Obama Speaks at Dallas Memorial, Bernie Endorses Clinton, Pence or Newt? P.M. Links


  • Sanders

    The police officers killed in the Dallas shooting "shared a commitment to something larger than themselves," said President Obama at their memorial service.

  • A male student is suing Cornell University for violating his due process rights during a sexual misconduct investigation.
  • At long last, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton.
  • Gary Johnson is doing outreach to Bernie Sanders voters.
  • Mike Pence, a frontunner to be Trump's VP, is disliked in his home state.
  • Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich—another potential VP—has given up his job as a Fox News contributor "by mutual agreement." Which is a good sign he was chosen to join the ticket.

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  1. At long last, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    There’s the Bern.

    1. Our long national nightmare is over. Now there is peace.

    2. Nice.

      “Can you feel it? How about NOW?!”

    3. In the Sanders for President subreddit, they’re going full on conspiratorial.

      My favorite was the person who thinks the real Bernie was disappeared by the government and the one out there is a robot/clone/whatever.

      1. Oh, my. That’s delicious.

        1. Here’s the full quote, for the record:

          I brought this up last month when Bernie went to the White House to speak with Obama, but if “Bernie” endorses Shillary that will be confirmation that he was replaced with a double or clone. I’ve suspected it the last few weeks, and I’m terrified that it is in fact what happened. I just hope hey have Bernie detained somewhere and he is eventually rescued. The establishment can’t oppress the people forever. Nelson Mandela was imprisioned for 20 years before he became president.



          2. I… uh, don’t think Bernie has another 20 years in him. Dude is old as shit already.

            1. Lenin is still around, and looking better than ever.

          3. I really hope that’s sarcasm/ joking. Because… damn.

            Although you never know. I once got “cornered” at a party by a chemtrail theorist. There’s nothing like realizing after talking to someone for a few minutes that you’re talking to a batshit crazy person.

            1. A couple years ago when I was working reception in a law office, a woman came in and asked to speak with an attorney about a pressing matter. She was attractive, articulate, a little demure, but had a piercing look about her.

              Which was all well and good until the attorney led her out of the conference room, out of the office, and gave me a good verbal thrashing about setting him up with Ms. Crazypants. Apparently she was pretty schizo, talking about being put in touch with the lead attorney who would get her a conference with the president for some goofball reason.

              She was more reasonable than a lot of Sanders’ demented fans, anyway.

              1. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to always stick it in crazy, so did you?

          4. I brought this up last month when Bernie went to the White House to speak with Obama, but if “Bernie” endorses Shillary that will be confirmation that he was replaced with a double or clone. I’ve suspected it the last few weeks, and I’m terrified that it is in fact what happened. I just hope hey have Bernie detained somewhere and he is eventually rescued.

            Pretty sure I know this guy!

        2. This is the perfect thing to cheer me up today. Hilarious.

          1. Hillarious.

      2. At some point these cults built around politicians will learn.

        1. Hmmm, imma say no. Facts not in evidence. There is no peak retard.

      3. Love it. I’m going to push the ‘Replicant Bernie’ idea every chance I get.

        1. +1 anger mitosis

        2. +1 Voigt-Kampff

        3. -1 Tears in the Rain.

        4. +1 Electric Progs

      4. Hmm. Anyone seen Larry David lately?

        1. Goddamned synths.

          Why do you hate Howard Jones?

      5. I think that represents the typical IQ of a bernie voter.

        1. Or at least their typical gap from reality

      6. Let’s see if we can convince them that there’s a hidden message in his endorsement announcement that can only be heard if you play it backwards.

        1. Argh, you beat me to it!

      7. If you play Hillary’s campaign song backwards, it actually says “Bernie is dead, hail Satan!”

        1. Hillary is what Satan threatens souls with in hell if they misbehave.

        2. The walrus is Bernie?

      8. Maybe they’re right, but on the wrong timescale.

        Dude has been a robot for decades.

      9. Maybe it was the same guys that replaced Hugo Chavez with a guy who used his “socialist” government to make billions for his family. One born every minute, and they all feel the Bern.

    4. Hello.

    5. Since Bernie endorsed Hillary, does this mean Trump has decided not to go with Bernie as his veep?

      1. The endorsement is from Robo-Bernie (see above), so Trump is still free to pick Real Bernie as his running mate.

        If he can find him in time!!

        1. But wait, what if he accidentally picks Robo-Bernie?

    6. Trump should call him “Sell-Out Sanders?”

      1. Trump tweeted this today:

        Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.

    7. Hil: Was that the Bern or a hot flash?

  2. Which is a good sign he was chosen to join the ticket.

    Newt’s got nothing to lose.

    1. I doubted him at first, but over the course of his 2012 campaign he won me over and convinced me that putting Newt Gingrich in the White House is the best plan for assuring the future wealth and prosperity of Newt Gingrich.

      1. So, basically no different than any other pol?

    2. We’d better get back, ’cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night… mostly.

  3. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich?another potential VP?has given up his job as a Fox News contributor “by mutual agreement.” Which is a good sign he was chosen to join the ticket.

    6 wives / ex-wives to rule them all!

    1. Between Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich’s philandering, this has got to be the most pro-female ticket ever.

      1. With Bill Clinton, every woman has a chance.

        1. Is that where the one-in-five chance comes from?

    2. I think he was just bored getting hit on by Bill Hemmer.

  4. The police officers killed in the Dallas shooting “shared a commitment to something larger than themselves,” said President Obama at their memorial service.

    They were committed to a totalitarian state.

    1. +5

    2. Their wives were all fatties?

  5. Gary Johnson is doing outreach to Bernie Sanders voters.

    Then he better pick up his free stuff game.

    1. I am sure right afterward he is going to sprint over and court disaffected GOP voters as well.

      What? No? Oh…well then…

        1. That’s what the GOP establishment thinks too.

    2. Free doobies?

    1. And then there are the idiots suing Facebook.

      1. What? Rule #1: Sue the guy with the biggest pile of cash.

  6. The police officers killed in the Dallas shooting “shared a commitment to something larger than themselves,” said President Obama at their memorial service.

    Much larger than themselves: the criminal code.

  7. A male student is suing Cornell University for violating his due process rights during a sexual misconduct investigation.

    Today I learned that Cornell University is a government entity.

    1. More Cornell University derp – this is an Ivy League professor.

      Somehow white supremacy == capitalism.

      Cornell prof: Only whites who hate capitalism are BLM allies

      “There’s a sliver, a sliver of white America that hates white supremacy and that hates capitalism,” said the professor, explaining the third category. “These are the folks that you need to organize with.

      1. That’s just because, being unemployable, those folks are the ones with the most time on their hands.

      2. Progressive policy works kinda like Lego bricks. You can snap those things together however you want!

        1. If you step on one when you don’t expect it, it hurt’s like a sumbitch.

          1. People abuse apostrophes just to piss me off, don’t they?

            1. Ye’s?

        2. And like Lego bricks, there always seems to be one wherever you step without looking.

        3. …and the dog eats enough of them it costs you a shitload to have the veterinarian remove them!

      3. If this guy and his ideological allies ever got power, things would quickly deteriorate into the standard mass impoverishment, mass murder and imprisonment of political opponents, etc. that happen every time they receive power, and they would still have the nerve to denounce capitalism as an “anti-human system.”

        1. “anti-human system.”

          WTF does that even mean? Do they mean “inhumane?” If so, just use that word instead. Holy fuck, these twits just love inventing new words, don’t they?

      4. Professor Russell Rickford of Cornell University made those statements and others at a Black Lives Matter protest Friday, even going so far as to charge the police with “genocide” in relation to recent, well-publicized shootings.

        This fuck-head should have a sit down with survivors of the holocaust. They could tell him what real, actual genocide looks like.

        1. he needs to get together with this gal!


      5. Opining that “most of us are losers under capitalism,”…

        Well, he’s right that they’re losers, but it’s not because of capitalism, or institutionalized racism, or any other -ism.

    2. Not eggzackly.

      Cornell is one of three private land grant universities in the nation and the only one in New York. Of its seven undergraduate colleges, three are state-supported statutory or contract colleges through the State University of New York (SUNY) system, including its agricultural and human ecology colleges. Of Cornell’s graduate schools, only the veterinary college is state-supported.

      – Wikipedia article on Big Red

      So, parts are fish, parts are fowl. Read up on the Morrill Act.

  8. Gary Johnson is doing outreach to Bernie Sanders voters.

    + Legalized pot
    + aversion to war
    + Civil liberties
    – “Free” stuff of all sorts
    – Feel-good policies versus genuine freedom
    – Regulatory bear hugs

    1. I’d have to pay for college? What fascist shit is this!?

      1. Charging tuition for college is literally Hitler!

        1. Pot wants to be free, like information!

          1. Pol Pot does want to be free. Better than being dead.

    2. 15% of bernie supporters might be swayed.

  9. Pence or Newt?

    Neither…next question.

    1. Weird, i don’t see “panic-vomiting then sobbing loudly” on the list.

      1. Though to be fair, even if he ran the clone of Milton Freedman as his VP, I couldn’t be persuaded to vote for him so he might as well complete the circle of derp.

  10. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich?another potential VP?has given up his job as a Fox News contributor “by mutual agreement.” Which is a good sign he was chosen to join the ticket.

    It can always get worse.

    1. Worse in what sense?

      Newt getting a ride on Space X to start a moon colony?

      1. Worse in the sense that Trump vs Hillary can become even more disagreeable to the few shreds of sanity I still possess.

        1. I hear that. I am through the denial and anger phases, but here during the bargaining phase I’m hoping that trump and Hildog pick palatable(ineffectual) veeps and then kick the bucket after the inauguration.

          1. Who is palatable? I don’t think Trump is going to pick Rand Paul or Mike Lee. Justin Amash is too young.

    2. I love it. Any VP debates with Newt versus whatever SJW Hillary picks will be entertainment gold.

    1. WTF? As in, who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to put those things inside a holocaust museum. Up next – churches, hospitals, biomedical research facilities…

      Oh, wait, this is the perfect excuse to infiltrate a facility – “I wasn’t paying attention, just looking for Pokemon…”

      1. I didn’t mean to set up that secret email server in my bathroom! I was just playing the Pok?mon!

      2. In a way, it brings back the Natural Selection that modern society lacks.

      3. Actually, it already seems that PokemonGo seems to really, really want people to go to church.

        1. Go’s trying to tell you something…

          1. Based on a quick Google search of the churches’ denominations, that Martin Luther was right?

            1. That Lutheran churches are a good place to look for monsters?

              1. That I can bend to my will like Jesus did to the demon pigs?

        2. “Holy ground, Trainer, holy ground!”

      4. They actually got their map and locations from a prior game called Ingress. All of the locations were essentially crowd sourced.

        It would be a really great way to screw someone you don’t like by marking their house as one of these landmarks (it has already happened, although with no malicious intent).

    2. So…fire-type pokemon…or what?

      1. Well, there was the picture of somebody catching a Weezing (the “poison gas pokemon”) there.

        1. Weezer *are* monsters.

          1. As a former altar boy, I can attest that, before I got used to it, incense seemed like poison gas.

      2. Someone posted a picture catching a Koffing (a ball spewing noxious gas) in the holocaust museum. It was terribly funny in the “I’m going to hell for this” kind of way.

    3. You know what other monster the Holocaust Museum is not cool with?

      1. Cookie? Doesn’t share rations.

        1. That’s not kosher, dude.

          The cookies, I mean.

      2. Lise Koch?

        1. Ilse! I swear I spelled that right!

    4. Can I catch ONE Pokemon for each close family member who lived through it??

      I think that’s a fair compromise.

      Gives me… 4 I think…

    5. I guess Pokemons aren’t kosher.

  11. “All children of god. That’s the America I know.”


    1. The Independents was canceled.

      1. That show was a nightly lemon party.

        1. Too bad it wasn’t a nightly rainbow party.

    2. *double-checks that poster is not Heroic Mulatto*

      1. Crusty’s mad because you passed on his dating secret.

    3. The problem is when you get dementia patients who want to fuck.

      1. Informed consent?

      2. Like Jackie or Mattress Girl?

    4. Something something SugarFee something dumpster.

  12. “Just read the words,” Hillary said, spitting out the sibilants like pieces of old skin.

    “But I didn’t write this. I’m from the Bronx. We write things for ourselves,” Bernie protested. He tried to crumble the endorsement speech but his arthritic hands could barely wrinkle the paper.

    “You’ll do what we tell you or you won’t leave Vermont with a working asshole,” her goiter said. Bloody-toothed mouths grown in her clavicles choked out mirthless laughter. A voice from between her rotted breasts whispered, “Sew it close anyway.”

    “I don’t re-re-re-act well to threats, Madam Secretary.” She slapped him twice in quick succession, the rough skin of her gnarled hands scraping his face.

    “I will only speak to a black officer,” Bernie whimpered.

    “You want me to call Huma?” she asked him. Orifices all over her body sighed. “Have you ever been double-dipped, Bernie? You won’t survive it. There might not even be enough left over to send home to your fat wife.”

    “Leave her out of this,” he said. But his voice betrayed him. He was old and feeble. He shook all over like an inbred chihuahua.

    “I’m going to let Bill use her as a tampon,” Hillary giggled.

    The broken old man began to weep.

    1. Yes.

    2. Nice to have the genuine article.

      No offense to Hugh. Or maybe some offense.

      1. I agree with MJ. These stories need to include Hugh.

        1. Hugh’s already being used as a tampon.

    3. “I’m going to let Bill use her as a tampon,” Hillary giggled.

      Well, I went from repulsed to confused.

      1. Isn’t that more a Prince Charles thing?

      2. Well, you see, rumor has it that if you take it in the butt enough, you develop a condition called “trunk butt”, where the lining slides out similar to an elephant’s trunk.

        That’s where the tampon comes into play.

        1. Just how functional is this trunk? Can you pick up, say, a paint brush and paint a flower?

          1. Does the natural order reverse and you feed it peanuts?

        2. rumor has it that if you take it in the butt enough, you develop a condition called “trunk butt”, where the lining slides out similar to an elephant’s trunk.

          *projectile vomits all over desk*

        3. I’ve just now recovered from the vapors.

      3. He uses them as teabags.

    4. Wait, so Hillary is slowly turning into Shub-Niggurath?

      1. No. Has been all along.

      2. “The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”

        1. Nice one.

    5. Literary genius of our time. *pukes and orders another Scotch quadruple w/everclear chaser

    6. He shook all over like an inbred chihuahua.

      Fucking. Hamlet.

      1. If you study SugarFree’s corpus, you will see frequent references to chihuahuas. Critics are not in agreement as to the symbolism, but some think it refers to lost childhood.

        1. Or Taco Bell.

        2. Be careful in how close you study his corpus, you just might catch something.

          1. Did you know it’s possible to get herpes of the eye?

            1. Verisimilitude broke down early. Bernie is from Brooklyn. He was a Dodgers fan before the team fled to the other coast.

              Kevin R – annoyed NL is trailing by 2 in the bottom of the 7th.

  13. Genuine question, from a guy who’s not all Barack Hussein Obummer is destroying our country!*: is he suffering from some mental condition? This weekend, I saw the statement he made about the Dallas shooting, and he was taking a solid 5 second pause in between clauses. He wasn’t saying anything nuanced or worded in any special way; he appeared to be challenged to come up with very simplistic statements. And then there are the clips of him stammering, more than he used to when speaking off-the-cuff.

    Has the job taken that much of a toll on him? Or could there be some medical cause for this? Or am I just not watching enough of Obama to judge (I do generally avoid listening to him)? It was just rather arresting to see the guy with the launch codes space out like that.

    *though on that note, it seems he decided to politicize a eulogy today, so he’s definitely emotionally stunted.

    1. He’s always paused and, to smaller extent, stammered. I think the difference is now, he doesn’t really care and is just going through the motions.

    2. is he suffering from some mental condition?

      Narcissism, at a minimum. Probably borderline personality disorder, would be my guess.

      None of that explains his current issues with speaking, which do seem to be getting worse. But I can’t get to the off button fast enough when I see his smirking gob on the teevee, so I really am not the best judge.


      1. Him and Trudeau.

        I completely ignore them. They have nothing to say that could enlighten.

    3. The TelePrompter had a brief 100% CPU usage glitch. That’s all.

      Either that, or his speech writing team was slacking off and was typing his speech in real time as he spoke.

      1. Let’s be honest, the good speech writers have gone on to campaigns where they can make more money. He’s left with the b team, and he’s probably phoning it in anyway.

    4. The best speakers in the world do that.


    5. Barack in 2008.

      Barack in 2016.

      The man’s aged twenty years in eight. I think he’s probably tired and worn out, coupled with the translation from ‘Lightbringer Messiah’ to ‘Incompetent Standard Boss with a Shrinking Cult’ over two terms seriously damaging his ego.

      For a foreign example, see Hu Jintao.

    6. He suffered from teleprompter deprivation.

    7. Control chip is starting to break down. Doesn’t matter, in a year he’s expendable.

  14. rerun from previous thread – NOW WITH IMPROVED SNARK =

    U.S. Gay Gun Group Membership Surges

    I happily support surging members

    1. You’re just trying to get another comment from Ed, aren’t you.

      1. No, i was miffed with my imperfect earlier double-entendre

    2. We are all behind them 100%.

  15. NYT = Edits Editorial After Publication to Conform to Shifts in Popular Opinion

    Not long after the column was published, however, the news took a turn. Instead of a nation focused on gruesome shootings of blacks, mostly by white police, there was a black sniper in Dallas killing five police officers, four white and one Mexican-American. The gunman said he had been provoked by the recent police shootings.

    So began a clambering among editors on the Opinion desk to update Dyson’s essay with the news, and also to make some changes that would tone down the language in light of the Dallas attack. When they were finished, the piece went back online and into the Sunday Review section of the newspaper. By then it was a tamer version of its previous self.

    “It wasn’t supposed to be a bitter scolding of white people.” they say.

    But, see….. it was, which is why they changed it.

    1. And… that link is to the NYT?

      1. to their omsbudsman/public-editor’s blog, yes

        1. Is she looking for a new job?

          1. If you worked at the NYT, wouldn’t you be?

    2. “What I said in the first one was absolutely true…I penned a piece to white America about my feelings. But when the Dallas incident happened, I wanted to say, ‘That is horrible, too.’ ” “If the first piece sounded more Malcolm and the second more King, that’s O.K. by me”

      Shorter Dyson: “I’m jacking it to the thought of my own righteousness.”

  16. A male student is suing Cornell University for violating his due process rights during a sexual misconduct investigation.

    Next up: Legislation to shield from litigation universities who engage in US Department of Education-sanctioned/demanded witch hunts.

  17. Too Old for Sex? Not at This Nursing Home

    When Audrey Davison met someone special at her nursing home, she wanted to love her man.

    Her nurses and aides at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale did not try to stop her. On the contrary, she was allowed to stay over in her boyfriend’s room with the door shut under the Bronx home’s stated “sexual expression policy.” One aide even made the couple a “Do Not Disturb” sign to hang outside.

    “I enjoyed it and he was a very good lover,” Ms. Davison, 85, said. “That was part of how close we were: physically touching and kissing.”

    The nursing home came up with a sexual expression policy in 1995 after a nurse walked in on two residents having sex. When the nurse asked Mr. Reingold what to do, he told her, “Tiptoe out and close the door behind you.”


    1. Paging….

      Oh, you posted it.

      1. Eldery fornication is my bailiwick, but that scamp Gilmore is honing in on my action.

    2. If either of those two old geezers has dementia issues, that’s rape.

      1. What if the one with dementia is the one initiating the sex?

        1. “But didn’t we…?”

          “Yes, I was that sheep!”

          1. +1 cunning plan

  18. The police officers killed in the Dallas shooting “shared a commitment to something larger than themselves,” said President Obama at their memorial service.

    “Just like me and Secretary Clinton.”

  19. SF principals hire non-union teachers, proto-pol pissed:

    “SF principals defy school board, hire Teach for America recruits”
    “Board Vice President Shamann Walton was “livid.”
    http://www.sfchronicle.com/bay…..o-10499407 (may be pay-walled)

    Walton is a loser who, like Bernie, never held a job outside of slurping at the public trough.

    1. How are the public schools in SF, BTW?

      1. Spotty.
        A couple are top notch and attract the best teachers and students. Others aren’t worth spit.
        If you can get the comments, some shill says “SF has 100% school choice!”. He’s right; you can choose any school you want for your kids, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go there.

        1. Huh. All of my buddies from college that grew up there went to private schools.

          1. Although, that’s true of most of my friends who lived in LA city limits too. They all found Jesus and went to Catholic school, or shelled out big bucks and went private.

            1. Nowadays, in LA, it seems that you either go to private school or your children get taught English as a second language.

        2. Just like Seattle. The kids from liberal families go to private schools, the rich kids from conservative families go to parochial schools, there are 2 decent “magnet” schools that attract the best and brightest kids as well as the best athletes, and the rest is a cesspool.

          1. But, you get to choose!
            Sorta like taxis voluntary…

  20. Foreign Governments Warn Potential Tourists = Don’t Go To USA If You’re Brown – They’ll Shoot You

    The Bahamas, Bahrain, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates have warned citizens to be on guard if visiting U.S. cities rocked by sometimes violent protests that erupted over the last week following the fatal shootings of two black American men by police.

    In stark terms, the Bahamas told young men especially to exercise “extreme caution” when interacting with police. “Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” it said.

    I have a cousin who is here right now and she’s even scared to go outside to 34th street,” said Zainab Bunduka, a 55-year-old employee at New York City’s North Shore Hospital. She is originally from the West African country of Sierra Leone, which was ravaged by civil war during the 1990s.

    “She’s scared because we don’t have all these gunshots back home,” said Bunduka.

    That is true. In Sierra Leone, they typically hack your limbs off with a machete

    1. In stark terms, the Bahamas told young men especially to exercise “extreme caution” when interacting with police. “Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” it said.

      Good advice, but I don’t see anything in there about being “brown”.

      1. “”Protests, U.S. gun violence worry some black travelers from abroad””

        Black, brown – whats the difference, whitey

    2. Weren’t Floridians at one point blood thirsty for Quebecers killing them at will?

      1. There was a period in the 90s where a bunch of tourists (mostly Canadian) got killed at rest stops in Central/North Florida. Since then they’ve had 24 hour security at a lot of those rest stops.

        1. Lot of german tourists got ate up, too.

          Something to do with the fact that most Florida residents had a significant likelihood of being armed.

          Predator says “hmmm, do I want to try to eat that porcupine, or one of these fat juicy sheep?”

  21. Let it be known:

    When I die, I do not want Obama speaking at my memorial service. I never thought I’d have to say that, but here we are.

    1. You mean pontificating for such an inappropriately long time that someone may be led to believe the event is actually about him?

    2. Noted. *writes note to self: don’t let Obama stand on Playa’s corpse to chastise us on guns

      1. I insist that my funeral be open carry. Guns, not casket.

        1. 100 libertarian gun salute! pew pew

        2. Everyone gets a shot. To make sure you don’t reanimate.

    1. Do we all have Aids?

    2. If you’re not, it simply means you haven’t yet watched the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

      1. Or Point Break over and over and over again.

          1. I only recognize the classic with Keanu and Swayze, not that Vin Diesel drivel, or the other one with Choco from Domino.

            1. What are you even talking about? There is only one. And his name is Swayze.

    3. the way visibility and acceptance can actually lead to erasure

      Translation: Boo-hoo, I’m not special anymore.

  22. New York’s LED Streetlights: A Crime Deterrent to Some, a Nuisance to Others

    But the truer hues of the LEDs, which appear much brighter to the naked eye than the old lights, have other benefits.

    “I used to be afraid to go out at night with my kids,” said Stephanie Arias, who was sharing a park bench with her husband and two sons as they licked ices. “There are a lot of stupid little guys around who like to start stuff. Now it’s different.”

    Yet where some now see better, others see only a nuisance. Residents of Corona may have embraced the LEDs as a crime deterrent and a pedestrian safeguard, but those in more upscale neighborhoods are fighting them. Many have argued that the lights’ rays blast through windows and ruin the charm of the night.

    Charm of the night?

    1. There’s a city nearby that doesn’t allow street lights or stoplights. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Driving at night is a little sketchy, but you can see the stars.

      1. There’s a middle ground. Properly shielded street lamps help minimize light pollution, and as a side bonus you can use less powerful lights, because you aren’t wasting wattage lighting up the sky.

        Blue LED’s are still a problem, though. Astronomers can filter out the sodium-vapor street lamps, because the light isn’t natural. Blue LED’s emit at a wavelength similar to stars, though, so it can’t be filtered.

      2. Our neighborhood is streetlight-less. Of course I live in relative BFE.

        1. This is in the Los Angeles Basin.

          Palos Verdes Estates. Incidentally, they have a LOT of fatal car accidents.

    1. But the research that exists increasingly shows there are effective measures that reduce gun deaths without materially infringing on law-abiding people’s liberty: deny firearms to domestic abusers, for example; perform serious background checks on would-be gun buyers; require that gun owners obtain a license.

      We know there’s nothing a government license can’t accomplish, so I’m not sure why were even need those other options.

    2. So the cops get into a firefight, everyone is supposed to run to the sound of the guns and start blasting?

    3. Keep in mind that even good guys with guns will have a hard time taking down a sniper with a vantage point. Ugh.

  23. The Sanders supporters are going nuts on Reddit. A bunch of them are just throwing hissy fits, saying they just won’t vote, and a ton of them are saying they’re vote for Stein instead. The die-hard Democrats are trying to get people to support Hillary (but…but…SUPREME COURT JUSTICES!) and no one is really buying it. Shockingly, there’s a ton of apologia for Trump going on, Clinton supporters are throwing out the standard racist, bigot, etc. lines but it’s not sticking. People are actually talking about supporting Trump because ‘at least he’s against TPP and can’t be bought’ while smearing Clinton with corporatist, warmonger, etc.

    Reddit’s not exactly a good polling example but I don’t think this is going to pull a lot of Sanders’ supporters over to Hillary. Most are voting purely on an anti-establishment ticket.

    1. Also, a bunch of them are wailing about how they donated to Sanders’ campaign and how it’s going to go to Hillary’s instead. What’s that, Redditors? You don’t like it when people take your money and spend it on things you have no say in? I couldn’t possibly point to some political ideology that argues for the same concept.

      1. Tee hee!

      2. Ohhhhh that’s delicious. Next they’ll probably be saying that it’s a violation of free speech to misappropriate THEIR donations… Yum!

      3. “Not only will I not vote, I’ll stop paying taxes. Oh, wait. Well, I won’t vote, you can count on *that*!”

      4. Almost makes me feel bad for them (indirectly contributing to Hillary’s campaign, that is) until I remember that they were actively trying to put a socialist in the White House. Fuck those people

    2. A bunch of them are just throwing hissy fits, saying they just won’t vote, and a ton of them are saying they’re vote for Stein instead.

      Nothing nuts about that. I hope they stick to that.

      1. When I say ‘hissy fits’ I mean gnashing of teeth, tearing at their hair, decrying Bernie for BETRAYING US ALL. The absolute faith they had in him is crumbling and they’re lashing out. That’s the nuts part.

    3. Their tears are so yummy and sweet.

    4. I don’t think Reddit is reflective of real life at all.

      Also, at this point, the vast majority of people who would still bother going to the s4p subreddit are delusional diehards. The ones who thought before today that he would still somehow magically win. I think most acknowledged it was over after California if not before.

      1. Why is the sample of Bernie Bros on Reddit totally unrepresentative but your three Republican relatives who refuse to vote for Trump somehow representative of the entire Republican party?

        Maybe neither mean anything or both mean a lot. But, the fact that you want one to be representative and the other not to be really has nothing to do with it.

        1. I never claimed they were. I was just pointing out that there was some real Republicans who don’t like Trump, not just DC insiders. If you don’t remember, that entire comment chain started from Red Rocks essentially saying all NeverTrumpers were just establishment shills. Go reread the thread. I explicitly stated that Trump will get most Republicans on board, even if many are reluctant. I was saying that I don’t think it’s likely he gets enough of them plus enough people in the middle to win the election. Please find a quote where I make a more extreme argument than that.

          Also, that comment was a criticism of Reddit more than anything else. If Reddit reflected real life, 90% of the population would be either socialists, technocrats, or white supremacists, and Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination and general election with 70% of the vote. I don’t know if you visit the site, but ask anyone else here who does and they’ll back up my assessment of it.

          1. Yes but Bernie supporters are not mainstream. So while the Bernie supporters on reddit are not representative of most of the country, they might be representative of the subset of America who supported Bernie. Yeah, if you believe Reddit you would think everyone was a socialist or white supremacist. Bernie and his supporters are socialist. So your observation does not rule out the reddit sample of Bernie supporters being representative of all or a large part of Bernie supporters.

            1. You’re partly right, but there are a couple of things that lead me to my conclusion here:

              1) Reddit’s userbase is a lot younger than the country as a whole. Sanders did get a lot of younger voters but he also got a lot of middle-aged and some older people who aren’t likely to use Reddit. Reddit isn’t going to capture a representative sample of his voter base.

              2) His subreddit isn’t necessarily reflective of all of his voters on Reddit. Not everyone who votes for the guy is going to spend their time posting to a Sanders4president sub, especially more than a month after he conclusively lost the election, and 2-3 months since he had an even slightly realistic chance of winning. I was on Reddit throughout the entire election cycle, and the sub definitely got crazier (and less active) as the election went on and the chances of Sanders winning declined. That is consistent with the userbase of the subreddit becoming increasingly composed of the most diehard and delusional segment of his supporters.

              3) I know a lot of Sanders supporters in real life. And while some of them would fit in well there, a lot of them are not that crazy or extreme in their delusion. I’d say about half are ok with voting for Hillary, even if reluctantly (and again, I’m talking about a young segment of his supporters, if I was talking to middle-aged and older Democrats who voted for him, they’d probably be more inclined to support Clinton. Data backs that up).

    5. The wound is still fresh. By the time it scabs over, the “Ready for Her” sticker will be on the back of their Prius.

      If HRC was smart, she would have her stickers made the same size and shape as the Bernie ones.

  24. New Black Panthers Plan Armed March on GOP Convention

    he New Black Panther Party, a “black power” movement, will carry firearms for self-defense during demonstrations in Cleveland ahead of next week’s Republican convention if allowed under Ohio law, the group’s chairman said.
    If it is an open state to carry, we will exercise our second amendment rights because there are other groups threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us,” Hashim Nzinga, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, told Reuters in an interview.

    As noted by Playa = they’re waiting to google that detail until the very last minute

    also, come on, Hashim: “threatening to threaten” you?

    I for one raise my fist in solidarity with the NBP

    1. “If it is an open state to carry, we will exercise our second amendment rights because there are other groups threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us

      Other than the cops, who are these other groups?

      1. Illinois Nazis?

      2. threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us

        Moreover, they could very well have threatened to do Facebook postings threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us, or something.

      3. UAW? SEIU?

    2. I was looking into buying my first gun this weekend; it took all of five seconds to find the relevant legal information on the NRA’s site.

  25. Clinton vetting retired Adm. James Stavridis for VP

    Stavridis has surfaced on Clinton’s short-list one week after Donald Trump said he is exploring a running mate from outside the ranks of politicians, including from the military. Sources close to Trump said last week that Michael Flynn, the former Defense Intelligence Agency head and a retired three-star Army general, was one of two generals under consideration.

    A senior Democrat close to the vetting process told POLITICO the Stavridis float might be a bit of political psy-ops intended in part to spur Trump into picking Flynn ? whom the Clinton campaign views as a disastrous choice who would hurt the Republican ticket.

    Flynn’s abortion stance has already been an issue.

    They do not waste time.

    1. It’s almost as if she knows she won’t finish her term if elected and is picking as inoffensive a successor as possible, a caretaker as it were. [rustles tinfoil]

  26. Ruth Ginsburg has lost her mind. Is there some provision where a Supreme Court Justice has to pass a basic competency test occasionally?


    1. No. The only way to force them off the bench is for the Congress to impeach them.

    2. I really do question her competency. It’s fine that she hates Trump, but she shouldn’t say so.

      If there’s a Bush v. Gore situation with Clinton and Trump, she’s going to have to recuse herself.

      It’s a huge tactical blunder.

      1. If there’s a Bush v. Gore situation with Clinton and Trump, she’s going to have to recuse herself.

        Nope. Though there may be pressure, either from the public or from the other Justices, there is no requirement that she do so, unseemly though it may appear.

        But RBG has been an unabashedly left-wing hack for decades now. This interview really changes nothing.

        1. “Nope. Though there may be pressure, either from the public or from the other Justices, there is no requirement that she do so, unseemly though it may appear.”

          Well, he didn’t say she was legally required to, so, uh, what the fuck are you talking about.

      2. It is a huge problem. The cannons of judicial ethics could not be more clear. She just disqualified herself from hearing any case involving Trump. But, rules are for the little people. I am sure she will have no problems hearing a case involving Trump and her media apologists will think it is just great and only a misogynist would think otherwise.

        1. Justice Kagan should have been recused from the Obamacare cases, but we all saw how concerned the media was over such trifles.

          1. Not even remotely comparable.

        2. Cannons for judicial ethics? That might be even more awesome than woodchippers!

    3. Ruth Ginsburg has lost her mind. Is there some provision where a Supreme Court Justice has to pass a basic competency test occasionally?

      I think the term for that is impeachment.

  27. Lawyers for Hillary Clinton are going to federal court for the first time to block efforts to force her to testify in a civil lawsuit related to her private email set-up.

    Emphasis added. See?! She *has* been as transparent as possible!

    Judicial Watch has asked to depose Clinton in a pair of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits which have raised questions about whether her private email system was created in part to avoid making messages accessible under FOIA.

    “In any event, the discovery requested by Judicial Watch is futile,” the filing states. “Even if this Court had authority to issue such unprecedented relief, Secretary Clinton has nothing to produce, as the server equipment used to host her @clintonemail.com account is in the possession of the FBI.”

    The filing then continues, “Nanner, nanner, you got nuttin’.”

    1. This is going to be comedy gold. Judge Emmet Sullivan is on the record saying, “We wouldn’t be here if this employee [Clinton] had followed the government’s rules.”

      1. Link:

        Judge says Hillary Clinton’s private emails violated policy

        “We wouldn’t be here today if this employee had followed government policy,” said U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, apparently referring to Clinton, during a hearing on one of the many Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking access to her records as secretary of state.

    2. If I was the judge, I’d send the brief back to them, with a sticky note on it “Hillary Clinton is no longer Secretary of State. Please correct your filing.”

      1. This.

        And “The location of the server has nothing to do with her deposition.”

        1. And “Her last name has nothing to do with her deposition.”

          I, for one, want to see her get dragged to court.

          But when Trump goes to court to testify in the Trump U lawsuit, that’s going to 100x media coverage than Hillary’s deposition. That’s a given.

          1. I don’t think he will. But yeah, if he does, that will be the story of the century. Hillary being questioned by the FBI and then in under oath in a FOIA lawsuit will be one of those things only hateful misogynists are interested in.

    3. Or as Capone would say, “Nattin’!”

  28. So, uh, maybe a teensy little bit of some taxpayer money was used to fund the ouster of Netanyahu. That’s a whoopsie.

    1. Sen. Claire McCaskill, the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, said the Obama administration followed the law.
      But she said their investigation exposed “deficiencies” in the State Department’s policies.
      Thanks for the insight, Claire.

      Illegal? I have no idea. And it’s not like anyone will ever be punished anyway. Wildly unethical? Yes.

      1. *Unquote last two lines.

    2. Netanyahu now joins Allende, Castro, Mossadegh, et al?

      Except that the ouster attempt was not as nasty as the rest.

    3. Um, we’ve been paying tons of foreign aid to Israel since first recognizing it. Money is fungible. So I don’t see how this is any different.

      Up until very recently Israel was the largest recipient of US foreign aid – both on a per-country and a per-capita basis.

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    1. The money isn’t going up, but the cars are. A McLaren?

      1. Hover over the link in the handle.


  30. Let it be known:

    When I die, I do not want Obama speaking at my memorial service. I never thought I’d have to say that, but here we are.

    If that homunculus showed up at the funeral of somebody in my family, I’d make an honest effort to pound him flat with a shovel.

    1. Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! You just lit the signal, head to your bunker for a time out mister.

    2. I’d like to learn more about the Dallas Public Library’s Glockmobile that he mentioned.

  31. Slate is getting revenge on the BernieBros that they helped invent.

    It Doesn’t Matter How Bernie Feels About Endorsing Hillary

    tl;dr: “Just get out there and do it, you old bastard. And then go away.”

  32. Lynch fends off GOP grilling on decision not to prosecute Clinton

    Lynch steadfastly refused to discuss the legal standards or specifics of the investigation, despite testominy earlier in the week from Comey, who was open about the FBI’s determination Clinton should not be charged.

    “While I understand that this investigation has generated significant public interest, as Attorney General, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on the underlying facts of the investigation or the legal basis for the team’s recommendation,” Lynch said at the outset of the hearing. “I can tell you that I am extremely proud of the tremendous work of the dedicated prosecutors and agents on this matter.”

    She went on to say “asset forfeiture in no way increases racial tension between police officers and African-Americans.”

    1. it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on the underlying facts of the investigation or the legal basis for the team’s recommendation

      That wouldn’t stop Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she’s a progressive hero.

      1. However, it was not inappropriate to hop on Bill’s plane to “talk about the grand kids.”

    2. She wouldn’t even say that it’s illegal to access to classified material. Banana fuckin’ republic:

      Chaffetz: Does an individual need a security clearance to review or have access to classified material?
      Lynch: Well, congressman, that issue would be dependent upon the agency for whom they worked and the nature of the work that they did with respect to?

      Chaffetz: Can you give me an example where you don’t need a security clearance to view classified material?

      Lynch: No, I believe as I was going to say, they would, but the type of clearance varies with every agency and the agency would make that decision and determination.

      Chaffetz: Is it legal or illegal to share classified information with somebody who doesn’t have a security clearance?

      Lynch: Congressman, it depends on the facts of every situation. You’d have to determine how that sharing occurred. You’d have to determine the means. You’d have to determine the reason, the intent, um, certainly depending on how you view the statute it could go any number of ways.

      1. I never thought it possible., but Obama managed to find an AG worse than Holder. And remember, nearly every Republican in the Senate voted to confirm that bitch because she was so nice to them during the confirmation process. God they are pathetic.

        1. This x 1000

  33. http://www.washingtontimes.com…..netanyahu/

    Remember when Progs thought it was really bad when the US meddled in other country’s elections? Neither do I.

  34. Whoopi Goldberg: Blonde Hair Weaves Are Cultural Appropriation

    1. In an article for Jet Magazine, Zainib Karim stated that … “Assimilation is the sister-wife that sprung from white supremacist standards of beauty, living, and social practices.”


  35. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07……html?_r=0

    Heartbroken revolutionaries. The Bernie supporters were true believers. I almost feel kind of bad for them. Not really but I probably should.

    1. Anecdotal, but my 26 year old sister, who is a stay-at home mother of two in CA, is full-on Never Hillary. Never cared about politics before she started to Feel the Bern.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if that part of Bernie’s bloc refuses to fall in line behind Clinton while the older ones do.

      1. I know a few people like that. I have no idea how many of them there are. I will say this for the Bernie supporters, they at least see something is wrong with this country. They don’t understand how to fix it but at least see it and understand how corrupt and disgusting both parties are. I don’t like socialists but I have to respect them more than I do the Hillary supporters who know she is a crook and a criminal and think it is great because she is their crook.

      2. Yeah, I think some of the younger Sanders supporters won’t get on board (not entirely surprising given that young people tend to have poor voting rates in general) but I think the older ones will probably get in line.

        As far as my anecdotes go, I’ve seen a few posts from Bernie supporters after the announcement and they seem to be split between reluctantly going for Hillary vs. not getting on board. But again, our age group is the most likely to not get in line. I think polls have shown that most people who voted for Sanders were already supporting Hillary anyways. She might get a small bump from this but I don’t think it’s a gamechanger.

      3. Wait until October when your sister (who’s name is Julia) identifies with the life of Julia II commercials, and suddenly gets on the HRC bandwagon.

  36. Some of the closed-captioned transcript of Boxer accusing Reason, Pacific Research Institute and Hoover Institution of wrongthink.

    The language is as scary as it is stupid. Our benefactors are being accused of “raising uncertainty.” We may indeed be worse than Hitler.

    1. “Churning out materials to raise uncertainty”, like so much Heisenbergian butter.

      1. I’m not sure if I’d like that kind of butter.

        1. Your cat may or may not.

    2. She’s accusing organizations of “Creating Uncertainty”

      As though without them, there would be Zero Uncertainty about forecasts based on INHERENTLY FLAWED MODELS OF HIGHLY COMPLEX SYSTEMS

      Also = “Anticlimate“?

      Its like when you’re about to say something really clever about climate change, and then…. “aw, forget it”

    3. They have been “identified”. Identified by who?

      Do you still have a right to confront your accuser?

    4. This is likely the greatest evil the progs have tried since fast and furious, though arguably worse and I see very little attention paid to it. Aside from Reason I haven’t heard anything about it.

  37. Why does Bernie always look like he hasn’t bathed in a week?

    1. You don’t need 23 showers in a year if you use “Clinton wonder deodorant”. – Bern selling out

    2. Because Bernie literally is the angry old man in the laudry mat who is always corning people trying to fold their laundry and yelling about the corporations. Go read about his life. The guy is bum.

      1. Corning people…that is a blatant sexual reference. *blows whistle and throws flag

      2. Bernie is always trying to fold people’s laundry?

        At least he’s attempting to better people’s lives.

        *** bites lip ***

      3. trying to fold their laundry

        I agree, except for this part, unless he was just pretending to fold it and secretly trying to steal it.

        1. He was pinning little hammer & sickle pins on the clothing.

        2. He just wants your underwear lap. And not even the cute ones.

            1. Yeah, but at least you believe in the free market and are willing to purchase them. Bernie depends on hand-outs.

              1. True. I have been saving up just for this.

          1. I heard you were into fatties…you big man you! *hands John a 4x pair of whitey tighties(still looks like a thong when I put them on)

          2. I didn’t see that you were replying to lap. *cries and waddles away in shame

            1. I didn’t know you were a girl. There are so few Libertarian girls.

              1. I’m not. *bats eyes and gives come hither look

              2. No, there’s just one and we are Tulpa.

                1. White chicks mess up everything.

                  1. Becky with the good hair?

                    1. “You know, Becky the teacher?”
                      “Ohh, you mean black Becky.”

    1. If they were there to do harm and had an automatic weapon, how did the police capture them so easily?

        1. Biggie still has like, 8 .38’s.

  38. Presumptive GOP nominee and former republican running as LP candidate woos socialist voters.

    Libertarian. Moment.

  39. Gary Johnson is doing outreach to Bernie Sanders voters.

    “So listen, Hilary is great. She’s not a criminal and she might even make a good president. But you should totally vote for me. There will be cake.”

    1. Maybe he figures if he is too hard on Hillary, they will think he is a big meanie. Other than that, I have gotten nothing. I have no idea what the hell Johnson is doing.

      1. Johnson is too hard on Hillary.

        I’ll take “things Huma would say” for $200 Alex.

      2. Like I said on another thread, he’s trying to be likeable when then electorate doesn’t care about likeable.

        1. I used to think he was trying to attract never Trump Republicans and trying to be a spoiler. But defending Hillary isn’t going to help him with that.

    2. That’s a totally accurate quote. No way the libertarian platform could look ok to people supporting bernie.

      1. I think you under estimate just how stupid and irrational the people who supported Bernie actually are.

        1. Nobody should underestimate the stupidity of a Socialist/Progressive/Commie.

        2. We know some people who supported Ron Paul now back bernie.
          A lot of his arguments against big banks and big business can be addressed by libertarian thought. They see a problem, and the only issue is they have the wrong solutions. Some people will not be convinced. Some might.

      2. I saw some people talking about supporting Johnson on Reddit. It seems that the divide is primarily between people who supported Sanders on anti-war and anti-corruption/anti-establishment grounds and those who supported him for ‘free shit’.

        Hilariously, the number one thing that seems to be keeping Sanders supporters away from Stein is the Green Party’s support of holistic medicine and something to do with anti-vaccine positions.

        1. Exactly. I think a lot of people projected onto bernie. Our job now is to show where we easily agree, things like the drug war, and war in general. Then we can say we had corporate handouts, and explain the philosophy behind why we extend that thought to green energy projects.
          We won’t win the free shit brigade. We never would. But there’s a window we overlap on. We can expand it be explaining our view.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1111111111111111111111

      1. You can’t laugh at your own joke. It is creepy. Savvy? (Is that pirate or Johnny Depp lingo?)

        1. I’m a creepy bastard.

  40. This Presidential Election is Fucking Rigged.
    If our elected officials do not obey the law then why should I ???



    Noted = this is the same judge that Clinton had stiffed for 3years for FOIA requests, and who broke the whole, “Where the fuck are her emails anyway?” story.

    It might be interesting to see how far he pushes it. He’s probably got a whole collection of horse’s heads in his bed already = why not go for the full set?

    1. Oh, so she pissed him off eh? Yeah, judges don’t like it when you don’t respect their authority.

    1. Can someone please explain to me as a filthy Commonwealther why the majority of bizarre/stupid stories come out of Florida?

      1. Just look at its location. Its the drain-catch-basin for the US. All the runoff from the US drains down towards the gulf and gets caught in that dump-valve. Once a decade God sends along a hurricane along to flush it out but it mostly just swirls the gunk around.

        In slightly more quasi-seriousness =

        Its a bizarre place that has lots of southerners, but none of the ‘Southern Culture’ that binds them all together…. and also lots of Yankee and Latino emigres, and they’ve all been sort of blended together into some kind of half-breed Hotheaded Gay Redneck Guido-who-loves-Jesus type thing. Also = Disney.

        I’ve always thought about it like, “What would happen if you crossed New Jersey-Shore-Style-Guidos with Gulf-Coast Rednecks, and provided them with lots of cheap cocaine?” FLORIDA

          1. Also very open sunshine laws.

            1. Also my man Wes (aka Diplo) named his first record after his crazy home-state

  42. A Nefarious PLOT to Make You Less Afraid of teh GUNZ!

    Open carry’s true goal is to normalize extreme gun culture by making firearms familiar, visible and ubiquitous.

    From a Bloomberg editorial, “Open Carry Failed in Dallas.” Sorry, no linkee.

    Familiarity might lead people to not freak out in the presence of an armed fellow citizen. The horror.

    1. “Open Carry Failed in Dallas.”

      As noted above = everyone is echoing that idea today. its dumber than a bag of Sally Kohns.

    2. Open smoking’s goal is to normalize extreme tobacco culture by making cigarettes familiar, visible, and ubiquitous.

      Yeah, I’ve heard this argument before.

  43. WRT Obama’s speech:

    You know, I think I’ve seen this movie before: The Ruby Ridge incident. The Branch Davidian incident in Waco, Texas. The feeling in certain quarters that government agents were literally getting away with murder, while others defended those agents as heroic defenders of civilization against the forces of violent barbarism. Timothy McVeigh bombing the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The media blaming “militias” for this violence, despite the fact that they had warned the FBI that McVeigh was a dangerous loose cannon.

    And Bill Clinton giving speeches about it: “There is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government.”

    (Obama reverses this: He loves his government but despises his country. Therefore he must be one of the good guys. Right? Right?)

  44. Look- none of those guys openly carrying super-accurate rapid fire instruments of militaristic death were able to take out that guy who was shooting America’s most beloved public servants. This proves open carry is a total sham.

    Those guys were such a bunch of pussies they didn’t even seize the opportunity to shot any cops. Or rob any banks while the cops were distracted. I’m ashamed to call them Americans.

  45. Some July frozen global warming in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.


    Still believe, Ron Bailey?

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