Cleveland Takes Out $50 Million "Protest Insurance" Policy For RNC

Citing increased risk of hosting GOP convention, city adds five times the insurance.


Cleveland PD
Michael Nigro/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Cleveland's Board of Control voted — reportedly "without discussion," according to — to approve the $9.5 million purchase of a $50 million "protest" insurance policy from AON Risk Services Northeast, to protect the city from claims related to its hosting of the Republican National Convention (RNC) from July 18-21. 

The move increases the city's coverage by a factor of five, having already approved spending $1.5 million on an insurance policy last March, a figure similar to the $1.7 million spent on insurance by the city of Tampa when hosting the 2012 RNC. The substantial increase in Cleveland's policy was motivated by a study with included a poll of 40 insurance companies. Cleveland's Finance Director Sharon Dumas said, "They analyzed the national trend of conflicts and the risks associated with the convention, and we concurred."

For a while at least, the fearful specter haunting this year's RNC was the possibility floated by Trump that there would be riots in the event of a brokered convention which denied him the nomination. But now that Trump has the nomination mathematically clinched, the growing concern centers on potential clashes between Trump's sometimes punchy supporters, as well as anti-Trump supporters (who have on occasion expressed themselves violently already), the neo-Nazis who have pledged to attend, and other assorted representatives of the American electorate. 

The city intends to have the fee spent on the insurance policy reimbursed by the federal grant which allocates $50 million for convention-related security spending. With upwards of 50,000 people expected to descend on the city, estimates that approximately $5.6 million has been spent on "convention-related supplies and equipment, including vehicles, motorcycles, 'personal protective' riot gear, steel fencing and bicycles."

Rampant misconduct by the Cleveland PD led to a consent decree and federal monitor being imposed on the department in May 2015, making Cleveland the first city to host a major political convention while under such conditions. To provide security for the RNC, over 3,500 officers from outside the greater Cleveland area are expected to be hired to assist the Cleveland PD, and the added "protest insurance" also covers the out-of-towners and their equipment, as well as public property (city employees are property are insured by the city itself).

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  1. Trump’s sometimes punchy supporters, as well as anti-Trump supporters (who have on occasion expressed themselves violently already), the neo-Nazis who have pledged to attend, and other assorted representatives of the American electorate.

    This convention sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Like in a Jerry Springer kind of way.

    1. Yes, the convention and related happenings will be quite entertaining. But I suspect the real show will be the Democratic National Convention one week later.

      In many earlier posts I had the order of the conventions confused. That the GOP convention will be held first may diminish the number of protests at the Democrats’ convention as the pool of leftist protesters may spend their energy on the GOP.

      1. Really? It seems the Democrats have received and finally accepted their marching orders from the Clintons and are lining up predictably.

        1. Apparently the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign didn’t get the message. Plus there are a lot of Sanders supporters who will not go gently regardless of what Sanders tells them.

          1. PPEHRC?

            Sounds like the giggle-snort noise Hihn would make.

            1. PeePEe(on)HillaryRodhamClinton

      2. I suspect both conventions will feature plenty of violence, probably both on par with the Chicago ’68 DNC. Of course, the MSM will report heavily on the “violent, right wing fanatics” at the RNC all the way up to election day, long after the left-wing violence at the DNC has been deemed “old news”. Gotta keep reinforcing the narrative that Trump and his supporters are the violent thugs, unlike peaceful left wing protestors.

        1. I have no doubt that Trump will be blamed for any violence at BOTH conventions.

    2. Chicago 1968 redux.

    3. This convention sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

      To view from afar.

  2. Whooooo boy, someone just made a killing selling that garbage.

    1. Yeah, let’s see what happens when Cleveland tries to collect.

      1. I suspect this is a crony deal and that the policy is written in such a way that the insurer won’t have to pay out much.

        1. That premium is kind of high – I think that Aon probably got the insurer to drop most of the obvious exclusions/ways to weasel out of the coverage being applied. Of course, I bet there is a significant self-insured retention/deductible too.

  3. The city intends to have the fee spent on the insurance policy reimbursed by the federal grant which allocates $50 million for convention-related security spending.

    WTF? Why is this even a thing? These asshats don’t get enough in donations, they need to spend my money?

  4. Prediction:

    1) Progressives instigate riots and pillage.

    2) Media blames right-wing hatefulness for riots and pillage.

    3) Down with Republicans and right-wing hatefulness!!!

    4) Profit.

    1. Remember, passive language for the passive left, active language for the active right:

      “A conflict arose between Trump protesters and Trump Supporters in Boston.”

      “Trump Supporters MURDER BABIES last night in Boston.”

      Remember to click “Skip this Ad” before you confirm your biases.

      1. That’s intransitive, not passive voice.

    2. Seems about right. Just look at Fisher drawing an equivalence between Trump supporters and the people who have been attacking them.

      1. “Sometimes punchy” isn’t too far off. “Occasionally punchy” might be better. But it’s not like it hasn’t happened.

      2. Apparently acknowledging that Trump supporters and protesters have been violent means that you must think they’ve been equally violent.

        1. Apparently clarity and precision is too much too ask

          1. Why was it necessary there? He’s giving reasons why people fear violent clashes between Trump’s supporters and opponents. It isn’t necessary to specify which group has been more violent. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but Fisher’s sentence as is does not constitute an equivalence.

    3. 1) Progressives instigate riots and pillage.

      2) Media blames right-wing hatefulness for riots and pillage.

      3) Down with Republicans and right-wing hatefulness!!!

      4) ProfitUtopia.


  5. Cleveland cops so want there to be a riot so they can crack some skulls. If there isn’t one naturally, they’ll probably find a way to start one.

  6. How would anyone know if $50 million in damage was done to Cleveland?

    1. “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”?

      1. “I see here your policy has the ISO Celebrity Damage Exclusion Endorsement….sorry, claim denied”

    2. I’m sure the Insurance provider will claim urban redevelopment.

  7. This whole convention is just a trick to get people to come to cleveland.

    1. “It’s a trap.”

    2. I thought that’s what the Rock and Roll hall of fame was for.

      1. The Circus is a lot of fun (or was several years ago).

    3. Fun times in Cleveland Again!
      Still Cleveland!
      Come on down to Cleveland town everyone
      Under construction since 1868
      See our river that catches on fire
      It’s so polluted that all our fish have AIDS
      See the sun almost three times a year
      this guy has at least two DUIs
      Flats looks like a Scooby Doo ghost town
      Don’t slow down in East Cleveland or you’ll die
      Our economy’s based on Lebron James
      Buy a house for the price of a VCR
      Our main export is crippling depression
      We’re so retarded that we think this is art
      It could be worse but at least we’re not Detroit!
      We’re not Detroit!

      1. +1 Mistake on the Lake

      2. I refer everyone back to the week of 19 June.

        Thank you.

  8. Sounds to me like the city is planning on busting heads.

  9. Only $50 million? Pssssh, gross civil rights violations are settling for way more than that these days.

  10. Also, from the Cleveland dot com article, this:

    While the city self-insures its own property and employees, the extra policy will apply to any damage of public property, out-of-town police and their equipment, and any other legal claims made by people arrested during the four-day GOP convention, scheduled to begin on July 18.

    1. Oops, Fisher did kind of cover this…

    2. They’ll claim the entire amount on bulk donut purchases (“workplace expenses”).

    3. any damage of public property, out-of-town police and their equipment,

      I first read that as “any damage of public property caused by out-of-town police and their equipment”.

      Then I thought “well, that covers the Summit County Sheriff’s Department”.

  11. Why do I feel like all of the protesting and trouble at both the Republican and Democrat conventions will be by leftists?

    1. Because it usually is? Although they can be excused for it because of Trump’s “rhetoric”. I mean, if Trump’s rhetoric can cause a peaceful guy to suddenly murder 50 people in an Orlando night club, I’m sure it can easily cause otherwise peaceful leftists to become violent at political events.

      1. Trump’s rhetoric didn’t cause the Orlando shooter to get violent – the shooter’s evil guns forced him to commit acts of violence.

        1. No, it was that Trans bathroom law in South Carolina, or North Carolina.
          Why do we have these carolinas?
          Very inefficent.

  12. As a Browns fan I welcome the possible destruction.Maybe ‘Johnny football’ will get off the news feeds.

    1. Cocaine addiction or full blown aids?

  13. anti-Trump supporters

    That’s an interesting turn of phrase.

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t tell the reader whether these are GOP #nevertrump types or leftists.

  14. It looks like Cleveland is going to have to spend a lot of money on health insurance.

    1. Multipliers!!!1!11!!!

  15. $50 million? That will clean up a lot of dog shit.

  16. Small point, Mr. Fisher – one does not buy an insurance policy FROM a broker (“purchase of a $50 million “protest” insurance policy from AON Risk Services Northeast”). You use the broker to get the policy from an insurance company – the broker goes out and get the proposals from the insurers and beats on them for price, getting rid of various exclusions, etc. That is how they earned that tidy fee.

    1. Technically correct is the best sort, after all.

    2. How the hell do you underwrite something that’s guaranteed to have massive claims?!?

      1. Government grants

      2. High SIR or deductible…

        *Raclette eating grin*

  17. Trump? Anti-Trump? Left? Right? Whatevs.

    The most important thing is that someone dies so they can talk about it for years.

    1. Just like CSN&Y only mentioning Nixon and “4 dead in Ohio”. I can’t wait to hear Nickelback’s cri de coeur.

      1. “Nickelback’s cri de coeur

        You, sir, are a monster!

  18. the neo-Nazis who have pledged to attend

    At least it’s not the Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis.

  19. (city employees are property are insured

    Does this mean that if someone wins a judgment against Cleveland they can get city employees to work for them as payment? This could get interesting.

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