Hillary Clinton

"Hillary Clinton Will Win, But She Doesn't Deserve To"

The former secretary of state may well be the second coming of George H.W. Bush: A time-server with no grasp of the future.


Gage Skidmore, Flickr/Wikimedia

Among the many implications of FBI Director James Comey's recommendation that the Department of Justice bring no charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while secretary of state, the single-biggest one is this: She now has a clear path to becoming the next president of the United States. As disliked as she is (56 percent of Americans dislike her), she is less disliked than Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and thus more likely to win in November.

Yet the essential fact of Clinton is that she is effectively an empty (pant)suit, with no major legislative accomplishments as a senator from New York and a long list of failures during her time as the nation's top diplomat (remember the botched Russian "reset" and her continuing approval of the cataclysmic Libya intervention). She is especially bad from a libertarian perspective, where beyond her war-mongering, she has promised to increase government spending, approves of the surveillance state, and is at best grudgingly socially tolerant. She only endorsed marriage equality in 2013, still opposes pot legalization, and is suspiciously strategic in coming around to liking immigrants. Oh yeah, she's also against not just the Trans-Pacific Partnership but the North American Free Trade Agreement (which is to say, she's as protectionist as Donald Trump).

As I write in a new Daily Beast column:

This goopy mélange of positions may be enough to win in an election where Donald Trump is her main challenger, but it shouldn't be confused with anything approaching leadership, statesmanship, or vision. No wonder her supporters are quick to judge her not on the quality of her ideas but on the content of her resume.

America is floundering in the 21st century, the victim of indefensible foreign policy that Clinton herself helped to mis-execute; of out-of-control government spending and regulatory excess under successive Republican and Democratic presidents that has dampened economic growth by 50 percent compared to post-war averages; and a hollowing out of faith in government due to endless scandals and malfeasance stemming from plutocratic contempt for transparency on the part of our leaders (something else with which Clinton is familiar).

In other words, she may well be the second coming of George H.W. Bush:

So when Hillary Clinton ascends the throne next January, the least we can do as a serious people is to acknowledge that a person who hates the sharing economy—one of the few bright spots in the economy—is a time-server at best, an enemy of our future at worst.

And we'd do well to remember the last president who lacked the "vision thing" and got elected on the strength of his resume. That would be George H.W. Bush, whose single term as president was nobody's idea of a success. Bush was the end of the line, not the start of something. He was the last president from the Depression era and the last to have fought in World War II. He was clearly unprepared for the post-Cold War world that began under his presidency. In a similar way, the 2016 election will likely be the last in which a Baby Boomer becomes president (here's hoping, anyway). That is as it should be, as both Clinton and Trump, despite claims to the contrary, are relics of the past, not heralds of the future.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Why does every single picture of her look like she’s in the process of being possessed by demons?

    1. I think every picture makes her look like she’s suffering the early stages of dementia/Alzheimer’s.

      “I seem to recognize your face
      haunting, familiar, yet i can’t seem to place it
      cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
      lifetimes are catching up with me
      all these changes taking place…”

      1. Come now, the fact remains that no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring any charges at all against Hillary Clinton, let alone in such a case as this. Confidence in the criminal justice system of our great nation will soon revert to its normal high level, because people will remember that the prosecutors of our great nation know what is reasonable.

        Take, for example, America’s leading criminal “satire” case, documented at:


        Prosecutors in that case knew exactly what was reasonable. Indeed, news items reveal that they reasonably undertook it as a private favor to a well-connected NYU department chairman; the NYTimes even quotes the chairman himself as boasting of the special, reasonable treatment he was given, on account of his contacts with the FBI (“You know how the F.B.I. says, ‘once you’re one of ours, you’re always one of ours?’ ” he said. “It’s totally true.'”) That’s how things have always worked in our land, and that’s the way they should work. No surprises here.

        P.s. and I might add, who would dare to defend the unreasonable “First Amendment dissent” filed in the above-cited criminal “satire” case by a single, isolated, liberal judge? That judge should have spoken with Hillary Clinton before publishing such dangerous ideas, because she could have explained to him what parody really is, when it becomes too deadpan to benefit from legal protection, and who may or may not appropriately exercise it.

    2. I think they really want to get the hell out of here.

      1. Someone light the SugarFree sign. His talents are needed!

        1. What happened to him? Despite being here nearly daily I keep missing these changes until way after they happen.

    3. Its the eyes.

      you cant fake what people are thinking.

      and every time she smiles, you can see her eyes saying, “I WOULD KILL EVERY ONE OF YOU IN A HEARTBEAT IF IT MEANT I COULD SKIP THIS NONSENSE”. She’s not a ‘people person’.

  2. The former secretary of state may well be the second coming of George H.W. Bush

    Frankly, if we came out of a two term Clinton presidency with “only” an intractable ground war in the Middle East and an economic recession, I would be pleasantly surprised.

    1. He’s talking about the other Bush.

      1. Well would ya look at that… In my head the “H” is silent.

        If we came out of a one term Clinton presidency with Bill Clinton in office, I would unpleasantly surprised.

    2. This.

      She’s got “that vision thing”.

  3. And she still doesn’t think there was anything wrong with her emails, no matter what Comey or anybody else says.

    1. Well, no one who matters gave her any negative feedback on the issue, so…

      1. So we’ll have the Office of the President of the United States running on an unsecured server. At least it will be in a closet in government-provided housing somewhat protected by the Secret Service.

        Speaking of the SecSrv, I bet they’re really looking forward to the next few years.

        1. An Oval Office morning meeting, sometime in 2017:

          “Gee, I wonder why ISIS keeps anticipating all of our plans to attack that we’ve been discussing via email. Also, it seems there are like 1,200 Russians who’ve stolen my identity and opened credit cards in my name, can we lock this down? Can someone find out why the ATM slip says I have only $3 left in the Clinton Foundation fund?” — Hillary

    2. “If you fuckers would just leave me alone, everything would be *fine*!”




    1. A Trump victory is not nearly as absurd as you make it out to be.

      1. Ahhh, I just felt like writing a haiku.

        But like we discussed before, assuming Trump wins every state Romney did, he still needs to flip a few of the important swing states, and even then he only barely gets in the high-200s electoral vote territory.

        On the other hand, I could easily see Trump doing worse than Romney. For example, if you believe exit polling, Romney actually beat Obama among married women. Will Trump beat Hillary in that demo? I doubt it. And religious conservatives, unless they’re even stupider than progs say they are, should be much more suspicious of Trump than they were of Romney.

        That’s why I think Trump’s best case scenario is a nail-biter victory, and that the election is Hillary’s to lose. But if anybody wins a “landslide” it’ll be Team Blue.

        1. Trump is doing better amongst blacks and hispanics than anyone wants to believe. He could take 20+% of the black vote, and if he pulls that off he’ll win in a landslide.

          Middle-class and aspirational blacks — a far bigger demographic than the media is portraying — are not exactly enthused with the BLM movement and left-wing race politics. They see Trump as an outsider and an honest broker.

  5. Hillary can’t win. GayJay’s stealin’ her votes.

  6. Somehow these articles concern trolling about Hillary’s similarity to an indiscriminate figure from the past come across more as advocacy. I think everyone would love a candidate who isn’t a complete pile of shit but I don’t see that being Hillary.

    1. Somehow? Advocacy is the whole point. Can’t have everyone thinking some sort of lovably crass outsider with fresh ideas is a much better alternative than EVIL INCARNATE.

      1. Evil is busy. She is lazy.

        1. Lazy enough to set up her private server.

          You are wrong. She is hard working evil incarnate.

  7. she may well be the second coming of George H.W. Bush:

    Who was, not coincidentally, the last “most qualified candidate EVAR”.

    1. GHW Bush got a huge gun ban through executive order alone.

  8. Why does every single picture of her look like she’s in the process of being possessed by demons?

    I think she looks more like the witch preparing to put Hansel and Gretel into the oven.

    1. Why can’t she do both?

  9. The former secretary of state may well be the second coming of George H.W. Bush: A time-server with no grasp of the future.

    We should be so lucky.

    And why does everyone keep referring to her as the ‘former secretary of state’? She was also ‘the former senator’ and ‘the former first lady’ and ‘the former governor’s wife’ and ‘the former scumbag attorney’.

    Secretary of state is not like, say, president – there’s nothing particularly special about the office that should even come close to deserving the retention of the title that is a privilege extended to former presidents.

    If you’re going to do that you should call her ‘former first lady Clinton’ as that’s the only position she’s had that she hasn’t completely fucked up.

    1. you should call her ‘former first lady Clinton’ as that’s the only position she’s had that she hasn’t completely fucked up.

      Her husband was out chasing strange when she was FLOTUS, so it seems she screwed up at that too.

    2. I think the etiquette is that SoS is a higher official position than Senator, so that’s how you refer to her.

      1. Maybe – if you’re in government.

        If you’re not, why would you care what positions she’s held rather than what she’s doing *now*. This sort of thing is just part and parcel of the nobilization of the government class and should be resisted. Especially by libertarian journalists.

        Buck the trend Gillespie give these people the respect they *deserve*,

  10. Seriously Nick – spend some time away from DC and California. I think she’s going to lose big.

    1. Nick fears that so he’s doing his part to help her win.

    2. Why? It pains me to say it, but the northeast and California pretty much call the shots when it comes to the presidency assuming something like a normal split in the rest of the country. “Flyover country” splits enough to the blue that you can’t talk about a middle America presidential takeover. I’d love to see it, but it won’t happen.

    3. She has no discernible support across California’s bay area. Bernie stickers STILL outnumber hers 50 to 1 in the city, Silicon Valley, and out in the delta. Nobody talks about her at all, much less favorably.

      The closest thing she has to ‘support’ around here is that it’s incredibly fashionable to make fun of Trump, most people are convinced that it’s BAAAAD not to vote, and they are too ignorant to realize there are more than two choices.

      I have one friend who, when pressed, will admit he is intending to vote for her. Otherwise he’s completeley hush-hush about it. She’s like the left’s Jeb Bush.

      1. Bernie supporters don’t matter. When push comes to shove either they’ll stay home or, more likely, vote Democrat ‘because, what are you gonna do?’

      2. Well I’m sure they’ll just throw away the early votes again to make sure Hillary wins.

  11. Love her or loath her, we voters deserve better than a figure who has spent a quarter-century in the public eye and yet has had to go on more “listening tours” than musicologist Harry Smith ever did.

    No, we really don’t.

    All the GOP had to do this time around is shove someone front and center who was an acceptable alternative to Hillary Clinton. What primary voters coughed up was Donald effing Trump.

    1. Watch Trump go and pick Newt Gingrich as his VP. Newt Fucking Gingrich. The only person from the 90s not named McVeigh more loathed than Hillary.

      1. Well, McVeigh and Kaczynski.

        1. Has Courtney Love been rehabilitated?

          1. Fun fact: the attorney behind the “Trump raped a 13-year-old girl in the ’90s” thing is the same guy who was behind the “Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain” thing.

      2. Didn’t he balance the budget and shit?

  12. What primary voters coughed up was Donald effing Trump.

    The President America Deserves.

    1. One solution: amendment to abolish the presidency.

      1. Intriguing.

        The constitutional duties of the presidency are: serving as commander-in-chief; carrying out legislation; setting foreign policy; appointing key personnel; presenting the State of the Union; and pardoning felons.

        One suspects these duties could be divvied up or done away with.

        1. You forgot the Easter Egg Roll and pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey.

          All equally important.

          I find it disparities that the most important and unremarkable thing that Obama has done was to sign Ex. Order named The National Defense Preparedness Act. It gives any President in the future unlimited powers, during times of peace or during times of war, unlimited powers to take over every aspect of our lives.

          It specifically states that it can be used in a time of peace if the President evokes the act.

          I’m amazed it gets no attention, especially here.

          1. Oh, IIRC it has gotten some attention here.

            What do you propose be done about it?

        2. I’d abolish the Presidency and the entire executive branch. Congress would hire executives on demand; create a new agency? Hire its CEO. By contract, at will, no golden parachutes.

          1. That’s actually pretty good. I like the concept. Make a bad call and we can your ass.

            1. Oh, and a golden parachute us cheap compared to a M Obama vacation.

              1. Yes, and golden parachutes have some good points, like allowing managers to think long term instead of next week; same as federal judges being life appointments.

                But I don’t want government involved in any kind of planning, whether short-term or long-term. I want them doing as little as possible.

                1. My libertopia would limit government to defining common legal terms like “threat”, common policies that travelers would need standardized to prevent untoward surprises, and the like. While this necessarily requires a long term outlook, it’s nothing like long term profits or share prices. Even the long term consequences are of little import; it matters little if the definition of “threat” changes yearly or monthly, as long as it is reasonable. Any folly like defining merely owning a gun as a threat would be quickly exposed by any rational public, and not be long lasting, however much injustice it created in the short term. Requiring all such definitions and policies to be subordinate to the concept of absolute self-ownership diminishes the danger even more.

                  1. I would also require that any person in the business of interpreting law would be required to pass an English comprehension exam. Use of the word “penumbra”, unless you’re talking about eclipses, to be punished by stoning.

                  2. Okay but what about bathrooms? Where are the trannies going to pee? That’s the key issue of our day and no government can be legitimate without making appropriate transgender bathroom accommodations.

                2. At least this would be what the presidency is supposed too be. An administrator. Not an ideologue on a mission to remake the country.

  13. I’m no fan of that goddamned mealy-mouthed CIA spook with his “read my lips” lies about raising taxes, but comparing him to Hillary is way too harsh.


    1. He’s more like Carter than anybody else. A filler between Reagan and somebody else “significant”. Morally perhaps more decent than most Presidents, but a wishy washy wimp when it comes to executive decisions. Not that I want forceful executives. I would be happy to have more Carters in office, but I’d be even happier to have 1/100th the government we have now so it wouldn’t matter who was President.

      1. That “wishy washy wimp when it comes to executive decisions” wonderfully executed the first Gulf war, even stopping before dismembering Iraq which has caused so much heartache. Best war since WW2.

  14. Watch Trump go and pick Newt Gingrich as his VP.

    The more I think about it, the more I expect him to pick Giuliani.

    1. “Vice president? We don’t need no steenkeng vice president.”

    2. He’s going with Flynn, unless we get a complete surprise “ringer” pick.

    3. Vermin Supreme, the one sane choice in an insane world…

    4. Can’t both be from NY.

      1. They actually can both be from NY, but NY electors would not be able to vote for both of them.

      2. If they expect to get electoral votes from NY. Which they might!

  15. Hillary is neither bright enough nor driven enough to be anything other than a mushy run-of-the-mill corrupt politician. She only knows how to play identity politics and that’s about it in her election arsenal. She’s never put together anything insightful or original.
    I see how she can grate on someone’s nerves but just about every major candidate has a knack for that. If she could even accomplish something like being evil she might earn a little respect. Instead she reminds me of Dole. It’s her turn according to the party bosses.

    1. Hillary is all for special rights for jesters. Why don’t you vote for her so she can give you some special rights!

    2. She would accomplish evil via those who she hired and appointed.

    3. This begs the question of why so many Democrats voted for her.

  16. The greatest threat to America is not China, Russia, Trump, or ISIS but Hillary Clinton.

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  18. Hey Nick, its been in the cards for quite some time that Clinton was going to be the Dem nominee, notwithstanding Sanders near impossible run. You, and your party of choice (GOP), have had years to be ready for this and take advantage of such a net negative (as a Met fan, I remember Gary Cohen putting that label on Daniel Murphy…oh boy).

    And what does your side do (and the GOP is your side)? Trump.

    You deserve it.

    1. And Jackand ass continues to marvel us with his(?) keen insight, with another pearl of wisdom nugget of shit…
      Thanks for sharing..

      1. You’re most welcome, I’m sure.

        1. Don’t you get tired of being called Shir?

    2. Fuck off and die, joe.

    3. Gillespie?


      You need to call 911 cause you have smoked waaaaaaay too much crack.

    4. F. Worst trolling ever. joe was never this boring. Got a shred of evidence to back up Gillespie being for the GOP?

    5. Nick puts a thin veneer of respectability on the Hag and the Commie calls him a Heffalump. Moron.

  19. Yeah totally gloss over that promise to gut the second amendment and make it illegal to criticize her too close to the election. And also the Supreme Court pick that will make that actually be constitutional which will hammer the final nails in this republics coffin.

    1. You need to read Bailey’s “The End of Doom.”

  20. God dammit, Reason, enough with the Hillary shit! I get it, Donald Trump is terrible. He is not, and I say this in full awareness and knowledge of what it means, not a worse potential president than Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has not been responsible for policies which have resulted in pointless war and death. He’s a scumbag, but he’s far, far, far less of a scumbag than Clinton.

    1. Why don’t you suggest alternative stories? Write some yourself. Apply for the next internship.

    2. You have two choices;
      1. Die in a fire.
      2. Die by drowning.
      Choose one.

      That is this election. Don’t like? Hmmmm.

  21. I think it is interesting that reason’s diatribes against Trump are festooned with carnival click bait.


    How do you guys keep a straight face while accusing him of being a huckster? Do you visit our own website?

    1. It’s called sponsored advertisements.

    2. “Do I contradict myself?
      Very well then I contradict myself,
      (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

      Walt Whitman

  22. If HRC really was the second coming of George H W Bush, even I’d vote for her. What planet is Nick on?

  23. Please stop talking about Clinton Bush, it’s triggering me.

    1. At least Jeb went down in the primaries. A B/C matchup would have been sickening. It’s both of their turn!

      1. Bush went down on Clinton Bush? Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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  25. If she wins, I would hope that she’s a one-termer. But then again, considering how the Republican Party seems driven to fuck up in every way possible and considering that they’re run by a bunch of whores who actually want Clinton to win, I have zero hope they’ll field a viable contender.

  26. The elder Bush was at least an honorable man. He also launched the NAFTA talks, which Queen HRC opposes. He gave us Clarence Thomas, arguably the most consistently libertarian member of SCOTUS during my lifetime. (Granted, also Souter, but Queen Hillary will give us another three Souters or worse.) He did give us Iraq I, but did not take it so far as regime change.

  27. She reminds me of Richard Nixon. (For one thing, she isn’t going away until she gets elected.)

  28. Or people could vote for Gary Johnson. His name will be right there on the ballot. No one will know, until he wins.

  29. The American government has failed its citizens.

    Patriotic Americans must therefore take action NOW! You know what you must do. Every time Hillary Clinton appears in public, patriotic Americans must take those actions necessary to ensure she never, never, never appears again. Patriotic Americans must ensure her elimination from the presidential race. Patriotic Americans must take those actions necessary to remove her from contention permanently.

    It is long past time for Patriotic Americans to stop whining and complaining and calling each other names in the Comments Section of these alternative media sites. Patriotic Americans must all get on the same page and begin concerted efforts to right the wrongs our government continues to use to restrict our actions. It is time to RISE UP, People of America.

    We must take the steps necessary to permanently remove from public office all of those traitors occupying the seats of our government. Words alone will no longer do the trick. Words alone will no longer matter. It is time for action. It is time for positive, definite actions to change the course of our government and to get it back on track toward the America we know and love.

    No more wasted words and arguing and name-calling on these sites. Get out there and TAKE ACTION!

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