Bernie Sanders

Having Helped Shape the Dems Platform, Sanders Throws Support Behind Clinton

Got his minimum wage plank and Clinton's support for free college.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Matthew Healey/UPI/Newscom

Today Bernie Sanders has officially declared his support for Hillary Clinton, his former competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination. In a prepared speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, he acknowledged that he did not have the delegates, bound or unbound, to win the nomination. Now he's going to support Clinton and the Democrats in their fight against Donald Trump.

His speech was full of Sanders' typical bromides about income inequality, the evil one-percenters that are keeping the rest of us down, and free college. The speech was also, importantly, a get-out-the-vote rally. Clinton is a deeply unpopular political candidate in voters' eyes, and part of Sanders' speech was to remind progressives who are not fans of the woman what was at stake:

This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy; about who will appoint new justices on the Supreme Court who will defend a woman's right to choose, the rights of the LGBT community, workers' rights, the needs of minorities and immigrants, and the government's ability to protect the environment.

If you don't believe this election is important, take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate, and what that means to civil liberties, equal rights and the future of our country.

Read his full speech here. While Sanders failed to land the nomination, he and his supporters have—for better or ill—helped shape the direction of the Democratic Party. Clinton has relented and agreed to support a $15 minimum wage, and the party has made it part of its official platform. Clinton has also, after focusing primarily on reducing college debt, announced a plan for free college tuition for households with incomes below a certain threshold, though she did not indicate how she would pay for such a plan.

For somebody who was not going to get nominated, Sanders has managed to influence the party in significant ways. Yes, Clinton is ahead in the polls, but the party has to be thinking about how disenchanting she is as a candidate and whether or not voters—especially young voters, Sanders' biggest support bloc—are going to come out for her in November.

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  1. “young voters, Sanders’ biggest support bloc”

    We’ve discussed this before, but I’ve seen several idealistic old ladies supporting Sanders.

    1. Yes. I think they must be the second biggest support block for him.

  2. Does Bernie always look like a shaved orangutan when he speaks?

    1. racis…oh, wait, he’s white, carry on.

      1. I read somewhere that he’s ethnically Jewish. So the validity of his Aggreived Peoples status will need to be adjudicated by a commission of victimology academics and sociologists. Do the Jews belong in the Pantheon of the Eternally Aggrieved? They can call their panel The Jewish Question and have Jon Stewart and George Stephanopopulous moderate.

        1. No no no. There is no panel to be called. Every time you ask “Do the Jews belong in the Pantheon of the Eternally Aggrieved?” then you must flip a coin. Heads: They are oppressed!! Tails: They are white oppressors!! The coin flip’s validity only lasts for thirty minutes after which the question must be asked again and another coin flipped.

          1. That’s certainly the way it seems. I can’t keep track of leftists day to day on their waffling back and forth between their hatred and veneration of Jews.

    2. Sometimes he looks that way when he’s not speaking too.

    3. Because you normally only ever have to see people that age when they are related to you or you accidently wander into a Golden Corral.

      1. you accidently wander into a Golden Corral.

        Is that… one of those “peeing on people” things?

        1. No, that’s what the chocolate fountain is for.

          1. THAT’S NOT CHOCOLATE.

          2. THAT’S NOT CHOCOLATE.

        2. You’ve never been to a Golden Corral? Think “downmarket Sizzler.”

          1. The rolls are good, though.

      2. I am picturing SugarFree high on acid, walking into a Golden Corral. He wonders by accident into the women’s bathroom, where a three-way orgy is merrily in a mid-scissor battle for climax. He stares for a few seconds as the grunting and writhing morphs into a figure of a Greek muse that reveals his masterpiece to him. Unfortunately, he wakes up a few hours later in the dumpster in the back and doesn’t remember a thing.

        1. Needs Moar organ harvesting!!!

        2. That’s really not that far off from the truth.

        3. That’s pretty much what happened to me the last time I was at Golden Corral, minus being high on acid.

  3. “Bernie Sanders – maybe he didn’t get the nomination, but at least he made the Democratic platform even more retarded than it had been previously, which frankly is quite an achievement.”

    1. Hillary running on Sanders’ platform – the worst of both worlds.

  4. Dude looks like he has a gun to his head and just ate a shit sandwich. I actually almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

    1. Maybe he and Christie can start a PTSD support group. Although Christie seems to have embraced Stockholm Syndrome wholeheartedly.

    2. Clinton’s smile is a bit frightening. Reminiscent of Palpatine.

      1. I think she’s got a boot up his butt. It would explain his wild gesticulating.

        1. I just assumed that was from the strings she attached to his arms. I’m working under the theory that Sanders actually died recently, but she needed him to endorse her, so they turned the corpse into a marionette. Think Weekend at Bernie’s meets Thunderbirds.

    3. It’s his own damn fault. He deserves everything he has coming to him. I don’t know how a man running as an anti-corruption crusader doesn’t single out the shining example of corruption run amok He was running against to make his point. I’ve actually lost what little respect I had for the man after his endorsement. Say what you will about Republicans. I don’t agree with a lot of what they say. But, at least a lot of them aren’t falling in line and endorsing the train wreck their party selected.

  5. Bernie Sanders: Another sellout in a long line of sellouts.

    Will avid Sanderistas jump in line now that he endorsed Hilldog, or will they take a principled approach? My betting money is on the former.

    1. The Sanders supporter who told me that Bernie was supporting Hillary because he was realistic didn’t like my reply: “If he were realistic, he wouldn’t be a socialist.”

    2. I’m gonna say a split. Older supporters (say 40+) will vote Hillary. Ones under 30 will possibly say FU to the Dems and stay home. Not sure about the 30-40 group.

      1. 30-40 year old will probably pay attention to the polls and drag their ass to the voting booth if Trump is predicted to win.

    3. Are you kidding? The dictionary is not the only place Party comes before Policy or Principles.

    4. I’ve been wondering; is being a Sanderista derivative from Sandinista given his socialist agenda, or a conjunction of Sanders and barista, which is probably the highest level of employment enjoyed by Bernie supporters?

      I’m so confused.

  6. he and his supporters have?for better or ill?helped shape the direction of the Democratic Party

    Gonna have to go with ‘ill.’

    1. “ill” as in “that’s so ill,” right? Right?

      1. That usage of ‘ill’ died with MCA, as far as i’m concerned.

  7. That’s rich. “We must fight the 1% by electing the 1%.” What do you expect from a senile old coot?

    1. He’s now a POW in the war against the 1%

  8. the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy

    So if Clinton wins, does that prove she’s the preferred candidate of these evil billionaires? Or does their influence only affect elections for lower offices than President?

    1. It means that scrappy underdog Hillary Clinton has managed to defeat the corporate juggernaut in spite of her massive disadvantage.

    2. It’s ironic that people who claim there is ‘too much money in politics’ are supporting the woman who has vowed to spend more money than both candidates in the last election combined over the guy who has spent exactly zero dollars up to this point.

      1. Ironic, but unsurprising.

      2. Not only that, but she took money from foreign governments while in office and continues to do so. It’s bad enough when Boeing or Ford throw money at a candidate during their campaign in the hopes of getting favorable policy once the pol is in office. She’s taken the corruption to a whole new level.

    3. I’m not really up on current events. Can anyone point out which recent elections he was referring to? Was it the last two presidential elections?

    4. Or does their influence only affect elections for lower offices than President?

      Their influence only effects elections when the RETHUGLIKKKANZ win. When a Democrap wins that’s “the will of the people” triumphing over those KOCHSUCKERS!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Elections are only suspect when the “wrong” candidate wins. The right candidate wins and it’s The Will Of The People. MANDATE!

  9. I know several people who really believed that Bernie was the last honest man in politics. There is a lot of excuse making and rationalization going on right now.

    1. One could argue that George Washington Plunkett (“I seen my opportunities and I took ’em”) was the last honest man in politics.

      1. Thanks for the name — never heard of him before, but he does seem about as honest as a politician can get.

    2. James K. Polk. Did exactly what he said he would do if elected, then left office after one term just as he promised.

      1. He fulfilled his “Fifty Four Forty or fight” promise?

        1. That was not one of Polk’s campaign promises, although he did embrace manifest destiny.

    3. The derpbook is full of tears. They nourish me.

    4. It’s still Ron Paul.

  10. Seriously? Does one really believe that those “concessions” by the DNC were so far outside their platform that Bernie revolutionized the DNC? Can we try to avoid making Bernie seem more important than he actually is?

    1. Exactly. He influenced jack on the platform.

  11. The question people should be asking Sanders is about what he got for his endorsement.

    His endorsement is valuable. You don’t trade something valuable for nothing.

    When Obama needed Hillary to drop out and endorse him so that he could move to the middle rather than defend himself on the left, Hillary got Obama to promise to make her the Secretary of State.

    If Bernie Sanders didn’t get anything in return for this endorsement, then he’s the dumbest politician in American history.

    So what did he get?

    If Hillary wins, St. Bernie will be our next . . . what?

    If it were somebody else, I’d say n way, but Hillary would put a price on her soul–I wonder if asked for a seat on the Supreme Court.

    1. His endorsement also has a sell-by date. In practical terms, his endorsement is worthless — his supporters will suck up and vote for Clinton. So if he’s going to do anything with his endorsement, he might as well pretend to save face and go out in style as a martyr against Trump.

      1. The sell by date is the convention.

        She doesn’t want to go to the convention with any controversy.

        As long as he did it before the convention, it was still good.

    2. She ought to make him Ambassador to Venezuela.

    3. That is a good question. The immediate answer seems to be a bunch of language in the platform. That means either Sanders is an unbelievable rube or he is lying his ass off and is getting paid off some other way.

    4. If Hillary wins, St. Bernie will be our next . . . what?

      Secretary of Commerce or Labor.

  12. I hope she spit on the crow before she makes him eat it.

    1. Her crow will probably need some spit to make it moist enough to be eaten.

      1. *screams internally as clear fluid trickles out of left nostril*

      2. At this point it’s all feathers and beak and scaly claws.

        1. The feathers fell out a long time ago.

        2. Her quim is the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.

          1. I’m almost ashamed to admit how hard I’m laughing at this thread.

          2. Quim? *Hits google* Oh, ewww, ahhh. And they say you can’t learn anything on the internet.

    2. Come on, that’s barely even a euphemism.

    3. Is that what she’s calling it these days?

  13. I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait to start paying for all the new free stuff.

    1. You’re soaking in it!

  14. Fuck Bernie Sanders


  16. So who’s salty ham tears are yummier, the Brexit Remain voters, or betrayed Bernie Bros?

    1. Definitely Remainers. It was so unexpected, their love for the EU so great, and their freak out so overblown that it’s hard to top.

      Have any BernieBros suggested this will lead to a new world war?

      1. Yes, I doubt more than a handful of the BernieBros exhibit the kind of hysterical panic that the Remainers did. Most of them will just grumble and vote for Hillary.

        1. That is probably an accurate assessment. In any case, I will enjoy this brief moment of schadenfreude and then I will get back to my normal state of bitter cynicism.

  17. “I’m going to fight those Wall Street fatcats by supporting the candidate endorsed by Wall Street fatcats.”

    Does this reclassify Sanders as a kulak or a wrecker? I need to know for the 2020 show trials.

  18. It really is disturbing that he reads the same Constitution as us and believes the Supreme Court’s role involves protecting “the needs” of anyone or “the government’s ability” to do anything.

    1. (I know, I know, it’s unlikely Bernie Sanders reads the Constitution)

      1. What’s disturbing is that he thinks destroying civil liberties is how you preserve civil liberties.

  19. Somewhat OT:

    I honestly cannot comprehend Hillary supporters. Like, I think Obama is a thin-skinned demagogue with messianic delusions, but I got why people supported him; in the eyes of his supporters, he stood (in 2008, at least) for hope and unity and all of that other “rainbows and unicorn giggles” bullshit. Similarly, I think Trump is…well, a thin-skinned demagogue who might be running one of the greatest cons in political history, but I get the support for him too. In the eyes of his supporters, he represents some vague notion of returning to greatness, however ill-defined.

    I just don’t see what Hillary’s about, other than “Hillary.” She’s largely running on undoing all of the policies she or her husband supported over the past two decades. She shifts her message with the political winds, and there’s no way in hell she’d stick to an unpopular decision if the Twitter turned against her. What does she represent? I honestly have no idea.

    1. must…. vote….. blue…..

    2. and she should be in jail

      so tired of arguing with progs that “well she didn’t do anything that anyone else hasn’t done”…. yeah politicians are corrupt so ignore blatently breaking the law.

      Piece of work these people. You think for one second if she had an R after her name they wouldn’t want to put her in jail?

      Trump may say stupid things but Hilary has done illegal things, and 40% of people don’t care

      1. “well she didn’t do anything that anyone else hasn’t done”

        Yeah, that’s said like it’s a defense and not a condemnation of everyone else in politics.

      2. Supposedly there’s a poll indicating that even 20% of her supporters think she should have been indicted, which seems off but hey, who knows.

    3. Hillary, it’s time to put a twat behind the desk in the oval office.

      1. Already been there, thanks to Bill.

        1. “Behind” the desk. Not “over” the desk.

          1. Probably there too.

    4. I know a fair number of serious Democrats. All of them were true believers in Obama. None of them believe in Hillary. At this point, they don’t even try to defend her. They all admit she is a pretty lousy person and a bad candidate. That to me is astounding. I have never known a liberal or a prog to admit fault in anyone on their side. This is a first.

      The answer they all give is “but we can’t let Trump be President”. That is all they have. At this point, I don’t think Trump has anything to do with it. I think they would say the same thing about any GOP nominee. It doesn’t matter that there are good reasons not to support Trump. If there were not, they would have invented reasons because while they might be willing to admit the obvious about Hillary, they will never admit that a Republican might be a better option. The Democratic party is more of a secular religious cult than a party at this point.

      1. “If there were not, they would have invented reasons”

        The thing that baffles me is there ARE plenty of good reasons, and people STILL felt the need to invent new ones for some reason.

        1. That baffles me too and it seems to cross all ideological boundaries. I am going to vote for Trump but I will admit there are reasons why a liberal or a libertarian would not do so. Yet, no one ever mentions those reasons and goes immediately for some crazy stupid one. They can’t seem to help themselves.

      2. That’s all they have

        Good grief, that’s all they all have. It’s “Trump or else Hillary” vs “Hillary or else Trump” and we know which side you’re on.

        1. Sure. But so what? And whatever you think of Trump, there are people who really believe in him and support him because they think he is going to do something about the immigration problem and stop giving away the farm in trade negotiations. You of course may disagree with them. And you may be right. You cannot, however, say people don’t have positive reasons for supporting Trump. A lot of people clearly do. Very few if anyone has positive reasons for supporting Hillary. No one I know at least likes her or believes in her. They just can’t fathom not voting Democrat.

          1. I just think it’s a bit silly to deride people on the other side for doing the same thing you’re doing.

            1. Except that I am not. I have explained to you on several occasions why I will vote for Trump and it is more than he is just better than Hillary. I like the guy and think his being elected President would have a lot of positive effects, not the least of which would be greatly diminishing the power of the media and the cult of the Presidency.

              If you don’t like that, good for you. But at least pay enough attention to understand what I am saying.

      3. It doesn’t matter that there are good reasons not to support Trump. If there were not, they would have invented reasons…

        +1 “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains”

    5. She has lady parts, and that is hysteric. I mean historic.

      She is married to a President who is fondly remembered by many Americans as being a generally good guy and responsible for a 7 year run of economic expansion (many Americans are not too bright).

      She is not the hated Trump. She’d be getting her ass handed to her by a mediocre Team Red player like Rubio if he’d won the nomination for Team Red. Trump scares a lot of people.

      She represents the status quo and is predictable. While the economic recovery? has been somewhat mixed, the sun still rises in the east and most sectors aren’t in recession (currently). Taking on entitlement reform or changing our foreign policy to be more active or less active is scary and will require sacrifice. Much easier to kick the can down the road than face difficult choices or hard truths.

      I would crawl over broken glass to vote against her, but the above are reasons why John Q. Dumbass Public will vote for her in spite of her integrity issues and disregard for freedom.

      1. I think the “not Trump” and “she is the status quo” about sum it up. Before the campaign started the Democrats I knew seemed to buy into the idea of it being cool and historic to elect a woman President. They were not gaga over her but they seemed fairly excited. All of that seems to be gone now. I don’t hear anything like that. All I hear is “not Trump” and “Hillary at least knows what she is doing”. That is it.

        1. Hillary at least knows what she is doing

          Citation needed.

          In all seriousness, though, I think you are probably right.

          1. That one makes me laugh too. But they are all credentials. The fact that she has held a couple of important jobs makes her qualified in their minds. They can’t seem to grasp that being a complete fuck up at every job she has ever held might make her unqualified.

      2. I think Bernie did a lot of damage to her. In many ways Hillary is what Democrats are; broken down, old, intellectually bankrupt, corrupt, no real reason for existing beyond the raw pursuit of power and sticking it to their enemies. Bernie in contrast is what they want to be and want to believe they are; angry, idealistic, committed to changing things for the better and bringing justice to the people who are harming this country and so forth. Bernie didn’t win but he reminded Democrats of what they think they are. That has made trudging back to Hillary and the reality of who they actually are a pretty depressing and bitter pill to swallow.

      3. She represents the status quo and is predictable

        As PJ O’Rourke put it, “She’s wrong about absolutely everything. But she’s wrong within normal parameters!”

    6. Drumpf can try all he wants, but he’s not getting most Bernie folks.

      Most, including me, would rather die than vote for that orange assface. Wonder why he thinks the most liberal people would even think about voting for that racist, woman hating, constitution breaking, lying, cheating, rw warmongering ignoramus? Answer – they won’t! Anyone who votes for Drumpf could never have fully supported Bernie.

      Change “orange” to “wrinkled” and “hating” to “licking” and you could be talking about Hillary.

      1. I’m still trying to figure out why mockingly referring to Trump as “Drumpf” isn’t racist/xenophobic/whatever-ist.

        (Just kidding, of course. I know that it’s because these people are goodfulthinkers whose righteousness of belief supersedes any action on their part, and Trump is a meany.)

        1. This asshole’s a RACIST!! Let’s MOCK HIS ETHNIC NAME!! That’ll show him that he’s wrong for his racist unlike us enlightened folks who would NEVER mock someone’s ethnicity!!

        2. Humor has died in this country. People actually think terms like “Drumpf” or “Trumpkin” is clever or funny. It is painful to watch.

        3. As I understand it, John Oliver started the Drumpf movement. You know how idiots like to ape celebrities.

          1. How did Oliver get that job? I can’t stand Jon Stewart but even I had to admit he could be very funny. Has Oliver ever said one funny thing? Seriously, point me to something that he has ever said that is funny. i don’t care how leftist the POV of the joke is, funny is funny. Has Oliver ever been funny? Even once?

            1. Beats me, I’ve never watched his show. But I guess a lot of Daily Show fans ran with him once Stewart bailed.

            2. But he went to Oxford and has a English accent, so you know he’s super smart and much more correct about everything than American yahoos.

            3. A lot of Americans seem to think that even lower class English accents automatically elevates the speaker to a higher intelligence level. Except Geordies, because no one in their right minds wants to listen to a Geordie.

              Think about it as a viewer. You don’t watch the Daily Show primarily for the humour, you watch it as a platform for your views to go unchallenged and reaffirmed. It’s the double punch of both the confirmation bias and the accent, hence why you see all those ‘John Oliver DESTROYS *insert thing here*’ videos even though they almost entirely consist of faulty reasoning, bad jokes and mugging for the camera.

            4. He has an English accent therefore he’s funny and enlightened. /progtard

            5. He was funny on Community, but that’s about it.

              “We’re friends, right? You respect me? Well, GET READY TO STOP.”

            6. He hosted a stand up comedy show on Comedy Central for a couple years. I thought he was pretty funny on that. But I do get people who want me to watch his current show to see him “destroy” or “perfectly explain” something and all I can think is it’s not funny, it’s just poor reasoning.

      2. I disagree.

        You don’t even need to change “hating”. Just “orange” to “wrinkled” and it fits.

      3. Sweety, you don’t have to vote for Trump. You just have to stay home or vote for Stein and Trump will be fine with it.

      4. I’m finding a surprising amount of almost-support for Trump on the Bernie Sanders reddit. Willing Clinton supporters are screaming “If you don’t vote for Hilary Trump wins!” and people are suddenly chiming in about how ‘at least Trump is against TPP’ and how his platform isn’t that bad.

        1. There seems to be some of that out there. We will see how much of it there actually is, but Hillary better hope there isn’t much because it wouldn’t take that many Bernie Bros voting Trump to sink her.

      5. Constitution breaking? hahaha…it’s always a good chuckle when leftists pretend to care at all about the Constitution!

        Lying, warmongering….are they seriously going to claim that those two adjectives don’t apply to Hillary! just as much as Trump? Hell, leaving aside his bluster, Trump has never started a war with anyone while Hillary’s never seen a war she didn’t like.

    7. She wears the purple scarf.

    8. Her most excited supporters seem to view her as an extension of Obama’s policies, which they like. The rest just view her as better than Trump.

    9. Ditto. She seems to succeed merely because It Is Known that she is supposed to succeed. Without that narrative, I’d expect even Martin O’Malley to have pummeled her in the polls.

    10. Well, here’s one leftist’s view:

      “I think she’s a strong leader. I think she’s done a lot for this country and for the world through charity. I think she’s smart, savvy, a good speaker. I think she understands compromise and coalitions. I’m proud to have her as our candidate. She is easily one of the most qualified candidates we’ve ever had, given the number of roles she’s occupied. “

      1. I think she’s done a lot for this country…

        Citations needed.

          1. I quit looking at that after about ten pages. Is there anything in it that’s not LGBT stuff? We know she was dragged into that by hard-left opinion (not convictions).

      2. I think she’s done a lot for this country and for the world through charity.

        You mean the Clinton Foundation? The charity that has like a 96% overhead and seems to have been used as a conduit for bribes when the was Secretary of State?

        That is like saying you are voting for Nixon because he seems to have made a lot of efforts to keep tabs on what the DNC was doing.

      3. Having a job and performing successfully in that job are two separate things. Hillary has, indeed, held several government jobs (because, apparently, First Lady counts). In all of them, she’s been somewhere between “useless” (Senate) and “disastrous” (SoS).

      4. I think she’s a strong leader.

        That explains why her louse of a husband has been riding her coattails all these years.

  20. Is there anything more meaningless than a party platform? The parties wipe their asses with these things the morning after the election. Yet time and again insurgent rubes like Sanders sell out in return for getting what they want in the platform. It is just pathetic.

    1. Sometimes it can be instructive. Like when God got booed at the DNC last year.

      1. *Last election. Damn lack of an “Edit” button.

        1. It’s OK, they would boo him last year too, if given a chance.

    2. They may be meaningless, but insiders (and Bernie is one despite his schtick), seek them more than Arthur’s knights looked for the Holy Grail.

      I have vague memories of Republican losers over the last few cycles negotiating their way out of primaries in return for certain “planks.” I’m pretty sure Ron Paul told them to pound sand.

  21. Also, by the by, top post on the Bernie Sanders reddit right now is “Sorry Bernie, I love you but even with your endorsement I will not vote for Hilary.” There’s some defense of Hilary but the most are just moving away from the election and making other plans to create the Glorious Workers’ Paradise.

  22. This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy

    Umm…like the candidate you’re endorsing?

    1. tell them: you do know citizens united was about banning books right?

      1. They just can’t seem to get that part. They think I’m trying to distract them with picky, irrelevant details when I mention it.

        1. Nevermind that their very premise (money buying elections) is demonstrably false. Otherwise, Eric Cantor would still be House Majority Leader and JEB! would be the Republican nominee.

      2. Make sure to point out that when Hillary advocates overturning CU, she is quite literally supporting the criminalization of criticizing her.

      3. The fact that any media outlet lets Clinton talk about Citizens United without bringing up the fact that the case was about criticizing her is galling. Even if he she has “valid” reasons to oppose the decision, by opposing it she’s basically saying “I’m a fascist who wants to shut up people who criticize me, specifically” and no one in the media calls her on it.

        1. It’s incredible how few people know what CU was about.

      4. One thing you can try, when they say corporations don’t have First Amendment rights, is to show them this link and ask when the New York Times Company will be prohibited from endorsing candidates on the eve of an election.

    2. A friend recently told me that Citizens United was terrible. I explained how

      1. Criticizing a candidate is political speech
      2. that is protected by the 1A.
      3. The FEC tried to censor CU’s criticism of Clinton .

      He had no idea the case involved Clinton .I think a light bulb may have turned on in his head.

  23. “the evil one-percenters that are keeping the rest of us down”

    “And that’s why you should all vote for this evil one-percenter…”

      1. Warty of course

  24. Clinton has also, after focusing primarily on reducing college debt, announced a plan for free college tuition for households with incomes below a certain threshold, though she did not indicate how she would pay for such a plan.

    Pixie dust and unicorn farts, duh.

    1. There’s no way such a plan could have adverse consequences.

    2. Those upper-middle class socialist college students are going to be PISSED when they realize that the income threshold is well below their economic class.

      1. They’re working on that…eventually they’ll make themselves so poor they can get the free shit, if there was enough of other people’s money left to pay them, that is.

  25. Well, at least that’s over. I was really getting tired if the “it’s not over! The delegate count is a DNC lie!!1!”

  26. “Hillary?” Bernie prodded her shoulder in the darkened hotel room. No response.
    “Madame President?” Bernie sighed.
    “Yes Bill?” Hillary said alertly.
    “It’s Bernie,” he said. “Can I sleep in my own room? I’m too sore to sleep on my back and I really need to get some rest for the endorsement tomorrow.”
    “I gave you a position Bill, and I expect you to fulfill it.” Hillary said, not turning to face him.
    “Bernie,” he said, “My name-”
    “As long as you’re awake, Bill” Hillary interjected, “Maybe we should have another platform discussion.”
    “No please,” Bernie said, trying to hold back the tears. “I’ll just go to sleep.”
    Hillary rolled over, still wearing the apparatus.
    “Hand me the other attachment,” she said with the confidence of a Commander-in-Chief.
    “But first clean this one off,” she uncoupled the long, lolling protrusion and handed it to Bernie, who gripped the lifelike silicone. He sighed again as he swung out of the king bed and stumbled toward the bar in the darkness.
    “I’m don’t like repeating myself, Bill.” she said sternly. “Clean it off.”
    He took the attachment into his mouth, fighting his gag reflex as he tasted himself, sweaty and musty and nutty.
    He sucked on it dutifully while he opened the minifridge and pulled out a stainless steel cylinder with rounded metal studs. He handed it mournfully to Hillary, whose hands did nothing to warm its cold metal surface as she snapped it smartly in place.
    “Now Bill,” she said. “It’s time to discuss the future of America.”

    1. I’m pretty sure this is some sort of copyright infringement. Has SugarFree sued yet??

      1. You can’t copyright an *idea,* especially is the idea is “really gross stuff.”

        Otherwise, Blanche Knott would be able to sue just about everybody.

        1. Tell that to…


          Like half of the current copyrights in this country.

      2. Hugh has my full support in this matter.

        1. Of course…

          something something road to hell

    2. Hmmm…at least my food-craving problem is solved…I better cancel all my dinner plans for the next couple of weeks.

      1. Next time I fast I’ll just look at reason comments for an hour each day. What hunger??

          1. No, that’s just one photo, I meant this link


      *blood-pukes over keyboard*

      1. Ugh, what did Bono say this time?

    4. I endorse this message.

  27. So, what we’ve learned today (and what we should all use to annoy our Bernie-friends): Jeb Bush has more integrity than Bernie Sanders.

    1. Maybe, but more likely we learned that you are a rube who thinks Jeb Bush means a word of what he is saying.

      1. So… he is voting for Trump? Or Hillary?

  28. make no mistake, politicians, ALL POLITICIANS will do what is in THEIR best interest and not YOURS.

  29. This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy

    Yet somehow those billionaires couldn’t buy enough influence to help Bush or Walker or Rubio defeat Trump, who raised and spend very little cash.

    The Left really hates free speech. It gets clearer every day.

  30. “Hillary Clinton understands that we must fix an economy in America that is rigged and that sends almost all new wealth and income to the top one percent.”

    Whoa. Let’s not go overboard, Bernie.

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  32. Yeah, if I was a business man, I would totally hire an employee with a record of being “extremely careless” with company money if that individual stood for “civil rights”.

    Bernie endorsed a felonious establishment player when many republicans have yet to publicly endorse Donald Trump. That says a lot about Bernie.

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