A.M. Links: Hillary vs. Bernie, Violent Protests at Trump Rally, Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Germany


  • CNN

    Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump's "thin skin" could set off a world war.

  • Hillary vs. Bernie: Among California voters "almost half of Clinton's supporters said they would enthusiastically support Sanders if he was the party nominee. Just under a quarter of Sanders' supporters said the same thing about Clinton."
  • Violent protests erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose last night.
  • "Authorities in Germany are monitoring almost 500 Islamic extremists they believe pose a potential security threat, officials said Friday, a day after the arrest of three men suspected of planning to carry out an attack in the country for the Islamic State group."
  • Donald Verrilli is stepping down from his position as solicitor general in the Obama administration.
  • Today is National Donut Day.

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