Brickbat: No Nudes Is Good Nudes


No nudity
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Since 1906, members of a nudist club have skinny-dipped in a lake next to their Moritzburg, Germany, property. But local officials have told them they will have to cover up after a home for Middle Eastern refugees opens up later this summer. Officials say they hope the order will help them avoid any potential incidents.

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  1. No need to wait for potential incidents; the order itself is an incident.

    1. The German government has turned into a bunch of pussies.Their almost French now.

      1. The Baader-Meinhof Gang had this problem when the female members sunbathed topless in their Middle Eastern refuge.

    2. Those people should be voted out of office, but odds are those responsible are beurocrats who are hired for life. To the woodchipper with those who violate the publics rights.

      1. I like that — “beurocrats”. I’ve long used “burrrrocrats”, with the number of trills corresponding to how agitated I get.

  2. That’s it,make your own citizens change their way of life for people from another country that will be living on their dime. The E.U.’s a mess. On the other hand,a bunch of nude Germans may not be a pretty sight.

    1. “That’s it,make your own citizens change their way of life for people from another country that will be living on their dime. ”

      ^This. They aren’t just having to change their lifestyle, they are being victimized by savages.

      I will never understand this insanity. Listening to Merkel talk about it leaves me speechless…and the fruitloop was re-elected twice.

      1. It’s all about making up for the sin of their great grandparents being a bunch of Nazis. It’s retarded, but people actually think like this.

      2. And she grew up in East Germany.You would think she learn a thing or two about personal freedoms and keeping the government out of peoples lives.

        1. Smart people do but the weak minded become useful idiots and I mean that in the old sense in every way. She is a social justice warrior through and through.

          I guess I shouldn’t be too critical, we have one in our own house.

          1. Nick?

          2. Oh, you meant Obam-a.

          3. As an aside, I never use “social justice warrior” for SJW anymore. These people may be many things, but warriors they’re not. I use “social justice whiner”.

            1. Took me a long time to not read it as “single Jewish woman”. By the time I’m used to “BLM” not standing for Bureau of Lang Mgmt., it’ll be passe.

        2. you can lead a horse to water, but you may have to bash it on the head with a baseball bat to get it to drink. Anyone in GDR have a baseball bat? They could have used a cricket bat but that’s out now…

        3. And she grew up in East Germany.You would think she learn a thing or two about personal freedoms and keeping the government out of peoples lives.

          Or, you might think that you can take the girl out of the socialist empire, but you can’t take the socialist empire out of the girl.

          1. Merkel and her insanity are a large part of why the Brexit occurred.

        4. Merkel was born in West Germany, but her parents emigrated to East Germany and took her along.

          Merkel has always been a practical woman. When she was in East Germany, she was a member of the communist youth organization and became secretary for “Agitprop” (agitation and propaganda). After reunification, she leaned more towards Christian conservatism (and opposes gay marriage and gay adoption to this day).

    2. It’s almost like they want to alt right to come into power.

      Step 1 invite a million people into the country from a violent region that have no desire of assimilating into German culture

      Step 2 Wait for those people to resort to violence, and then deny it in the media or better yet blame the Germans for making them violent

      Step 3 Tell natives they have to adapt to the new culture, and not the other way around.

      Step 4 Call anyone who criticizes this a racist until you chase every mainstream voice calling for immigration reform out of politics, and leave only the radical Alt-Right who don’t give a shit.

      Step 5 Continue to repeat steps 1 – 4 until things get so bad the people start voting alt-right because even though they don’t like them, they’re the only people left addressing their main concern.

      1. Not *quite* our situation in the U.S., but this sort of thing is exactly why Trump will sweep to a landslide win in November, “baffling experts”.

        1. Think so? I think the media and the political establishments are so heavily stacked against him, I can’t see it happening.

          1. That and our immigrants are bringing drugs and violence with them so they’re already pretty assimilated into American culture.

          2. It is the reason he has, to this point, been so successful. If the so called “intellectuals”, “elites”, and “media” in this country are going to continually cry wolf at every Republican candidate, including the one who I think is probably one of the most decent people in politics today (even though I don’t agree with him on much), Mitt Romney, and dog whistle about things that would get Republicans doing the same thing tarred as racist, they are going to make people immune to it, and they will start calling bullshit. Now, I don’t view Trump as much worse than Hillary or Obama (which is plenty bad enough), but the fact is that the establishment in this country has set the stage for a far worse strain of politics from the alt right, and they are lucky they got someone as in the establishment as Trump is this time. Next time could be much worse, and the time after that, well, I’ll be 36 at that point…. SPQR for President, 2024!

          3. They may stop Trump here, but that may ultimately prove their undoing. As MetalBard points out above, they’ll keep doing the same stupid shit until people just can’t take it anymore. The longer it takes the worse the explosion will be.

            1. I saw all this as far back as 2003 (a product of a misspent youth reading heavily on the French Revolution and the foundation of Nazi Germany) and could read the tea leaves back then as to what we are experiencing now. But a HUGE part of the issue is the complete lack of statesmanship by the Republicans the last 25 years. Granted the left has been screechy, and has the MSM mostly on their side, but standing up for principles DOES resonate. But the establishment Republicans were so small minded, and viewed the masses as cattle and it was a waste of time to stand up to the left, so they basically joined them, figuring they might as well get in on the largess and direct some of it to their cronies. Medicare Part D was the Mason-Dixon line in my mind as to when the Republicans went full Statist. And now the left gets full range to shout down who ever they want, the Republicans don’t make a sound, and the unrepresented mass on the hard AND soft right are becoming untethered. People are always making reference to either “communists” or Germany of the 20’s/30’s. I think we’d be better off reviewing France circa 1780/1790 for what we could be in store for.

              1. The US has frequently followed self-destructive European political trends, and it is doing the same now. It has also always managed to return to some degree of sanity in time, while Europe sees these things through to their bitter end.

          4. Having the media and political establishment stacked against him is a big plus. For some people it’s like Jews learning the Nazis don’t like you, they’ll look past all sorts of unpleasantness.

    3. Europeans need to,stop importing all these vicious Islamic monsters.

  3. It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses!…..ign=buffer

    1. Jesus fuck. What a bunch of tripe. Three paragraphs is all I could stomach.

      Anyone who uses the expression ‘the elite’ without sarcasm should have their keyboard smashed over their head. What a fuckwit.

    2. Is it the Onion? Oh my god it’s friggin’ Foreign Policy. The antidemocratic tendencies of the elites laid bare as if it’s no big deal, none at all. These guys are flabbergasted that Brexit won and then they say this stuff out of their shock and anger, stuff which drives us to resist them even more.

    3. Ha ha, they had to run a correction acknowledging that the author was so busy stimulating himself to a climax about his expertise that he confused the president of Austria with the prime minister.

      1. Now that is pure gold

        In fairness, like Obama, he probably doesn’t speak Austrian, so it’s understandable that he’d have a little trouble with the details of the Austrian government.

    4. The issue, at bottom, is globalization. Brexit, Trump, the National Front, and so on show that political elites have misjudged the depth of the anger at global forces and thus the demand that someone, somehow, restore the status quo ante.


      Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit….

      The issue is centralization of power.

      1. Being obsessed with stasis, he starts from the assumption that other people must simply want to have frozen the world at a different spot.

        1. Traub recognizes the refugee crisis in Europe as being a serious problem that threatens social order, yet he cannot understand why individual countries would rebel against the system that is demanding more immigration against the wishes of the people.

      1. What an ass.

        The problem with American politics is the party duopoly. Trump is a third party candidate running withing the GOP framework because the GOP/DNC have effectively locked out third parties. Sanders is a third party candidate running withing the DNC framework because the GOP/DNC have effectively locked out third parties.

        Rauch wants a return to insiders and behind closed doors deals because it is orderly, when the American people are saying that what they actually want are some real parties that listen to their constituents and not the power sharing agreement that currently exists.

        Political professionals and parties have many shortcomings to answer for?including, primarily on the Republican side, their self-mutilating embrace of anti-establishment rhetoric?but relentlessly bashing them is no solution. You haven’t heard anyone say this, but it’s time someone did: Our most pressing political problem today is that the country abandoned the establishment, not the other way around.

        Trump and Sanders are indicative of discontent with the parties. So the parties should respond by ignoring the people and make it even more difficult for that discontent to be channelized into viable options like the LP, the Greens, etc…? Yeah, that’s going to work.

        Go ahead, stick your head in the sand. See where that will end up.

        1. Democracy was great when when people listened to their betters. Now that the unwashed masses are thinking for themselves, we need to curb the excesses of democracy. The scales have simply tipped too far in one direction. We need to strike a happy balance, and everyone knows that the best way to do that is for educated, rational people to have their hands on both sides of the scale.

          1. Now that the unwashed masses are thinking for themselves, we need to curb the excesses of democracy.

            Well, feeling for themselves anyways.

        2. I don’t know any reason to think multiple small parties would be good. We’re more likely to get a small party hard socialist than a small party Libertarian in the White House. I see countries with multiple small parties being less stable, and I think that’s a big part of it.

          1. We’re more likely to get a small party hard socialist than a small party Libertarian in the White House.

            As opposed to 93(+)% certainty that we won’t get ‘Large Party Libertarian’ in the WH and end up with either Large Team Corrupt Socialist or Large Team Nationalist Socialist?

        3. The problem with American politics is the party duopoly.

          No, it’s not. If you think US politics is bad, I suggest actually taking a good, hard look at what European politics is really like, from Mussolini and Hitler to Berlusconi and Merkel. That is what multi-party systems lead to: more backroom deals and more political insanity.

          The third largest party in German parliament is the communists (pardon me, “democratic socialists”). They are so democratic that the “German constitutional police” (yes, they have such a thing) spies on them to make sure that they don’t secretly try to kill democracy. But no matter how many political parties there are, they all agree on the basics, namely that political speech and media ought to be tightly regulated, government approved parties should be financed by public funds, and that corporations, churches, and unions should be paid off by tax payers.

          A multi-party system isn’t the answer; the only answer is to reduce the size and power of government.

      2. American politics has always been insane.

        I hate when people think that their time is some unique piece of history, when in reality it’s just that they know truly nothing outside the bounds of their own existence.

    5. So with all his fancy education, he never read about Madame Defarge.
      Carefully knitting the list.
      Lists are very popular these days.
      Why does he think he won’t go on one?

      1. So with all his fancy education, he never read about Madame Defarge.

        What? Read a book by a dead white man? He wouldn’t be caught dead having done that.

        1. Unless it was Marx, perhaps?

          1. He doesn’t need to read Marx, he can read some “disadvantaged” person’s distillation of the ideas though the more “authentic” lens of the ivory tower bubble.

            Completely unrelated to the discussion at hand, I stopped playing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate after a mission to escort Karl Marx through London. I kept thinking “I don’t want to protect him, I want to join in the curb stomp he deserves”. Oh, and the whitewashing of his character to be less vile than the layabout he actually was didn’t help my mood any.

            1. Glad I didn’t buy it. I really didn’t like that many of those games other than Black Flag, and that was mostly because the climbing jumping part was interspersed with the pirate ship part.

            2. Could you kill Marx, even if you lost, that might be worth it.

    6. Not only that, on the SAME FUCKING PAGE is a link to the story about a bunch of splodehadis in Turkey!

      No awareness whatsoever.

      Also, “the sane vs. the mindlessly angry”?

      Fuck you sideways, Foreign Policy.

    7. Jesus Christ, that’s the actual headline. I thought you were being sarcastic.

  4. What is it about Islam that makes all the progs turn into pussies? I mean just have a Christian group protest a nudist beach and they’ll get their panties in a twist. But have some knuckle-dragging “refugees” of Islamic flavor move in next door and suddenly burkas are all the rage.

    1. because Christian protests tend to be peaceful.

      1. Oh and because Islam is useful to the Progressive cause. A common leftist tactic is to claim they represent some sort of oppressed minority group in order to ban something they don’t like.

        1. Except through out it’s history,Islam, it’s followers have been doing the oppressing.

          1. Now when did facts ever stop a lefty cause? Besides think like a leftist here, only evil white people can be racist, and oppressive.

          2. I thought violent oppression was something Leftists and Muslims had in common?

            Maybe their Molotov?Ribbentrop Pact doesn’t end in conflict – instead we get an Islamic Communist state.

            1. If history is any indication, it will end up with a lot of shocked, dead leftists (and it will probably happen under painfully tropetastic circumstances, like when the traitor does his thing and then tells the main villain “I betrayed my people for you, now give me what I deserve!”). So, it’s not all bad at least.

    2. Very true.They do not understand that Islam is not just a religion ,but,a political system The two are intertwined. It’s kind of like socialism.It’s not a economic system ,but, a political system that depends on government to exist.

      1. They’ll figure it out when the Islamic hordes turn on them. I’m sure the realization will be on even the thickest of them when the scimitar is brought down on their necks in the public square

    3. The overriding goal is to obtain, exercise and maintain power. If you piece together a coalition of Muslims, feminists, blue-collar workers, gays, blacks, immigrants, latinos, etc, to vote for your people, super. If it’s the desire of the Muslims to murder most of the rest of the coalition, that’s inconvenient, but OK as long as they keep voting Democrat.

      If anyone is still wondering why they’re cozying up to the Muslims and, uh, deemphasizing their support for the Jews, look at the demographics… For every Jew, 100 Muslims. That decision’s so obvious it can be instantly adduced by the lizard brain of the typical pol.

    4. What is it about Islam that makes all the progs turn into pussies?

      Check your premises.

      They’re not pussies, they’re enemies of freedom.

      Job 1 is destroying the vestiges of the Western values of freedom, democracy, and rule of law.

      Enemy of my enemy. There’s no mystery why they support Islam.

    5. What is it about Islam that makes all the progs turn into pussies? I mean just have a Christian group protest a nudist beach and they’ll get their panties in a twist.

      It’s because in Europe, progressives and Christians have merged and are indistinguishable: Christian churches are funded by European governments and subject to tight government controls. For example, in Germany, Catholic priests and protestant ministers are usually government employees (with excellent salaries and benefits), and religious instruction is provided in public schools and carried out according to a government approved curriculum. The response to Islamic extremism in Germany has been to talk about mandating Islamic religious instruction in schools according to a moderate government-designed program, just like for Christian denominations.

  5. If it’s the same members since 1906 that’s not a bad policy change.

    1. In other words, your support is sagging?

      1. Not just the support…

  6. All your freedoms, your mores, you conventions, your pleasures… your beer, your bikinis, your freedom of expression? Cover up, shut the fuck up, slurp shit in glorious silence, and maybe the million-plus people we’ve spent your money to bring to your doorstep, who not only don’t believe in any of that stuff but are in fact enraged by its existence, won’t try to rape or kill you right away.

    And by the way if you have a problem with it you’re a racist, xenophobic, far-right fascist, and probably breaking the law by saying so.

    1. Without beer, bratwurst, and topless German girls sunning themselves in public parks, is there any reason for Germany to exist? Oh well, I guess the new Syrian engineers can at least keep Porsche going.

      1. What Syrian Engineers? 40% of the migrants are illiterate, even in their native languages, and almost none have any real education.

  7. Taking pleasure in a people’s acquiescence to the religious heckler’s veto? The Germans have a word for this. Shariadenfreude.

        1. No, I disliked the pun.

        1. Irrational fear of the Teutonic Knights? I don’t think it’s all that irrational.

  8. By “cover up” do they mean dress their women in burkas? Or is this a phased assimilation and that comes later.

  9. Oh, why am I not the least bit surprised by the assholish comments?

    And progressives wonder why people hate it when they get all smarmy and patronizing.

    1. I don’t think they wonder, because that would require them to realize they’ve gotten smarmy and patronizing.

      1. *To elaborate, I think they regard the reaction they get as a sign that there’s something wrong with the person reacting instead of with the original speaker.

        1. My favorite (revisionist) comment:

          Eric Gardenhund
          Jim Nelson What nonsens!!!

          Hitler was brought up a Catholic and he was never excommunicated, but also drew support from Protestant churches.

          Joseph Stalin was raised to be a Catholic Priest and I remain curious as to why his Christianity is shoved aside in all these arguments. Yes, there is no way to get around the fact that in his early career, Stalin made a vast effort to rid Russia of religion, but that had nothing to do with atheism. It was the only way he knew to seize power of the country.

          Stalin and Mao might not have believed in any gods, but they certainly believed in blind faith and obedience ? two key virtues of religion. In fact, they used those “virtues” to their advantage and soon began to believe that they were themselves deities. I don’t know if you can technically call them atheists any more at that point.

          Jim, Your use of the same old lie does not make it true. Is not there something in your holy book about lying?

          This guy is actually arguing that Hitler, Stalin and Mao were religionist. And he calls believers stupid…

          1. Here’s the one kernel of truth in there – Stalin spent a year at seminary.

            However, being Georgian in the Russian Empire, it was an Orthodox seminary, and he turned Athiest after his first year. If he were trying to simply consolidate power, picking a fight with the Orthodox church instead of hyjacking it was the tougher road to follow given the populace he was grinding underfoot.

            1. One year of seminary =/= was raised to be a catholic priest.

              They can’t just stick a kernel of truth in there without expanding it to an absurd claim that is easily rebuked by…EVERYTHING STALIN EVER WROTE ABOUT RELIGIONS.

              Fucking idiots. And they wonder why people reject their smugness out of hand.

              1. Especially since Orthodox Seminaries don’t turn out Catholic priests, but yeah, we’re pretty much on the same page here.

          2. In Germany, religious affiliation is a matter of record and requires consent from both the member and the church. Hitler was a life-long member of the Catholic church, and no Nazi was excommunicated by the Catholic church.

            Hitler ran on a Christian platform. And it was the Catholic Center Party that cast the deciding votes making him absolute ruler of Germany. Under Hitler, the churches, in particular the Catholic church, received massive amounts of financial benefits.

            The “revisionists” are people who are trying to paint Hitler as a radical atheist. Whatever Hitler may have believed deep inside, he was as much a Christian as 99% of Germany, and churches were in bed with Hitler, gave him political support, and profited handsomely.

    2. Seriously? Someone who is a regular here is complaining about assholish comments?

  10. More salty Brexit tears.

    My first thought upon reading the news?that is, my first coherent, not oh-my-God-what’s-happening, thought?was that this is the most potent example yet that my biggest fear might be coming true, that the Great Recession and its aftermath have set in motion what could well become the disintegration of liberal democracy in the world. Yes, that sounds like apocalyptic overstatement. It now looks more plausible than ever.

    His thoughts never get much more ‘coherent’ than this. It’s all emotion and teeth-gnashing. The spectre of austerity rears its ugly head, too.

    1. The “Disintegration of Liberal democracy” would be allowing the EU to ossify into the totalitarian state it is aiming to perfect.

    2. Ah yes, “austerity.” They can wake me and tell me all about it if and when they finally find an example of it.

    3. Absolutely fucking ludicrous. So, in 1985 or so, was Western Europe a dystopian nightmare since the EU was nothing more than a common market at that point? Or, say, 1974, before the Brits entered the EU in the first place?

  11. The local authority has said it will construct some sort of screen on the asylum seekers’ side of the lake to prevent residents from gazing upon the nude enthusiasts.

    Any bets on how long until the all-male asylum seekers demolish the screen?

    1. Even if there were not a nudist camp there, the migrants would demolish the screen – and the housing provided for them.

      1. Too bad they’ll then see the Mohammed T-shirts the bathers use to cover up.

        1. I like the way you think.

      2. Then complain loudly about the crappy accommodations – maybe start a riot.

    2. If I were a nudist at that place, I’d be voluntarily covering up if I knew there was an audience of Muslim migrants lurking about. A civilized person might acknowledge it for what it is and pretend not to be all turned on by the occasional hot female nudist and hide the tent he’s pitching. The Muslims on the other hand would be torn between eye fucking you while spanking it ten feet away or selecting their target for some kind of sexual assault or regular ole assault to teach the immoral nudist a lesson. Keep these people the fuck out of civilization.

  12. Ohhh, can’t wait for shikha’s article later on this topic.. Im sure the commenters will realize how racist you are then finally.. this is just enriching their culture.. /sarcasm

    1. Anyone who objects to uncontrolled open borders is a pants-shitting xenophobic yokel.

      1. I wouldn’t care if borders were open if the rest of the world weren’t so reliably barbaric and antithetical to the kind of society I want to live in.

        1. You know, if Cytotoxism was carried out to its logical conclusion, it would actually make sense. Just basically exterminate every last member of every nation of savages, then throw open your borders and enjoy the trade benefits with everyone still alive.

          I mean, it would be evil and probably impossible, but it’s only completely illogical in moderation.

          1. You know who else wanted to “Just basically exterminate every last member of every nation of savages, then throw open your borders and enjoy the trade benefits with everyone still alive.”?

            Don’t they have a word for that in German …. family room, livingroom, something like that …

  13. Isn’t this the kind of public accommodation bullshit a lot of reason writers shrugged their shoulders at recently?

    1. This is totally different – it doesn’t involve cakes or bathrooms.

      1. They all want cake.

      2. It’s different because it involves boobies. Also, libertines vs second.

  14. OK, *now* I’m willing to acknowledge that accepting refugees might be a problem.

  15. First the nudists, then the gays, then mandatory burqas.

  16. Germany is really setting herself up for something very large and unpleasant….

    1. Yeah, either Germany is going to fall under the sway of a bunch of militant, sadistic, authoritarian, racist, anti-semitic, homophobic bastards, or the German fascists are going to win.

  17. First they came for the nudists, but I said nothing because I was clothed…

  18. “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” — Mark Twain

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  20. “Since 1906, members of a nudist club have skinny-dipped in a lake next to their Moritzburg, Germany, property. But local officials have told them they will have to cover up after a home for Middle Eastern refugees opens up later this summer.”

    This is why people vote for Brexit.

    Incidentally, my understanding is that Germans often go topless at public swimming pools.

    One city recently banned immigrants from public swimming pools after migrants started sexually harassing women there. The government put out an pool etiquette guide for asylum seekers–because that’ll fix the situation.…..rants.html

    Imagine coming from some North African/Middle Eastern shit hole, where women and men don’t really associate unless they’re married or immediate family, and you find yourself in a society where women are not only better educated, wealthier, and have more status than you, they also prance around half naked. What would you think? What would you do?

    You’d probably go to the public swimming pool to show other migrants who didn’t believe it and thought you were exaggerating. You might even freak out.

    So what’s the solution?

    I think the answer is to invite in as many asylum seekers as possible and condemn those who object to that for their privilege, bigotry, and racism.

    1. Incidentally, my understanding is that Germans often go topless at public swimming pools.

      Hmm. I always swim topless. Oh right. I’m a male.

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