Trump Says Sanders Lost 'FBI Primary', Cruz Negotiating RNC Speaking Slot, Obama Keeping 8,400 Troops in Afghanistan Through 2016: P.M. Links


  • Michael Vadon/flickr

    Donald Trump said Bernie Sanders had lost the "FBI primary" to Hillary Clinton, who the FBI decided not to indict over her misuse of a personal e-mail server. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has said he believed there was not "criminal intent" on Clinton's part.

  • Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker says he's taken himself out of consideration to be Trump's running mate. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a former presidential hopeful, is apparently negotiating a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Trump is expected to announce a list of speakers tomorrow.
  • President Obama will keep at least 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan through the end of his term in 2017.
  • A multi-year probe into the role of the United Kingdom in the Iraq war ended with a report that found the war was not justified.
  • Whistleblower Chelsea Manning was hospitalized after reportedly trying to kill herself.
  • A Spanish court handed Leonel Messi a suspended sentence of 21 months and fined him 2 million euros for lowering his tax burden through the use of corporate structures, saying he had not proven that he was unaware of the methods used by his father.
  • Some sex workers in Rio de Janeiro are reportedly cutting prices ahead of the Summer Olympics after business fell during the 2014 World Cup which was also hosted in Brazil.
  • McDonald's will start offering the McGriddle as part of its all-day breakfast menu starting next month.