A.M. Links: Alton Sterling Shooting, Philando Castile Shooting, James Comey Appears Before Congress


  • Senate Judiciary Committee

    FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress today to explain the FBI's decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton.

  • Gary Johnson: Police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, appears to be a "murder."
  • "A woman who began streaming video on Facebook immediately after her boyfriend was shot by police in suburban Minneapolis, Minn., says he had been stopped for a broken tail light—and that he was licensed to carry a gun. The killing of Philando Castile, 32, is the second fatal encounter between police and a black man to gain national attention this week."
  • California poll: Hillary Clinton 50 percent, Donald Trump 26 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent.
  • "The nobodies on the Trump and Clinton short lists."
  • The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

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  1. Gary Johnson: Police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, appears to be a “murder.”

    Since HRC wasn’t involved.

    1. Hello.

      The way the left with spin these shootings is by responding, ‘this is why we need gun control!’

      1. I’ve already heard that a few times, to which my reply is: this is what gun control looks like. Cops lethally enforcing gun restrictions. In the LA case, a legal restriction, and in the MN case today, a de facto restriction.

      2. I just can’t square the two following positions held by some on the left:
        Private ownership of guns should be banned.
        Police are willy-nilly shooting minorities.

        If you accept the 2nd, how can you justify the first which necessarily means ONLY police can have guns?

        1. Some of them believe that if they disarm the populace, then they can convince the police to disarm. Who knows, they might be right–at least for beat cops. Then we can all enjoy the therapeutic massage of the nightstick or the stimulating jolt of the taser, instead. I guess all the thieves, rapists, murderers, gangsters, drug dealers, and terrorists will be so impressed by our collective self-delusion that they’ll lay down arms, too. And there will never be another armed conflict on our soil ever again. If only you believe!

          1. If they actually gave a shit about gun violence they would legalize drugs.

    2. Zero accountability. How does it work?

      1. Pretty well, if you’re a cop or a prosecutor.

        1. Or a judge. Or a prison guard. Or a tax bureaucrat. Or a Clinton.

    3. Good for Gov. Milquetoast, making a principled libertarian statement in public.

      1. He has no problem making those statements if they appear to be popular… which makes him appear even more unprincipled.

        1. “…which makes him appear even more unprincipled.”

          That’s how I’d phrase it.

  2. FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress today to explain the FBI’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton.

    But was that his intention? What he said doesn’t count otherwise.

  3. FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress today to explain the FBI’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton.


    1. Worse than useless. If past experience is any indication, this will end up making Hillary look sympathetic.

      1. Yep. I know this is infuriating and I understand if they don’t want to move on, but they’re just making it worse.

    2. Whatless differenceless, doesless itless makeless

  4. The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

    Unless you’re wearing confederate flag skivvies.

    1. I did some Googling, and Timmonsville is majority – black. The mayor who supports the ordinance is black. And I’d guess that the city councilpeople who supported the ordinance are probably black.

      This doesn’t speak to the merits of the law, but I think it rules out the possibility of a Confederate-flag exemption.

      1. Yes, but the headline allows goodthinkers to tut-tut at white ignorance and racism.

        And that’s what’s really important, isn’t it?

        Now, you have a good day–and remember–

        Death to Whitey!!

  5. James Comey Appears Before Congress

    We’ve seen this show before.

    1. *Eleven hours*, motherfuckers!

    2. It will be mildly entertaining watching him explain how “extreme carelessness” is somehow different than “gross negligence”. In some perverse way you almost have to admire the Clintons. It is one thing to force public officials to roll over. Lots of crooked politicians have done that. What Clintons do that only the best crooks do, is make officials roll over in a particularly humiliating way. Comey couldn’t just let her walk and not say anything. No, he has to go up and utterly humiliate himself before the country not once but twice now explaining how black really is white.

      1. This.

        I keep hoping against hope that some shred of conscience will lead him to do the right thing.

        Or at least utter some fantastic Freudian slip.

        1. some shred of conscience

          HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! /catches breath


          1. Yeah, when your life’s on the line I suppose that can be beaten into submission.

            1. I bet they told him they wouldn’t just of him, but kill off his entire family, his dog, and then follow it up with pictures of him with a donkey in Tijuana…

      2. It will be mildly entertaining watching him explain how “extreme carelessness” is somehow different than “gross negligence”.

        You entertain easily.

        For me, the feeling is more one of nausea and helpless resignation to eight years of Hillary, with at least the first four having a compliant congress..

        1. Time will tell. If she doesn’t win, i think there will be more people on the right devastated by the result than those on the left. These are strange times.

      3. What I’m trying to figure out is just how deep the corruption runs Clinton Inc.. to be able to do this.

        1. Not that deep. It is more that the system is set up so that only moral cowards ever get to positions of power. Cromey wasn’t afraid of being killed or the Clintons doing anything to him. He was afraid of being shunned by Washington and loosing his important job. Really, that is all there was to it. Our leaders are that shallow and cowardly.

          1. Comey did put a lot of effort into explaining that there was malfeasance and lying and crimes going on, but not enough to get a prosecutor in the justice department actually try the case.

            This could be as close a Comey could get to saying ‘This is a Crock of Shit and it stinks!’

            1. Bob I agree that at least he got the facts into official record.
              I think his boss put him in a tough spot. If he recommended bringing charges against Clinton, the AG could have still refused indict or pushed the indictment and trial off until the election is over.
              Of course he could have had some integrity and done the right thing and recommended charges. Then let the chips fall were they may.

            2. And he’s so wise that he was able to survey the psyches of every “reasonable” prosecutor and determine that not one would ever consider going for an indictment. Fucker’s too good to be true.

              1. Any reasonable prosecutor would have known that it would be impossible to get a jury to convict Hillary in DC or most anywhere in the US.

                Or maybe the welfare of grandchildren that Lynch and Bill were talking about were Comey’s, not their own.

                I dunno……

              2. If the AG had already told him the fix was in, it doesn’t really take a psychic.

            3. If he was actually interested in saving face he could have simply just punted the ball back into the AG’s field by giving a statement to the effect of “These are the facts of the case as we see them. Due to the highly political nature of the situation and our offices refusal to participate in the political process we are handing this evidence over to the AG to make a final determination.”

              But that is just wishful thinking and assumes that there is such thing as a non political governmental agency.

  6. The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

    Mandate fat waists.

    1. No mandate necessary in that part of the state (or really this entire state).

  7. The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

    Coming to theaters 2018: Pantsloose.

  8. The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

    Way to other the beltless, Timmonsville.

    1. Way to ruin one of my favorite sources of entertainment, watching dumbasses trying to run with their pants around their knees.

      1. Also, how are the chronically incarcerated supposed to signal to other inmates that they are anally receptive?

        1. Finally someone else has said it. I guess that “prison fashion” can become popular on the street. But I assume that in prison, walking around with your pants pulled down is signalling “I like to take it in the butt”. So, those cool guys walking around the sidewalks of my city with their butts exposed are signalling that they like it in the butt, too?

          Also hilarious, dudes wearing shorts so big, they look like they are wearing a skirt. Or t-shirts so oversized, they look like a sundress.

          Gangsta culture/fashion seems kind of effeminate.

          1. The idea that it signals that you’re “receptive” is false, though: http://www.snopes.com/risque/homosex/sagging.asp
            It does seem to come from prisons, but mostly because
            a) prisons don’t tend to be in the habit of providing finely-tailored garb, and it’s easier to hand out clothes that are too big than clothes that are too small
            b) prisons often don’t let prisoners have belts, to discourage suicide-by-hanging.

            Frankly, I suspect that idea gets spread by people who want to discourage saggy-pants-wearing. “Hmm, what would make tough young men think that saggy pants are completely uncool? I know, we’ll tell them that it’s actually prison code for ‘I like it in the butt’!”

            1. Interesting. Thanks for the post.

              I guess walking around outside of prison with your butt exposed is not gay signalling. It’s pretty cool, and manly.

            2. The fake story is funnier, though.

      2. Way to ruin one of my favorite sources of entertainment, watching dumbasses trying to run with their pants around their knees.


        Funny was seeing a “sagger” trip on his own pants while jaywalking (is jayrunning a word?) in front of a bus.
        Funnier was watching him get hit by that bus.
        Funniest was watching the cop write him a ticket.

  9. FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress today to explain the FBI’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton.

    Everyone get out your political scorebooks and keep track of the points scored and then set it on fire.

  10. …and that he was licensed to carry a gun.

    It shall be interesting to see how the pro-2A and pro-police members of our society reconcile this situation. Or maybe not.

    1. Those who wish to create a racial divide are happy today. My Facebook is cluttered with black friends posting things like this and this.

      1. Hooray for collectivism!

      2. That’s why that piece of shit in power should man up and quell this thing. He could remind people about black on black crime and that cops kill more white people than black. He has no problem pimping bull shit statistical memes about rape and min. wage so why not do the right thing and actually be a fricken leader to all Americans?

        1. C’mon Rufus…

          “Why did you sting me? Now we are both gonna die!”

          “I am a scorpion.”

      3. Wow. That is some fucked up racist shit.

    2. This guy’s “crime” was exercising his 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm. Pro-2A people are worried about the government encroaching on the right to carry a firearm. The police are the enforcement arm of the government. If the NRA and other pro-2A groups don’t take that position, they’ll be showing their true colors.

  11. Behold the ROBOT RECTUM… medics’ relief

    A bionic booty, comprised of prosthetic buttocks and anus with in-built robotic tech was developed by the white coats at Imperial College London to help doctors and nurses practise probing a posterior pit.

    The device contains tiny rob arms that apply pressure to the silicon rectum to give that natural feel of the back passage, preparing medics for future prostate gland examination – the trainer then inserts an index finger into a silicon thimble that is attached to robotic tech.

    A computer screen behind the robo butt displays a 3D model of the rectum and prostate – if 3D glasses are used. And the tech can be programme for different scenarios to allow the anatomy to be changed as the size and shape of the rectum and prostate can wildly differ.

    1. I want one of these.

    2. And I just remembered that this has been done before. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the book Tom Swift and his Robotic Rectum.

      1. The Thomas A. Swift Electric Rectum is unfortunately already an acronym in use by rectums.

        1. Fucking tag closure failure.

      2. Jr or Sr? Or was there a III or IV?

      3. Rectum? Hell, it killed’em!

  12. California poll: Hillary Clinton 50 percent, Donald Trump 26 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent.

    Hey, the Nationals have roughly 10% odds at winning the world series.

    1. Well if Espinosa stays as hot as he is and Bryce and Zim heatup they just might.

      1. Yeah, what the hell’s going on with Danny? (Not that I’m complaining)

        1. I think he’s hitting his hitting prime and having a career year. The guy has always been a useful player, good defense, base running and home-run power. Plus I really do think for the first time in a long time he’s been given a stable opportunity to be set at one position which I think matters.

    2. 10% chance they shut Harper AND Strasburg down just before the playoffs!

      1. Hey, they have to save Strasburg…for something.

      2. Unlikely. I think the Nats are under the best Management in baseball right now. I just wish the Rocks could pitch more than 4 innings, cause if we could we would be destroying it. We have the best hitters and no pitching…sucks.

    3. Any prediction that puts the Cubs’ odds of ever winning the World Series higher than zero is to be viewed with a high degree of skepticism.

    4. I’ll remember you said that as I watch Harper tun around and see the ball Trumbo hit fly over the fence.

  13. Email Case May Complicate Clinton Aides’ Pursuit of Security Clearance

    Among those drawing the most intense scrutiny are Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan, onetime aides who could face difficult questions in pursuing security clearances for diplomatic or national security posts because of their involvement with Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

    “I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Bill Savarino, a Washington lawyer specializing in security clearances, said on Wednesday. “You’ve got a situation here where the woman who would be in charge of setting national security policy as president has been deemed by the F.B.I. unsuitable to safeguard and handle classified information.”

    Her top aides said they gave little thought to the problems that the private server might create. Both Ms. Mills and Ms. Abedin said they now regretted the lack of attention they had given to the system, while other officials said they simply did not remember much about how it was set up and used.

    1. In a deposition last week, Patrick F. Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management and operations, said repeatedly that he could not recall details about Mrs. Clinton’s email use, even though he responded to emails from her.

      Asked if her use of a personal email address raised any questions in his mind, he said that “it did not strike any bells in my mind, no.”

      “Why not?” the lawyer for Judicial Watch asked.

      “Because it did not,” Mr. Kennedy said.

      1. Perjury is for the little people.

      2. “Who?”

        “Top. Men.”

      3. Kennedy and honesty and integrity are mutually exclusive.

        1. By Kennedy I mean the entire clan.

          Camelot she’s not!

          1. Are you impugning the honesty of the author of “Profiles in Courage?”

            1. Profiles in Courage.


            2. Come on … Ted Sorenson ‘fessed up that he wrote Profiles in Courage. Give him a break.

    2. “Email Case May Complicate Clinton Aides’ Pursuit of Security Clearance”

      President Hillary will make one screaming tirade and the issue will go away. This would be an issue if we were a nation of Laws and not Men. It’s readily apparent in a Hillary administration that she will do whatever the hell she wants. She already does and she’s untouchable. It’s not like the situation will get better after she becomes President.

      1. When a Clinton does it, that means it is not illegal.

        Simple as that.

  14. Gary Johnson: Police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, appears to be a “murder.”

    I’m surprised he said a p-word again so casually.

    1. Plecostomus?

    2. Platypus?

    3. Planarian?

    4. Penumbra?

  15. Gary Johnson: Police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, appears to be a “murder.”

    Lieutenant John Harper: But one thing’s sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody’s responsible.

  16. We will call it the John Brigade:

    Why the Marines decided to allow heavier women (and men in some cases) to serve

    The Marine Corps announced major changes over the Fourth of July holiday weekend regarding how much it will allow service members to weigh ? and the biggest shift comes for women.

    Female Marines will be allowed to weigh five to seven pounds more than before for each inch of their height, according to new guidelines published by the service. A 5-foot-6 woman, for example, was previously allowed to weigh up to 155 pounds, but can now be 161. A 5-foot-9 woman was allowed to be up to 169 pounds, but can now be 176.

    1. Now they cannot use the weight limit as an excuse as to why they do not have muscle. I am sure for some it will be a big benefit.

    2. “A step in the right direction” – John, probably


      1. Stop the fat-shaming!!!!

      2. “All bodies are combat ready bodies”- Sgt Trigglypuff

    4. I like the changes for men. The weight guidelines were ridiculous. Men who lifted weights were often considered too heavy despite good PFT scores and low body fat. Saw more than one frustrated Marine take off his shirt and ask the Corpsman to point to the fat he was supposed to lose while being written up for missing the standard.

      1. I was always getting weight waivers when I was in. You’d get the annual weigh in and then go tell the Gunney that you needed to see the medic to get your weight waiver.

        Never had a problem with it.

        Lots of guys I knew had them. Like Drake said, if you were half ass working out (or if you were a grunt carrying a mortar plate or SAW) it was pretty easy to go over the limit.

        1. In my 26 years in the Army, the last time I made my screening weight was in 2003. For the Army, that means getting a ‘tape test’.

          Which I always passed with no problem, despite being 20 lbs over screening weight.

          1. I got “taped” in the Army National Guard. In the Marines in the 80’s and 90’s, they didn’t have a bodyfat test so lots of really fit strong Marines got hassled for working out.

    5. “Come on Trigglypuff you can make it! I see freedom just over the rain…bow…It’s okay TP! We’ll send for someone!”

      1. “Keep your hate speech the fuck off my obstacle course.”– Sgt Trigglypuff

        “You body shame like old people fuck!” —- Sgt Trigglypuff

        “Because I am flabby, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am flabby, but I am socially responsible. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on anyone except white males and ableists. Here you are all equally victims of the white cishetero ableist neoliberal patriarchy.”—- Trigglypuff

    6. The weight standards in the military are stupid. The only standard that should matter is performance, not how spiffy they look in their dress uniform (excepting ceremonial units where looking good in uniform is the job).

      1. We shouldn’t have ceremonial units. Or military bands. Fuck that shit.

        On the other hand, I couldn’t imagine a worse life than being in one of those units and having to stand inspections all the time.

        1. Right. I mostly agree, but units like the Old Guard serve a pretty important function, IMO.

  17. Congressman Thomas Massie
    2 hrs ?
    The House Oversight Committee announced that FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Oversight Committee on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at 10:00am to discuss his recommendation not to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her careless use of a private e-mail server.
    I will have five minutes to ask him questions. What would you ask?
    Please keep your suggestions serious and respectful.

    1. Please keep your suggestions serious and respectful.

      Which is why he didn’t ask this of Reason commenters.

    2. “Why do you claim intent mattered in a strict liability offense?

    3. I would ask: When did you have your sex change operation Comey to remove your BALLS?

    4. Please keep your suggestions serious and respectful.

      “With all due respect, Director Comey — Seriously, how the fuck can you live with yourself?”

      1. ^ so much this ^

        integrity, what’s that?

    5. Mr. Comey, have you stopped fellating the Clintons?

    6. “Since you (Comey) have determined that Hillary did not “intend” to set up a private email server completely outside of the State Department system, have you made any progress determining who did set it up and then forced the SoS to use it for 4 years?”

      1. “Hillary Clinton says she deleted 30,000 “personal” emails from the account that also contained her work related emails. Can either you or she prove this is a true statement?”

        1. Comey has already personally stated that at least some of those 30,000 “personal” emails were, in fact, work-related.

          They should ask why the intentional destruction of evidence during the course of an investigation isn’t obstruction of justice.

          1. You know what is REALLY scary? Since her server was almost completely unsecured BUT viewed as a trusted source by her colleagues all throughout the government, a trojan from her server could have easily ended up in any number of truly secured environments like CIA/NSA/DIA systems.

            This is really a no bueno regardless of the actors involved. If I were in charge of securing any of the sensitive systems the first thing I would have done upon learning of this is an audit of every singe email from her server AND I still would have scorched earth everything.

            1. I cant get signatures out of my head…that would be an ideal vector for an attack from her email.

      2. Man: I didn’t ‘mean’ to take a puff of that doobie, honest! Please Comey, understand!
        Comey: I do. And while I can but sympathize my hands are tied. I have to lay charges. Sorry.

    7. He also needs to ask about the gaps. Nixon writ large.

  18. The Republican Nominee Is Campaigning on a Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan That He Likens to the New Deal

    Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Trump reiterated his commitment to a massive increase in infrastructure spending. “Maybe my greatest strength is the economy, jobs, and building,” Trump said. “We do have to rebuild our infrastructure.”

    “This is not something that’s front-and-center [for] a lot of far-right conservatives in terms of … ” right-leaning CNBC host Joe Kernen observed, before trailing off. “You’re not going to tack to the right to try to garner more support from that part of the party?”

    “I don’t tack right or left. I tack what’s right,” Trump replied.

    1. “I don’t tack right or left. I tack what’s right,” Trump replied.

      L’etat C’est Moi.

  19. Alton Sterling

    The body cameras fell off during the struggle!

    OK, then where’s the footage from before the first officer tackles him?

    The body cameras fell off during the struggle!

    1. Hey, SugarFree — I was away for a while during the post-non-indictment festivities.

      Did you post any, um, stories about people having the same names as those involved?

      1. NO! NO! NONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Goddamit, Rich

      3. Not yet. I’m still sorting out my bruised feelings and dashed hopes.

        I managed a little doggerel yesterday, but that’s it.

        1. Ah. I’m seeing a new side of you.

          “Who has no expectations has no disappointments.”

          1. “Disappointment is the only expectation I have.”

  20. Could someone please explain what this means? And in English since I have to relay what I learn to someone: It’s from the EU so it can’t be good:

    “European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

    As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google’s use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies.

    You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about… your responsibilities.”

    1. The EU requires websites to disclose and ask for permission for writing 3rd party ad tracking cookies.

    2. If your site uses cookies you have to inform users automatically that it does and obtain their consent to put a cookie in their browser. Because apparently EU residents are too stupid to change their browser settings if they are worried about that sort of thing.

    3. – If you own a site within the EU, you have to have a disclaimer posted on your site about the cookies your site uses whether first or third party

      : First-Party cookies customize the “experience”; they are generated by the website you’re visiting
      : Third-Party cookies are everything else; anything that comes from other sites (ads, tracking, etc.)

      – You have to ask the user if they accept use of cookies on your site. Many sites do this even outside the EU, usually with a banner at top or bottom of the browser screen with an ‘Agree/Disagree’ option.

      – Google has provided information about its cookies, so you don’t have to (you still have to provide info on any other cookies)

      – You have to test it to make sure your site is actually providing the information, and gives the option to consent.

      – The consent may not work (legally) if you have third-party cookies on your site, because you don’t own them and probably can’t speak for the owners.

      This last part is the tricky part, because it could be totally ignored/not enforced most of the time because third-party cookies are so ubiquitous. Or, it could effectively be used to shut your site down (if someone in power felt like it) if you have anything other than your own site’s cookies. So no ad revenue, no polls, no most of what the internet browsing experience has become things (for good or ill).

  21. Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment

    Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson has filed a lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, alleging he sexually harassed her during her tenure at the network.

    The complaint alleges that Ailes fired Carlson because she refused to have sex with him. It details that Ailes made comments of a sexual nature towards Carlson, and he called her a “man hater” who tried to “show up the boys.” It also claims that Ailes asked Carlson to turn around in his office so he could view her “posterior,” as well as told her he has “slept” with three former Miss Americas but not with her.

    1. told her he has “slept” with three former Miss Americas but not with her.

      Telling a person that you have not slept with them is sexual harassment now?

      1. Maybe Gretchen was having trouble remembering all the executives she had to bang to make it in the biz and her boss was just reminding her that he wasn’t one of them.

      2. It’s the implication.

      3. “but not with you”

        Yeah, pretty much.

    2. Also, would

      1. Not in a million years. I would feel creepy banging someone with retard eyes. YMMV.

        1. So you are a big fan of the robotic rectum?

          No eyes there to creep you out.

          1. I’ve seen the RR mentioned several times now but just don’t want to click or know anything about it.
            I like most eyes.

            1. A rectum has a brown eye?

            2. A rectum has a brown eye?

              1. God dammit!

                Be aware, the advice I gave on taping a gerbil could also be used on a squirrel.

    3. Huh. Now I am thinking Roger banged all the other FOX hotties.

    4. It details that Ailes made comments of a sexual nature towards Carlson,

      That’s what I don’t understand about this. She stayed there for decades!

      I remember 9th grade Physical Sci. (Pre-req for any further science courses, as opposed to General Sci for the morons who needed the 1 mandatory Science credit to graduate).

      Before class one day, “Patti”-who sat right in front of me- was excited because she had a date with a BMOC football player. Class started and the teacher had his back turned as he was writing on the chalkboard. I leaned forward and “whisper asked” if her date would include “licking the popsicle”. She immediately spun to her left and blasted me with a hard right-hand slap to the face.

      Everyone in class laughed, she buried her face in her hands on her desk in embarrassment, and the teacher turned around, looked at me with the bright red handprint on my face, and said… “I’ll bet you probably deserved that?” Me- “Probably.” Teacher turns and finishes what he writing on the chalkboard.

      Nothing else happened- except for the unforced mutual apologies after class- and she was my lab partner for the rest of the year.

      I guess six-figure incomes prevent the ladies from asserting their rights…

  22. No CGI Needed: Meet The Real-Life Incredible Hulk!

    Iranian Sajad Gharibi, 24, weighs more than 350 pounds which, as you can see, is all muscle.

    On Instagram he’s been dubbed the “Iranian Hulk” and “Persian Hercules.”

    I patiently await Warty’s opinion.

    1. Warty is already en route to Iran to challenge and/or drink with and/or mate with Mr. Gharibi.

    2. I patiently await Warty’s opinion.

      I assume he is masturbating, which usually results in a typhoon destroying some part of Asia.

      1. Not so sure, we can’t really tell how this guy squats.

    3. Him holding the can of Fanta is classic.

    4. “Hmmm. Possibly a challenge for once!”

      *sounds of terrific struggle for about 2 minutes*

      “Sigh….I guess not. Back to the dungeon.”

  23. http://circanews.com/irans-nex…..ical-grid/

    It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, a bomb with an electromagnetic pulse that can take out all the lights in Los Angeles without collateral damage. It might sound like Hollywood, but this could be our reality if Iran attacks our electrical grid like they have laid out in “Passive Defense,” a secret Iranian military document.

    And Obama, with the reason staff cheering him on, just legitimized Iran’s nuclear program and gave them $150 billion to spend on missile technology. And despite spending trillions of dollars on God knows what, the country spends virtually nothing on mitigating or preparing for an EMP attack. Lovely.

    1. Don’t forget lifting the arms embargo. He did that, too. Apparently, removing the arms embargo somehow necessary for them to implement a peaceful nuclear program.

  24. The Social Security Administration Shouldn’t Be Deciding Who’s Too ‘Mentally Defective’ to Own a Gun

    Unable to legislate new restrictions on what kind of arms can be sold, the government has embarked on a long-term effort of adding an untold number of Americans to “no buy” lists?based on the unfounded conjecture that they pose a “danger” to others?and deprive them of a fundamental constitutional right. The Gun Control Act of 1968 and NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 requires that agencies with pertinent records on who is or is not “a mental defective” disclose those records to the attorney general so those people can be excluded from purchasing arms through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) has proposed a new regulation that would create a process for transferring the records of those who seek a “representative payee” (legal proxy) under Social Security disability benefits programs to NICS, so that they may be considered a “mental defective” and thus lose their Second Amendment rights. The proposed SSA rule is arbitrary?there’s no evidence that someone who needs help with SSA paperwork can’t be trusted with a gun?and inconsistent with the regulatory and statutory scheme, not to mention blatantly unconstitutional.

  25. California poll: Hillary Clinton 50 percent, Donald Trump 26 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent.

    Hey, everybody! The sun rose today!

    1. Trump is down in California. He is doomed. If a Republican can’t win California, where can he win?

      1. He was supposed to have cross-over appeal, remember?

        He was going to bring in a lot of Democrat votes.

        1. In California?! Maybe if he put a Bernie mask on.

        2. Not in California. That is going to happen in states like Michigan and PA. No one ever claimed he would be competitive in California.

          1. He’s going to get wiped out there. Check out Five Thirty Eight’s state-by-state forecast.

            Chance of winning Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes

            Same thing with Ohio, Michigan. It’s going to be a wipeout, unless there is something similar to the Bradley Effect, where people lie to a pollster about voting for Trump.

            1. Polls have been grossly unreliable this year. Recall that Hillary was reportedly up by 20 points the night before she lost Michigan to Bernie.

              I’m not saying Trump is necessarily going to win or lose, but just that there is reason to be skeptical.

            2. Sorry but 538.coms SWAG about the “chances of winning PA” is not particularly convincing.

              I know you desperately want to believe in your girl Hillary. And she may win. But it is not quite as in the bag as you want to believe.

              1. I know you desperately want to believe in your girl Hillary.

                No, John. That hag is not “my girl”. Stop putting words in other people’s mouths.

                Not rooting for the proto-fascist thug doesn’t mean you’re rooting for the lying hag.

                1. You seem to have a lot of faith in her for her not to be your gal. Just saying.

                2. Come on, Injun, John has explained repeatedly and patiently that it indeed does.

                  Stop attacking his guy by pointing out things other than sunny skies filled with rainbow puppies.

          2. Trump himself claimed he could win California


            1. Trump claims a lot of things.

        3. Cross-over appeal was supposed to be in states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. No one expected California to go red.

  26. OT: Everyone knows that Americans die from lack of gun control, not cultural factors.

    Crash deaths far worse in US than other affluent countries


    1. My guess: the US has too many women drivers. They are always fiddling with their hair and makeup, shoe shopping and gossiping on their phones, and then BOOM, an accident.

      1. Exactly. Look at the Saudis.

      2. Too many transgender Olympians as well

      3. Importing millions of drivers from Latin America, which outside of the Middle East, is generally considered the most terrifying and unsafe place on earth to drive, might have something to do with it.

        1. Yes, John. All evil in the world originates in Latin America or the Middle East.

          1. No Zeb, culture matters. Why would someone magically become a better driver when they crossed the border?

            In some ways you really are appallingly racist, though you don’t mean it. You are so afraid of collectivizing people, you can’t seem to even acknowledge the existence and affect of other cultures of if you do, it can only be done in the positive.

            People in Latin America are insane drivers. They just are. Anyone who has ever driven there will tell you that. It makes perfect sense that importing a large number of them to drive on your roads would make your roads more dangerous. You can’t acknowledge that possibility because you have such a degrading view of foreign cultures. You either deny cultures exist or see them as some kind of cartoon incapable of fault.

            1. No, I just think it’s funny that you need to insert “importing Latin Americans” into every discussion.

              That might be part of it, but there are other factors, like the fact that Americans drive a lot more than Europeans, that have more to do with it. I bet if you look at deaths per miles driven the difference is a lot less striking. A lot of Europeans drive like maniacs too (though probably not so bad as in Latin America).

            2. It’s more the jump to conclusions with no statistics to back it up. How did these rates compare decades ago? How do they compare around the country? Could the fact that people in the US drive a lot more than Europeans have something to do with it.

              Latin American immigrants aren’t even 10% of the population. You should probably check for other explanations before instantly concluding they’re to blame.

              1. Who said the road were that much more dangerous? It is entirely possible that the millions that did contributed. There is nothing unreasonable about saying that. You guys are just completely unable to admit that there might be anything at all negative about the sacred Mexicans.

            3. Mmm, love some of that John projection.

              Johnjection? Projohnction? Something has to work…

              1. MJG.,

                You really have no idea what the word projection means do you?

                Considering that you are dumb as a fucking post, that is not surprising i guess.

      4. Women drivers, on average, are terrible. The concept of road etiquette ain’t their bag.

        1. No, they’re fine until they get angry, then suddenly the car is a gundam suit that makes them physically equal to everyone else.

        2. Certain sectors of the male population are awful. They’re often young and driving Audis

          1. Actually, young drivers in general are terrible.

            These are my most-hated drivers:

            1. College students
            2. Middle-aged women, probably having hot flashes or certain their “I love my grandchildren” or “baby on board” stickers will shield them from any accidents
            3. Old people

            1. 1-Old People
              2-Tourists, especially ones from OH,PA,NC and WV

            2. Also, people from Maryland and the Virginias.

      5. Yeah, women be talkin’!

        ::Fist-bumps Crusty::

    2. When they say rate, I assume they are talking per 100,000 people not per 100,000 miles ridden in a car, right?

    3. Americans have to drive farther more often and have less strict drunk driving laws than most other affluent countries. You really need to look at it in terms of miles driven. Other wealthy countries mostly have more densely concentrated populations and more public transportation.

      1. Mericah! Fuck Yeah!

  27. Parents Question Why Hooters Sponsored Boy Scouts Camp

    Though they weren’t wearing Hooters’ signature white tank tops and orange runner’s shorts, three Hooters Girls dressed in Hooters tees and visors volunteered at each day of the three-day crafting camp from June 26-29, where kids made wooden helicopters and birdhouses. According to a spokesman for Boy Scouts of America, Hooters had reached out to the Scouts to sponsor the event.


    “We just felt it was a little strange that they didn’t tell us,” Denver mom Michelle Kettleborough told CBS Denver. “We haven’t been ‘outraged.’ We’re not screaming and crying and actually we’ve said several times Hooters isn’t the problem. The girls aren’t the problem. They were fantastic. They were so respectful, so nice.”

    You should be !!!!!!outraged!!!!!, so we will be !!!!!outraged!!!!!! for you!!!!!

    1. The parents may question the sponsorship, but I’m sure the boys are thrilled about it.

    2. kids made wooden helicopters and birdhouses

      Oh I see what’s going on here!

      1. kids made wooden helicopters and birdhouses

        I bet they made some little tents, too. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

    3. Too bad the Scouts have gone all gay now.

    4. Thank GOD! I clicked the article cause Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are different. If the Boy Scouts had an event with Hooters girls it would have an ENTIRELY different focus. Cub scouts are the ones who do crafts and what not. Boy Scouts shoot things, eat things cooked in fires, and climb stuff.

  28. Aside from the fact that it’s gross, it should be unconstitutional:

    A lawyer who is arguing his client’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated by a forced urine sample is shining a light on the practice by police in South Dakota.

    The lawyer for Dirk Landon Sparks is asking a judge to toss the test results used to charge his client with felony drug ingestion, the Argus Leader reports.

    The lawyer, Jeremy Lund, argues in a May 16 motion filed in Hughes County that the judge who signed a search warrant for a blood or urine sample didn’t authorize Sparks to be strapped to a hospital bed and a catheter to be forced into his penis.


    1. a catheter to be forced into his penis

      This is sexual assault. Perpetrated by the State.

      1. SD gets you up front, NM from behind. Statist sex-assaults every which way.

        1. Has any state done forced cheek swabs yet?

          That will round out the trifecta of violations from the rear, front, and top.

      2. Is it a sex assault if they are going after urine?

        I think the penis aspect of it is irrelevant. If taking the contents of your body by force is legitimate, then it is legitimate whether it involves contact with a sexual organ or not. The problem is that it is way to easy to violate a person’s bodily integrity at all, be it a forced blood draw or forced urine sample.

    2. I thought the force blood sample thing was now unconstitutional. . . . or the SCOTUS was working on a case to decide that. I’ll check.

      A friend (defense attorney) has a “superdrunk” client he’s representing right now, who had the forced blood draw happen earlier this year.

      1. Here’s the opinion on blood draws.

  29. Shocked: an ALJ racist? Maybe he thought no one would ever read those notes:

    An administrative law judge deciding Social Security disability claims included offensive physical descriptions of claimants in his hearing notes, according to a newspaper that received copies of the notes.

    The administrative judge, John Pleuss, wrote in his notes that one claimant was “very black, African looking woman (actually a gorilla-like appearance),” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Pleuss described another claimant as “young, white, female; long brown hair; attractive; looks innocent.” Others were deemed “buxom” or “obese” while another was said to be wearing a “skimpy black top.”


    1. Pleuss’ comments were first reported by a conservative website called Wisconsin Watchdog.

      Un-possible. We all know that people right-of-center are racists.

      1. They were probably reported approvingly. /progtard

    2. Were there pictures to go along with the notes?

      /Too soon to establish intent

  30. You Don’t Have To Be Black Lives Matter To Support Police Accountability

    Policing is an honorable profession. A cop is a person who has volunteered to put his own safety on the line to protect yours. That’s impressive, and we should respect it.

    Here’s the thing about honorable professions, though. When people are entrusted with noble and good work, it’s always possible that they might betray that trust. The consequences of that betrayal can be very ugly indeed. In the words of the ancients, corruptio optimi pessima. The corruption of the best produces the worst.

    When a profession commands our respect, we often feel tempted to “virtue-cloak” it, insisting against all opposition that members of that profession really are what we know they should be. This is a natural impulse, especially in a fractious society where political narratives dominate public life. We understand how easily cops can become scapegoats for progressive liberals with an agenda. They deal daily with the grim effects of social breakdown, and when those confrontations take a tragic turn, liberals would much rather blame the “racist” police than acknowledge the bitter fruits of the sexual revolution and the welfare state.

    1. Policing is an honorable profession. A cop is a person who has volunteered to put his own safety on the line to protect yours. That’s impressive, and we should respect it.

      [citation needed]

      1. They’ll honorably stand outside the scene of a shooting while the victims bleed out. Brave Sir Robin ran away!

    2. Sadly, BLM with their stupid bullshit like stopping Pride parades is doing the cause no favors.

      Also, whether this is fair or not: talking about all of this in such explicitly racial terms has hurt the criminal justice reform movement. A few years ago, before BLM- progress was being made, and things like Eric Garner were getting even conservative law and order types on board. But the gains were always precarious, and were based in large part on the sheer bad behavior and poor public relation skills of the cops. It was easy to be respectable next to them- they were acting like such blatant thugs.

      But it should have been obvious that at the first sign of lawlessness, the cops were going to try to regain the advantage. And that person who shot the cop in NY? That shit was just icing on the cake of a group that is already amazing at playing the victim.

      But the real problem is that Black Lives Matter comes from that Social justice/New Left/Blame the Victim school of thought that just completely disavows the idea of respectability politics. And if you wanna take on the cops? You gotta beat them by looking more orderly and law abiding than they are, as the early civil rights movement showed. You need an inclusive message that gets people of all colors and classes, and you need to get it to seem like the kind of movement that normal people can participate in.

      1. BLM as a movement is working against policing reform, by making it into a black vex white issue and then acting like a bunch of thugs to alienate non-blacks. The whole thing is designed to increase racial animus for political gain.

        The only way to get serious reform of police practices is by highlighting cases of middle and upper class people abused by cops, of which there are plenty of cases, to make those groups realize that they could be victims of it too.

        1. If you didn’t know better, you would think BLM is a police false flag organization created to discredit all efforts at police reform.

          1. What makes you think you know better?

    3. We understand how easily cops can become scapegoats for progressive liberals with an agenda.

      Between that and enforcing the progressive liberal agenda, they’re very utilitarian.

    1. I applaud your strange euphemism.

        1. Is that a euphemism, too?

    2. It is worth noting that the Clinton White House faced allegations that Hillary and her aides were involved in the questionable suicide of White House employee Vince Foster in 1995.

      RIP Guccifer, I guess

      1. Statement on “Guccifer” Rumors

        Marcel Lehel Lazar, a federal inmate also known as Guccifer, is at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Va. He is alive and has never been missing from this facility.

        Sheriff Dana Lawhorne
        July 6, 2016

    3. If this is true, FUCK.

    4. No: Statement on “Guccifer” Rumors

      Marcel Lehel Lazar, a federal inmate also known as Guccifer, is at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Va. He is alive and has never been missing from this facility.

      Sheriff Dana Lawhorne
      July 6, 2016

    5. Hacker Marcel Laz?r Lehel, also known as “Guccifer,” is neither missing from his jail cell nor dead.

      1. whore.

        1. Why’d you call Crusty a whore? He does it for the love, not the money.

          1. And at a quarter a shot it ain’t much of a livin’.

      1. I should also point out that my refresh button is broken.

    6. Holy crap.

      There’s just too much smoke around her – and I don’t mean the one coming from her loft in hell.

      1. In response to Atanarjuat’s update: Meh, still stand by my comment.

        Mostly because her sitting in a loft in hell is appropriate imagery.

        1. Careful, Rufus, references to sending people to hell are frowned upon by certain Crusader prosecutors.

  31. So, Clinton lied to the American people several different times about her email.

    This is not in dispute.

    And the media response? “Trump doesn’t stay on message enough! Trump is a big meanie!”

    I mean, for fuck’s sake, the worst they have said about Clinton is some tut-tutting that in the future she “needs to do better.”

    Honestly, at this point, here is my explanation: Can you imagine how many people Hillary could take down in a full jury trial? How many bodies she has buried, helped to bury, or knows the location of the burial? Think of how badly the Clintons could hurt the DNC, major media figures, etc. if they started to talk about all the little back room deals that they have worked out over the last 30 years.

    Seriously, that may be all that Bill had to tell Loretta on the plane: “Just so y’know, lil’ darling, if you take us down… well, we won’t be going down quiet. And at a trial? Well, we’d have to testify about everything, and I’m sure your boss doesn’t want us talking about what the ATF was up to in Mexico, does he now?”

    1. You forgot “Trump said Saddam didn’t support terrorism”. I seem to remember claiming that Saddam wasn’t a bad guy and didn’t support terrorism was what all right thinking media vermin thought. But now it is just outrageous!

      1. God, was that one blatant. It doesn’t help that it is pretty well documented that Clinton has a cozy relationship with the media- that famous “muscular” article about the speech she gave in front of some former SoS’- so it’s pretty easy to guess how the story went from “FBI Director doesn’t indict Clinton, but basically says she is a piece of shit” to “Donald Trump said nice things about Saddam! Can you believe that guy?!”

        At this point, I want Trump to do a whole speech about how water is wet. The Washington Post giving that one 3 pinochios the next day would be awesome.

        1. It is pathetic. But they have no choice. If Trump wins, it will be the end of them. He will prove that they have much less power than they think they do. Other politicians will follow. And their ability to drive the national conversation will end.

        2. “Well, in some cases, at very low temperatures, water can be solid, hard, and dry to the touch. Indeed, this is the case in vast portions of the globe. Moreover, when exposed to extreme heat, water exists only in gas form, which, when dispersed over a wide enough area, is not perceivably wet at all. While Trump is not lying per se that water is wet, as indeed it might be under the proper conditions, we cannot endorse his statements. Three and a half Pinocchios.”

          1. Wow, you must have a copy of their grading standards.

      2. Yeah, not so long ago the common wisdom was that Saddam was a bad guy, but kept Iraq stable and less full of terrorists.

    2. On the subject of the media’s treatment of Hillary’s pathological lying:

      Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

    3. Duh, you have to destroy Hillary’s black boxes before you take down Division.

  32. America’s Rudest Cities

    Whether it’s the heat or the velvet ropes, Miami made its debut as the No. 1 rudest city, according to Travel + Leisure readers. In the latest America’s Favorite Places survey, voters ranked big cities (with populations over 100,000) for such cosmopolitan features as their world-class museums, chef-driven restaurants, and cocktail lounges. But the survey also scored some quality-of-life features, like how walkable a city is, how safe it feels, and how cordial (or not) the locals seem.

    This year’s list of America’s 15 Rudest Cities includes some returning winners ? or losers, depending on your prerogative ? as well as some shakeups. New York City, for instance, shed its title as the rudest in the land, and only three of the top 15 are located in the stereotypically gruff Northeast. Nine of the surly cities also scored highly for passionate sports fans, so perhaps that in-your-face enthusiasm is rubbing out-of-towners the wrong way.

    10. Ann Arbor, Michigan
    9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
    8. Dallas, Texas
    7. Boston, Massachusetts
    6. Salt Lake City, Utah
    5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    4. Los Angeles, California
    3. New York City, New York
    2. Phoenix, Arizona
    1. Miami, Florida

    1. Salt Lake City? I thought Mormons were the most creepily nice people on earth.

      1. I call bullshit

      2. Salt Lake isn’t the rest of Utah.

      3. They say they also factored in amenities like cocktail lounges and walkability, because when I think SLC, I think of supermodels getting plastered on girly drinks.

        1. WTF does “walkability” have to do with rudeness?

          1. I loled at the fact that you ignored “cocktail lounges”

            cosmos are the height of rudeness

            1. I would take a redneck beer bar any day.

          2. Have you ever been stuck in Miami traffic?

    2. The midwest and the south may not be cool, but at least we’re nice

      1. Mike Milligan: I like him. I like you. Met another fella from Minnesota yesterday. Big guy. Sheriff, I think. I liked him too.
        Lou Solverson: We’re a very friendly people.
        Mike Milligan: No! That’s not it. Pretty unfriendly actually. But it’s the way you’re unfriendly. How you’re so polite about it. Like you’re doin me a favor.

        1. Minnesotans master the art of being polite without being friendly. At least it’s honest. Most strangers don’t want to be your friend, even the friendliest social butterflies.

        2. That reminds me…I need to find a way to watch that show. Still haven’t seen it.

      2. “Cool” = appealing to pretentious hipster douchebags, so that’s actually another point in your favor.

        1. I was cool before hipsters ruined it.

    3. No way is Washington DC not on that list.

      1. There is no such thing as a local in DC, unless you’re currently being mugged.

  33. Why Finland’s Newborns Sleep in Cardboard Cribs

    that’s the first place that many Finnish infants lay their little heads. And the simple setup is believed to be one reason that Finland now has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world ? 2.52 for every 1,000 births, less than half that of the United States.

    Finland provides all mothers-to-be with a baby box, but there’s a string attached. To receive it, the mother has to undergo a medical exam during the first four months of pregnancy.

    Each year the government gives away about 40,000 of the boxes, which come with bedding and about 50 other baby items, including clothes, socks, a warm coat and even a baby balaclava for the icy Nordic winter. (Mothers who don’t need all those items can choose to get 140 euros instead, or about $155.)

    Be more Nordic, parents.

    1. I love how “Finland was so poor $150 worth of stuff halved their infant mortality rate” is spun to be some sort of progressive fable. If America was so poor $150 worth of stuff halved our infant mortality rate, the Gates Foundation would have paid for it while the government was still fighting over whether the contractors who provide that service should get $1500/box or $3000/box.

      1. I don’t think it says that the box halved their infant mortality rate, but rather that their rate is half of that in the US.
        But as we know, part of the reason for the higher rate in the US is that we try to save more babies that might count as stillborn in other places.

        1. Preemies under a certain weight count as ‘stillborn’ in most of Europe. In the U.S., they go into an incubator.

          1. 23 weeks is the cutoff. I learned this when we spent almost a month in the nicu. and let me tell you, that is a special breed of nurse. Those folks are outstanding and, in my opinion probably have the most difficult job in the whole hospital.

            I did however find that the nicu is a much more serene place than pretty much anywhere. The nursery is a hell hole.

    2. Every time I’ve read about the Finnish baby box, the thing that strikes me the most is how much the Finnish just luuuuuv the idea that every single baby born in the same year has all the same things and wear the same clothes. (At least according to the articles I’ve read. I have not talked to any Finns about it personally.) I think most Americans, outside of some weird lefties, would be a little creeped out by the idea that every single baby born in the same year should be wearing the exact same thing.

      It says a lot about cultural differences, I think. The Finns are very into their egalitarianism, AFAICT. They think it’s the best thing in the world that every single baby in the country has the exact same things. Even I have to agree that there is something comforting about the idea that even the poorest of babies is provided for as well as those from the richest of families. But then you also have to step back and look at what’s actually provided: basically, some baby supplies, some clothes, and a cardboard box. These are not exactly expensive, difficult-to-acquire items. Even the poorest families in America manage to acquire these things on their own.

  34. Another Police Shooting; Another Day the News Feels Like It’s In Reruns

    The Washington Post compiled a database of all police shootings in the country and found 990 people were shot dead by police in 2015. Of those, only 93 were unarmed; 38 were black and unarmed. Of the 505 people shot dead by police in 2016 so far, 37 were unarmed; 13 were black and unarmed.

    1. Armed doesn’t mean threatening, dangerous, or aggressive. It just means armed. Cops like to shoot armed people who aren’t a threat because they know they will get away with murder.

      1. I am “armed” according to this report every time I leave the house. I don’t go anywhere but airports without a pocket knife.

        1. A car is a deadly weapon according to the police. So if they shoot someone in a car, then that person will be recorded as armed with a deadly weapon.

    2. Since being armed in the US is a fundamental civil right, that means nothing in and of itself. They might as well say “However, 90% were talking shit. Only 10% were displaying proper deference to their betters”.

  35. FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to appear before Congress today to explain the FBI’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton.


    Suck it, losers.

  36. Why is Falcon Heights a Minneapolis suburb? You could just as easily say it is a St. Paul suburb.

    In fact, since Falcon Heights is on the wrong side of the river, I’d say it is more of St. Paul’s problem than Minneapolis’ problem.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s in Ramsey County

    2. St. Paul is a suburb of Minneapolis.

    3. I kind of always thought that Falcon Heights was a neighborhood in St. Paul.

      1. Considering that it is the home of the U of MN – St. Paul Campus I think that is a fair assumption.

        Just another example of the effete cosmos at Reason not knowing anything about us rubes in flyover land.

        1. I don’t know – we kind of paint ourselves into that corner. Based on the fact that Adele playing a concert here was apparently a major, major news story. I guess in a third tier town we have to get excited about something.

    1. You know who else spread camps for religious minorities?

      1. The Israelites?

      2. Every parent wanting to get a week long vacation from their kids?

      3. Vacation Bible School?

  37. he was licensed to carry a gun.

    Not in the presence of a policeman.

    Our heroic law enforcement professionals generate their own bubble of gun-free-zone space everywhere they go. Like Congressmen. Because otherwise SOMALIA.

  38. The town of Timmonsville, South Carolina, has banned saggy pants.

    This shit again? I seem to recall some towns trying to ban saggy pants back in the ’90s. I’ve also noticed other early ’90s fashions coming back into style recently. I guess everything old is new again.

    1. Come on, hypercolor shirts are due for a come back any day now.

  39. http://www.detroitnews.com/sto…../86778534/

    Lansing ? Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office says 40 “thugs” attacked his Midland home Wednesday afternoon by pounding on the windows and doors while his wife was home alone in protest over a controversial oil pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.

    Michigan State Police troopers assisted Midland police in responding to the scene at Schuette’s home, but “the crowd eventually dispersed and no arrests were made,” state police spokeswoman Shanon Banner said Wednesday.

    This is called fascism. It is also why the left wants to disarm the public. There is just a hard limit to how effective this shit can be when the public is as well armed as the American public is. Take away its guns and this sort of thing becomes how politics is done. The guy’s wife was home alone. I would not have blamed her if she had shot four or five of them. I so wish she had. The only thing these animals understand is violence.

    1. I recall something similar happening in Wisconsin when Act 10 was passed.

    2. I am genuinely amazed that no arrests were made when this happens at an actual AG’s home. Some private sector nobody, sure, whatever, who cares. But a member of the ruling class and the cop-industrial complex? That’s really surprising.

      1. That is how much juice the greens have.

  40. Following the UK inquiry about Iraq war, they released lot of documents including correspondance from Blair to Bush, you should check it out :
    One interesting letter : Neocons view of the world and their role

      1. Syria did crack down on terrorist groups, so there is that.

  41. Team Clinton thankful for Trump

    Still, they acknowledge Clinton would be in deep trouble against other opponents.

    “If she was running against [Ohio Gov. John] Kasich or [Florida Sen. Marco] Rubio, she’d be in real trouble and we’d be talking about finding another candidate before the [Democratic National Convention],” said Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist. “What happened yesterday would be a deal breaker against someone else. ? She’s basically walking on the edge with this kind of stuff.”

    Clinton acknowledged last week that she had a trust problem even before the FBI decision came down. And an aide to Clinton said she would continue to speak directly to voters about what her vision is and what her values are.

    1. When your own campaign is admitting you are a crook and a loser candidate and can only win because of the other guy, I don’t think you are in very good shape.

      And of course, they would have said the exact same thing no matter who the Republican nominee was. “But the Republicans” is really the only thing they have.

      1. When your own campaign is admitting you are a crook and a loser candidate and can only win because of the other guy, I don’t think you are in very good shape.

        *Especially* in California.

        1. She could murder small children and win California.

          1. Of course.

            A poor attempt at sarcasm.

      2. I think they’d be a lot less confident in their chances against someone else. Clinton was losing to Rubio in polls before he dropped out and getting killed by Kasich before he dropped – I even saw a recent poll this week or last that included a hypothetical Kasich vs. Clinton matchup to compare to Trump vs. Clinton. Kasich was up 8, and I think Trump was down several points (I don’t recall exactly). This was a very, very winnable election for the GOP but Trump flips that on its head.

    2. I think she’s in real trouble either way. Don’t underestimate her incompetence and ability to repel normal people.

    3. If a delegate revolt happens in Cleveland, she will be in serious trouble:

      Donald Trump camp may lack numbers to stop delegate revolt, for now

      1. No. She would be guaranteed a 50 state landslide as the 40% of the Republican Party who voted for Trump walked out. That is the one scenario where she could not only win but also get back Congress.

        Her campaign is doing everything they can to ferment a delegate revolt in Cleveland. It would virtually guarantee her election.

        1. What about the 60% who voted against Trump? You’re assuming they will fall in line with a Trump nomination, while the 40% won’t if Trump is kicked out at the convention?

          1. The polls say that most of the party is falling in line with Trump. Moreover, poll after poll showed that Trump was the second choice of many people who voted for other candidates. You assume every person who didn’t vote for him must not be willing to vote for him ever. And that is just not true.

            More importantly, he won the nomination fair and square. Republican turnout was up 62% this year mostly due to Trump. If they were to rob him of the nomination by changing the rules after the primary because a few assholes are angry that they are not getting their way, most of the millions of voters who voted for Trump would not only refuse to vote for the loser they put in his place but refuse to vote for Republicans in any of the down ticket races. And even the ones who didn’t support Trump as their first choice are in many cases not going support such blatant cheating and would turn away from the party out of principle.

            That really would doom the party. Ultimately, there just are not that many never trump people. Even today, Gary Johnson is lucky to poll 10% in a three way race and he is pulling just as many or more Democrats as he is Republicans. Right now Trump is the presumptive nominee and the polls say the vast majority of Republicans are going to vote for him.

            1. If most of the party is falling in line with Trump, why is Clinton leading Trump by 2.6% in Kansas.

              He’s hanging on to dear life in Arizona of all places with 0.1% He’s barely 3 points over Clinton in Utah.

              Check out the link below. It has a table with a column that lists “swing from 2012”.

              Trump is substantially underperforming Romney in red states

              Be prepared for a GOP wipeout exceeding Barry Goldwater’s dysmal performance.

              1. Sorry but I am not buying 538. Nate Silver has been discredited and wrong so many times. He got lucky in 08 and has missed every prediction since.

                Meanwhile, look at the RCP polling. That is not one poll or one Dem hacks SWAG. It is a collection of polls.


                And what you see is two polls that have Trump up, one outlier Reuters poll that has Hillary up by 11 and the rest with Hillary up by around four or five. When you consider that both are under 50% and there are still a ton of undecided voters, I see no reasonable way you can say either side has this won or that it will be any kind of a landslide either way. The fact that you think Hillary is going to win in a landslide is just wishful thinking on your part.

                Just deal with it, Trump might win and even if he loses, he will almost certainly do no worse than Romney. Your dreams of cosmic revenge are likely not going to happen. It is what it is.

                1. Silver got every state right in 2012 (which he actually didn’t do in 2008 – I think he got one right). And calling him a Dem hack to discredit him is stupid – in both 2008 and 2012 he underestimated Obama’s margin of victory (despite the fact that you and the other Republicans here consistently accused him of being biased in favor of him). His punditry skills aren’t any better than anyone else’s, but his statistical analysis is fine. He’s not the God many make him out to be, but handwaving away stats that don’t align with your worldview is just stupid.

                  Also, Obama is a far, far better candidate than Clinton is. And he was an incumbent president in 2012. The GOP candidate should be doing far better than Romney did in 2012. The fact that Trump is doing worse at the moment speaks volumes.

              2. The basic argument about getting rid of Trump is whether or not the delegates think they win more than they lose by tossing Trump. Right now, if they nominate Trump he will probably lose, and the establishment types can basically argue that they they tried an outsider like Trump and so everybody should vote for a more mainstream candidate next time.

                If they kick out Trump, and replace him with Romney v 2.0, then they’ll alienate huge chunks of the base for a candidate that will still probably lose.

                It seems like the smarter move is to keep Trump at the top of the ticket, lose this particular election, and get somebody better in 2020.

                1. thrakkorzog

                  I agree. And that is one of the reasons why I think all of the claims that Trump is certain to lose are bullshit. Your plan only works if Trump loses. If Trump wins, they establishment if fucked. If they actually thought he had no chance, they would nominate him and watch him lose and then enjoy the big I told you so as they took back the party. So, they don’t want to replace him because they think he is certain to lose. They want to replace him because they are terrified he is going to win.

                  These people are scum. You can never take what they say at face value. The truth is nearly always the opposite of what they are saying.

                  1. John, I think the Republican establishment will be fine if Trump wins, not that they would be thrillled about it, but they would still hold control over the party. If Trump was part of a larger movement like the Tea Party primarying establishment candidates, then the establishment would be freaking out, but Trump seems to be a one and done deal.

          2. Yes? For the same the GOP will quietly accept a Hillary presidency if she wins the election, as much as they despise her, but may launch an armed revolt if she shoots Trump during a debate and declares herself Empress.

        2. ferment?…John, you are precious.

          (may I suggest foment in the future)

  42. This should be Trump’s general election campaign theme – government accountability. If he’s smart, he’ll promise to clean house in the agencies, reign in regulators, and bring back accountability. All while hammering Clinton for being the ultimate grifter she is.

    1. I can tell you that half the people in my office see any criticism of Hillary as nothing more than bullshit created by talk radio and FOX News.

      “Name one specific lie! That doesn’t count because it was a Republican witch hunt! That doesn’t count because she’s a woman! Name one lie! Just one that I will let count, and I won’t let any count! See? She’s honest!”

      Well, not quite that bad but pretty close.

  43. via Drudge:

    Bill O’Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik’s wedding saying they prove his ‘deep emotional ties to Islam’

    The Fox News host said it was ‘very difficult’ to verify the exact location of the photographs – a similar set of which were first released back in 2004 by Malik and previously published on DailyMail.com – but claimed they were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s.

    ‘According to his half-sister, Barack Obama attended his half-brother’s wedding in the early 1990s. Malik Obama was a Muslim,’ said O’Reilly.

    ‘The Factor has obtained pictures allegedly from that wedding, which we believe was held in Maryland.’

    Malik was married in 1981 for the first time and President Obama was his best man at that ceremony. He now has multiple wives.

    1. If you read Obama’s ghost written book, his Muslim stepfather is the only person in his life who had any sense. His deadbeat commie mother divorced the guy because she was worried he was being a bad influence on Obama by putting non Marxist ideas in his head.

      It doesn’t excuse Obama, but my God were his parents pieces of shit. Both of them were just classic loathsome nasty leftists. Losers who thought the world owed them recognition of their “genius”.

      1. If you read Obama’s ghost written book

        No, thanks.

        1. I flipped through it one time at an airport books store during a long layover. It is very light reading, needless to say. And his stepfather comes across as a pretty good guy. He works hard. He rejects all the anti-colonialism victim bullshit. He basically tells Obama that the future is with the British and the west and if you want to get ahead in life you better realize that and go out and capitalize on it rather than whining about the past. Obama’s commit mother would have none of it and divorced the guy lest he infect her son with any common sense.

    2. Seems like cultural appropriation to me.

  44. We understand how easily cops can become scapegoats for progressive liberals with an agenda.

    Fuck off.

  45. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..rants.html

    Leaked German memo confirms surge in child rapes by migrants. Their solution is of course “education”. They just don’t know you can’t sodomize small boys.

    The solution is for the Germans go German on their ass and hang a few of the worst offenders in front of a migrant camp and let the bodies rot. That, they would understand. Signs saying “no rape”, not so much.

    1. The strict gender rules in Islam almost make sense in light of how horrible a lot of middle eastern men seem to be.
      They are like living feminist strawmen.

      1. I was reading an article the other day about how the French and the British created the modern middle east. Basically, they stuck it to the Turks after winning World War I and gave the middle east to the Arabs to rule. That decision was the root of most if not all of our problems today. The Arabs are barbarians. There is no Arab civilization. There is Turkish and Persian and Egyptian and Jewish and Syrian Civilization that the Arabs infected. They should have put the Ottoman empire back together and let the Turks have it. The worst thing they could have done was let the Arabs out of their cage.

        1. WW1 is the root of many of our current problems.

        2. +1 Sykes-Picot

    2. The asylum seeker, who had not had sex for four months, said it was a medical emergency when he raped the boy in a swimming pool changing room.

      Refugee officials have pleaded for calm after the publication of the Duesseldorf memo and have stressed they are making more efforts to educate young immigrant men about the rights of women and children in Germany

      Moral relativism for the win.

      1. You take him out and you hang him in public and let the body rot and crows eat it. Where these people come from, a German prison is a luxury hotel and going there not a deterrent.

        1. If it were my kid, I’d feed the perpetrator to the hogs.

          1. Me too. There is no rehabilitating someone who would rape a four year old boy and then claim it was okay. They are gone. There is no point in screwing with them.

      2. said it was a medical emergency when he raped the boy in a swimming pool changing room.

        This is just amazing. I feel like most pedophiles aren’t so blatant about it, that they at least know it’s shameful and not able to be justified.

        1. That really says a lot about the culture they’re coming from.

          1. The Koran says it is okay to rape infidels. And pederasty is still practiced in a lot of places. It is just bizarre. These are the most gay hating people on earth. Yet, they think nothing of ass fucking little boys. It is such a disgusting culture.

          2. This is a cultural issue. And it’s not limited to Arab culture.

            See how Bengali women were used as sex slaves by Pakistani troops during Operation Searchlight.

            Bangladesh Liberation War.

            The Pakistan Army also kept numerous Bengali women as sex-slaves inside the Dacca Cantonment. Most of the girls were captured from Dacca University and private homes

            These were Pakistani army regulars doing exactly what ISIS thugs are doing today with Yazidi Christian women. If you’re an infidel woman, you can and will be raped if the opportunity arises.

            1. The Bangladesh War seems like an odd example to use to prove that point, no? Since most people in Bangladesh are Muslim

              1. You have a point, but is must noted that a good number of muslim terrorism deaths are at the hands of muslim terrorist perpetrators – where it is Sunni attacking Shia, or Pakistani Punjabis attacking Bengalis.

                1. Also, there is a certain pecking order in the muslim world. Arabs consider Pakistanis inferior, Pakistanis consider Bengalis inferior.

    3. It’s easier for Germany to pester and bully small member states in the EU than Muslim rapists.

      Risk/reward and all that.

    4. Seriously, where did this idea that rape occurs due to a lack of awareness come from?

      “Oh, you mean sticking my dick in someone who says no, looks like they’re in pain, and is struggling to get away is a BAD THING?”

      I think the only way you can believe that is if you are one of those historically illiterate morons who think the female orgasm was invented in 1960 and all sex before that was a joyless chore that women begrudgingly participated in. I would assume that throughout human history, most people have wanted to have sex with a partner who at least went through the motions convincingly enough to SEEM willing.

      1. wait… women have orgasms? /sarc

        1. WDATPDIM?

      2. Probably an attempt by modern feminists to tar all men with the crimes of the evil few. Men who don’t rape are just the ones who haven’t raped yet, or have been taught not to, but they’re definitely all the same.

    5. No, the appropriate response by Germans is to hang the authorities, from Merkel on down. Rape, even of children, horrible as it is, is not a capital crime. Treason is.

  46. “California poll: Hillary Clinton 50 percent, Donald Trump 26 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent.”

    Go Gary Johnson!

    Incidentally, Hillary winning California won’t put her in the White House.

    In Florida, it’s Clinton 43%, Trump 42%

    In Ohio, it’s Clinton 39%, Trump 43%

    In Pennsylvania, it’s Clinton 43%, Trump 42%

    Clinton better hope she’s got a bigger margin than that going into November–I’d expect Trump voters are more committed and likely to make it to the polls no matter the weather or what’s on TV.

    1. This time with bacon:

      https://www.qu.edu/news-and-events/ quinnipiac-university-poll/ 2016-presidential-swing-state-polls/ release-detail?ReleaseID=2345

    2. All Trump has to do to win is win the states Romney won and flip those three states. That isn’t that hard.

      1. Oh no, John!

        The only thing that matters is what’s happening in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

        The rest of the country is just rednecks and retards, and if the rest of the country doesn’t understand their role, then California, New York, and Massachusetts will just have to vote for Hillary even harder.

        It doesn’t matter what you think! Know your damn role!

        end tag / Rock

        P.S. I wonder percentage of people under 25 don’t know that for the presidential election, America isn’t one giant single member district.

        1. The only thing that matters is what’s happening in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

          NPR this week proves this to be completely untrue. The whole election circles around N. Carolina. The reasons why just the one state and so far out from the election are a little nebulous, but it was clearly laid out that Trump is a moron for doing zero campaigning there.

          I’m sure it was just surprising coincidence that Obumbles just happened to stump for her in Charlotte yesterday. It’s like the United States was *never* going to elect a woman until our fearless leader and the former felonious Secretary of State bent the arc of history just yesterday.

          1. North Carolina is a key state in the sense that if a Republican loses it or barely wins it, they’re almost surely losing soundly nationally. Romney won it and still fell 64 electoral votes shy of hitting 270.

    3. I find it odd that you cherrypicked polls from 2+ months ago. Current RCP polling averages have Clinton up 2-4 points in all three states. Trump needs to win at least 2, and possibly all 3 in order to win the election.

  47. “No reasonable prosecutor”


    “No federal prosecutor more than three weeks away from retirement”

  48. Ryan formally urges Clapper to block Clinton from classified briefings

    “Clapper”? THAT “CLAPPER”?!

    Good fucking luck, Paul.

  49. The official police statement on the Philando Castle shooting. Bullets were discharged, man died.

    “During the stop, shots were fired. One adult male was taken to the hospital. We have been informed that this individual has deceased”

    It’s passive voice all the way down.

    1. The official police statement on the Philando Castle shooting. Bullets were discharged, man died.

      Well, considering the absolute outrage over Alton Sterling despite officers responding to a call from an alleged victim. I can only assume the relative lack of outrage over Philando Castile being killed for committing what seems to be a victimless crime is a big FYTW from all the felon-fellators around Reason.

      The longer I spend on these forums the more I realize Gary Johnson is exactly what the LP deserves.

      1. Your dumb cunt of a mouth is running again. You might want to get that looked at.

        1. Is this one of those de-escalation techniques that Officers Mesmer and Svengali should’ve exercised on Alton Sterling? Shouldn’t they keep those secret? Otherwise, felons and freemen alike will just figure out ways to circumvent them.

          From the dumb cunt of a mouth; Sterling didn’t deserve to die, Castile even less so. Even if Castile deserved to die, a violent altercation and discharging a firearm (apparently unilaterally) in the presence of his innocent family members was still exceedingly reckless and felonious on the part(s) of the officer. More so, than Sterling’s killers.

          So, what says you SugarFree, omniscient knower of all facts both in evidence and not? More STFU and FYTW?

          1. You being a moron has no bearing on the Sterling or Castile cases. And your suggestion that Reason and the commentariat somehow doesn’t care enough about the Castile case or does properly care about it to your vaulted standards is just your usual whiny bullshit.

  50. Autostraddle is mad that gays are arming themselves.

    There’s been a reported spike in membership of the Pink Pistols, a national LGBT pro-gun rights organization, in the wake of the Orlando shooting.Before Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse night club, Pink Pistols’ membership totaled about 1,500. Now, the number has risen to 4,000 members, with many local chapters being revitalized, including the Twin Cities and Atlanta. “It’s really sad that something on this scale had to happen for people to realize this is a need for our community,” Matt Schlentz, Pink Pistols Utah president. “But the reality is,we still get attacked for kissing our partners or holding hands in public.”

    Meanwhile in Houston, Shiloh Gun Range manager Jess Sanford, gave free handgun classes to LGBT people.

    “I started getting cold feet right around 200.And we got the family back together, and I said, ‘Well, how many of these can we possibly do?’ And my mom just looks up and says, ‘Well, all of them!’ So, it became our calling now:Let’s arm and empower this group of people that’s been historically known as a vulnerable group.”

    There’s probably a lot more you can do to empower a disenfranchised group other than giving them a free gun class,especially when LGBT people are disproportionately targeted of violent hate crimes.

    1. There’s probably a lot more you can do to empower a disenfranchised group other than giving them a free gun class,especially when LGBT people are disproportionately targeted of violent hate crimes.

      Like sensitivity-to-Muslims training? More learned submission to the state?

      Please enlighten us, sir.

      1. Well, you’re talking about a group of people who bitches about how we should charge people with hate crimes more, while at the same time abhoring mass incarceration.

        They push “transformative justice”, which is all about having “community members let the criminal know how the crime affected them”. So, after the bigot beats the shit out of you with a baseball bat, the solution is to just sit him down and tell him how having your front teeth knocked out really hurt your feelings.

        1. If and when the day comes in this country where Muslims really are victimizing and terrorizing gays in a systematic way, these idiots will side with the Muslims. Yeah, it will be a shame that it is happening, but the solution won’t be for gays to be able to defend themselves or to do anything that would actually put a stop to it. No. The solution will be for gays to learn to be more sensitive to Muslim feelings and not be so public about their lifestyle when Muslims are or can be present. And for Muslims to be educated to be more tolerant.

          Meanwhile, gays will be getting murdered or having their heads bashed in my mobs of Muslim youth. And that will just be one of those things that we can’t really talk about or know why it happened.

          1. That will be the Party line, but while the Party is very loud, it’s numbers aren’t exactly great. Germans spent their whole lives being taught to hate Jews. Americans have been taught our whole lives that people who hate gays are the devil, so it’s going to be difficult to undo that programming.

            In the long run, progs are going to be destroyed, because they are not only unfit for survival in and of themselves, but are also an existential threat to whatever group produces them. Progs are the social equivalent of cancer.

            1. They really are. They destroy anything they touch.

    2. There’s probably a lot more you can do to empower a disenfranchised group other than giving them a free gun class,especially when LGBT people are disproportionately targeted of violent hate crimes.

      We joke about these people being animist but they really are. How else do you explain that sentence?

      1. That sentence sticks out badly. I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and I can’t figure out how that sentence makes any sense logically.

        1. It only makes sense if you assume that the author believes that guns have their own agency such that owning a gun is harmful and dangerous in itself. Then it makes sense. He is basically saying “why are you giving all of these evil and harmful things to gays when they are already the victims of so much violence”.

          They are animists.

        2. I mean, I guess you could give them a free gun, in addition to the class.

          But I don’t think that’s what he’s getting at.

      2. They should get a free gun with the class? Wait, no, we should teach gay-bashers not to bash. And if that doesn’t work because people have free will or because someone did a more thorough job teaching them to bash, then ?\_(?)_/?.

  51. Renee Zellweger, Margot Robbie, and Blake Lively Exposed to Hollywood’s Insidious Male Gaze :Over the past week-plus, three A-list actresses have been targeted by entertainment writers for their looks. They are so much more than that.

    I am pretty sure they are actresses.

    1. Sorry, after you said Margot Robbie I was lost in thought for a while. What’s that article about?

    2. I am pretty sure they know the focus on looks is an integral part of their career.

    3. They are actresses who owe their careers to their looks. Sorry, but a fat homely girl isn’t getting cast as the love interest in a romantic comedy. I don’t begrudge them for using their looks to get ahead. It is however a bit rich for them to now complain about people commenting on their looks when their looks were essential to their careers.

      You don’t want people judging you on your looks, don’t become an actor. its really that simple.

      1. Sorry, but a fat homely girl isn’t getting cast as the love interest in a romantic comedy.

        Counterpoint: Renee Zellwegger’s entire career.

    4. Jezebel, still not out of business, has managed to squeeze out two outragicles about the Robbie interview.

      1. I do not know why “She wandered through the room like a second-semester freshman” is upsetting.

        1. I think the thing that makes them the most angry is the idea that the film industry has to go to other countries to find attractive women. But I’m sure there’s some rational explanation that they can give as to why most of the attractive women in movies and on TV are from Australia or Canada.

    5. Wow, that’s some bad writing.

    6. Would not, would, would.

  52. Shots were fired.

    Video was erased.

  53. Good god, Cummings is pure slime

    1. Heh. You should probably get that checked out.

      1. My sock is completely destroyed 🙁

  54. There is a fascinating story coming out of Australia, fascinating from a libertarian perspective anyway.

    There’s this thing called the County Fire Authority in Victoria province. It’s mostly made up of 55,000 volunteer firefighters. These are mostly individuals who volunteer to become firefighters out of a sense of civic duty, out of a tradition of rugged individualism, and excitement and camaraderie, no doubt. It’s an extremely old tradition. Hell, I’d call it an anarchist tradition–’cause, you know, if it wasn’t for the government, no one would put out fires!

    From what I can tell, the volunteers work without pay, and they don’t get benefits. Worst of all, they’re extremely effective in putting out fires.

    Recent years have seen devastating fire seasons, which an environmentalist former PM (Julia Gilliard) blamed on global warming. The government response, after nixing her wildly unpopular carbon tax, (Never let a crisis go to waste) was to fund professional firefighters all over the country–because we can’t just do nothing!

  55. In Victoria state, there are about 800 professional firefighters vs. those 55,000 volunteers. Those professional firefighters are unionized, and the union hates, hates, hates, HATES volunteer firefighters–because volunteer firefighters work without pay, they don’t get benefits, and they’re extremely effective in fighting fires. How do you demand more pay and benefits from taxpayers, when there are 55,000 volunteers willing to do your job for free?

    So the union under the local Labour government has made a power play against the volunteers through rent seeking. For instance, they put through a new rule that says no volunteer can start fighting a fire until seven professional firefighters show up at the scene.


    It’s a serious problem: What do we do with useless government employees who won’t go quietly into the night?

    One answer might be to nip it in the bud and not allow them to displace volunteers.

    1. One answer might be to nip it in the bud and not allow them to displace volunteers.

      Also, never allow government employees to unionize. Make them subject to at-will employment.

  56. Fuck.

    Comey is sitting there with a straight face, pounding the table about mens rea.

    “No prosecutor I know would prosecute anybody for breaking the law unintentionally.”

    Fuck you.

    1. What a total fucking liar. He should be fired.

    2. “No prosecutor I know would prosecute anybody for breaking the law unintentionally.”

      I don’t know nearly as much about the law as many of you commenters, but I know that’s fucking retarded

    3. Maloney: “This is all a waste of money! Waaahhh!”

  57. I am pretty sure they know the focus on looks is an integral part of their career.

    Listen. Rene Zellweger would have gotten all the exact same roles if she looked like the test tube baby of Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano. She was hired for her Acting Ability.

    1. What do you mean, ‘if’?

      1. Leave Fat Taylor Swift alone!

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