Concealed Carry Apps


bawar slimane, Creative Commons

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are filled with apps—CCW, Concealed Carry Weapon Laws, USA Carry, USA Firearm Training, Legal Heat, and others—that lay out the details of concealed and open carry laws in all 50 states. Sometimes their information is written by attorneys, so gun-owning smartphone users can avoid potentially needing to hire an attorney.

Some, such as USA Carry, also offer information on handgun maintenance and safety. Others, such as Concealed Carry Weapon Laws, stick to summaries of gun laws, searchable by state. Some offer news stories about gun owners, and many generate maps based on what kind of permit you have that will tell you where you can legally carry. Some will even guide you to local gun businesses and gun deals. The free ones with extra features generally require registration—a dirty word for gun-rights enthusiasts in another context.