A.M. Links: Senate Rejects Gun Control Bill, Clinton vs. Trump vs. Johnson, Sanders vs. Superdelegates


  • State Department

    The Senate has rejected gun control legislation proposed in response to the Orlando shooting.

  • According to a new poll, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 42 percent to 38 percent. Gary Johnson is polling at 9 percent.
  • Hundreds of Republican delegates are reportedly planning to "dump Trump" at the GOP convention in Cleveland next month.
  • Bernie Sanders is building support among Democrats for his anti-superdelegate stance.
  • "With two days to go until Britain's referendum on EU membership that will shape the future of the European Union and the West, polls and surveys indicated public opinion is so divided that the outcome is too close to call."

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  1. …Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 42 percent to 38 percent. Gary Johnson is polling at 9 percent.

    So close.

    1. You know the only poll that matters is the first tuesday in November.

      1. What? That’s too close to the election to be of any use to me!

      2. *** “rising” intonation ***

        What about Bill’s “poll”?

        1. Well, Johnson’s poll is rising. He is engorging to fill the gap left by Hillary. Soon he will be erected to the highest office. Well, as long as the climax isn’t premature. I could give my Johnson a stroke of good luck by spewing the seeds of liberty but I am feeling a little ennui kind of like a petite mort.

          1. Nope. -1 for not using embiggening. The fanciest cake in the world still has to have frosting.

      3. I think I’m going to vote for this Brexit fellow – to continue my policy of voting for people with X in their names.

        1. Charles X?

          Malcolm X?

          Professor X?

          1. Pope Pius X

          2. Xerxes didn’t need your votes.

        2. Sounds like a Quixotic task.

        3. Vote for Xanthippe or else

          1. Oh that’s just what her husband wants you to think, isn’t it?

        4. I have a standing policy of voting for candidates that had nicknames on the ballot (e.g. Frank “Buzz” Frankelson would definitely get my vote)

          1. I never vote for candidates with nick names, especially when the nick name isn’t the one that goes with their given name, like William “Mike” Smith.

      4. “You know the only poll that matters is the first tuesday in November.”

        Actually, the only one that counts will be later when they tally the electoral votes.

        1. Da commarade!

    2. Hello.

      “With two days to go until Britain’s referendum on EU membership that will shape the future of the European Union and the West, polls and surveys indicated public opinion is so divided that the outcome is too close to call.”

      There will be no winners.

    3. My sister is finally leaving her abusive bastard of a husband. She’s moving out soon. She has a restraining order against him. He gave up his guns (due process FTW!), or so he told the PD. Nobody actually believes he did though.

      I know that Castle Rock v. Gonzalez means the police don’t actually have to give a damn about restraining orders. While I’m going to encourage her to call the PD to have someone there when she moves, I know she needs her own protection.

      Considering the kids in the house, can someone recommend a small, easy for a small woman to handle gun I can buy her for protection (that can be kept out of reach of kids and also quickly in reach)?

      1. AMT 380 backup.

      2. While arming her is a possibility, having someone around is better – a witness as well as a protector. I don’t know your situation, but maybe you (or a brother, uncle, father,etc) could be at her house very frequently.

        Good luck.

        1. Unfortunately she lives several states away from the rest of her family.

          1. I agree with BigT. How about coworkers? Like 10 of them? The goal is to prevent something from happening (say, with a show of force) rather than dealing with a bad situation after it happens.

          2. Does she have a close girlfriend who could move in with her temporarily?

        2. If the situation is truly hostile, she might need to hire an off-duty cop to provide security. Not sure how you engage those. Also, professional movers tend to be big guys but it’s not their job to do anything other than move furniture so might not be reliable.

          But, yeah, make sure she’s surrounded by witnesses even if those witnesses are not going to intervene.

          Wishing her the very best.

      3. I wouldn’t trust the PD. She should hire armed private security. They will hopefully show up and be there for her.

        Can any family members be there as well?

        1. Yeah. I know a guy who does this. He was in the military when he was younger and brings a shotgun with him. It’s mostly for chicks with weird exes, he says. It’s probably in the same price range as a gun, I would think.

        2. I wouldn’t trust the PD

          No, but she should make them aware of the restraining order, just on the off chance a few of the cops actually want to do their jobs.

          1. She has dogs she needs euthanized?

            1. She has dogs she needs euthanized?

              Yes, right there in TFA:

              her abusive bastard of a husband

          2. just on the off chance a few of the cops actually want to do their jobs.

            Just because they drive around in cars that say “to serve and protect” on them doesn’t mean you can take them literally.

            1. Just because they drive around in cars that say “to serve and protect”

              It’s an abbreviation for “To serve our masters in the government and protect our paychecks stolen from y’all”

              But there’s only so much space on the side of a cop car, so … brevity!

          3. I disagree. Never, ever have contact with PD if you can help it. In this land of “law and Order,” the Gonzales has clealry said you are on your own, and the state is repudiating its side of the social contract.

      4. Visibly mounted cameras and a .38 J-frame revolver.

        1. And dogs (plural).

      5. Has she ever shot a gun before? Some women have trouble working the slides on pistols, so she should try using one first to she if can do so comfortably. If she can’t, or you aren’t sure, there are a number of smaller revolvers that have a hidden hammer so they don’t snag on things making them easier to carry. Ruger makes a nice one. Other companies make similar small revolvers, but the LCR by Ruger is the only one I have any familiarity with. It is too small for my hands, so I can’t shoot the thing worth a damn, but my sister loves the thing.

        1. I like the LCR for novices. Inexpensive, simple, easy to use, reliable, proven caliber. Honestly, I’m a big gun nut, but unless she has experience with firearms, it may be more dangerous to introduce a gun during a turbulent time.

          1. Yeah, I missed the part were she was several states away. If she doesn’t have any experience with firearms, and no one is going to be around to show her how to properly use and maintain one, she’s better off not having one at the moment. Buy her a dog, in addition to having some protection and deterrence factor, a good dog can help the kids cope.

      6. My wife prefers our pump action (Remington 870 Express) if its purely for home defense and she has no intention of obtaining a CCL. It is point and shot and does not require much aiming so long as she places herself in a channelized area in the house in the event of a home intruder. With children in the house do not load it with slugs however as they can pass though several walls with ease.

      7. Smith/Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. Small enough for concealed carry but big enough to be fun to shoot. Has a 7 and 8 round mag, fits nicely into an avg female hand and can be found for $400 (list $450-500)

      8. “…can someone recommend a small, easy for a small woman to handle gun I can buy her for protection”

        You, with a 1911. If you cant get the cops to be there, you should be. Well, cops or not, you should be there.

      9. Skye… small, light, inexpensive.


      10. Is there a gun store nearby with an attached range?

        In my experience, most gun dealers are more than happy to give quick lesson on the basics of how to handle a gun. And if she has a sob story about wanting a gun to protect herself from an abusive ex, then I’m sure she can get a lesson on basic gun handling, and maybe find a gun that works for her.

      11. First off, wishing you and your sister the best of luck with that situation. I know you’d rather rely on a bullet in the chamber, and I would too, but luck don’t hurt.

        Secondly, after all the shit of the last week- what a great reminder of why we have the second amendment. For shit like this! I am sorry to politicize your family situation by saying that, but it is a kind of textbook example.

        Anyway, really man, I seriously hope all works out in the end.

      12. I really hesitate to offer advice in a situation like this, but some of the advice you’ve had, is not good.

        I’d suggest a striker-fired 9mm automatic pistol, as large as she can reasonably conceal. Larger guns, like the archetypal Glock 19, are faster to deploy in a fight, easier to shoot, and much more reliable than snubnose revolvers or .380 subcompacts.

        The best way to keep your pistol secure from the kiddies, is to keep it on your person at all times. My pistol goes on when I put on my pants in the morning, and it gets locked up when I take them off at night.

        It’s probably a little late in the game for professional training, but please, please, encourage your sister to take a CCW class at her first opportunity. Fighting with a gun, it’s just not something you’re going to pick up on the fly. You have to practice.

        Good luck. I hope that some of this helps.

  2. 194) When I was in the eighth grade, a bigger kid cornered me in the tool cage in shop class one day and demanded my money. I refused and he punched me in the jaw. I managed to slip out and generally avoided him after that. But you know what? It never occurred to me to go tell the teacher. This was my problem?why would I want an adult getting involved? And I would have held any other kid that went to the teacher in a similar situation in absolute contempt.

    Nowadays, schools have these anti-bullying crusades that are turning kids into little snitches who can’t handle their own problems. It’s presented as creating a safe learning environment for all kids, but I think the practical effect is that kids never learned to confront hardship. I mean, maybe kids are able to learn their classroom lessons better?but that’s not the only thing you learn in school. How you deal with other people, and figuring problems out without adult help, is the more important skill, and one that’s being lost.

    1. Same here. I was bullied by a future mobster named ‘Carmine’ in grade three. I tool my lumps and even held my ground. Then ‘Butch’ came out of nowhere and told if anyone ever bothered me again to seek him out. That was the law of the jungle.

      For years later as our paths crossed, we played baseball and hockey. Butch is 6’8′ and Carmine, last I heard, is still a mobster.

      1. My brother was once hazed by a bunch of older kids. One day, he cornered the ring leader and beat the excrement out of him, and told everyone about it. The older kids would walk away when they saw him after that.

      2. So, by law of the prison yard, you are Butch’s bitch?

        1. More like my bodyguard, Bub.

          /cue that song from The Bodyguard.

          1. Whatever you say.

            *hands Butch a pack of smokes to have a turn at Rufus

    2. The end of that sounds like the standard argument against home schooling.

        1. Great, now I’ve got that Stelio Kontos song stuck in my head. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    3. And that’s the whole point of the effort. This is definitely not an unintentional side-effect. It’s malice aforethought.

      1. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

        1. +1 Iron Law

    4. And tell us what cold revenge you served the mugger.

      1. Umm, I pretty much tried to stay out of his way. He never did bother me again, though. I think he expected me to fold right away, and when I didn’t he moved on to easier prey.

    5. . I mean, maybe kids are able to learn their classroom lessons better?but that’s not the only thing you learn in school.

      I taught my daughter that when she’s getting bullied, the first thing she should do is punch the bully in the face and if that doesn’t work, knee him in the nuts and always claim self-defense if the bully snitches. Her former bullies know she isn’t easy prey, so she isn’t bullied.

      1. That was pretty much how I was raised.

        Punch a bully in the face. Even if you get your ass kicked, at least bloody their nose. Make them know they’ve been in a fight, and they won’t try to go for round two.

        1. I was getting smacked in the back of the head by a school bus bully, big strong football player, in school. Finally waited one day for him to get off the bus, punched him hard in the nose, and then covered up with my fists and knocked away his shocked and feeble attempts at getting a counterpunch in until the adults showed up. Doubt anyone had ever stood up to him before.

          Got called into the principal’s office, told him what had preceded my punch, and, bemused at this supposed pacifist and bookworm defending himself, told me to go back to class — and asked the secretary to send in the bully.

          No one messed with me after that.

      2. I don’t think “self-defense” is respected in schools.

    6. I had a bully beat my ass and several others in middle school. She was eventually expelled.

    7. Have to disagree.

      While it is great to be able to defend oneself, a kid should be able to go to school every day without being subjected to bullying. Or feeling like all the adults there at school aren’t watching out for him or her.

      1. You’re joking, right?

        1. No. The idea that a little kid has to stand up to bullying while at school and there’s something wrong with expecting the adults running the school to come down hard against bullying is macho bullshit.

          1. D- Trolling.

            You should get an F but I’m feeling generous today.

            1. I’m not a troll. I’ve been on Hit and Run since long, long time. I just have a different opinion about this.

              And very consistent with core libertarian principles. Remember that whole thing about protecting people from force. That doesn’t apply to kids?!

    8. When I was 13ish and in Junior High, I had a bully who would pick on me day after day. He had a locker next to mine so staying out of his way was impossible. He wasn’t a big guy but definitely sensed that a shy, sensitive kid like me was ripe to be bullied. He would punch me hard in the arm every day with a downward strike that really hurt the bone.

      A few weeks of this and I told my older brother. He said something that I have always remembered: “Once you let people push you around, they will keep on pushing until you stop them.”

      So the next day I go to my locker. The kid punches me hard in the arm. With a rush of adrenaline, I picked the bully up and threw him into the lockers. I say: “If you ever touch me again I’ll kill you!”

      He said something cocky to save face, but he never hit me again or even looked at me during the class breaks.

      The last day of school I took his bus home with the plan of beating the shit out of him. But he lucked out that day and wasn’t there. Or else he saw me get on the bus and decided to walk. I don’t know.

      He must have moved since I don’t remember seeing him at school next year.

      1. I had bullies in elementary and middle school. I fought constantly, and lost most of the time. But finally in high school, I moved my sophomore year to a new one, I decided I would try YET AGAIN to set the precedent to leave me the hell alone. What I didnt realize was I had grown considerably. Well, two weeks in I was getting shit from some kid behind me in math. Well, after class in the hall I confronted him. He pushed me and then I grabbed his neck, pounded him pretty good and then slammed his head into a locker. While this is all pretty standard I shocked myself and I was laughing at how easy this was the whole time. This is evidently what got me my space, cause he was a senior.

        1. I was lucky that I was always taller than 95% of the other kids. But as I said – shy – so I rarely tried to pick a fight with anyone.

          But I was a good scrapper thanks to the constant low-level warfare of my neighborhood, and having to get even with my brother, who is 5 years older than me.

          There was the time that my brother and I fought the next door neighbors – all five of them at the same time. Three guys and two girls against us – we managed to win that one.

    9. I’ve always been amazed in retrospect how very little I was bullied, considering I was always very small for my age and near the top of the intelligence curve. Now I’m 5’8″ 160 lbs, but in high school I was about 135. I only had 3 physical encounters all through middle school and high school:

      – A taller kid tried to push me around in the locker room in middle school, so I put him in a guillotine headlock. His face was purple when I let him go. He was always nice to me after that.

      – Some kid threw a soda at me in the lunch room. I got in his face and yelled at him, he shoved me, I side kicked him in the upper chest and knocked him down. At the end of the day he confronted me with two buddies in the yard, but like 8 of my friends materialized out of nowhere.

      – Some wrestling team kid came up behind me when I was walking home and pushed me down to the ground, then kept pushing me down as I tried to get up. He definitely won that encounter, which really upset me. A few years later his girlfriend asked me if I was taking anyone to prom, meaning would I want to take her, but I was seeing someone. So strategically I’m calling this one a win.

    10. , schools have these anti-bullying crusades that are turning kids into little snitches who can’t handle their own problems. It’s presented as creating a safe learning environment for all kids, but I think the practical effect is that kids never learned to confront hardship

      That, and i constantly hear kids chastising *others* (including adults) via an internalized nanny; the sort of behavior that would/should get you punched.

  3. Hundreds of Republican delegates are reportedly planning to “dump Trump” at the GOP convention in Cleveland next month.

    Who is letting whom down in this scenario?

    1. Maybe if the Republican Party doesn’t have a spot for him he can make the Browns’ roster.

    2. There’s no “Dump Trump” movement – Trump’s selling his delegates to the highest bidder. He did say his campaign would be the first where the candidate actually made a profit, and now you know how he plans on doing it. Yuuge profits, most successful campaign ever. Just like his casino business – we all laugh because how the hell do you bankrupt a casino, but the casino went bankrupt because it was piling on debt while Trump was looting the business. Trump is paying himself and his family a nice salary out of his campaign, I’ll bet, all the while his campaign is racking up debt that will never be repaid.

      1. People usually go into politics for the power and the money. Trump already had all that. The Clintons are the ones who have been making millions from campaigning and politics.

      2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is fiction, Jerry.

    3. And even if they do, the field of replacements is pretty uninspiring.

      1. All they want is somebody they can control. The voters can get stuffed.

      1. Hmm…


        It’s this link with a “% 3 F” after it, but no spaces. The squirrel does not like the the percent character.

  4. “With two days to go until Britain’s referendum on EU membership that will shape the future of the European Union and the West, polls and surveys indicated public opinion is so divided that the outcome is too close to call.”

    Out! Out! Out!

    1. Oh yeah? We’ll see how Britain can swim without an anchor.

    2. I’d love to see that centralized anti-democratic institution dismantled piece by piece, but I think the Brits will vote to remain and (to quote a line from Pink Floyd) hang on in quiet desperation.

      1. Lack of democracy is the least of the EU’s problems, democracy is a joke, but it’s preferable to the continent being governed by the DMV writ large.

      2. It’s the English way.

      3. Yep, pretty sure it will be like the Scottish independence vote: when they get into the actual polling booth, a lot of people will vote for the status quo.

  5. “Bernie Sanders is building support among Democrats for his anti-superdelegate stance.”

    Why, it would take a super-villain to oppose a super-delegate!

    1. Bernie is a member of the cult of the subgenius.

      1. It’s amazing how he’s determined to hang around. Between him and Dean Vermont has shown it’s more than just about good espresso beans and Ben & Jerry’s!

        1. I think he’s holding out for an indictment.

          He man’s a socialist, that makes him disconnected with reality to start with.

          1. I’m still hoping Comey does his job and recommends an indictment. And if Loretta Lynch nixes it, I hope he quits publicly and makes a big ruckus.

            FWIW, Comey worked really hard to get Marc Rich behind bars, and Bill Clinton pardoned him at the end of his term. It was a shameful act and I hope Comey remembers it.

            1. [Points at Injun] Rule of law? /Nelson Ha-Ha

          2. The odds are better with the Browns winning the SB and bringing a second title to Cleveland in as many years.

          3. He man’s a socialist, that makes him disconnected with reality to start with.

            Of course he’s a socialist – HE HAS THE POWER!

          4. Ben and Jerry are both pinko communist assholes.

        2. It’s amazing popcorn-eating awesome how he’s determined to hang around.

  6. Fight over yams leads to shooting, assault near West Palm

    A man at a suburban West Palm Beach house party told investigators he noticed some yams growing along the fence. Curious how big they were, the 47-year-old started to dig up a few.

    Then Jeromey McCook approached him and told him to stop, according to a Palm Beach County sheriff’s report. The pair began to argue. McCook pulled out a gun, hit the man over the head with it and then shot him, according to the sheriff’s office.

    1. “Curious how big they were, the 47-year-old started to dig up a few.”


      1. These euphemisms!

      2. Curiosity capped the cat.

      3. “Your wife — Does she enjoy … *yams*?”

    2. McCook pulled out a gun, hit the man over the head with it and then shot him, according to the sheriff’s office.

      The injured man said after McCook hit him over the head with the gun, he pointed between his legs and then fired his weapon, not hitting him, according to the report.

      One of these is really, really not like the other.

      Holy fuck. These journaloids couldn’t even get the facts straight with only 5 graphs.

    3. Some random asshole starts digging up your friend’s yard. You tell them to stop, they refuse and start arguing with you.

      At that point in time, drawing a gun, firing a warning shot, and clubbing them over the head with the gun seems perfectly justified.

    4. Some random asshole starts digging up your friend’s yard. You tell them to stop, they refuse and start arguing with you.

      At that point in time, drawing a gun, firing a warning shot, and clubbing them over the head with the gun seems perfectly justified.

      1. Yams are, at worst. a shanking offense.

        Shooting is a bit much. Now if he was taking chicken eggs, or poaching your game, then obviously, shoot.

  7. Bernie Sanders is building support among Democrats for his anti-superdelegate stance.

    When fringe candidates are going hungry for votes in this country, we don’t necessarily need a choice of superdelegates.

  8. Hundreds of UK’s largest spider ? which can grow as big as a rat ? released into wild

    Hundreds of fen raft spiders ? the largest of the UK’s spider species – have been released into the UK as part of a programme to boost their dwindling numbers, and now zoo staff have been awarded for increasing numbers of this rare arachnid.

    The spiders, which can grow as big as a small rodent, have black or brown bodies with white or cream stripes along the sides.

    Adult females can span nearly 3 inches including their legs.

    The spiders had become extremely rare and had been listed as endangered in 2011.

    But numbers are now booming thanks to conservation staff at Chessington World of Adventures.

    1. Envyous of the Antipodes?

    2. But numbers are now booming thanks to conservation staff at Chessington World of Adventures.

      Remind me to send the conservation staff at Chessington World of I Can’t Stop Screaming a thank-you card.

  9. Both Conventions will be *awesome*.

    I can smell the tear gas already.

    1. Oh Rich, teary eyed emotional displays are good for you and great virtue signalling! Don’t you want to get your sob on and attract that sexy, sexy Mandy Marcotte, Dream Queen of Salon?

      1. Good Lord, Groovus, I think you just killed my boner for weeks. They should make high school boys read Marcotte to avoid teen pregnancy.

        1. That is excellent outside of the box thinking. Good on ya!

          1. That is excellent inside the box thinking.

            1. There’s an echo in here!

              There’s an echo in here.

      2. “Eggiwegs! I would like… to smash them!”


        1. Only if her vocal cords were cut and her hands paralyzed so she couldn’t sign.

        2. Wha? For real?? Or are you using “consensus” in the same sense as the consensus on global warming?

          1. The consensus in Rufus’ pants.

          1. 400. That’s an error.

            Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.

            Google’s looking out for us.

        3. Bangs with that face kind of give her a square head look.

          1. It could just be the square head, though.

      4. I think my favorite Marcotte column ever was this one: Let’s Stop Idealizing the Home-Cooked Family Dinner

        What a woman!

        1. The only thing Marcotte would idealize is “wholesome” fast food made by $15/hr illegal immigrant men (not women) workers.

        2. What’s with describing family members as ‘participants’?

          1. I would suspect a sit-down family dinner with Marcotte would be something like an elimination contest on Survivor

        3. I’m a working father, and I cook every other night and eat leftovers on the off nights. Because, a.) I give a shit and have standards, b.) I don’t want my daughter to be a fat diabetic with vitamin deficiencies when she’s 12, and c.) it’s cheaper.

          1. Stop idealizing on-diabetic children.

      5. Serious question for the straight men here:

        Given the chance of no-strings-attached sex with Marcotte, who among you will boink her?

        1. I’m guessing Crusty and that’s it.

            1. Did they make a new “The Fly” movie, where Amy Winehouse’s corpse and a clown get fused together?

        2. TRICK QUESTION!

        3. I’m already married to the sexiest, most awesome, wifey in this here world, so’s never.

          If I were still single, I wouldn’t touch that vapid, sick, twat with Totes McGoate’s recycled billy dick. Hell I wouldn’t touch her with Tony’s disease ridden choad out of total spite.

          1. “I’m already married to the sexiest, most awesome, wifey in this here world”

            I chuckle every time you post this because it seems like you’re trying to convince yourself

            1. Yeah, pics or GTFO.

        4. Fucking someone impersonating a non-passable tranny?

          No thanks. Not even hatefucking with duct tape.

          http://cdn.newsbusters.org/ima…..arcotte[1] – Copy_0.jpg

          1. You can thank me later for SFing the link. No one needs to see that.

            1. And yet, her personality is probably even worse. It’s a no for me on that basis alone.

        5. I would like to say that I have my pride, and would rather spend an evening with my left hand, while using my right hand to perform Bing searches.

          On the other hand, I know my sexual history, and I have woken up next to worse. So would. But only because it was 5 minutes before last call.

        6. I wouldn’t fuck Marcotte with John’s dick.

        7. I’ll admit I would

  10. Hillary Clinton to Pummel Donald Trump on Economy, Calling Him Uncaring

    Appearing in Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, will argue that Mr. Trump’s proposals to increase tariffs on imported goods, cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and try to get creditors to accept less than full payment on the national debt would lead to a financial meltdown worse than that of 2008, her aides said in interviews.

    Her campaign manager, Robby Mook, told Sirius XM radio on Monday that Mr. Trump’s proposals “would send us into an economic ice age.”

    Mrs. Clinton will also tear into Mr. Trump’s private-sector record, part of an effort by her campaign and Democratic allies to turn Mr. Trump’s business reputation against him and persuade voters that he has trampled over working people at every stage of his career.

    “The core proposition is that if you put Donald Trump behind the steering wheel of the American economy, he is very likely to drive us off a cliff,” said Jake Sullivan, Mrs. Clinton’s top policy aide. That argument will include “his record of causing harm in the private sector,” Mr. Sullivan added.

    1. an economic ice age


      1. This should be a welcome relief from the heat of global warming for the Hildog.

    2. Clinton and ‘caring’ are mutually exclusive.

      The little virus that comes out of her vagina taking gnome form dumping excess tar forming her soul proves it.

      1. You could have just said Chelsea.

    3. Hillary has to attack Trumps record since she has shredded, deleted, removed much of her own record and has little to run on.

      1. I have a fantasy that Trump actually says a line like that in the debate, then Clinton goes “OK Mr. Big Shot, release your emails then.” And Trump pulls out his phone, pushes one button, and says “Done. My archive just went up on donaldjtrump.com. Your turn.”

        What I’m saying is, less insult comedy and more giant showy FU stunts please.

    4. The economy is headed off a cliff right now.

      1. Think so, too. This year’s October surprise may be of the 1929 variety.

        1. The outright lying about the last few years has been startling. The revisions to official numbers continue to go downward but there is no talk about it.

          During 2012 and 2013, when the U.S. economy had what some have referred to as a micro-recession, the overstatement of real GDP growth ballooned to about $275 billion. Despite over $100 billion in revisions to real GDP growth in 2014 and 2015, the overstatement continued to grow to $324 billion, or 2 percent of GDP.”

          2%. That’s all of the growth for those years.

          1. A 24yo man who is not looking for a job you not unemployed. Obamametrics!

          2. When was the last time they revised upwards? Also, if the economy really was doing so well, why keep interest rates at zero for so long? Doesn’t make any sense. Your cancer is gone, but we need you to stay on chemo for the rest of your life.

            1. Globally we’re at 500 year bond yield lows. We’re looking at a Black Swan scenario

              1. They’ve finally cracked that pesky time preference barrier that has been holding the worker down. Yeah.

    5. Tariff’s are preferable to income taxes, by a wide margin. Not to say that Trump is exactly proposing tariff’s as an alternative to income taxes.

      1. I’m all for the FAIR tax and repealing all income taxes. But in the end, if we go down that road, we will end up with both sales and income taxes. You can count on Democrats to whip up jealousy again as an electoral force.

        1. Exactly. The Democrats and the left in general, have a long history of lying to get what they want and taking a mile when you give them an inch.

      2. Tariffs are worse than taxes, in that they only transfer the cost of the tariff to the consumer regardless, with the added bonus of propping up inefficient and obsolete industries in the US.

        Crippling mercantilism FTW!

        1. Tariff’s are specific to certain goods and classes of goods and ultimately is a consumption tax, whereas the income tax is effectively a tax on almost all production. Income taxes is a wider net and penetrates the economy much more deeply and profoundly and give the government justification for spying on your accounts, tracking your wealth movement around the globe and taking what you produce. I’ll take tariff’s over that nonsense any day.

          1. On privacy alone, Tariffs win hands down.

            1. So much this. The main offense of the income tax is that it kicks down the door to your entire financial life for IRS goons to rifle through.

  11. Bernie Sanders is building support among Democrats for his anti-superdelegate stance.

    Hillary foolishly staked out her claim as super anti-delegate.

  12. With two days to go until Britain’s referendum on EU membership that will shape the future of the European Union and the West…

    Leave us out of it. Separating from Britain was, like, our entire national identity for a long time.

    1. And yet, neither nation still can quit each other: It’s like Brexitback Mountain all over again.

  13. ISIS Mass Murderer Omar Mateen Was Hillary Clinton Supporter

    Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years. I last saw him at a dinner at his father’s house in January. We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running ? he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local mosque.

    1. See? He wasn’t so bad. He was a Hillary supporter! It was the damn guns that corrupted him.

      1. Someone needs to check after election day to make sure Omar doesn’t somehow end up “voting.”

    2. I’m actually surprised that they published that.

      1. They did it for the Troomp flavoured lulz.

    3. God, i hope Trump hears about this.

      1. Yes, it’s about time he takes another swipe at Megyn Kelly.

    4. Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years. I last saw him at a dinner at his father’s house in January. We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running ? he liked [omitted] and I liked [omitted]. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local [omitted].

      -WH Press Officer

    5. Fixed it for you:

      ISIS Mass Murderer Omar Mateen Was Hillary Clinton [OMITTED] Supporter

  14. According to a new poll, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 42 percent to 38 percent. Gary Johnson is polling at 9 percent.

    If a meaningful aspect of the umployment rate is the people who gave up looking, polls should really be including numbers for who is not voting.

    1. In that case, the LP drops below 1% again.

    2. I like it.

      E.g. “Deblasio Wins In Landslide” vs. “Deblasio Wins With 17%”. The latter might have actually curbed his natural impulse to act like god-emperor.

  15. The Senate has rejected gun control legislation proposed in response to the Orlando shooting.

    I guess it shows that the GOP Senate doesn’t care about the gays.

    1. I guess it shows that the GOP Senate doesn’t care about to disarm the gays.


    2. Upcoming election spin by the Democrats:

      I guess it shows that the GOP Senate doesn’t care about the gays, transgendered, children, women, minorities, animals, etc..

      The only thing the GOP cares about is the NRA and its contribution $$$.

      1. You know, I’ll never understand the NRA. They concede positions to the anti-gun lobby in the name of appearing like reasonable compromisers and have yet to be rewarded with anything but scorn. They should just step up and say what their donors and members want them to say, which is something along the lines of, “What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ is unclear to you?”

      2. So, the same spin I’ve been hearing for decades regarding any topic. Why change a classic.

  16. The Senate has rejected gun control legislation proposed in response to the Orlando shooting.

    Oh, I know. Twitter is all over this.

    1. You should see my Facederp feed. The sky will fall unless we ignore both RKBA and due process.

      1. I engaged quite a few people in debate last week. At this point, I’m done.

        It’s a small but very vocal minority, and they’re going to get destroyed in the voting booth.

        1. Same here. The number of people who usually “like” the idiotic gun control memes has dwindled to a trickle.

        2. You know who else got destroyed in the voting booth?

          1. Winston’s mom, sexually?

          2. Butterfly ballots in Florida circa 2000?

        3. A guy I went to school with, and later became a DEA agent, explained to me how civilians shouldn’t/couldn’t be trusted with concealed carry because something about magic law enforcement training and no mass murders are ever stopped by… blah, blah, blah.

          You get the gist. He called me an extremist for contesting some bogus statistics as well.

          I’ll probably not address him again.

      2. I think they’re trying to turn Facebook into a lefty echo chamber by being as abrasive as possible (“unfriend me if blablabla”).

          1. I actually have friends who share conservative memes and one each of a libertarian and sort of nihilistic anarchist. So they haven’t fully succeeded.

            Plus when tried to talk sense on some goofball’s anti-gun post, (“um, that’s not an assault rifle”) a bunch of people came in to support me. I think they’re just afraid of being shouted down, mostly, and accused of being racist or homophobic.

    2. Every once in a while, there’s a tiny nugget of good news.

  17. Vox: Why millions of Americans ? including me ? own the AR-15

    Yet if the statistics from the National Shooting Sports Federation can be believed, some 5 million Americans and counting have decided that they do, in fact, “need” an AR-15 ? or, more likely, they determined that they wanted one, so they bought it.

    I’m one of those 5 million. I’ve owned an AR-15 for four years, and I use it for varmint control on my 17-acre Texas estate. Are people like me bloodthirsty savages? Delusional survivalists? Military fetishists? Insecure men with tiny ? hands?

    If you’re prepared to answer “yes” to all of the above and consider the case closed, then please move on and don’t read anymore. This article isn’t my attempt to justify anything to you ? ?it’s not a defense of what’s in my gun safe or of the AR-15 itself. If, for you, my AR-15 ownership is prima facie evidence of my mental instability, sexual inadequacy, lack of a conscience, or what-have-you, then I honestly don’t care what you think about this issue. You can go back to broadcasting your own moral superiority on social media, and I can go back to tuning you out until your rage therapy session is over.

    1. How the hell did that get published on Vox?

      1. They like to get all points of view.

      2. The left is starting to realize that gun owners are a size-able victim group that can be milked for votes?

    2. What’s the gender opposite slur of tiny dicks? Cavernous vaginas?

        1. Mutton Flaps

      1. The sex opposites would be a prolapsed uterus and prolapsed vaginal wall.

        1. The latter is known as “beef curtains”

          1. Dammit! PWNed whilst finding visuals. You win this round, Playa!

            *shakes fist*

        2. Your links shall remain unclicked.

        3. I may be the only person here 4 beers in and that made me ill.

          1. You’re in Japan, aren’t you? I figured they have weirder shit painted on train adverts.

            1. No, they have Hilldawg’s Warboner on display. I think it also made a cameo AKIRA or GENO-Cyber.

              1. I highlighted that link, Groovus. “Hanging of uterine mass from the vulva”? Have you no shame?

                1. It’s…it’s not human… It’s truly a marvel of medical wonder…

      2. What’s the gender opposite slur of tiny dicks?

        Saggy tits.

  18. The Senate??? But I heard it was the NRA!

    Fresh from Facebook:
    A viral video from some comedian asshole informing everyone that the NRA has contributed $3.2 million to political candidates since 1989. THREE POINT TWO MILLION!!!!!

    If I had know that I could control congress for slightly over 200k a year, I could have prevented so much grief and heartache. Well, now I know.

    1. Spread out over 27 years that’s chump change indeed.

    2. You couldn’t buy a Clinton for that piddling amount.

      1. You could probably rent one for a week, though.

    3. Turns out that the real reason gun control doesn’t play out well with voters isn’t because the NRA is sending armed thugs to extort innocent Congress critters, it’s because voters don’t want their gun rights fucked with. A cornerstone of leftist dogma is the theory that no one really opposes leftist policies, it’s just big scary organizations and rich people are somehow buying the opposition of tens of millions of people. Can’t let the word get out that the smallfolk genuinely find egalitarianism and authoritarianism to be against their interests.

    4. So if Goldman Sachs hired Clinton to give one speech a year for 27 years, they would have paid her 20% more than the NRA donated to all candidates over the same period of time.

      Let that sink in.

      1. If she had been a CEO of a public company, should would have been something like the 40th highest paid CEO in the country based on her 2014 income. She produced nothing of any real tangible value that year.

        Let that sink in.

  19. The Senate has rejected gun control legislation proposed in response to the Orlando shooting.

    Or as Lieawatha put it, the GOP voted to sell guns to ISIS.

    I saw someone on Twitter call her the Sarah Palin of the left. I think that’s right.

    1. They need to make up their minds.

      Apparently, this guy was only ISIS when it comes to his motivation for buying a gun. Otherwise, he’s a republican, and a victim of hate speech and bullying.

      1. I also have it on good authority he moonlighted as a nuptial pastry chef.

        1. “Nuptials?! There’ll be none of *that* until after the wedding!”

          1. No ding ding until ze vedding ring!

      2. Since when does the US government object to funneling guns to ISIS? Or drug cartels? Or… well, anyone except American citizens with “enshrined gun rights”, which would just be fucking silly since there’s no way the government can see to benefit from that.

      3. The contortions on this are…impressive.

      4. ^THIS.

        The Orlando shooting was not ISIS – it was toxic masculinity, homophobia, and a climate of hate created by the GOP.

        BUT — the gun purchase was for ISIS.

    2. I find it hilarious that Hilary Clinton accuses Republicans of “selling guns to ISIS” in an abstract sense, while she literally did that in a very literal sense.

      1. And don’t you dare bring up gunwalker…

      2. Those guns weren’t sold, they were given for free. Totally different.

      3. To be fair, he’s taking about Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton *gave* guns to ISIS. See? That makes all the difference.

  20. Hundreds of Republican delegates are reportedly planning to “dump Trump” at the GOP convention in Cleveland next month.

    Wait a second, you mean the EVISCERATION he received courtesy of John Oliver didn’t work?

  21. Video games? Porn?

    Why America’s men aren’t working

    The problem is particularly pronounced among men between the ages of 25 and 54, traditionally considered the prime working years. Their participation rate has been declining for decades, but the drop-off accelerated during the recession. The high mark was 98 percent in 1954, and it now stands at 88 percent. A new analysis from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, slated for release Monday, found that the United States now has the third-lowest participation rate for “prime-age men” among the world’s developed countries.

    In other words, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey have a larger share of men in their workforces than the United States does. The United States beats only Italy and Israel.

    1. I know my work participation rate has been decreasing for years. Just ask my co-workers!

      1. Then you are participating.

        1. Give him a trophy.

    2. I have it on good authority that there is no point in caring about labor-force participation rate. Only those metrics that make the Obamessiah look good matter.

      1. Yeah, just like it’s not worth caring about the manipulated inflation rate that has been skewed down so that COL increases in SS can be avoided.

    3. Israel has a bunch of people who study the torah all day.

      What’s Italy’s deal? Is cat calling women a full time hobby?

      1. Given the Italian women I’ve seen, catcalling them properly is a vocation (calling?), not a hobby.

    4. You can’t work when you’re in jail or just got out of jail

      1. There is that. Plus decades of anti-male propaganda.

    5. Pimping ain’t easy.

  22. The Senate has rejected gun control legislation proposed in response to the Orlando shooting.

    Oh shit, now we must contend with the president’s collection of pens and phones.

  23. On Guns, Democrats Have Lost Their Minds

    In an interview with The Washington Post, Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT and star of Monday’s gun-control theater, explained: “We’ve got to make this clear, constant case that Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.”

    Wow. That’s a pretty big deal, if true.

    Progressive darling, Elizabeth Warren, also endorsed this tactic, alleging that Republicans ? veterans, moms, dads ? were willingly complicit in the murder of their neighbors on orders from the NRA. It’s common for the Left to direct absurd and histrionic accusations at the NRA, as if the organization printed its own money and derived awe-inspiring power from Mordor. It’s a lot easier than having to debate millions of American gun owners who cling to some reverence for the Second Amendment.

    And though it may be lost in all the coverage, both Warren and Murphy actually voted against “common sense” gun control bills last night ? twice. While Republicans wouldn’t support bills that empower bureaucrats to act as judge and jury, Democrats voted against bills that expanded background checks without undermining constitutional rights.

    1. They really are out of their minds – and they are going to lose every swing state because of it.

      As I noted below – these Democrats all voted AGAINST compromise measures that ensure investigation of people on watch lists buying guns.

      1. murder of their neighbors on orders from the NRA

        As I’ve recently upgraded my membership to lifetime endowment, I now give orders to have my neighbors killed.

        DO NOT fuck with me.

    2. The subheading of that article was awesome:

      If Dems could destroy either ISIS or the NRA, which one would they pick?

      1. Themselves

  24. EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump protestor’s parents told US authorities they were worried about their Robot Wars-obsessed autistic son who is now accused of trying to kill Republican presidential nominee

    The 20-year-old, who is originally from Surrey and was carrying a UK driver’s licence, had been living illegally for 18 months in New Jersey after his visa expired and had been sleeping in his car.

    A secret service report said Sandford told officers he had been planning the Vegas assassination for around 12 months and believed he would die in the process.

    He also had tickets for a rally in Phoenix later that day in case the gun grab failed and told officers if Trump ‘were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again’.

    Build that wall!

    1. Fucking Limeys, dude.

    2. He had been planning the attack for 12 months, but he only bothered to learn to shoot at the gun range the day before???

      Yeah, build that wall.

      1. Was trump even running for President 12 months ago? If not, then why did this guy want to kill Trump?

        1. Trump was an asshole long before he started running

          1. Sure but so is about everyone else in public life. If your goal in life is to kill all the assholes, Trump is going to be in a very long line.

            1. Yeah, crazy gonna be crazy. They don’t have logical reasons.

        2. Yes. He announced exactly a year ago. Anyway, I think a lot of people have obsessed, mentally-unbalanced stalkers & we’re only hearing about this one because Trump.

          1. If he was going after Clinton we would hearing about it 24/7 and it would be Trump or Republicans fault.

            1. Well, to be fair we are hearing about how it is Trump and the Republicans’ fault.

    3. Dude missing Wopner

    4. Illegal Immigrant Plots to Assassinate Presidential Candidate

      Accurate headline you will see nowhere, ever.

  25. China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips

    There is no U.S.-made system that comes close to the performance of China’s new system, the Sunway TaihuLight. Its theoretical peak performance is 124.5 petaflops

    So its main use is bruteforcing passwords?

    1. No, simultaneously goldfarming thousands of WOW characters

    2. This follows a U.S. government decision last year to deny China access to Intel’s fastest microprocessors.


    3. China builds world’s fastest supercomputer without U.S. chips

      And I’m sure this is true, because the Chinese would never bullshit us.

    1. I will be in my bunk.

      1. It’s golf, that man got the best action shot of the day!

      2. No woman built like that wears that dress for any purpose other than getting men to stare at her ass.

    2. Is he under fire for the shot not lingering even longer? If so, I agree.

    3. I dunno, Johnson’s ass is pretty fine by itself.

      Never mind that his ass filled more of the screen than hers, but let’s not let that get in teh way of an outragegasm.

      1. Yeah, he was definitely focused on the dudes ass, the chicks ass just happened to be right next to it

      2. Additionally, it sure looked to me like Jack Nicklaus was trying to get just a little too close to her.

        Jack, you horny old goat you.

    4. Dat ass doe.

    5. Queen, Spinal Tap and Sir Mixalot already covered this.

  26. Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World ? 2016 List

    Millions of people are dying from obesity-related issues every year. Instances of diabetes, heart disease, and other problems are on the rise. The global food supply has seen a steady increase, which obviously has huge benefits across the world. At the same time, countries haven’t really been able to reverse their troubling obesity rates. Many Americans have the idea that they probably live in the fattest country in the world. While this isn’t true, they do crack the top ten. This list is organized by percentage of the population that can be classified as being obese. Behold, the ten fattest countries in the world this year.

    #10 ? United States ? 31.8%
    #9 ? Mexico ? 32.8%
    #8 ? Qatar ? 33.1%
    #7 ? South Africa ? 33.5%
    #6 ? United Arab Emirates ? 33.7%
    #5 ? Jordan ? 34.3%
    #4 ? Egypt ? 34.6%
    #3 ? Belize ? 34.9%
    #2 ? Saudi Arabia ? 35.2%
    #1 ? Kuwait ? 42.8%

    1. Do the middle eastern stats include their migrant slaves?

    2. For once I want to see a list compiling the countries with the biggest or fattest heads.

      1. Overall volume? Somewhere in South America I suspect. Relative to the rest of their body? East Africa.

      2. Korea #1

    3. #8 Qatar ? 33.1% ….
      #6 ? United Arab Emirates ? 33.7%
      #5 ? Jordan ? 34.3%
      #4 ? Egypt ? 34.6%
      #2 ? Saudi Arabia ? 35.2%
      #1 ? Kuwait ? 42.8%

      I blame the Christian countries for creating the anti-thin climate

      1. Surely McDonald’s and white men are to be blamed somehow.

    4. Regarding those arab countries – I get propositioned on social media by a fair number of arab guys from ME countries. These guys are uniformly fat – like moobs before they are thirty fat. And it’s that particular type of fat that says “I’ve never done a day of honest work in my life.” There’s a noticeable difference between the appearance of someone who has/had muscle mass but likes his carbs, and someone who is just fat and lazy.

      1. You should post some of those propositions.

        We’ll behave.

        You can trust us.

        1. “Desert sheik looking for well-fed boys to feed camels. Will provide air travel expenses and golden scimitar.”

          1. “On second thoughts, never mind the boy, just get me some more camels.”

            …is the kind of awful racist joke that contributes to international tension.

        2. They break down into two basic themes:

          Arab guy wants to perform an intimate act on me. Like, what, he’s going to fly here just for that; or expects me to go to some desert islamic shithole?

          Arab guy is in love with me. These are sad. While some of them may be openings for scams, they all come across as someone who has no experience with dating or relationships.

          1. FYI, I delete all of these without responding.

            1. I was kinda hoping that was par for the course.

      2. I see online “socializing” hasn’t changed since I gave it up as a waste of time 10+ years ago.

    5. This might be too blunt for some, but Mexican immigration has caused some fattening of the US on a statistical level. Not that we wouldn’t high on the list otherwise,.

      1. They love love love that sugar south of the border.

        1. When I was in Puerto Rico I was surprised by the lack of options for diet pop (or soda, you freaks). There was diet coke and sprite zero… and that’s about all I saw.

          1. Good for them. Diet pop is an abomination.

      2. I love Mexican food, but it is very high carb.

    6. Can John/sarcasmic whey in on this?

      1. Curd your enthusiasm, please.

      2. What am I, chopped liver? I have feelings and moobs too. *cries and runs to the fridge

  27. Who’s still *technically* in the Republican race?

    I mean, if Trump turns around and says ‘HAHA Suckers! I was trolling all along’ and then walks away, who do the R’s have that’s still eligible to snag the nom?

    If he drops out *after* getting the nom – what would they have to do then to get someone else on the ballot?

    1. Trump drops out, Hillary gets indicted, Gary Johnson only candidate on every state ballot….

      I like the way you think.

      1. You forgot the watermelon party.

        1. *Gallagher* is running?!

          1. I know Gallagher personally, he’s weirdo and a dickhead. Every time I see him he ask’s me about the consistency of my child’s poop and he’s not joking, he thinks that’s normal smalltalk to engage in with parents of young children. He also got real animated and angry that I wouldn’t sell my family land to build a very strange restaurant/conference center, based on a whimsical idea that he had in the first five minutes he was standing on the property.

            1. Which one, the original or the ripoff?

              Aren’t they brothers or something?

              1. The original. They are brothers and Gallagher hates his brother, tried to sue him for using his last name and lost because Gallagher isn’t a brand name, it’s a name they’re both entitled to use.

                1. Its like Mikkeller and Evil Twin.

                  Although the twin brother went with the clever name for his brewery instead of their last name.

            2. he ask’s me about the consistency of my child’s poop

              If you know you will be running into him, just put a small plastic bag with a little chocolate pudding in your pocket. When he asks, bring out the bag and say: “I dunno, what do you think?” as you accidentally squirt some on him.

              Works every time.

              1. Not a bad idea actually. I knew I could count on the commentariat.

              2. No, hit the baggie with a sledge hammer, splattering it onto him.

                He wont see that coming.

      2. The parties will do a switch-a-roo.

        Biden will be the Donkey candidate.

        Maybe a Tom Cotton or Ben Sasse on the GOP side.

  28. The Dems voting against the John Cornyn Amendment (a 72-hour pause in the purchase for the FBI to investigate) really shows that they have no interest in compromise or keeping guns out of the hands of potential terrorists. They want a gun-grab and nothing else.

    1. No surprise to those capable of reading between the lines, but they really shouldn’t make it so obvious considering how pro-gun this country is.

  29. Not Just the 1%: The Upper Middle Class Is Larger and Richer Than Ever
    Research shows the number of upper middle class households has more than doubled since 1979

    A range of data after the recession and the housing bust supported the idea that only a tiny elite of U.S. society, generally seen as the top 1%, had rebounded and was doing well.

    But a growing body of evidence suggests the economic expansion since the 2007-2009 financial crisis has enriched a much larger swath of the upper middle class, and that a deeper income divide is developing between that top quarter or so of the population and everyone else.

    The latest piece of evidence comes from economist Stephen Rose of the Urban Institute, who finds in new research that the upper middle class in the U.S. is larger and richer than it’s ever been. He finds the upper middle class has expanded from about 12% of the population in 1979 to a new record of nearly 30% as of 2014.

    1. Does he define “upper middle”?

      1. It’s the nipples up to the collarbone.

      2. I would define it as 2nd quintile, but that is fairly static in size.

    2. Oh nooooessss! Some people managed to climb the economic/financial ladder while others did not!



        Don’t talk to Mitch, he’s not right in the head.

      2. I like turtles.

        That’s also my standard response to “WHY DON’T YOU VOTE!?

      3. Turtles don’t run. You free folk north of the Wall really don’t see a lot of reptiles do you?

    3. “Using Census Bureau data available through 2014, he defines the upper middle class as any household earning $100,000 to $350,000 for a family of three: at least double the U.S. median household income and about five times the poverty level.”

      So we’re basically the only (non-oil emirate) country in the world with a mass upper-class. If you look at the graphs in the article, you’ll see that as of 2014, the poor and lower middle classes account for a lower percentage of US households than ever before, about 40 percent combined.

      A great corrective to all the bullshit about the 1% running away with all the wealth.

      1. So, if I’m upper middle class, why am I driving a clapped out old Hyundai, wearing Walmart clothes, and vacationing in Philadelphia?

        1. You are upper middle class trash?

        2. vacationing in Philadelphia

          You’re nuts?

        3. A vacation in Philadelphia? You must have won the prize for second place.

          /W.C. Fields/

        4. It’s that frugality that got you where you are.


          1. (((heritage)))

        5. visiting the crack houses of the country? or is this a streetwalker documentary sort of thing?

          1. Michigan is next.

            1. A stop at Detroit or Flint should meet your needs. ?\_(?)_/?

        6. Because you are really Frank Renolds?

        7. Because you want to build wealth.

          1. ding ding ding ding winner

        8. I was visiting a friend in Philadelphia and he asked me if I wanted to go see the site where the British were as they took the city. I said “Sure!”, so we walked out to his porch. Philadelphia is a fine place to vacation.

      2. “Using Census Bureau data available through 2014, he defines the upper middle class as any household earning $100,000 to $350,000 for a family of three: at least double the U.S. median household income and about five times the poverty level.”

        But I need financial assistance, I can only afford a meager apartment for several thousand a month!
        /annoying NYC-er

    4. The problem is a lot of this is highly dependent on where you live.

      I’m very comfortably in the top 10% (somewhere around the 7th percentile) for household income but I live in Massachusetts and have 4 kids, I litterally have less disposable income than someone earning the national median and has one kid living in Ohio does.

      In otherwords the nominal dollar amounts between income levels are relatively irrelivant becasue the lifestyle you can afford at any given income percentile is all over the place

    5. That is undiluted great news, no matter what the Sanders morons want to paint it as.

  30. ISIS cross-dressers busted trying to escape Fallujah

    Fars described the cross-dressing terrorists as “beautiful.”

    Fars, you *dog*!

    1. The problem isn’t Islam, it is frustrated closet cases.

  31. I will go out on a limb and say the Orlando shooting will be out of the news and down the memory hole by the end of next week. It just doesn’t fit the narrative and even the court media can’t make it any less of an indictment of Obama’s counter terrorism policy. They are posturing and virtue signaling to their brain dead supporters but it is turning out just like all the other mass shooting, a couple of defeated gun control bills in the Senate, some butt hurt tweets by various media douchebags and nothing else before the news cycle moves onto something else.

    1. In a month or two another Mohamed will explode somewhere else. As long as it isn’t in the U.S. and with a gun (and not stopped by an armed civilian), the debate will be paused until the next one.

      1. They are not going to get gun control from these sorts of events. If they ever get gun control, it will be gradually and it will be the result of people feeling safe and thinking they no longer need guns for protection. Mass shootings and especially terror attacks make people feel less safe and want guns more not less.

        1. Shhh… don’t tell Hillary, she thinks she’s going to win swing states with promises of gun grabs.

          1. She’s already winning swing states with promises of Trump.

            1. I think Trump is competitive in the swing states, last I saw.

              This election will turn on what happens between now and November. And I don’t see a lot of news coming that’s going to help Hillary. Of course, with Trump, you never know, but he’s shown decent instincts so far, demogogue-wise.

              My favorite new story is “OMG! Hillary has bought assloads of TV ads in the swing states and Trump hasn’t bought anything!” Like they’ve already forgotten that the Republicans littering Trump’s road to the nom didn’t do the same, and didn’t do jack to help them. Political ads are noise, pushed by consultants because they get slice of the ad buy.

              1. I know. I used to think all of the money in politics was bad, but now the Washington Post is telling me how not having enough money is a problem.

                I must be getting old because I just can’t keep up.

    2. I hear that they’ll have touching candle light vigils for all of Chicago’s and Bal’mer’s shooting victims aaaaaaany day now.

      1. Can you imagine living in a poor neighborhood in Chicago. It would be like living in Juarez and it is completely illegal for you to be able to arm yourself. It is a crime.

        1. it is completely illegal for you to be able to arm yourself.

          Where did you get that idea? It’s not at all difficult to get a CCW in Chicago.

          1. Really? You mean they actually followed the courts on this? If so, then good for them. But I was under the impression they are just like Washington DC and are doing everything they can to ignore the courts on this issue.

            1. Yes, really. It’s been that way for several years now.

              1. Thanks. Good to know. My mistake.

            2. Things have changed, John. You are remembering the bad old day.

              On December 11, 2012, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in the case of Moore v. Madigan, ruled that Illinois’ concealed carry ban was unconstitutional, and gave the state 180 days to change its laws.[32] Subsequently the court granted a 30-day extension of the deadline.[33] On July 9, 2013, Illinois enacted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, which established a system for the issuing of concealed carry licenses.[34][35] On September 12, 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court, in the case of People v. Aguilar, also ruled that the state’s Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon law, which completely prohibited concealed carry, was unconstitutional.[36] On January 5, 2014, the state police began accepting applications for licenses to carry concealed handguns.[37] On February 28, 2014, the state police announced that they had begun issuing concealed carry licenses

            3. So how many CCWs have actually been issued in Chicago?

          2. Now ask yourself how much it costs: $150 for classes and $150 for permit. Yay, poor people rejoice!

      2. No touching allowed!

        1. Jazz hands?

      3. I hear that they’ll have touching candle light vigils for all of Chicago’s and Bal’mer’s shooting victims aaaaaaany day now.

        Speaking of which… my FB feed shows that there’s a search on for a little girl gone missing at Gwynns Falls (aka Leakin Park). This is interesting- do they think she was killed somewhere else and are looking there because that’s where all the bodies are, no matter where the murder happened? Or do they think she was actually killed there, perhaps an indication that B’more murderers are now concerned with ecology and don’t want to transport the corpses?

        1. All bodies lead to Leakin.

          1. 1,800 people have been shot in Chicago this year.

            1. Too bad for them, that they’re the wrong kind of people.

            2. I’ve been trying to convince my ex-wife to visit.

  32. Hillary Clinton has one word for the Senate after gun vote

    In a sign of unwavering partisan gridlock, the Senate blocked four gun measures Monday ? two from each party ? in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democrats are taking advantage of the Orlando massacre, using it as a political talking point. He called the Republican proposals “real solutions.” Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called the Republican measures “political stunts.” Here’s more about the proposals that failed.

    But Hillary Clinton had only one word for the Senate: “Enough.”

    The presumptive Democratic nominee’s statement included just that word, followed by a list of the Orlando shooting’s 49 victims.

    Enough. -H pic.twitter.com/3herO6i1Pr
    ? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 21, 2016

    As the hashtag #DisarmHate started trending Tuesday night, Clinton followed up with another tweet: “It’s time to demand more than thoughts and prayers from our elected officials.”

    1. Spoken like a true God-Queen.

    2. But the FBI had only one word for Hillary Clinton: “Enough.”

      1. If they actually indict Hilary, I’ll eat my shoe.

    3. Trump has his worst month in the polls when all of the news was about Trump and Sanders and Hillary slid under the radar. At this point, the Democrats would be smart to cancel their convention and send Hillary off to Hawaii and have her only campaign by proxy. Every time she gets in the news, her poll numbers drop.

    4. Enough what?

      Enough of Bill screwing around?

      Enough speech money?

      Enough Bosnian sniper bullet dodging?

      1. Enough Ambassadorial staff killed.

        1. Enough contributions to the Clinton Foundation?

          1. Are you insane? There’s never enough of that.

    5. As the hashtag #DisarmHate started trending

      But since Paris proved it’s pretty hard to “DisarmHate,” we’re going to settle for disarming the rest of you.

      1. It’s easy enough to disarm hate. We just need to have NASA develop Kinetic Energy Weapons, and drop rocks from space (“The hand of Allah”) onto Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina. Maybe Qom too. Now, a lot of innocent people will be killed, but it would pretty much decimate the belief in their violent version of their faith. Radical, expansionist Islam has only ever been controlled during periods of a strong rule over its many distinct sub cultures.

        1. That would rile up loads more non-fundamentalist Muslims than the paltry sum of extremists we have to deal with today, and with good cause.

    6. “”more than thoughts and prayers “”

      She’s just biting every millenial trope she can. NEED YOUNG VOTES.

      not to mention its an absurdly stupid one; these are the same kids who think “Apologies” matter so much.

  33. Mexico’s president may have been bluffing about his support for weed decriminalization

    The sudden derailing of much-anticipated reforms to legalize medical marijuana in Mexico, as well as raise the possession threshold, has raised doubts over whether President Enrique Pe?a Nieto’s initial promotion of the ideas was ever anything more than good public relations.

    “It looks like he never really wanted it,” said drug policy expert and activist Lisa S?nchez, noting that it is the president’s own Institutional Revolutionary Party that has blocked the reforms. “It’s either that, or the PRI now considers that Pe?a is a liability and his opinion is worth nothing from now until the next presidential elections in 2018.”

    S?nchez was trying to explain what happened to make the PRI recoil from a proposal that President Pe?a submitted to legislators in late April. This included both the legalization of marijuana-based medication, and raising the amount of marijuana individuals can carry without risking criminal prosecution from five to 28 grams, or one ounce.

    1. Institutional Revolutionary Party

      At first, second and third blush, that strikes me as a stack’o’doublethink name.

      1. Mexico was a single party state with the IRP in charge for most of the 20th Century if I am not mistaken. It is a serious double think name.

      2. They instituted the spirit and goals of the Mexican revolution.

        That’s the way it’s meant. Yeah, it loses something in English.

        1. No, it is actually not lost translation. it sounds just as creepy and Orwellian in Spanish or when it is explained in English.

            1. I know the history Ken. I just think the entire idea of “institutionalizing” the revolution to be creepy as hell.

              1. “institutionalizing” the revolution to be creepy as hell.

                Not a big fan of the Bill of Rights?

                1. That is not what they mean BigT.

    2. “S?nchez was trying to explain what happened to make the PRI recoil from a proposal that President Pe?a submitted to legislators in late April.

      Maybe he got a call from the CIA.

      1. More likely some crime syndicate people reached out to him, so to speak.

  34. I gotta ask. Maybe I need to go beyond InfoWars but is there any credence on any level to Sandy Hook being a false flag evenT that never occurred?

    1. t

    2. Not sure if retarded or Canadian

    3. *Tosses Rufus Occam’s Razor*

      I want that back when you’re done. And no manscaping with it, either.

      1. He might get arrested if he’s caught using that in Canada


        I was just…asking.

        For a friend.

        1. I watch those FALSE FLAG!! things sometimes, too. TBF a lot of the Orlando shooting seems suspicious.

          1. I don’t think it was a false flag. I think the SWAT team, that took an eternity to find their balls, shot a shit ton of the people in the club when they stormed in. I can’t see how one shooter had enough ammo and accuracy to kill 49 people, shooting some of them more than ten times.

            1. is there any credence on any level to Sandy Hook being a false flag evenT that never occurred?

              Wow! I hadn’t realized they held classes in a dance club. Tell us more…

            2. That or another shooter. Like I’m ever gonna know.

            3. I can’t see how one shooter had enough ammo and accuracy to kill 49 people

              There’s an old saying involving fish and barrels.

              The WACO biker shootout, on the other hand…

            4. Never attribute to a grand conspiracy what can be explained by simple incompetence.

    4. No, Sandy Hook wasn’t a false flag operation, but Hillary Clinton really is a lizard.

      1. Lizards are refuting that

  35. More weird Australian political ads: the populist Bob Katter

    1. Holy poisonous organisms that smirk at the end!

      Good guitar work to boot!

    2. Trump should be stealing this one….

      “US State Dept for Sale” w bill and hildog.

  36. Re-posting this absurdity: Charges against University of Alabama football players dropped

    District Attorney Jerry Jones confirms that the charges against Alabama athletes Cam Robinson and Laurence ‘Hootie’ Jones have been dropped.

    Jerry Jones cited insufficient evidence in proving who was in possession of the gun and the drugs, thus, he is dropping the charges.

    Jones says, “I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning.”

    1. There are thousands of people rotting in prison right now for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have several friends who do criminal defense and they have had guys go down for things like being at a friends house and sitting on a chair that had cocaine in a box stuck under it. The cops and DA’s attitude was “your guy was there and he was sitting in the chair, that is possession with intent to distribute”.

      And this poor old DA couldn’t figure out who really had possession of the guns and the drugs? Actually, I think he made the right call. If you can’t prove whose guns and drugs it actually was, everyone should walk. But give me a fucking break if you are going to tell me that is how it actually ever works for anyone but star football players.

      1. As part of a Criminal Justice Minor at college I observed a criminal trial of a guy for weapons posession. Five feet of distance across a tiled floor was enough reasonable doubt for the jury to acquit. (It was the only charge for the guy, so the prosecution didn’t have a whole lot to hammer at him with).

        It was a case where the evidence said “yeah, that pistol in the middle of the kitchen floor was probably pushed there by the defendant, but there was no evidence that put it in his hand”

        1. Good for the jury. What usually happens is the guys who actually are guilty are smart enough to stick the rube with the possession charge by going to the cops and offering to testify first. If everyone stays together and doesn’t talk, they are hard cases to prove.

          The problem is you don’t know what the jury is really going to do. So even if they don’t have someone to testify it was yours, most people plead out to something less to avoid the risk of getting a more serious conviction.

          It is game theory all around.

    1. I love Rex Ryan. Its like you went and pulled someone out of an NFL bar on a Sunday afternoon and made him a head coach in the NFL. He is such a breath of fresh air compared to the other coaches in the NFL.

    2. Congrats on Ed Reed.

      1. What the Bills need is more laterals.

    1. That’s hilarious. I wonder what the marketing budget is.

      1. “It’s Valentine’s week, when the Greendale Human Being is the Cupid Being, delivering your gift to that special someone. But, remember, Cupid’s face is magic marker on nylon, so love is not only blind but also dizzy and a little belligerent.”

        1. His cameo as the dean of MIT in Civil War was fantastic.

    2. Totes McGoats
      Had a great time honoring our Troops in the phenomenal Memorial Day parade! #LiveNF #NiagaraFalls #HonorOurVeterans

      I’m sure veterans are moved that their sacrifice has been honoured by a guy wearing a goat’s head

    3. You can’t fool me – that’s a character from season three of True Detective.

      1. “Goat, I don’t want to goat anygoat anymore. This is a goat where nothing is goated. Some goat once told me, ‘Goat is a goat circle.’ Every goat we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna goat over and over and over again. And that little kid and that little kiddette, they’re gonna goat in that room again and again and again forever.”

    4. They should have gotten a real goat.

        1. Sheep are some of the most humorous of animals.

    5. What? Are we supposed to just stop throwing our recyables into the falls? We’ve done that for 5 generations of my family!

      1. For the last time – Your old relatives are NOT recyclable in that manner!

    6. Niagara, NY.

      Slooooooowly I turn…. step by step…. inch by inch…

  37. When was it decided that morning links would be illustrated with stills from “Wickerman”?

    1. At the Libertarian convention.

      They decided that Johnson would be the nominee for President, Weld for Vice, KMW would be the new Editor, Cleveland would defeat the Golden State Warriors, and morning links would be illustrated with stills from Wickerman.

      1. The LP platform is odd at points.

  38. Global warming via CO2. Apparently, it’s not all our fault.

    1. If only they’s stayed nice and poor, . . .

      How do we get them back to bicycling and running around with rickshaws again?

      Chop, chop!

  39. Saudi women allowed to drive in cages
    When I saw this last night, there were 3 or 4 comments before the accusations of Islamaphobia and sexism (of Americans) started. Specifically, someone complained that the commenters were ignoring the plight of western women and focusing on the middle east because they hate Muslims and women.

    1. I have often thought it would be fun to set up a troll account at Jezebel with the identity of a religious Middle Eastern Muslim woman. Then use the account to troll the living hell out of them. Begin every post with “as a Muslim woman…” and then proceed to lecture the various top shelf white women on that site about their unrecognized white Western privilege and the joys of being a housewife, mother, and of submitting to your husband.

      What could they say without opening themselves up to the charge of Islamophobia?

      1. You should do it for, say, a year. You’d probably get a lucrative book deal out of it.

    2. Those whores!

    3. The accompanying photo is one of John’s nightmares.

      1. They can’t be from Chicago, they’re signalling a turn.

      2. I don’t have a problem with religious garb, though I think a full Burka is too far and essentially amounts to erasing women out of society. The problem with Muslim religious garb is that the men never have any to wear other than maybe a man dress and a scull cap. You see a Hasidic family or an Amish family, the women and the men more or less are dressed to the same degree of modesty. Time and again you will see some Muslim guy in shorts and a t-shirt and his wife in a Burka. I want to just pull them aside and tell them “hey dumb ass, are you not Muslim and just your wife?”

        The whole thing really is misogynistic as hell and in no way religious.

        1. My parents know a lady who was in Saudi Arabia for awhile and got in trouble with the religious police because she temporarily moved the veil out of the way in order to get a better look at some produce

          1. The religious police in Saudi are massive assholes. It is unbelievable how horrible that place really is.

          2. ‘I was only looking at the nectarines! Honest!’

      3. Would

      4. I have such a weird boner right now.

    4. More women fly F-16s in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

      But Saudi Arabia gets to be on the UN Human Rights Council, while Israel plays the role of punching bag.

      1. Eric Hoffer on Israel:

        Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey drove out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese?and no one says a word about refugees.

        But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis.

        Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace. Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world.

    5. Something to do on your honeymoon together. “Sorry, babe. I can’t fit in the Hello Kitty roller coaster.”

    6. I’ve known Muslim women who see it that way.

      Even in terms of clothing, they see American women as abused for being sexualized and humiliated into exposing their bodies to boys.

      In all seriousness, if feminists ever stopped to think about it, they’d adopt a lot of Islamist practices regarding women. Why wouldn’t progressive feminists support state mandates requiring women to wear burkas, separate schools for women, where boys can’t hurt girls physically or emotionally, etc.?

      Anyway, it should be understood that Muslims don’t necessarily see standard Muslim practice as disparaging to women–rather they see Western standards as degrading to girls. They may think that Islamists take things too far, but they see standard Muslim practice like I grew up seeing being a Southern gentleman.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Culture_of_honor_(Southern_United_States)

      1. Why wouldn’t progressive feminists support state mandates requiring women to wear burkas

        Naah. I think they would *love* to strut around in a bikini, and enjoy watching the men drooling from a few feet away.

        On a serious note though, that was a thoughtful post.

      2. Even in terms of clothing, they see American women as abused for being sexualized and humiliated into exposing their bodies to boys.

        I think there is some benefit to covering up and I don’t fault Muslim custom for that (although it shouldn’t be law), with the exception of the face. You can’t be a normal person in public while having your face covered. It makes interaction with strangers next to impossible, and that’s the point. To me, that’s the most misogynistic part.

      3. separate schools for women

        They have already proposed this. It didn’t go over well.

  40. So Lynch is running interference for the FBI this week. The gun control issue is a pretty hot topic, and maybe that’s sufficient reason to explain why she and Hillary and the left generally aren’t at least discussing the possibility that the feds slipped up on this one. But I’m also given to think that maybe Lynch is telegraphing them the evil eye: play nice with Hillary, because you’re not going to like four years under the GOP and you’re certainly not going to like four years under Queen Bitch.

    1. Queen Bitch

      David Bowie’s song would make a nice campaign anthem for Hillary 2016.

    2. Lynch was well known to be an SJW before she was appointed AG. I know there are those here who don’t like the term ‘cuckservative’ but that is exactly what many Republicans are. I am looking at you George F. Will.

      1. I know there are those here who don’t like the term ‘cuckservative’

        It is such a delightful term. We should use it more frequently, you are right.

    3. “Queen Bitch” implies femininity.

      To me, Hillary Clinton is almost entirely desexualized.

      Sort of like Rachel Maddow or “Pat” from SNL.

      It isn’t just the pantsuits and menopause either. She comes across that way in old photos from the ’70s, too.

  41. Jill Stein is only going to be on the ballot in under 30 states. I tell this to my ex-Bernie friends, but they are still just as delusional as they always were.

    1. How pathetic are the Greens? I know it is hard to get on the ballot, but the Greens have been around for decades. I mean, if the LP can get on all 50 ballots, you have to be a pretty sorry political party not to do the same.

      1. They’re being kept off the ballot by the Koch-led conspiracy.

        1. Since they take votes from Democrats and the LP is generally thought to take votes from Republicans, I don’t think it is the Kochs who are keeping them off the ballot.

      2. It’s not that they are pathetic. It’s that their natural constituency hates them for denying Al “Take care of this!” Gore the throne.

        The greenies in my office won’t vote green. They don’t like Hillary, but at least she’s not a “climate denier”.

  42. Stick to sports, Lupica. Because it’s better than going full retard.*

    If only the NYDN allowed comments.

    *I’m being generous. Lupica routinely goes full retard in his sports writing too.

    1. And Christie isn’t running for President anymore, so you can’t rely on a gubernatorial pardon.

      1. He’s running for Attorney General so he’ll probably do something.

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