitches.

              1. Did he ask you to hold his beer and watch first?

    2. Dude, can I come over to your house for dinner?

      1. Sure. What would you say the surface area of your skin is?
        *takes out pattern book*

        1. I laughed.

          And then hid.

        2. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the habanero in the butt again.” /Serial Hipster

          1. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the habanero in the butt again.”

            Also known as “creviche”.

    3. Talk about food cowardice. No ceviche for me.

    4. Jesus! I go to the Amazon for two weeks

      You need a faster connection. I can usually wrap up an order on Amazon in a few minutes.

  17. Pok?mon GO gets x-rated as players post naked selfies and pornographic images featuring characters

    Players are posting photos into the forums which show them naked alongside the Pok?mon or with them placed on their bodies – and most of them aren’t even covering their modesty.

    The images are so obscene, we’ve decided not to republish any on Mirror Online – but trust us, you don’t want to see them.

    One features a Bulbasaur appearing to nuzzle a lady’s, er, nether-regions.

    In another, Dodou perches on a woman’s bottom as she bends over, naked – and absolutely nothing is left to the imagination.

    1. Perverse clowns have to ruin *everything* wholesome.

      1. I know, right? Get the anime out of the slutpix.

    2. Too obscene for the Mirror? Now that’s something.

    3. It’s not called Suggestion 34, people.

    4. How long until Pokemon Go devolves into pictures of dudes jacking off? It took Chat Roulette less than a month.

  18. More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.

    If Colombia and the rest of its neighbors would adopt Venezuelan Socialism, they wouldn’t have this particular problem.

    1. This, by the way, was the argument that a dunce made to me about the need for “single payer” in the whole country.

      That if a single state would implement it, the doctors would leave that state. Therefore, the whole country should have it to prevent the doctors from leaving.

      Control freaks.

      1. Exactly. I was told by a friend that this is why Vermont’s stab at single payer failed. It was “too easy” for doctors to leave for a different state.

        1. Because well educated people who can think critically could never ever find another job.

      2. That will work for a decade or so, until people just stop wanting to be doctors in this country at all and start going to school for other things. Of course, that will just necessitate free tuition for medical school. And if medical school gets free tuition then should everybody get free tuition? These are basic human rights, folks. Basic. Human. Rights.

      3. Wow. I mean it does follow logically from their premise, but, still, just wow.

  19. More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.

    More than half are rapists and drug dealers, going by Trumpista logic, as some, he would assume, are good people.

    By the way, it is the Venezuelan government, the socialist government, the one building a wall to stop its citizens from leaving paradise.

    1. More than half voted for socialists, so Columbia may want to build a wall.

    2. If 80% of the females on that route are being raped, then there might actually be an abnormally high amount of rapists in the crowd.

      1. Jesus, that’s worse than a college campus!

      2. If 80% of the females on that route are being raped, then there might actually be an abnormally high amount of rapists in the crowd.

        Or one really busy one?


  20. How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

    For example, the Clinton Foundation selected Clayton Homes, a construction company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, to build temporary shelters in Haiti. Buffett is an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative who has donated generously to the Clintons as well as the Clinton Foundation. The contract was supposed to be given through the normal United Nations bidding process, with the deal going to the lowest bidder who met the project’s standards. UN officials said, however, that the contract was never competitively bid for.

    Clayton offered to build “hurricane-proof trailers” but what they actually delivered turned out to be a disaster. The trailers were structurally unsafe, with high levels of formaldehyde and insulation coming out of the walls. There were problems with mold and fumes. The stifling heat inside made Haitians sick and many of them abandoned the trailers because they were ill-constructed and unusable.

    The Clintons also funneled $10 million in federal loans to a firm called InnoVida, headed by Clinton donor Claudio Osorio.

    1. The Clintons should consider writing a tell-all business book they could title: “The Art Of The Scheme.”

      1. If I did it: Confessions of a Traitor

    2. Lemme guess….we had huge numbers of post-katrina trailers down here stored on 40 and 80 acre lots. They tried auctioning them off for pennies on the dollar but hardly anyone would buy them. They were filthy, falling apart, vermin infested etc.

      I bet clinton bought them for next to nothing and dumped them on the Haitians for a fortune.

      1. FEMA camps…New World Order…chemtrails…fluoride in the water

  21. A Cure for Trumpism

    Keep stringing these voters along with symbolism, and they will eventually seek another Trump.

    So what should the Republican Party offer them instead? The best answer is a conservative politics that stresses the national interest abroad and national solidarity at home. It should define America’s overseas goals in more achievable terms than the Bush-era “freedom agenda” or a Hillary Clinton-in-Libya liberal interventionism; promise support to workers buffeted by globalization; and explicitly weigh questions of community and solidarity when it sets tax rates or immigration levels.

    Begin with foreign policy, where one of Trump’s more grotesque innovations has been his praise of Vladimir V. Putin, his nostalgia for Muammar el-Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein. But Trump has put his finger on a real problem: The Republican Party since the Sept. 11 attacks has struggled to weigh the relative gravity of different threats, to devise a strategy that distinguishes between bad and worse (as our Cold War strategy generally did), to offer a vision that doesn’t seem to promise escalation on every front simultaneously.

    1. Boring…bring on the nude Jello wrestling qualifying round for the Presidential debates!

    2. So what should the Republican Party offer them instead? The best answer is a conservative politics that stresses the national interest abroad and national solidarity at home.

      Well, then, the RNC should consider nominating Vladimir Putin for president. He fits the requirement’s perfectly.

    3. NYT:

      Begin with foreign policy, where one of Trump’s more grotesque innovations has been his praise of Vladimir V. Putin, his nostalgia for Muammar el-Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

      Oh how quickly the anti-war left jumps in line to support those invasions.

      1. The left’s anti-war stance is every bit as resolute as its steadfast commitment to free speech and other human rights.

    4. I would be able to take Trump’s critics seriously if they would stop being so mendacious.

      Nostalgia for Muammar el-Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein? Never happened.

      Praise for Putin? It didn’t come across as admiration to me. It sounded like criticism of Obama.

  22. Erdogan surviving the coup was a triumph of democracy over authoritarianism. Try to remember that as you read the following sentences:

    “Disciplinary actions extended to the judicial system on Saturday as an oversight body, the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, announced that 2,745 judges had been dismissed, the Anadolu agency reported.”

    —-New York Times

    “A senior security official told Reuters that 8,000 police officers, including in the capital Ankara and the biggest city Istanbul, had also been removed from their posts”



    Re: Base

    Erdogan to the Opposition:

    All your base are belong to us.


    The President

    1. You act like a mob screaming for blood is a bad thing. They have a consensus, you know.

      Hey, bright side, maybe we can finally convince two, even three people that “democracy” isn’t synonymous with utopian wonderland!

      1. No.

        Taking over the judicial system and the police and handing them over to Islamists isn’t synonymous with utopian wonderland.

        1. This is no laughing matter.

          1. You mean in regards to the Memo?

            It was meant to ridicule the authoritarian.

            They tend to fear people laughing at them the most.


            1. I get you. Erdogan is in rush to execute all the “traitors”. Wonder why?

              1. So Turkey is circling the Islamic bowl. Ironically they have the western disease of not enough kids and are being out-bred by the Kurds. Nothing good is happening there.

  23. Authorities in Turkey have detained at least 6,000 people after a failed coup attempt.

    What a good thing they aren’t having a massive upheaval and disarray in their military capabilities while there are tensions and violence in the region.

  24. You Asked: Are All Calories Created Equal?

    In reality, Ludwig says the body responds differently to calories from different sources. “Your weight is regulated by a complex system of genetic factors, hormonal factors, and neurological input, and not all calories affect this system the same way,” he explains.

    Feinman has looked at calories from the perspective of thermodynamics?or the laws that govern heat and energy. Like Ludwig, he says the idea that calories from different macronutrient sources would have the same effect on your body is silly. Put simply, it doesn’t make sense that “a calorie is a calorie” because your body uses the energy from different foods in a variety of ways, Feinman explains.

    1. Every fatass is going to read this and be like “See calories don’t matter!!! I just can’t lose weight cuz of my guhnetics” *guzzles down mountain dew and donut*

      Fucking eat less and exercise more.

      1. This. There’s few people who really believe every calorie is the fucking same. Hence the focus on protein as one very obvious example. But for all intents and purposes, if you cut calories below a certain point, you will lose weight.

        1. You can lose or gain weight on any type of food. If you only burn 2,000 calories a day and eat 2,500 calories of carrots, then you will gain weight (and also have a very bad stomach ache).

          You could eat 1,500 calories of doughnuts and lose weight.

          1. Too bad that’s like two doughnuts, or I’d be all over it.

          2. That is not really true. Starvation will cause weight loss (and death) but what it does to a hormonal response is actually the antithesis of what you want to do to maintain weight loss. By starving yourself (eat less exercise more) you are telling your body to store every ounce it can when it does get to eat. Hence you get fat people who eat very little most of the time and a little more every once in a while. Also, the hunger drive is a powerful force and sets you up for failure of ANY starvation diet.

            Eating fat however satiates even the most extreme cravings. If you eat 8 ounces of pork fat in once sitting, unless you are Warty, I can almost guarantee you wont be hungry for 6-10 hours. You will also start to change which hormones are active in your body. It will move from an insulin response and will begin to set up your metabolism to burn ketones. Seriously, there is a mountain of evidence on this stuff. Eat less work out more is just plain wrong.

      2. More protein and vegetables. Limit carbs.

        1. Limit or eliminate simple carbs and processed carbs. Carbs are awesome. Potatoes are great for you. Rice isn’t even that bad.

          Don’t limit anything. Eat balanced and eat cleanish and you will be fine. Don’t go high fat, low fat, low card, high protein, just balance.

          As for me, I’m on the high smug diet. I post to Facebook and tell everyone about how much better I feel after my super awesome diet.

          1. Well yeah, simple carbs should be limited. I could have been more specific.

          2. Not really. Some people just happen to be more carb intolerant than others. If I go above 40-50 g of any carb, I’ll gain weight. Simple as that. Years of trying to keep my weight down has taught me that.

            1. It is calories not carbs that cause weight gain.

              1. No, it isn’t. I was running 12-15 miles per week and eating 1800-2000 calories a day. When I had more carbohydrate in my diet, I’d gain weight. When I ate at the same calorie levels while also restricting my carbs below 40g, I’d lose weight. This is when staying under my max weight was of crucial importance to me, and keeping my weight well under 170 was a constant obsession.

                1. Sorry Chipwooder but Chipper is correct.
                  Whatever you were doing, you isn’t what you described.

                  1. Sorry Chipwooder but Chipper is correct.

                    No, he’s not. Your body is not a bomb calorimeter*. There is no combustion taking place in your stomach. A “calorie” of fat and a “calorie” of carbohydrates are not treated the same by your metabolism. This whole notion needs to die.

                    * = Food calories are literally measured by burning the food and measuring the heat that is produced (or, at least, this is the hard way; more often, they use tables and formulas that approximate what a bomb calorimeter would measure based upon the content of the food)

                    1. This whole notion needs to die.

                      Yes, and another notion that needs to thrive is “People are different”.

                      Some people can eat nothing but carbs all day everyday and see little to no adverse effects. But they are the exception. Most European decedents can drink milk after childhood but 75% of the planet loses lactase before age 6. Inuits survive on blubber almost exclusively for gods sake (a dreamy diet if you ask me). But on the whole, insulin spikes over long periods of time are very bad for humans. The myriad of negative health effects associated with large intakes of easily converted starches/sugars are well documented.

          3. “Limit or eliminate simple carbs and processed carbs.”

            Next Sentence:

            “Don’t limit anything. ”


      3. I used to work with a guy that was 600+ lbs.

        Once at an after hours party he showed up with a loaf of white bread, a medium sized roasted turkey and a two liter bottle of coke. We all thought ‘hey, X is finally contributing something instead of just taking’. Then he proceeded to eat all of the food and drink the entire two liters of coke. Entirely. By himself.

        You have to see such a thing to believe it.

        1. Just goes to show: some people just can’t keep the weight off, no matter what.

        2. Sounds like one of those people who can eat anything and still maintain their ideal weight.

          1. +1 thin mint

          2. The key is to just define your “ideal weight” as “whatever I fucking weigh”.

            The key to all success in life is to redefine your goals.

    2. Thank you for posting–interesting article. It has the same shortcoming every such article, not too mention diet book, I’ve ever read has–it’s too dumbed-down. I hope someday to see something actually describing some of the pathways different food types take in your body.

      1. The problem with these articles though is that they entrenched horrible views by the Fat Acceptance crowd. That they are just fat because that is who they are and they can’t lose weight.

        I don’t care how a calories affects the body. Caloric restriction is the only way to lose weight. Do it balanced, fine, but don’t tell me that eating 500 calories under your BMR for two weeks won’t burn two pounds of fat.

        1. This. People like to pretend that physiology is magic that can just simply escape the normal laws of thermodynamics. Does your body handle certain things differently? Yes. Is it a huge effect? Not really, no.

          1. Even a thyroid condition can only explain like 10 pounds of weight gain, but even then you can adjust your diet and lose weight.

            There is lipoedema which makes legs and arms huge and those people are the ones that need body positivity. A fatass who refused to take care of themselves doesn’t need positivity they need a treadmill.

        2. The thing that people seem to miss is that Calories in – Calories out seems simple but is actual complex as “out” has many forms (“in” does too, but is less of an issue).

          But the formula is guaranteed to work.

          But the types of foods you intake affects the out processes.

        3. You keep saying this and yes restricting to 500 a day for almost anyone will lead to massive weight loss…as well as a metabolism illequipped to recover in a sustainable way. Starvation actually drives weight gain once food is consumed.

    3. *foreward to wife*

      Stop buying skim milk!

      1. Once you get that Vicuna, you can get high on people-hate milk as much as you want. Assuming you are brave enough to drink straight from the source.

        1. I like the cut of your jib.

    4. Just coz Feinman and Ludwig say it 10 times in 10 sentences don’t make it so.

  25. Erdogan called the coup”a gift from God.” I’m starting to wonder if he staged the whole thing so he could finalize making himself the dictator. The number of people being detained is reportedly heading towards 15,000 including 2,700 Judges.

    Just a coincidence that Erdogan happened to have a list of people to arrest laying around?…

    1. Just in case the Reichstag caught fire…I mean in case there was a coup.

      /tinfoil hat wearer

    2. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s staged. I will say he had a plan ready to go in case something like this ever happened.

      1. When I saw the tankers stopped by people in the streets, I knew something was up. Either it was totally staged and that was part of the act, or, the soldiers knew the coup attempt was so half-assed that they weren’t willing to hurt or kill anyone.

      2. Doesn’t explain why the coup was so ludicrously inept that they apparently had no plan whatsoever for capturing or killing Erdogan.

        Staged is a bit of a loaded term. Perhaps it could have been as simple as officers loyal to Erdogan being told to encourage support for a coup, making the plotters believe that they had much more of the army on their side than they actually did. Lay a trap for them and be ready and waiting to pounce if they made a move.

        Just too much of this is really strange to immediately accept at face value.

        1. I could accept “intentionally triggered” (after the senior ranks of the military had already been thoroughly purged) instead of staged. The result was the same – a giant purge as a prequel to dictatorship.

          This is very interesting if true.

          1. I don’t believe it for a second. Makes me think it was fake more than ever.

            You are part of a coup and have the President in your sights? They would have pulled the trigger, the tanks would have plowed through the crowds, the cops “arresting” soldiers would have been massacred.

            All bullshit for show.

    3. So Ergodan delivers Turkey into the hands of Islamists and what happens to the refugee crisis in Europe? How will Europe respond? What will we do?

      I see dark, dark days ahead. I lay it 100% at the feet of Obumbles and The Hildebeast. Arab spring, my ass. It’s World War Three.

      1. If the European right comes to power, I can see them militarizing the other side of Turkey’s northern border and tossing all the migrants back across. Erdogan can have all the islamism he can take.

  26. “…where a hundred naked women welcomed Donald Trump.”

    So. How will the left explain this? Women power?

  27. Your Guide to Cleveland’s Security Nightmare

    Here are some things police will not allow in the secure zone, to ensure the safety of the political leaders, reporters, and citizens who pass through it: swords, axes, hatchets, brass knuckles, slingshots, and BB guns.

    Here are some things police will allow in the secure zone: actual guns.

    Whatever happened to “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with brass knuckles is a good guy with brass knuckles”?

    1. slingshots

      Bart Simpson hardest hit.

    2. swords, axes, hatchets…

      So daggers and maces are okay?


    The search is on for a Bigfoot in New Hampshire

    A team of Bigfoot enthusiasts, which has previously been involved in notorious hoaxes, is skulking in the New Hampshire woods, where residents say they’ve spotted the mythical creature.

    The California-based outfit, called Searching for Bigfoot, met with a Deering man Wednesday who said he believes at least one Bigfoot roams his 100 acres. Scott Luca’s brother, Jim, said he came face-to-face there with a 7-foot-tall, brownish-grey creature with hands hanging below its knees in 2014.

    That and other curious happenings brought the Searching for Bigfoot team to New Hampshire this week, between stops in Arizona and Rhode Island on a cross-country expedition. In each place, the group baits a spot in the woods using peanut butter and sardines, then lies in wait under the cover of night, monitoring the area using trail cameras, night-vision goggles, thermal imaging scopes and high-powered weaponry.

    1. the group baits a spot in the woods using peanut butter and sardines, then lies in wait under the cover of night, monitoring the area using … high-powered weaponry.

      What could *possibly* go wrong?

      1. If they really want to lure STEVE SMITH, they need to bait the spot with hikers.



    3. “with hands hanging below its knees in 2014”

      Those weren’t hands!

    4. Why assume that Bigfoot eats sardines and peanut butter? Put a fucking pizza or some chili dogs out there, geez.


      2. Peanut butter seemed to bring the Great Mutato out. Why wouldn’t it work here?

  29. ThinkProgress Editor: Cop Killers ‘Taking Justice Into Their Own Hands’

    An editor at ThinkProgress, a leading liberal blog published by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, justified the murder of three Baton Rouge police officerson Sunday.

    Zack Ford, the site’s LGBT editor, tweeted that “police haven’t been held accountable for murdering black people,” so black people “are taking justice into their own hands” by murdering police.

    In subsequent tweets, Ford added that there is “something important to be learned” about white racism from the murder of police officers. Ford acknowledged in another tweet that “Not all police are racist murderers.”

    1. How hysterical was Think Progress during the right wing militia standoffs? You know, where no one died besides one of the right wingers who was gunned down the moment he exited his vehicle, which most on the left cheered?

      1. I thought they shot the car too

    2. It didn’t sound to me like he was justifying it, just explaining it.

      (and it’s silly to think that pissed off people wouldn’t take justice into their own hands since the actual justice system refuses to do so)

      1. If you take away people’s ability to seek redress by civil means, they may seek it by uncivil means.

        This is no excuse for the shooters, because there isn’t one. Murder is reprehensible, and the people who died in Dallas and Baton Rogue were innocent, at least of the reason the shooters gave for their actions – police killing black people.

        This isn’t right, but it was certainly predictable.

        1. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        2. If you take away people’s ability to seek redress by civil means, they may seek it by uncivil means.

          While these murders are horrible, I still find it astonishing that the police have essentially declared war on entire portions of the population and then act surprised when people shoot back.

      2. Meh, “justice” does sound like justification. I agree that he probably intended only to point out the anger that many people have, and that anger can manifest in violence when it looks like there are no solutions, but he sure used the wrong word.

    3. Cop killers ‘taking justice into their own hands’ by murdering cops that had absolutely nothing to do with other black people’s murders.

      Shit, at least vigilantism goes after actual “proven” bad people such as mobsters and the Joker.

    4. For the record, I feel that the violence against “innocent” cops is asinine, since all it’s going to accomplish is more rights taken away, more violence against citizens by police, and less questioning when police do kill someone.

      For argument’s sake only, I repost two paragraphs from an article over at Fault Lines taking the other side of the argument:

      The officers who died in Dallas and Baton Rouge had nothing to do with the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Akai Gurley, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, or any of the numerous African-Americans that die at the hands of police officers. At the individual level or collective, however, their deaths aren’t “just” in the sense that they were true or right. When taken in the light of their deaths being “warranted” or “well grounded,” it’s sad, but entirely plausible those deaths are the result of boiling, seething anger over deaths at the hands of officers who escaped jail time for their actions. In that sense, both at the individual and collective, one can see why Dallas and Baton Rouge occurred, and as sick as it may be, why the two incidents are “warranted” or “well grounded.” It might not be right, but one can understand why it happened.

      1. (fuck the 1500 character limit)

        When a group manages to escape responsibility for an offense deemed by nature and by the law of man “evil,” and does so repeatedly to another group, then it becomes inevitable certain members of the aggrieved group will take the law into their own hands. Here, police have managed to escape responsibility for murdering African-Americans repeatedly. An absence of justice for African-Americans, seen at the national level, will eventually cause those who have evil in their hearts to act out and commit horrendous murders in the name of “justice.” As difficult as it is to say, this was inevitable, and sadly understandable.

        1. One the favorite tactics of the trolls before registration was to cut and paste an entire 300 comment thread into a single comment. And then do it again and again and again.

          1. Oh, I remember. But just make it like 2500 characters!

          2. One the favorite tactics of the trolls before registration was to cut and paste an entire 300 comment thread into a single comment.

            Wait, seriously? That’s pretty gay.

            1. When they couldn’t dominate a conversation (“making the puppets dance”), they would resort to making the threads unreadable.

              1. Mary Mary, why ya buggin?

        2. Replace “African-Americans” with just “Americans” for better reflection of reality. Fuck these assholes for turning the issue of police misconduct and unaccountability into a racial thing.

          1. You’re right that it’s not a purely racial issue, but it is wrong to ignore the fact that this has been a much bigger issue in the black community for a much longer time. If it wasn’t, then why would there be so much more anger and concern over this among black people compared to white people?

            1. If it wasn’t, then why would there be so much more anger and concern over this among black people compared to white people?

              Selection bias. Also, black people are not a monolith. There are plenty of black people who think the people shot by cops were mostly a bunch of ne’er-do-wells who stupidly picked fights with cops. The idea that #BLM speaks for blacks generally and not just a racially obsessed subset of them is giving them more power than they really have.

              The notion that it’s a black-vs-white issue is intentionally divisive, which is what the race-baiters want. The issue of police accountability has very little to do the skin color, whether it be of the cops, the victims of cops, the idiots who pick fights with cops, or the apologists who defend everything the cops do. What really matters are the statutes, the court precedents, the union agreements, and the general attitudes surrounding cops and policing in this country.

    5. “Justice” you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    6. Not justice. Revenge. In the perceived absence of justice, people seek revenge.

    7. Lefty sees batshit insane people committing murder as ‘taking justice into their own hands’.

      Why am I not surprised? These same people are voting Hillary but Trump is the one being linked to nutty supporters.

    8. And I thought the Left thought the people who support the second amendment to fight government tyranny are right-wing nuts.

  30. Fuck everybody.

    1. Fuck you!

    2. And a merry fuck to you as well, sir!

      1. Something something hamster cheeks


      1. EXCEPT JIM.

    4. Everybody! Fuck!

      It’s just a matter of how you look at it.

    5. Merry fuckin’ Christmas.

      1. God fuck us, everyone.

    6. Hello.

    7. You forgot the comma.

  31. The GOP Platform and the Working Class

    No doubt you’ve already seen the greatest hits?the outlandish statements the delegates adopted seemingly for no other reason than to annoy the left. Probably my favorite is the use of the word “clean,” without qualification, to refer to coal, our dirtiest source of energy. There’s also the vague endorsement of a parent’s right to send a child to gay conversion therapy and the ludicrous declaration that porn is a “public health crisis.”

    More important to the future of the GOP, though, is what the process revealed about the party’s actual priorities. Social conservatives, understandably given the events of the past several years, participated aggressively and saw their concerns addressed. The platform decries the recent Supreme Court decision declaring gay marriage to be a constitutional right, endorses efforts to protect the conscience rights of those who object to homosexuality on religious grounds, and criticizes an Obama-administration directive requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom they want.

    Foreign-policy hawks were also reassured that the party wouldn’t be drifting in Trump’s direction. “Delegates say the defense planks of the platform differ little from past documents,” the Daily Signal reported.

    1. Which is why I think he might take the entire Midwest and some more of the Rustbelt.

  32. For his runner up finish in The Open Championship, Phil Mickelson earned $891,000, which is $108,000 less than he would have earned at the pre-Brexit exchange rate.

    1. Poor Phil. Hardly scraping by.

    2. The pound has dropped over 50%?

      1. It was too high vs. the dollar anyways.

    1. No doubt

    2. Yeah. It’s not like the outcome is a forgone conclusion.

    3. Look ma, no jury!

      I’d say that if someone is charged with a crime and denies it, a jury should be empaneled to determine guilt of innocence. Why should the defendant be able to pick some other mode of trial?

      1. “Why should the defendant be able to pick some other mode of trial?”

        I invoke my right to trail by combat!!

      2. “Why should the defendant be able to pick some other mode of trial?”

        I invoke my right to trail by combat!!

        1. combat with the squirrels?

          1. Wouldn’t dealing with the squirrelz be trial by ordeal?

    4. Better stay out of Balmer today, Hon.

      I got around to reading Heather “War on Cops” MacDonald’s piece on the flush-toilet called Chicago, and it delivers a couple well-placed kicks to the stomach. The rampant, senseless violence is sad and baffling, but the heinous political cowardice of Rahm Emanuel is infuriating. Say what you will about policing reforms, and we say a lot around here, but one sure-fire way not to do it is the tack a progressive establishment inevitably takes: requiring unnecessarily tedious and onerous paperwork for every encounter police have with civilians, like contact cards with seventy info entries dwarfing even arrest reports, submitted first to the ACLU for vetting.

      The result is predictable: police contacts fell by nearly 90 percent. Well, good, right? I mean, libertarians (myself included) often call for less contact between cops and civvies. Mission accomplished. Of course, that’s a good mission to undertake in low-crime areas where policing is predatory and done mostly to beef up operating budgets. Midwestern highway towns with two cops, one streetlight, and a precipitous drop from 75 to 55 to 35mph around the first (and only) bend into town could probably do with fewer budget-padding traffic stops. Dope-smoking kids in suburban settings probably don’t need some ‘roided asshole in a tactical vest shoving his AR-15 up their asses. And so forth.

      1. I could go on, but it seems obvious that places like Chicago are not amenable to pure libertarian solutions. And it’s not obvious what the solution will be other than an eventual tacit ceasefire. It’s an interesting and numerate read, well worth your time. And rather than being odious to libertarians, it’s especially damning of race-hucksters and the Chicago progressive superstructure.

        1. Personally, I don’t think there’s a feasible political solution of any kind to places as utterly dysfunctional as our big city ghettos now. The evil Alinskyite left has destroyed these poor communities with welfare and other policies intentionally designed to make them a permanent dependency plantation.

          They’re like little Middle Easts within our own country, and I think they’re going to stay that way too, because it works perfectly for the despicable, corrupt democratic party establishment.

          1. And, incredibly, Democrats aren’t made to own the wholesale failures of their one-party management, any more than socialists ever concede that the boneyards of their failed regimes might reflect dimly on socialism.

            It’s a mad world, Donnie.

          2. That’s because of GOP obstructionism.


            /rolls eyes.

      2. You are correct. You can only really have freedom if you have a civil society.

        1. You know, there’s probably a great screenplay waiting to be realized comparing a somewhat fantastic near-future version of Chicago with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Give it nuance and room to breathe, make it clear on which side of the wall most people would want to live, harshly condemn the twin threats of political gangsterism and political opportunism, champion the need for law and civility, and watch the Oscar noms roll in.

          And then explicitly reveal the inspiration afterward and watch heads explode.

  33. Entitled “Everything She Says Means Everything,” the photo art featured women of all shapes, colors and sizes participated, holding up mirrors toward the arena.

    Tunick’s website said the mirrors reflected “the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of ‘Mother Nature’… onto the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland.”

    None of this has any meaning.

    1. Surprised he wasn’t arrested for sex trafficking

  34. A friend in Texas has informed me that Erica Lee Carter, daughter of Sheila Jackson Lee, has followed her mom into politics and is running for the Texas State House.

    She can’t be as crazy as her mom, can she?

    1. You stick it in crazy and crazy comes out.

    2. Regression to mean. It’s our only hope.

    3. to paraphrase Jim Jeffries:

      if your mum’s a crazy cunt..

    4. Dollars to donuts she’s worse.

  35. Well in the grand scheme of the universe…

    Sister of slain Baton Rouge officer Montrell Jackson: ‘It’s coming to the point where no lives matter’

    Joycelyn Jackson was already sitting in church when she found herself needing God most. She hadn’t yet learned that her little brother Montrell Jackson was among the three officer killed in Baton Rouge when her pastor asked the congregation to send prayers to her family.

    “I didn’t want to break down in church but it was just something I couldn’t hold,” Jackson, 49, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, said. “He was a wonderful person. A wonderful person.”

    Joycelyn Jackson said she understands the anger behind the movement Black Lives Matter but that “God gives nobody the right to kill and take another person’s life.” Montrell Jackson, 32, was married in the last few years and had a baby boy he adored, she said.

    “It’s coming to the point where no lives matter,” she said, “whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever.”

    1. BLM done messed up.

  36. Obama bemoans free speech:

    “Mr. Obama added that social media and “round-the-clock news cycles” amplify those divisions. He urged everyone, regardless of a person’s race, political affiliation, or any other organization they are a part of, to “focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it.”

    Noting that each political party’s conventions were imminent, he said, “We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric, careless accusations to score political points. We need to temper our words and open our hearts.”

    “Obama Urges Americans to ‘Temper’ Their Words in Wake of Baton Rouge Shootings”
    Wall Street Journal

    In response to Obama calling for us all to temper our words, I’d like to start off by telling Barack Obama to go fuck himself. He’s a shithead charlatan, and his pathetic leadership has saddled us with unnecessary problems that won’t be fixed in our lifetimes.

    Fuck you, Barack Obama, and fuck everyone who supports you.

    P.S. Hillary Clinton is a disgrace to all that’s good and holy.

    1. “It’s sad, really, that my opponents engage in divisive rhetoric which encourages violence.”

      1. Yeah, this is pretty rich coming from the Alinskyite divider-in-chief.

    2. “He urged everyone, ….to ‘focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it.’ ”

      Someone please carve this on a marble plaque and then shove it up his ass.

      1. Trayvon coulda looked like my son.

        Like I said. Obama is not a leader. He’s an activist in a position of great power.

    3. Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’

      1. Get in their faces….punch back twice as hard. Etc, etc, etc.

        Now, I don’t faint about any of those statements, but then I’m not the kind of person who goes around tut-tutting over the rhetoric of my opponents, either.

    4. *Sits quietly in the back of the bus, properly scolded*

    5. What’s with all this “unity” talk? What do they even mean by “unity” or “unify us”? Sounds like a euphemism for “agree with the left”, that is unless they’re literally worried about a rebellion.

      1. That is exactly what they mean. Just like how when they say we need compromise, they mean that the Republicans need to stop being mean and vote for things Obama wants.

      2. My religion talks about Unity a lot. When we talk about it, we mean “Unite and work together in spite of differences”, like in a free market. When Obama means is “Agree with us!! Stop having differences!!”

    6. Well, he’s not necessarily wrong about the round the clock news cycles. I think it would help a lot if they would stop plastering these fucks faces everywhere for a week at a time, sensationalizing every little thing about their life and the atrocities they committed.

  37. Gary Johnson reached a high of 13 percent

    If only more drugs were legalized would Gary Johnson, and libertarians, be higher.

    1. Libertarians will be high anyways if that what they want. That’s why they’re libertarians. It’s the law and order types that we’ll see getting high more often.

  38. Heard on the radio Obama saying that attacks on the police are attacks on all of us.

    I’m sure King George felt the same way about attacks on the Redcoats.

    1. Wasn’t that line in braveheart before they cut Mrs Braveheart’s throat?

      1. Magistrate: All of you know full well, the great pains I’ve always taken never to be too strict, too rigid with the application of our laws, and as a consequence, have we not learned to live together in relative peace and harmony, huh? And this day’s lawlessness is how you repay my leniency. Well you leave me with little choice. An assault on the king’s soldiers is the same as an assault on the king himself.
        [slits Murron’s throat]
        Magistrate: Now, let this scrapper come to me.

    2. He has to cut it out.

      How hard is it to use ‘unity’ language without framing it in a way it can’t be decoded or perceived as divisive?

      He should avoid it. But then again, he thinks he’s so darn smart he doesn’t need to, right?

  39. I know most people here do not give a shit about Crossfit, but the Games are this week and one of the prizes is a voucher for a new Glock. Hilarity ensued.

    1. I don’t believe in the endorsement of prizes that kill people…
      James Dow, ?????London

      Ok. How about a truck?

      1. Yeah, because it’s the inanimate objects that do the killing.

        1. Do you have any idea how many people die from CrossFit every year?

          1. From boredom after listening to a crossfit enthusiast go on about it?

    2. Militant libertarian Glassman trolling them hard.

    3. branding the value of our community to be about awarding weapons as gifts and rewards is not what our community stands for.

      These people can’t speak english

  40. More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.

    That pales when compared to the millions of Americans crossing the border into Canada seeking medical care.

  41. Okay, who’s the doe-eyed red-headed minx in the photo? She’s like a sultry, mildly exasperated Wendy Thomas.

      1. Grande. Stupid lack of a preview button.

        1. Oh, that one. Typical anti-American twat. Still, would.

        2. Stupid lack of a preview button.

          You say that like you’d ever use it.

          1. He might fix his links… might.

      2. Excellent, just the right amount of out of focus perv.

    1. I believe it’s Ariana Grande. Have I mentioned I have to watch too many kids’ shows since we only have one TV with a cable box?

      1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    2. Would, would, would.

    3. Next question, how does it relate to the lynx?

      1. Read the first link, yo.

        1. Gary Johnson


          Scott Baio


          Donald Trump.

          Isn’t he, like, president already?

        2. Christ, I recognized Ariana Grande and Jeanette McCurdy…but not him.

          *Ponders what this means about his life*

          1. No shame in failing to recognize Tony Danza.

    4. Who would ever ask about Ariana Grande over that blonde woman from Nickelodeon shows Jennette McCurdy?

  42. AP’s attempt at linking Trump to the recent shootings. Can’t wait for the DNC convention headline.…..-violence/

    1. His blunt tone and aggressive approach to immigration and terrorism have done the same with key segments of general election voters: women, blacks and Hispanics, especially.

      AGAIN WITH THE TRUMP HATES BLACKS THING. FFS, where does this keep coming from?

      1. I don’t think he paid homage to Black Lives Matter. That’s pretty much how Hitler would play it. so I can see where they’re coming from. Like totally.

        1. ALL GOP Presidential nominees are literally Hitler. This is known.

      2. Doesn’t polling show that blacks are particularly opposed to the Democrats immigration policy? Pretty sure it has in the past.

        What the left is worried about are black people wandering off the reservation. So they need to paint Trump as being hostile to all colored people.

        1. They worry about that every election. But in this case, I prefer to call it an “electoral plantation”. No reason.

      3. Say something enough and everybody will assume it’s true.

  43. I’m thinking Erdogan orchestrated the “coup”.

    1. I’m thinking I agree with you. It’s all too convenient. And how often does the government remain in control of the TV/radio, especially state-controlled TV/radio, during a coup?

    2. Seeing who benefits the most and assuming they orchestrated whatever to benefit themselves gives people too much credit.

      It’s like the Coca Cola CEO supposedly said after being accused of orchestrating New Coke as an elaborate conspiracy to drive interests in their product.

      “We’re not that stupid and we’re not that smart”.

      Erdogan stupidly initiated a coup against himself–that might have succeeded–in an ingenious bid to expand his own power?

      Not likely.

      He’s just making hay out of a failed coup.

      1. Erdogan stupidly initiated a coup against himself–that might have succeeded–in an ingenious bid to expand his own power?

        I think the theory is more that he staged a fake coup, a la the Reichstag Fire. There was never any chance of the faux coup actually succeeding, since, fake.

        1. With thousands of participants?

          Meanwhile, Erdogran reportedly tried to land to seek asylum in Germany, but was refused by Merkel.

          That was when he decided to fly back to Ankara. Why would he request asylum if he was orchestrating a coup against himself. That’s embarrassing.

          Events simply aren’t so easily orchestrated–that you’d initiate a coup against yourself that involved thousands of troops and might have caught fire and succeeded.

          People like Putin orchestrate coups in other countries. Not against himself.

          1. I’m not saying I believe the theory, just pointing out it’s quite as outrageous as portrayed.

            1. NOT quite as outrageous

          2. With thousands of participants eventual arrestees

          3. Your’re putting a shitload of faith in an unconfirmed report from NBC News via the Express about this asylum business.

            I heard about the supposed request once over the course of the night while watching the BBC and listening to the World Service, and it was never mentioned again, except by credulous social media hounds re-re-re-reporting it.

            This Express article is certainly nowhere near a refutation of something that very well could have been partially staged. Given the trajectory of that man’s rule, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that he staged or encouraged it. He’s been purging enemies for years.

  44. I don’t think this has been covered here, but the first thing the new Prime Minister did was to abolish the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

    “The abolition of the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been condemned by former ministers as a major setback to British efforts to combat global warming.

    Decc was closed in a series of sweeping changes to the government unveiled by the new prime minister, Theresa May, on Thursday. Its functions, which include representing the UK at international climate talks, responsibility for meeting carbon targets and levying subsidies for green energy, have been transferred to a beefed-up business department led by Greg Clark.”

    —-The Guardian


    1. Holy fucking shit, I think I just might have a new hero. She has already accomplished more in about a week than most of the sorry-ass republicans have done in their career. Can we make her an honorary American?

      1. As cool as this is, be careful. She has a hard on for the police state if I remember reading.

    2. And so it begins… (hopefully)

      1. Noooh. Nawy tends.

        1. +1 half-decent Sean Bean impersonation

    3. responsibility for meeting carbon targets and levying subsidies for green energy

      So, a transfer from an anti-industry bureaucracy to a corporatist bureaucracy? If I had to guess.

  45. How Trump Folk Talk

    The “alt” people ? the “alt-Right,” or “alternative Right” ? use the word “cuck” a lot. This stands for “cuckold.” The alts believe that the conservatives let dark-skinned people come in and rape their women and take over the country. Hence, they are “cucks.”

    So we writers at National Review, for example, would be “cuckservatives,” led by “William F. Cuckley.” That’s the way they talk.

    Forget them, for now. Today, I will talk about the lexicon of Trump partisans, or many of them. They come after me on Twitter and in “comments” sections under articles and blogposts. I have been scanning such things recently.

    The mindset is collective, and so is the vocabulary. People use the same words, whether the words are sensible or truthful or not. It’s like an army of parrots, squawking. I wonder whether the birds know what they’re talking about.

    I think the most prominent word, from Trumpites, is “globalist.” That is their epithet of choice. It seems to have replaced “cosmopolitan,” or “rootless cosmopolitan,” a once-common slur against Jews. It is one of those nonsense words of the populist Right.

    1. I think that’s a misinformed interpretation of the cuck thing. But Jay Cucklinger at the National Cuckview wouldn’t know.

      1. How so? The cuck-fetish is deeply rooted in racial taboo. Er, so I hear.

        It’s not clear how the insult would be applicable if not for tying in race via the immigration issue. As it stands, cuckhold fetishizing seems to be the province of intellectuals–professor types, for example, for whom cuckholding is as much an intellectual exercise in withstanding jealousy as it is an exercise in sexual disinhibition. Are they saying NRO writers and other “establishment” types like seeing their wives fucked by other men? Okay, that might speak to a sort of pusillanimous bent, but it’s rich coming from the faction of strongman, “big daddy government” types. And it’s a peculiar label if the only issue the alt-right is taking with the establishment is its (supposed) proclivity for renting out their wives to other men. Is your average alt-right twitter troll also a closeted social conservative?

        The race component is pretty much guaranteed.

        1. Maybe?

          I mainly see it as the group of conservatives who remain faithful to the Republican Party although they know that the Republican Party is absolutely not faithful to them.

          I don’t really see the need to go wayyyyy down the psychological rabbit hole. Didn’t really mean to start anything philosophical.

          The first sentence was mainly just to set up the second sentence.

          1. Nordlinger renounced his party affiliation. He’s now independent, as is George Will and Mona Charon, off the top of my head. It’s pretty much just show since the party slipped away from them, not the other way around. And you’re right, their devotion was probably misplaced long before this election. But isn’t that always the case? Hell, nobody hates the LP more than libertarians, and ostensibly that’s all we’ve got. Nobody is content with his party.

            It’s a pathetic state given how weak the Dems are, which is what gets my goat.

            1. Yeah, Nordlinger may not be a cuckservative. I’m honestly not that familiar with him (I was just being snarky).

              Now that you mention it, the cuckservative thing is probably just a way to shame conservatives into renouncing the RP. Probably subconscious, not some grand master plan. But it’s human nature. The RP screws its constituency. A portion of the constituency gets fed up and bails out and starts shaming the rest until they do the same.

      2. I think that’s a misinformed interpretation of the cuck thing

        If it needs to be re-explained every time its referenced, its fucking dumber than it was when it was just about “Black dicks”

    2. Wait. The Cosmos are Jews? I thought the were just semi-libertarians who like to be popular at DC parties?

    3. (((cucks)))

    4. When referring to immigration, they also say import a lot, as in importing third-world immigrants is ruining this country for the benefit of corporations like those behind Club for Growth.

      1. When referring to immigration, they also say import a lot,

        I don’t hang on alt-right websites, but I have heard “import” used to refer to migrants from the middle east.

        Who are, I think being brought over and kept here using government money, so I think “import” fits just fine in that case.

  46. More than 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia over the weekend in search for food.

    Saw some article saying that Venezuelans weren’t going to Colombia for food, it was for fun. Good times in Colombia.

    They must throw pretty damn good block parties in Colombia for 100k to cross a border to attend.

    1. Lefties lie. Count on it like the sun rising. They lie to others and they lie to themselves.

    1. “I’m scared”. No, you’re the crypt keeper.

    2. Trump’s irresponsible and Hillary is the responsible adult. They had to find an old corpse to say it with a straight face.

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHA the subliminal message circa 38 seconds is fucking priceless

      1. Seriously, who the fuck does that?!

    4. That dude is an actor. I am 100% certain I’ve seen him on several TV shows (not as a star, but more of a character actor)

        1. can’t paste link. Wikipedia “Confessions of a Republican”. The democrats have been using this same ad since 1964. Actor is William Bogert.

          1. Yep, he played David Lightman’s dad in WarGames. I’ve watched that damned movie enough times to know.

            1. “This corn is raw!”

              1. Could we just take pills for the vitamins, and cook the corn?

            2. OMG – you are good!

      1. William Bogert

        It’s the same actor as the ’64 ad. That’s the cut at 39 seconds.

      2. He played the incredulous interviewer of Clayton Biggs on the first episode of The Chapelle Show.

        1. which is still the best sketch Chapelle ever did.

    5. THere’s another weird cut/edit at :04

    6. So as long as a candidate is does corrupt and shady things but SAYS all the right things, then she’s fine!

      What the fuck.

  47. “Keepers of the bud split on California marijuana legalization”
    “Some in the industry believe legitimacy would boost their bottom line, but others fear the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, labeled Proposition 64, would allow venture capitalists to drive out the small farmers who provided the troubled former timber towns on the North Coast with an economic engine and made California the weed capital of the world.
    “We didn’t want a big corporate takeover of this emerging industry, so we put in probably more specific protections to give preference to small operators than any other state in the country,” Kinney said. “The goal is to hit the sweet spot, so we’re not flooding the system with supply or so strictly regulating it that it encourages the black market.”
    Chron, paywalled.

    Yeah, we can’t have the market decide who grows dope, it takes a gov’t agency to ‘allow’ a certain supply.

    1. We need a guild to protect the weed farmers!

      1. Totally apropros

  48. Kevin Williamson name-checked without naming The Jacket in his column today. There’s no broad libertarian yearning, no closeted desire for mass-decentralization, no ecumenical devotion to subsidiarity, and this is no libertarian moment. You gonna take that sitting down, Gillespie?

    1. The conversations here are familiar: The proponents of free people and free markets have a “branding problem,” and, if we could only figure out the right words to say in the right order, then people would flock to our banner. At the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino, a famous libertarian activist sweeps his hand over the adult video games, the burlesque dancers at the Heart Bar, the people wandering around with foot-high daiquiri glasses and says: “Hopefully, the whole world will soon look like this.” And we libertarians wonder why we’re losing.

      Oh, come on. Next you’ll be telling me one of the LP bigwigs stripped down to a thong and danced onstage at their national convention.

      1. I wouldn’t have been able to guess except he mentioned the anecdote in the podcast and named name. It’s such a bland statement it almost seems out of place given the… eccentricities… the party tolerates.

    2. The complexity of the real world exceeds what can be adequately addressed by our ideologies, and the variety of real human beings ? and real human experience ? means that there are real differences in basic, fundamental values. Most people do not want their values to be tolerated ? they want their values to prevail. The terrorists in Nice and Orlando are not fighting for toleration. Neither are the neo-socialists now migrating from the Sanders camp to the Clinton camp or the Trumpkins who are sure that their frustrations and disappointments are being artificially and maliciously inflicted on them by a nefarious elite.

      Well, he’s not wrong…

    3. Normally they like to mock us by name. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they debate you, then you win.

      1. Williamson considers himself a libertarian (or sometimes an “Eisenhower anarchist”). And he’s better even than many ardent libertarians on some subjects. Say what you will about the flaccid #NeverTrump movement, they’re at least not making common ground with economic nationalism.

        He’s certainly better than our nominee, but that’s not saying much.

    4. In a similar vein, Welch tweeted last week: “Shout-out to the #FreedomFest crowd howling for @nickgillespie’s blood for being a “biased moderator.” WELCOME TO MY WORLD, people.”

      1. Gillespie would never moderate… nor edit.

  49. reached a high of 13 percent in the most recent presidential polls

    Oh what a big boy you are. You can almost reach the grown up table.


    Congratulations, you are now tall enough to get out of the midget range. So now you can ride all the big boy rides at the fair.

    1. He could do if not for the bigger boys cutting in front of him and unceremoniously bumping him from the line. “Thanks for holding my place, twerp.”

  50. BREAKING: Baltimore police Lt acquitted of all charges in death of Freddy Gray.

      1. Thulsa Doom knows where it’s at!

      2. It’s mystifying how anyone still considers Obama (or ever considered, given his ideological precepts) to be a racial healer. Every statement he makes is facially neutral but clearly intended to stoke fires. He is without a doubt a worthy and articulate orator in that he doesn’t express his bigotries explicitly. He’s no Jeremiah Wright. But his speeches are as calculated as Marc Antony’s to inflame grievances. He doesn’t even need dog whistles, it’s all right there but couched in banal terms. Chocolate Jesus ain’t dying for your racial sins, that’s for sure.

        1. What is a community organizer? Someone who organizes communities by building schools, hospitals and town halls? Or someone who stokes grievances and foments strife?

          There was never a time when Barack Obama was not very obviously what he is. There is no excuse for his supporters beyond self-delusion.

          Welcome to post racial America.

    1. I’m stunned I tell ya.


    2. “The state did not prove the defendant was aware of the new policy,” the judge said in court.

      The state put on a show trial in order to placate rioters and vouchsafe Marilyn Mosby’s political career. The outcome was always irrelevant.

      1. The officer wasn’t aware of the “new policy” against slamming a dude around in the back of a van until his neck felt like a sock full of gravel, huh.

        A decent human being wouldn’t need that to be fucking policy, yo.

      2. Maybe if Republicans riot and loot they can get a show trial for Hilary.

    3. Hold up, let me find my shocked face. Okay, here it is:


  51. Police in France arrested an Albanian couple

    Cytotoxic, call your fucking office.

    1. Yeah, that’s going to be tough to square with the “marital difficulties” narrative, unless they were somehow personally involved with those difficulties.

      1. Were I his widow I too would be casting aspersions on our marriage.

    2. Dude, Cytotoxic is like 12. His ‘office’ is the corner of his mom’s basement that has the Xbox in it.

  52. A rape suspect took four hostages at a Burger King in Baltimore; the stand-off ended after five hours with police taking the suspect into custody.

    What, you mean they didn’t just kill him with a bomb robot? Guess if one plans to go on a rampage that ends in a stand-off, one should be sure to take some hostages so the police can’t just kill you?

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