Gary Johnson Won't Get High in White House, Trump Frustrates GOP: P.M. Links


  • Johnson
    Screenshot via Youtube

    If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

  • Paul Ryan says Donald Trump's remarks about the judge in the Trump U. lawsuit are "textbook racist." He still plans to support Trump, however.
  • Lindsay Graham think Trump is beyond redemption.
  • Ronald Reagan's son will not vote for Trump and thinks the old man wouldn't have done so, either.
  • All-female band¬†disinvited from Northside Musical Festival for making comments defending Brock Turner.
  • Zero tolerance policies don't fix disciplinary problems in schools, according to a new study.

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  1. Paul Ryan says Donald Trump’s remarks about the judge in the Trump U. lawsuit are “textbook racist.”

    Trump not lest ye be trumped.

    1. Hello.

      “Ronald Reagan’s son will not vote for Trump and thinks the old man wouldn’t have done so, either.”

      Didn’t he go apeshit prog on his father back in the 90s or something?

      1. Ron Reagan (the presidents younger son) is the prog. His other son — Michael — is a conservative.

        1. Ah.

        2. Huff Post won’t open for me. Is it the gay one or the adopted one?

          1. It’s Michael (the adopted one).

          2. Why does it matter of he is gay?

          3. Why does it matter if he is gay?

            1. Are the squirrels correcting typos now? They are evolving!!

              1. Soon, the squirrels will be posting P.M. Links.

            2. That’s how I distinguish them.

    2. I’m reading the dead zone. Donald Trump is Greg Stillson. Also, NO SPOILERS.

      1. The depressing thing is that Hillary is also Greg Stillson.

        1. Because they both have penises?

          1. They both campaign with hard-hats?

            That might be a euphemism.

            1. *dry heave*

              That’s HAWT!

      2. Ivanhoe saves Rebecca the Jewess from being burned at the stake.

        1. Uncle Tom dies and doesn’t snitch.

          1. Scrooge turns his frown upside down and starts giving his stuff away.

            1. Huck Finn is actually Seven-of-Nine.

          2. Dil is the sweetest, prettiest girl you ever did see.

            1. Mighty Casey strikes out.

        2. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time and Samuel Jackson is the bad guy.

    3. Was trying, for some reason, to talk about politics with friends. After they were going on about the Fairness Doctrine again and I was again saying how shitty an idea that is, they said we should have a BBC-like entity that’s paid for with a TV license like the BBC is.

      Now, we know exactly what would happen under that kind of scheme. They’d go around in those vans checking to see who’s using TV without paying their license. They’d get some wrong. They’d also rush into a few houses, startle their owners, and either get shot or, more likely, shoot the homeowners themselves. It would happen. It is known.

      Anyways, after pointing that out, this is what I was told.

      By that logic, no laws should exist because all laws are fatal. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? I’m discussing a TV tax and your response is that the TV tax would kill people? You sound like a fanatic.

      I give up.

      1. Apply the fairness doctrine to network news, major newspapers, college campuses, and public schools.

        Problem solved. Oh, they don’t really want “fairness”????

      2. So, your friends want to pay for the type of TV programming they like with a regressive tax?

      3. no laws should exist because all laws are fatal.

        Yes, all laws are fatal, so be very careful of the laws you enact.

        A rule not ultimately backed by the threat of violence is merely a suggestion.

      4. By that logic maybe we should weigh the public interest in any proposed law rather than finding out on the back end how hugely abusive they become.

      5. “By that logic, no laws should exist because all laws are fatal.”

        By Jove they almost got it. =D

        1. “By that logic, we shouldn’t have the government enforce, by threat of death, laws against behaviour that doesn’t hurt people! Madness!’

      6. Christ Bluster, those aren’t friends. Those people are referred to as ‘some severely retarded people I know’.

      7. By that logic, no laws should exist because all laws are fatal.

        All laws are fatal. A government without guns is called a debating society. That doesn’t mean all laws are bad.

  2. Lindsay Graham think Trump is beyond redemption.

    Finally, someone Trump gets to call a loser legitimately.

  3. It’s ‘tax freedom day’: now start working for yourself

    Canadians feeling taxed to the max can at least take comfort in this being tax freedom day.

    The Fraser Institute picked June 7 this year as the day the average Canadian family has worked long enough to pay its total tax bill.

    1. Not enough. How dare people think they’re allowed to keep their own money.

      1. It’s not their money. The government’s name is on it, therefore, it belongs to the government. Be grateful they let you use some of it.

        1. That might actually be a good argument if competing currencies weren’t punished with jail time.

    2. Did you know that there’s a ‘At least we’re not Americans so shut up and pay’ day?

      It comes right after Boss-Secretary Love Seat Day.

    3. Let’s call it the end of the “Sharing is Caring” part of the year.


      1. aka The price you pay for civilization.

        1. The price you pay for civilization.

          And this product has only one price : more.

      2. Unfortunately, “Give Me Your Shit” is the part of the year immediately following.

    4. Comments are enough to drive me to drink:

      The Republic of British Columbia

      Not sure what their point is; to anger the people?

      Canadians are happy to pay taxes to support our government and our lifestyle. The only thing that we ask is that the money be spent wisely.

      Uh… no. Ironic user name too.

      Closed Mind

      Mindless Mush for the admirers of the Rand Foundation and the devotees of the Koch Brothers

      Another ironic user name.

      1. We’re starting to get people who flatly say they want to get rid of cars elected to office here in Montreal. The parasites are getting more and brazen and bold in their idiocy about ‘happy to pay’ crap.

        It’s gonna get worse before (and this is a big gigantic ‘if’) it gets better.

        1. They elect cars to office? Canuckistan is just weird.


            CUT SOME SLACK.

            1. Wiping noses and passing out animal crackers should not impact your comments.

              1. Ew.

                I don’t touch the kids.

                Germ city.

                1. I wish OMWC would say that.

            2. Rufus, do you live in Montreal? How come no one jailwalks there? Are they really strict about enforcement or is it some cultural thing?

              1. Cause people don’t slow down for pedestrian. In Quebec we have a no fault clause, so if you hit someone, not a penny comes out of your pocket and you can’t be sued.

                1. That would not explain why people stand around waiting for the light to change when there are clearly no cars around.

          2. Hey don’t blame me, I voted BMW.

            1. Look, America is a two manufacturer country. Either vote for Ford or Chevy, or you are wasting your vote.

  4. Paul Ryan says Donald Trump’s remarks about the judge in the Trump U. lawsuit are “textbook racist.” He still plans to support Trump, however.

    Paul Ryan will only show up for Donald Trump on Colored People Time.

  5. If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

    Can these candidates make any realistic campaign promises?

  6. “Zero tolerance policies don’t fix disciplinary problems in schools, according to a new study.”

    But we are doing SOMETHING!

    1. But we are doing SOMETHING covering our asses! FIFY

    1. Hey, what kind of deodorant does H use? She waves her raised arms around so much you’d think someone would be touting it.

      I’m gonna go with “Secret”.

      1. You know what Bernie uses.

        Victory! deodorant

        Along with a whole host of “Victory!” branded products, straight outta 1984.

    2. She earned it. Anyone else, not to much. Equality for you, not for her.

    3. Hillary: How much for that jacket in the window?’
      Giorgio: $12. Wo! Wait! $12 495. Phew. Someone covered the second part of the price.
      Hillary: That’s outrageous for working people facing inequality and something!
      Giorgio: It’s 20% off!
      Hillary: I’ll take it you guinea bastard!

  7. Guy from Venezuela writes an op-ed in USA Today warning Americans against Sanders-style socialism.

    Though his name is suspiciously white-sounding, and he founded a company with the word “Capital” in its name, and he’s a member of some Chamber of Commerce, so his opinion can be safely ignored since he simply wants to continue living like a parasite off the blood of the common worker.

  8. Zero tolerance policies don’t fix disciplinary problems in schools…

    But they do make administrators’ job a lot easier. The rulebook does all the work!

  9. If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

    I’ve already pointed out the multidimensional stupidity of GJ’s comments on this.

    One – who believes you’re going to win? No one.
    Two – why admit that you think its inappropriate for a professional to use MJ? Not even ‘off the job’? is that really an assumption that you expect to coexist happily with legalization efforts?

    1. In all fairness, Gilly, the POTUS is never really “off the job”, particularly not these days.

      1. Yet we allow the president to have “Beer summits” and yet no one thinks he’s “got a problem”.

        1. Depends on how much he drinks. I’m wondering if there is some type of protocol where POTUS says “boys, I’m getting drunk tonight, the veep is on duty until 0600 hours.” I know they put emergency protocols in place after one of the assassination attempts.

          1. That’s what the 25th Amendment is for.

        2. Like anyone believed he actually drank a beer at that fucking shit-show.

          He hasn’t “got a problem”, he “is a problem”.

      2. Even on the golf course, I guess?

        1. Winston Churchill was blitzed during WWII

          1. I can’t believe I have to narrow my own gaze…you guys suck!

          2. The atoms were smashed at Hiroshima.

          3. And everybody was bombed at Pearl Harbor.

      3. Apropos =

        Every President’s Favorite Booze

        My favorite (so far) is “Franklin Pierce” = whose favorite booze was, ” pretty much anything he could get his hands on while he was in office”. Way to go, Frankie.

        Lincoln was a teetotaler?

        It appears the most common answer for any president is “Whiskey” (USA!USA!!)

        But Reagan was a wine-man. pppppttt.

        1. All the more reason to like Reagan.

          1. Wine is for cooking. Whiskey is for drinking.

            Deport this man!

        2. Of course JFK’s was a Bloody Mary.

    2. “Why admit that you think its inappropriate for a professional to use MJ?”

      Because he’s at least pretending to run for President and most of the country isn’t ready to think of the Chief Executive toking up in the Oval Office. He doesn’t want to morph into a Cheech and Chong skit in the public mind.

      1. Again = he’s not there to win (regardless of his ambition)

        he’s there to preset alternative positions on policy.

        and the one fucking thing he seemed “consistent” on was ending the Drug War.

        How the fuck do you end the drug war by perpetuating bullshit misconceptions about the danger of weed?

        1. The same way you deal with alcohol- by talking honestly about it.

          I don’t believe anyone should be doing their job high or drunk. It impairs your abilities. There is nothing wrong with doing it on your own time but, as president, does he have his own time?

          I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that people should be free to get stoned, but I would recommend they not do it on the job.

          1. If I didn’t get a little high during the day, I’d fire a contractor a day.

          2. I don’t believe anyone should be doing their job high or drunk. It impairs your abilities.

            Even if I grant your premise (which I mostly don’t… google the Ballmer Peak…) have I contracted with my employer to deliver 100% of my abilities? Or have I contracted with my employer to do what is asked of me? If I can deliver what is asked of me while drunk and/or high, who the hell cares? No one is agreeing not to get high on caffeine, nicotine and all their prescription drugs…

            That said, I wouldn’t personally come to work drunk, because (unlike weed you smoked before you took a shower…) people can smell it. But there are industries where everyone starts drinking at about 3pm on Friday…

        2. Because if he doesn’t act like he is running to win then he doesn’t get to present those alternative positions, he goes from an interesting protest candidate that the press and polls have to take seriously, even if he realistically has not shot at winning, to a running joke on the tonight show and the only question he ever gets asked is how high he is at that moment

    3. Rand was way better then Gary, even Cruz was more appealing. Hell, I would even take McAfee. This election is the biggest shit show ever.

    4. If JFK could lead us through the Cuban Missile Crisis without blowing up the world, all while taking pills from a physician nicknamed “Dr. Feelgood,” then Johnson should be able to smoke a blunt in the situation room while discussing how to respond to Chinese provocation in the Spratly Islands.

      What’s the worst that could happen?

      (several popular video games are based to the possible answers to that question)

  10. All-female band disinvited from Northside Musical Festival for making comments defending Brock Turner.

    As long as they didn’t criticize George W. Bush.

  11. Who the fuck is Brock Turner?

    1. A quarterback at a rapey school.

      1. We’re supposed to know this guy’s name because EVERYONE follows the campus rape-beat with the same level of interest as Robbo?

        1. There will be a quiz.

          1. (begins to panic, decides to drink beer instead = “it worked in college”)

      2. He is not a QB, he’s the captain of the underwater rape team.

      3. Actually, he’s more well known for being the leader of the Pewter City Gym.

        1. ^Pokemon
          My thoughts and prayers are with you. *makes pew pew sounds with Jawa

    2. Rapist who got only 6 months in county jail because rich. In the news this week due to sentencing and his dad writing the judge a letter saying he shouldn’t go to jail over 20 minutes of action.

      1. Yeah, the Dad’s actions were particularly tone-deaf. I can’t imagine counsel having signed off on that letter.

        1. The dad just feels guilty for giving his son a rapey jock name. Kid had no chance.

          See also Parker and Levi (father’s name: Brody) of the University of Oklahoma.

          1. He’s worried that his son’s future as local sports newscaster is in jeopardy.

      2. he shouldn’t go to jail over 20 minutes of action

        20 minutes is pretty good for that age. One could say Brock Turner Overdrive.

        1. +1 Takin’ care of business

        2. Not really, the 20 minutes included dragging the drunk girl out of the party and behind the dumpster

    3. Some guy who said and did all the wrong things after getting caught drunkenly fucking a drunk women.

      1. She was passed out drunk. He was just drunk.

      2. Some guy who was convicted on three counts of felonious sexual assault, which usually results in five-year sentence for each conviction. The prosecutors offered a six-year sentence. The judge decided on a six-month sentence.

      3. Fuckin’ sick culture we now live in, where a guy can’t go around fingerbanging unconscious women without some immigrants and SJW prosecutors giving him a tough time.

    4. A rapist who knows how to swim.

  12. For you Second Amendment aficionados, the “Under the Gun” web of lies is unraveling further:

    Katie Couric’s Producer Confirms Her Team Skirted Federal Gun Laws

    The Michael Moore is strong with this one…

    One key portion of Soechtig’s new statement, however, directly contradicts key portions of her previous interview with The Lip TV. In that interview, Soechtig said her out-of-state producer purchased three handguns in Arizona without going through an FFL. In the most recent statement, Soechtig states that only one handgun was purchased and that it was purchased by an Arizona resident, not a Colorado resident.

    1. So what? What difference yadda, yaddy, yaddo.


    2. For you Second Amendment aficionados…

      IOW, all of us?

      1. Also, guys. Remember this?

        Adam Kokesh in Jail: The Theater of the State

        I’m totally expecting Couric and Soechtig to get the Adam Kokesh treatment.

        1. Yeah, well, I’d have more sympathy for him if he’d given a spirited defense of his 2A rights, instead of refusing to speak to the judge. Pissing of the judge is not the way to make your point.

      2. 2A broheim

    3. So did David Gregory.

    4. “These guns were then turned over to law enforcement and destroyed. They never left the state of Arizona.”

      Yeah, I hate to break it to you guy – but that gun wasn’t destroyed. Some perplexed desk sergeant shrugged his shoulders and took it home.

      Because it was neither purchased illegally, is not illegal to own, nor has it been used in a crime.

      1. Oh and Couric and company are not wrong – FFLless transfers between private parties from different states is not against *Arizona* law. But it is a violation of *federal law*.

  13. These are somewhat substantial links from Soave. How about a round of applause for a job well done?

    1. No, we’re going to criticize his performance until he develops an eating disorder.

    2. Yeah, you know what, these ain’t half bad.

      Kudos Robby, for taking the time to find some meaty links instead of just posting these from your Aztek on your way to the bar.

      1. from your Aztek

        I didn’t know Robbo had $400. Did the hair loan it to him?

        1. I believe the hair has connections with a wealthy real estate mogul, so, more than likely.

          1. There are no alt-text.

            Still half bad!

  14. the laws are predictive of larger increases in suspension rates for Blacks than Whites, potentially contributing to the Black?White suspension gap.

    “Mr. President, we must not allow a suspension gap!”

  15. If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

    Considering he’d be committing a federal crime, that’d probably be a good idea. Besides, only Hillary can openly break federal law without consequence.

    1. I think someone like Johnson if he were President getting caught with pot in the White House would get him impeached don’t you? Imagine the unholy alliance of the various prigs at National Review and Heritage and opportunistic Progs. The guy would not stand a chance.

      1. Against prigs and Progs? Who would?

    2. But he smoked pot until recently, why was breaking the law not a bad thing then?

      1. I don’t know where Johnson resides or if he’s complying with state laws when he does it.

        But if he’s in DC…

        1. It wouldn’t be illegal there either.

          1. Except on Federal property. DC laws don’t apply there.

  16. Lindsay Graham think Trump is beyond redemption.

    Didn’t Graham call Cruz Satan?

    1. No, that was Boehner.

    2. But is Satan beyond redemption? /steeples fingers against chin.

      1. From Camille Paglia:

        “After my parents moved to Syracuse, however, I was progressively stuck with far blander churches and less ethnic congregations. Irish Catholicism began to dominate-a completely different brand, with its lesser visual sense and its tendency toward brooding guilt and ranting fanaticism. I suspect that the nun who finally alienated me from the church must have been Irish! It was in religious education class (for which Catholic students were released from public school on Thursday afternoons), held on that occasion in the back pews of the church. I asked the nun what still seems to me a perfectly reasonable and intriguing question: if God is all-forgiving, will he ever forgive Satan? The nun’s reaction was stunning: she turned beet red and began screaming at me in front of everyone. That was when I concluded there was no room in the Catholic Church of that time for an inquiring mind.”

  17. How the Shawshank prisoners seduced ‘flirtatious’ married prison worker into daily sex acts in the tailor shop and manipulated her into helping their escape by saying they would settle in a ‘place on the beach’

    The pair both had relationships with the mother-of-one, with Matt even saying he loved her, so she would smuggle in the power tools they used to cut through pipes running underneath the prison.

    Each one was known to sneak off with Mitchell while other inmates acted as lookouts.

    The revelations were uncovered in a widespread investigation into the escape of the two murderers. It concluded that the men should have been caught 400 times before their widely publicized prison break.

    The report from State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott says that chronic staff complacency, complicit employees and failures of basic security procedures were to blame for the breakout

    1. On another occasion, Mitchell admitted she performed oral sex on Matt while the pair were grabbing tools for the escape.

      When Matt emerged from being alone with Mitchell, he placed his fingers under the inmate’s nose, saying: ‘Here, smell this.’

      Micthell said Matt would stand by her desk daily and ask her to fondle his penis by reaching into his pants through a hole he had cut in his prison jumpsuit.

      1. When Matt emerged from being alone with Mitchell, he placed his fingers under the inmate’s nose, saying: ‘Here, smell this.’

        Paging SugarFree!!!

      1. The Shaw Shag Erection.

    2. I know prison sucks and all but doing her is a pretty steep price to pay to get out.

      1. Beat me to it. What say you, Crusty?

        1. The only reason he found the article was because her pic came up with his porn filter

          1. Her pic comes up as his screen saver.

      2. Originally there were three guys but one chickened out.

        ‘All you have to do is fuck her in the butt.’

        ‘Nah. I’m good. I only have four years left to play out.’

        1. *SNORT*

    3. “chronic staff complacency, complicit employees and failures of basic security procedures were to blame for the breakout”

      Other than those three things, the system was working.

  18. Ronald Reagan’s son will not vote for Trump and thinks the old man wouldn’t have done so, either.

    Here’s how Trump will respond on Twitter:

    Ronald Reagan’s son inherited his Dad’s Alzheimer’s! Won’t vote for me! Sad!

    1. Considering that he’s an adopted son, that would just be more confirmation of Trump’s idiocy. As if we needed more.

    2. Reagan’s kid gets a little press coverage before every Presidential election, when the MSM seeks him out to condemn whoever the Republican is.

      1. You’re thinking of Ron, his other, proggy son

  19. There is a lot of wasted labor around here

    I like that I can’t tell if the Existential Comics guy likes or loathes Karl Marx. Or if he hates Ayn Rand or just likes to joke around with the old loon.

    1. He likes Marx and loathes Rand. You can tell that because he has Rand giving the BS buzz word answer of “jobs” to the question of what she produces.

      1. Nah. He goofs on Marx too much to be a Marxist. They’re not known for their humor.

        1. He is definitely ripping on Rand. And that part about “I produce jobs” is actually kind of funny.

          1. He was just trying to get too far into the ‘Office Space’ shtick with the two Karls.

        2. #49 is hilarious. Thanks, Warty.

          1. As a fairly serious poker player, I really like that one. Freud has a poker insight that I never of before: “You must understand his unconscious motives that even he is not aware of.” Of course, Freud is wrong to dismiss calculation of odds and evaluation of the villain’s play

        3. From the: Didn’t Get the Joke

          -Karl Marx was a nineteenth century philosopher best known for *being right about literally everything*. That’s right, even the **labor theory of value**!-

          No doubt Karl was right about *almost everything,* but no one is going to call bullshit on this?

          (Repeat after me): When you have to explain the “Joke…”

          …Everyone dies…

          “I need a new PR agent.”

      2. He is definitely not a fan of Rand, you juste have to see the explaining of the joke below the comic. But the description on the #77 is still quite hilarious : “Ayn Rand was a 20th century philosopher and author, and while she has been largely ignored in academic philosophy, she is still very well regarded in the train fanfic community, for her seminal work Atlas Shrugged. It has the distinction of being the longest, and arguably the best, train fanfic ever written.”

    2. I’d say this one is pretty good evidence he’s no fan of Marx:

      1. He’s no libertarian. Here’s his take on Nozick.

    3. This looks like an homage to Office Space.

      1. No doubt about it.

    4. Well, someone sure hasn’t read their Israel Kirzner. I like Existential Comics, but this particular comic just shows the dude has no idea what he is talking about. Sounds like LTOV nonsense to me.

  20. How to save America according to Gavin:

    1. Can’t watch now but I am a fan of his. He trolls eloquently.

  21. “What to link to this PM??”

    – thoughts on …. something something a rock band something rape culture something

    Russia deploys troops westward as standoff with NATO deepens


    Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016: police

    …. yeah, lets go with the hipster kerfuffle.

    /serious journalist

    1. The report showed that 29.2 percent of the crimes migrants committed or tried to commit in the first quarter were thefts, 28.3 percent were property or forgery offences and 23 percent offences such as bodily harm, robbery and unlawful detention.

      This isn’t that surprising. You arrive in a country desperate, broke and without any possessions or a place to live, I can imagine a lot of theft and forgery offenses are going to take place.

      1. It’s especially not surprising when all those things happen a lot in the countries the migrants come from….

  22. Voting glitches mar some polling stations across Los Angeles County

    When registered voters arrived early Tuesday at a new voting station in Canoga Park, many didn’t find their names on any voting list.

    Wait. We’re *still* checking names on a list? *Especially* in LA County?

    1. It’s the all new conspiracy Bern-heads are going to flog!

  23. Federal immigration boss at center of turf war over terror suspect transferred on heels of damning report

    The federal bureaucrat who blocked armed law enforcement agents from apprehending a man involved in the San Bernardino terror attack last December, then allegedly lied to investigators about her actions, has been reassigned to another post, but likely won’t face further investigation, has learned.

    It is not clear what disciplinary action Martin could face, but the report last week faulted her for making agents wait more than 90 minutes before she gave them access to related files on the suspected terrorist, and then she dismissively ordered them to hand copy files, according to the federal report. Agents told building security they intended to arrest Marquez to prevent him from killing anyone, but Martin had them wait 30 minutes just to see her. When questioned by IG investigators later, Martin repeatedly changed her story and also contradicted what other witnesses said.

    1. She was just fighting the good fight against racism, duh.

  24. Last week the construction of the longest railway tunnel in the world was finished in Switzerland. The length of the tunnel is 35.5 miles. “[I]t is the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps.” The cost of the project is $12 billion.

    Meanwhile in Boston the cost of the Green Line Extension of the light rail service is estimated to be $3 billion. The length of the extension is 4.3 miles. The Swiss tunnel is 8 times longer but it costs only 4 times more. The Boston project doesn’t require digging any tunnels in the Alps or anywhere. It’s above ground within the existing commuter rail right-of-way. Yes, there are already rail tracks there, probably the wrong kind, so they must be replaced.

    Anyway, how is it possible that a mile of the Green Line Extension in Boston costs twice as much as a mile of the longest tunnel in the world drilled through the heart of the Alps? And remember that Switzerland is a rich, expensive country. Swiss workers are well paid and they don’t hire cheap labor from South Asia like Qatar would do.

    1. It was worth it just to put all of those kids through college.

    2. Union kickbacks aren’t cheap.

      1. Because it’s not about building a rail line.

  25. Notice since 5/17/16, Robbie has been on time with the links.

    1. Nick threatened to take away his hair gel.

    2. 17 minus 16 is 1

      5 plus 1 is 6




  26. If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

    Well, forget it then. I’m not voting.

    1. As long as he doesn’t strip down to a thong on the presidential debate stage, assuming he makes it into the debates, I’ll vote for him.

      1. Oh, I’ll definitely vote if he does that.

    1. So know we’re going to have to give ID to get immodium. Question, isn’t asking for ID for Sudafed racist?

      1. Only if your name is “Sudafed ibn Salman ibn Ameen al-Farsi”.

        1. Only if your name is “Sudafed ibn Salman ibn Ameen al-Farsi”.

          Or “Mc Lovin”.

          1. I mean if it’s racist to ask for it to vote then..

    2. The primary ingredient in prescription Imodium and similar over-the-counter drugs is intended to control diarrhea. But abusers sometimes try to achieve heroin-like highs by taking massive doses, up to 300 milligrams at once

      Time to stock up on Imodium before TPTB pick up on this shit revelation.

      1. I just checked a bix of Immodioum Advanced. One pill was 2mg of the looeramide hcl. So 150 pills?

        1. Loperamide

      2. including 10 deaths over the last 39 years.

        Uhhh, what?

        It is a scourge, I guess, worse than butt-chugging jenk’um!

        The Donald should do something!

        I bet that Larry Johnson guy is all for getting hopped up on the shit pills!

        1. IOW, far, far fewer than accidental aspirin poisonings. Definitely time to panic.

    3. Wouldn’t it be “constipating themselves to death”?

      1. Yes, but i took artistic license

        1. Heartbreak Heartattack Hotel.

    4. I don’t think it was too long ago that you could get paregoric OTC. And now it’s come to this. This is so much better than people sometimes getting prescriptions for Percocet that they didn’t need.

  27. reassigned to another post, but likely won’t face further investigation

    IOW, her testimony would take down enough other people that they need to cover this up.

  28. Jessica Valenti Confirms Feminism is Now Just About Whining

    Modern feminism encourages women to complain about men, the wage gap, and just about everything else as an attempt to somehow be taken seriously. In other words, modern feminism creates a complex relationship with men. Feminists love to hate men?and to hate when men respond with scorn.

    Both are addressed in this essay, published Sunday in the New York Times, an excerpt from Jessica Valenti’s new memoir, “Sex Object,” which is out today. It reveals why the modern feminist movement has reached its peak and will soon plummet.

    1. In other words, feminism is just bitching and moaning.

      1. It would all go away if they only went back to the kitchen and raising children….

    2. Crusty will leer at her and make her feel better.

    3. That women are still whining about the wage gap proves that they are bad at math.

    1. The story is the headline. And vice-versa.

  29. Brock Turner Borck Truner Bokrc Ternur

    I went to high school with the writer of this piece and maybe now I get why you all all hate-read this jezebellian drivel. To Prachi white male privilege is the most problematic thing in existence. Are you a fucking white male? Then you’re complicit, in well, just about everything bad ever. I agree that Prachi is writing to an audience that just plain eats this shit up and I can even admire her for finding a market for this putrid shit. But doesn’t she realize that this collective blaming is how we ended up with Trump? I’m sick of being told to feel guilty for being born a certain way and I’m certain that I am not alone. I don’t plan on doing anything crazy like voting for the guy, but Trump has tapped into this pushback. We’ll see which side loses their mind first.

    1. They whine and blame everyone else for everything else. It is beyond my comprehension why they are taken seriously.

      1. The thing is that the people they are pushing and blaming are for the most part not whiners and are generally people you are better off not antagonizing. The Progs are definitely brown shirts but they are not particularly good ones. Your typical Trump supporter would be. They are going to keep fucking around and find out what actual oppression and violence look like.

        1. Well at least the Europeans will find out first. We are still fairly insulated here. I can’t help but feel like we are reaching some kind of inflection point with regards to tolerance for the SJW alphabet soup. But I’m too young to have seen something like this before.

          1. I have faith that our society will self correct and people will grow tired of this crap. The correction will be a traumatic experience for the elites but it will work out fine for everyone else, even the SJWs, who will finally be forced to get a fucking life.

  30. Albinos are being killed in record numbers for their body parts

    Over the past year and a half, a disturbing and violent trend has been growing in Malawi, a country often known by its nickname: “The Warm Heart of Africa.” At least 18 people with albinism, a congenital condition resulting in a lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes, have been murdered, and many others have been raped or harassed. Four of the murders happened in April alone, and five more albinos have been abducted and are still missing.

    Albinism is more common in sub-Saharan Africa than elsewhere in the world. Superstitions about the condition are rife, especially in Malawi and neighboring Tanzania and Mozambique. Some believe that having sex with an albino woman can cure HIV, which puts albino women at particular risk for rape. Others believe that the bones of albino people contain gold, or have medicinal or even magical properties. That demand, stemming from a ritual medicine revival in Malawi, is fueling the spate of murders by gangs that, allegedly, can make as much as $75,000 selling a “full set” of albino body parts, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    1. I blame global warming.

      1. I blame white people. THE BAD WHITE PEOPLE. (glares knowingly)

    2. I smell a market opportunity. Anyone have any experience manufacturing convincing counterfeit albino body parts?

      1. ummm…………..yes……..?

    3. + District 9

  31. Toilet Groping

    no trannies involved. in fact it just seems like kids grabassing. but i’m sure it will be expanded to fit the Rapekulturkampf/Toiletpocalypse narrative.

    1. The link does not work, sir.

      1. If you hover over the link, you’ll get 99.7% of the story.

          1. You know what else is disappointing?

              1. I’d say that only counts if you, also, are not a teenager, right?

    2. no trannies involved.

      It’s not fear of trannies, it’s fear of non-tranny poseurs trying to get a grope, but slipping in under the guise of non-binary identification.

  32. Mary Fallin: Oklahoma Governor Signs Legislation Closing Loophole in Forcible Sodomy Law

    House Bill 2398, signed on Monday, closes a loophole to prevent the acquittal of those who commit sodomy on victims who are unconscious.

    1. Finally, protection from being raped by the government when I’m asleep. Wait, that’s not what this is about?

    2. “But she winked at me!”

    3. That is not an acceptable alarm clock mister!

  33. Ellen DeGeneres: Georgia Woman Files Lawsuit After Comedian Makes Fun of Her Name

    An advertisement created by real estate agent Titi Pierce, 35, was featured on a segment entitled “What’s Wrong with These Ads?and These Signs?” Pierce claims she suffered emotional distress.

    1. Suck it up lady.

      1. Ellen really should have had the sense not to show Titty’s phone number on her show. That crosses the line for me. Other than that I’m sure Titi must know she has a silly name.

        1. I didn’t see that. Yes, that is too far.

    2. Yeah, I think if you publish an advertisement with your name on it, you get what you get.

      And come on, who the fuck gets offended by Ellen Degeneres?

      1. Did you ever see her stand-up act on the HBO special ‘Women of the Night’?

        I was offended that anyone found that funny.

      2. who the fuck gets offended by Ellen Degeneres?

        Have you seen her dance? Good golly miss molly.

    1. Doesn’t the Florida AG asking Trump for a donation in return for dropping a fraud case make her the crook?

      1. There the government was, minding its own business, when all this dirty money was thrown at them.

        I remember a long series in the Seattle Times about council members receiving donations for some re-zoning of properties. In something like 500,000 words, no one seemed to think the council members were the problem, but the unscrupulous business man handing over cash. They were even portrayed as victims.

    2. So hard to figure out whom to trust. The guy who spent his whole life in the private sector or the one who spent most of his life in the public sector.

  34. Get your outrage up, outragers: WPI says rape victim partly responsible for assault

    The rape occurred in April 2012 at the condominium building in San Juan where Doe, who was a third-year student completing a two-month research project, and other students lived. Part of the building was leased for student housing, and WPI required Doe to live there.
    The security guard, William Rodriguez, was convicted by a unanimous jury in the state court of Puerto Rico and is serving a 20-year sentence, according to court documents.
    Rodriguez was previously a state police officer in Puerto Rico but was suspended in 2011 after he was convicted of selling bullets to an undercover agent, documents show.

    1. The attorneys asked Doe whether her parents had taught her “don’t take candy from strangers” or how to protect herself from sexual assault. In describing the night, Doe said she expected a security guard to protect, not attack, her.

      One of the attorneys then asked: “So it was okay to, despite that fact that you felt it was weird and you were surprised that he got into the elevator with you, you felt it was okay to go to the roof, a dark secluded roof with a man you know nothing about, whose name you don’t even know, and you felt that was not risky behavior? Do you understand my question?”

      “Yeah. No, I don’t think it’s risky behavior is my answer,” Doe said.

      “Okay. Would you agree with me that if you had not gone to the roof with Mr. Rodriguez this incident wouldn’t have occurred?” the attorney asked.

      “I can’t speculate that,” she answered.

      Her first mistake: trusting a Puerto Rican. Never trust a Puerto Rican, people.

      1. – 1 Carlito Brigante

      2. “Okay. Would you agree with me that if you had not gone to the roof with Mr. Rodriguez this incident wouldn’t have occurred?” the attorney asked.

        Ok, can we at least agree that the capital of France is Paris? Can we at least agree on that?

    2. I am with WPI here. Short of locking her up at night, what was the college supposed to do to prevent her from getting drunk and going off with a strange guy? Unless you can show me WPI had some reason to believe the guy was a rapist and rented from him anyway, they are in no way responsible for this.

      1. You need to hire yourself out as “attorney who will cross examine a rape victim with zeal.”

        1. There is no reason to cross examine her. The facts are what they are. The person responsible for the rape was the guy who did it.

          Suppose she had never locked her door and her room was robbed. Would she have a case against the school then? I don’t think so. Same thing here.

          1. The rape occurred in April 2012 at the condominium building in San Juan where Doe, who was a third-year student completing a two-month research project, and other students lived. Part of the building was leased for student housing, and WPI required Doe to live there.

            In loco parentis is a double-edged sword, as Krueger v. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown us.

            1. I don’t think it is strict liability. The MIT case was a settlement not a court decision.

          2. She brought a civil suit against the school.

            1. yes. And to win that she will have to prove that they were negligent and didn’t ensure the place was safe. Given that claim, the school is perfectly reasonable to defend itself by saying the place was safe and the reason she was in danger was her own irresponsible behavior. My analogy to her no locking her door and being robbed and trying to sue is apt here I think.

        2. I would asked to have sex with her to see how “loose” she was. Then I’d be like, there is no way that girl is not a whore.

      2. Nor is it a companies fault if one if their workers gets drunk at lunch and smashes their work van into you but since they’re on the clock guess who’s going to pay?

        1. Probably but the rapist in this case was not an employee was he? Wasn’t he the guy who rented the apartment? Contractor is not the same level of agency that an employee is.

          1. I’d guess WPI being in some way liable has to do with the fact that she had to live there. If it was optional, potentially she could have been living somewhere else?

            1. It is possible that WPI is negligent here. The plaintiff’s claim must be that they made her live in an unsafe place and as a result she was raped. And that is not necessarily an invalid claim. But when you understand that is what is going on here, you then understand why WPI is pointing out how her conduct contributed to the rape. I think it is fair of them to say “hey, the place was plenty safe, you just did something stupid and irresponsible that placed you in danger.”.

              1. I can see them making that argument, but a lot of it is pure speculation. If someone is claiming that WPI is negligent and it directly led to this young lady being raped, I think they’d need to prove that there was some kind of pre-existing criminal element–either in the environment or in the rapist–that WPI knew about but didn’t act to correct.

                1. I would think so Riven.

        2. Also, in your example the guy would have to be acting within the scope of his employment for the company to be responsible. Even if this guy is an employee, it seems more analogous to an employee getting drunk on his lunch hour and raping a woman who cleans the office. Would the company be responsible then? No absent a showing of some other negligence.

          1. I’m not talking about right and wrong, I’m talking about whether or not she gets paid which she probably will.

  35. Just got home after voting for Cruz in NJ. I like lost causes.

    The lead delegates were named on the ballot and made the choice easy.

    Trump = fatso
    Kasich = Christine Whitman, who I am not a fan of
    Cruz = Steve Lonegan, one of the few NJ Republicans I like.

    1. Doesn’t that list consist of all the NJ Republicans?

    2. Lonegan was great with those one-liners when he was debating Booker.

    3. Ha! Me too!


    Open borders not working out so well for Sweden.

    1. The importation of refugees by the State is not ‘Open Borders’, John. Don’t equivocate. I already had a long and very contentious discussion with Bionic Mosquito about that same equivocation. Let’s just say the guy didn’t want to concede anything.

      1. You better tell that to the open borders types who reject the argument that you can’t have open borders and a welfare state and refuse to see that you can’t do open borders first before getting rid of the welfare state.

        They say that open borders is a right that cannot be infringed on no matter what the circumstances are

  37. Gary Johnson Won’t Get High in White House

    Why not? If he did, I seriously doubt he’d be the first.

    1. Washington probably did but that was a different house.

  38. Gary Johnson Won’t Get High in White House

    So up on the roof, like Willie?

    1. Dat view, tho…

  39. What happened to multi-culturalism

    1. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

      1. Finally, someone is actually, literally, teaching (some) men not to rape!

    2. “It begins with a picture of a Western woman in a mini-skirt.
      The men are asked what they think the woman does for a living – model or actress they reply”

      So naive and simplistic. She models to pay her way through gender studies courses.

  40. Spurned by David French, now it seems Bill Kristol thinks Lindsey Graham should run third party

    Congrats Billy, you’ve managed to want a candidate worse than Trump for Team Red. I didn’t think that was possible, but here we are.

    1. Maybe conservatives were always this retarded and I just didn’t realize it.

      1. Kristol is not a generic stand-in for conservatives.

        He’s trying to deny and explain away the strange attraction he feels for Hillary. He was always told this sort of thing is wrong, so instead of just fessing up, he’s trying to sleep with French, Graham, and who knows which other substitutes.

        Maybe some day he’ll finally decide to follow his heart.

        Sugarfree can go on from here.

        1. Can’t he just come out of the closet and marry French and get it over with? You can do that now. It will suck for Nancy French but she seems to be fairly fetching. She will probably find someone who will trust her not to turn into a whore if she drinks outside of his presence and be happier in the long run any way.

          1. Crap, why do I always encourage you people?

      2. Conservatives are retarded by nature.

        And what’s been found in several studies is that liberals tend to have a larger anterior cingulate gyrus. That is an area that is responsible for taking in new information and that impact of the new information on decision making or choices. Conservatives tended on the whole to have a larger right amygdala. Amygdala being a deeper brain structure that processes more emotional information?specifically fear-based information,” Saltz explained.…..structures

        SCIENCE. The timing of this discovery is a bit suspicious though.

  41. I really, really hate the scions of the Rockefeller clan. I know this sounds terribly collectivist, but it’s true. The reason is that every time a member of that vile misbegotten family of human vermin intrudes upon my consciousness, they are doing something vicious and despicable:

    InsideClimate: NY AG Started RICO Planning Before Any InsideClimate Stories Were Released

    As the New York Times reported in an article about Sassoon, InsideClimate is “an outgrowth of Mr. Sassoon’s consulting work for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a philanthropic group that emphasizes climate policy.” The Rockefeller Brothers Fund alone has strong financial ties to ICN, having given the group $800,000 in the past three years.

    But Sassoon’s close relationship with the Rockefellers doesn’t end there. In a set of emails that recently came to light, Sassoon wrote to folks at a PR firm called Climate Nexus ? which is a special project of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and received $1.185 million from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund alone since 2012 ? with an embargoed copy of its #ExxonKnew series, which he hoped they would push out to their network of climate bloggers.

    Basically, every ‘independent’ party pushing for RICO investigations of “deniers” is getting money from the Rockefeller fund. Fucking savages!

    1. as usual = aren’t they doing exactly what they accuse Exxon and others of doing?

      i.e. using concealed relationships/money to attempt to manipulate the media/sway public debate?

      1. If you want to know what any lefties are up to simply listen to what accusations they make at others.

        Never fails.

  42. DenverJ, you were right.
    That was delicious.

    1. These euphemisms keep getting more strange.

      1. Is that a euphemism?

        1. *looks at judges, nods*
          I’ll allow it

    2. Yeah? Glad you liked it. Did you get the carne Asada?

      1. I did. Everything looked great though

        1. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything else there. I think I ordered it the first time, and it was so awesome that I just keep ordering it, everytime. Sometimes, I take my mom there; she really enjoys the something Colorado.

  43. Basically, every ‘independent’ party pushing for RICO investigations of “deniers” is getting money from the Rockefeller fund.

    Working off the family sins.

  44. If Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is elected president, he will not smoke pot, he vows.

    That will mean his foreign policy will not be mellow.

    Paul Ryan says Donald Trump’s remarks about the judge in the Trump U. lawsuit are “textbook racist.” He still plans to support Trump, however.

    “While I’m not saying that Trump is a racist, I cannot defend his comments because they’re racist. But I will still support him over Hillary because she stinks.”

    Anyway, El Triumpo already decided to stop talking about the Trump U case just like he should have done many moons ago.

    Lindsay Graham think Trump is beyond redemption.

    In the meantime, the knuckle-dragging xenophobes defend Trump vehemently against the Mexican rapist judge who may nor may not be an anchor baby.

    All-female band disinvited from Northside Musical Festival for making comments defending Brock Turner.

    Tolerant minds require zero tolerance against those deemed intolerant by the tolerant.

    Zero tolerance policies don’t fix disciplinary problems in schools, according to a new study.

    Maybe the reason is because zero tolerance policies were not meant to fix discipline problems in schools.

    1. “Trump me? No, Trump U!”

  45. If GarJo ain’t smokin weed in the White House I will NOT vote for him!

    1. It was the best reason. Just chill, get high, let us take care of ourselves.

      1. “Well, if you Joint Chiefs won’t share my joint, I guess that’s all the more for me…hmmm, so I guess we just send a bunch of skywriters to fly over Moscow and spell out the words, ‘chill out, Putin.’ That was easy. Now let’s send out for pizza. Let me press the pizza button…”

        “Sir, no! That’s not the pizza button…”

        1. /not meant as representative of the actual behavior of a stoned person

    1. I have to congratulate you on having weirder taste in porn than I. If I had not witnessed it over and over, I wouldn’t thought it possible

  46. So apparently
    Johnson will do better without drugs

  47. I’m going to try pumping up a chicken with solution for the first time. It’s supposed to be really good, and a lot of places do it, including Costco with their rotisserie chicken. We’ll see……..B00OVA8N8G

    1. Enough euphemisms!

      1. I’m going gently pat the rump dry, massage the breasts, and then inject my solution.

        1. That all sounds fine.

  48. Watch Yellin get asked if Trump will cause an economic crash around the world.

  49. Ha, the judge story is one of the less offensive things Trump has said. It’s hilarious that Graham, who after hearing “ban on Muslims” and “they’re rapists” decided to hop on board that train, would hop off over something as generic and true as “those guys whose people groups I’ve trashed might not be impartial about me”.

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