Race Wars, Barack Obama, and Barbara Boxer: The Latest Fifth Column

Debating race and politics and policing on a podcast with a little help from wine in a plastic bag


The latest episode of The Fifth Column—the podcast co-hosted by Kmele FosterMichael C. Moynihan, and meself—is, as you can imagine, about racism and policing and the way we talk about both. Here's the write-up over at Stitcher:

A trifecta of highly charged police involved shootings dominate the headlines; what are the odds that resulting media coverage and political rhetoric are substantive, fact-based and solutions oriented?  And what is President Obama going on about?  Plus: Which member of the triumvirate was roughed up for backtalking the cops? Will Barbra Boxer accept Welch's VERY indecent proposal? And, perhaps most importantly, when is carrying around a bottle of wine in a Ziplock bag filled with ice not dignified and respectable? Probably when you refuse to share….

Listen for yourself; read up on the Boxer stuff here:

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