Brickbat: Preemptive Strike


Church vs. state
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The Fort Des Moines Church of Christ is suing the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to keep it from censoring church teaching on sexuality and forcing churches to open their bathrooms and showers to members of the opposite sex. The commission hasn't actually brought any such cases, but church officials say they are concerned about an official commission publication which indicates that religious exemptions to the state's civil rights law do not apply to church services that are open to the public.

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  1. “As a church, they can believe whatever they want,” [executive director of One Iowa, the state’s leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organization, Debra] Red Wing added. “In their bona fide religious activities they are exempt. They cannot, however, break the law when providing public accommodations.”

    “So bake me a wedding cake, and hold the holy water!”

    1. As for the Muslims.we”ll leave them alone.

      1. Well, the Muslims aren’t so easy to bully, because they get all murdery and shit.

    2. So worship services aren’t “bona fide religious activities”?

    3. So mass services aren’t “bona fide religious activities” unless they require membership to enter the building? That makes as little sense as pictures with no alt-text.

  2. Ooh, a new article!

  3. I thought team blue evacuated flyover countries years ago

    1. Their considered an invasive species in that part of the country.Just like some of your relations in Florida.

  4. Against whom is this brickbat being thrown?

    1. The troglodyte churches, of course!

  5. IIRC the CRA defines public accommodation narrowly. Transportation, hotel, restaurant….which seems logical to support a right to travel. But now any thing open to the public is called a public accommodation. Progs changing the meaning of words once again.

    1. FYTW

  6. “In their bona fide religious activities they are exempt. They cannot, however, break the law when providing public accommodations.”

    “Suffer the little children to come unto me ….”

    1. And who writes the law and when did we the people get to vote on it. The Supreme Court can’t write law and neither can the President but they do so why should I be subject to it

  7. Most people are reasonably nice, try to get along with others, live their lives in peace with their family, friends and neighbors. So it’s hard form them to believe how evil progressives are. You have to understand your enemy. Sounds like the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ gets it.

  8. When will people wakeup to the fact that the Federal government is out of control and that they could care less what the Constitution says. Everyone in America should have to take a course in Constitutional law before they can become a citizen and deport any public servant that violates it. Use your damn smartphone for something besides selfie’s and Pok?mon Go.

    1. The fact that with all this vitriol you bothered to include the accented character in Pokemon proves you must be a player. Projection? 🙂

    2. Uh, this story does not concern the federal government.

    3. *couldn’t care less

      Being pedantic is a pain, sure, but if you’re going to be lecturing on what the Constitution says, you ought to know that enough changes in “shades of meaning” gets us to where we are right now.

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  10. Red Wing forgets the wall of separation was deigned to keep the government out of the church. Churches are not public spaces. Churches can decide criteria for membership, who can can take communion, i.e. closed communion and practice discipline; that ask a person to leave the church if unrepentant and disruptive, and determine who to support.

  11. My home town also has a corner of Church and State streets ? which, at that point, are both one-way.

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