Republican Convention 2016

Comedian Eric Andre Crashes a Pro-Trump Alex Jones Rally, Only a Little Violence Ensues

Andre to Jones: 'I want you to have sex with my wife.'


Alex Jones
Robby Soave / Reason

Infowars' Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and radio host, addressed a pro-Trump crowd at a park just outside the Republican National Convention today. The event became even weirder—if that were possible—after comedian Eric Andre showed up to troll and was invited by Jones to come on stage.

The crowd was not particularly friendly to Andre—someone shoved him forcefully before he could make it to the stage. But Andre wasn't very friendly either. When Jones gave him an opportunity to speak, Andre quipped, "I want you to have sex with my wife" and "Why does my peeppee come out yellow?"

Jones then accused Andre of trying to be shocking—an accurate charge, though a bit hypocritical coming from a man who just asserted that the globalists were launching a program of control over American citizens.

"The globalists want to say our veterans, our police, our patriots are the number one enemy," said Jones, earlier during his speech. "That shows you, this is an obvious outside globalists force. Of course they would come here and say our veterans and police are the enemy. Because they are the enemy."

The most entertaining moment of the Jones/Andre encounter has to do with 9/11, of course.

Andre: "Jet fuel can't melt steal beams. Who put the bombs in tower seven?"

Jones: "Well, I've exposed all that. You've said something legitimate."

It was a nutty, mostly harmless event hosted by Citizens for Trump. The police presence was staggering: At least 20 cops were on hand to make sure things didn't get out of control.

Jones, who is very pro-Trump, was followed by Roger Stone. Reason's Anthony Fisher interviewed Stone earlier. Read that here.

Watch my Facebook Live feed of the Jones speech below. Andre shows up around the 6:30 mark.