Brexit, Benghazi, and Virginia Postrel: The Fifth Column Is Back!

The world's best Kmele Foster-hosted libertarian podcast also discusses high-speed rail and doing mushrooms


Reason readers have a very special, well, reason (drink!) to tune into the latest episode of The Fifth Column, the podcast starring Kmele FosterMichael C. Moynihan, and me. And that reason is…Virginia Postrel! The beloved former editor of this here mag joins the three fifths to discuss Brexit, populism, the fate of global liberalism, and (of course!) high-speed rail. Listen to the whole episode, which also gets into Benghazi and the BET Awards, right here:

Head over to the podcast website for info on how to subscribe; you can also listen using iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

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  1. I was just going to write you about needed a woman on the show to counteract the locker room antics… but we know the only women libertarians work for reason. Good get.

  2. Glad you finally posted this, because I have a major, and I mean MAJOR beef with something Postrel said in this podcast.

    1. Uh-oh. Was it about us? I hope it wasn’t about us.

      1. No, sorry, didn’t mean to be mysterious. I had to take a call.

        There was a discussion about Trump vs. Clinton and Virginia did a brief dissertation on the whole milieu, and I agreed 100% with everything she said in regards to Trump.

        She indicated she was disturbed that libertarians could actively support Trump. Not just acknowledge that he represented a kind of rebellion against the status quo, but actively support his policies. Everything she said on that was, IMHO, 100% accurate and I concur with.

        Then she shifted to Clinton and said that while yes, she was so very much awful, it was her status-quo-ness that made her acceptable in the modern discourse- when held against the political establishment. But that’s not the issue I had. She went on to ask (rhetorically) if it wasn’t better to have politicians lie about fealty to the consitution (Clinton) rather than just come out and say they didn’t give a shit about it and would route around it (Trump).

        Sorry, Virginia, no, it’s worse to lie about it. We’ve been lying about the constitution for most of my adult life– but Donald Trump and Trump alone has provided one service to America: He got the left to suddenly care about the constitution. they’ve shifted from being openly hostile to it to suddenly realizing the old dusty document might have an ounce of merit. You tell me who’s done more for America?

        1. Ah. Yeah, I’m listening to that segment now. While I can understand why you might want people to at least pretend to care about the Constitution, and thus preserve its legitimacy, it doesn’t do any good if the document itself is dead in function anyway. At that point you might as well just go full retard and admit it, at least then there’s no pretense and it drags the debate out into the open.

        2. Have to agree with you there. Wasn’t one of the things people would say in favor of Sanders that at least he admits to being a socialist, and doesn’t pretend not to be like say, Hillary? If we’re going to have someone who hates the Constitution, I’d rather the one who’s honest about it, rather than the clown pretending to like it.

        3. She indicated she was disturbed that libertarians could actively support Trump.

          None do.

          1. You should tell Lew Rockwell & Walter Block about your discovery.

            1. So that’s who’s been writing those Trump e-newsletters that keep spamming my mailbox.

          2. Look, if you say you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body, we’re invalidating their identity if we don’t participate in their identity.

        4. Just another Kmele-loving cuck.

          1. If I’m going to be cucked, it will be by the lumpy-bodied, hairy-toed Hilary. About the Jesse Williams bit, is it just me, or are a lot of these race-baiting speeches about how white people get off free coming from black people who have a white parent(mother, specifically?)? Jesse Williams, Melissa Harris-Perry, Obama, etc… Is there something deeper to it? One other thing about Kmele; I love his role on BrainDead. It’s so well cast.

        5. Postrel is suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, with all the virtue posing that implies. She said he was racist. Where’s the evidence? Would be dangerous around nukes. Where’s the evidence? Would be bad for the economy. How so?

          Whereas we know precisely how badly Hildog would handle these issues and so many others.

          Postrel appears to be vag-justifying.

          Never heard her before. Hope that I never do again.

    2. Not a Colonel Pork?

        1. Sargeant Schnitzel?

          1. Wasn’t he a character in Hogan’s Heroes?

            Mmm. Hoagies. Heroes.

            1. Schultz, but close enough for H&R.

    3. That wouldn’t happen to be the BS about Hillary is horrible in a regular politician way, and is therefore preferable to Trump, would it?

      1. Canyou not take a hint? The thing you should have typed is Private Vennison.

        1. Sorry, I’m slow sometimes.

        2. Draftee Duck?

      2. Not even that– but that was the opening salvo. No, it was the specific issue about lying about doing good things vs. claiming out in the open to do awful things. See my response above.

  3. OT? Don’t Ban the Box! (She has a real nice box!)…..cmp=hplnws

    1. She’s latina. Different rules. She keeps the crown, sez I.

  4. The world’s best Kmele Foster-hosted sort of libertarianish podcast

    That was even worse than I had expected. At this point, I can’t see why a right-libertarian would renew his subscription when he can just troll the message boards for free. You Soros-loving hippies don’t even have an annual swimsuit issue.

    1. Right leaning libertarian… right…

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