The Purge Presents Election Year in Dystopia, Judge Blocks Mississippi Religious-Objections Law, Military Prepares to Welcome Transgender Troops: A.M. Links



    Will Loretta Lynch accept the FBI's recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton's private email server? The Attorney General is expected to say today.

  • A federal judge blocked a Mississippi law allowing clerks to recuse themselves from offering marriage licenses to same-sex couples and businesses to refuse service to gay or transgender people.
  • How the U.S. military will implement its new policy on transgender troops.
  • The Purge: Election Year "feints toward real-world politics…notably in how it pits a multicultural underdog coalition against a white power structure abetted by neo-Nazi mercenaries with Confederate flags and swastikas on their uniforms."
  • Californians will vote on whether to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $2.
  • The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana has blocked the state's ban on abortions motivated by the fetus' sex, race, or potential disability.

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  1. 198) From Slate, one of those items that turns up occasionally giving a revealing but vomitaceous look into the true state of the progressive hivemind: North America’s Hottest Male Leaders Gather For Steamy Three-Way Politics Sesh.

    I suppose the piece is supposed to be humorous, though the humor reads very much as “this is funny because it’s what everyone I am friends with is secretly thinking.” Also, congratulations to Slate for crafting possibly the unintentionally truest statement they’ve ever written in referring to Justin Trudeau as “the world’s reigning Upworthy post of a human being.” Yes, Slate, you hit the nail right on the head with that one.

    Also, did this really happen? “Even the Canadian Parliament can’t help itself: Members started chanting “four more years!” when Obama made his appearance on the floor.” If that’s for real, could somebody please send an emergency shipment of dignity to Ottawa?

    1. JATNAS #1! Fisty Who?

      1. I’m dubious that you were able to type all that out so fast.

      2. Once again, #1 only counts if you make a reference to one of the actual lynx.

        You LOSE. Good DAY sir.

        1. No one asked ME to sign this social contract, man.


          2. Fist forged all of our names on it.

            1. He misspelled most of them, too.

              1. Must have been in a hurry.

        2. No one pays attention to Tonio’s rule. Its less binding than joez law.

    2. This simply confirms my suspicion that 99% of all political journalists are just toadies and jock sniffers.

    3. Hello.

      1. What are you doing here today, Rufus? Why aren’t you out playing hockey drinking coffee from Tim’s or any other number of Canadian things?

        1. You think he’s NOT naked except for a film of maple syrup right now?

          1. That’s Raple syrup.

            1. ‘Rape’ is problematic. You’re thinking of Canola syrup.

              1. Land of Rape and Honey.

        1. When is Sad Canada Day? Is it when [relevant hockey team] loses to [its American equivalent]?

          1. That was Wednesday, at least in Quebec.

            (still can’t believe the Habs made that trade)

            1. What is a hab? Sounds vaguely Islamoterrorist to me.

      2. Happy Canada Day! Throw another shrimp on the barbie for me, Rufus!

        1. Thank you all!

          JB, yes, yes they did.

          I won’t let the Liberal party ruin it for me.

          Will be smoking some ribs, putting together my daughter’s bureau, watching the Euro and heading on my bike to cycle later on.

          1. Man, Canadian masturbation euphemisms are awfully complicated.

          2. putting together my daughter’s bureau

            Did you get it on sale at Ikea?

          3. Happy Canada Day, Rufus!

          4. WHO SAYS BUREAU!

            THIS is why Canada is America’s hat.

            1. Bureau…bureau…I think my grandmother had a bureau once…

              1. That was a chiffarobe.

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  2. Will Loretta Lynch accept the FBI’s recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server? The Attorney General is expected to say today.

    Looks like Bubba’s gonna have to meet with FBI bureaucrats now.

    1. The Fist of the North! The Fist of the North!

      1. JATNAS is more like Ramsay or Little Finger?

        1. Hodor.

        2. Has Daenerys done, like, anything this season? All I hear about is Jon and Sansa.

          1. She burned some dudes, burned some other dudes, threatened to burn a whole lot more dudes, and seriously considered lezzing out. That doesn’t count for anything?

            1. I hear she doesn’t do nude scenes anymore, so my patience for the dragon queen has fizzled out.

              1. She did one this season. She just won’t do nudity that isn’t important to the story anymore.

            2. It was fire all the way down.

    2. Second post is first loser.

      1. Picture, if you will, Bill Clinton is sitting on his airplane when in pops Loretta Lynch. She asks advice on a hypothetical problem she has concerning very, very damaging evidence against a candidate for high political office. Clinton tells the attorney general that he has only flown to Phoenix because a certain voluptuous Supercuts stylist in town gives him the best haircuts and asks if she could come back later as he’s scheduled an appointment for a close shave, if she get’s his meaning. Meanwhile in Washington DC President Obama is asked to review candidates for his next batch of pardons. Vice President Biden surreptitiously tosses the top folder marked “HRC” into the trash, leaving the president to approve the next pardon, which is for the imprisoned architect of Cash for Clunkers.

        1. Good thing you weren’t a writer for The West Wing. I would have had to have wasted a bunch of my precious life’s time watching it.

    3. Looks like Bubba’s gonna have to meet with FBI bureaucrats now.

      If anyone is under the delusion that the “career prosecutors” are about to recommend anything other than what their boss wants them to recommend, you need medicating.

      Here’s a question for you: What does the FBI normally do when they investigate something? Like, say, they intercept a bunch of drugs. Do they wait for the AG to make a determination on the charges before saying anything, or do they frog-march the perpetrator in front of the media and announce their big arrest?

      Or if they find a bunch of kiddie-porn on some guy’s computer? Do they wait until the AG is ready to bring charges, or do they make a big announcement in the media and ensure that the guy is instantly branded in everyone’s mind?

      Yet in this case, we are all gonna wait until the very highest levels of government sign off on it. This is pretty odd.

      I suppose they are doing some sort of election calculus. They probably have to announce something before the election. But not so far out from the election that there is time to investigate it as a coverup. So maybe a month out? Just quietly announce that there is no evidence of any crime and decline to seek any charges. That’ll be plenty of fig leaf to keep the base and any waffling independents on the reservation. The other people weren’t going to vote for her anyway, so this is the winning path.

      I can’t see waiting until after the election.

      1. If anyone is under the delusion that the “career prosecutors” are about to recommend anything other than what their boss wants them to recommend, you need medicating.

        Hillary is 2:1 or better to be the next president. If the career prosecutors give a damn about their career as a prosecutor, there is no way that they’ll prosecute a vindictive bitch like Clinton. To think otherwise is pure fantasy. It’s a fun to fantasize the DoJ doing wholesale civil asset forfeiture on the Clinton Foundation and putting Bill and Hill where they belong, but it ain’t gonna happen.

        1. And Remain was at 3 to 1 there at the end. Look how well that went over.

    4. This just means that the fix is in.

  3. Californians will vote on whether to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $2.

    Three straight days of cigarette links. You guys having an office quit-a-thon?

    1. Just $2? If they raised it by $20 a pack, think of all the education they could fund!

      1. Just $2? If they raised it by $20 a pack, think of all the education money they could fund burn by the barrel-full!

        1. Helpful conversion: One standard barrel will hold just over 100,000 one dollar bills.

          1. Making it rain in an eco-friendly manner.

    2. And moar aborshunz articlez!!!

      1. What I find especially mind-boggling about WWI is how contingent everything was. Had the Archduke’s convoy not taken a wrong turn…had Gavrilo Princip not stopped off at a certain bar for a drink, giving him a second change at the assassination…if, if if. There were a thousand ways things could have gone better, and yet probably the absolute worst outcome is what actually happened.

        1. The Great War was coming, with or without the assassination of the Archduke.

          1. Jenga tower of alliances. Agreed.

            1. ^^This.

              After the Crimean War, all the dominoes were set in place, and old school commanders were still locked in Napoleonic set-piece battles that completely ignored the new devastation of artillery, machine guns, and long distance communications.

              1. Yep. Go read “And now it can be told.”

                WWII gets all the press, but WWI is far more horrifying to read about IMHO, especially since so many died to accomplish so little.

                1. “WWII gets all the press, but WWI is far more horrifying to read about IMHO, especially since so many died to accomplish so little.”

                  I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why WW2 gets all the press. WW1 was just a horrible waste.

                2. Better yet, listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts: Blueprint for Armageddon. 24 hours of great commentary on The Great War.

                  1. That was a fantastic series of podcasts.

                    Carlin gets some money from me every year because Hardcore History is so fucking great.

                    1. Thirded. Listened to it last year over Memorial Day weekend. Haunting.

                    2. Hardcore History is great, and I’ve donated as well. But his commentary on current events is banal.

          2. Yeh. The powder keg was set and waiting.

            1. What good were all those cool weapons and militaries if they didn’t get to use them?

              1. The egos of nations was getting untenable. War was sealed as far back as the late 19th century. Though probably had been building up well before that. EG. Franco-Prussian war in 1870.

              2. The M-I-C is always the K-E-Y.

        2. But that’s the thing. It would have happened no matter what. This archaic system was full of little things waiting to happen. It was a house of cards, and whether a passing mouse farted or someone opened a window in another room, it was coming down. It is only because it happened the way it did that we marvel at this particular series of events.

    1. More dead in a few minutes than we have lost in the past 15 years…

      1. From George Will’s column yesterday: ” In the first hours, eight British soldiers fell per second.”

    2. It’s on my bucket list to visit the Somme, but getting my wife to visit what is essentially a massive graveyard is a daunting task, “But France! Wine! Castles! and gravestones… and battlefields… and…”

      1. and the mine crater

        1. SF’d

    3. Probably bloodiest day in British history, and not nearly as bad as what happened to the French at Verdun.

      Whole generations of men wiped out in single groups of ‘People’s Battalions’ that all came from the same town.

      1. I worked for a few weeks on a Dutch fellow’s house that he bought in Verdun. Damn, it’s spooky there. The war doesn’t feel that long ago in that place. When he was digging in the backyard he found all kinds of WWI detritus.

      2. About 30 years ago, my wife and I traveled in France with another couple.

        We stopped for a few days in a very small village in Burgundy. On the second day, I happened upon a war memorial in the village. The statue portrayed both the bravery and the desperation of three French soldiers. Below in bronze was a list of several dozen dead, many on the very same day, all from this very small village. I had recently read a couple of books about the Great War, understood the significance of this memorial, and could not stop my tears. In fact, thinking back on this is causing me to well up.

        1. Yeah, you can feel the sadness still enveloping the place. We spent a day going around to the trenches and visiting the museum and the American cemetery there. What a horrible, utter waste of human life. It was staggering.

  4. Californians will vote on whether to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $2.

    The dangers of secondhand tax revenue!

    1. Prostitutes accidentally hit.

    2. A Prop 13 is needed for everything in CA

      1. Lex Luthor had the right idea.

        Fuckin Superman had go and reverse time, though.

      2. If you already have a smoking habit, the tax is frozen for you?

  5. Will Loretta Lynch accept the FBI’s recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server? The Attorney General is expected to say today.

    To be decided right after she calls someone to remove the horse head from her bed.

  6. Man shoves bag of feces down woman’s shorts on Upper East Side, runs away

    The video shows the woman walking outside an apartment building on E. 74th St. near First Ave. at about 6 p.m. Monday. The man follows her, then crouches for a second and reaches into her waistband, grabbing her buttocks as he slams the feces into her shorts, cops said. Police said they had not determined the source of the excrement.

    someone has a fetish.

    1. Geez, did it happen again?

      1. Diverculitis.

      2. No, but a tip led cops to a homeless shelter where they caught him. I presume they shipped him off the Bellevue along with this guy for “evaluation”.

    2. Police said they had not determined the source of the excrement.

      I know cops are stupid, but everyone knows where shit comes from!

      1. Out of the mouths of police spokesmen?

        1. *stands and begins thunderous ovation*

      2. I thought you knew…

        (dons shades)

        …cops don’t know shit!

  7. A federal judge blocked a Mississippi law allowing clerks to recuse themselves from offering marriage licenses to same-sex couples and businesses to refuse service to gay or transgender people.

    An order for government workers to do their jobs? Unprecedented!

    1. [golf clap]

    1. “porn sniffing dog”?

      Paging SugarFree…

    2. Already covered and roundly mocked. But worthy of ongoing mockery.

    3. Please. The CDC has been doing dog porn for years.

    4. Please. The CDC has been doing dog porn for years.

      1. CDC – Canine Dickin’ Collective?

        1. TIWTANFL

          1. This Is Why There Are No Feline Libertarians?

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  9. Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell star in this thriller, which opens Friday

    Et tu, Juliet?

  10. Austrian presidential election must be re-run, court rules

    Austria’s presidential runoff election must be held again, the Constitutional Court ruled on Friday, handing the Freedom Party’s narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union.

    The verdict comes a week after Britain delighted anti-EU groups including the Freedom Party (FPO) by voting to leave the bloc. Concerns about immigration and jobs featured prominently in that referendum, as they did in Austria’s knife-edge election.

    Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration FPO lost the May 22 vote to former Greens leader Alexander Van der Bellen by less than one percentage point, or around 31,000 votes in the race for what is largely a ceremonial position.

    1. Do you know what other far-right Austrian got another chance to become head of state?

      1. Trump? It’s Trump, right?

      2. Crocodile Dundee?

      3. Ahhnollldd?

      4. Arnold?

    2. You know what other Austrian…. on second thought, forget it, way too easy.

    3. Are there any far right reruns?

      1. Dukes of Hazzard is in syndication, I believe.

    4. The court found more than twice that number of postal ballots had been affected by breaches of the electoral code, forcing it to order a re-run.

      Cheat smarter next time, Greens.

  11. “How the U.S. military will implement its new policy on transgender troops.”

    Well now I think I know how the military is going to get “women”into the special forces.

    1. “You’ll all be named Beverly.”

      1. “*Shirley*. You jest!”

    2. I had the same thought. Now we know how to find women who can carry a full load-out.

      1. “Full load-out” is an excellent metaphor for penis.

        1. Or an obscure masturbation euphemism…

  12. Remember the very fishy results of the Austrian election last month? Well, it really was fishy – Austrian Court Orders Rerun Of Presidential Election.

    The leftists will need to find a less blatant way to rig the election this time around.…..elections/

    1. ….or a better judge.

  13. Will Loretta Lynch accept the FBI’s recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

    Of course. Now, the fact that she wrote the FBI recommendation is just a coincidence…

    1. I can’t imagine what taking about their grandkids would have to do with this. Sheesh, why everyone so paranoid?

      1. The Clintons remind me of the kids I watched as a camp counselor–their lies are transparent and poorly thought out. The reason why so many people are fooled must be because the media participates in their spin.

        1. Telling big fat transparent poorly thought out lies is how you can get away with it because people have a hard time believing other people will tell such whoppers with a straight face and expect them to be believed. You expect white lies and evasions and technicalities and weasel-wording – somebody looking you dead in the eye and lying their ass off is beyond most people’s ability to process. Catch a kid with his hand in the cookie jar and you laugh at him saying he was just looking at them or making sure the lid was on tight or he just stumbled and his hand accidentally went into the cookie jar, but when the kid looks you in the eye, tells you his hand’s not in the cookie jar and then calmly goes ahead and pulls out a cookie, starts munching on it and asks for a glass of milk to go with his cookie – what do you say?

          1. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

            At least that’s what I would say.

  14. The Purge: Election Year “feints toward real-world politics … notably in how it pits a multicultural underdog coalition against a white power structure abetted by neo-Nazi mercenaries with Confederate flags and swastikas on their uniforms.”

    It’s so accurate, I mean, that’s exactly what we’ve got now. Oooh, I’ve got chills from all the gritty realism.

    1. I can’t even fucking parse that. It’s like a random SJW generator.

      1. “random SJW generator”

        That’s called a degree, and it’s required.


        1. MNG would say it would need to be a PhD in order to count.

    2. Just add it to the list of bullshit that SJWs actually believe.

    3. I haven’t seen a single one by I can only assume it’s a parallel universe where only Republicans and Libertarians are in charge in which the Republicans give the Libertarians one day a year to enact their policies?

      1. It’s very thinly disguised gun control propaganda. It’s what progressives believe about your average gun owner.

    4. It was laundry day. Cut me some slack.

    5. I was thinking about watching the series because I like the Purge scare zones at Halloween horror nights, but now I’m glad I haven’t, and won’t watch them.

      1. The stupid thing about the previous movies was the idea that government was exempt. Who ELSE would you round up and murder??

      2. I saw the first one and enjoyed it enough.

        They definately try to hint that the government is right-leaning, but the trailers for the 3rd one indicate that there will be a lot of ax-grinding in it.

        Been meaning to watch the second one but the roster of actors aren’t all that impressive compared to the first or third. Anyone seen it?

    6. and I’m guessing all of the “multicultural underdogs” are strikingly attractive pacifists who shop at Whole Foods, while the white mercenaries are toothless hillbilly gun owners who shop at Wal-Mart. Just like real life.

    7. I got chills from the poster. “I Purged”. Where can I get the T-shirt?

      1. Douche chills. Okay, guys, you hate America.

      2. These euphemisms

  15. “feints toward real-world politics … notably in how it pits a multicultural underdog coalition against a white power structure abetted by neo-Nazi mercenaries with Confederate flags and swastikas on their uniforms.”

    Das Trumpen-Schutzstaffel is finally getting exposed! Or maybe it’s the Clintonwehr. Hard to say.

  16. Here’s the only upside to Australia’s compulsory voting: Democracy Sausage

    1. Not what I had in mind but still pretty cool.

    2. IFH Lives!

      So you WEREN’T killed by a drop bear and put on the barbie.

      1. Killed by a motor gang over her gasoline petrol stockpile.

        1. “I’ll drive the tanka.”

      2. So you WEREN’T killed by a drop bear and put on the barbie.

        No, she was CAPTURED by a drop bear and TURNED INTO A Barbie..

        She escaped into the bush in a pink Range Rover.

  17. The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana has blocked the state’s ban on abortions motivated by the fetus’ sex, race, or potential disability.

    But bathroom can the mother queef it out into after they scramble its brains?

  18. Puerto Rico set to register largest default to date

    Puerto Rico to register largest default to date
    2 Hours Ago|00:43

    Puerto Rico is set to register its largest default to date on Friday as $2 billion in debt payments are due to the financially strapped island’s creditors.

    The payments include more than $1 billion in general obligation bonds, the island’s highest tiered credit that carries a constitutional lien on revenues.

    The largest default prior to this was on May 2 when the Government Development Bank, which formerly acted as the island’s primary fiscal agent and lender of last resort, defaulted on $367 million due to its bondholders.

    1. Maybe China can float them a bailout a la Venezuela.

    1. ” The response of the Canadian Parliament to our wonderful president brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. So beautiful! So richly deserved! And besides the happiness the reception must have brought to the First Family and to all of the president’s supporters, this response is delightful…”

      comment author avatar KJ, CR, IA23 hours ago

      “Sometimes I think our friends in Canada are collectively much smarter than we are. This is one of those times.”

      Thanks for ruining my Canada Day. I didn’t even know the Liberals pulled that shit. Then again, it is a Cult of the Personality in North America at the moment. Lord, how I loathe that party.

    2. As the author correctly points out, Reagan wanted to eliminate the 22nd Amendment too. Another reason why Reagan sucked and the modern GOP is wrong to elevate him to sainthood.

      1. +1 arm sales to Iran

        1. At lease he *sold* arms to Iran rather than releasing a giant slush fund so they can buy from other countries.

  19. The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana has blocked the state’s ban on abortions motivated by the fetus’ sex, race, or potential disability.

    Race, eh?

    1. Apparently losers with their cuckold fetish didn’t think thing through.

    2. A lot of people have heard that one in every three babies born is Chinese, and they don’t want a Chinese baby, so…

  20. Best work they ever did:

    Spanish council discovers two employees haven’t shown up for work in 15 years

    The two men, a chauffeur and a gardener, have been collecting full pay from Jerez city council in Andaluc?a without putting in a single shift for the council, as part of an apparent deal with local unions.

    As registered representatives for the CGT union, the two men have the right to divide their time between their jobs and union activities. But when the council’s human resources department carried out a recent audit, it found that the pair had not clocked in a single day in 2015 or 2016.

    On contacting the two men to inquire about their unjustified absence, the employees said they had not had to go to work since 2001, a situation which had previously been accepted as part of what they called a “tacit deal” between the council and the union.

  21. Ding Dong the the Bitch is Dead

    The announcement that Nancy Grace will be leaving when her contract ends will likely surprise many viewers. Grace is a fixture on the network, which she has made her home for 12 years.

    1. But now how will suburban soccer moms know who’s guilty?

      1. Netflix documentaries.

      2. There’s always crazed letters to the editors of the local papers.

      3. Facebook memes.

  22. Bizarrely compelling: Two goats, one sofa

    1. Very nice!


      1. *Slaaaaaahhhp*

        1. *slap!*

    2. adorable

  23. Gingrich, Christie are the leading candidates to be Trump’s running mate

    Given Trump’s unpredictability, campaign associates caution that the presumptive Republican nominee could still shake up his shortlist. But with little more than two weeks before the start of the Republican National Convention, Gingrich and Christie have been asked to submit documents and are being cast as favorites for the post inside the campaign. Gingrich in particular is the beneficiary of a drumbeat of support from Trump confidants such as Ben Carson.

    A number of senators ? including Jeff Sessions (Ala.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.) ? are also being reviewed as viable picks, although the extent to which they are being vetted is unclear. A longer shot on Trump’s radar is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, a heavyweight on the right who could bolster Trump’s tepid support among some conservative activists.

    The Lose-At-Any-Cost ticket.

    1. Al Franken.

      1. At least you’re consistent.

      2. I really wish there was a Clinton/Trump or Trump/Clinton ticket and we would get a decent option other than the 2 turds.

    2. So November’s going to be Trump/Christie or Gingrich vs Clinton/Warren.

      Is suicide going to be an option at the voting booth?

      1. Johnson started the trend of picking a loser running mate, they are just gollowing his lead.

    3. Now we definitely know he’s a Republican. Only the GOP can so spectacularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    4. Trump/Christie

      My relatives in Nebraska are pretty conservative, but I cannot imagine a single one of them voting for this ticket.

    5. Oh, good lord. Either one would be a disaster.

    6. Gingrich at least makes a little bit of sense, as he’s experienced in Washington and can help manage Congress while still being a funny asshole like Trump. He brings something to the table.

      What the hell does Chris Christie bring to the table? Who’s out there going “I don’t know about this Trump guy, but if CHRIS CHRISTIE is on board I’m in!”

      1. Gingrich at least makes a little bit of sense, as he’s experienced in Washington and can help manage Congress while still being a funny asshole like Trump. He brings something to the table.

        You’re dead to me.

      2. “What the hell does Chris Christie bring to the table?”

        Knife and fork. You think he built that body by eating with his fingers??

      3. Answer: Snacks.

  24. Our Air Is Getting Cleaner, And Natural Gas Deserves Some Fracking Credit

    A new study released by the World Health Organization (WHO) says although outdoor air pollution worldwide has increased by 8% in the past five years, air quality in the United States has become cleaner. A key reason that air quality has improved is because more Americans than ever are now relying on natural gas, and burning natural gas emits fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than burning coal.

    The air in this country is getting cleaner, and natural gas deserves some fracking credit.

    Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, has turned the U.S. into the largest producer of natural gas in the world. Fracking has unleashed so much natural gas that prices have plummeted in the past several years, which has made it cheaper to generate electricity from burning natural gas than from coal. This is an important part of explaining why WHO recorded lower levels of air pollutants in the U.S.

    1. It’s worth noting that Exxon has endorsed and is promoting a carbon tax. It’s no coincidence that they are one of the biggest players in the gas fracking business.

    2. The air in this country is getting cleaner, and natural gas deserves some fucking credit.


  25. Fat-assed pig Wookie takes her daughters and mother on another junket, costing taxpayers $612,322 (and we all know the real number is way higher).

    1. “Pig-wookie”

      Can i get a ruling here?

      1. DD is an asshole who can’t grok that stupid racist insults don’t help the cause of libertarianism

        Good enough?

        1. I second that.

          I cringe everytime I see Michelle Obama called that.

          It’s outright bigoted and stupid.

          1. Third. Whatever your problems with Michelle Obama’s politics, or anyone’s for that matter, talking shit about their appearance makes you, not her, look like the asshole. Besides, the only issue I have with Michelle Obama is that her husband advocates shitty policies.

            1. Then you haven’t paid attention to the obamas for 8 years.

              Michelle is happy to lecture Americans on a number of issues from food to beauty to feminism, yet I don’t believe anyone has voted for her ever.

              P.s. She also has a history of taking public money for no-show jobs.

        2. Calling people awful names based on how they look is not racist. Acting like it is just shows hypersensitivity. Commenters here are neither Stormfront nor SJW snowflakes, so grow some skin. She does, in fact, resemble a cross between a pig and a wookie.

          1. I’m perfectly happy to insult people based on the value of their ideas and actions.

            So go be a fucktard somewhere else.

            1. As am I, but I still chuckle at juvenile things, like name calling, from time to time. And non-whites are not exempt from the giggles. Stupidly childish? Sure. But only racialists take offense to the skin tone of the one being lampooned.

              Don’t fall off that high horse.

              1. You’re free to do what you want, of course. But I’m also free to tell you that your words devalue your arguments and make you sound like a fool.

                We can both sit on our high horses.

          2. Calling people awful names based on how they look is not racist.

            No, it’s just a sign that the person in question doesn’t have an argument of any real merit and should leave the discussion to the adults. Personal insults in a policy debate are the rhetorical equivalent of sounding a full retreat.

            1. No more Trump orangutan or Chris Christie fat jokes anymore? Killjoys.

              1. Honestly once I see someone throw those kind of jokes in, I tend to keep scrolling. It shows me they probably don’t have anything to add other than stuff I already know with a layer of b/s on top.

                I usually don’t comment about it like I’m doing now — like I said, I usually just keep scrolling.

                I certainly don’t want anyone to stop having fun on my account. If its fun for you, go for it. I’m just throwing in my 2 cents because someone brought it up.

      2. I was more concerned about the arbitrary-connection of fictional and real animals when formulating derogatory anthropomorphic comparisons.

        but i see your point about the racism thing.

    2. They’re allowed out of the house. It’s not their fault it costs so much when they leave.

      With all the stories of government waste or excess, the ones about the First-Family and their travels doesn’t even register.

      Pig Wookie did make me laugh though, I admit.

      1. They should be a lot more considerate of the taxpayers. It’s sickening that her mother has gotten to sponge off the taxpayers for eight years. We’re not a monarchy and they’re not a royal family, you dope.

        1. I agree, particularly when I read that the first lady and POTUS take separate planes to a location, or whatever.

          But for the most part, they should be allowed to leave the house, even if for the occasional benign trip to Target (photo ops!), or whatever. Even in as nice a space as the White House, it has to be extremely confining and isolating. Scientific experiments could be designed around the level of confinement, and it’d be long before 8 years before the experiment was shut down for being cruel.

          The price of parading them around with advance teams and 5 dozen personnel is absurd, but FLOTUS didn’t design the system so she shouldn’t be blamed for it. It’s fucked, that’s for sure, and I’m certain is could be scaled down to a tenth of the cost, at least.

          I certainly wouldn’t want to put my family through that life. Prestige and reward, be damned.

        2. We might just as well call them the royal family. The US simply has a modernized set of rules and customs regarding it’s royalty.

  26. Massive brawl erupts in Mexican restaurant in Dallas after an argument over chips and salsa

    Punches were thrown, hair was pulled and furniture was flung when a massive brawl broke out in a Mexican restaurant after an argument over chips and salsa.

    A fight erupted at the El Paisano Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Texas, at around 2.30am on Saturday, according to

    Isael Rojas filmed the clash between customers at the restaurant ? and posted the whole thing on Facebook.

    1. I blame Richmond Valentine’s SIM cards.

    2. Looks like some tasty food. Wish I’d checked it out when Iived there.

    3. New York City?!

  27. Meanwhile in my home state (until I can escape), Christie vetoed a bunch of really wasteful shit.…..river_home

    But, he and the legislature are still negotiating on how to give me a good hard rogering at the gas pump.…..e-featured

    1. “a good hard rogering at the gas pump”

      I thought New Jersey had gas station attendants pump the gas for you to avoid all that sort of thing…

      1. They’ll probably keep the “no-self-service” rule while cranking the gas tax. Fuckers.

  28. The Sexism of Brexit

    While pro-Brexit actors dismiss the EU as an ossified bureaucracy, advocates for gender equality have pushed the UK to adopt higher standards by appealing to EU treaties and regulations. For example, as Caroline Criado-Perez points out, EU minimum requirements on paid leave compelled a change in UK policy to include fathers and part-time workers; under the previous policy, the only individuals who were eligible for maternity leave were women who had worked full-time on the job for two years. This effectively left out thousands of women and men.

    But because of Brexit, if the Conservative government decides to continue its disastrous austerity regime and cut these benefits, it will be incredibly difficult to stop them within the UK’s parliamentary system.

    1. if the Conservative government decides to continue its disastrous austerity regime and cut these benefits, it will be incredibly difficult to stop them within the UK’s parliamentary system.

      So… a good thing?

    2. “Women and children most affected.”

    3. “disastrous austerity regime”

      This is the modern political economy equivalent of “crying wolf”.

      When people see that it’s not what the hysterical shrieking makes it out to be, those shrieking lose their credibility. I hope they shriek harder.

  29. get that Nobel Peace Prize ready.

    United States Is the World’s Leader in International Arms Sales

    This week’s charts look at global arms transfers using data produced by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The first chart shows that the United States was responsible for a third of total global arms exports from 2011 to 2015. The United States and Russia combined were responsible for 58.0 percent of all international arms sales over that same period.

    The second chart shows the top 10 foreign purchasers of US arms. The leading recipient was Saudi Arabia at 9.7 percent, followed closely by the United Arab Emirates at 9.1 percent of total US arms exports. According to SIPRI, “The USA delivered major weapons to at least 96 states in 2011?15, a significantly higher number of export destinations than any other supplier.”

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize is a tell-tale sign for who to not trust.

      Yasser Arafat, European Union, Barack Obama…

      1. Don’t forget Al Gore and IPCC.

  30. New York’s Sidewalks Are So Packed, Pedestrians Are Taking to the Streets

    The *real* reason is to avoid having bags of feces rammed down their pants.

    1. but at least rent is high

  31. Your anti-SugarFree shield won’t work!

    Bizarre Sacramento break-in: Burglar coats himself in sugar

    A security camera recorded a bizarre break-in last weekend in Sacramento: The burglar assembled pantry provisions, then poured sugar over his head.

    The incident was recorded Saturday at Mother, a vegetarian restaurant on K Street. During at least part of the episode, an employee was present but did not notice the intruder.

    1. I’ll race y’all to the snozzberry reference.

    2. He thought if he disguised himself as white he could keep from being arrested.

  32. The dwarves rejected from Snow White: Deafy, Baldy, and Hickey

    Imagine how good it would have been with the eighth dwarf Warty

    1. But they couldn’t have made Snow White X-rated.

      1. “Snow White Gets Deflowered by the Doomcock of Doom”

        1. Coming soon to a darknet site near you.

        1. Well, that’s certainly a dog-bites-man story. The surprising thing would have been if they hadn’t. Heck, the ‘plot’ pretty much writes itself.

    2. Just because Warty is wider than he is tall doesn’t make him a dwarf. It’s just an optical illusion.

    3. Dwarf???

    4. Dwarf???

      1. Seriously. You’re actually a pretty good height for an Australopithecus.

  33. Here is a link to the Mississippi decision.

    1. The key stuff seems to start on p. 32

      1. I haven’t read the First Amendment section; it seems that the court is reinstating a Jackson “anti-discrimination” ordinance – on the grounds that by overriding the ordinance, the state legislature is singling out LGBLTs for discrimination. This is based on the Romer precedent.

        1. Bottom line: In Jackson, if they sue you for discriminating against LGBLTs, you can no longer invoke the broad religious-freedom protections of the Mississippi bill.

          As for the 1st Amendment, I understand that the bill specifically gives protection to people whose religious views lead them to support true marriage, but it gives no protection to people who religious views lead them to support same-sex unions and other alternate arrangements.

          So in theory, they could correct this problem by passing a RFRA to protect *all* religious objectors, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Obama administration and the Obama-appointed judges to accept *that* approach.

          1. It won’t work. The Civil Rights Act is the issue as it goes beyond forbidding government discrimination and forbids private discrimination as well. Trying to protect freedom of association by shoehorning it into religious freedom just isn’t viable.

            1. The First Amendment is in the Constitution – it’s in there.

              The U. S. Supreme Court rejected a general right of freedom of association.

              I think the Supreme court ignored the 9th, 10th and 13th amendments, but that’s what they said.

              Do you think that, for the sake of consistency, the Court should get rid of the 1st Amendment, too?

              1. Do you think that, for the sake of consistency, the Court should get rid of the 1st Amendment, too?

                They already have. That’s my point.

                1. They’re on the way, but the 1st still has more of a fighting chance than those other amendments I mentioned.

                  1. Recall the New Deal, when they eliminated economic rights but kept the First Amendment.

                    So it can be done.

  34. Star Trek: Restored Model of Starship Enterprise Goes Back on Display at Smithsonian Museum

    The prop used in the original TV series has been repainted to more closely match its original color and markings. The display at the National Air and Space Museum officially reopens Friday.

    1. What does it all mean? (That we need guns.)

      The punchline is that those gun nuts are stupidly politicizing everything.

      Of course it is!

  35. This is what happens if you dare refuse to talk to a police officer

    A Milton woman was arrested after she ignored a deputy’s order for her to stop, crawled under a semi to escape, and shook off a jolt from a Taser, lawmen say.

    The woman, 23-year-old Anna Marie Nowlin, was walking with traffic along U.S. Highway 90 when a deputy spotted her and tried to talk to her. She refused to talk and continued walking, eventually crossing the road. The deputy went ahead of her and waited for her to come by, and again she refused to talk to him.

    At one point a tractor-trailer driver tried to block her and she ran under the trailer. When the deputy tried to grab her she pulled away, and when he Tased her it was “ineffective,” the deputy wrote in the report.

    More deputies arrived and Nowlin was Tased multiple times until she could be taken into custody.

    She refused to speak with deputies. When searched, she was found to be carrying a small flashlight and a hammer-type tool inside her pants.

    She was charged with possession of burglary tools, resisting an officer with violence and obstruction without violence. Her court date was not listed.

    1. My wife has family in Milton. I don’t believe I’m related to Ms. Nowlin, however. But what the fuck? He can arrest her with no PC for simply refusing to speak to him?

      1. The act of not talking to him is probable cause. Thanks to our courts.

    2. ignored a deputy’s order for her to stop, crawled under a semi to escape, and shook off a jolt from a Taser

      That is some woman right there.

    3. I’d be screwed. I’ve got a hammer type tool in my pants, too.

        1. Damn, Swiss. You almost scared me straight.

          1. Yeah, like that would happen.

      1. It took him 20 years to get through the wall at Shawshank with it too.

        1. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It was the busted sewer main that gave it that smell.

    4. She’ll serve more time for her “crime” than Hillary Clinton will for all of hers.

      1. By the way, it appears that your mayor makes a habit of drinking beer at my friend’s craft brewery. I may have to revise my opinion of him. Anyone who likes doing that may not be bad enough a person to win statewide office in FL.

          1. Grasslands. I used to work with Scott a decade ago. I haven’t had a chance to sample a whole lot of their product, but what I did was good.

            1. I’ll check it out. This time of year I spend more time traveling than at home, so I’ve never actually heard of it.

    5. Minding your own business, being unsociable and possession of perfectly legal items are now crimes.

      Fuck this country.

  36. A teacher friend of mine recently posted something indicating how her irrational fear should be the basis for laws. She also got quite a bit of support on the post. Somehow I doubt that they would feel the same way about, say, an evangelical’s fear of gay pedophiles or an old lady’s fear that the black guy walking down the street is about to mug her:

    When the classroom door slams shut from the breeze and your heart immediately jumps into your throat because it sounds like a gunshot… but then you also think, “it’s ok; we’ve practiced for this” ?#?theworldwelivein? ?#?wtf? ?#?endthemadness? ?#?sick?

    Though at least she didn’t skimp on the alt-text.

    1. “it’s ok; we’ve practiced for this”

      If by practice she means “hide in a corner and wait patiently for the executioner to arrive” then yes, they have.

    2. I know a recent graduate who was bragging on FB about her new teaching job in the same county her college was in…

      Except the elementary school where she will be teaching is in the next county over.

      1. To be fair, in the 50 or so comments congratulating her, no one pointed out her error. I opted not to be a dick and scolled past the post.

      2. One of my local ISDs teachers was recently telling me how difficult her job is. She had to look up the difference between nouns and verbs, which she had never learned until apparently she needed to know it for class.

        Awesome. My goodness, I’m so happy we require the strictest credentials for that job.

        1. had to look up the difference between nouns and verbs

          What in the actual fuck?

          1. Is fuck a noun or verb in that sentence?

        2. WTF? We had to fucking diagram sentences. In seventh fucking grade.

        3. Comment from a high school art teacher and recent college of ed graduate: “There are THREE “to’s” in the English language??”

          1. “I see FOUR to’s!”

          2. A. my six year old knows the difference between a noun and a verb. No I am not bragging, she really does.

            B. There are 3 2s is a great sentence because it is not possible to correctly write that sentence. I imagine that teacher was making that same joke. Homophones for the win. /nohomophone

            1. I’d like to think so, but she had a number of grammar-related faux pas. My mother taught English at the same school, and had occasional run-ins with the woman. She really was just that pig-ignorant.

          3. I must be missing something. To, Too, Two. Are there others?

              1. I’m sure you look FABULOUS in that tutu.

            1. “To” as a preposition is one word.

              “To” when used to form an infinitive is entirely different. It is part of a verb, not a preposition.

              1. …did I ever tell you how much I HATED!!!!!!!! English class?
                Even so, I are a graduate.

        4. A complete privatization of schooling is the best thing that can happen to the country.

          Vouchers are a decent first step though.

    3. “When the classroom door slams shut from the breeze and your heart immediately jumps into your throat because it sounds like a gunshot”

      “When you don’t know what a gunshot actually sounds like but you start at every loud noise because you saw something scary on the news the other day”

    4. Wow. So, basically, we’re taking “Every time I see a young black man I cross the street to avoid him” and using that logic to cry about guns. Neat.

      1. that crater

        1. It’s Somme-a-Palooza at the BBC.

  37. It’s time for my awful political predictions. Note I have an awful track record so don’t bet your inheritance (two shillings!?!?!) on this:

    Hillary Clinton will win the presidency with less than 50% of the vote. 5% national vote over Trump. Third (and Fourth) party candidates get the blame by the Trumpkins.

    The *Trump Effect is lessened on the senate/house races. Senate barely goes to the Dems, House remains Republican.

    Nonetheless, HRC says she has a mandate and goes full executive power grab. I’ll leave that to the imagination of the reader.

    * as the current “most evil man in the universe” as dictated by the media.

    1. Huh. I think the Senate stays R, house moves further R. 5% is way too high. You can send me some Michigan beer if I’m closer than you, I’ll send you some Cigar City if you’re closer than me.

    2. Not a popular pick, but I think Trump will pull this out. Just too much bad news coming out on the economy and national/domestic security. On a race to the bottom, it’s hard to bet against Hillary, but the news is going to be hard to spin for a status quo candidate.

      *Not voting for either cretin.*

      1. I’m not voting for either one as well, but if I was a betting person I’d definitely place my bet on Trump. I don’t think there’s any question he’ll win unless: he’s assassinated (and then it will be even a bigger landslide for whoever runs instead of him) or Hillary pulls off the voter fraud of the century.

      2. Yeah, I am trying to think what 4 years of …I cannot even say it….President…HIM…will be like.

        The Clintons will finally fade out and I will be interested to see what TEAM BLUE does to get back in the WH.

        I have to decide if I want to vote LP or Constitution Party, I guess.

        1. I may vote LP. The only politician I’ve ever voted for was Ron Paul. I just could never pull the lever for any of the sociopaths trying to get their grubby little hands and stolen lucre.

      3. I think Trump wins going away.

    3. You are right – you are awful at predictions.

      1. it’s a gift.

    4. I can’t believe there is not some bidding war between Trump and Hillary to get me to vote for their opponent. It is well known that whoever I vote for loses. Science dictates that the way to win is to buy my vote for their opponent.

  38. a multicultural underdog coalition against a white power structure abetted by neo-Nazi mercenaries with Confederate flags and swastikas on their uniforms.”

    Or, as they like to say in California: “Saturday

    Californians will vote on whether to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $2.

    I like to think of it more of a tax on “smokers” rather than cigarettes. But then I quit a while ago. What’s the going rate in CA as it stands pre-tax?

    The U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana has blocked the state’s ban on abortions motivated by the fetus’ sex, race, or potential disability.

    Ugh. Really, if you’re going to kill something, kill it for nice-sounding reasons, and do it in a timely fashion.

  39. If each state were re-named for a country that has a similar GDP…



    1. California…awesome

    2. IL = Netherlands. Man, that is an insult to the old country. I guess it is $, not how fiscally prudent they are with those $.

    3. to be interesting it should be per capita…then lets talk.

      Wyoming brings it home.

  40. The Purge: Election Year “feints toward real-world politics … notably in how it pits a multicultural underdog coalition against a white power structure abetted by neo-Nazi mercenaries with Confederate flags and swastikas on their uniforms.”

    In what what country’s politics is this the case?

    determined to […] end what they contend has become a cynical and merciless exercise in “predatory capitalism.” That’s a phrase that floats above the sound of gunfire, as a calling-out of the National Rifle Association.

    So they’re calling out the the NRA for it’s distasteful variety capitalism. I’m trying to wrap my head around this guy’s concept of capitalism, he must think the word is for signalling that he thinks something is icky but doesn’t know how to form a coherent argument against it.

    1. What country? No country for old white men. At least they’re letting you self identify.

    2. I’m trying to wrap my head around this guy’s concept of capitalism

      1. Murder your neighbors.
      2. …………………….
      3. Profit!

    3. God what a stupid concept. In a country where a large chunk of citizens vote for protections from mean words, there’s a law-free murder day? Also, everyone acts normal for 364 days of the year, instead of furiously prepping? Count me out thanks

      1. Yeah, dumb movie with a dumb premise. I know statist propaganda when I see it. I get enough as it is without devoting an hour and a half to watching it in a movie.

        1. Shortly before the first one came out, i was at a party where some guy was talking about how awesome it was going to be. It sounded stupid then and it sounds even stupider for there to be three of them.

  41. Officials report a rise in violent and brutal MS-13 related crimes in Va.

    Authorities say gang leaders in El Salvador and Guatemala are trying to establish a greater presence here-especially Northern Virginia-for profit through drugs, theft, and extortion.

    The mass migration of unaccompanied minors from Central America into the States in 2014 created a whole new crop of recruits. And these young men, some of them just 14 or 15 years old, are committing horrific crimes, such as decapitation and stoning.

    In June of 2016, Leesburg Police, along with federal authorities, raided a home suspected of MS-13 members, leading to several arrests. And in Fairfax County MS-13 related incidents in the first 4 months of this year jumped more than 160 percent compared with 2015.

    1. The government objects to competition.

    2. I’ve yet to see a news report covering the multiple decapitations or stonings in and around DC. I wonder how I could have missed them.

      1. Because Fairfax and Alexandria police refuse to release crime data to the papers. And the papers roll over for them.

        1. Wait, are there no papers out there that would buck the trend to report on DECAPITATIONS by Hispanic gang members? Not even a conservative or anti-immigrant paper like the Washington Times?

          Pull the other one.

          1. It’s DC. I would believe anything when it comes to government subservience.

            1. This was my thought. For it to make sense, one only has to assume no one of any importance at the papers has principles. Occam’s Razor is no impediment here.

            2. Yeah, maybe 30 years ago. But there are too many political blogs out there and too many people posting shit to social media. They couldn’t keep a lid on fucking decapitations for very long.

              Methinks this is more akin to pants-shitting. And furthermore, the local cops stand to in more power and get more cool (Liberty-infringing) toys if the story is true. It’s not like they’ll be held accountable for the rise in crime…they’ll just get a bigger budget.

          2. I found this

            MS-13 is a gang from El Salvador known for violent tactics and gang initiations. Cook said the victims were not members of the gang.

            A 17-year old male is charged with the Nov. 9 murder of Jose Luis Ferman Perez, 24, whose body was found “nearly decapitated,” NBC-4 reported. Police say a teen girl is in custody and an adult male is being extradited to Alexandria. Police did not name the 17 year old who is charged due to his age or what charges if any the other two will face.


              1. Now, now….we politely refer to that as having SF’D THE FOOKIN’ LINK, YA TARD!

  42. Everybody needs to pull out their “Governmentese to English” translator before they dismiss the Clinton-Lynch powwow.

    She said (emphasis mine): I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport as I was leaving, and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane,” Lynch told reporters. “Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels.”

    So it was primarily social. Which, in Clintonese, means it wasn’t entirely social. So sure, if they discussed ten topics and 8 of them were social then that statement is factually (technically) accurate. If the other two were the investigation of Teneo-CGI-State conflicts,of,interest and the Hillary illegal email server, then her statement is still technically accurate and probably defensible in a court of law should she repeat the claim under oath.

    Any reporter worth her salt would have asked her “what does primarily mean?” The look in her eyes would have told the truth then and there. But I guess none of the reporters covering the Clintons or their close associates have learned from the “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” debacle.

    1. TL;DR: Lynch is probably parsing words for future wiggle room.

    2. And as long as we’re parsing words, “social” discussions can include “how’s the family?”

      1. “About our travels” in Clintonese could very well mean “been down to the FBI offices lately. Anything happening there?” Or “if you travel to the seat beside you, you will find a brown paper bag full of $100 bills.”

        1. I assume he meant, “I know I’ve been to the Island of Teen Sex Slaves, and I would strongly advise you to keep that out of the news if you want to retire to a comfy sinecure when you finish being AG.”

      2. “Everyone still alive? Still healthy? Good. Good. That’s good. So, about that exclusive preschool. I know, so hard to get in…”

    3. You think the press didn’t know this. How cute.

  43. I can’t believe nobody has posted the story about the idiot who believed Tesla’s marketing bullshit. And I can’t believe Tesla doesn’t even have a radar for their emergency braking system. From what I understand, they’re trying to do all their sensing with a mono camera, which is absurd.

    1. Ron says they are still safer than human drivers – right up until the moment of your death.

    2. when his car’s cameras failed to distinguish the white side of a turning tractor-trailer from a brightly lit sky and didn’t automatically activate its brakes

      That is absolutely and totally predictable. Edge detection doesn’t work when there is no contrast between objects.

      Tesla is going to get fucked hard in court and rightly so.

      1. Yeah, edge detection being used as the primary safety feature is fine, but there’s got to be some kind of radar backup that kicks in when nothing is identified on the horizon or especially below the horizon.

      2. This is why I’m flabbergasted that they apparently don’t have a radar system for redundancy. Anyone who’s done any work with outdoor computer vision knows that your algorithms are only as good as your camera’s dynamic range, and that bright sunlight saturates your image and makes it worthless.

        1. I’m wondering if there are some patents that they couldn’t infringe (or wouldn’t pay for the licensing) and tried to pull it off without radar. Because that is some seriously stupid engineering.

          Radar should be the primary system and imaging secondary for augmentation of the data.

          1. They could get around the licensing by using laser or sonic range finding.

            Sonic range finding has the advantage of being able to detect a pane of glass.

            Polaroid used sonic range finding in their cameras? I bet the licensing is cheap. 😀

            I don’t think it’s patents? edge finding is used in autofocus cameras and there are probably patents there.

          2. Laser range finding has the advantage of being in use by existing cars (Toyota Avalon) for cruise control.

        2. Last time I looked into it, about a decade ago, most radar that would fit into a car componentized had a very limited range, which is why they only use it in backup and blindspot situations. Because a car going 55 mph with a 200 foot radar horizon still crashes into whatever is in front of it.

          1. Delphi claims 174m. That’s longer than I would have expected.

            1. Yeah. That would be useful for everything except the interstate.

        3. Perhaps one day all cars will be transmitting coordinates, dimensions, direction, speed, and perhaps even their auto drive immediate nav plan to one another.

          1. Ron Bailey’s article on this subject was pretty much against any kind of networked solution.

            1. Wouldn’t necessary have to be the primary system. But could provide backup insurance that no more than one object will be occupying the same space at the same time.

      3. It’s gonna be worse for Tesla when one of their cars runs over a black dude at night.

      4. But actual radar might interfere, or be subject to interference by, police speed trap radar. And we can’t have anything interfering with the police.

        Also, I’m sure that the usual luddite chorus would be all “microwave radiashunz” while smugly posting to FB from their smartphones.

    3. I can’t believe nobody has posted the story

      I believe

      1. An hour late almost doesn’t count.

    4. Tesla bots are a marvel to behold. I read investment articles following the stock and the people who rush to dismiss any type of criticism is something to behold. To them, Musk is the future of everything electric.

      It’s quite stupendous in its retardation.

    5. That is just natural selection at work.

    6. “More from Fox News:

      American women groom their pubic hair, for diverse reasons”

      Because skinny dipping is more fun than muff diving.

      1. That’s a tough call. Both are pretty awesome.

        1. Yes both are

    7. related…..index.html

      1. Mobileye is a fucking joke, for what it’s worth.

  44. Registration and insurance? We don’t need no steenking registration and insurance, we’ve got badges!

    I asked him, “The city has no insurance? (The chief nodded his head acknowledging that’s correct)

    “No workers comp?” I asked. Chief acknowledged, correct.

    I pointed, “Those vehicles aren’t insured?” He shook his head they are not.

    I asked, “Not registered?”

    The chief answered, “No, That’s the information that we have, yes sir.”

    An armed gang of highway robbers.

    1. Somebody needs to point this out to the gun grabbers the next time they want to compare gun registration and insurance to the “requirements” for cars…and as a secondary point, address the “only responsible and trained people like cops should have guns”.

    2. It’s all insured by tax payments.

      1. It’s all insured by tax payments traffic ticket revenue.

        1. It’s all insured by tax payments traffic ticket revenue theft.

          1. Thieves have the decency to fly by night, when you aren’t looking, aren’t at home, and they don’t threaten your family.

            Cops are strong-armed robbers.

    3. The status of the cops and their cars is clearly printed on their license plates: EXEMPT.

    4. Kinloch is not a very good area at all. I don’t recommend going there in daylight.

  45. Feminist male-bashing has come to sound like a cliche ? a misogynist caricature. Feminism, its loudest proponents vow, is about fighting for equality. The man-hating label is either a smear or a misunderstanding.

    “Yet a lot of feminist rhetoric today does cross the line from attacks on sexism into attacks on men, with a strong focus on personal behavior: the way they talk, the way they approach relationships, even the way they sit on public transit. Male faults are stated as sweeping condemnations; objecting to such generalizations is taken as a sign of complicity. Meanwhile, similar indictments of women would be considered grossly misogynistic.

    “This gender antagonism does nothing to advance the unfinished business of equality….”

    1. Meanwhile there are all these 20 something single young women (many of them moms) who can’t find a husband which is what they really want. Must be all the free milk.

      1. I prefer the married moms who just want some attention. Less clingy.

        1. That’s how a lot of forensic file episodes start.

          1. …something something Jackson Pollock painting…

          2. Not to mention most of the movies in Crusty’s dvd collection.

    2. The man-hating label is either a smear or a misunderstanding.

      As I understand it, they don’t think it matters if it’s a misunderstanding when someone interprets a comment as misogynistic. Claiming “It’s because you said you are planning to move back to the West Coast!” doesn’t counteract the way a women feels when she shows up to interview for a promotion versus all men and a coworker says “I’m surprised to see you here”.

  46. More Brexit moaning about how this popular-referendum was “Fake Democracy

    Brexit’s real lesson is that there is a consequential divide between cosmopolitans who view the future with hope and those who have been left behind and have seen their economic situations and ways of life deteriorate.

    1. I have an alternate theory to this, “The good and the noble vs. the angry troglodytes”.

      Which is =

      – one side has actually paid attention to the last 20 years of EU fiscal and governmental incompetence, brought about by fundamental flaws in the structure of the union

      – and the other side is full of morons who have no idea how anything actually works

      1. We’ve voted to leave the EU – but nobody said anything about separating from our beloved piri piri chicken

        So are the hopeful cosmotarians turning into the economic victims? I’ve seen more stoic reactions from people who just got laid off, but this is just about a restaurant possibly going away. Unreal.


      1. Nothing says, “cosmopolitans who view the future with hope”, quite like insisting that a nation remain wedded to a an economic union which is perpetually on the verge of systemic bankruptcy, and in so doing, sacrifice huge swaths of democratic control over how you yourself are regulated.

        That’s “hope”? I suppose in the sense that, “you have to assume this horrible situation will just fix itself”

    3. First sentence:

      Referenda are terrible mechanisms of democracy.

      Does she understand what the word democracy actually means?

      1. Does she understand what the word democracy actually means?

        Democracy means awesome mob rule if I win.

        If I lose, it’s unfair tyranny.

  47. Canadian Independence Day – The day Canada politely asked GB if they could please be their own country so long as they still worshiped the monarch and kept the queen on the currency.

    1. Something something racists.

  48. Canadian Independence Day – The day Canada politely asked GB if they could please be their own country so long as they still worshiped the monarch and kept the queen on the currency.

    1. “Sore-y to bother you, but give me liberty or give me death, if it’s not too much trouble.”

    2. Why would they ask George Bush? He’s not even in charge anymore (apparently).

      1. He’s always been in charge

  49. Californians will vote on whether to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $2.

    Majority rules, bitchez.

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – Mencken

    Smokers are a minority now, so they’re going to get it good and hard.

    1. Smokers need another Bernays to frame their cause as a struggle against religious bigotry.

      “End tobaccophobia and smoke shaming!” “This is the new Jim Crow!” “Why are you tobaccophobes so obsessed with what goes in people’s mouths, huh?” “Boycott California!”

      1. More seriously, they could say “why copy that New York law which led to Eric Garner’s death? Racists!”

  50. Is that ICP in the pic?

  51. Memphis TSA agents heroically stop a terroris–HAHAHAHAHAHA not at all, actually.

    Bloodied and bruised Hannah Cohen was led from Memphis International Airport in handcuffs.

    The 19-year old was headed home to Chattanooga after treatment for a brain tumor at St. Jude Hospital.

    It’s a trip they’ve made for 17-years.

    This time, an unarmed Hannah, set off the metal detector at a security checkpoint

    “They wanted to do further scanning, she was reluctant, she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother Shirley Cohen.

    Cohen told us she tried to tell TSA agents her daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed, and easily confused, but said she was kept at a distance by police.

    “She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” said Cohen.

    Hannah was arrested, booked and on the night she should have been celebrating the end of her treatment, she was locked up in Jail East.

    1. Well, I for one feel safer.

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