Election 2016

'Babes of Liberty' Want to Break the Internet, Too

All in the service of encouraging you to vote Libertarian, of course



Their message is simple: Vote Libertarian. Inspired by the trending "Trump Girls" who "broke the internet" this week, a bevy of liberty-minded women have been snapping and sharing selfies that support peace, freedom, and the Libertarian Party presidential ticket. These "babes of liberty"—that's the name you can find them under on Twitter and Instagram—join a growing number of Gary Johnson and William Weld supporters across the country. 

As Brian Doherty noted here yesterday, Johnson is polling well for a third-party candidate in many key battleground states. In a three-way match between Johnson, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, Johnson pulled 11 percent. His appeal was strongest among younger voters—22 percent of millennials favored Johnson, just shy of the 24 percent who were Trump supporters—and not dependent on gender or marital status. Eight percent of married female respondents said they would vote for Johnson, and 10 percent of unmarried female respondents said so. Among unmarried white women, Johnson's support was at 13 percent. 

To spread the love for Johnson and other LP candidates, New Yorker Rachel Maisonet this week invited more than 200 women (and a few men) into a private Facebook group for "Lovely Liberty Ladies," urging them to take a photo of themselves promoting libertarianism. By Friday, group members had pitched-in to launch "Babes of Liberty" accounts on social media—the Twitter account has more 1,000 followers already—and were avidly sharing bios, beliefs, and boob shots with one another on Facebook. Both the racks and the resumes were impressive. 

If the goal is to garner #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet-level attention, the Babes of Liberty may have a ways to go. But if bringing together a bunch of bold, smart, and passionate libertarian women from around the U.S. was Maisonet's goal, she's already succeeded beautifully. Below, Maisonet and other "lovely liberty ladies" talk to me about why they plan to vote for LP candidates this November. 

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    Oh. Good.

    1. I thought it took a great big giant ass to break the internet, but… OK. Tits it is.

    2. Not happy about the blackboard.

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    4. Somebody get Kristin Tate a wet t-shirt and a selfie stick, stat!

    5. I thought you might like the “Kitteh” pic too…

    6. What if it were Chuck Schumer’s tits?

    1. She is all your’s crustacean breath.

      I’m more of a cephalopod guy myself (Not too SFW)

      1. Up and coming Japanese porn star?

    2. Don’t forget Lobster Boy: http://www.deseretnews.com/art…..R-BOY.html

  2. So now everyone is going to conflate libertarian with libertine. THANKS A LOT, HOTTIES.

    1. 220… 221, whatever it takes.

    2. Looks like someone is bitter the Girls of Mises Institute calendar didn’t come out this year.

      1. That calendar is too erratic for me. Sometimes great, sometimes not.

        Too hit or Mises for me to spend money on.

  3. And when Loretta Lynch indicts H, *she’ll* become a Babe of Liberty.

    *** bites lip ***

    1. Mega Cankles is her destined moniker.

      1. Yeah, I hadn’t seen a pic of Loretta other than a headshot in, well, maybe forever until this week.

        Yeah, them’s some mega-cankles.

      2. Those cankles are going to replace the IKEA dresser in my nightmares.

  4. Nothing about the “scrotums for sovereignty” movement? This post abounds in misandry!

    1. The dude with elephantiasis is really making a statement about being left alone.

    2. There’s apparently a hunks for liberty group developing too.

      1. It’s just a URL redirect to Robby’s blog.

        1. She wrote “hunks”, not “twinks”.

      2. There’s apparently a hunks for liberty group developing too.

        Good news. Nerds, turn off the gaming console, get in the tanning booth, strap on some arm bands and get selfieing.

        1. We definitely need to go with a bare midriff theme.

      3. Is the hunks for liberty being organized by that dancing guy from the LP convention?

        1. Didn’t he die? Or was that one of the other freaks?

            1. That sucks. He was a good man. Smart, caring, and funny as hell. He was one of my teachers and I will remember him always. Thanks, Marc, you live on.

  5. At the risk of posting something OT and distracting from the hooters….

    MVA found 941 ineligible felons who were allowed to vote in 2008 alone, exceeding the 312 vote margin separating DFL candidate Al Franken and GOP Sen. Norm Coleman after a grueling recount.

    So much for the narrative that voter fraud never happens.

    1. If they aren’t in prison, they should be allowed to vote.

      1. Not in my view. Voting is a derivative “right”. It’s purpose is to select politicians who will best protect our liberty. Somehow allowing murderers and kidnappers to participate in that process does not lead to a better decision. We need more restrictions on voting not fewer. There should be a very high bar before those who have abused other people’s rights are allowed to participate again. Victimless crimes are a different story.

        1. Yeah, I know what you mean.

          Somehow allowing Blacks to participate in that process . . .

          Somehow allowing Old People to participate . . .

          Somehow allowing Gun Owners . . .

          Somehow allowing Low Information Voters . . .

          Some how allowing Non-Land Owners . . .

          If they had taken the franchise away from the old people then the UK would never have left the EU.

          What we need is a government testing and licensing agency for prospective voters to ensure they are both informed and hold the right opinions before we allow them to vote.

          1. So, being black is the same as being a murderer?

            Seems ok to me.

            1. Funny, someone who doesn’t know there was a time people in this country worked really damn hard to disenfranchise black voters because they were black.

              1. That makes being black the same as a murderer?

                No, let me help, it doesn’t.

                The two may be analogous to you, or close enough, but they aren’t to me.

                What now? Are you going to continue acting like a one trick asshole, or will you at least attempt to discuss the issue?

                The OTHER guy called you names. Stop taking it out on me.

                1. One trick asshole? I’m not the one who jumped right into the ‘that’s racist!’ meme.

                  And I have been discussing it – I simply don’t wish to give the power to someone to decide who should and should not be disenfranchised. Because the people with that power have done things like attempt to disenfrachise blacks. People in the UK are blaming old people for Brexit and saying they should not be allowed to have a say in the future of the young, hip people with the right opinions.

                  1. “One trick asshole? I’m not the one who jumped right into the ‘that’s racist’ meme”

                    Nethier did I, and you apparently don’t know what a meme is. That’s not a meme.

                    AND I didnt say a word about racist asshole, thats your gullty conscience. BLack was the first thing in your list of shitty things you’re trying to analogize.

                    “And I have been discussing it -”

                    Not with me.

                    You stupidly assumed I was calling you a racist then acted like an asshole and ignored a specific example I gave you to bloviate about your paranoia.

                    Yes, I understand never once attempted in any way to have a converation, you just want to pontificate from on high, and that’s boring as fuck.

                    1. Its funny how he immediately thought I was somehow referencing that, when there’s not a single reason in my post anywhere to think so.

                      And even more funny that you posted it to show him what a meme actually is, thanks.

                    2. the funniest part is that i put an italic closing tag on the text, noticed it just as i hit submit, and yet the commentboard software managed to get it right. I’m really not sure what people do to remove the sugar from their links, but I commend their skill.

                    3. 1. You jumped right to the ‘oh, now you’re saying black people are the same as murderers’ instead of, I don’t know, understand that I was referring to the attempts to disenfranchise minorities simply because they were minorities. That’s racist. On your part.

                      2. You get upset about me insulting you – but you’re the one in this whole conversation that not only opened with an insult, but have kept up the insults.

                      3. I haven’t ignored your example, I’ve pointed out that your example fits right in alongside a whole bunch of other examples as an excuse to disenfranchise.

                      4. Bloviate – I do not think that word means what you think it means.

                      5. I’ve been trying to have a conversation – its difficult when you are responding to posts in different parts of a thread, over a time delay, and with someone who just wants to pontificate from on high. I’ve explained both my view on the subject and my reasons for it along with why I disagree with your view. You’ve explained your view and called me an asshole for disagreeing with it.

                      6. Bu-byeeeeeeeeeee

                  2. ” I simply don’t wish to give the power to someone to decide who should and should not be disenfranchised.”

                    And I simply don’t want to give the power to someone to decide how and whether my liberty can be exercised. That is particularly true of those who have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to deny liberty to other people. I don’t trust such people to protect my liberty and since this is the sole legitimate purpose of voting I see no problem with denying them the ability to vote in principal. In practice could it be abused? Sure but so what. We are already all being anally raped by the state on a daily basis. Worrying about whether I can stand in line at the local high school to participate in election theater is right below Justin Bieber’s socks on my list of important concerns.

                    You would get a better reaction btw if you actually bothered to read what I wrote instead of going straight to “Denying Bernie Madoff the right to vote is the same as having racial tests for voting” bullshit.

          2. I’m thinking that a secret ‘no vote’ list to go along with ‘no fly’ and ‘no buy’ is the way to go to make people like rudehost happy.

            Myself, I’m willing to stand up for everyone’s rights, right now, before they make it down the list to me.

            3 felonies a day is not a myth.

            1. Meh. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to consider the idea that there are too many felons, and once they have served their time, they can get all their rights back.

              I think though, that sometimes people fall into the trap of thinking that everyone who has committed a crime is a victim of the system. Actual criminals do exist, unfortunately.

              An example, what do you do with a legit vote fraudster? Admittedly, its the only example I think clearly makes sense to restrict with regards to voting, so its a small group.

              1. Of course, criminals exist. They get a sentence, they serve it, they get released. They did the time. Now we want to make them a half citizen? What this is going to lead to is the total breakdown of the rule of law. It’s already started. Now they want to put people on a list who are only suspected of criminal activity. It’s a slippery slope that I don’t want to go down because I know where it leads to.

                1. Ok I see how this is going to go.

                2. Of course, criminals exist.

                  One of the biggest ones out there is running for the office of POTUS on the platform that she should be handed that office because she pees sitting down….

                3. Released isnt end of sentence. Once their post prison probation is over, I agree with you.

                  1. Lifetime?

                    1. So your point is you don’t think a person can commit a crime for which the punishment could be to be precluded from some activity in the future.

                      I don’t buy that. Sorry.

                      And the Constitution is ok with it too, so I guess you’re wrong.


                4. Exactly. They did their time. They should get their rights back. There is no ‘half-citizen’ class in America, and there should never be one. Leave that to the other shithole countries where social unrest and bigotry are a way of life.

            2. Well let’s see. I was discussing the idea of not allowing people who have been proven to be violent and or criminal predators to help pick people to rule over the rest of us. I also explicitly said that does not include victimless crimes. Restricting voting after someone has proven to be an abusive criminal after full due process is a tad different than restricting basic human rights or murdering people based on Obama’s enemies list.

              Does the stupid burn when you pee?

              1. Yeah, it’s real stupid to not want to create a permanent class of half citizens. Lists are next, idiot, maybe you’ll wind up on one. I’m sure the irony will not occur to you.

                1. Yes it will be a true national tragedy if serial killers with 20 bodies buried in their basement don’t get to vote after being paroled you fuckwit.

                  1. If a serial killer with 20 bodies in the basement *gets paroled*, that will be far more concerning to me than who he’s going to vote for in the next election.

                2. There already is a class of half citizens: children. Or do you think your average 12 year old should be allowed to vote?

                  1. Not to mention we are moving towards giving felons voting rights at the same time we are “making lists” to restrict more important rights without due process. If anything reality suggests there is a correlation between giving felons the right to vote and abusing other people based on “lists”. If restricting felon voting rights led to these extra-judicial lists you would expect the opposite.

                  2. Or do you think your average 12 year old should be allowed to vote?


                    But then, the average 22 year old shouldn’t be either.

                  3. There already is a class of half citizens: children. Or do you think your average 12 year old should be allowed to vote?

                    There’s a world of stupid on the intertoobz and this may well take the grand prize.

                    1. So he stumped uou and you called names.

              2. But there are no ‘victimless crimes’ according to the people who create the laws that make things crimes.

                You think I’m stupid? I’m the one who remembers that every power you give to government is eventually usable by your ideological enemies against you. I’d rather not give them that power.

                You’re an American citizen, you get the *privilege* to vote in American elections – and yes, even if you’re serving out your sentence. And definitely once your sentence is over. FFS, its not like there are enough criminals to (yet) swamp the voter rolls with ‘predators’.

              3. I was discussing the idea of not allowing people who have been proven to be violent and or criminal predators to help pick people to rule over the rest of us.

                According to America’s homicide clearing rate, they already do.

                But that’s neither here nor there. I could pick those stats apart in my sleep (and I’m sure, in your head, you’re already doing so).

                The cops who can’t catch murders, or the right guy, can murder in broad daylight and we give them a paid vacation and the finest defense a complete lack of scruples and an abundance of your money can buy. And they vote.

                All those bureaucrats responsible for massive, uncontained fraud and just phenomenally disgusting behavior at the VA. They vote.

                Hillary, her staff, everyone connected with that server, and the FBI that is investigating the lot of them. All voters.

                All of this murder and corruption and predatory behavior going on, and the bastards too poor, stupid, unconnected or innocent to buy their way off the charges are the hill you want to die on because some of them might be real bad news.

                Hey, man. We all get our choices.

            3. That’d be the coolest: You’d never know that your vote didn’t count.

          3. “What we need is a government testing and licensing agency for prospective voters to ensure they are both informed and hold the right opinions before we allow them to vote.”

            I would be satisfied with eliminating predatory felons who have been convicted with full due process and making everyone else’s vote proportional to the taxes they pay. 1 tax dollar 1 vote seems about right. If you don’t pay any taxes you have no business deciding how my tax money is spent.

            1. A third chamber voting taxes paid would be fine with me. The more chances for veto, the better off we are.

              Slightly OT this OT discussion: ever wonder why the census? Supposedly to keep each representative more or less equally representative. But the same thing could be had by each rep proxying all the votes cast in his election. Or to make it more interesting and dynamic and possibly weaken the two party system, have each district send the top three vote-getters to the House, each proxying only the votes they received.

              And you get rid of the rationale for the census.

              1. I like the third chamber idea. Adds more sand to the gears and it is more tenable politically than making all votes proportional to contribution.

              2. I like the third chamber idea. Adds more sand to the gears and it is more tenable politically than making all votes proportional to contribution.

      2. If they aren’t in prison, they should be allowed to vote.

        Irrelevant. They weren’t allowed to vote in fact, yet they did.

        1. Not completely irrelevant. If the law shouldn’t have existed in the first place, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get away with breaking it.

          These guys are just fighting for their civil rights.

          1. None of that has anything to do with the accuracy of the election though, you’re essentially saying f getting accurate results as long as they advanced their individual liberty, which makes me wonder how you expect to get accurate results.

            1. Uh, I don’t care about accurate results. The guy on the left is going to rape me and rifle through my wallet, the guy on the right is going to rifle through my wallet and then rape me.

              Why would I care which one *legitimately* has the privilege of doing so.

              And yes, I support anyone fighting for their own personal rights even at the expense of society in general.

              1. “Uh, I don’t care about accurate results. ”

                Uh, I know that’s why I said it.

    2. It’s widely known but completely underreported that Franken stole that election. He won by wide margins in 2012, fwiw

  6. But if bringing together a bunch of bold, smart, and passionate libertarian women from around the U.S. was Maisonet’s goal, she’s already succeeded beautifully

    Wait, there are no stupid passionate pretty libertatian ladies?

    Victoria Bateman, Cambridge U economist, attends academic meeting naked, but painted with anti-Brexit message. Meeting continues. Her job apparently too.

      1. It’s a veritable forest down there!

      2. if you’d said it was French then I could have believed it was on strike again. British? Nah, Thatcher crushed the unions and Britons know better than to strike anymore.

    1. Upon getting tenure, I, for one, plan on lecturing naked everyday.

      1. I expect no less. Heroic.

    2. Tits!

    1. Cat filter is always acceptable.

  7. I approve

  8. Wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t would wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t.

    1. That’s a buffalo sentence, isn’t it?

      Fuck you. It’s my day off. I’m not going to parse that.

      1. Doesn’t that work with Bangkok, too?

        1. It works with Trump and Johnson too. Hillary is most def not a verb, though.

      2. Buffalo sentence, in the heart of America….

      3. Three buffalo sentences go ’round the outside…

    2. You would too!

      1. Would what, Rufus? Engage them in a political conversation, discover that we agree upon 98% of everything, focus on the 2% we disagree upon, and then viciously insult them because of our differences?

        Of course I would do that! I libertarian, bro.


      2. Gotta agree with Crusty. Almost all of these girls are definitely would nots. Maybe two or three were cute.

        1. Gay guys opinions do not count in the would – would not rankings

          1. I would think these women would be more favorable to gay guys. Almost all of them look skinny like boys. I’ll take the black girl though. She looks a bit more curvy.

            1. Fine. I’ll take the rest. +ENB

  9. “Johnson is polling well”

    “spread the love for Johnson”

    Somebody’s feeling cheeky this morning.

    1. If 8% is well, then ok.

      1. Hey, 8% is an effing mandate!

        Just ask shreek.

    1. Huh, know who she looks like?

        1. Well, they do have something in common, aside from the inability to drive well.

    2. Don’t Tread On Me. But do spread on me.

  10. Our evil plot to leave everyone alone is finally working


    1. They were involved with Benghazi?

      1. Gamerghazi is the Benghazi of our generation.

  12. I downloaded the page rather than figure out what NoScript was blocking, and really dig the one who has the sign about micromanaging 300M people. No idea what her name is.

  13. I have to join twitter? No thanks. There are plenty of babes to look at without having to join anything.

    1. Seconded.


  14. That’s some pretty good photoshopping, but we all know there aren’t any libertarian women.

    1. That’s clearly DJ Tanner so we know it’s fiction.

  15. “Ashley Medeiros @AMedeiros789

    For dumb women posting selfies as a means of political expression see #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet”

    Yes, Ashley because left-wing progressives don’t post selfies for political expression; and many petitions too!

  16. Ya know, ENB, you could show your support for liberty too. We already know you are brilliant, but something a little more visceral would round out the picture.

    Just a suggestion.

    1. Seconded!

      Any discussion? No?

      I call the question.

      1. Nice.

      2. Nice. Smart and beautiful!

        A more comprehensive display of your assets for liberty would be better, though. Think of poor crusty juggler, and any number of poor H&R commenters whose only social life is whining about the left-right march toward Utopia, and an occasional peek into the cool kids group.

        1. “Nice. Smart and beautiful!

          A more comprehensive display of your assets for liberty would be better, though. Think of poor crusty juggler, and any number of poor H&R commenters whose only social life is whining about the left-right march toward Utopia, and an occasional peek into the cool kids group.”


          1. You’re such a girl.

      3. Show one from the lingerie pillowfight I assume you had afterwards.

      4. Good enough for me. *retreats to bunk*

      5. Don’t do that! You’re just appeasing them and encouraging them and enabling them.

        They’re like little boys. Tell No, F NO, and they will whimper and smarten right up and be your slaves forevermore.

        1. men are like floor tiles. Lay them right the first time and you can walk all over them for years.

      6. Look at the balls on ENB and those other gals!

      7. Lauren Krisai is smokin’ hot. She’s no KM-W, but then again, who is?

      8. Congrats to Kat for the promotion!

    2. This is how we drove Lucy from reason.

      (Semi-seriously. When Lucy covered a DC “go shirtless” day, I jokingly suggested she should have gone shirtless too.)

      1. So *you* were the one who drover her away?

        At least you’ll have a good career in the country-music business.

  17. For dumb women posting selfies as a means of political expression see #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet”

    Or Michelle Obama’s twitter feed.



      Fixed it for ya, Steve.

      1. I previewed & still got the closing tag wrong.


  19. Eh not impressed by the talent. Paging PanZ for some real women.

    1. What?

      Scroll through until you find the one that has the pararaph below her pic that starts with:

      “”I support libertarianism”

      Wow, now that is talent.

      1. How can anyone NOT like this:


  20. Attention Bay Area Reasonoids! Our San Francisco meetup is happening tomorrow, Sunday, July 3rd! Meet the infamous Derpetologist! Meet a Reason contributor who shall remain nameless here, but is a cool and interesting guy! And me! And whoever else shows up! Email me at my handle @ gmail.com for details.


  21. Can you guys get KMW to do one of those?

    1. Seconded

      Only it would have to be the Hot Anarchist Women of Principled Non-Voting

    2. Seconded again.

      There ought to be an all-star libertarian team theme.

      Do it for liberty, girls.

      Please note that I specified “girls”. Please, for the love of God (or Dog), leave it to my imagination just how hideous the other male libertarians are.

      1. ***how hideous the other male libertarians are***

        I’m dead sexy, but ever go to a libertarian event? Everyone looks like this.

        1. That is how I imagine them.

  22. Would totally love to be there. Hope y’all have fun.

    1. I’m 3000 miles away from there, but don’t you think this is a little scary? Libertarians are known to do hedonistic and unsafe things. I haz afraid this may not be a safe space.

  23. Phake Skandulz

    Ms. Lynch acknowledged on Friday that the 20 to 30-minute meeting with Mr. Clinton “has now cast a shadow over how this case will be perceived.” Mr. Clinton created a political uproar when he boarded Ms. Lynch’s government jet for a private chat at a Phoenix airport, where both of their planes were parked. Ms. Lynch explained that his conversation with her and her husband, was confined mostly to discussion of grandchildren and recent travels. But Republicans jumped on the meeting as another reason to appoint a special counsel in the email case to end the possibility of political interference.

    I wonder how many people of any political tribe have commented on the “propriety” of these anointed members of the Overclass using “private” planes to evade all the icky unpleasantness of 21st century commercial air travel and the sweaty hordes of plebs.

    It’s not like they’re the Koch Brothers.

    1. was confined mostly to discussion of grandchildren

      “It would be a shame if anything ever happened to them….”

      1. Did anyone see any stains on the pantsuit after she left the plane?

      2. was confined mostly to discussion of grandchildren

        Of which Lynch has none, and Bubba has, I believe two. Well, two that he knows of and/or will admit to.

        Nor is it plausible at all that Bubba just happened to be in Phoenix to play golf. In June. When its 110 frickin’ degrees, and golfers who actually live in Phoenix are travelling elsewhere to play.

        1. Yeah, I got suckered into playing golf in Yuma in July once. Lucky to still be alive.

        2. Not to defend the former president – or for that matter, to believe a word of his story – but it gets awful hot here in south Texas, too. We manage to play golf during the summertime by starting our round no later than six AM.

    2. I wonder what the “carbon load” was of running the jet engine on that DOJ flying yacht on the tarmac for thirty minutes?

      For God’s sake, won’t the Democrats think of the consequences of such a rape of Gaia?

      1. Lynch’s plane runs on her sense of smug.

        1. That’s not smug, Zheodor… *shudders*

  24. Nothing to worry about…

    A new analysis from Bankrate.com found that a median-income household could not afford the average price of a new vehicle in any of the 50 largest cities in the country, though cars are more affordable in some cities than others.

    “The new reality is that cars are becoming more expensive,” said Steve Pounds, a personal finance analyst for Bankrate. “People are having to make tough decisions about financing.”


    That sort of squeeze helps explain why many people are borrowing more, for longer periods of time, to finance a car purchase. Experian Automotive said that in the first quarter of this year, the proportion of new cars bought with the help of financing rose to more than 86 percent, and the average loan amount topped $30,000, which is the highest since Experian began tracking the data. The average term for a new-car loan is now 68 months ? about five and a half years ? and some loans stretch as long as seven years.

    Janet Yellin haz a boner.

    1. Too good for a fifteen grand economy drive? Chumps.

      1. Here in Balmer, I think you can put your new Mercedes on the EBT.

      2. I just bought my wife a 2012 Miata with 23k miles, for something less than 13 thousand.

        She is feeling very downmarket, I’m sure.

  25. I think the court missed reading A-1 here:

    “Court OKs trial for girl who texted boyfriend urging suicide”
    “Roy’s grandmother Janice Roy said the family is happy Carter can be put on trial.
    “He was very vulnerable at that stage,” she said.”

    1. Hey Sevo, please join us tomorrow! I’ll buy you a beer!

    2. “Look what you made him do!”

      Sounds legit.

    3. So that’s why Nikki has been awol.

  26. Longer-term loans carry risks. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns that borrowers who take out long-term loans end up paying more for the car over all, and also run a greater risk of being “upside down” on the loans, meaning owing more than the car is worth.

    No fucking way.

    We needed an entire new federal bureaucracy to tell us that?


    1. Single payer auto maintenance now!

    2. If only there were ways to buy cheaper, older, used cars!

      1. There was. Then we decided to offer their owners more than what they were worth for them. And then promptly destroyed them all.

        1. Damn you!

      2. Anyone remember cash for clunkers? Take plenty of good affordable used cars and destroy them, then give loans to people for new cars that they can’t afford. Economic brilliance.

        1. So sad. A holocarst.

          1. autocaust.

            1. Autodomor.

                1. I feel like nobody has any appreciation for how well the terms we invent roll-off-the-tongue.

                  1. Oh, I do…

                    *narrows gaze*

        2. And if you looked at the new car sales stats, all it did was shift purchases into the eligible period. No net gain.

          1. Well if you count the rear and front windshields as “windows,” that’s six broken windows per car smashed. Must have generated some sort of economic activity.

  27. It’s the 4th of July weekend, who wants cake?

    The hate keeps coming: Pain lingers for lesbian couple denied in Sweet Cakes case

    Boo fucking hoo. You wanted to use government to force someone to bake a cake for you instead of doing the adult thing, and just go to another shop. Go fuck yourselves.

    1. Comments on the article are turned off….

    2. Cake?

      I have a bottle of top shelf Brazilian Rum sitting in my liquor cabinet.

      Cachaca Pitu Vitoriosa

      1. Want a bottle. Sounds delicious.

        Do yourself a favor and take that bottle off the shelf, and enjoy a couple drinks with your wife today. Live it up. You deserve it.

        1. Gift from my son-in-law. I’m considering it, though it’s hot out, so more of a beer day.

    3. Someone left my cake out in the rain. 🙁

    4. “The hate keeps coming: Pain lingers for lesbian couple denied in Sweet Cakes case”

      I am having a hard time working up sympathy. I am looking at that article and thinking it is 100% bullshit…and one of them is named Cryer. Heh.

      Climb your fat ass down off that cross, bitch.

      1. Enh, people are nasty. I don’t have sympathy for them either but I’m sure they’re getting the shit they say they are.

        1. I read the story, all I could bear of it, anyway. I don’t believe one fucking word of it. I’ve known too many people like this. Attention whores, all of them. For a prime example of this type of behavior, see the 2012 documentary film ‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’.

          The academic world is about to unleash an entire generation of these emotionally disturbed people into society.

          1. I agree. Every time time I hear a story about hate mail or hate graffiti, my default assumption is that the “victims” and “perpetrators” are one and the same. I just keep seeing it happen over and over. It seems like that almost always ends up being the case. I noticed after about 7 years they stopped using Matthew Shepard’s death anniversary as a reminder of the constant violence their community lives lives with every single day. I mean after 7 years people are like, ok that happened one time 7 years ago.

            1. Didn’t that turn out to have nothing to do with the guy being gay? Maybe I’m thinking of another case, not sure.

              I know a lot of people of different backgrounds, political views, religious views, etc. I don’t see any of this gay hate they talk about. And I know quite a few gays and they don’t seem to be aware of it either as far as I know. I mean no doubt it exists to some degree, I just don’t think it’s that common these days. At least not in the West.

              1. Oh I think plenty of it exists but I think it’s pretty rare that people act on it or are outwardly hostile. There are certainly your assholes like Westboro out there, but the fact that they are one of the only examples everyone knows about says something about the true frequency.

              2. Oh I think plenty of it exists but I think it’s pretty rare that people act on it or are outwardly hostile. There are certainly your assholes like Westboro out there, but the fact that they are one of the only examples everyone knows about says something about the true frequency.

              3. I’ve heard so many different sides to the Shepard story I don’t what actually happened. But y’all are right, there are a lot of hoaxes and such out there.

                However, I don’t default to disbelieving such tales until proven otherwise.

    5. “About 11:15 p.m., exhausted and angry, Laurel Googled “discrimination in Oregon.”

      She thought the website that came up on her phone was a review page similar to Yelp. She created an account, and her phone number and address auto-filled the boxes. She described what happened, her thumbs mashing extra letters into the words, then hit send.

      Laurel didn’t think about the comment again until a stranger sent her a Facebook message two weeks later. Aaron Klein had posted a notice from the Oregon Department of Justice. It said the agency was investigating a complaint from Laurel. The notice included Laurel’s address and phone number.”

      That is a totally credible version of events that almost certainly didn’t happen that way.

      1. To be fair, people that can’t be bothered to communicate with a real computer do tend to “mash extra letters into the words”…

    6. “Rachel had considered helping LGBT couples plan weddings. The face-painter wasn’t gay, but Rachel figured she couldn’t refuse just because she was straight.” I guess that required a lot of figuring…

  28. Calvin Coolidge, from a 4th of July speech.

    About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.

    1. By God that guy got it.

      *standing ovation*

    2. Calvin Coolidge – America’s most underrated president? Discuss

      1. Absolutely

      2. Harding first. Coolidge a not-too-distant second.

    3. Excellent quote, thanks for sharing it

    4. Beautiful! A good example of why Coolidge is certainly in my top 5 of best presidents. To answer the question, the only other one that I’m consistent certain about is Washington.

    5. Erase Calvin Coolidge.

      /Matt Yglesias.

    6. Best President Ever.

    7. He’s got my vote.

  29. Also, Facebook etiquette question. When someone posts pics of their niece or daughter or whatever, is it appropriate to respond “Would!” or not? Because I’m a classy guy, I of course would just remain silent unless the girl in question was hot. “Wouldn’t” is definitely not polite.

    1. When someone posts pics of their niece or daughter or whatever, is it appropriate to respond “Would!” or not?

      no, but that’s why you do it.

      *(see: crusty)

      1. The unnecessary, ridiculously absurd repetition is apparently not enough for some people.

    2. Why do you have a Facebook account?

    3. I tried explaining to my wife what your comment means and she didn’t get it. Apparently it doesnt matter as most people are not familiar with this meme. ‘Would’ or ‘Wouldn’t’ away.

    4. It’s appropriate here, apparently always. So don’t post pics of your sister or wife, or your mum, especially of your mum. The latter is know as the ‘Crusty Rule’.

      Facebook is a cesspool of retardation. Actually, that’s an insult to the retarded.

    5. No man, you PM that shit to her.

    6. Dick pics or gtfo.

  30. In 100 20 years selfies will have entirely replaced all political debates and the voting-process; there will simply be “Hot or Not” runoffs between parties, and policy will be determined by the hottest-trending hashtags.

    or maybe not. but its amusing to consider.

    I’ve actually heard people say they’re “marketing their brand” when they describe efforts to get the most likes on facebook posts, or the most retweets of a well-timed, endlessly-echoed cliche. Which is at least *honest*, if gross and a bit horrifying.

    Blending shallow, superficial narcissism with with politics… i suppose is inevitable; because most people’s own political ideas are just that anyway: vehicles for improving their opinion of themselves.

    The thing that bugs me is how much of modern politics is all about this kind of egotism run-amok.

    e.g. The Brexit debate in the media hardly touches on the actual merits or faults of the EU-itself, but is obsessed with the fact that “Old People” voted to leave. OLD PEOPLE ARE UGLY AND WRONG AND SHOULDNT HAVE OPINIONS

    Maybe the problem i see here is that “hot libertarians” are nice and all, but if i had to choose between some tweets from some fine-babes…. and a “less-retarded” set of candidates for the LP? I think the latter need better tits.

    1. I checked out the Trump babes.

      If we’re talking a one night stand…I think i’d take a Trump babe.

      but they look very sorority.

  31. Elites are heartless monsters.

    Here is an overarching theory of what we might have missed in the march toward a hyper-efficient global economy: Economic efficiency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    Efficiency sounds great in theory. What kind of monster doesn’t want to optimize possibilities, minimize waste and make the most of finite resources? But the economic and policy elite may like efficiency a lot more than normal humans do.

    Maybe the people who run the world, in other words, have spent decades pursuing goals that don’t scratch the itches of large swaths of humanity. Perhaps the pursuit of ever higher gross domestic product misses a fundamental understanding of what makes most people tick. Against that backdrop, support for Mr. Trump and for the British withdrawal known as Brexit are just imperfect vehicles through which someone can yell, “Stop.”

    Not awful, for a, “On the one hand, but on the other hand,” piece. News Flash: Micro not same as macro, not everybody wins, personal preferences vary, value is subjective.

    Comments are about as dumb as you would expect.

    1. Not awful, for a, “On the one hand, but on the other hand,” piece. News Flash: Micro not same as macro, not everybody wins, personal preferences vary, value is subjective.

      The great thing about the free-market economy is that if you want less, you’re welcome to it. In a socialist economy, if you don’t have enough, good luck trying to get more.

    2. Its flawed from beginning to end.

      It pretends that there’s some either/or choice between “efficiency” and “equality”; that there are only 2 interest groups = “Elites” and “teh Masses”; it conflates psychological-satisfaction with ‘best economic outcomes’; and on and on.

      The rent control debate can be viewed as a microcosm of the debate about globalization and international trade.

      The size of the face-palm here is cosmic.

      The depth of the idiocy begins with the suggestion that rejection of the EU by Britain, was a rejection of “a hyper-efficient global economy”.

      As thought the EU’s monetary/economic union, sans any political mechanisms or fiscal ones… was “Hyper efficient”.

      It requires willful ignorance of the 20 years of EU history, which was nothing but an endless parade of near-collapses due to its complete inefficiency and inability to respond to the most basic forms of self-regulation.

      If the EU shatters into pieces, it doesn’t mean its inherently going to be “less efficient”; it means its now capable of *changing* and re-organizing itself according to the self-interests of its constituent members, rather than in a one-size-fits-all format.

      If they can handle being a Republic, then perhaps pro-EU people should advocate that. but pretending that what the EU is *now* is equivalent to a Republic is simply perpetuating ignorance.

  32. Wow, that’s some quality coding, right there. Three browsers, and they all hate this page. Sure, the computer at works sucks, but come on.
    Interestingly enough, Chrome on the Android had no problem.
    Maybe, just maybe, Reason has one or two many ads?

    1. I find that 80% of the internet now is almost un-readable without Adblock and NoScript.

      Christ, modern “news” sites like CNN? (or ABC/NBC/CBS – horrible – or huffpo, etc) they all have pop-up video and so much crap scripting that they lock up browsers that have more than 1 tab open.

      Mobile browsers probably work better because they by-default strip out lots of junk and use a far-simplified template.

      1. Yup, and I’m not bending to this “please turn your adblocker off” crap either. Get your business plan in order, stop spending so much on advertising, and everybody wins. Then maybe I’ll come back.

        1. Noted = its not really the *ads* that i use “Adblock” for

          Its to make the shitty website actually load in a reasonable time, and not jack up resources.

          on Youtube, for instance, i whitelist channels I actually watch frequently. I don’t mind the ads on content i know i want to see.

          I don’t feel like I should have to wait through ads to watch every video though. If i don’t know what it is, i don’t need to wait. if its content i like, i’ll whitelist it.

          I also unblock sites where the media-integration is smooth and non-disruptive. the NYT, despite their many other faults, does a pretty good job of making the site pleasant and readible without turning every page into Times Sq.

          Even fucking Reuters jams video into webpages, often for ‘stories’ that aren’t even connected to the page you’re on.

          1. Depends on the ads, I guess. On the rare occasions I find myself without AdBlock, it’s just moving images and popups every-fucking-where I go. And they don’t go away. Imagine if you had to watch TV and the ads ran at the same time, the whole time (and not for short bursts like they started doing in recent years).

            Fuck that.

    2. Chrome with Ghostery and Reasonable is ok. But yeah, this chatroom is a prime example of bad coding, bad design, bad period.

  33. “hot libertarians” are nice and all, but if i had to choose between some tweets from some fine-babes…. and a “less-retarded” set of candidates for the LP? I think the latter need better tits.


  34. I used CTRL F to look for Johnson jokes in the comments, but there was only one.

    Seriously? Nothing about “women want Johnson”? Or “women pulling the Johnson lever?” Or “letting Johnson sink in?”

    I mean, that’s great news, that’s what I meant to say. Because it shows y’all are getting more mature.

      1. What was it Dorothy Parker said, “they know 5 languages and can’t say ‘no’ in any of them.”

        1. “Why Banning Miller, what a vision you are in your fine dress. It must have taken a dozen slaves a dozen days to get you into that getup. ‘Course your daddy tells me it takes the space of a schoolboy’s wink to get you out of it again.”

  35. Problem: Swedish women are being sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants
    Solution: Give them women bracelets that say “do not molest me”

    1. “give them women”?


      I lived in West Virginia for about 20 years. It shows from time to time.


        1. Some folk’ll never eat a skunk but then again some folk’ll, like Derpy, the slack-jawed yokel…

          1. Railway, or West Virginia family tree?



            1. If your family tree does not fork, you might be a redneck.

      2. Where in WV?

        1. Mostly in Jefferson County plus a few years in Morgantown for college.

    2. Bracelets are magic. Everybody knows this.

    3. Progtard logic on display here.

    4. Give them burkhas – no, on second thoughts, just give them curfews, their husbands or fathers can go outside, why do they need to?


      1. Unless you have an expendable concubine.

        1. The Bible stole that plot device from William Styron’s Sophie’s Choice.

  36. OT from the Neil DeGrasse Tyson link yesterday:

    The reality is that regulations, regulatory reforms, and economic incentives interacted in ways that no one foresaw ? or could foresee ? producing results that no one wanted.

    Shorter: “I’m so smart that if I get blindsided by events, that means none of those dumber proles could have seen it coming, either. QED.”

    No one could foresee this — except every libertarian everywhere.

    1. Tyson is just a guy the leftist media have dressed up as a genius. There’s really nothing to see there. Anyone can get a PC sounding hyphenated name and read from a script.

      Yes, Tyson, you should read about a decade of posts on H&R to witness that all of these things were indeed predicted, just by people who are not the ‘right type of people’, according to dummies like you.

      1. Wiki has a very article on perverse incentives: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perverse_incentive

        I like bringing up those examples when talking to “there oughta be a law” types.

      2. It’s one of the odd (?) things in modern society: someone who is an expert in one thing is considered an expert in everything.

        1. Anyone who’s been around academia very much, knows this. A piece of paper in any specialty, automagically makes you an expert on everything in the universe.

        2. Pfu… Heinlein made the same comment 45 years ago, and further refined it to include something to the effect that the smaller the field of expertise, the greater the sense that the person has that he is expert in everything.

      3. Tyson did not write that; Kevin D. Williamson did, to criticize him.

    1. That the same Greenpeace who’s in favor of letting children in the third world, starve, because with lack of even one shred of evidence, they’ve decided that GMOs are bad?

      1. 107 Nobel lauriertes including 41 in the medical field signed a statement saying Greenpeace is guilty of crimes against humanity.

        Progressives will continue to donate because they FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE!!

        1. Progressivism is a religious cult. Facts are irrelevant, it’s all about the faith.

  37. Brits jailed for inciting hatred for displaying flag that had “Fuck ISIS” written on it:


    1. Well, it’s the same government that puts people on trial for making racist remarks.

        1. See, this is how we know that Brexit was racist.

          1. Well, the internet was fun while it lasted.

    2. Should have used a dildo flag instead.

    3. And they’re still clueless about how Brexit could have happened.

  38. I like articles like this, please keep the theme going

  39. I like articles like this, please keep the theme going

    1. He didn’t mention some other advantages.

      The houris, if you’re an Islamic extremist

      And for certain extremists, never having to worry what color shirt you’re going to wear today.

      1. And for certain extremists, never having to worry what color shirt you’re going to wear today.

        Clown suit. So afterwards it looks like the scene is strewn with confetti.

  40. Sadly, it looks like Australia’s libertarian senator has not been re-elected.

  41. Lew Rockwell or Huffington Post?

    “In short, our shaming, humiliation and harming of Arabs has created the conditions which inspire violent responses.

    “Given the huge power imbalance, the weaker power is forced to resort to guerilla tactics and suicide bombing.”

    1. What annoys me the most about him is not his empty-headed opinions, but the fact that they do not contain event a trace of original thought.

      He sounds about as vapid as you’d expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYJZSMlqhVk

  42. Common Sense Mom Control



    1. June



      The above were not collected in any systematic manner; these were just the few that popped up in a quick search after reading that last (july) above story.

      1. Thanks for all the Hallmark moments.

    2. Put moms on the list.

      1. I brought you into this world. I can take you out.

        1. Not without your guns, mum.

          1. I think almost half of those are stabbings.

  43. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/new…..12972.html

    I know everyone is certain Hillary is going to walk but holy cow.

    1. a denial she later adjusted,

      That’s a new, fun way to say she got caught in a lie!

      1. If an ordinary citizen does the things that Clinton does, it’s called ‘felonies’. When Clinton and others of the political elite class do it, it’s called ‘bad judgement’. The rule of law is gone, people. We’re in for some very bad times.

    2. A new controversy over the Obama administration’s handling of the case and Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s refusal to hand it over to a special prosecutor far removed from the White House served as a reminder that critics would always say that political favoritism toward Clinton tainted any decision to clear her.

      Laying the groundwork for her defense?

    3. Not sure what the “Holy Cow” moment is.

      I think everyone involved wants to avoid an indictment of hillary directly, but still needs to show ‘consequences’; which might mean charging someone subordinate with lying to federal investigators. But i think they’ll pass on any of the document-mishandling/nat-security stuff.

    4. Democrats are like the borg. 67% of Democrats are in favor of giving Obama a 3rd term. More than half of Democrats say they will vote for Clinton even if she is indicted. Neither a majority Republican Congress or the SCOTUS will do anything to stop these people. We’re screwed.

      1. If she is indicated she won’t win the Presidency but that won’t stop her from trying or her sorry ass media worshippers from making it a lot closer than it should be.

        A three hour FBI interview? That is serious. I am starting to think they might actually do it.

        1. Honestly I don’t think there is anything the Clintons could do to get indicted by this DOJ. It’s bullshit but it’s reality. They are corrupt beyond measure. If she were a republican or other “enemy” of the administration she would already be in jail after being being convicted in the media. I’m sure there are agents on the up and up but they won’t be making the decision. Putin would have a better chance of being arrested by the KGB.

          1. Lynch has been promised a seat on SCOTUS. And probably promised a cushy job at the Clinton foundation in case things go awry and Hillary loses, and probably loads of cash to go with it. That’s what the meeting was between Bill and Loretta. People are going to wind up under the bus and no matter what happens, Hillary and Lynch will escape unscathed except for maybe having their political careers damaged.

        2. A three hour FBI interview?

          That actually seems short, but her lawyers are billing by the hour, so had incentive to stretch things out.

          I haven’t been FBI-questioned, but I’ve been in more than my share of depositions. Get the lawyers going and “nothing” becomes “8 hours.”

          1. This was not a deposition. She is the subject of a criminal investigation. She can stop the interview at any time. Her lawyers and there to make sure she says as little as possible. In this context three hours is a very long time.

            1. Gold, grandchildren, the time gets away with you.

              1. “golf”

        3. They wer just talking about grandkids and vacations.

    5. It’s hysterical how badly the media and the Clinton campaign wants us to believe that the interview was voluntary. As if she agreed to swing by the J. Edgar Hoover Building on her way to Costco.

      In any case, I don’t think she’s indicted. I do think, however, that if the FBI grunts actually running the investigation feel all their hard work being pissed on by DoJ for political reasons they will retaliate and leak damning information to the press.

  44. If she is indicted, she will face further questions about her honesty and perhaps even calls for her to step aside.


    1. A majority of Democrats will vote for her anyway, so it’s not a sure thing that they will even ask her to step down if she’s indicted.

      1. I’d think it is a stone-cold lock that there will be no serious efforts to get her to step aside if indicted.

        Fortunately, I’ll never have to face my comeuppance on that one. The chances of her being indicted are very close to zero. But unless any indictment were for something far more grave than splashing national secrets all over the internet, there is no chance the faithful are even going to consider it for a moment. It will be brushed off as just another part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

        This is the Clinton version of Teflon. Run out and claim political enemies are conspiring against you on every little issue that comes down the pike. That way when any accusations look like they might stick, your base already believes the bad guys are conspiring against you. Bill diddling an intern and making her give him a hummer (without reciprocation) didn’t even move the needle with hard core feminists. These were people who made their entire living destroying people’s careers over an offhand comment or off-color joke. If that can happen, there’s no way anyone in the Democrat camp is waffling on their support of Hillary over mishandled national security secrets.

        1. Even the Clintons have never fucked yo this badly before. And the true believers won’t be enough for her to win.

          I see what you are saying. Part of me can’t believe it either. But there never has been a public figure guilty of this much criminal conduct. This really is unprecedented.

          1. The question is, why? If she thinks she’d get away with it in any event, that’s understandable. She probably will. But was it worth having a pall hang over her campaign? What was she hiding? Or maybe the better question is what she expected she’d have to hide. It doesn’t make sense from a strategic standpoint, so tactically you have to ask why she thought it worth the risks.

            1. a half a billion dollars in payoffs somewhat tax free because it was in donations to a charitable fund ?

              The love of money is the root of all evil ?

              Not actually true but it does apply in this case.

    1. Obama endorsements are typically the kiss of death.

    2. How can he fit that much shit in one crock? The man is an artist.

  45. Alternet once again at the forefront of derp:

    First, her realist instinct predisposes her to take the world at face value, not an idealized worldview. Second, her feminist instinct makes her inclusive of differences between the sexes and tolerant of diversity.


    1. Yeah, well I mean she did do a bang up job at the State Department, no?

      1. Put those 2 sentences in context =

        In my new book “The Global Hillary,” I argue that Hillary’s strong stance on the national security involves two instincts.

        First, her realist instinct predisposes her to take the world at face value, not an idealized worldview. Second, her feminist instinct makes her inclusive of differences between the sexes and tolerant of diversity.

        Her desire to overthrow middle-eastern countries and create perma-failed-states is because she’s a feminist-realist.

        1. Well, I mean there is someting feminist and realist about destabilizing countries and allowing radicals to take over who then make slaves out of the women they didn’t kill, right?

    2. “Her feminist instinct”? Good lord. That woman would shove Gloria Steinem in front of a bus in order to get ahead.

      As a daughter whose mother was born on the day women secured the right to vote (June 4, 1919), she finds the political deeply personal.

      Oh Jesus Christ, I pick *one* sentence at random to read, and it’s laughable. How can anyone read pages and pages of this garbage?

      1. she finds the political deeply personal.

        That’s actually an inversion of the second-wave feminist motto

        While the connection between women’s personal experience and their subordination as women is highlighted by this phrase, feminists have interpreted the nature of that connection and the desired form of political action that emerges from it in widely divergent ways.

        – An opening of “private” or “social” matters to political analysis
        – An explanation of the systematic nature of women’s oppression. e.g. =

        “Women’s discontent, radical feminists argued, is not the neurotic lament of the maladjusted, but a response to a social structure in which women are systematically dominated, exploited, and oppressed.”[10]

        “The personal reflects the political status quo (with the implication that the personal should be examined to provide insight into the political); the personal serves the political status quo; one can make personal choices in response to or protest against the political status quo; ? one’s personal choices reveal or reflect one’s personal politics; one should make personal choices that are consistent with one’s personal politics; personal life and personal politics are indistinguishable.”[11]

        the reversal of the phrase simply suggests ‘she’s a political animal’

    3. Dinesh Sharma is an author, consultant, and social scientist with a doctorate in psychology and human development from Harvard University. He is an Associate Research Professor at the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, SUNY Binghamton and is the author of “Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia: The Making of a Global President”and “The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century.”


  46. Here’s an ad.

    The Butcher of Benghazi

    1. Beyond the noise, does he have a good chance or not? It sounds like his own party is against him.

      1. Trump?

        RCP avg, Clinton + 4.5. That was + 7 a week ago. Yeah, I would say he has a chance. But it’s too early to predict. Wait until September, then we’ll see.

  47. Rand Paul news


    1. The problem we have with collusion is not between businesses, it’s between businesses and the government. Replace this with an act to outlaw cronyism.

  48. I’m certain I had another bottle of ketchup around here somewhere…which one of you thieving bastards stole it?

    1. _Not_the_fuck_i_bra_

    2. What, you don’t just ask for extras at the McDonalds until you’ve built up a lifetime supply?

  49. First, her realist instinct predisposes her to take the world at face value, not an idealized worldview. Second, her feminist instinct makes her inclusive of differences between the sexes and tolerant of diversity.


  50. First, her realist instinct predisposes her to take the world at face value, not an idealized worldview.

    Upon reflection, I think this is probably accurate. Based upon my experience, I believe people expect others to behave as they would in any given set of circumstances. Mrs Clinton more likely than not views the word as a dangerous, deadly place, filled with liars, thieves and backstabbers.

  51. So Clinton was asked what she would say to a Trump supporter: https://youtu.be/3FITPKRwaVw?t=14m24s

  52. Lynch has been promised a seat on SCOTUS.

    Bill and Loretta were just getting a little money down on whether Ruth Bader Ginsgerg is still above ground for the inauguration.

  53. Dear Leader delights ordinary workers with surprise on-the-spot guidance:


    1. I would click that, but I’m eating.

    2. “Her wonkish heart” is a terrible band or album name.

  54. Well, someone peeled back the musty fucking dimming wallpaper on their old space rocket floating inside the odd nebula and found a window lost behind all the shuffle and muck and this tottering bespectacled organism of arms, minds, and fucknot’s peered inside what this window revealed and the very far future of tottering bespectacled organism inside old space rocket circulating through the starlanes of the fuck whatever it is out there in the existences swimming in the pools of future warbles was so fucking amused it ran from the front nose of its star clipper to the reverse end screaming electric cloud songs until its digitized tongues ran dry from galactic euphoria.

    An infinity of goddamn parallel titty jiggle universes for the purist freedom for all the future living rooms and odd creatures yakking obtusely in the space rockets with neon stripes on the shimmering sides spawned from this very fucking moment psinning into the whorls of atomic grains.

    Praise all the glowing pyramids for Libertarian women. The most potent dimensional portal known to humans and the guru futures.

    1. Fucking en route, birthing on Mars. Got it.

      1. Silver sails cut through the low mists, Q
        pouring eagles into the hallowed voids
        where prisons and tyrants trance on power drugs

  55. Here- have some hysterical shrieking.

    I want to wake up tomorrow in a country where people are kind, and tolerant, and decent to one another. A country where people ? all people ? can feel at least a little bit safe. I want to rub the sleep of neofascist nightmares from my eyes and find myself in a country where we do not respond to the killing of a politician by voting against everything she stood for. A country where we are polite to our neighbors. A country where we have dealt like adults with the embarrassing fact that we once conquered half the world, instead of yearning for a time when our glory was stolen from enslaved people a convenient ocean away and large parts of the map were the gentle pink of blood in the water. I want to go back to a Britain where hope conquers hate; where crabbed, cowed racism and xenophobia don’t win the day; where people feel they have options and choices in life and are less likely to press the big red button to bring the house down on top of us. I want my country back.

    There’s plenty more.

    1. I want my country big daddy megastate back.

      1. I wish I could tell you that we’re about to collectively realise

        Unintended derp is unintended.

    2. There’s plenty more.

      No, thanks.

    3. Good God, it’s like someone writing a thousand words bemoaning a corporation going into chapter 11. These people are lunatics.

    4. I want to wake up tomorrow in a country where people are kind, and tolerant, and decent to one another.

      A country where we have dealt like adults

      You don’t get to call yourself an adult.

      1. Someone tell this guy that Imagine is a dopey pop song, not a template for reality.

        1. Someone tell this guy

          He might take issue with that

          1. Like I click on derp.

    5. This was a working-class revolt, but it is not a working-class victory.

      I pretend to agitate on behalf of the working class; but i refuse to listen to what they say
      /every leftist ever

      Something tells me that if they had another referendum – the “do over” which the establishment-left mindset seems to think they deserve – I’d guess rather than flip the result 55/45 in their favor, it would be 60/40 “Leave” – again losing, but only more decisively.

      When i hear this constant spewing about ‘hate, racism and xenophobia’… all i hear is “I have no argument” in response to the political & economic questions that affect people’s lives.

      All the left’s policies *Fail* – and then they fail, they fall back on ‘culture’ and accuse the critics of their shitty-bureaucracies all being racists.

      because really – the EU, the abstract political union… the giant, faceless regulatory agencies – they promoted “tolerance and inclusion”? Really?

      Because Molenbeek is within spitting distance of the official seat of the EU and all its associated agencies.

    6. Go back to when? Feudalism?

      1. Yeah. We’ll put the right guy in charge this time. That’ll make all the difference. You’ll see.

    7. “My country once ruled half the globe. It was said that the sun never set on our empire. Everyone else feared us and admired us in equal measure. ”
      “How embarrassing!”

  56. a country where we do not respond to the killing of a politician by voting against everything she stood for

    Why the fuck not?

  57. Just saw where Elie Weisel passed away. Dammit.

    Fairly young when I read Night and it makes you think what you would do in that situation, what you’d do to stay alive and what you’d forgive somebody else doing. Mostly just hoping you’d never have to face the choices but knowing that goddammit there were a shitload of people put there and how much evil there is in the world.

    1. That’s depressing…I hope it won’t be too disrespectful to link to this.

    2. Dude lived a long time, even if we ignore his early trauma. He left a hell of a mark on the world.

  58. Sorry, Rufus.

    Shouldn’t Bonucci have been yellow-carded on the first PK, though?

    1. What a forgettable match – except for the remarkable incompetence at the penalty spot.

    2. Meh. That was a clear penalty and boneheaded play by Boateng who was having a great match. Muller could have been carded himself for his antics too, Ted. It is what it is. Boring game but always filled with drama with these two rivals.

      Food for thought. Germany is at its peak, Italy lowest ebb with a bit of a rag time bunch and still they needed penalties to take them out.


      Italy without its regular mids in Candreva, Marchisio. De Rossi, Montolivo, Verratti and Germany couldn’t put them away.

      Congrats to Germany. Well deserved. And about time. /wink.

  59. Many dreams collected in the streams of
    miniskirted dapper freedom humans with wings swimming in the golden gems of clouds
    with cupcakes on their ears and rainbow ponies tied to their dreams

  60. smooth beds of angels reflecting conceptual rivers

  61. Freedom unveiled on the oceans of dimensions

  62. babes are star keys
    clacking the inner minerals
    of the star rivers of living results

  63. all the letters that we flick are not large
    a billion dreams from a collection of lines
    and infinity have paths that cannot be crossed because
    time lost has no direction aside from atomic legend

  64. Thigh glades sweeping across the gentle cloth jungle of cotton sweeping from hip to hip
    and nipples piercing the rainbow drapes dripping from sanguine shoulders of
    the fucking mystical angelical candle dripping piano swans unveiling their dreams and hopes for
    galactic cliffs dripping the offspring of thoughts melted from sandwiches uttered from the genitals
    of smooth thighs with cock and lovely lip canyons

  65. we love the majestique queens of free tanks because our women are
    monstrous and svelte with feminine flames swerving and bursting from the
    blackness of space and time and keyboards even… every fucking space is filled
    with rivers of powerful effervescence of thrusting and merging
    feminine what is and what is and… what the fuck is.
    females are us and we are them and we are living a cycle with loopy brains, man
    and males that eat cocaine are easily as fun loving at females that do the same
    and if the male eats jesus and the female eats jesus they are equally boring
    and if the male eats mohammed and the female eats mohammed, well they are equally
    like all the cities they build in the middle of earth.
    FUCKING goddamn boring.
    Open society and secular projections should understand
    all these manifestations and shit
    BUT please bow to Islam and Jesus and Torah and fucking Mary
    with goddamn love or we will be forced to defend ourselves from all your
    fuckery, man

    we live silently and gently on the other side of the hill lit by the sun
    but we aren’t lonely gays in orlando, bro
    dancing and naive
    i speak for my gentle self
    any fucking thing you have imagined, bro

    because i did this in the ghetto and maybe this is the secret to
    unlocking the lid to staving back the hollow camel god

  66. Bored? Good. Here’s the advise column from the Yomiuri:

    I’m a housewife in my early 60’s. My husband, who is in his early 70’s, sucks on his dentures and it’s disgusting. I warned him once, but all he said was, “Shut up, woman. You wear them, too”. Ever since then, he’ll look straight at me and suck extra hard just to make me angry.

    Any advise would be appreciated

    1. I generally fuck all the housewives so if agile fucks this bitch she will generally forget all her problems with mister tooth vacuum husband. I will also place her on an Exekiel sandwich and eat her into nonexistence because older women make for excellent phytonutrients- especially if toasted on my sperm.

    2. So what was the advice??

      1. Funny that. Exactly what Agile said.

        1. My shrooms-to-English translator must be broken 🙁

          1. Allow me. Take care of your man and the love that is created will turn such trivial problems into a source of laughter instead of tension.

            1. Men are so easy.

  67. all these lovely pin pricking the veil of even why the fuck we live and so on be humming outside the bars on the road brick places with candle windows and shit and all
    but jesus fuck
    i know that a billion fucking canyons and rivers reside in the soft basement naked peruser.
    piles of boxes of lost songs and deep seas whisping on the edges of human cartoons who are actually real rainbows
    with actual lunchboxes in the lost precipices of glaring windows and sounds of lost times of all the swirling tones
    of sepia

  68. I have to give credit to spambots when appropriate, and it is definitely appropriate in this case.

    If you’d rather not click the link:

    Joshua .I’m in love?.. his name is forny, I just lanced a enormous boil and I’m ready to go after that man.


    1. I screwed up the linking. Probably just as well.

      1. Why are they called “boils”?

        1. The term, “Boil,” is Ye Olde English, and is a direct translation from the Latin, “Bulla,” an anatomical term meaning a rounded, usually fluid filled, protrusion.

          Bullae is still used in modern medical terminology, particularly in Euro-landia, in reference to smaller fluid-filled, vesicle-like sacs. Boil simply denotes a larger size, usually marble to golf ball sized.

    2. Is his last name Cates?

  69. so if you nod into the red river run to the clicks because
    reality is in fact as tactile as you imagined.. like my nightmares

  70. if all the walls are dreams and ninjas
    and fucking pointed ears
    and rainbows let all the humans run free, world

  71. I see a that 20 people were gunned down in a terror attack in Dakkar. Reading about it in a Japanese paper and it’s interesting how they choose the vocabulary. “20 people sacrificed in terror attack”. Sacrificed? I realize that direct translations get weird, but the word gisei definitely carries a ritualistic nuance.

    1. the word gisei definitely carries a ritualistic nuance.

      You sure the japanese term it doesn’t encompass both the idea of “execution”AND“sacrifice”?

      ‘killing for political/religious reason’ might have very different conceptual bases across different cultures. there’s stuff in that idea that definitely isn’t captured in there mere verb “killing”, which allows for the idea that maybe there was a fight between 2 equal-parties. “sacrifice” is closer to “execution” than just ‘killing’ because it means the victim was helpless; the killing was to serve some abstract purpose; and it was done by some self-nominated agent of authority, etc.

      perhaps the heroic mulatto will fly in and clarify

      1. Here’s the definition. Your guess seems reasonable. Of course the context determines which meaning is accurate. It’s a kick in the head to think that “scapegoat” is also the term they use to describe terror victims. Actually, now that I think about it, that is an excellent choice.

  72. Odds this is a false flag?

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) released a statement saying a white truck stopped at the mosque at 4.15am on Saturday and that a man used racial slurs, saying: “You Muslims need to get back to your country.”

    Certain elements of this story seems a little too on the nose.

    1. “Will someone have to be killed for the sheriff to provide safety and security to this Mosque?”

      No disrespect… but kindly fuck yourself.

      1. Also:

        Cair said the sheriff’s office had repeatedly ignored pleas to tighten security since Mateen shot 49 people dead and wounded 53 at an LGBT nightclub two weeks ago, in the worst mass shooting in US history.

        Was Pulse an LGBT club, or just for gay men?

        1. The two do generally have their “own” nights of the week but in my experience there’s rarely such a thing as a club or a night “just” for one or the other.

    2. a white truck stopped at the mosque at 4.15am on Saturday and that a man used racial slurs, saying: “You Muslims need to get back to your country.

      (flashback to Oct 2015)

      Some of you may recall my most recent experience while jogging on Route K in May of 2015 when I was approached by a white man in a white truck with a confederate flag very visible and proudly displayed. He leaned out his window (now keep in mind I run against traffic so his behavior was a blatant sign that something was about to happen). Not only did he spit at me, he called me the n-word and gave me the finger.


      the person who claimed to be the victim in that incident was later forced to recant other, similar claims.

    3. Also =

      4:15AM Sat?

      Who is sober AND awake at that hour? And are they saying to themselves, “boy, i hope i see a muslim, because i’m GOING TO TELL THEM WHATS UP”

      is it just the most convenient time when you can be pretty sure there are no credible witnesses?

      1. Confederate Times newspaper delivery?

        1. wait, they don’t do a Saturday edition, never mind.

  73. science. religion. government.

    fucking decades of billions of dollars of science. fucking centuries of gods. fucking government mounts gods and science.

    Things i learned in lots of years: science is not ‘really’ FUCKING science because ‘science’ is the data THAT particular group of investors can afford to veer for their conceptual reality most desired for their promulgation graphs.

    yea, anyone who thinks ‘science’ is the latest Jesus is a truly a motherfucking dumb BITCH. Science is as FUCKING malleable as all the earth Thumb Laser Gods.

  74. Angels swim in the data of their fathers.
    And rainbows rarely drop in the light of wine glasses because, well, bitch, wine glasses have their own goddamn fuckin rainbows…like all shimmering and shit in the diamond clavicles of glass and whims and curling fingers and shit and so on.

    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! diamons and curling dreams and odd fingerlings.

  75. fucking wine is burning my goddamn mouth alleys
    wine doesn’t mix well with goddamn skull bulls escaped from the
    fucking ale pits and twisty smoke stacks where flowers perk like soldiers

    1. I’m guessing…Michelob and something with Jagermeister.

      1. mini mouse of fiery falling floorboards….save your fucking self from the swerving crackling times and winged sparks and i love my doomish hamster.

  76. science is real based on the goddamn angle of the science god in the room, bro
    like religion is real based on the kneels and dreams of traditions of times of repetitions
    so goes the science and its spitfire gods.


    watever…. FUCKING GODS AND SCIENCE are goddamn playdo all.

    You can FUCKING BUY a GODDAMN BITCH right out of GODDAMN motherfucking science school to give YOU the special SCIENTIFIC RESULT you WISH if that poor goddamn bitch FRESH from school can’t buy goddamn burritos to eat and shit.

    FUCK gods and science.


    Humans ruined science.

    nothing remains

  77. Objective consciousness marks togas on graphs burnt on the etchasketch of atomic streets.
    Dead Gods scream in my ears like the wings of stars and my knees scream and my arms grow
    rockets that cut the earth like screaming asteroids and fallen stars seeking thick storms to hide within and inflict

  78. Maybe reported earlier:

    “LGBT gun group membership spikes after Florida shooting”
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) ? Memberships have more than doubled in a national LGBT pro-gun rights organization since a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub in Florida, killing 49 people. Pink Pistols Utah chapter President Matt Schlentz said Pink Pistols membership has grown from 1,500 to 4,000 since Omar Mateen’s June 12 rampage, the Salt Lake Tribune reported (http://bit.ly/29p0eMI).”

    I don’t care if he was a closet case, a Muslim fundy or a run-of-the-mill whacko; I do care that he was the only one armed in there and given that it was him alone, one other armed person could have made a hell of a difference.

    1. Thought the FBI claimed there was no proof he was a closet case? Regardless, gun control advocates can fuck off.

      1. straffinrun|7.2.16 @ 11:16PM|#
        “Thought the FBI claimed there was no proof he was a closet case?”

        Not sure what constitutes ‘proof’, but from what I read, he’d been a regular at the club and often worked a gay dating site. Are they claiming false-flag?

        1. Maybe “proof” has come out since, but…

          1. Suffice to say,I don’t find that convincing, but per above, I don’t care. I do care that no one else was armed.

  79. Papaya, just saw your note (and the notes in that other addy).
    Not gonna work; been looking forward to what’s planned for tomorrow for a long time.
    Tell ya what: Buy a round on me and let me know what I owe you. You folks have a ball!
    (just ONE round, OK?)

    1. OK, maybe next time. C. Anacreon is in the UK now, anyway, so we should do another one soon.

  80. reveal the list of data, sarah
    well, sir, the list of data sez that all the compilations
    coalesce into the cancerous infliction of angelic slash Karl M
    the glowing entrails of multitudinous unravelings and spines form the angels and Karl M’s
    mimicks the modern eye cast all empty and so goddamn Sears and fucking Macy and Budweiser bullshit
    braindead todays infiltrating my lost tromps and wake clouds and grabbing desperations on the hungers of
    times and twisted ankles in the culling voices in the trucking lights

  81. More: Find the good guy here.
    Celebrity buddys up to (laughing) former slave owner/CIA plant, gets tossed from Chi Com territory:

    “Lady Gaga ‘banned’ by Chinese authorities after Dalai Lama meeting”
    “The “Bad Romance” singer has allegedly been added to a list of “hostile foreign forces” banned by China’s Communist party after she appeared at an event alongside the exiled Tibetan leader over the weekend.”

    So, was she hinh-fected? (laughing)

    1. I would sniff sevo like cocaine if he was dusty in a plastic bag cautiously spilled on my loud desk

    2. It’s more of a Hihn-spiracy, Sevo.

  82. beautiful creatures of the all the galaxies
    which incorporates the moons and suns of our
    fucking earth curves mounted on spectacular fucking
    gorgeous bomb lovelies with galactic wings
    and swimming star legs and smooth long mountain
    granite thighs and flowery fields of arctic moons
    resting on between their shoulder blades of moist
    gentle green hills with odd black bears nursing
    light fragmented flowers….
    this is the power of the moving palace of
    dimension of women outfitted with planetary
    scopes and rocket space thrills.
    HOW do we as otherworlders NOT love ENB FOREVER and HER

  83. I got a million of ’em!

    “10-bedroom SF mansion offers nightmarish hug-based communal living”
    “Living at Chateau Ubuntu offers you the chance to:

    Listen to whiny acoustic guitar music at their “intimate house concerts”
    View sharing “as an opportunity, not a sacrifice” because your housemates will “share with intention”
    Pay way too much for groceries since most food is purchased from farmer’s markets
    Live by the values of their “Community P.A.C.T.S.,” which includes “presence and participation,” “awesomeness,” “collaboration,” “transformative experiences” and “sustainability.” Oh, and also “gratitude,” which didn’t work in the acronym so they tacked it on separately.
    Inhabit a living, breathing Portlandia sketch”

    I can’t tell if the Chron hired someone with a bit of sense or whether this is meta-sarc, but for pete’s sake, this sort of crap went out of fashion 40 years ago.

    1. Chateau Ubuntu

      Open-sourcing the place may not have the desired effect for which they are looking; debugging without microagressing should prove…entertaining.

      1. “debugging without microagressing should prove…entertaining.”

        I’m old enough to have witnessed more than a coupe of huggy-kissies; just one new member huggy-reach-for-wallet was enough to bring most back to reality.
        Not all; some kept hoping for the ‘right people’ without realizing that made them a gated community. Reality is…real.

    2. I first became aware of political correctness living in a shared house one year in college, though thankfully only a few of them were only somewhat like that.

    3. What do you have against those diversified all-white thrust funds kids communities who have to share all their common interests and values in order to be free of your cisnormative conformative intersectionnal capitalist oppression ?

      …. good thing I’m drunk and that my blood vessels are loose while writing that, otherwise I would have probably had a stroke.

  84. Final electricity spilled from the atomic goddess our lovely enb and her troop of modern screaming angels burning their twisted acid futures into the canvas of living brain veins etching the eaves of eagles swarming the tides of broken villages and chieftains lost and swerving but girding themselves for the oncoming and alarming.

    alarming is written and dreamt in all the futures
    but even greater is confusion and disturbance and malaise
    times drenched in misunderstandings and thousands in the big great city lost for thought
    because they are young and have zero interest in the distant vapors

  85. This reminds me of when Brian Doherty’s crazy ex-wife and her friend (of “Strippers for Ron Paul”) were supposed to run on a bi-sexual women stripper ticket for LP POTUS. I wonder what happened to them.

    1. Got a link for that? Missed it.

  86. science is a sparrow perched on the limb of the gods.

  87. That was one hell of a good Firecracker 400 tonight. I don’t give a fuck what NASCAR calls it now, it is forever the Firecracker 400 to me.

    Also, ‘murca.

    Fords did well. tongy Stewart stll n the top 30 even though he wrecked. Ryan Blaney still eeking by in the top 16. It was a good night.

    Night, Reason!

    1. “tongy”? Tony Stewart. Tony.

    2. Well, good morning and good night to you as well, Almanian. I hope all is as well as can be expected WRT your oncological trials and tribulations.

      1. You still in Ukraine? 7AM there…

        1. Yes, which is why I wished Almanian a good morning; Dr. ZG is going to make breakfast soon. So far, the kids are sleeping pretty soundly (the twins in particular, Thank Sod!).

          1. Among others, I was concerned; that place got dangerous, and still is by my standards. You’re well armed, I hope.

            1. Donets’k *was* dangerous (and still is, there is some shelling and gunfights that happen from time to time, and Poroshenko’s admin is essentially trying to end the conflict with The Separatists by attrition); our poliklinika was razed with gunfire during the major Invasion. I was nearly shot; it was pretty terrifying, and my wife and I agreed to GTFO and flee to Odessa, where my in-laws live (and was taking care of my son at the time – that was what you would consider good luck; being a bleever, I chaulk it up to God’s blessing).

              We live in a fairly ritzy part of Odessa, and it’s pretty safe (aside from the local UKR nationlist types having a demonstration) and it’s Ru-Kru friendly, being a Russified city.

              Yeah, my FIL being an ex-military bigwig, having access to AKs and other fun toys is not a problem. And being, the good father to my wife that he is, he made sure she can shoot and clean a gun. Pistols here are illegal, unfortunately. Supposedly, knowing a good, sympathetic, local oligarch-type can be handy, but that is simply conjecture….*grins* The major downside is ammo is fairly plentiful, but very expensive, which is why air rifling is so very, very popular here.

              1. Holy cow! I had no idea. Glad you’re both OK.

              2. Thank God you’re OK.

            2. I was concerned

              Considering you are, arguably, not the most, um, sentimental poster here, that really means a lot to me (us).

              Bol’shoe spasibo, Sevo. Thank you.

              1. GM, you’ve never wasted my time pitching your superstition to me, so I don’t care what you bleeve.
                But I’ll put that down to good luck and careful effort on your part; you’re welcome and I’m glad to see you (and yours) safe.
                Odessa isn’t very big; in which ‘quarter’ do you live? (I’m a map junkie).

                1. Thanking you Papaya, Eddie, and Sevo for the well wishes.-)))) Morning, gents.

                  GM, you’ve never wasted my time pitching your superstition to me, so I don’t care what you bleeve.

                  That’s an odd way to compliment my medical skills and expertise, Sevo; another fine example of that caustic sentimentality to which I was referring. *chuckles* You’re cranky, but I’ve always liked you.

                  Odessa isn’t very big; in which ‘quarter’ do you live? (I’m a map junkie).

                  ???????????? ?????.

    3. Not loving the NBC announcers; when you’re broadcasting team/driver com, STFU!
      But ditto on GM’s best wishes.

  88. C’mon everyone- let’s stay up all night and watch Clinton campaign ads.

  89. The SF Chron hired (or promoted) someone to editor-in-chief some time back (2 years? 3?) in the stated wish to improve the quality. Regardless, the quality of the rag and the free E-version has not improved to say the least, but it has become more ‘sensitive’.
    Anyhow, a week or so ago, she (the new EIC) launched a “SF HOMELESS PROJECT” effort to supposedly engage all of us to ‘solve’ the homeless problem; by her admission, a result of having to personally and directly deal with some bums.
    The result has been many articles suggesting that we need to spend more money on them an none examining other alternatives. Surprise!
    Now, the E-version has a sort of gauge to measure the interest in the articles: “Most Popular” http://www.sfgate.com/ (down there on the right)
    Not one of her SJW articles (blessed with beauty photos of bums with make-up, directions to writers to make it look good, pulls from other failed lefty rags) has cracked the top ten.
    Here’s hoping the board tosses her out on her kiester.

    1. “We’re only spending $240 million a year on the homeless! That’s only $5.1 million per square mile! If only we could spend more!”

    2. Catch & Release. 240mil would buy a decent reservation for them somewhere 100miles from the nearest human settlement and they can sleep under the stars to their hearts content. If they want to come back, get a job then feel free to be part of civilization again.

      The perpetually homeless cannot be fixed. Put em on a ranch, and ecotourists can come pay to see man in his natural habitat.

  90. Last thread of the night? Bring out your sickest jokes and let’s offend somebody!

    I am getting on in years and not the best looking guy anymore. Some would even say I’m a little frayed around the edges. But, I have a nice car, a little money, and I spend most of my time casually traveling from place to place and enjoying life.

    I met a nice looking girl in the park the other evening. There was an *instant spark* between us. All of a sudden, she did this cute little dance, then immediately dropped to her knees and lay on the grass at my feet.

    As we lay there making love, I thought ….. “Wow, these Taser guns are
    really worth the money!”

    1. A Muslim walks into a gay bar.

      Bartender: “What’ll it be?”

      Muslim: “Shots for everyone!”

      1. In that vein tastelesness, but not a joke per se, is Golden Earring’s little ditty (with lyrics – read them, they are arguably predictive and descriptive of Omar)

        1. There’s not enough Golden Earring around anymore. Thanks.

    2. Movies are magical, aren’t they? They make us laugh, make us cry…they’re even there when we take our first steps with that special someone. I remember sitting in that theater with 16-year old Julie McCune, trying to get to second base. I even remember the name of the movie that was playing: Minions.

    1. Well I’m just glad the Heaven’s Gate Director by the same name is OK

      1. How can one not like that movie? Even for its length it has great pacing. It’s a great story–albeit a bit absurd. But that’s Cimino.

        1. I have no real opinion of the movie. I just think its funny that his reputation is 1/2 “one of the best movies ever”, and 1/2 “an epic disaster”.

          That said – i personally think Thunderbolt & Lightfoot & Year of the Dragon were both very entertaining movies, just not as artistically pretentious as either of the above, and so are generally ignored by critics.

          I think director’s greatest flaw is when they take themselves too seriously. many of them do their best work when they’re just trying to get something done and have little artistic investment in the picture. its when they have their ego entirely invested in something that it tends to go completely to shit.

          there’s a note on the former film here which i think speaks to why clint has made so many very good films, while cimino made very few, and then only 1 really-good one =

          Eastwood did not like to do any more than three takes on any given shot, according to co-star Bridges. “I would always go to Mike and say ‘I think I can do one more. I got an idea.’ And Mike would say ‘I gotta ask Clint.’ Clint would say, ‘Give the kid a shot.'”[13] Charles Okun, first assistant director on Thunderbolt, added, “Clint was the only guy that ever said ‘no’. Michael said ‘OK, let’s go for another take.’ It was take four, Clint would say ‘No we got enough. We got it.’ […] And if [Cimino] took too long to get it ready, [Clint] would say, ‘It’s good, let’s go.'”[11][13]

  91. Pardon me while I #FeelTheJohnson

  92. In today’s Not-the-Onion news:

    In Canada’s Arctic, summers are marked by a bright light that bathes the treeless tundra for more than 20 hours a day.

    For some, it’s a welcome change from the unrelenting darkness of winter. But for the small but growing Muslim community of Iqaluit, Nunavut, life in the land of the midnight sun poses a singular challenge during the month of Ramadan, during which Muslims typically fast from sunrise to sunset.

    “I haven’t fainted once,” said 29-year-old Abdul Karim, one of the few in the city who has fastidiously timed his Ramadan fast to the Arctic sun since moving from Ottawa in 2011.

    (from The Guardian — I’m too ignorant to link — over 50 characters)

      1. Sounds like Muslim lunar colonists will have some serious problems then.

  93. Two years ago this week, July 7-10 of 2014, was the last time a majority of Americans had a favorable view of Hillary Clinton.


    Since then, a majority of Americans have had an unfavorable view of Hillary–and she’s only sporadically been able to rise above a 39% favorable rating since January of this year. 53-55% of the American people have had an unfavorable opinion of her for the last seven months.

    1. The goodfeels of the convention will make July the high tide of Hillary likability. Her path to victory consists of hiding behind Bill, BHO, and lick-spittle media without being forced into dangerous public appearances like debates (the Democrats must find a reason to ditch these, probably because racism) or press conferences (212 days and counting).

      Hillary can’t even give Terry Gross an interview without having her Pantsuited Eldritch Horror Trueface emerge; how do you hide her after the convention when she has to do more than read (badly) off of a teleprompter? In the era of the celebrity president and facing off against a Tony-Robbins-trained reality-tv star, the Democrats are running the ultimate anti-celebrity.


      1. Her path to victory consists of hiding behind Bill, BHO, and lick-spittle media without being forced into dangerous public appearances like debates

        true that.

        i’m pretty sure they have a strategy to ‘appear like she’s in public’ when she’s not. i’d guess it would involve a lot of appearances on TV talk shows where they can edit the discussion.

        1. holograms, a comb and some wax paper.

          1. The ingredients for some sort of optical household kazoo?

            1. a strategy to ‘appear like she’s in public’ when she’s not

    2. It’s a lot easier for Trump to move into likeable territory than Hillary because Trump wants to be liked. When Hillary is at a public event, her smile is phony as hell. Her “happy voice” is completely forced. When she lets her guard down, she’s a scold. She’s shrill and humorless.

  94. Whomever wins in November, I doubt he or she will ever see a second term, much less claim a mandate to do anything. I don’t want Trump to win so much as I want Hillary to lose. God, I’d love to see the look on her face when it first sinks in that America doesn’t want her–and never will.

    I’d love to see the progressives ninnies run around in circles screaming with their panties in a bunch because Trump won, too—like a bunch of eurocrat twits after the Brexit vote. Though, that’s really just icing on the cake.

    What I’d really like to see is Hillary alone, empty, old, under indictment, forced to give all those tens of millions back to all those foreign governments, spending the rest of her life whoring herself to various leftist groups, giving inspirational speeches to people she doesn’t give a shit about, charging people she hates hundreds of dollars to eat rubber chicken and have their picture taken with her dried up and wrinkled, fat ass.

    Seeing her become the most hated President since Richard Nixon wouldn’t be bad either, so I guess it’s kind of a win/win for me.

    No way she wins a second term, though. Not when people have disliked her for so long. Isn’t it amazing that the Republicans picked the only nominee who might not be able to beat her in the general election?

    1. I thought Bill Clunton picked Trump?

    2. Jeb would bphqve lost to hill dog.

  95. I don’t want Trump to win so much as I want Hillary to lose

    This seems to be the predominant thinking on both sides: “I’m voting against that depraved loser from Team Other!”

    Chuck Todd was interviewing some nitwit this morning, pressing him to “make the case for Trump”. It was all the guy could do to keep himself from saying, “He’s not Hillary.”

    1. The South Bend Tribune hosts a debate on whether pharmacists, despite religious objections, should be required to sell birth control.

      This is from the argument of the guy who says they *should* be required to do it. Observe the debatable point which he takes for granted:

      “This matters, because while some big cities have pharmacies on every other block in the right neighborhoods, it’s also the case that in rural areas a pharmacist often has a virtual monopoly on serving his or her region. If that pharmacist decides not to provide certain services, customers can be greatly burdened ? or even out of luck ? in procuring the health assistance they require.

      “The state of Washington has thus decided that pharmacists can’t pick or choose which parts of the job they’ll do and which they won’t. That doesn’t mean conservative Christians can’t exercise their conscience. It does mean, however, that they might have to get a different job.”

      1. Anyway, the article is *in* the South Bend Tribune: “Tribune News Service Knight Ridder/Tribune”

      2. Using identical reasoning, Catholic gynecologists should be forced to perform abortions for the convenience of their patients.

        That doesn’t mean that conservative Catholics gynecologists can’t exercise their conscience. They just might have to get another job.

        1. So you missed the numerous Republicans who have proposed to make birth control over the counter, so that pharmacists no longer serve as gatekeepers?

          1. Hello, less restrictive alternative!

          2. I’m not sure if that addresses the problem in the hypothetical rural pharmacist. I mean, it’s not like he’s keeping the pills behind the counter and refusing to dispense them, he’s just not ordering them in the first place. How does allowing their sale next to the Vicks and PrepH force him to order them and put them on the shelf? (NTTATRWT)

            I’m assuming in the hypothetical that this pharmacist is the sole proprietor and not an employee of CVS/Walgreens/etc.

            1. Order birth control online, have it delivered in a little box with a picture of a stork with a cross-out sign over it.

              1. Hey now, Mr. Efficient And Convenient Procurement of Medical Supplies, where do you think this is, Somalia?

                Where’s the legislation allowing amazon to sell (human) insulin? I guess hussy pills are just more medically necessary. Thanks Congress! No, I kid, I kid, I fully expect them to outlaw non-prescription insulin sales any day now.

  96. In case anyone is curious about the fall out from the Sacramento “anti fascist” assaults, I guess that there hasn’t been any:

    “It was a melee between neo-Nazis ? who had been given a permit for a rally on Capitol grounds ? and a loosely organized group of self-identified anti-fascists, or “Antifa,” who came armed to shut down the rally. We have yet to hear satisfying answers to questions we’ve asked in the aftermath, particularly from the CHP: Why did officers appear to hang back as the initially quiet crowd erupted into violence? And why were no arrests made before protesters were allowed to leave?”


    1. melee implies there were two groups who were more or less equally guilty.

      When Klan and Nazis came to a Communist rally in Greensboro, NC, in 1979 and ended up shooting several marchers dead, the conventional wisdom is that the Klan and Nazis were the aggressors (though there was some difficulty persuading juries of this, especially given things like the Communists saying in advance that a confrontation would be a good thing, and the fact that they “invited” the Klan to their rally and taunted them with cowardice if they didn’t show up, and that the rally was called Death to the Klan, etc. But anyway…)

      But now it’s the reverse, we have leftists coming to attack a nazi rally and its a melee?

      1. Well yeah, juat like when they report that violence “broke out” at a Trump rally.

        1. Speaking of which? i’ve seen this tactic repeated in a few separate occasions (* and had it used on myself once or twice)

          Dude #1 goes, “Hey bro, hey, yo, what’s up, over here, what’s the deal” and gets the target’s attention and moves close, blocking people’s view; meanwhile his buddy dude #2 quietly positions himself behind – and when the target turns and go “hey i’m not trying to get into any shit here, ok, just be cool?” and tries to placate dude #1, dude #2 cold-cocks the target from behind. both then turn and walk away in different directions with the “ey i dont even know what happened” look on their faces.

          I bet there’s a name for it.

  97. Catch & Release. 240mil would buy a decent reservation for them somewhere 100miles from the nearest human settlement and they can sleep under the stars to their hearts content. If they want to come back, get a job then feel free to be part of civilization again.

    The perpetually homeless cannot be fixed. Put em on a ranch, and ecotourists can come pay to see man in his natural habitat.

    Send them all to Burning Man.

    And leave them there.

    1. So the attendees could just give them a ride home? I applaud your frugality though.

      1. But, but – they don’t *have* homes!

        1. sorry, I wasn’t clear, the driver’s hometown. i guess it could work as a sort of bum redistribution scheme.

  98. Good thing for Harry Reid they just let him off with a warning.

  99. How could the cops tell that they were meth heads?


    1. *Shudder*

    2. A couple days ago I stumbled across an discussion of “Jake walk” in connection with Blues music in the 1920s and 1930s. It made me realize (yet again) that there’s nothing new under the sun; that government prohibition causes market developments which circumvent prohibition but ultimately are deadly or harmful to users. It had to do with “Jamaica ginger” which caused damage to people’s ability to walk. Government: is there anything that it can’t make worse?

      1. In 1930, large numbers of Jake users began to lose the use of their hands and feet. Some victims could walk, but they had no control over the muscles which would normally have enabled them to point their toes upward. Therefore, they would raise their feet high with the toes flopping downward, which would touch the pavement first followed by their heels. This very peculiar gait became known as the jake walk and those afflicted were said to have jake leg, jake foot, or jake paralysis.

        Within a few months, the TOCP-adulterated Jake was identified as the cause of the paralysis, and the contaminated Jake was recovered. But by that time, it was too late for many victims… for most, the loss was permanent. The total number of victims was never accurately determined, but is frequently quoted as between 30,000 and 50,000.

        Alcohol prohibition brought on the first, most significant, most violent ‘crime wave’ in american history.

        And even though it was repealed fairly quickly, the institutions put in place to enforce/manage prohibition have never really changed. the systems of taxation and control and artificial-monopoly they put on alcohol gave the state a template to apply to everything else.

        Prohibition is the perfect case-study in how top-down govt attempts to control behavior result in side-effects far worse than the ‘problem’ they’re trying to solve. yet everyone thinks “this time it will work”

      2. It had to do with “Jamaica ginger” which caused damage to people’s ability to walk.

        For clarity –

        Jamaica Ginger extract, known in the United States by the slang name “Jake,” was a late 19th-century patent medicine that provided a convenient way to bypass Prohibition laws, since it contained between 70-80% ethanol by weight.

        there was nothing inherently toxic about the original product.

        The govt realized people were using it for “illicit purposes” and so began to require it have an arbitrarily high solids-to-weight content.

        Smugglers used a chemical (TOCP) “”that was able to pass the Treasury Department’s tests but preserved Jake’s drinkability. TOCP was originally thought to be non-toxic; however, it was later determined to be a neurotoxin that causes axonal damage to the nerve cells in the nervous system of human beings, especially those located in the spinal cord.””

        It was MADE poisonous in reaction to govt regulation.

        People who argue that “if not for regulation”, corporations/businesses would poison/kill their customers (e.g. Montsanto! Exxon! Twinkies!) drive me up the fucking wall. Almost everything that turns out to have ill-effects on consumer health/wellbeing is generally traceable to some effort by the govt to impose arbitrary rules, which in turn produced perverse incentives which made ‘less healthy’ options not just more-commercially-viable, it made them the ONLY option.

        1. Thanks for clarifying. I couldn’t find the website where I initially ran into this subject. It included some songs written about the gait of the afflicted.

  100. OT: Summer Games Done Quick started this morning. 24×7 for the whole week!



  101. OT: Summer Games Done Quick started this morning. 24×7 for the whole week!



  102. Super patriot Dylan Mathews, at the right wing VOX, has an article explaining the American revolution was a mistake.

    1. Super patriot Dylan Mathews

      so lazy he just “updated” his derp-article from last year and made it seem super-fresh.

    2. TL;DR: “If Trump wins I’m moving to Canada.”

      1. we can only hope

    3. It certainly could’ve been avoided. It was previously when the Dominion of New England was dissolved peacefully.

    1. You’d think one version would be enough, but that entire channel seems devoted to minor variations on the same formula.

      1. Yeah, I had a hard time picking which vid to post.

      2. but enough about [insert TV station here]

        1. Did you hear about that new show that’s coming to CBS this fall? It’s a wacky sex comedy!

    1. Oh man, I clicked the 2nd link first because I knew what it be and got a smile – and then I got the nut-punch from the 1st link. Sad!

    1. “What are you in for?”

      “I beat up a 94-year-old woman.”

    2. And naturally the objective reporter adds this objective analysis of the government shutdown:

      “The shutdown began after Republicans demanded the defunding of the nation’s new health insurance system in exchange for providing essential federal funding.”

  103. Is this the officially longest running H&R thread of all time?

    1. Not even close, according to what I’ve heard.

      1. Well, ok. This article was posted yesterday morning at 9:45am EST, right? We’re approaching 18 hours here without another article.

        So what’s the top?

        1. There was one not too far back that hit like 1200 posts.

          1. No, I wasn’t talking about the number of posts. We had one, that I know of, that I commented on, that was more than 1400 posts. I was talking about an article posted that hasn’t had any other articles posted. after, for the longest time.

            Fuck it, thread breaker most posts, let’s do it.

            1. Yeah, it is extremely unusual to get nothing on a Sunday.

      1. How is that supposed to be either patriotic or libertarian?

        1. So you admit you clicked. Were you…disappointed? For shame.

          1. National Park Service videos? What are you are communist?

            1. I’ll overlook that slur, because you’re upset I didn’t show a cougar video like this one.

  104. If you want patriotic links, this would make a *much* better national anthem than the one we got now.

  105. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of songs which would make better national anthems than the remastered drinking song we have now.

    There’s this, for example.

    1. bullshit. A re-purposed drinking song fits the founding of our country perfectly.

  106. I know some parts of this song were stolen, but if credit and royalties were apportioned fairly, it would be an excellent candidate for national anthem.

  107. Here is another good candidate for national anthem. Of course, it’s long, but Americans don’t have a problem with length.

  108. “Please rise and bang your heads for the national anthem.”

  109. Fourth of July fireworks injuries starting early or mad bomber in NY?

    A college student from Fairfax, Va., was seriously injured Sunday in New York City’s Central Park when he unwittingly jumped on explosive material that had been left next to a rock, according to police and his family.

    A strange story – so I’m gonna go with answer C: LEO’s conducting explosives training exercises left a bomb in the park.

    1. They’ll either pin it on the kid or we’ll never hear anything about this again.

    2. What’s weird about that story is that they keep reporting it as contact explosive and then throw in a bunch of shit to say it’s not. De Blasio tweeted to practice fireworks safety. “Fulminate” is not trending on twitter. I didn’t check NI3.

  110. I’ve posted this before, but the “Star Spangled Banner” sounds really good in French.

  111. Or if you want to stick to the 19th century, and do a national anthem with lyrics by a woman…and we know how much more peaceful women are, so we won’t have to endure a bunch of militaristic lyrics.

  112. There’s been at least one new post every day since the site started in 2003.





    They can’t even bother Robby’s lame ass to come here and tell us about what some stupid feminist at Northwestern said on Friday? Robby usually just mails in the PM links anyway. Can’t even trouble someone to mail it in?

    It’s the day before the Fourth. Jesus.

    With apologies to triggered red-headed step children, . . . anyone else starting to feel unwanted?

    1. Someday, a hundred years from now, when Shultz’s Internet Comments is published in its eighth edition, people will wonder how the folks at Reason could have neglected to put up a new post for a day back in 2016.

      Critics and commentators will argue about what I might have written . . . if only there hadn’t been a day without a new post.

      Only I’ll know what I intended to write. And that secret will go with me to the grave. And the literary establishment of tomorrow will curse this day forever.


    2. The FBI says it was “home-made fireworks gone-wrong”

      It sort of makes sense, but not …

      Kid steps on something in remote area of Central Park = It Explodes and Blows His Foot Off

      If you’ve ever been curious to see a bloody stump with pieces of a foot dangling off of it? here you go

      When it was first reported in the Daily News, they basically refused to speculate about what the explosive was.

      Then around 5pm they got a statement from the FBI saying it seemed like “experimental fireworks” – but the reporting seems to vacillate between “fireworks” and “explosives”. they’re not the same thing.

      I note = the link in the original story above suggests that may have been an assumed connection to the Elie Weisel funeral ceremony taking place a few blocks away; but the story stripped any mention of that other than to say, “they could hear it”.

      The thing i find skeptical about “experimental fireworks” = they’re intended to make a ‘very visible’ boom, which means slow-moving explosive. Things like that *burn* and lacerate, but they don’t blow your appendages off.

      Anyway, curious.

      1. Depending on who is at fault, we may never get an explanation.

        Oh, and *barf*.

      2. Speaking of exploding body parts… it brings a patriotic tear to my eye that many of my Brooklyn neighbors don’t seem too concerned that fireworks are illegal. I have a clear view for miles on three sides and it’s like a non-stop show every night this weekend.

        1. the only thing that changed in the last 10 years is that they got more serious about cracking down on roof-parties in Wburg. Which were sort of a big-deal for a while. unlike other residential areas, a lot of Wburg buildings are basically ‘warehouses’ and have 1/4-block sided roofs. they could host a few hundred people at once. I fell through a skylight at one in 2001 & cut up my ankle real bad. by 2005 they started cracking down on them and now even 3floor row-houses can get in trouble for “viewing parties”, esp down on the waterfront where its most popular.

          1. I live in Bay Ridge – probably half of the scofflaws are cops.

        2. It’s been sounding like a war zone for a couple of hours each night, in my sleepy beach town. I’m torn because on the one hand I think people should be able to set off fireworks to their hearts content. On the other hand it’s stressing the fuck out of my dogs.

  113. Never OT =

    Apparently disclosure in the Eramo lawsuit is producing lots of documents re: the UVA/Erdely/Jackie debacle

    something jumped out in the very beginning there

    Rolling Stone magazine published a story in November 2014 describing in chilling detail a student’s account of being brutally raped by seven men at the University of Virginia. Several days later the magazine’s editors received an email from the reporter with the subject line “our worst nightmare.”

    “We’re going to have to run a retraction,” wrote Sabrina Rubin Erdely about her now-discredited story, “A Rape on Campus.”

    The message is among hundreds of pages of notes, emails and other documents released Friday that shed light on the reporting and fallout of the piece.

    If I recall, the media didn’t start to run “skeptical pieces” about the Nov 2014 Rolling Stone story until mid-December. And there was no admission anything was even the slightest bit wrong by RS until the end of Dec/Early 2015. And they NEVER ran a “retraction” – they ran an ‘apology’, right? saying that they’d made some mistakes, *but otherwise stood by their reporter*

    I highlight the last bit because i recall RS trying to pin it on Erdely (and suggesting “they believed her”) as late as January. Here, they’re suggesting she’s begging them to disown it.

    1. I guess i got the timeline wrong there. here was the (first?) note from RS – and it was as early as Dec 5?

      Maybe i moved the whole thing forward a bit.

    2. Rolling Stone officially retracted the story in April 2015

      that sounds more like what i was familiar with. But you have erdely saying “retract it” within *days* of publication? basically it sounds like they were 100% aware of how fucked up the whole thing was, and it wasn’t until the WaPo started really digging into the details that they decided to acknowledge problems.

  114. Just Cause 3 is absurdly good fun.

    1. You don’t explain why?

      Oh, I see…

      1. One tidbit I like: after you liberate a military installation, the dictator’s media puppet, some unnamed vacationing celeb he had abducted and forces to make national announcements, gives some ginned-up excuse for why another government asset has been knocked out of service. In response to the marina I just took over, the poor sap blames it on rising tides due to global warming.

    1. Why is this not on the cover of every newspaper in America??

      (insert weeping statue of liberty)

      1. The Daily Fail often “gets” America better than most American newspapers.

      1. I thought there was a dedicated website for this – not youtube. That and me blocking auto-vids kind of ruins it.

        1. Keep trying to get the link…I would even say *don’t give it up.*

    2. Lives there the man with soul so dead
      As not to think that’s totally awesome?

  115. More offensive jokes…

    A Jamaican man bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar, announcing that his wife had just given birth to “a typical Jamaican baby boy weighing 20 pounds.”

    Congratulations showered him from all around, and many exclamations of “Wow!” were heard. A woman actually fainted due to sympathy pains.

    Two weeks later, he returned to the bar. The bartender said, “Say, you’re the father of the Jamaican baby who weighed 20 pounds at birth. How much does he weigh now?”

    The proud father answered, “Fifteen pounds.”

    The bartender was puzzled. “Why? What happened? He weighed 20 pounds at birth?”

    The Jamaican father took a slow sip from his Red Stripe beer, wiped his lips on his shirtsleeve, leaned into the bartender and said,

    “Had him circumcised!”

  116. A professor was giving a lecture on “Involuntary Muscular Contractions” to first year medical students. Realizing that this was not the most riveting subject, the professor decided to lighten the mood slightly.

    He pointed to a young woman in the front row and said. “Do you know what your asshole is doing while you’re having an orgasm?”

    She replied, “He’s probably drinking beer at some bar with his friends.”

  117. What’s the best part of having sex with a chick w/ a dick?

    Reaching around and pretending it went all the way through…

    1. (downvote)

  118. I’m drunk so I’ll offer to repeat the most offensive joke in US history, if anyone wants. But be warned you’ll hate yourself for laughing; and if you don’t ill hunt you down and kick your ass.

    1. Well, what is it?

      1. It’s from the late 80s when there was a push to make MLK day a holiday.

        “They took a poll about making MLK a holiday.
        30% were in favor, 15% opposed and 55% said lets kill 4 more n—-gers and take the whole week off.”

        Some white guy I worked with told me that one and I reflexively punched him out.

        1. i can see a black comic doing that joke and people not-even-bat-an-eye

        2. I laffed.

        3. If memory serves, the “Greaseman” (shock jock) got into trouble for that one when he was on the air in D.C.

  119. How do you kill a vegetarian vampire?

    With a steak to the heart.

    1. boooooooooooooooooo get off the stage

  120. What kind of shoes do ninjas wear?


    1. Ninjokes are copyrighted

  121. Q – What do thousands and thousands of battered women all have in common?

    A – (when told face-2-face, needs to be shouted violently) = THEY NEVER KNOW WHEN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  122. *i think one of the best/dumbest jokes I’ve heard here (and which i’ve retold) is the one about the skydiving Brazilians and the blonde wife.

  123. Little Zachary was doing very badly in math. His parents had tried everything?tutors, mentors, flash cards, special learning centers, and more.

    In short, everything they could think of to help his math.

    Finally, in a last ditch effort, they took Zachary down and enrolled him In the local Catholic school. After the first day, little Zachary came home with a very serious look on his face. He didn’t even kiss his mother hello. Instead, he went straight to his room and started studying.

    Books and papers were spread out all over the room and little Zachary was hard at work. His mother was amazed. She called him down to dinner.

    To her shock, the minute he was done, he marched back to his room without a word, and in no time, he was back hitting the books as hard as before.

    This went on for some time, day after day, while the mother tried to understand what made all the difference.

    Finally, little Zachary brought home his Report Card. He quietly laid it on the table, went up to his room and hit the books. With great trepidation, His Mom looked at it and to her great surprise, Little Zachary got an ‘A’ in math.

    She could no longer hold her curiosity. She went to his room and said, ‘Son, what was it? Was it the nuns?’ Little Zachary looked at her and shook his head, no. ‘Well, then,’ she replied, Was it the books, the discipline, the structure, the uniforms? WHAT WAS IT?’

    1. Little Zachary looked at her and said, ‘Well, on the first day of school when I saw that guy nailed to the plus sign, I knew they weren’t fooling around.’

      1. Oh, eddie’s gawn be maaaaaaaad

        1. More like relieved…that joke could have gone in so many directions.

  124. Why’s every newborn baby get spanked?


  125. A Jewish man was riding on the subway reading an Arab newspaper. A friend of his, who happened to be riding in the same subway car, noticed this strange phenomenon. Very upset, he approached the newspaper reader: “Moshe, have you lost your mind? Why are you reading an Arab newspaper?” Moshe replied: “I used to read the Jewish newspaper, but what did I find? Jews being persecuted, Israel being attacked, Jews disappearing through assimilation and intermarriage, Jews living in poverty. So I switched to the Arab newspaper. Now what do I find? Jews own all the banks, Jews control the media, Jews are all rich and powerful, Jews rule the world. The news is much better!”

  126. A woman walks into supermarket. She picks up some bananas, a loaf of bread, and a can of tomato soup. At the checkout register, the clerk looks at her, and then at the items, and says “I can tell you’re single.”

    The woman smiles and says, “how do you know that?”

    The clerk says, “because you’re ugly.”

  127. So the guy walks into a bar and says, “ha ha, I just heard the funniest Polack joke. It goes like this…”

    The bartender interrupts. “Look, I’m Polish, the bouncer over there with arms as big as most people’s legs is Polish, that off-duty cop in the corner who was sued seventeen times for police brutality is Polish, and that circus strongman next to you who’s crying into his beer and whose mother just died, is Polish. And they can all hear you. Now, are you *sure* you want to tell that joke?”

    “All right,” says the guy, “I’ll just tell the joke very slowly.”

    1. (I get to tell that joke because parts of Poland used to be Ukrainian and vice versa)

    2. Ok, that’s not so bad.

  128. I’m not gay, but my asshole is.

    Don’t try the veal, it’s cruel.

  129. What does Bill Clinton tell his wife after sex?

    “Wow, these *are* miracle pills!”

    (originally the punch line was “I’ll be home in half an hour, honey”)

  130. A Mexican, an Arab, and an American are in the same bar.

    When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, “In Mexico , our glasses are so cheap we don’t need to drink from the same one twice.”

    The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks his no-alcohol beer (cuz he’s a Muslim!), throws it into the air, pulls out his AR-15, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, “In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don’t need to drink with the same one twice either.”

    The American picks up his beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out his 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab. Catching his glass, setting it on the bar, and asking for a refill. He says, “In America, we have so many illegal immigrants that we don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.”

  131. So a clerk at a store is helping a woman who is shopping and remarks:
    “What lovely children you have! Are they twins?”
    She responds:
    “Are you crazy? One is 4 and the other is twelve!”
    “Well” says the clerk, “you’re so ugly, I didn’t think you could possibly get screwed twice.”

  132. my best friend’s mom makes $74 an hour on the computer . She has been without work for five months but last month her payment was $19746 just working on the computer for a few hours. find more information …
    ?????????? http://www.factoryofincome.com

  133. Why was Bill Clinton crying during sex?

    One of the women finally remembered to bring some mace.


  134. i totally agree with the idea – problem is Gary Johnson isnt that strong of a candidate and it seems like this will put Hillary in the WH which is the scariest scenario I could think of.

  135. Gary Johnson is not doing ‘well’ in any battleground states.

    First, he doesn’t have any battleground states–you have to have a chance to win for them to be battleground states for you.

    And Gary’s just not competitive in any state.

    Not one.

    There is no ‘second’. Why bother?

  136. Wait, Libertarians actually encouraging other people to vote Libertarian? That can’t be right…

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