A.M. Links: Hillary vs. Bernie, Violent Protests at Trump Rally, Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Germany


  • CNN

    Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump's "thin skin" could set off a world war.

  • Hillary vs. Bernie: Among California voters "almost half of Clinton's supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee. Just under a quarter of Sanders' supporters said the same thing about Clinton."
  • Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.
  • "Authorities in Germany are monitoring almost 500 Islamic extremists they believe pose a potential security threat, officials said Friday, a day after the arrest of three men suspected of planning to carry out an attack in the country for the Islamic State group."
  • Donald Verrilli is stepping down from his position as solicitor general in the Obama administration.
  • Today is National Donut Day.

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  1. Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.

    Like sharks in the water.

    1. Hello.

    2. I love how they are careful to report “violent protests” or “violence” at a Trump rally. That way maybe people won’t notice that what’s actually happening is “leftists attack Trump supporters”.

      1. So if a Trump supporter gets raped by a Bernie Bro, would that be they both engaged in rough sex?

        1. That would be reported as “Violent Rape at Trump rally!”

      2. Trump is provoking thus leaving them no choice but to reluctantly fight for justice through violence. They’ve convinced themselves that they hold the higher moral ground which negates their use of violence.

        1. Words are violence!

          1. Break the silence!

        2. If they keep it up, Maybe Trump wont neeed buses to deport any of them,
          Just saying…

        3. I’m pretty sure we should have moved on from the notion of “fighting words” by now. And the leftists think they are the civilized ones (not that Trump supporters are a very encouraging bunch overall, but they aren’t attacking people for attending political events they don’t like).

        4. The Trump supporters are violating the NMP (non-microaggression principle).

      3. Even the CNN coverage puts the protestors in a pretty terrible light. Both the video and the text make it pretty clear that the people protesting Trump are the violent ones.

      4. Absolutely.

        While driving in to work this morning, I was listened to a local conservative talk radio show that went in to some detail about what actually happened. The leftist protesters assaulted Trump supporters as they were leaving the rally.

        Later I flipped to NPR and heard it described as a violent conflict that broke out at the Trump rally and that was all that was said. They are deliberately withholding detail in an attempt to spin presentation of what actually happened according to fit their own bias.

    3. From what I had heard about it , it appears CNN really whitewashed their version of events. So I guess now when someine attacjs anither person, they both “clashed”.

      1. This is what happens when “mean speech” is conflated with actual violence. The people saying something mean actually attacked first. See? The protestors were just acting in self defense.

      2. They attacked each other. One guy threw a punch and the other guy threw a chin.

      3. Did you read it? After the first paragraph where they say “clashed”, which was misleading, it’s pretty clear that the protestors were responsible for all of the violence. The worst they report from a Trump supporter was a middle finger, for which she was surrounded an pelted with eggs.

  2. Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    Luckily his hands are too small to push the button.

    1. +1 short fingered vulgarian?


  3. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    Whereas her spiny carapace DEFINITELY will.

    1. So is she a turtle, a crustacean, or an arachnid?

      1. Yes. A creature similar to Al Gore’s ManBearPig.

        1. TurtleCrabTick?

      2. I don’t know, but she leaves a trail of eldritch ichor everywhere she goes.

        1. Untrue….she has legs to keep from leaving a trail.

  4. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    So can a carapace

    1. Hillary has a thin skin, too. Several, in fact, flayed off of her screaming enemies an inch at a time.

      1. Hillary strikes me more as a Lannister than a Bolton. Family in power for a long time and it’s clear they have no clue what they’re doing.

        1. Except a Lannister always pays her debts.

          1. Except for the small subplot that the Lannisters are now broke and are decidedly unable to pay their debts.

        2. SOME Lannisters, at least, are competent.

          1. She’s definitely no Tywin or Tyrion.

            1. Johnson is coming.

              1. When did this turn into a Sugarfree story?

    2. To which Trump tweeted: My lawyers have filed yuge defamation lawsuit re: totally false thin-skin claim. My skin is very classy above-average thickness. Lying Hillary has ugly face with terrible skin, very dry and wrinkly. Bad!

      1. “And she’s got cankles and mutton flaps! Can you believe it? Sad.”

  5. Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.

    Trump must have said Crosby isn’t a cheater.

    1. Trump supporters were diving and whining to officials.

      1. Sounds like a bunch of LOOSERS to me! Sad!


          /waves burning hat.

  6. Among California voters “almost half of Clinton’s supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee. Just under a quarter of Sanders’ supporters said the same thing about Clinton.”

    But, in the end, the D after his or her name will be enough.

  7. Massachusetts boy, 5, calls 911 to report ‘Daddy went through a red light’

    he boy tells a dispatcher: “Daddy went through a red light.” He then describes the vehicle and says it was “in the brand-new car, my mummy’s car.” He doesn’t identify himself.

    When the dispatcher asks the boy what happened next, he says they went to the car wash.

    Without missing a beat, the dispatcher asks to speak to the boy’s father, who gets on the line and says, “Oh, no.”

    future commissar

    1. Kid needs a nice ‘never go against the family’ talk.

      1. Kid needs a nice ‘don’t talk to police unless it’s life or death’ talk in addition to the don’t go against the family talk. Both important.

    2. His dad should make the kid pay the ticket

      1. I bet dad taught him that the police are your friends and one should always obey the law or you get the cops called on you.
        They should arrest the kid for misuse of the emergency line, though.

        1. The kid could have picked it up in school too, I suppose.

          1. I suppose that is a distinct possibility.

      2. “I am taking this our of your allowance….you should start getting one when you reach….12 years old.”

      3. With interest.

    3. “Who denounced you?” said Winston.

      “It was my little daughter,” said Parsons with a sort of doleful pride. “She listened at the keyhole. Heard what I was saying, and nipped off to the patrols the very next day. Pretty smart for a nipper of seven, eh? I don’t bear her any grudge for it. In fact I’m proud of her. It shows I brought her up in the right spirit, anyway.”

      1. That’s exactly what came to mind for me when I saw this story. If I was his dad I would be having a serious talk with the little shit.

        1. This kid is a lost cause. I would take him to the zoo.

      2. Nostradamus had nothing on Orwell.

    4. all hail Comrade Pavlik

    5. I’m sorry my kid does this all the time, goodbye.

    6. Awww, wook at da wittle Elsworth Toohey.

    7. When my sister and I were young, and one of us would tell on the other, my mother would punish both of us. One for doing whatever it was, and the other because, as she’d tell us, “Nobody likes a rat”

      1. Yeah, I was raised to never snitch and to handle your own business. Apparently that’s bad?

  8. Among California voters “almost half of Clinton’s supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee. Just under a quarter of Sanders’ supporters said the same thing about Clinton.”

    That’s OK, kids. Hillary will still fight for you.

  9. Today is National Donut Day.

    So support your local overweight law enforcement professionals.

    1. All I know is I brought 2 cups of coffee and a dozen donuts into the office in one trip and now none of those bastards will even touch the donuts. What a bunch of prissy pants!

    2. We’re talking about donuts, and not a single soul here mentioned Chris Christie aka Gov. Krispy Kreme.

  10. Among California voters “almost half of Clinton’s supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee.

    That’s because TEAM UBER ALLES.

    Just under a quarter of Sanders’ supporters said the same thing about Clinton.”

    That’s because flailing, post-rational anger.

    1. I thought it was all because deeeeeerrrrrrrrrrp

      1. Sufficiently flailing post-rationality is funtcionally indistinguishable from derp, i suppose.

  11. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    Helen of Troymp: the skin that launched a thousand ships.

    1. Bee Tagger, the commenter that launched a thousand *narrowed gazes*

    2. Trump is gonna defeat Hillary by going through Bill, by building some Trojan Hoes.

  12. Parent Calls the Cops on Teen Boys Showing Support for Female Classmate Going Braless

    As a result of the controversy, students at Helena High School protested on Friday and also made a Facebook page, “No Bra, No Problem,” which says it is “against discrimination in schools,” and “focus[es] on the right for girls to go braless.”

    “The fact that I was told it makes people uncomfortable offended me because it’s my body,” Juvik told MTN news. “It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.”

    On Tuesday, the protests continued, with male students coming to school wearing bras over their shirts. A parent called the police saying that some of the boys were causing a “disruption” and making “inappropriate gestures.” KTVH News reports that students said it was only a few of the boys who were acting inappropriately and that a school resource officer spoke with the parent, explaining that the incident was not one that warranted police involvement.

    She doesn’t need any support.

    1. she wore stickers to make sure her nipples wouldn’t be as prominent in the shirt.

      “It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.”

      *** facepalm ***

    2. One of the links in the article is about the beauty of femalebody hair.

      1. I got coffee at a hipster coffee shop the other day, and the two young ladies inside the place were proudly showing off their body and facial hair.

        It was so hot.

        1. The coffee was hot.

          1. Crusty likes his women like he likes his coffee: covered in hair.

            1. Crusty is a furry?

              1. No. Worse.

        2. You mock us, but can’t stay away from our finely crafted products. Look to your soul and lament!

          1. I give them my money because I think it is cool that the cafe’s owner spent money to open a really nice shop in a horrible city.

            1. I really want to open a coffee shop by my house, but I have zero business experience and hate the public.

              1. Oh sure. Hipsters and harried women will hangout there and overly complicate their orders seemingly just to fuck with you.

              2. So… Pretty much every coffee shop owner.

                1. So you are saying I should definitely open a coffee shop?


                  Can I open a coffee shop!

                  /from other room


      2. I never understood this… I don’t mind a little fur on my taco- and my last two girlfriends liked me with a second day beard when I went down under.

    3. Now this is a protest I can really get behind.

      I give the cop some credit for telling the busybody that it’s not a police matter.

      1. Right? They could have confiscated phones and searched for evidence of teenage depravity.

    4. Only a few of the boys acted inappropriately? Kids these days.

    5. *tapers stare*

    6. Man we are doomed.

    7. Would.

      Then I would have to pray to Yahweh for forgiveness. But sooooo worth it.

      1. My high school self would have done whatever she told me to do.

    8. Do away with all undergarments! Let my people go!

    9. If i was in high school, she wouldn’t need to go braless to be a terrible distraction to me. “Citizen X, could you please come up and demonstrate this problem on the board?”

      “Not unless you want me to demonstrate a different problem that i have right now.”

      1. Just put a sticker on it so it’s not so prominent.

        1. That might work for YOU…

    10. “No Bra, No Problem,”

      Saves the guy a little bit of time. So yeah, no problem.

      1. Yeah, but then how will they learn to take them off one-handed? It’s like automatic transmission; now nobody knows how to drive stick anymore, to the general detriment.

        1. Some of us are still trying- Self-taught on a ’72 Vega at 13- when dad went bowling on Friday, I went driving.

          I just took the 14 yr old nephew to a parking lot in my manual trans Civic last week for some lessons. I remember working a loading dock in the early 90’s where only three out of 8 of us could use “Old Betsy”- the most beastliest forklift ever (propane, two forward gears and also two reverse. On cold mornings, the electric forks were essentially useless so we used Betsy to tow them out of trucks because they got stuck climbling the10″ slope up the dockplate.

  13. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    Hillary Clinton is not like my abuela. My abuela had self-awareness.

    1. My abuela kept kosher, as Yahweh ordered. Hillary is treyf.

      1. Well, duh! She’s made of pork.

    2. Hilary Clinton is the best choice for foreign policy experience! Because Benghazi, Libya, Iran deal, Syria, Russia, Ukraine and Crimea, China expansion in South China Sea, and State Department Special Access and top secret communications on a private unsecured server.

      1. Oh yeah, and Iraq and ISIS. I’m sure there’s more. The point is, Trump is completely inexperienced!

  14. What goes around comes around, I guess

    A man serving a life sentence for second degree murder – convicted of beating his 7-month-old son to death – was himself beaten to death in prison by his cellmate.

    1. Karma is a bitch.

    2. Buzz kill.

    3. Oh, that’s a shame.

  15. Can anyone point me to some data on police killed and police killings of “civilians?”

    I have the most recent FBI data on 2015 but I am now looking for the last 10 years of data on police killed in the line of duty (not accidents), “legitimate” police killings of “civilians,” and killings by police of unarmed/nonthreat “civilians.” I know these data are very spotty but I seem to remember seeing (I thought here but a search doesn’t turn it up) a trend of police killed vs killing that showed the trends diverging over the last few years.

    1. Data on people killed by police is hard to come by, because there is no reporting by police forces to any kind of central database. So most numbers are just estimates.

  16. Authorities in Germany are monitoring almost 500 Islamic extremists they believe pose a potential security threat…

    You know who else kept an eye on a certain group of people?

    1. Preet Bharara?

      1. *enthusiastic, but merely hypothetical applause*

      2. *juvenile, blustery chortle*

      3. *wood chipper gets figuratively clogged

      4. [narrows woodchipper feed hole]

    2. Nielson?

      1. Neilsen ?

          1. Nilsson?

    3. Authorities in Germany?

    4. Sauron?

      1. +1 Flaming Lips

    5. Zeke Hawkins?

    6. Yahweh?

      1. Santa?

    7. Sammy Davis Jr?

    8. Crusty in a coffee shop?

    9. The Night.

      With it’s thousand eyes?

    10. That’s 500 Islamic extremists that should be expelled instead of monitored. They are guests in that country and Germany has a right to dis-invite them.

  17. Man’s 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos are ruining his love life

    “People can’t seem to see past the tattoos and it was having a very negative effect on my life where I felt trapped by them. I’ve just gone off her,” Carl McCoid told the Hull Daily Mail.

    McCoid has “Miley Cyrus” inked across his collarbone, a portrait of the singer with tongue sticking out covering the right side of his torso, another head shot adorning his left shoulder, and assorted Cyrus-related lyrics, initials and script scattered over the rest of his body.

    Or at least he did. He’s begun the long process of laser treatment to remove the tattoos, which he says cost him 2,700 pounds ($3,893) to have etched on his body.

    Cyrus has not exactly been supportive. In an interview last year, she reportedly said McCoid’s tattoos were “ugly” and “creepy.”

    1. were “ugly” and “creepy.”

      Then he did it right, no?

      1. Or at least accurately.

    2. Man’s 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos of anything are ruining his love life with anyone that isn’t crazy and has taste


      1. “Crazy and tasteless” sure is fun in bed, though.

          1. Even I have limits, sir.

          2. BULLY!

        1. I would party with Miley… sure I would feel guilty in the morning but I could sleep until noon.

          1. Is penicillin covered under your insurance?

          2. Not with a stolen dick. Crazy is like salt; you need a little to bring out the other flavors, but too much just ruins the taste. Also, that girl is probably a walking petri dish at this point.

      2. I continue to not understand why several commenters here are vehemently anti-tattoo.

        1. I’ve got no problem with some tattoos… But I’ve seen so many crappy tats over the years – even on people that I like.

          *note – I have two small tattoos that were done by a goth girl using indian ink and a needle. The things we do in college.

          1. I can understand being against shitty tattoos, what I don’t understand is making blanket statements about all tattoos, as was the case here. And Rhywun is not the first person I’ve seen here say something like this.

        2. It’s not tattoos per se. It’s quantity, quality, and above all location (especially if the location is a fat blue-haired harpy).

        3. Tattoos are triggering.

        4. Because they have taste.

          1. This is the kind of attitude I’m talking about. What is “taste”? I can’t think of any way to define it that doesn’t make it subjective in some way.

            Don’t mistake your personal opinion for some sort of objective aesthetic standard.

        5. Because at a certain ratio of ratio to visible skin area you begin to be clown yourself.

    3. Why can’t Miley just throw him a piece?

    4. Convergence of dipshittery: Ink and Miley Cyrus.

    5. I’ve got all these Trump tattoos. He better fucking win, that’s all I’m saying.

  18. Today is National Donut Day.

    We were going to call it Give Cops Free Shit Day but that seemed too blatant.

    1. Give Cops Free Shit Day

      So… a day that ends in Y?

      1. My family owns a restaurant. When I worked there growing up every idiot OFF DUTY COP FROM ANOTHER JURISDICTION (we live in a tourist town) would ask for a LEO discount then get pissed when I told them no.

        1. Oh, I’d prepare them “A Straffinrun Special Platter”. They might need some pepper, but it’d be plenty salty.

        2. I told them no

          Damn, that’s ballsy.

          1. Damn right.

            So we pay them big salaries and pensions through taxes, and they feel entitled to discounts for stuff sold by private people?

            I thought this was a cop phenomenon exclusive to India.

            1. It’s probably SOP in every country at or below the US on the corrupt-o-meter.

        3. A local ice cream place advertises the LEO discount, and they add EMTs as well.

          1. What they ought to advertise is a such-and-such percent *surcharge* for all non-cops.

            1. Lol, yeah.

              So it’s only a small discount – like $0.50 per item.

        4. They wanted a discount on a .35 cent (or whatever it cost) d-nut?

        5. Dude, you’re lucky. Nowadays saying no to a cop is punishable by a beating, having your name blasted across the country, and protests and threats against you from cop unions and cop lovers across the land.

        6. I’ve had firefighters ask me for a discount. In a bookstore…WTF?

          1. Is it just me, or should this just be against Department SOP? I could see it becoming an issue, for example, if there were a disagreement with two businessmen and one of them was in the habit of giving discounts to cops.

            1. Damn right it should be. It’s unprofessional and a disgusting abuse of power. I’m glad I was never in a position to have to submit like a meek bitch or risk “reprisal”.

            2. It’s illegal in a lot of places. Which of course does nothing to stop businesses from offering, or cops from accepting, LEO discounts.

              When i lived in Charlottesville, the nearest 7-11 had free donuts starting at 1am to encourage cops to hang out there. Since they couldn’t legally just give donuts to cops, they made ’em free for everybody, ostensibly to “clear out the pastry case” so they could get fresh pastries for the morning – but boy did college kids get dirty looks for taking donuts, both from the clerks and the crowd of Heroz In Blue.

              1. Free donuts at 1 am in a college town? What did they expect?

          2. Obviously they wanted to *burn* them, DUH!

          3. Having been a volunteer firefighter for a brief period of time, I can atest to the amount of free shit you get just walking into a place.

            1. I see a huge difference between a paid government employee VS a volunteer fireman getting something from the local businessman.

        7. During Isabel, my father sold hundreds of generators. The line went out the door and down the street. FEMA showed up, went to the front of the line, demanded service and a government discount. Dad told them (loudly) to get in the back of the line or get the hell out.

        8. “I told them no”

          Furtive motion!!

    2. Only seems like fair reward. Think of all the free bullets that police officers donate to the public.

  19. “Authorities in Germany are monitoring almost 500 Islamic extremists they believe pose a potential security threat, officials said Friday, a day after the arrest of three men suspected of planning to carry out an attack in the country for the Islamic State group.”

    Given the German government’s penchant for understating crimes and threats posed by noble savages, I think it might be reasonable to assume that the number being monitored is more like 5,000.

  20. Today is National Donut Day.

    Yeah, I saw this on Police One this morning.

  21. Libertarians Could Appeal To Social Conservatives. They Just Don’t Want To

    At Reason magazine, Nick Gillespie offers a far more compelling take on all the tension between these two camps, arguing that the Johnson/Weld ticket merely preaches “fiscal conservatism and social liberalism.”

    Is that what libertarianism is about: preaching social liberalism? Or is it about offering a system of governance that allows people to live as they please with minimal interference from the state? Because the latter position might hold great appeal across a number of cultural lines, while the former makes libertarians sound like a bunch of progressives who might want to cut taxes one day.

    For instance, Gillespie argues just “as you can be against drug prohibition but against drug use, you can argue strenuously against abortion while not believing it should be banned by the state.” I strongly agree with this reasoning. In the same way, though, a person can also be strenuously against “discrimination” and “transphobia” and still believe in free association and religious liberty. Yet the arrangement seems to skew in one direction these days.

    1. John?

      1. Libertarians could appeal to a lot of people. It is just a question of how much and who they want to compromise with. Culturally reason libertarians identify with the left much more than they so with the right. So, they find it easier to compromise with the left than they do SOCONs. Whether that is the right thing to do or not depends on which side you dislike the most.

    2. Just someone with common sense who realizes Gillespie is a cunt.

    3. I prefer ‘social indifference’. If what you want to do to yourself or some other consenting adult in your bedroom has no bearing on my life, I couldn’t give less of a damn about it. If you want to consider yourself male. female, neither, both, feline, canine, black, asian, martian, Napoleon, then whatever. I couldn’t care less. But if I have to pay taxes to the government or higher prices on goods to accommodate or celebrate whatever kink or self-identity you prefer or else be called a racist/homophobe/whatever, fuck you in whatever way it might be that you find least preferable.

      1. ^this x eleventy

    4. That’s by David Harsanyi, who is also a Reason contributor.

      And Reason just carried one of his articles. It’s about salt.

    5. I don’t see where this is wrong in the least. It’s possible to like people on the left and still oppose them politically. And the reverse is also true. It’s possible to no like socons and still respect their rights. Unfortunately, too many libertarians want to get around that fact.

  22. Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.

    And an editor for Vox encouraged more riots.

    1. “Emmett Rensin ?@emmettrensin 9h9 hours ago

      @Zack_Parker_ Property Destruction Is Not Violence”

      What a dickhead.

      And a loser.

      1. He has a very punchable face.

      2. David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 50m50 minutes ago
        .@emmettrensin Phew! For a minute there I thought I might get into trouble for torching your car

    2. Popehat had a winning response:

      On the upside, if @voxdotcom advocates violence its how-to-riot guide will get eight or nine things wrong @emmettrensin

      With a solid followup by Washington Examiner report T. Becket Adams:

      @Popehat Followed by at least 2-3 major stealth edits.

  23. Japanese missing boy Yamato Tanooka found alive in Hokkaido

    Search teams including the Self-Defence Forces (SDF) have been combing the remote area, home to brown bears, for nearly a week.

    They had found no trace of Yamato and hopes were fading.

    But shortly before 08:00 on Friday morning (23:00 GMT on Thursday) he was found inside a building at the SDF base about 4km (2.5 miles) from where he was left.

    “One of our soldiers was preparing for drills this morning and opened the door of a building on the base, and there he was,” an SDF member told NHK.

    “When he asked ‘are you Yamato?’ the boy said, ‘Yes’. Then he said he was hungry, so the soldier gave him some water, bread and rice balls.”

    1. Thank God. Now we can crucify his parents in peace.

    2. He took Lenore too seriously.

    3. That story was something out of Rashomon for me. The Japanese media portrayed the father as an exasperated parent, fed up with a kid that wouldn’t listen. The kid was chucking rocks from the car window and the dad “pulled this damn car over!” and made him walk. The American media made it sound like he drove out to the forest and dumped him there.

  24. Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.

    What difference, at this point, would it make?

    1. Wow. His mom was there…

      When I was in college, there was a party house nearby I hung out at a few times. It was several college guys and one of their mothers, who partied and even hooked up with the young folks like anyone else. It was weird even for me.

      1. You mean you felt weird sleeping with her?

        /ha ha, just kidding, I guess.

        1. Probably she wasn’t a happy individual.

    2. The actual headline is far more vivid:

      “Teen sobs in his mugshot after arrest for ‘drunkenly trying to sexually assault a woman at knife point while exposing himself from waist down at a party which his mom was also at’ ”

      Fucking bath salts, man.

    3. The frightened woman was able to persuade him to leave the bathroom by allegedly saying they should go to a bedroom.

      “Yeah, that’s a good idea. I glad you decided you liked me.”

  25. UNM seal with conquistador and frontiersman under review because 2% of students say it’s racist

    There’s nearly 30,000 students at the University of New Mexico, and about 665 of them want its longtime seal to be abolished, saying it’s racist because it has a conquistador and frontiersman on it.

    Those complaints ?” along with demonstrators telling the university president he has “blood on his hands” ?” have prompted campus officials to agree to review the seal and possibly change it.

    The university’s Board of Regents and president have asked campus officials “to gather opinions from students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members regarding the seal,” Lorena Blanco-Silva, program manager for equity and inclusion, told The College Fix via email.

    1. “OK, we’ll abolish the seal if at least half the student body can spell ‘conquistador’ and ‘frontiersman’.”

      1. What if they protest while listening to Procol Harum?

    2. I would join the demonstrators just so they could have 666 people.

    3. Conquistadors were /dicks/, but aren’t they also, you know, the ancestors of many modern Hispanic people?? Like, with the mixing of races in Central and South America, sure you can argue that your ancestors were oppressed, but they were oppressed by your /other/ ancestors, so do you really have a right to complain?? It’d be like if I, as a Norse-Gael, bitched about the vikings invading and conquering my ancestors’ lands.

      1. You’d be the worst consequence of their depredations.

        /ha ha, just kidding, I think.

      2. Conquistadors were /dicks/, but aren’t they also, you know, the ancestors of many modern Hispanic people??

        They were for quite a bit of New Mexico’s history–all the older families in the state are descended from either the conquistadors or Spanish settlers from the 1500s and 1600s. In the late 19th and early 20th century the state was about half Hispanic (not Chicano Aztec) and half white European.

  26. Albright: ‘Nobody is going to die’ from Clinton emails

    I’m starting to think there’s a special place in Hell for ol’ Madeleine.

    1. So I guess that can be the standard for all national security crimes now? No death no foul?

      1. Except there may well be deaths. We just don’t know.

        1. Stevens will be meeting with MFA in one hour and will make a written request for better security at the hotel and for better security-related coordination. He still feels comfortable in the hotel. They are looking into the idea of moving into a villa, but that is some way off. Need to consider resource requirements (would need TDY’er with authority to sign lease, hire local guards, etc.). Based on discussion with DS yesterday, the hotel remains the safest location. Stevens will continue to work to have the TNC post more people outside and beef up security presence. They have a good set back and are way off the ground.

          One of many emails on Stevens sent to Hillary’s unsecured server. She supposedly forwarded many to Blumenthal’s hacked private email. A few months later, Stevens is killed in a very well-planned ambush.


      2. ^^ Exactly!

      3. More like no directly attributable death no foul.

      4. I think you mean the double standard.

        I’m sure the little people are still being punished as always.

      5. Valerie Plame didn’t die either. So should Scooter Libby have gone free?

        And what about the 500k Iraqi children who died? Should we apply that standard to Albright?

    2. Allllriiiighty, then.

      Aside from the stupendous stupidity and breathtaking arrogance on display, this is the new metric for the derelicts in government? If no one dies, it’s good?

      And they say libertarians are extremists?

    3. She continued, “…as long as that ratfucking server jockey keeps his mouth shut.”

    4. I think “going to” is the operative phrase here. Whether or not people might have in the past, however….

    5. Chris Stevens unavailable for comment.

    6. Well, I guess the notion that there’s a decline in statesmanship. Those from the past are retroactively proving they were sociopathic bags of shit in their own right.

    7. Reminds me of the old Republican bumperstickers: “No one drowned at Watergate” (usually directed at Ted Kennedy).

  27. I heard nothing is off topic in a links thread, so here goes.

    Almost any time you hear about a proposed abortion ban, there is an exception for incest and rape. But if abortion is murder because the foetus is a person with rights, why should it matter how the baby is conceived? The foetus had no say in its conception, no involvement in the crime, and is an innocent victim of murder if aborted (given the original assumption).

    I think it’s possible to be a principled libertarian and be against abortion because it violates the child’s right to life, but only if all foetuses have a right to life. Saving all of them, but killing the ones with rapist fathers makes about as much sense as cutting off a child’s hands if he is the son of a thief (and as an aside, we’re certainly all the descendants of rapists if you look back far enough). Anti-abortion politicians and religious speakers lose my respect on this point. It’s almost like they’re just ceding rhetorical ground to their opponents because what’s right is politically impossible.

    (Thank autocorrect for “foetus”.)

    1. The only exception that makes sense is the life of the mother one.

    2. Most really principled anti-abortion folk believe this. There is an article out there by a libertarian who was taking on the Ayn Rand arguments for abortion, and this was basically stated. What you see as exceptions are probably more tactical than anything- in a world where people don’t think things through, compromise positions are going to develop.

    3. That’s exactly what is happening. The major anti-abortion groups admitted as much when the Trump abortion comments came out.

      They know advocating for a total abortion ban and/or jailtime for women who get abortion makes them look bad politically and would inflame the women’s vote against them.

      Although I just see it as simple hypocrisy in furtherance of incrementalism. Of course they want to ban all abortion up to conception and in all cases. But what they want and what they can get away with are two different things. And it is the reason that so many pro-choice people are so against all restrictions on abortion, even reasonable compromises, because they know their opponents are lying about their true goals.

      1. common sense abortion control?

        1. It’s the closest analogy, even though people who obsess over banning abortion freak out over the comparison.

          Do any of us here believe gun-grabbers when they say they’ll stop at “assault weapons?”

        2. Well, if common sense gun control is allowed, I don’t see why common sense abortion control shouldn’t be. Except abortion is a constitutional right, while the right to keep and bear arms is..uh, wait…

        3. They are exactly like the gun controllers in that sense. I am anti abortion but there is no denying that is what they do. The other thing is that I don’t think many of them have really thought through what a meaningful and effective abortion ban would look like and how it would work.

          1. The policing would be difficult. Miscarriage are really common. Are you going to investigate every woman who gets pregnant, but doesn’t deliver? Are you willing to open up millions of women’s medical records for government agents? I’m anti-abortion because I think there is very little reason for them in modern America. Birth control is cheap. But I’m even more against bringing government into the issue.

      2. It’s why I’m a gun nut. You can’t give an inch or they’ll take a mile.
        “Yes I should be allowed mounted machine guns. Now fuck off”

      3. The fact that it is impervious to logic is one reason I stay out of any abortion discussion.

        1. ^this^

    4. My guess is they’re trying for a little incrementalism since it’s a lot more likely to be acceptable to fence-sitters.

      It’s like, the progs don’t propose an amendment overriding the 2A. They try to get there incrementally with little bans on some guns. Then they expand it a little more…and then a little more.

      TL;DR: how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

      1. It’s about creating and (ab)using legal precedent. Hey look, “assault” rifles were banned and the courts were okay with it.

        So now we’re going to take away your pistols and semi-auto shotguns.

        Baby steps.

    5. I see a lot of comparisons with gun controllers.

      All the prolifers I know make clear to all and sundry that you shouldn’t be allowed to kill a child for the sins of its father.

      Gun controllers pretend each bill they propose is the last one. Prolifers make clear that they’re going for what they can get, and if they had the votes to protect children conceived in rape, that’s what they’d do.

      But if a squishy politician comes up and says “I would be willing to support a law banning the vast majority of abortions, or cutting off federal funds for the vast majority of abortions, but I can’t be induced right now to protect children conceived in rape,” then we will join with him to pass laws against the vast majority of abortions.

      The analogy would be libertarians who work with the marijuana-legalization movement even though, if they were *pure* and sincere libertarians, they would reject such half-measures and support open-air meth vending machines.

      1. Yet, strangely, the purism-or-nothing concern trolling doesn’t seem to apply to libertarians.

        “Why do you support this bill which makes marijuana legal but keeps heroin legal? You must be evil! You must not be *real* libertarians!”

  28. No Happy Accident: Bob Ross Is Finally on Netflix

    Need a little creative inspiration, or just want something calming to watch before bed? Netflix has just what you need. The site is now officially streaming painting tutorials from Bob Ross, the man with the curly ‘do and soft-spoken voice that became a household name on PBS.

    To be clear, Netflix isn’t streaming The Joy of Painting. Instead, it’s offering Beauty Is Everywhere, a more limited series that was filmed in 1991, a few years before Ross died of lymphoma at 52. But don’t fret, because the format is nearly identical to the original. According to Entertainment Weekly, the series ran for 25 episodes and you can see them all on Netflix. And in case his soothing voice and pretty paintings aren’t enough for you, these episodes also feature a baby squirrel named Peapod.

    1. Nice. Love that guy.

      1. He was a retired first sergeant in the Air Force. He got into teaching painting when he retired because he said he was tired of being the guy who yells at you for being late to work. He was just a great guy.

        1. Wow, he *really* did a 180!

    2. +1 happy bush

    3. +1 happy little tree

      1. + lots of happy little trees, and I kind of feel there’s a bird here.

        1. +some happy clouds too

    4. Smoking a little and then watching Bob Ross was a learning experience for the young me.

      1. +more than 1 college memory

      2. I sometimes felt like I was in a Bob Ross painting on mushrooms. *hat tip to AC

    5. I strolled through my kitchen one evening to see one of my roommates sitting at the table sniffling hard and furtively wiping tears away. He’d been watching the clip “Light and Dark” by Ross where he ends the episode by saying goodbye to his recently deceased wife. It’s odd seeing a man in such raw pain, but at the same time being almost honored that you get to see his tribute and hear him speak of her.

  29. You know who else…

    Passport photo makes man look like Adolf Hitler

    No, that’s not Adolf Hitler in the passport picture, it’s just a poor guy who resembles him.

    But Stuart Boyd doesn’t look anything like the former Nazi leader in real life so he was confused when he received his new credentials.

    ‘I was really angry when I saw it. I was distraught, really,’ the 50-year-old from Salford, Manchester, said.

    ‘I just thought, “Oh, for God’s sake, I have to have this for ten years and they can’t even get it right.”

    1. Well, at least one of his papers is in order.

    2. You know who else’s passport photo made him look like Hitler?

      1. Charlie Chaplin?

      2. Charlie Chaplin?

      3. Citizen X?

        1. Rich’s mom?

          1. Hey! Take that back! You know her mustache is *gray*!

        2. For real, though, my passport photo looks like i’m about to be arrested for smuggling Ak-47s into Damascus while impersonating Nick Nolte.

          1. When I had a full beard, I could definitely pass for an Islamonutter.

      4. Winston’s mom?

      5. Bruno Ganz?

      6. Trump, Romney, McCain, Bush?

      7. Some guy called Godwin after whom an Internet law is named?

        1. Mike? No.

      8. Mr. Hilter?

    3. Hey, if only this had been the immediate postwar years he’d get waved perfunctorily through customs in many Latin American countries.

      “Ah, Senor ‘Smith,’ it is such an honor, welcome to Argentina.”

  30. The videos of the riots in San Jose have to be seen to be believed. This is fascism. Reason won’t take even the link the Washington Post showing them for some reason. But look and watch them. But remember, the Trump guy grabbing the special snowflake by the arm was a really big deal warranting dozens of posts at Reason, while this gets a mention in the AM links.

    1. Blood-letters flock over uncommon goals, my friend. Don’t allow the mystery of the billionaire to blind you to his dark rage, the which motivates the desperate and conniving. Trump is the upheaval without the measure. The empty moon to the tides of polar clashings.

    2. Yeah, that’s insane. What the fuck is wrong with people?

      It would be good to see something more on the violence of the left.

      1. Since most of the media are leftists, that isn’t gonna happen.

        1. From Reason, I mean. This sort of crap has been happening enough that it seems like it deserves a proper article.

          1. One continues to be somewhat disappointed that “Reason” and “most of the media” act so similarly.

            1. Yeah, I usually don’t mind a lot of what people complain about (e.g. Robby’s “that’s not OK” stuff), but this seems like a big hole in their coverage of the campaigns.

    3. So were they Bernie-Bots of Clintonistas?

      I’m betting on Bernie.

      1. My money would be on Bern-tards. No one is that enthusiastic about Clinton.

        1. Except the protesters being bankrolled by the Clintonistas.

    4. Here’s another piece of info I heard about it on talk radio this morning.

      The mayor of San Jose (a liberal Democrat of course) publicly blamed Trump for the whole thing.

      Trump is apparently so irresponsible for saying things that they protesters don’t like that when they assault people it’s actually all Trump’s fault.

      1. I’ve also heard (who knows if true) that the police on scene were under instructions not to interfere.

        1. So basically, while denouncing Trump the new Hitler, the proggies are attempting to repress his followers using tactics out of the SA’s playbook.

  31. Days don’t mean fuck when reality is bent and shackled under twisted versions of social salvation. All the goddamn starry-eyed minstrels of altruism beat their motherfucking prison blueprints into blow-up Washingtons. Spinning over the flat surfaces surge the hells flushed from inconsistent visions tidily packaged as Forget reconstituted as motherfucking new age bureaucracy where dolts play gods with the simple.

    FUCK the Day of the goddamn Donut!

    1. Rough week, huh?

      1. Goddamn donuts can suck me.

      2. Wow, Citizen X, did you run that through Google Translate or do you just speak AC fluently?

        1. I’ve been taking a lot of cold medicine this week.

  32. Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 94.7 Million, Surge By 664,000 In One Month

    So much for that much anticipated rebound in the participation rate. After it had managed to rise for 5 months in a row through March, hitting the highest level in one year, the disenchantment with working has returned, and the labor force participation rate promptly slumped in both April and May, sliding 0.4% in the past two months to 62.60%, just shy of its 35 year low of 62.4% hit last October. This can be seen in the surge of Americans who are no longer in the labor force, who spiked by 664,000 in May, hitting an all time high of 94.7 million. As a result of this the US labor force shrank by over 400,000 to 158,466K, down from 158,924K a month ago, and helped the unemployment rate tumble to 4.7%, the lowest level since 2007.

    Adding the number of unemployed workers to the people not in the labor force, there are now over 102 million Americans who are either unemployment or no longer looking for work.

    1. the disenchantment with working has returned,

      Credentialism, minimum wage laws, occupational licencing expansion, barriers to entry for new businesses, but sure. We’re just disenchanted. That’s it. Nothing to do with bureaucrats.


    2. Summer of recovery!

    3. 4.7% Unemployment!!!!

      AWESOME number. Congratulations Mr. President!!!!

    4. How the fuck can anyone spin this with a straight face as anything other than 33% unemployment? (I’m being generous in assuming some small percentage of people actually can’t work.)

      1. Labor force participation is 62.6%, unemployment is 4.7%, for a combined total of 32.7% who are neither working nor unemployed.

        It’s fucking magic!

        1. This isn’t going to end well.

    5. I don’t see any explanation of what counted as an “American” for the purposes of this report. Like, the percentages LOOK bad, but are they counting retired people?? Children?? College students?? All of those could be American yet it wouldn’t really be useful to care if they are in the labor force or not.

      1. Assuming they are using the BLS measure, which isn’t really clear, it counts retirees and college students but not children under 16.

        100% is certainly not the goal, but “35 year low” is still bad.

  33. a fashion collection designed with the needs of the modern refugee in mind is not as mad and precious as you’d think

    1. The fact that there is a such a fashion show is insane.

      1. Fashion is insane.

        1. Insanely fabulous.

    2. Hopefully they are baggy enough for smuggling automatic weapons into Paris nightclubs.

    3. Still a bit mad. I’m pretty sure tents and tracksuits have already been invented.

    4. For the refugee on the go.

      1. And, really, isn’t that ALL refugees?

  34. http://www.salon.com/2016/06/0…..epwalking/

    Paglia calls Clinton campaign “a zombie campaign”.

    1. Do they truly believe, in the rosy alternate universe of Hillaryland, that they can lie their way out of this?

      Well, lie and *extort*.

      1. ‘The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of A Cunt’.

        That would be the title of my book if her campaign and political life collapses.

      2. With the media and the Obama DOJ running cover for her, why yes, yes she can lie her way out of this.

    2. I see she’s still pretending to be a Democrat. Anyway, good to see her class that dump up a little bit.

      1. “Sanders is the wave of the future.”


        1. Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1939, comrade!

        2. What could be more futuristic than failed ideas from a century ago?

          1. I love her writing but she does have a blind spot or two.

  35. Oh, shit

    I need to put together a go bag because if he croaks, Minnesoda will be unbearable for months.

    1. I don’t wish that man ill, but his voice alone sends me into a foaming at the mouth rage the instant I hear it. Retire? Good.

      1. My sister is an uber liberal and she loathes him. Of course she did a stint at working at Minnesoda Public Radio and the reason she hates him is because when he would do a live show locally, the office would be bombarded nonstop with requests for tickets to his show. She thought he was marginal to begin with, but having to listen to all the proggies gush about him turned her against him.

        1. Good for her. I don’t think he rises to the level of ‘marginal’.

        2. Should also be pointed out that he is a bad neighbor

          In January, he sued the owners of an adjoining property who built an addition, saying the new construction would “obstruct the access to light and air” and “impair or destroy protected historical resources” on his property.

          1. What an asshole.

      2. I actually like his show. But from what I hear, he is kind of an asshole.

      3. Lawrence Welk for Boomers.

    2. Seems like a proper place to put this:


      1. LOL. Somehow I’ve made it through 47 years without ever hearing that show. Thank god.

    1. Cool. Thanks for the link.

      1. Yes. Until I read this:

        At that time, he found that almost all white people have some positive buoyancy but, in a sample of young African American males, 30% had negative boyancy.

        !!! !!! !! !!! !!! ! ! !!! ! !! !!!!

        1. That’s how they manage to be so fleet of foot.

          1. You need some downforce on your contact patch to really hook onto the road, so this makes sense.

        2. The water is racist!

        3. #blackswimmersmatter

          1. #blacksinkersmatter

        4. I can’t float and I’m as white as snow.

    2. You can also lift up the front of your shirt over the water’s surface to ‘grab air’ and pull the shirt down against your waist.

      /took lifesaving classes in high school

    3. I figured that out on my own. And I’m barely buoyant.

    4. I would just float on my back. At least, that worked when I was probably more “buoyant”.

      1. If I stop kicking while floating on my back, I just end up in the vertical position they recommend. I guess most of my body fat is in my brain.

  36. Straw Man Friday

    The people who complain about their taxes getting stuff for poor people

    Are very often the same people who do not complain when some Multi-Millionaire shovels money into a tax shelter so that they can buy a fifth house

    are the same people who do not realize that if it was not for stuff bought with taxes: the roads, the public schools, Medicare, etc, that the economy would be pathetic, and that their cushy job would very likely not be there.

    are the same people that would be the first to get killed off if they were ever dropped into the libertarian paradises they praise

    and finally,

    they are the ones who are the parasites, who want the benefits of being American, something that thousands of people literally die in order to get, but do not want to pay one red cent towards them.

    1. I wonder what percentage of DemocraticUnderground folks have made any sacrifice whatsoever for America or to be American.

      1. DU is primarily occupied by the envious. No matter whether or not they support Clinton or Bernie, they always agree on one thing, more taxes and more redistribution.

      2. They put up with the intolerant cis-het patriarchal privilege of shitlords such as yourself on a daily basis, Bro.

      3. These are people who feel they have committed a fiercely moral act by voting to raise taxes on other people. What could be more selfless?!

    2. are the same people that would be the first to get killed off if they were ever dropped into the libertarian communist paradises they praise

      1. Nah, all of these special snowflakes will be among the TOP MEN. Or so they believe, at least.

    3. people that would be the first to get killed off if they were ever dropped into the libertarian paradises they praise

      So, Somalia?

  37. Re San Jose:

    Fight racism!

    With violence and fascism!

  38. The protest/riot even had some old-fashioned American flag burning

    or at least something that looks like a flag.

    1. Not all americans are nationalists.

      But a strong majority will not take kindly to a group of protestors continually burning american flags and raising mexican ones at presidential campaign rallies.

      1. Just wait until a Mexican flag gets burned. Then the violence will start in earnest.

        1. Oh that will be covered wall-to-wall for months. In fact, that’s exactly how I know that no Trumpkin has ever burned a Mexican flag: it hasn’t been seared into my memory by the media.

      2. What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism?


        1. I usually equate nationalism with jingoism. Patriotism implies service to one’s country.

          In reality, there probably isn’t much difference.

        2. Nationalism is closer to jingoism.

        3. I think patriotism gets more to the ideal of a country (founders, constitution etc.) while nationalism is collectivist “my people” stuff.

          1. ^THIS.

            Patriotism is about ideals, whereas nationalism is about territorial pissings. And this is most evident in countries founded/demarcated by some sort of ethnic or linguistic group identity.

          2. Good answer sir.

        4. The more important distinction these days in Nationalism versus Internationalism.

          Trump and Sanders to a lesser extent are nationalists.

          Clinton is an International Socialist – most of the Republican also-rans are Internationalists to some degree as well.

          1. What exactly is internationalism? Is it the usurpation of power by supra-national institutions like the EU?

            Free trade and engagement with peoples around the world isn’t what I would call internationalism.

            1. The latter, but internationalists tend to use the former to threaten anyone who wants to abstain from the latter. See: Obama’s veiled threat that we’d fuck England on trade deals if they leave the EU.

        5. The difference is based on whether you want to describe it as a negative or a positive.

        6. Patriotism is what I have. Nationalism is what the other side does.

        7. Patriots love their own country. Nationalists think their country can do no wrong and other countries suck.

          Most Canucks are nationalists vis-?-vis the United States.

      3. Eh. The American flag is pretty stupid looking. And fire is awesome. And in the Scouts we were taught it is our patriotic duty to burn flags to properly retire them, but then again Boy Scouts is just an organization of arsonists who like nature. So let’s burn some American flags!!

        And the Mexican flag is pretty awesome. It’s got an eagle fighting a snake on top of a cactus!! That’s metal as fuck!! We should raise some Mexican flags. Actually, let’s steal their flag and use it as the American flag. It’s objectively better than ours.

  39. Your Daily Dose of Cognitive Dissonance

    But awareness campaigns like this are a good start. And of course, important for any kind of feminist work, in which anti-Islamophobia must occur alongside opposition to all other forms of racial and cultural discrimination

    1. I had to read that sentence like three times to really parse it.

      This is a perfect example of “if you’re for one type of social justice, you have to be for ALL kinds of social justice.” It’s just axiomatic to these types.

      1. It shows an utter lack of rigorous thought.

    2. When all you have is a hammer…

    3. Because promoting Islam is so feminist? How retarded are these people?

      1. Much like your average gay man doesn’t give much of a shit about lesbian or transgender issues, I bet your average feminist – who doesn’t have a media mouthpiece – doesn’t give a second thought about Islam.

        IOW, it’s just signalling.

        1. Oh, I’m sure it’s just signaling. It’s just incredible how so little thought actually goes into it, because they are clearly unaware of exactly what they are supporting.

  40. Want to farm your farm? – better ask permission.


    1. ….senior wetland specialists with the Corps have recently informed our consulting staff that all plowing, even disking for the purpose of creating firebreaks, results in a prohibited discharge into WOTUSand needs a permit.

      This is in contrast to section 323.4 (a) of the Clean Water Act regulations, which says that the act of plowing will “never” result in such discharges.

      Seems entirely reasonable!

      1. Sure – DC can tell you how to manage your 300-year-old farm because Commerce Clause!

        1. Wickard FTW

    2. Fuck the Corps of Engineers.

      I’ll bet they don’t give the big farming outfits who can hire attorneys any problems.

      1. Not until they set the desired precedent by going after small outfits with limited resources to fight back.

  41. Missouri cop sentenced to four years in prison for tasing teenager into heart failure for recording a traffic stop. And that was just the start of it…

    It started off as a routine traffic stop on a high school student in a residential neighborhood in Missouri with the cop getting angry that the teen was asking questions, so he tasered him for 20 seconds, sending the 17-year-old into cardiac arrest.

    Independence police officer Timothy Runnels then yanked the boy out of the car, handcuffing him before picking him up and slamming him face first into a sidewalk, leaving the boy in a coma.

    Runnels later claimed he had smelled marijuana in the car.

    But witnesses said that Runnels became angry when Bryce Masters would not fully roll down the window. They also said he pulled out his phone to record the traffic stop, asking the officer questions about the legality of the stop, which is what set Runnels off.

    It was only later when Runnels discovered that Masters was the son of a Kansas City police officer, who had taught his son how to ask questions during traffic stops. And the window was apparently broken, which is why Masters was unable to roll it down.

    1. So the victim was a member of the exalted class.

      Would justice be served for us proles?

    2. The weird suggestion that if there was marijuana presented or if the kid wasn’t the cop of a cop or if the window wasn’t broken, then torturing the kid with a taser and putting him into a coma would be A-OK.

      Also, four years for torture and inflicting brain damage? The king’s men.

    3. Shooting from the hip, that cop looks like a world-class scumbag douche.

      1. So you’re saying that he looks like a cop?

        1. Not all cops look like douchebags. Some seem downright affable. Those are the cops you have to worry about most.

    4. Federal prisoners can’t be paroled, right?

      1. They can be, but not until they serve 80% of their sentence.

  42. The 20th century had whomever forged the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    The 21st century has Naomi Oreskes, the author of the Merchants of Doubt.

    1. There’s something about liars and idiots named Naomi.

      1. But there’s something better about hot chicks named Naomi.

          1. There has to be an app for that.

    2. She looks like a lot of fun.

  43. He’s accused of war crimes in Somalia. Now he works security at a U.S. airport.

    An accused war criminal living in the United States is now working as a security guard at Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC.
    A CNN investigation found that Yusuf Abdi Ali, who is accused of committing atrocities while he was a military commander during Somalia’s brutal civil war, has been living a quiet life near the nation’s capital for about 20 years.

    He is just one of more than 1,000 accused war criminals living and working in the United States.

    part of the thorough vetting process?

    1. He’s accused of war crimes in Somalia. Now he works security at a U.S. airport.

      Using this one special trick?

    2. He meets TSA’s qualification standards almost too well.

    3. It’s okay guys, he’s obviously a Libertarian.

  44. A reasonable idea that cops should have to carry liability insurance that will go nowhere.

    I’m required by Georgia law to carry $3 mil of liability insurance, but I’m only replacing your toilet or your air conditioner and probably not going to Taser you or shoot your dog.

    1. I’m worried this will be extended to private citizens for gun ownership. It’s already being talked about by the hoplophobic Left.

      “If cops carry liability insurance, so should you!”

      1. Which would just be stealth registration, so win-win.

      2. My homeowner’s insurance has specific riders for both my guns and my swimming pool – I’m required to have a gun safe and a fence around the pool. Last time the insurance agent was out to inspect the house, he pointed out a big half-dead tree in the back yard he wanted taken care of and the sad state of the front porch rail he wanted fixed before he’d renew the policy. He also pointed out (again) that I could get discounts if I installed an alarm system and sprinklers in the garage. Insurance companies aren’t in the business of ignoring hazards and paying out unecessary claims.

        1. If one insurance company chooses to have riders for guns, that’s one thing. The customer can find another firm if he wants to.

          But the Left wants a mandate for every gun owners. (Coercion comes naturally to the nitwits, after all.) That’s where the problem is.

          If cops get liability insurance, the hoplophobes will claim that even trained men with badges carry insurance, so all of us should do it as well. Whether or not we’ve taken the gun out of the safe in years.

  45. Balls up: Are scrotal lifts the next trend in male grooming?

    In the past such procedures were almost exclusively performed to correct abnormalities or to restore the scrotum to its normal self after injury or cancer, but now this most intimate of procedures is being performed for purely aesthetic reasons. Clearly, no longer content with worrying about the state of their ears and rears, men are now worried their balls have gone a bit ‘Bagpuss’ (baggy and a bit loose at the seams).

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. With statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons showing that the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has more than doubled in the past ten years (to over 4,500 a year), it was only a matter of time before moob reductions and beard transplants became old hat and men looked towards another part of their anatomy to modify.

    Warty’s scrotum can deadlift a Cadillac – or so I’ve heard.

    1. -1 Toilet Dip

      1. An employee at my company complained that his balls dip in the water of the toilet. We got him a handicap booster seat. You would have thought we bought him a new car.

        1. Filed under “things I never want to hear my coworker say”.


        2. You know who else had big balls?

          1. AC/DC?

    2. I figure we have to be due for a rejection of the male primping and tweezing fad that’s been on the rise for like twenty years now.

  46. A guest writer on the Pointman Blog writes:

    Britain has a new commanding aristocracy. They have control of Parliament, and through the media, control of civil life, and the lucrative appointments for their relatives. And in their arrogance they assume that they know what they are doing and anyone questioning their competence is treated as a menace to that control. Once again Britain charges to disaster through the ignorance, incompetence and borderline sanity of those unfit to command.

    1. Sounds like they are ready for a Trump to smash it all. Maybe Richard Branson?

    2. Britain’s had a for-real aristocracy for a long time, though, haven’t they? Shouldn’t they be used to Divine Right arguments by now?

      1. THat’s the point of the article. He runs through the body-count in ending the aristocracy’s use of the army as a jobs program for their incompetent and idiotic offspring, and contrasts it with the looming disaster that awaits england as the new aristocracy sends the country into energy-poverty.

  47. The Secretary of Labor is on Bloomberg jabbering frenziedly about the unemployment report.

    *tl;dr version: it’s the Republicans’ fault. We need a $15 minimum wage and six months of paid maternity leave to get the economy moving.

  48. I see a link to “Violent Trump Protests” but the article seems to have little more than “5 Mexicans setting a hat on fire”

    They had some mentions of more-interesting stuff, but you’d think in the age of ubiquitous video-cameras they’d at least have some Vines of spitting/punching/kicking.

    I am disappoint. The Mercury News does better with =

    kids throwing gang signs next to someone (their mom?) wearing “Trump Die” T-Shirt (German I’m sure)
    More Proud Americans

    seriously though, its weird how there are these vivid stories of all kinds of ‘activity’ but the photos the WaPo is running? are mostly a montage of *previous* protest events.

    1. Those seem to be the same pictures.

      1. This was the second one

        Honestly, after fully scanning the below as well, i can say that most of the photo coverage really sucks compared to their dramatic narration of what actually went down.

        1. I’m sure the WaPo would never intentionally avoid the more dramatic photos to try to minimize the impression people get regarding leftist violence.

          1. As noted below – the NYT basically had no link (its buried as a secondary-story to his speech) re: violence, and the story on the subject had no photos at all.

            Not fit to print, i guess

    2. This is a much better link to the SJMN coverage, tho it autoplays some audio which…don’t know where the actual video is supposed to be

    3. Words are violence, so raucous symbolic gestures are pretty much indistinguishable from assault.

      1. It was in self-defense. Trump said things that hurt their feelz.

        1. That is what they really believe.

      1. And surrounding a little blonde woman after throwing eggs at her is really not cool.

        1. They are no-shit fascist brownshirts using fascist brownshirt tactics. So of course the media minimizes it to the extent possible. It’s nice the cops were so on-the-ball here.

      2. The NYT’s coverage strangely has no photos at all

        in fact the story puts the “clash” bit as an add-on at the end

        (“”Donald Trump Rebukes Hillary Clinton as Clash Erupts Outside Event””)

        the article provides “tweets” describing violence.

        1. “Clash Erupts Outside Event”
          I’m sure they didn’t really intend to make it sound as if the violence was mutual, it just accidentally came out that way.

  49. “Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s “thin skin” could set off a world war.”

    This from someone who certainly takes criticism well, never holds a grudge, is even-tempered and, well, you get the point.

    1. be sure to lick up all of Trump’s cum before you leave, okay?

      1. Wipe Obama’s cum off your chin and pay your bet, shitstain.

        1. Wrong troll. Shreek is the one who needs to pay his bet; american socialist needs to pay his MORTGAGE. It’s an understandable mistake, though.

          1. I bow to your mastery of the nuances of lefty shitstains.

  50. Welch,

    You may be paying your interns too much for their proofreading, and your IT not enough. Just a thought.

    Student unfurls Confederate flag, declares White Privilege Day

    The police were dispatched and counselors were offered after a Wisconsin high schooler unfurled a Confederate flag in class and announced it was “White Privilege Day.”

    1. counselors were offered


      1. A euphemism I’m hoping. I’ll take a blonde one.

      2. What a bunch of pussies. We didn’t even have counselors “offered’ when someone in our High School class got killed.

    2. Assuming this was a white male announcing it was White Privilege Day, who could stop him from making such a declaration? Surely not any mere women or non-white persons, and it’s not like it was a gay person unfurling a rainbow flag or a feminist unfurling a gyrl power flag or an Hispanic unfurling a La Raza flag that the white man would immediately slap down and silence the way they always do. So how do you silence somebody you are as powerless against as everybody is against the white man? Quite the puzzle.

  51. *cracks knuckles*

    EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Fields Is Not Done with Donald Trump Just Yet

    I am not going to read it, because I do not give a shit, but I am going to summarize it anyway: uninteresting news personality who pretended to be a reporter (as most reporters do) is still an uninteresting news personality, because hey, we have space to fill.

    1. She moved from Breitbart to HuffPo. I think she always wanted to be a HuffPo hack, but they just wouldn’t have her until she had some real victim cred.

    2. It was her 15 minutes. At this point, she would be willing to pay someone with the Trump campaign to pay attention to her or grab her arm or something. A girl has got to make a living I guess.

    3. Yeah, that narrative got vaporized when even the “Hillary for President” sheriff wouldn’t bring charges, the Secret Service detail said she had repeatedly violated instructions to stay back, and it turned out she had “assaulted” Trump by grabbing his arm just before whatshisname “assaulted” her by grabbing her arm.

  52. So is anyone at the free market supporting Reason going to have anything at all to say about this despicable shakedown of Bank of America being conducted by our so-called Justice Department?

    I’m waiting, but for some reason I suspect I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

    1. BoA is an awful company. Cronies and assholes. I don’t care what happens to them.

      1. Yeah, this is one of those “lie down with dogsWinston’s mom wake up with fleas” situations.

      2. I’d agree, sarc, but they are being used to launder millions of dollars to the worst lefty/proggy/crypto-fascist organizations.

      3. What happens to BOA is not the problem, that the Justice Department should engage in such blatantly corrupt practices is.

    2. Loan forgiveness for their borrowers counts dollar-for-dollar toward paying down BoA’s judgement.

      “Donations” to a slew of lefty activist groups counts as two dollars per dollar.

      It’s breathtaking.

      1. Really? Do you have a reference on that?

        1. Holy crap. You weren’t kidding.

          The bank has wiped about $194 million off its record $16.6 billion 2014 mortgage settlement by donating to nonprofits and legal groups. Thanks to little-known provisions in the settlement, the bank only had to make $84 million in donations to do that.

          The bank wasn’t exploiting any loophole. It’s a key part of the deal the Justice Department offered to get it to settle in the first place. For every dollar the bank has given the nonprofits ? none of which were victims of fraud themselves ? it has claimed at least two dollars off the settlement. The deal ensured the Obama administration that a certain part of the settlement funds would go to friendly liberal groups, bypassing the normal congressional appropriations.

      2. “Donations” to a slew of lefty activist groups counts as two dollars per dollar.

        I can’t believe that’s legal

        1. Obama’s DOJ will get right on it.

          1. Uh, they were the ones who set it up.

            So yeah, I guess they are on it.

          2. And a federal judge signed off on it, I’m sure.

        2. Apparently are at the where it is legal if the President says it is legal.

    3. DD, it’s all Trump all the time these days.

  53. Piers Morgan Verified account

    I love how American gun nuts make such a distinction between automatic & semi-automatic guns.
    Both can kill 200+ people a minute.


    1. [citation needed]

      1. Are miniguns legal?

    2. Oh, good. The gun-grabbers are going to pivot from not knowing or acknowledging the difference to insisting the difference is moot.

    3. You know who else could kill 200 people a minute… or more…

      1. Stupidity?

    4. I love how Piers Morgan makes such a distinction between himself and a giant pile of sh**.

      Both stink from a mile away.

    5. OK. Let’s open up the market for full-autos.

      I wonder if he even knows the difference.

    6. Just today got me an over under in .22/.410 for $175. I’m a happy guy.

      1. Those are cool. I saw one used in .223/.410 once that I wanted, but I’ve never seen it again.

  54. I get so mad when an asshole shows up to a political rally and then his asshole supporters, who want to use the power of the state to deport the dreaded Others, get plastic water bottles thrown at them. ARRRGGHHH!!! Mexico sucks!

    People responding vigorously against the power of the state are the real problem.

    1. Bro, how about you otherize yourself and self-deport to Jacobin or some other site?

    2. People responding vigorously against the power of the state are the real problem.

      It’s people like you who created Auschwitz.

    3. Yes. A socialist denouncing the power of the state. Because cognitive dissonance.

    4. People responding vigorously against Trump coopting what should rightfully be Sanders’ power of the state are the real problem.

      I got you fam.

    5. The Trumpites could use some re-education, couldn’t they, comrade?

    6. Hello Mary Stack. How is life treating you these days at 8113 Sun Meadows Ct. Fort Worth, TX 76123, with a home phone number of (817) 263-4116?

      1. Sorry, wrong number scumbag. I wouldn’t live in Texass if you paid me. What kind of total scumbag douche publicizes (in this case, wrong) private information out of retribution for one’s political opinions? I’ve been posting on conservative websites for almost 20 years now and this is the first time I’ve been tempted to go bitching to the webmaster.

        Please don’t bother the nice lady in Texas.

        People like you frequently end up goose-stepping and listening to marching songs created in Bavaria. You are a perfect Trump supporter. You should really vote for him.

        1. As a socialist, you would know about goose stepping, comrade, you evil little cunt.

        2. Poorly-attempted doxxing is the same thing as national socialism, says “american socialist.”

        3. Slappy versus this communist idiot. I don’t suppose you two morons would have the decency to murder each other?

        4. I’ve been posting on conservative websites for almost 20 years now

          So you’ve been a piece of shit troll for 20 years? And you’re proud of this? 20 years of being an unflushed turd on the internet?

          1. It’s all he’s got, man!

          2. One has to have a hobby…

      2. BTW, posting private information about someone without their permission exposes one to a whole host of civil liability. You can read about it here: http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guid…..nformation

        1. Mike M. vs. american socialist. Goddamn, i do not know who to root for in this situation.

          1. Us. You root for us. Disemvoweling for both.

            1. Disemvoweling

              Mk M. vs. mrcn sclst? I dunno, that didn’t seem to help.

              1. fast fingers you have

            2. Dmstc Dssdnt vs ‘mrcn Sclst?

            3. I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat, give me an O. D_ _ c h _ B_ g Fight.

              1. It’s like a couple of retards fighting over who gets to eat the red crayon, except this time i won’t feel bad for laughing.

              2. Alright, let’s see an ‘O’

                D_ _ch _ B o g Fight

                Hmmm……I was not expecting that.

        2. Well Mary, in that case it’s a good thing that your home address and phone number are public information.

          You might want to take the time to educate yourself about the difference between the two, so that you don’t embarrass yourself when you try to punch up out of your league.

        3. You commit this kind of invasion of privacy by publishing private facts about an individual, the publication of which would be offensive to a reasonable person.

          Name and address aren’t “offensive to a reasonable person”. Try again.

      3. Mr. Stegosaurus? Izzat you?!

    7. How are these people protesting “the power of the state”, exactly?

    8. Wait, there was a riot outside a Bernie Sanders rally??

  55. Oh, fuck you squirrels and your malformed tracking shit.

  56. “Among California voters “almost half of Clinton’s supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee. Just under a quarter of Sanders’ supporters said the same thing about Clinton.”

    The following may seem counterintuitive, but I think it’s true: Bernie Sanders’ supporters are misguided, but Clinton supporters are evil.

    The biggest problem I have with the left in this country is their unwillingness to be honest in the most basic sense. We’ve all decried the disappearance of the proverbial “honest liberal”, people who were genuinely committed to things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.. In addition to opposing the right on various economic issues, honest liberals also stood on the left because they honestly saw being on the left as an endorsement of those liberal values. In fact, I think even the economic views of the honest liberal were based on honest misunderstandings of how the economy works.

    Note, I’m not talking about honest liberals in contrast to the progressives, here.

    I don’t think you can be an honest liberal and honestly support Hillary Clinton. There may be plenty of dishonest, radical progressives feeling the Bern, too, but if there are still any honest liberals in this country, they’re unlikely to line up behind Hillary Clinton, who’s the most fundamentally dishonest human being to ever run for President–and, yes, I’m including the efforts of Richard Nixon in that contest.

    1. “Note, I’m not talking about honest liberals in contrast to the progressives, here”


      Who edits this stuff?

    2. They aren’t liberals, they’re leftists.

      Principles are passe, team loyalty is in vogue.

      1. See, I think a lot of them simply supported Obama because 1) they didn’t want to be racist and 2) because they were afraid of the religious right.

        I’m not saying that’s the way they should feel, of course, but I think that’s the way they feel.

        Sometimes people forget what things were like just eight years ago. The progressives took over the Democratic Party and wouldn’t tolerate any dissent from honest liberals. Obama’s race was a gigantic club to keep the honest liberals in line, but that club is gone five months from now.

        We might see what the honest liberals have to say about a Democratic President when they’re no longer afraid of being labeled as racists for opposing him. We’ll see if any of them survived.

        I suspect what we’re looking at in support for Bernie includes a lot of those honest liberals. That’s where I’d expect to find them. Like I said, I’m sure there are radical progressives who are feeling the Bern, too. But I feel sorry for the friends and family of anyone who genuinely supports Hillary Clinton. That is a person who probably can’t be and shouldn’t be reasoned with. The genuine Hillary supporter, is either woefully ignorant of the facts, or that is a person who is fundamentally dishonest.

        1. I’m afraid honest liberals will have to keep their mouths shut once Hillary is President, because the accusations of racism will be replaced with accusations of misogyny.

          I do agree that the Bernie crowd, especially on the older side, are idealistic honest liberals. The young are just naive and haven’t started paying taxes yet. He’s a Pied Piper who charms them with his tunes and will walk them right off a cliff.

          You’re spot on about the Hillary crowd. You can’t and shouldn’t reason with them. I tried on two occasions, both with women supporters, and found out they were supporting her because “it’s about time a woman should be President”.

        2. Can’t be reasoned with is the usual. My grandmother votes straight Democrat, since it was progressive Republicans who bashed immigrants in the 20s (note, before she was born), and both her parents were wildly successful immigrants, as was her first husband (staunch Republican, but also partially Mexican). You literally can’t reason with her or my half-aunt and half-uncle. I don’t talk politics at family gatherings because I am the devil’s advocate and end up pissing off everyone except my younger brother, who sees things more like me than anyone else.

    3. I don’t think you can be an honest liberal and honestly support Hillary Clinton.

      I think it depends on the way in which many of those who support Clinton arrive at their understanding of her. If you’ve received your information from the Democrat Party, NPR, CNN (most of the time), you could honestly believe that all the women who accused her husband of assault were right-wing plants, that Hillary-care failed because of partisan politics, that Benghazi was much ado about nothing, and that the server/donor issue is just a political attack by her enemies. Those people can hold honest liberal beliefs and honestly support HRC (anecdotal I know, but I know a lot of people who believe all the examples I listed).

      That said, there are many liberals who will hold their nose and vote for Hillary because TEAM. I’m interested to see what Bernie backers are going to do in the general. If they vote for Hillary, they’re the opposite of the coin of conservatives voting for Trump.

      1. “That said, there are many liberals who will hold their nose and vote for Hillary because TEAM.

        I agree with that–but that will be when they have no choice. It’ll be like the NeverTrump people hopping on the Trump bandwagon when the choice is between Trump and Hillary.

        Those honest liberals will vote for Hillary over Trump.

        But I’m talking about right now, in a place like California, when the honest liberal has a choice, they aren’t voting for Hillary Clinton when they could vote for Bernie.

        Also, once Clinton is in office, the honest liberal will likely oppose Clinton on this or that issue. It was hard for an honest liberal to oppose Obama, say, on the NSA, for instance, when the progressives were over there denouncing everyone who opposed Obama as a racist.

        Take that intimidation factor away, and even if they voted for Hillary, they may well oppose her on such things.

        1. Nope, because the media will be just as in the bag for the “first female president”, and the progressives will just change their tack to “Sexist, Misogynist” instead of “racist”. This is why, to quote the Instapundit “We always need a White, Male, Republican President”. So the media will actually do their jobs.

        2. Agree

  57. Yesterday, when Thurston Moore came out for Bernie, it got me thinking. As bad as disaffected Republicans feel about having to support Trump, how much worse must the honest liberal feel about having to support Hillary Clinton? If only there were a candidate they could support with a party behind him that feels the same way they do about everything from gay marriage to free speech and freedom from establishment. If only there were a candidate they could get behind, someone who thought war probably wasn’t the answer and should be mostly avoided when possible.

    Obama and the progressives chased the honestly liberals underground, but he’ll be gone soon.

    1. but he’ll be gone soon.

      Doubt it, especially if a Republican gets elected. Barry will be relatively young for an ex-Pres, and is narcissistic even by presidential standards. We’ll get to hear his opinions on everything for years to come.

      1. If he stays in news, he’ll be an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

        He can’t say anything now off script without getting himself in trouble. Imagine what his motormouth will be like once he’s no longer worried about public opinion.

        1. I dunno, they gave Jimmy a Nobel Peace Prize a few years back.

          I’ve heard he’s eyeing some either SCOTUS or Secretary General of the U.N. I can see either. The latter is especially well suited to his hypocritical moral narcissism, personally, but the former is a life appointment that gives him license to “okay” TEAM BLUE and lecture TEAM RED.

  58. Everyone knows about the hydraulic press channel, right?

    1. You mean “reverse squats”?

      1. GIS for reverse squat found me this. Good google. Good.

        1. Ever see the video of a girl snapping a bone on a leg lift?

          1. Yeah, where her knee hyperextends with some trivial amount of weight on a leg press. Gross.

            1. Is that what it was? I couldn’t watch a second time, too disturbing.

    2. yes. it rules. the eastern euro accent is what sells it.

  59. Josh Barro, quoted hier:

    The most likely outcome is that Trump would be neither good nor disastrous as president, but simply bad. For example, he might mismanage the country’s finances, needlessly inflame racial tensions, undermine the rule of law, confuse and antagonize our allies, and hurt the economy through erratic policies that punish and reward investors based on his political whims.

    You know who else did those things?

    1. Add “start an illegal war kinetic military action or two” and “assassinate American citizens without Due Process” and you’ve got a decent summary of Barry.

    2. Most presidents ever?

    1. will not click

    2. It is currently unavailable on Amazon. However, the Snorkel O Vibrating Muff is available, but there are only 19 left! HURRY!

    3. Whether the fact that the product description omits lady-loving-ladies, lady-loving-non-binary people, non-binary-loving-non-binary people, and so forth is distinctly on purpose or a byproduct of heteronormativity is only secondary to the semantics of going down on someone with a vagina in a bowl of green Jell-O, honestly.

      Binary, non-binary, heteronormativity.

      Words that I honestly don’t quite understand. I guess I’m a yokel.

      1. Feminism killed sex, but intersectional feminism reanimated it as a horrible shambling simulacrum of sex. Seriously, it seems like these people go through the motions because sex is supposed to be tendentious and liberating, but they enjoy talking about it so much more than actually having it.

  60. Staten Island = The Deep South: EXCLUSIVE: Staten Island teen dies from asthma fleeing racist crew waving gun; ‘I’m gonna shoot you, n—–!’

    “To me, it’s murder,” said Diane Fatigati, an ex-NYPD officer and 9/11 responder, who rushed to the aid of the dying McKenzie. “They were chasing him ? that’s a crime. You’re hunting them because they’re black … You’re calling them a n—-r.”

    Fatigati tried desperately to resuscitate the 16-year-old aspiring rapper.

    1. Yeah, that seems doubtful.

      1. the deadly chase last Friday that escalated from a festering beef between one of McKenzie’s friends and one of the other group over a girl

        Yeah, I didn’t believe the “racist crew” angle when I heard it on the news this morning and golly gee I was right.

        1. See, I absolutely believe they were yelling epithets, and I imagine so were the black kids running scared. But the story of white hicks joyriding and looking to beat up some darkies is obviously manufactured.

          1. Of course they were yelling epithets. Among a certain age group and “culture” (for lack of a better word) “nigga” isn’t even racist between whites and blacks anymore.

  61. New sex allegations against ex-Chappaqua teacher

    The petition, a notice of claim that announced the intent to file a lawsuit, claims that the student “was also forced to endure constant requests by respondent Christopher Schraufnagel to display his genitals.” The student said he was forced to play a game called “Sick Secret Santa.”

    During the game, “where students were encouraged to give the most outrageous gifts, anonymous student #4 was given a bottle containing sperm.”

  62. I went looking for “San Jose Riot” coverage at the New York Times and all i got was this =

    Trump Could Threaten U.S. Rule of Law, Scholars Say

    Surprisingly, there were no pictures of Mexicans jumping on cars to go with it.

    1. “University lefties wake up to Constitutionalism shortly before Republican takes office, news at eleven.”

  63. Trump- getting both ends of the petulant nihilist vote. [from the Friedersdorf Atlantic link]

    What happens when the electorate repudiates the politics of the Clintons? What happens when holding steadfast to corporatist neoliberalism causes them to lose the presidency to an oafish racist buffoon with no experience in government, who doesn’t even try to hide his lies?

    Will they finally come to Jesus?

    BernieBozo wants to punish Dem establishment, just as various Republican voters want to punish Repub establishment for trying to foist Jeb! on them.

    Trump- The President America Deserves!

    1. There is some truth to this.

      Its not exactly what Friedersdorf says, IMO. I think some of it is that actual Leftists miss the days of Bush II when they were empowered by having something to be opposed to. They *can’t fume and hate obama* despite his drone campaigns and his bank bailouts and his deportation-frenzy. They need someone to hate to be cool again. So…. they simply support Bernie, knowing that when Hillary wins they’ll choose to sit on their hands and let the Coiffed-One win

      1. Serious question: “coffed” or “kwoyf’d”?

        1. the latter. “Quaffed” like a beverage, but with a very subtle, shorter “wa” sound

  64. Re: the “Emmit Rensin” kid? the vox-editor who tweeted that “property destruction is not violence”?

    Just had his Wikipedia entry (if he had one at all) modified

    Emmett Rensin
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Emmett Rensin (born January 20, 1990) is an American Communist essayist, best known for inciting San Jose riots with his Twitter account and his “book” Twitterature World’s Greatest Books in 20 tweets, co-written by Alexander Aciman.[1] He currently serves as a contributor to the Los Angeles Times Opinion Blog,[2] USA Today,[3] Salon,[4] the New Republic,[5] and the Los Angeles Review of Books.[6] In 2012, he was a founding member of Chicago’s First Floor Theater, which won the Chicago Reader’s Best of 2013 Poll for “Best New Theater Company”.[7] He is a graduate of The University of Chicago.

    1. If property destruction isn’t violence, but microaggressions are, would he be up for getting his house burned down while people sing his praises?

      1. Property belongs to the people, not to individuals, so when the people decide en masse to repossess or otherwise dispose of its property, they’re committing an act of civic conscience, not violence.

      1. They really rounded out nice with the pregnancy.

    1. Who looks after the kid while she’s on the treadmill 16 hours a day making sure her husband’s eye doesn’t wander?

      1. The pregnancy made me fat is one of the oldest dodges in the female arsenal of self-delusion. I had five babies and after each and every one I returned to my original weight within 6 weeks. The secret is to not fucking gain 80 pounds while pregnant. You are NOT eating for two. The most weight I ever gained in any of my pregnancies was 26 lbs. You lose 10 right off the bat from baby+placenta. The rest comes off pretty easily just from walking and returning to your normal activities.

  65. actual Leftists miss the days of Bush II when they were empowered by having something to be opposed to.

    One would think they’d be ashamed of themselves for storing their professed principles, neatly folded, in a box under the bed for eight years. But self-reflection is not exactly a fad among the political class.

  66. So the politicals are starting to leave the administration. Now when will the hellacious Obama frat boy unprofessional millennial bitches leave my workplace?

    1. When the literally just can’t even for the last time.

      1. That’s the prob – I think they can even for a long time. It’s I and my co workers that just can’t even anymore…

        1. They do seem to have a great deal of tenacity for being such emotionally insecure, intolerant, impatient prigs.

  67. Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.


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  69. Germany has certainly had ample opportunity to realize the danger posed by religious fanatics, after Adolf Hitler led the Lutheran White Terror to victory then war in 1933-1945. Close observance of the similarities shared by conservatives and mohammedans putting their own women to death while indiscriminately murdering infidel and unsuperstitious alike are not lost on the fair sex. Even religiondispatches.org shows that women are leaving politically-organized superstition in droves. Our own cowardice in keeping the “good faith” straddle in the libertarian platform explains why 3 of 4 in a party that talks individual rights while licking nationalsocialist boots are NOT women voters. Bookies meanwhile bet that she and Bernie’s party will win at 2 to 1 odds.

    1. Could someone run this through Google Translate, or Godwin Translate?

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  71. Why were there so many comments in today’s AM Links? I don’t get it.

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