Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson's Pitch to Bernie Sanders Voters

What comes "After the Bern?" A candidate with a high ACLU rating and aversion to starting foreign wars


With today's long-telegraphed endorsement of Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders, my social media is buzzing with shares of this March 31 video come-on from now-Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson to disaffected Bernie supporters. Check it out, and make sure to stay until the illegal smile near the end!

Jesse Walker has previously written about pro-Johnson sentiment on Planet Bern; Brian Doherty has covered Johnson's strategizing in that direction, and interviewed the candidate about that and other matters three weeks ago.

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  1. Feel Grasp the Johnson

  2. A higher ACLU rating than Ron Paul? Well, Johnson *must* be a better civil libertarian!

    1. Fuck the ACLU. Their selective morality is an abomination.

      1. I agree, but it’s not like the rating system can’t show us trends.

      2. Who DOESN’T have selective morality, though??

        1. If you’re amoral, that means you don’t have selective morality, right?

          So I would say there’s quite a few people who don’t have selective morality.

          1. Are there really any amoral people? Everyone has a line.

            1. And don’t they tend to just have a different morality that is in conflict with the dominant moral framework?

  3. Does not logically follow that those who feel the Bern would reject the ersatz and would rather cast a ballot for the real thing?

    1. Many of them will vote for Stein, others will “pragmatically” support Hillary.

      Those who voted for Bernie in order to oppose Hillary will choose among Trump, Johnson and Castle.

      1. Yes, but as to the question of why would Bernie supporters vote for Gary “Johnny come lately on coercing Christian bakers to make wedding cakes for gays” Johnson instead of the Hildebeast?

        Remember, Massachusetts voters in 2012 were confronted with choosing between the real progressive, Lizzy Warren, or the progressive lite, me-too, Scott Brown. Massholes opted for the real deal and not the ersatz version.

  4. I’m not hearing anything about free college.

    1. Free college from speech codes!

      You’re welcome.

    2. I work with a Bernie supporter, and he is crushed. He said he looked into Johnson but the economic positions of the Libertarian party turned him off. I honestly think that for a majority of Bernie voters, free shit is priority 1, and the civil liberties and anti-war stuff are just nice consolation prizes. I don’t think Johnson will get much out of this.

      1. Sadly, I agree. This is my observation. The oddball Ron Paul to bernie Sanders person might swing back to the LP, but I don’t think many others will be unfortunately.

      2. For the majority, probably. The majority are probably hard leftists, at one stage or another. That doesn’t mean there’s not a sizable contingent of anti-establishment voters who can be swayed by talk of pot and ass sex and Mexicans.

        Though I’m not sure how many in that contingent actually vote on election day.

        1. Meatloaf.

          Yes, pot and ass sex. Mexicans, not so much.

          1. Since the anti-establishment position is anti-open borders, I think Libertymike has it about right.

            And that’s a big reason why the Libertarian Party isn’t going to score much better this year than in past years.

            1. Nonsense. Sanders supporters love immigrants, just as long as they vote Democratic, support closed shops and don’t try to work for less than the “living wage”.

    3. “If you like your college, you can keep your college.”

  5. I can’t imagine that people coming from Planet FreeShit will be that interested in what GJ has to say, no matter how much he loves teh gayz or teh aborshuns.

    1. Maybe he can equivocate on the word “free.” You like free shit? Libertarians are all about free shit!

    2. Universal Minimum Income

  6. That was better than I expected when I heard “pitch to Bernie Sanders supporters”, he actually agreed with Sanders in his limited areas of libertarian chops instead of pandering to his economic fairness doctrine.

    He also looks like he is very angry at me personally which is a great Bernie impression.

    1. Everyone is personally angry at you.

      I mean, really, how could you?

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  8. as an aside, a few weeks ago I saw a Subaru station wagon with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on the left hand side.

    That itself is not an odd thing to see – but I thought the fading Ron Paul sticker on the right was.

    So a once Paul to Sanders supporter.

    1. Fetish for babbling septuagenarians?

      1. Rule 34…

    2. Yep. I see that on facebook. Ron Paul supporters 4 years ago, then Sanders supporters, now Johnson supporters.

      Commenters are in denial about GayJay’s appeal.

  9. Good luck appealing to Sanders people with a small govt message.

  10. I’m gonna take a page from the berniebots playbook and assume that since we disagree on some things, they must be motivated by malice (in reality I don’t give a s
    hit about heir motivations. If they get their druthers America’s gonna go the way of almost every country that’s ever existed. They-re the real reactionaries)

  11. Unlike Rand Paul’s ill-advised pander to the long-irrelevant religious right, Johnson is making inroads among the few sane, rational, independent-minded voters left in this country. Good on ya, Gary.

  12. I like Gary but man, Teleprompter Gary is even worse than Teleprompter Trump.

  13. I want the vote to be as fragmented as possible. Best case scenario is that the vast majority of Bernie supporters do the following:

    1) Stay home
    2) Vote for Johnson
    3) Vote for Stein
    4) Vote for Trump, cuz fuck it.

    That way, even if Hillary wins, she wins with something pathetic like 40% of the vote. A breakdown with Trump getting 30%, Johnson 20%, and Stein 10% would be pretty remarkable and entertaining.

    1. She’ll still be shouting the historic mandate of the largest vote total ever for a woman president even if she wins with 34%.

    2. If Stein gets 10% I’ll kiss Warty.

  14. Wait,… you mean we don’t have to be at war?

    Mind blown, purple smoke.

  15. You may see me tonight with an illegal smile
    It don’t cost very much but it lasts a long while
    Won’t you please tell the man I didn’t kill anyone
    No, I’m just trying to have me some fun

  16. Looks like the Libertarians are taking a page from the Republican playbook – insult the people who might actually be interested in voting for you in pursuit of the ones that never will.

  17. Well, let me know when Johnson and libertarians are willing to accept science and recognize that climate change is a problem that needs to be addressed now, and isn’t going to be solved by sitting back and waiting for some magical solution from the free market, which isn’t coming. The free market hides future costs quit effectively.

    1. No one is waiting for magic, just predictable innovation. You know like fracking displacing coal and causing per capita carbon emmissions to plummet in the US.

      1. No one has stopped fracking. It’s happening right now. If individual communities stop it, that’s their prerogative. Newsflash, Obsma hasn’t stopped it.

        And at the end of the day, it’s still adding carbon to the atmosphere. So it isn’t the solution we need. Try again, try renewables.

        1. Re-read it fuckwit.

    2. Yes, we should all be running around screaming that the sky is falling over the AGW that, oh wait, it isn’t doing what the models say. Do you chop off a finger when you get a scratch or deal with it rationally? Now, just who has gotten obscenely rich off climate change panic? AGW is a political power play and the science is most assuredly not settled.

      1. There you go…why libertarians will never get support from Sander’s voters. Idiocy.

        1. You say that as though Bernie voters are intelligent, thoughtful people rather than the selfish reactionary dipshits they are.

  18. Actually Gary, the latest polls have you at 6%. People like you better when all they know about you is you’re not Trump or Clinton.

  19. Good to see Gary finally taking on Hillary. Oh wait, this video was from March, back in his pre-nomination days. The silent treatment he’s getting from the other two is working so well that he must figure it’s a good strategy for him to follow too

  20. I may send that to my Bern victim friends. I liked it.

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