U.S. Transgender Population Estimate Has Doubled Since 2011

Estimates are highest for D.C. and Hawaii.


Misty Plowright for Congress/Facebook

An estimated 1.4 million people in the U.S. identify as transgender, according to a new analysis of conducted by The Williams Institute, a think tank associated with the UCLA School of Law. Nationally, around 0.58 percent of adults identify as trans—a figure twice the size of the Williams Institute's previous estimate, from 2011.

That study was based on data from two states and led by Gary J. Gates, then a distinguished scholar with the center; he's since retired from that position, though he worked on this present study. The researchers—led by Williams Institute Fellow Andrew Flores—chock the higher numbers in the new analysis up to "an increase in visibility and social acceptance of transgender people," as well as a much larger data set.

In individual states, transgender population estimates range from 0.3 percent (North Dakota) to 0.78 percent (Hawaii). For the District of Columbia, it's a whopping 2.8 percent.

Other states with estimated trans populations more than 0.10 points higher than the national average include California (0.76 percent), Georgia (0.75 percent), and New Mexico (0.75 percent). States with less than 0.4 percent included Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

A note of caution about these numbers, however: Researchers relied on data from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems (BRFSS), a federal survey that collects info from all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories. Areas are given several optional question modules, one of which asks, "Do you consider yourself to be transgender?" Only 19 states opted to use the module that asked this question. Researchers derived their estimates for other locales by extrapolating based on demographic attributes from these states.  

The states that actually sureyed residents on whether they were transgender were Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. For these states, the average percentage of transgender residents was 0.52 percent.

"As expected, we find that younger adults are more likely than older adults to identify as transgender," the authors noted. For those 65 and older, the national estimate was 0.5 percent, while for those ages 18-24 it was 0.7 percent.

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  1. I should care, why?

    1. Because its a sign of an expanse of freedom.

    2. Why should I care what you care about?

      1. Oh, like I’m supposed to care whether you care what I care about?

        1. Who cares what you care about what Hugh cares about what you care about?

        2. Wait, who am I supposed to care about caring???

          1. Who cares?

    3. You’ve evidently never watched The Crying Game. Oh, you’ll care all right.

      1. Ahem, you mean SPOILER ALERT

        1. He was dead the whole time

          1. It was all a dream. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion were based on three farmhands, and the Wicked Witch she killed was the neighbor who wanted to kill her dog.

            Wow, put it that way it sounds kinda dark and kinky.

            1. Do we know for sure that Toto WASN’T killed? There was a court order, after all. Sorry, I’ve never read the books.

              1. In the books, Oz wasn’t a dream but a real place. Dorothy and her aunt and uncle relocated there as senior advisors to the trans princess Ozma, and the Wizard not only learned real magic but was awarded a legal monopoly on wizard stuff.

                1. *I* didn’t make that up, Baum did.

    4. Racist, hater, bigot… that’s why. If you don’t care, we’re going to say mean things about you.

    5. Because it is now pretty clear that the Uber is only growing because of increasing transgenderism. Or vice versa.

      1. I’ve noticed that as transgenders go up, violent crime goes down.

        I recommend immediate forced sex change for everyone to put an end to gun crimes once and for all.

    6. Wait til you see the bill for transgender wheelchair ramp construction.

    7. Because you will be performing pro-bono legal services for them in the near future.

  2. Good for them. Maybe they feel safe enough to admit it.

    1. I suspect it is a combination of this, and the fact that trans is the new bi – if you really want to be fashionable and hip, you’ve got to show you aren’t a square old cis-hetero.

      1. I have to wonder how many of that number are false positives.

        1. My guess is nearly all of them.

          Trans is the new goth…. Trendy and hip.

        2. Well, a significant % of people who request reassignment surgery are turned down for various reasons.

          Additionally a significant number of people who go through the surgery regret doing so.

          Imma say, since this is based on just asking in a small number of states, the real # is more than 50% smaller.

          Let’s totally revamp the military to facilitate maybe, at most, a quarter % of the population.

          1. Citation for source for significant regret?

            1. Didn’t keep the link, but found one on a blog from an individual who fell in that population.

              Swedish study that said about 20% regretted taking the step. It seems a much larger % regret some aspect of the procedure.

  3. So now it’s hip to be trans?

    1. ^this

    2. All my life I’ve known that I was really Huey Lewis. That’s why I cut myself.

      1. Sometimes I wonder about you. Then you come out with a gem like this one. I really did spit coffee through my nose on that one.

      2. If only you had a new drug

      3. Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes

        1. Fry: It’s gone! The whole place’s cleaned out! Yancy stole my clover! That thief!

          Leela: How do you know it didn’t disintegrate?

          Fry: Everything else held up okay.

          Bender: Except for “Sports” by Huey Lewis.

  4. Wow, if we project this growth rate into the future, soon we’ll all be transgendered!

    That’s the way math works.

    And won’t it be wonderful when we’re all transgendered?

    That’s the way the progressive mind works.

    1. I love that Pink Panther scene in the bar with the tranny singer – are all the bars going to be like that in the future?

  5. This poll is triggering to the androgynous. Gender is a social construct. To identify as one ir the other is bigoted. Fight the Transarchy! /next gen

    1. “Fight the Transarchy!”


    2. Of course gender is only a social construct invented by the patriarchy! But I can’t wait to tell you that I used to be one gender and now I’m the other, because that is very important! Pay attention to me! I’m special! Because gender!

    3. Is ‘ir’ a typo or is that like the opposite of ‘xe’?

      /Keeping up with the pronouns is a full time job

  6. “Other states with estimated trans populations more than 0.10 points higher than the national average include California (0.76 percent), Georgia (0.75 percent), and New Mexico (0.75 percent).”

    I know Atlanta has a large gay population, but is that true for Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

    1. Not an expert but I don’t think gay and trans are same thing.

      1. They’re in the same club!

    2. It’s the illegals. They used to be gay but now the trans are heading over the border

  7. chock chalk the higher numbers in the new analysis up to


    Back in the old days, there used to be these things called chalkboards… 😉

    1. On which you could ‘chalk things up’. Don’t they have editors anymore?

      With all due respect to Liz, whom I’ve met and have great respect for. But we all make typos, and that’s why we have editors. And recently they have been in short supply on this website.

      1. “Chocking up” is what we do to this tires on the Jeep before we “jack it up” to “work on it”.

        So, there is an application for this terminology, just not here. I think….

  8. all that shows is that mental illness in the US is increasing. the entire GBLT “thing” is mental illness.
    Left untreated because the APA caved to Gaystapo threats and intimidation. Now it’s near impossible for these disturbed people to get competent psych help.

    1. Thanks for the reminder that people are saying exactly the same thing about trans people that they used to say about gay people and lesbians. Thanks for discrediting yourself so I didn’t have to. Thanks for the teachable moment.

      1. Look. The Last Sane Man is freely giving his time to educate you perverts, so maybe you should listen up.

      2. “Gaystapo”? Party like it’s 1990, dude.

  9. It’s cool to be Trans now, and you get more SJW VIctim Points, so yeah more people ID as Trans.

    Like when I was in high school you had a ton of ppl say they were gay that later had a wife and kids. It’s not cool to be male or straight anymore, so the more ‘oppressed groups’ you can identify with, the better for your social media cred.

    1. Because nobody is allowed to experiment. Because everyone’s sexuality must comport with the rigid categories with which Stevie is comfortable. Because….butt-hurt.

      1. To be fair, fear of ‘butt-hurt’ may be a major factor in keeping some fellas off your team, Tonio.

      2. Comporting with rigid sexual categories is the purpose of sex reassignment procedures.

    2. Sometimes it’s really just about feeling more confident and assured to be open.

      Not everything boils down to victim points, you know.

      1. Hahahahahahaha. Oh wait, you’re actually serious.

        1. Yes I am. Have you any proof otherwise?

          1. I dunno, were you laughing as you typed?!

            *runs from room*

          2. I do.

            Hang around with people from Fetlife sometime, you’ll meet more than your fair share of trannies and one type who is reasonably common, not the majority but enough that they aren’t hard to find are the ones who dress and present as their biological sex but freak the fuck out on your if you dare use that gender to refer to them.

            What is more, all of the trannies who pull bullshit like this are under 30 and fucked up in just about every other way imaginable.

            The reality is that about 2/3rds of the transexuals I have ever met in my life are NOT transexuals in any meaningful sense of the word but just sad confused individuals who qualify for multiple mental illness diagnoses who latch onto the term as a way of making themselves feel special and like they have some reason for as screwed up in the head as they are.

            The other 3rd, while not normal were at least reasonably well adjusted outside of having a body dysmorphic disorder.

            1. Going “trans” is also a good way for mentally ill people to get others off their back about getting help. Once a guy puts on a dress, it becomes socially unacceptable to suggest he’s mentally ill, no matter what else is going on with him.

    3. I’m gonna just start asking everyone I see on the streets if they’re trans. I need a trans friend. I have gay friends, but no trans friends. I need a trans friend quickly to update my status from very cool to ultra cool. Won’t anyone be my trans friend? I’m stuck in the stone age here…

      1. Be a trend setter: create an imaginary trans friend, and then become angry and indignant if anyone suggests your friend does not really exist.

        1. I think you’re onto something here…

  10. Imagine waking up one day existing in the body of the opposite gender. I assume that’s what transgender is like, except from day one. Wouldn’t it feel good to acknowledge that truth? Wouldn’t it feel good to finally do something about it.

    Now imagine going to your bank and transferring all your funds to my account. Those funds were always supposed to be in my account, and I bet you would feel good doing something about it. I’m just saying, if you want to put yourself in their shoes, this would be a way to do it. Don’t be fundsphobic.

    1. Here’s a question I’ve wondered: Say you have felt you are in the wrong gender from day one. But then you get reassignment surgery, an updated birth certificate, and for all practical purposes, you’re now the gender you believe you should be.

      So then, shouldn’t you just be that person? Why would you identify as transgender at that point? You’re now pretty much cisgendered.

      Serious question, looking for insight from wiser posters.

      1. You aren’t wrong, and trans people who do not identify as trans after transition are often seen as being in the closet.

        There is even some friction between trans who transition and those that say they don’t have to in order to change gender.

        1. So it says there that the writer is queer and referred to as he. The post is about being trans with a friend who is referred to as them or they. This is really getting to be too much to take seriously.

          1. If you are going to go by them, at least have a flair for the dramatic about.

            “Hey, Jim. Who are you going to the movies with this weekend?”


            1. It’s always ‘Them!’ that’s out to get you.

      2. You’ve put your finger on the internal contradiction of the “gender identity” concept. Taken to its logical conclusion, it is the most extreme form of sexism. It’s not a coincidence that the country with the highest rate of male to female sex reassignment surgeries is Iran.

      3. So then, shouldn’t you just be that person? Why would you identify as transgender at that point? You’re now pretty much cisgendered.

        Serious question, looking for insight from wiser posters.

        As a “post transition” transwoman, I’ll respond to a reasonable question with the best answer as I know it.

        As SF points out, there’s an argument about this, much like the “real Libertarian” arguments we see around here.

        For me personally, I fall into the “I’m just that person now” category, but the key is “now”. I still acknowledge being trans of course, but it is nowhere near the top of the list of characteristics by which I identify myself. Like many people, my identity is more about what I do, what I make, my profession, etc.

        In the beginning, many years ago, self acceptance was tenuous and the adjustment required that it have a higher priority in my life. Now, not so much.

      4. On my desk at work I have a printout of a screepcap from the second X-Men movie, the one with Nightcrawler. It’s the scene with Nightcrawler and Mystique where he asks “Then why not stay in disguise all the time? You know, look like everyone else?” Mystique responds “Because we shouldn’t have to”.

        Now I’m gay, not trans, but that’s how I’ve felt for years. I could be closeted at work, not go to “moral boosting” work events, play the pro-noun game when talking about what I do for hobbies or did over the weekend. I could take down the family photos and wedding photos and look like everyone else.

        But why should I have to? I imagine trans folk that speak up about their experiences (and not all do) feel the same. They aren’t ashamed of who they are or their life experiences, and aren’t going to let some asshole who thinks they should be ashamed dictate how they live their life.

        1. Yes, why should they have to? Why should “trans” people have to alter their bodies in order to conceal the fact that their feelings and thoughts are considered to be inappropriate for people of their sex?

          1. For someone considered sex-non-conforming, disguising themselves as a member of the opposite sex by “transitioning” is the equivalent of not putting family pictures in the cubicle and skipping the company picnic. It IS being closeted.

          2. Who’s saying they have to? The part about a trans person choosing to transition is that it’s their choice. And I have more interest in respecting that choice, whatever it may be, then in your white-knighting self righteous fury.

            1. And I do not respect that choice, because it is a horrific capitulation to the evil of sexism, and, more often than not, an atrocious pandering to the delusions of a mentally ill person that takes the place of trying to help them with their real problems. Future generations will judge us for the medical atrocity of sex reassignment, the way we judge our ancestors for lobotomies and castrating the mentally retarded. I’m not furious; I’m saddened and disappointed.

    2. I can’t even imagine waking up one day as a really hot woman. I’d never get anything fucking done, ever again.

      1. You’d at least have to buy a drawer full of sex toys.

        1. Yeah, but right after that, you’d never see me in public again.

      2. “No, no, I could never be a woman. I’d just stay at home and play with my breasts all day.”
        ? Steve Martin

  11. Misty Plowright


    1. Yeah, I had to laugh as well. If ever there was a perfect porn name…

    2. Porn star name right there.

    3. I’m really sorry for this, but I look at that photo and this scene from Austin Powers keeps coming up.


  12. I keep hearing noises about the trans community, being the new favorite tool of progs for wrecking society, throwing the gay community, the progs last favorite tool, under the bus.

    If only there were an iron law regarding this.

  13. What’s *actually* changed? The actual size of the population? or the way people are choosing to ‘define & measure’ it?

    In the past, the trans-population was being defined mainly as a “medical condition” (Gender dysphoria) and there was some epidemiological rigor to how they approached the numbers.

    Studies have been done in the US and Europe tallying the # of people who’ve either 1) had sex-reassignment surgery completed, or 2) have *applied* to have it done…and some fudging was done around the edges to account for 3) people who may quietly live as an opposite gender but never actually seek any therapy or gender-reassignment.

    This method has never been much improved upon in terms of “accuracy”.

    The recent RAND study which looked at the issue of Trans people in the military did a brief review of past research into historical population-estimates, and noted that they were shoddy at best, and all that could be said with any certainty is that the actual number is “significantly less than 1%”. And nothing being done now is any more-accurate than that.

    What seems to be going on with the data is an attempt to simply ‘dumb definitions down’ to make it easier to measure. So instead of any clinical approach, they merely ask people “do you feel like you’re trans? (today)”; and because it produces higher #s, its more popular with advocates.

    1. For the District of Columbia, it’s a whopping 2.8 percent.

      Proving, even for trans, that size does matter.

      1. Everyone knows politicians tend to favor trans-sexual prostitutes.

        1. Only because that way they can believably say, “no one was more surprised than me to find me having sex with a man.”

          1. +1 Eddie Murphy liked this comment.

      2. Crack babies? Roland Emmerich? Congressional taste for trans hookers? Kevin Spacey? Proximity to Baltimore?

        What explains it?

        1. Military bases. Feeling like you’re trapped in the wrong body and joining the military go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

          1. I now understand the plot of G.I. Jane.

            1. Agreed. GI Jane clearly lacked a plot.

            2. G. I. Jane. It was a 1997 movie that is mostly remembered as the point in her career that Demi Moore’s looks began to go.

              1. Although a credible argument can be made for 1996’s Striptease.

              2. I was questioning Hugh’s assertion, not the career choices of Demi Moore.

            3. Same reason the Catholic church has an unusual number of gay men. Over-compensation.

              1. No, over-compensation isn’t it. It’s that being a celibate priest is a socially acceptable way of not having a visible sex life. If you don’t want to be an out homosexual, or if your sex life can’t be out because you’re into underage boys or girls, simply living an apparently sexless life will subject you to suspicion. The priesthood used to be the only place in society where not having sex was considered OK.

          2. Military bases. Feeling like you’re trapped in the wrong body and joining the military go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

            This is why the Pentagon has to act now, or we’ll end up with a transgender gap.

            1. [bookmarks the thread where Paul says we should throw trans people down a mineshaft]

              1. SugarFree, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

                1. I have not.

                  1. On no account will a Commie ever drink water, and not without good reason!

            2. Is that like a thigh gap except six inches higher?

        2. Congressional taste for trans hookers?

          great minds blah blah

          i think the underlying reality is probably a combination of factors, half of which are “real” and actually do account for a genuinely higher-prevalance, and half of which are just “bullshit” having to do with the likelihood of people to self-select in places when/where there’s political cachet/benefit in doing so.

          small minority populations tend to ‘cluster’ rather than be evenly distributed. (although i think the parallels between ethnic-minority groups and ‘gender’ ones are probably very weak) So maybe D.C. has a popular Transtown community?

          1. Anacostia?

            1. n?e Bobcostia

          2. small minority populations tend to ‘cluster’ rather than be evenly distributed.

            There is truth to this. I believe that the entire metro area of Seattle is now considered Trans.

            The 43rd, after all?home to the city council district that elected its own socialist, council member Kshama Sawant?is the most progressive district in the state, if not the country. Nearly 70 percent of the precincts that make up the 43rd had already gone for Sanders during the initial presidential balloting at the March caucuses.

            No, the pressing question was whether the party was progressive enough to make room for transgender delegates.

            The 43rd met on April 17, 2016, to winnow down delegates in the run-up to July’s Democratic National Committee convention in Philadelphia, where Washington state is sending 101 pledged delegates. Tara Gallagher and her gender-queer 16-year-old, Galaxy Marshall, who self-identifies as “nonbinary,” asked the state party to change rules that required delegates to conform with one gender or the other. When local party leaders said the decision would have to be made on the national level, Gallagher turned the request into a protest.

      3. Lizard people are now considered trans.

        1. Ever since I was a little child I’ve always felt that my tail should fall off when I am chased by a predator.

          1. My three year old granddaughter has the exact same thought. She was so distressed at not having a tail I had to sew one for her to wear.

            1. Genetic regression is all the rage. In a couple of years, when she’s old enough, the two of you should watch Altered States together.

    2. The keywords are “identify as”.

    1. I like the contrast with an ad at the bottom for Don Rickles Finest Insults.

      1. “…Make yourself at home, Frank. Hit somebody.” ? speaking to Frank Sinatra

      2. My favorite Rickles quip: One night Rickles appeared on the Tonight Show, immediately following a performance by the Pointer Sisters, who were wearing feather boas. A few feathers had fallen off onto the stage. When Rickles came out, he reached down and picked up one of the pink feathers, held it up and looked at it for a moment, and said, “Looks like someone killed a colored girl.”

    2. That guy sounds like a retard.

      1. Emotional cripple

  14. RE: U.S. Transgender Population Estimate Has Doubled Since 2011
    Estimates are highest for D.C. and Hawaii.

    The US should never allow the transgender population to be counted as citizens in our country.
    What next?
    Allowing minorities and women as people?

    1. As long as they never allow women to vote. That would bankrupt us.

  15. On the alt-text: Misty Plowright is running for U.S. Congress, not State Senate. See also: the photo credit.

  16. It could be that the numbers went up, especially for the 18-24 set, because they’ve figured out this is a great, cheap way to get lots of attention without actually achieving anything.

  17. You mean there’s now FOUR of them?


  18. It’s because nobody has any fucking idea was transgender actually means and young people are generally retarded. It’s now cool to be transgender.

    1. I don’t think it really means anything specific anymore. It just means ‘I identify as’, therefore I am a special privileged snowflake, pay attention to me, look at me, love me. Look at Jenner, that’s like the ugliest fucking woman I’ve ever seen and it still has a penis. *barf*

      1. It never did mean anything specific. “Gender identity” is not a thing. Some people do suffer from body dysphoria related to their sex. Some people suffer from the delusion that they are the opposite sex. Some effeminate gay men want to switch because they think it would be easier for them to find sex partners as women. There’s no evidence that the numbers of such people are increasing.

  19. DIRTY UNCLE LARRY: “You know, I feel like a woman…get my cane, I’m going to the bar to pick one up.”

  20. U.S. Transgender Population Estimate Has Doubled Since 2011

    They’re reproducing faster than we can count them!

  21. I, for one, have enjoyed the dispassionate and reasoned analysis of the topic that has been facilitated on this thread so far. I look forward to continued discussion in this vein.

    1. Do I drink now?

      1. I identify as drunk, so I get to make incoherent comments without having alcohol in my system.

        1. It’s more fun to do that with alcohol in your system.

          1. I wouldn’t post while drunk…I would drive around the neighborhood until the buzz wears off.

            /definitely sarc

            1. I have a hard time NOT posting when I’m drunk. I sound so much more smarter when I’m drunk. And I never look at my posts the next day *shudder*, in order to keep up the illusion.

          1. I’m not sure .22 is my optimum BAC. But I was in my 30s before I experienced sober privilege.

          2. Sober privilege is a thing!

  22. So, is being transgender a medical condition or not? It used to be (“gender dysphoria”, basically a variety of delusion, I guess), but is it still, now that its being normalized?

    And if it isn’t a medical condition, why all the pressure for health insurance to cover treatments and surgery to transition?

    1. See my link at 2:48 and watch the three-card monty game.

    2. So, is being transgender a medical condition or not?


      And if it isn’t a medical condition, why all the pressure for health insurance to cover treatments and surgery to transition?

      Transition doesn’t require surgery. It merely requires some sort of verbal (and possibly non-verbal) declaration.

      1. Sorry, on part B I didn’t really directly answer your question.

        The real answer is, if we’re going to have a modern progressive ‘revolution’ in anything, it’s not really legit until the government taxpayers provide you something, usually in the form of some type of monetary compensation.

        No one seems to be happy with merely being, let alone being accepted, they must also be provided with some material good.

      2. That’s were I get hung up. I really don’t want the declaration.

      3. Dianne, I am aware that you can be just as tranny as you want by saying so.

        I was asking about the very expensive treatments for people who want the equipment to match the label. If being a tranny isn’t a medical condition any more, why is there so much pressure for health insurance to cover this very expensive treatment for something that isn’t a medical condition, except when it is, but don’t you dare say so.

        1. There it is again?that inescapable internal contradiction in the “gender identity” concept. If you’re free of confinement in sex roles, what purpose is served by altering your body to match the sex role you wish to play? “Transitioning” is most extreme possible expression of sexism.

          1. Just because you recognize an aspect of your society and culture doesn’t mean you’re free from it, y’know.

            For example, I fully believe that America’s prudishness on the naked body is a bad thing and should be done away with, and that men and women alike should be free to walk down the street naked as the day they were born without issue.

            But just ’cause I believe that doesn’t mean I don’t feel uneasy walking around shirtless in public, even if it’s just from my front door to the mailbox.

            1. Let’s expand on that analogy: Sex reassignment for sex-non-conforming people would compare to someone with your attitude about nudity refusing to leave the house without a burqa for fear of being seen as tolerant of nudity.

              1. … and?

                This isn’t about you, dude. They say it helps them. And frankly, at this point, they seem more honest and sincere then you dude.

                1. No, it isn’t just about me, it’s about our society, and so all of us have a right and responsibility to express our opinions about it. Mentally ill people often ask for “help” that would be harmful to them. People who are misguided or delusional can be completely sincere, and yet wrong.

                  1. People who are misguided or delusional can be completely sincere, and yet wrong.

                    Kinda like Ken Ham.

        2. RC, I Kind of answered that question in the followup. I don’t think that something has to be a “condition” to demand taxpayer largesse. One merely need the ear of a critical number of policymakers. And given how large an official response we’ve seen to such a tiny number of people, I’d say they have that ear.

    3. If you choose to cut off your wee wee, I’m pretty sure a medical condition has occured.

  23. Speaking of trans, is anyone interested in my story about the surprise awaiting me when I got Riven’s pants off?

      1. No, there was more than ears there.

          1. It was hard to tell. Penis or pink clit nozzle? When i asked, xe just gave me a Mona Lisa smile and said, “It’s whatever you want it to be, Jew.”

            The nightmares will not stop.

    1. The carpet did not match the drapes?

      1. The plumbing did not match the blueprints.

        1. Look, it’s not my fault you read the blueprints incorrectly. Maybe they were upside down, or something?

          1. I looked and looked, but nowhere was there even a hint of dangly in the specs. I think the Creole word for this is “lagniappe.”

          1. Please. Uncle Ben’s Minute Rice is more Asian than Riven.

            1. This was far too large to remotely be considered Asian.

              1. Riven is the Yao Ming of Hit and Run.

                1. I was thinking more Bruce Jenner, but whatever.

  24. It’ll keep growing as long as there are “rights” issues involved. Oh yeah, sex too.

    Please don’t respond, just wait, watch, and see. I predict 4% will be trans by end of 2019, given a more accurate survey.

  25. Is this the gender-diffuse version of redrawing the Poverty Line?

  26. Transition doesn’t require surgery. It merely requires some sort of verbal (and possibly non-verbal) declaration.

    “Okay, okay. You can wear the damn dress. Just get in the car. I’m hungry, dammit.”

  27. Researchers relied on data from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems (BRFSS), a federal survey that collects info from all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories.

    I take data from the the BRFSS with a large grain of salt. It is a self-reported study. It is the study used to say that the South has the highest percentage of overweight people.

    When compared with the REGARDS study where subjects are actually measured, the numbers do not match. The reason the South is the heaviest is that they’re just more honest than the rest of the US about their weight.

  28. I’m amused by all the folks suggesting that this is just some teens crying out for attention.

    Did y’all miss the part about 65+ folks clocking it at 0.5% as well? Given social issues, whatever the senior crowd is reporting should be considered the floor for the “real” number.

    1. As I mentioned above, there are a variety of motivations for people to want to present as the opposite sex or attempt to change sex. There does seem to be male sex dysphoria disorder that typically has its onset in middle age, as with Bruce Jenner. “Transgender” is not a specific condition. And, there certainly are many young people these days who have adopted a “gender identity” label just because it’s fashionable.

    2. Not really.

      Given that this is a self report of how they identify it is entirely likely that a measurable percentage of those above 65 who said they identified as transgender don’t actually know what the term means, or they have a very skewed interpretation of it stretching it to include people who just like to wear womens underwear and play around with gender roles from time to time.

    3. Did y’all miss the part about 65+ folks clocking it at 0.5% as well?

      Meanwhile, 1 of 9 people 65+ have Alzheimer’s symptoms- maybe 5% of them just forgot?

  29. So I’m a little confused which figures they’re using. Maybe it’s a different math? 1.4M/318M = .44% so where does .58% come from?

    1. Someone didn’t actually follow to the study.

      They’re counting the adult population, not the total population. 318 million is the total population, and so significantly higher then the denominator they were using.

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