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Trump Presidency Could Cost United States the World Cup, U.S. Soccer Prez Says

Hysterics hitting eleven.


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U.S. soccer president Sunil Gulati suggested to reporters it would be more difficult for the United States to host the World Cup if Donald Trump were elected president.

"Having somebody in the White House that gives the country an outward-looking view and a personality that is more easier accepted around the world is positive for the United States and then more specifically for hosting events here and for our general image from a sports perspective, but it's far beyond sports," Gulati said. "A co-hosted World Cup with Mexico would be a little trickier if Secretary Clinton is not in the White House."

The next World Cup will be held in 2018 in Russia, which has invaded a number of its neighbors in recent year, including Georgia and Ukraine, whose president, Vladimir Putin, has been accused of complicity in the murder of journalists, and which has passed an anti-gay "propaganda law," used to prosecute homosexuals under the pretext that they are propagandizing others. In 2022, the World Cup is set to be held in Qatar, which doesn't even bother with such fictions. Homesexual acts themselves are punishable in Qatar by jail time.

Gulati's comments are reminiscent of those of newly elected Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, to whom death squads have been allegedly connected, who said he wished he could've raped a prison gang rape victim first because he was mayor of the town at the time, who said he'd kill his child for using drugs, and who said some journalists deserved to be killed. When he was compared to Trump, Duterte bristled. He insisted he's not a bigot.

A similar misprioritization seems to be going on here. Trump's got some awful rhetoric but World Cup hosts have histories of actually-existing awful policies. It's similar to the North Carolina boycotts in the wake of its bathroom and LGBT discrimination laws. Many local and state jurisdictions barred their employees from business travel to North Carolina. The mayor of Santa Fe instituted such a boycott, then took an official trip to Qatar. They were paying after all, and he was assured he could bring up human rights issues.

The old saying goes that the world loves Americans but hates their government is relevant here. Partisans in the U.S. may perceive big differences between their preferred candidate and the candidate of the party they don't belong to, but to the victims, for example, of U.S. foreign policy neither the party, race, nor gender of the person responsible for formulating and executing that policy matters.

And as for the World Cup, if anything is going to keep the United States from hosting one in the near future, it's the fact that U.S. law enforcement is the one who broke up the lucrative racket FIFA operated for host selection. And it may not be a loss for the U.S. at all. The 2014 World Cup was estimated to cost the Brazilian government $14 billion.

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  1. Yet another reason to vote for Trump!

    1. I was going to make a similar comment.

      IMO, it’s the best reason to vote for Trump so far.

      Also, the link in the first paragraph appears to be SF’d.

      1. Nooooo. My cosmo heart can’t take this. Soccer is the heart and soul of the Cosmo ideology, right after cocktails.

    2. Exactly, except then it means some other country’s taxpayers get soaked for it.

      1. Let ISIS have it.

        They and FIFA deserve each other.

    3. Goddamn it, I was all set to pull my lever for Johnson. This development may make me switch.

      1. I was all set to pull my lever for Johnson

        These masturbation euphemisms are getting positively meta

    4. No kidding. I cant believe he’s gotten this far, and I haven’t really wanted to vote for him, but these assholes just keep making me want to pull the lever for him just for the lulz. The whining and butthurt are at unprecedented levels, but don’t worry, it’s only June, they’ll get much louder.

    5. Here Here!

  2. Boo fucking hoo.

    1. Whoopty doo

  3. Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full swing, I suppose.

    1. it’s really, really bad.

      I just hope the Silent Majority does its things, because ohhhh the tears….the TEARS

  4. I guess if the election of one president can make the sea levels fall, the election of another can screw up our national soccer team.

    1. And yet, looked at objectively, only one of those outcomes had any chance of being possible.

  5. Yes. Having euros preach to the American electorate about politics will be very effective.

    For the fucking Trump campaign. I swear everyone who outwardly seems to hate Trump is secretly trying to get the man elected.


      1. He’s not nearly as powerful as Bush2. That guy is *still* forcing Obo to start new wars!

      2. You remind me of Shelley.

  6. Troomp destroys futbol. How poetic in its simplicty…

    1. He’s going to Make FIFA Great Again. FIFA is run by very stupid – and sometimes, they’re not so stupid, folks – but it’s run by very very stupid people, folks.

      1. They’re not sending us their best players, that’s for sure.

        1. They are foulers, they are divers, and some of them, I suppose, are good players.

  7. “A co-hosted World Cup with Mexico would be a little trickier if Secretary Clinton is not in the White House.”

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and wager that Gulati planned to vote for Clinton before coming to this world-shattering revelation.

    And look! He now has discovered irrefutable facts that prove you must as well.

    How conveniently organized his universe is.

  8. FIFA?

    Is he fishing for a bribe?

    Maybe he wants various cities to build them some free stadiums?

    1. Maybe he’s already donated to the Clinton Global Initiative and is worried the “investment” won’t pay off.

      1. ^Probably this.^

  9. Fine, enjoy your Zika, your slave labor and just wait until Trump’s FBI digs into your books…again.

  10. Sunil Gulati

    What the hell kind of Mexican name is that?

    1. He’s related to Sepp Blatter…

      Which coincidentally, happens to the nickname of your penis.

      1. Mine is nicknamed Garrincha.

        1. Ah. A soccer aficionado I see.

          1. ESPN did a fine short about Garrincha. I suggest checking it out.

          2. Eh, I just thought it would be funny. But soccer is growing on me more and more the older I get. The World Cup is a great event in spite of itself.

        2. Mine’s Pedro.

      2. Excuse me, sir. My penis is called “Bartleby the Scrivener.” Get it right.

        1. Apologies, since Sepp Blatter is officially the most unattractive name in the world, I figured it was also the name of your twisted, gnarled man-branch that only coincidentally resembles a penis.

          Clearly, anyone could have made this mistake…

          1. Twisted Man Branch for a band name?

            1. That’s better than Sepp’s eponymous Motley Crew cover band, Septic Bladder.

  11. While I love World Cup soccer and would like to see it come back to the US, this is spit-take funny. One of the most corrupt sports organizations ever has the feelz over Trump? Oh, sweet Irony, you tickle me like a government border agent.

    1. The only time anyone here actually cares and watches is when the US is playing and that is usually only for a short period of time before they’re eliminated. Soccer sucks, but it’s the most watched game in the world, ok, it still sucks.

      1. #hottake.

    1. Of course Deadspin would cover this.

      Haven’t been to that site in a couple years since they went full SJW with Every. Single. Article. I can’t even imagine how historical they must be over there about Trump. I almost want to go over there just to lick up the sweet, sweet tears.

      But I will resist. My will is strong when it comes to avoiding anything to help Nick Denton.



  12. An article in support of Trump, how shocking.

    I assume that’s what’s happening here, because keeping World Cup soccer from coming here is definitely a good thing.

    1. Yeah, I love the game but no way do I want to see us throwing billions down the toilet to host another one.

      1. The US already has all the infrastructure to host the World Cup. Compared to most other candidates, the US can organize the event at a little cost. Copa America Centenario is taking place right now here in the US, in 10 different host cities.

        1. Yeah I mentioned that below but still you have to wonder. Don’t tell me Brazil didn’t already have numerous stadiums to accommodate the last World Cup. In fact, it was a combination of perfectly good existing stadiums not being “good enough” and building brand new stadiums in the middle of nowhere and/or in cities without top league teams. (What do you mean Anchorage doesn’t need a 50,000 seat stadium?!)

        2. We’ve got a field over at the park by where my kids play. It already has the goal posts and everything.

          1. Hooray for your kids!

  13. I am just a Frozen Caveman Lawyer, but even assuming eight years of Trump…isn’t the next World Cup in 2026?

    1. He’s so bad that President Fluke won’t be able to get it back after eight years of Trump.

      1. She is going to get so much dick while she is president.

  14. Gulati is completely wrong on this one. FIFA is still so corrupt that Trump will easily be able to assemble the requisite number of cronies to collect the payola necessary to pay off FIFA execs and bring the World Cup to the U.S.A. again. Then again, maybe the Clinton Foundation could partner with U.S. Soccer and generate the funds necessary to pay off FIFA too.

    1. Not only are they corrupt, they are probably the most easily indictable people on earth. If Trump really wanted the World Cup, a simple phone call to the FIFA chief explaining what a shame it would be if the US DOJ started investigating FIFA more than they already have would do the trick.

      1. wait you actually don’t think that already happened? The DOJ is already doing that after we lost the last set of cups

  15. It could cost the US the opportunity to rip off the American taxpayers to put on a bread and circus for the benefit of a roving band of Eurotrash.

    I really have to give Reason credit. No one can say they are completely biased against Trump after posting such a strong and convincing argument for his election.

    1. Roving band of Eurotrash indeed.

      I’m not super clear why anyone would really WANT the world cup here. I imagine it would just turn into a few nights of mild rioting.

      1. We hosted it in 1994 and I don’t recall any mild riots.

        1. There was a little. They were just… Quiet Riots…

            1. Yeah, I didn’t even deem it worthy of a narrowed gaze.

              1. Oh, cum on, feel the noize.

  16. If so, fantastic. The last thing we need is more taxpayer-funded stadium boondoggles, especially those without continuing purpose after their first month of use.

    1. To be fair, we will already have all the damn stadiums we need. (It helps that NFL teams are demanding brand-new facilities every couple decades.)

      I still would expect billions in waste but not on stadiums.

      1. Probably for mass transit expansion.

  17. “Having somebody in the White House that gives the country an outward-looking view and a personality that is more easier accepted around the world is positive for the United States and then more specifically for hosting events here and for our general image from a sports perspective, but it’s far beyond sports,”

    So… elect a Democrat, the more left the better, or all the other left of center governments and NGOs will be sooperdooper not cool with it. That’s a ringing endorsement.

  18. Man, I was trying to decide whether to vote for Johnson or sit this one out, but you guys have me convinced. If it means keeping soccer out of the US, I’m on the Trump Train, baby!

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  20. Is that a threat or a promise?

  21. A great deal of discussion has recently been going on about a proposal to host an upcoming meeting of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, the geeks who make it all work) in Singapore. A few of the members are in the LBGT community and are worried about their personal safety, especially if they bring their families along for a few days’ vacation.

    Fine. Personal safety is always a valid concern, though a) working meetings are not necessarily intended to double as family vacations and b) unless you flaunt it, how would they know what happens in the privacy of your hotel room?

    Be that as it may. The point is that most of us work for companies that do business around the world, often in countries with less than perfect human rights records (drone assassinations by executive fiat, anyone?). Our companies would probably not insist that we do business travel into jurisdictions where we felt unsafe, but excessive sensitivity could limit our ability to rise into the executive suite.

    I can’t help thinking that making a big noise about a technical conference in what, for better or worse, is one of the world’s less significant venues, is a cheap way to feel noble.

    1. unless you flaunt it, how would they know what happens in the privacy of your hotel room?

      Yeah, I’ve played the pretend-I’m-not-with-my-boyfriend game. You’d be surprised how many people are on the lookout for the slightest slip-up anyway.

      But I agree that everyone should leave their family at home.

      1. I’ve added plenty of vacation co-travel myself, but it’s my own choice and responsibility. I would never expect my organization to modify its meeting plans based on my family vacation desires.

    2. My partner and I could not wait to violate the law when we were in Singapore last fall. I also kind of hoped that Conrad would upgrade us to a suite so that we could theoretically stay in separate beds. No luck, they didn’t seem to care. It was a vacation for both of us.

    3. My inability to travel to several Muslim countries impacted my career significantly. Fortunately, I am entirely without ambition.

      1. Yes, I’ve noticed that the conversation has been centered around LGBT, which is today’s hot-button fad human rights issues, and among others, questions of personal safety for Jewish or Muslim backgrounds did not arise.

        1. Did you say “FAD”? I feel triggered, I think.

        2. Several years ago when Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer was top 20 in the rankings, the Dubai tournament wouldn’t let her in the country.

          The WTA didn’t yank the tournament’s license, of course.

    4. And even if you do flaunt it…as far as I know, none of these people are in jail. And it’s not like freedom of speech exists in Singapore.

      1. Sheesh, they let them flaunt it in public and next thing you know it’s gay wedding cakes and sensitivity training!


    /Suderman & Dalmia

    1. And trump promised to make soccer great again.

  23. Soccer is the socialism of athletic competition: it’s so popular in most of the world because even people with virtually no skill or athleticism whatsoever can play it and sort of look like they’re doing something.

    Here in America, most people recognize it as what it is: a kids’ game.

    1. Nice trolling – B

      1. Yes, that’s an insult to kids’ games.

        1. ROFL.

      2. You gave that a ‘B’? Grade inflation!

        It’s so unoriginal (I’ve heard versions of that since high school, 25 years ago) that it merits a C- at best.

        1. I gave it a B because it almost got a sharply-worded retort from me. That’s what trolling is all about.

    2. Honestly, I think American football is the most socialist and technocratic of all the footballs. It’s just got so much top-down control, every play starts exactly the same way and most of the players are just supposed to keep their heads down and do what they are told. And that’s not even getting into how the NFL is set up.

      1. Yep.

        From the economic structure to how the play on the field is managed, it’s probably the most “socialist” sport possible.

        Of course pretty much all American sports are structured in a centrally-controlled, Tall-Poppy-Hating way. Baseball is probably the least this way, but that’s not saying much. Even MLS is really a hybrid that at least acknowledges there are markets – especially for players.

      2. It is much harder for an American Football game to end in a tie.

        1. Mostly because of the rules. When you only play like 16 times a year, ties don’t work so well.

    3. American Football: Stand around doing nothing for 90% of the game, and hit someone during the other 10%. Whoooo, sport!

      1. You’re thinking of baseball. But it’s still not as boring as soccer.

  24. Trump was far from my first choice, but between all the ‘celebrities’ promising to leave the country if he’s elected, and now this, I find myself edging his way little by little.

    1. Unfortunately, these people won’t follow through on their “threat”to move to Canada.

      1. I don’t understand why they won’t move to Mexico. The weather’s nicer, the beaches are awesome, and the food is great.

        1. Yeah, but ransoming your kids back gets expensive after a while.

        2. But the awesome Canadian cuisine trumps all that.

          1. Plus some of us don’t do well in your so-called “nice” weather.

  25. Meanwhile Nepai workers die every day building soccer stadiums in Qatar…

    1. *Nepali damn you autocorrect you could have at least autocorrected to something funny

    2. Link please.

    3. He obliquely mentioned that in his full answer (i.e. that Russia and Qatar have a ton to be embarrassed by, if we’re somehow to consider Trump an equivalent embarrassment).

      Ed needs to do a bit more research on this.

  26. Is this guy for real?

    I’m a soccer fan but fuck this bull shit about FIFA and the World Cup being some kind of spiritual, progressive entity doing right by people. It’s a corrupt institution run by people who would sell their mothers down the Danube and Volga in a Jiffy Lube second (I have no idea what that means; it just sounded right).

    Does anyone have an ounce of self-dignity anymore so as to not make people vomit over such stupid comments? Really? Trump is the difference between having the WC and not? Are you shitting me considering, as mentioned above, how many crappy countries with far worse leaders and dubious track records got to host that sometimes over blown tournament?

    Screw this crap. Vote Trump.

    1. And for the record, I’m pretty sure Wencho over there would find a way to have FIFA officials give money to her foundations.

      /politely slaps Gulati off the side of the head.

    2. As I mention below, there’s a lot left out of this recounting of Gulati’s press conference.

      Yeah, it was a stupid answer, but it was a retarded question, and I think the parts of Gulati’s answer that are left out indicate that he was doing the best he could.

      I now feel dirty for having to defend Gulati, and that’s after I’ve spent way too much time sticking up for USSF against the incredibly retarded USWNTPA legal issues.

      1. Watching Copa America?

        Bradley disappointed in the first game.

        1. Much better in the second, but still got pulled out wide too often while defending. Paraguay might be able to make something of that.

          Did you watch last night? Even though Costa Rica has been not so good, the US was much, much, much better once they weathered the first 6 minutes.

          1. I did watch. Much better performance. Colombia was a tough task in a first game.

            1. Yep. But they definitely need to tighten things up against Paraguay. Paraguay won’t score a ton, but they have the ability to score from nothing (i.e. last night – what a laser!).

              1. Sounds like Atl?tico Madrid.

    3. Screw this crap. Vote Trump.

      Oh I see, you want Canada to get the WC.

      1. Canada, best case scenario, would share it with USA.

        1. And given how much money can be made here, they’d never consider diluting it with Canada (sorry, man).

          Similar reason for why a co-host with Mexico would NEVER. HAPPEN.

          1. Why would Mexico bother hosting when playing anywhere in the US is a “home game” for them anyway.

            1. Also a good reason it would never happen. That and they’re going to wait a while after hosting twice in two decades (one due to Colombia’s implosion in 1986).

      2. I want Canada to get it and have it played in January.

        1. Games in Manitoba and Minnesota!

        2. I want Canada to get it and have it played in January.

          I’d actually pay real money to see that soccer match! (Particularly if the host city could be, oh, say, Yellowknife…) 😉

  27. This is pretty stupid in a thousand different ways. Ed, from what I read of the Washington Post’s account of this press conference, it’s not like Gulati offered this “information” up – he was asked and led suggestively down this road. While I’m dead certain he prefers Clinton, he both openly acknowledged the Russian and Qatari tournaments in his full answer as being worth noting when one discusses embarrassments, AND he offered up a scenario that he full well knows is completely impossible: a co-host between the US and Mexico. FIFA would never go for that because the truth is that they can make a metric shitload of money in either place – together, it would diminish things. Besides which, the US has everything already in place to host, as pointed out above.

    The 24-team 1994 tournament is STILL the gold standard for making money, even though that was the last one that had that few teams (thus games). It’s still the gold standard for attendance. The problem they had with it was that they hadn’t fully learned how to maximize the graft yet, and it’s harder pull off open bribery in the US anyway. This was the primary reason for S. Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014, and Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. Only one of those hosts could have possibly done it fully on merit.

    Gulati held a press conference, got hit with a retarded political question, and made clear his distaste for Trump, then fumbled his way through the rest of the answer. It’s not nearly as damning as you’re making it.

    1. Damning to whom? Krayewski said it’s “hysterics”.

      1. Damning to Gulati?

    2. They gave the competition to a desert country the size of Manhattan where it is 122 degrees in the shade every summer. Oh yeah, they totally make decisions based on merit.

      When it comes to Trump, stupid is what reason does. They just can’t help themselves.

      1. John? I mentioned that. Qatar was a fucking horrible, obviously bribe-driven choice.

        Brazil could have hosted on merit, but gave in to massive bribery and graft anyway. That’s it of the four I mentioned.

        I think you are suffering from anti-anti-Trump derangement syndrome.

        1. It’s just simply being deranged at that point.

          1. You really do need a hug SF. You are always pissed off.

        2. We’re all deranged here.

          1. yes, especially the ones who get offended when you agree with them. That seems to be the new thing.

            1. See below.

              1. My apologies. I not annoyed with you. i am annoyed that it gave Sugar a chance to jump in and be a prick for no apparent reason.

          2. Well, Tulpa is deranged and since we are all Tulpa socks, it makes sense.

        3. I was agreeing with you. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

          1. Fair ’nuff. There’s so much wrong in Ed’s write-up here, including his assumption that the US and Brazil are exactly alike – especially given the facts about 1994 – that we are certain to lose money hand over fist, that I’m kind of aghast and rattled.

            What’s really galling is taking Deadspin’s reportage at face value. Check out WaPo’s transcript of the conference. Adds a lot of context.

            1. What the US has that nowhere other than maybe the UK has is a huge number of existing first class facilities. It should cost virtually nothing to host a World Cup in the US. You don’t have to build any stadiums. Every major city in the country has an existing NFL stadium that is fit to host any round of the World Cup up to the finals.

              Countries like Brazil have a lot of big stadiums but they only one or two are fit to host even a first round world cup game. So hosting ends up costing a fortune, which of course is where a lot of the graft and corruption comes in. Why should FIFA pick a host country that doesn’t offer the opportunity for crooked construction contracts and kickbacks?

              1. That’s the way it’s gone.

                With Blatter and pretty much the entire crooked ExCo out now, there’s at least a chance that 1. it could come back here, and 2. be run somewhat honestly.

                Infantino is apparently no saint (and is getting into some hot water already), but at least he’s making good noises.

    3. it’s not like Gulati offered this “information” up – he was asked and led suggestively down this road

      I suspected as much – it is SOP.

    4. The Atlanta Olympics were also a gold standard for making money, but the IOC hated that.

  28. How did that Nobel Peace prize with out for you that you awarded to the last president you liked?

    And who do you think you’re kidding? You people come to the US for money and handouts, not because you approve of US politics.

    1. FIFA gives out the Nobel Prize now?

      1. Oscars or Tonys, maybe…

      2. Zeb, where did you get the gibberish to English translator?

  29. Its just another classic case of a leftist dipshit social signalling. It’s getting pretty pathetic and played out, and hilariously, gives more power to the man they claim to despise. Christ! You would think they would learn by now that rational discussion is far more effective than these temper tantrums, but apparently they’ll never learn.

    Screw Trump, but screw these assholes even more.

  30. Trump Presidency Could Cost United States the World Cup, U.S. Soccer Prez Says

    The better question is why anyone should give 2 shits about soccer.

    I think the thing that’s more likely to cost the US the World Cup is the fact that we suck at soccer.

    1. No, really we don’t, but whatever.

    2. Maybe I am wrong but I can’t see soccer being very popular among Trump supporters.

      1. To be honest, neither can I. That especially includes the populist blue-collar Dems that are throwing in with him. Same with Sanders supporters.

        1. You see what you did there? You commented on my post by agreeing with it. Thank you. That is what I did above and it made you angry for some reason. I wouldn’t mind that but it gave Sugar Free an excuse to be butt hurt. Not like he needs one but it is still never a good thing.

          1. Jesus fucking Christ, tone down the martyrdom. I addressed your point. Fuck’s sake…

            1. He died on a cross of Trumps for you, Timon.

              1. hee hee hee!

          2. John seems extra testy today.

      2. Trump said the Hispanics love him?

  31. Oh please Briar Fox please don’t throw me into that Briar patch. FIFA yeah that is a quality organization primed with ethics.

    1. “Br’er Fox.”

  32. We will never host a world cup again because there aren’t enough bribes to be made in constructing new stadiums. If we were to put on a World Cup we simply would hold it in existing stadiums, maybe giving a handful of them superficial upgrades.

    We’re the only country in the World that could host the World Cup where each game would be played in a different stadium with a capacity of over 60,000 fans. We hold the record for total attendance even though the number of games played has gone from 52 to 64.

    Let some third world craphole sink half their GDP into the event and build 10 brand new stadiums that will start crumbling the day after the final.

    1. NFL fields, however, are narrower than most soccer pitches, I think. (Legally, they’re wide enough, but in practice most pitches are wider than the NFL’s 160 feet.)

      That having been said, I think several of the newer NFL stadiums have been built with the possibility of having wider pitches to host soccer matches.

      1. NFL width is horrifyingly narrow for soccer. It’s something like 56.6 yards or something, which turns the game into pinball. Back in the early days of MLS, Spartan Stadium in San Jose and Ohio Stadium in Columbus were like bowling lanes. Terrible.

        I think the minimum for international play is 60 yards, but I think the absolute maximum is up to 100 yards (as long as the length is greater). International play is something like 85 yards maximum, but I’m not 100% sure. The absolute minimum I think is 50 yards.

        You are right that most, if not all, NFL stadiums built in the last 15 or so years have been specifically designed to be able to stage a major international match – because the NFL owners and cities realized that being able to use their megalithic buildings more than 10 times a year is important, and there began a sort of arms race for attracting soccer matches. Even college stadiums have started getting in on it. When Ohio Stadium underwent its huge renovation, they fundamentally changed the orientation of A-deck down near field level (and lowered the surface itself to below the water table of the Olentangy River) so they could be capable of hosting something. They’re finally getting one this summer: Real Madrid v. Paris St. Germain, which should sell out and come close to setting the attendance record UM’s stadium set a year or two back.

  33. So now we can expect three positive outcomes from a Trump Presidency: continued highlighting of the left’s double standards, government watchdogs doing their jobs, and not paying for a World Cup. If this keeps up maybe it won’t be half bad.

  34. “U.S. soccer president Sunil Gulati suggested to reporters it would be more difficult for the United States to host the World Cup if Donald Trump were elected president.”
    Trump supporters don’t want foreigners here, so that’s all a huge plus to them.

  35. cheap shots at Vlad Putin. Russia hasn’t invaded anyone .In Georgia PM Shack of shit (now the governor of sexy Odessa our new hot pu spot for wandering Soros NGO employees looking for Slavic strange in our Neo Nazi colony) egged on by US foolishly attacked Russian peacekeepers Because of unrest by the ethnic Ossetians who live half in Russia and half in Georgia. THIS was timed to embarrass Putin during the Chinese olympics.
    Then the UKRO nazis threatened to take over Sebastopol Navy base, much more vital to Russia than any of our interests in the region. Crimea, the sight of a nineteenth century war between Disraeli’s Britian , Turkey against Russia, and Crimea’s population 2/3 Russian speaking, Putin ordered a bloodless takeover and a referendum to seal it. It was a bold move, but hardly an invasion.
    Putin could have invaded Ukraine and took it in a month but all he did was send in some special forces help the ethnic Russians being attacked by private and conscript armies of skinheads ,jihadists and poor Ukrainians .Then took it to the negotiation table to allow eastern Ukraine some autonomy.
    Yes Russia is socially conservative and gays are second class, I get that. Unfortunately Russian liberals who want gay rights also want Russia to be absorbed into the Borg of the IMF and become just a “regional power” under Anglo-US-EU-Israel-Saudi benevolent hegemony which Putin will not do. Besides Russia is now only European nation with a positive birth rate.

    1. I was wondering when Putin’s internet trolls were going to get around to infesting Reason…

  36. The US is bidding for the 2026 World cup. How long does this guy think Trump will be President? For life?

  37. Oh, Please, like I needed another reason to vote for The Donald!
    Let the World Cup be permanently sited in Rio.

  38. I wonder why an international sports federation notorious for corruption would rather deal with Hillary has anybody else?

  39. “The old saying goes that the world loves Americans but hates their government is relevant here.”
    Having lived, not visited, outside the U.S. for the first seventeen years of my life – airline brat – the only Americans the “world” loves are the ones they are trying to get money from.

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