Brickbat: Freedom of Religion


Trinity Western University

The Ontario Court of Appeal, the province's highest court, has upheld the decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada not to accredit a Christian university's law school. The court found that Trinity Western University's "community covenant," which bars students from having sex outside heterosexual marriage, discriminates against gays and lesbians. The ruling means that Trinity Western law graduates may not take the bar exam to practice in Ontario.

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  1. Can someone explain how exactly does promising to keep one’s wick dry affect someone’s ability to act as a lawyer?

    After all most lawyers are going to have to deal with scumbags that they disdain. If a lawyer wants to focus their business on people who live exemplary lives, most of them are going to go broke.

    1. It’s Canada,it’s not ,like,a real country.

      1. I remember before Obama when everyone used to refer to them as a socialist country.

        Post-Obama, you don’t hear that much anymore.

        They score higher than the U.S. on both Heritage’s Index of Economic Freedom Index, and they score higher than the U.S. on Cato’s Human Freedom Index, too.

        Given another 16 years of Presidents like Obama and Bush in the White House, I’m not sure we’ll ever be freer than Canada again in our lifetimes.

        Sad Face.

        1. Just give Tredeau some time, he’s working on it…

    2. I’d like an explanation as to why the Charter of Rights and Freedoms doesn’t apply.

      It could be the FYTW, but I suspect it has something to do with this bit:

      “The very first section, known as limitations clause, allows governments to justify certain infringements of Charter rights. Every case in which a court discovers a violation of the Charter would therefore require a section 1 analysis to determine if the law can still be upheld. Infringements are upheld if the purpose for the government action is to achieve what would be recognized as an urgent or important objective in a free society, and if the infringement can be “demonstrably justified.”

      Not that plain English has ever stopped our Supreme Court from interpreting the Bill of Rights however it wants, but, Mohamed on a Popsicle Stick, why’d they have to make it so easy for ’em?

  2. Who wants to hire a devout Christian lawyer anyway. Sleazy and underhanded tactics might be the only thing to get you off.

    1. Yeah, besides, the chances you’ll get accused of a felony are pretty remote anyway–so who even cares about the right to have a lawyer–much less be one–right?

    2. Maybe, but who wants a sleazy, underhanded lawyer if you are entering a contract, or writing a will. (or writing legislation, but we seem to have forgotten that part).

      These soon-to-be lawyers knew the rules when they entered the school; there are plenty of law schools that allow student to screw anything that doesn’t run away fast enough.

    3. The sleaziest, most underhanded lawyer I’ve ever met made a huge noise about being a devout Christian.

      1. Well, that settles it!

        “Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue” – some French dude

      2. Yeah. I have had good experiences with real Christians and bad experiences with people who go out of their way to tell me. Especially Mormons…

  3. Yeah, That Jew lawyer Dershowitz is known far and wide for his insightful legal commentary.

    But he’s a Jew, so that’s a definite knock against him. Can’t trust those Jew lawyers no matter what they say.

    1. You know who didn’t trust Jew lawyers?

      1. Danny Devito?

      2. Shakespeare?

    2. three most dangerous things in the world:

      1) a nigger with a pit bull
      2) a spic with a knife
      3) a jew with a lawyer

      that should get everyone’s panties in a bunch!

      1. Now you’ve done it.

      2. Nope, sorry, the most dangerous thing in America is a nigger with a library card.

        1. what’s a library card? what time is it, 1952?

        2. +1 Malcolm X

  4. “Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state, eh!”

  5. Again it’s almost a certainty that a Muslim law school that exclusively teaches Sharia law would have been approved of almost instantaneously.

    1. how hard could it be…break a sharia law, off with your head…schools out

      1. From skimming “Reliance of the Traveller” (a Shariah law text), I notice that there are a few more details, like how many gold pieces a Christian’s life is worth vis-a-vis a Muslim on the one hand and a Zoroastrian on the other.

  6. What does this have to do about how well the school teaches law?

  7. nice post thanks admin

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