Hillary Clinton

Watch Hillary Clinton's Big 'National Security' Speech, What to Expect

2:30pm ET in San Diego


Hillary Clinton
State Dept.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to deliver a major national security address today in San Diego, where she is campaigning ahead of next Tuesday's primary contest.

The speech is already being previewed as focusing on Donald Trump, who's offered a lot of fodder, from the reasonable if vague call to reevaluate the American role in NATO to the preposterous but insistent call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

What can we expect from Hillary's speech today?

Donald Trump is not a very serious candidate. His policy pronouncements, such as they are, are a grab bag of half-baked, contradictory, often incoherent, statements. On foreign policy questions, Trump has excused this by saying he offers "unpredictability."

But Hillary Clinton's approach to foreign policy is not more serious than that. The United States' picking and choosing of Arab Spring conflicts to back, when Clinton was secretary of state, was unpredictable at best. The results of the U.S.-backed intervention in Libya, championed by Clinton, like the results of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, for which Clinton voted for, meanwhile, were not unpredictable at all.

President Obama has called the failure to plan for the aftermath of the intervention in Libya the "worst mistake" of his presidency. Clinton will point to her tenure as secretary of state as evidence of a qualification to be president, but has always managed to shift responsibility on the failures in Libya. That's not a serious candidate.

Clinton is likely to lambast Trump for calling into question the U.S. relationship with NATO, a military treaty organization formed in the wake of World War II as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union and its satellite states in Eastern and Central Europe. But it's an important line of questioning?"Europe, as Bonnie Kristian has argued, would be richer and safer if Europe paid for its own defense.

Trump's birdshot approach to foreign policy makes it easy for Clinton to dismiss the kernels of seriousness in any in favor of pointing out the most ridiculous, all while avoiding, for now, her role in the disastrous interventions of the last decade and a half.

Watch Clinton live here.

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  1. I like supporting Jihadi’s and laughing at people get murdered. All while getting bribed to do so. -HRC

    1. Not much to add after that one.

    2. How stupid are Clinton and her handlers? Why would she make a big speech to try to attack Trump on something where she has an actual record that’s horrible, and presents ripe opportunities for Trump to hammer it? The fuck are they thinking?

      1. They’re getting their talking points out there as fast as possible so the minions can counter any questions from the IG report on the evening talk shows.

      2. Why do you hate women?

  2. I’ll read about it later. There’s no way in hell I’m listening to anything that screeching harpy has to say.

    1. Yeah, I would rather jam pencils in my eardrums.

  3. I do wonder is she’s going to talk about how part of her national security policy is to blame terrorist attacks on cartoonists and have them falsely arrested and thrown in prison?

    1. Why it’s the American Way(tm)!

    2. Read ’em and weep was her adjustable slogan.

    3. I do wonder if she’s going to talk about how part of her national security policy is to use her own private email server in her basement to handle classified data .

      1. Well, that one is a felony, at least in regards to data retention laws. The other is a crime against humanity.

  4. I have it on good faith that the entirety of the speech will consist of the phrase “War is peace.”

    1. Freedom is Slavery?

      1. The computer is your friend.

        1. Is that your Steve Jobs impersonation?

      2. Whatsamatter? Did Trump already copyright “ignorance is strength?”

    2. Government does good things.

    3. Fuck you, pay me.

    4. Insecure is Secure.

    5. Chaos is Order.

  5. Watch Hillary Clinton’s Big ‘National Security’ Speech, What to Expect


  6. a major national security address


    1. You misspelled “YUGE.”

  7. What to expect? Let me whip out my crystal ball…hmmm…I see bullshit, much bullshit. I can even smell the bullshit through the crystal.

    1. Cross my palm with silver, and I will tell you whether we can expect peace in the Middle East.

      1. Go ahead, expectorate all you want.

  8. Of course Ed has to be very mean to Trump and not at all ever even a little criticize Hillary in the same way. What is wrong with this site?

    1. What is wrong with tis site?

      Your perception of it.

      1. Cha-ching.

      2. Yes, we all have different perceptions. So what? Are you so elitist to think your perception is the right one? It’s because of you that we have Trump. Stop shitting on people who disagree with you.

        1. Didn’t your OP just shit on the site that you disagree with?

        2. If we can’t shit on people we disagree on, where are we gonna shit? There is literally no other place to shit.

          1. Maybe shit on SJWs for once in your damned life, those people deserve it.


              1. Stop getting shriek excited.

              2. DANGER! X had three bean burritos for lunch – he will power defecate on all of us!


              3. Is it time to narrow our gazes yet?

            2. You know what this thread is becoming, Randy-bo-bandy? A veritable shitnado. I can see the shit funnel clouds closing in.

          2. The ghost of Sandi begs to differ.

            1. I took a shit on H&R once.

              /Ghost of Sandi

    2. It is kinda weird that in a post on a speech by Hillary, there are no less than 5, maybe 6, sentences that are critical of Donald Trump, and perhaps one that isn’t. There are 3, maybe 4 sentences critical of Hillary.

      In a post about Hillary Clinton. On foreign policy. Which was pretty much a complete disaster while she was SecState. Yet Trump gets slapped around more than she does.

      1. Exactly! It’s the number of sentences that matter. Using it as a preface to accuse Hillary of being no better is no excuse.

        1. It’s especially no excuse when the speech is reported to be targeted at Trump’s foreign policy positions. Reason just loves to bring it all back to Trump.

          1. Someone needs to tell RC to leave Hillary alone!!

            1. Do you get the feeling that almost the entirety of the Reason staff think that Hillary is smarter than the Donald?

              1. Well, she did manage to get fabulously wealthy without ever having to produce anything of value or achieve anything on her own merit. And has so far been able to avoid jail while doing it.

              2. Of course they think that. Leftist are always considered smart no matter the evidence to the contrary.

                1. But wouldn’t you agree, John, that on average liberals are more intelligent than conservatives?

              3. Yep.

                But as with her foreign policy “experience”, we’re lacking any proof of that too.

            2. It’s leave Ed alone, doi. Your reading comprehension is really shot this afternoon.

      2. Social signalers gonna signal.

        Unfortunately I live in Illinois, where even hipsters don’t want to signal to anyone left of Bruce Rauner anymore. Trump doesn’t frighten anyone outside of bicoastal elites.

      3. How the fuck does Hillary Clinton even get to talk about national security after flagrantly violating State Department communications security policy? She doesn’t even understand the concept of keeping secrets by using encrypted channels.

  9. Is this the only I can “protect you from the Islamic-Boogeyman” or the “Work with our Allies” speech? Or both?

  10. What can we expect from Hillary’s speech today?

    Lies, damned lies, and more damned lies.

  11. Europe doesn’t pay for its own defense because they want the plausible deniability that comes with the global policeman doing what you wish you could do but know the voters would have a fit over.

    1. “Europe doesn’t pay for its own defense because……”

      ….they couldn’t afford to pay for their welfare states at the same time.

      That reason works just as well.

      1. Damn you and your pragmatism! GAargabl

      2. Don’t know what she said, but Americans subsidize Europeans in a number of other ways. The price controls they institute on drugs being one great example. Americans pay more because European governments demand they pay less. Americans develop and pump the most into R&D, and even what Europeans develop ends up patented here.

  12. I think Bernie’s response to her speech will be more important than anything Trump has to say.

  13. I’ll be waiting for her to explain how running classified e-mails through her own private server and refusing to turn them over to the State Department when she left office was a big enhancement of our national security.

    1. And I will wait to see why, after the Iraq fiasco, she thought bombing Libya without a plan for the aftermath was a good idea and how it shows the depth of her international bonafides.

      1. Smrt Power at its best!!!


        1. I wish she would just R-U-N-N O-F-T.

          1. Something definitely smells like week old horse meat.

    2. ^^^ THIS.

  14. Not enough flags, Hill. It makes you look soft.

      1. Not much chance of that. Her exoskeleton calcified millennia ago.

        1. She will have to molt sooner or later.

        2. I believe the proper term is ‘carapace’?

          1. Chitinous layer.

            1. So she is a fungus?

              1. It’s what exoskeletons are made out of. I just like the word chitin.

              2. Fungi and lichens tend to grow on her upper parts, while the submerged parts are barnacle covered.

  15. Not enough Sousa! NEED MOAR SOUSA!

  16. Punctuality is for Commies and Facebook ISIS symps!

  17. What to Expect

    A river of bullshit so vast as to dwarf the Amazon, mostly.

    1. The Shit-Nile? The Shitmasippi? The Shitmazon?

      1. The Shit Tide.

        1. Where the Poo Nile and the Shite Nile join.

          1. It’s like the Shit Ganges up in here.

            1. the Shit Ganges

              I’m pretty sure the Ganges IS the Shit Ganges at this point.

          2. Khartoum?

      2. Shitcago River

  18. Perhaps she could explain the full extent of the blackmail material Russia and China have on her thanks to her private server scam. You know, if she would just come clean with it, they wouldn’t be able to blackmail her anymore.

  19. You know, Sousa wrote many marches not just these two on repeat.

  20. All together now, to the meter and tune of the old Dragnet sound clip:

    Truuump da Trump Trump Truuuuump.

    1. Forget Dragnet, Star Wars. If she marched up to the podium with the Darth Vader imperial bad guy music from Star Wars, it would show so much self awareness people would have to love her. Hell, I would be tempted to vote for her if she did that.

      1. the Darth Vader imperial bad guy music from Star Wars

        It’s called The Imperial March

        It would pretty epic if some future president changed their SOTU entrance music from Hail to the Chief to the Imperial March. Either that or Still Counting by Volbeat, just for that first line:

        Counting all the assholes in the room
        Well I’m definitely not alone…

  21. Two more flags as the camera pans out!

  22. I can’t listen to the speech because I have work to do (believe it or not) but I am very curious to know if she is neo-con or neo-neo-con or whatever the kids call it these days. (Syd Blumenthal is or was neo-con, his son Max is rabidly anti-Israel. She has distanced herself from Syd, but I wonder if she feels betrayed or this is just another move in Soros’ vast left-wing chess game.)

    1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  23. The secret service guys are starting to look bored and fidgety.

  24. Hillary is going to announce a reset to the reset with Russia. This time, it will really be a blank slate because now its personal.

    1. And talk about why we should arm the ‘moderate’ terrorists to help defeat the ‘bad’ terrorists.

    2. Reset 2: Reset Harder

  25. Unless Hillary says something to the effect of ‘If you think we’ve gotten involved in some ill advised conflicts before that turned into total clusterfucks, you ain’t seen nothing yet!’, then she’s lying.

    1. No. The truth would be something like


  26. All the neocons have a giant boner already in anticipation of the speech by their comrade. They’ll be in their bunks.

  27. Lies, I expect lies.

  28. Europe, as Bonnie Kristian has argued, would be richer and safer if Europe paid for its own defense

    Umm, someone else also said pretty much the exact same thing. And now Reason is holding that up as a sensible approach, while failing to name that unmentionable person? Did I miss something here?

    1. That is another awful paragraph. It is not “an important line of questioning”. If we are to take Ed at his word, it is the sensible position. Why the hell can’t Ed just say that?

      1. My problem is that it fails to point out, the way I read it, that this is exactly what Trump has been pushing, but attributes it to Bonnie Kristian, whoever the fuck that is.

        Trump is dovish compared to Hiilary, even if more unstable. We know exactly what Hillary will do, we’ve already seen it in the awful years she was SOS. She’s going to war monger and then war monger some more, and lie and throw people to the vultures to cover up her incompetence and the ever growing disasters it will cause around the world. We don’t know what Trump will do and that is scary as well, but I find it less scary than Clinton. I truly am afraid that incompetent twat will start a nuclear war.

        1. Hillary has repeatedly shown that she is willing to go to war for the most idiotic of reasons and has repeatedly shown she in no way has the fortitude necessary to follow through a war to a successful completion. There are few better ways to blunder into a nuclear war than going around randomly bombing countries in the name of humanity.

          And lets not forget Hillary is a physical wreck in no way up to the job of being President for four years. So not only is she likely to start a war, she very well might start one and then become physically or mentally incompetent such that we will have no President once it starts.

          Hillary being President should scare the shit out of you. You have to be a massive retard to think it is Trump who is the danger of getting us into a big war.

          1. Woodrow Wilson 2: The Hillening

            1. She would never admit she had lost it. And the media wouldn’t mention it, I don’t care if state dinners became a scene out of Weekend at Bernie s. Moreover, no one in the administration other than the VP would have any reason to do anything since an incapacitated President would leave them with more power. It would be a nightmare.

              1. Isn’t that precisely how Wison’s second term was?

                1. The last couple of years, yes. The world was a lot less dangerous back then, however.

                  1. Less dangerous than now? Did I miss the apocalyptic war that Western civilization fought for the last four years or something?

                    1. But in 1918 the first world war was over and the second more than 20 years away.

                    2. Come on. The Turkish war of independence? The Russian civil war? The German revolution and all the other communist revolutions? The world was a disaster in 1919.

                    3. Also, this cartoon is awesome.

                    4. The date on that is October 1914. In August 1914 alone, the French took 125,000 casualties. By October if you count both sides and the eastern front, the death toll from the war had to be close to a million. It is just mind boggling.

                    5. The numbers are so huge that they quickly make no sense at all. I once read that half of the boys born in Paris in 1900 died in 1918. How fucked up is that?

                    6. Of the generation born between 1915 and 1925 in Russia, between the civil war, the terror and World War II, 80% of the males were dead by 1945. Words fail.

                    7. I once read that half of the boys born in Paris in 1900 died in 1918. How fucked up is that?

                      It’s the Dr. Strangelove 10-females-for-each-male fantasy. Which is chickenshit compared to the jihadi fantasy.

                    8. Whole British towns lost entire populations of men 18-30 in a single afternoon (The People’s Battalions) at the Somme by running into machine fire.

                    9. But we were an ocean away from all of that. Back then fortress America really could and did exist.

        2. Clinton is likely to lambast Trump for calling into question the U.S. relationship with NATO, a military treaty organization formed in the wake of World War II as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union and its satellite states in Eastern and Central Europe. But it’s an important line of questioning?”Europe, as Bonnie Kristian has argued, would be richer and safer if Europe paid for its own defense.

          How exactly are you reading it?

          Btw, Bonnie Kristian was making that argument in Reason Magazine, which is why Ed linked to her. And in that article, she is expanding and supporting Trump’s position.

          1. It is just a terribly written paragraph because Ed can’t bring himself to directly say something positive about Trump no matter how obvious the point is.

            1. I see. It’s terribly written because it’s not nice to Trump.

  29. Trump’s birdshot approach to foreign policy makes it easy for Clinton to dismiss the kernels of seriousness in any in favor of pointing out the most ridiculous, all while avoiding, for now, her role in the disastrous interventions of the last decade and a half.

    Does anyone know what that paragraph is supposed to mean?

    1. Yes, Tump bad! Hillary bad too! But no so bad as Trump! /derp

      1. It is just terrible writing.

    2. What it means to me is that Hillary is going to attack Trump’s blatant bull-shit and ignore any of his actual valid points while also ignoring her own terrible bullshit.

      And also that Trump’s erratic delivery and stops and starts do a pretty good job of hiding his valid points on their own.

      1. It might mean that. Of course it never bothers to explain exactly which of Trump’s positions are blatant bullshit and why much less why that somehow makes his positive points irrelevant.

        1. It “might” mean that? What other possible interpretation is there?

          He cited the ban on Muslims entering the US as an example of Trump’s more outrageous proposals. And do you want to this post to be all about Trump or not?

          1. anning Muslims from entering the country might be a bad idea but it is not preposterous. Carter banned Shia Muslims from entering the country in 1980. The sad fact is that if Muslim terrorists ever pull off a big WND attack in this country, we will likely do something close to that.

            And if you actually look at what Trump said, it was fairly sensible. All he said was that maybe we should stop letting Muslims into the country until we figure out how to determine which ones are dangerous. Maybe there is no way to figure that out. But saying we should take a step back and try and figure out how and in the mean time not let anymore in is hardly crazy. The fact that every right thinking person says that it is says everything about the insanity of the age we live and nothing about the statement.

    3. I take it as the mandatory signalling that Trump is evil. Those are the rules, even when criticizing his opposition.

  30. Well, it’s about 3:09 now. Time to tell those interns that we don’t pay for to get off their asses and post something that tells us what Hillary said.

    1. I think they actually expected us to watch it.

      1. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!11!!!!!!!

        Why would they think we’d actually watch when we don’t even bother reading the fucking articles? /sarc

  31. I challenge you to find a better title than this. I FUCKING DARE YOU.

    If campus shootings are already normal, what about when guns are allowed?

    1. If childhood measles are normal, what about when vaccines are allowed?

      The jokes write themselves.

      1. Then AUTISM!!!111!!! Duh!

    2. DOOM!!!

    3. I haven’t clicked the link yet, but I expect a brilliant paper in the analytical philosophy tradition that employs bleeding-edge developments in lambda calculus to explore a logical paradox in natural semantics.

      1. I think it’s important enough to comment that you will probably disappointed. Mathematical reasoning in regards to syntax was absent in his analysis.

    4. “And how can a faculty effectively teach when it’s worried about its students harming them?”

      Have your own gun?

      1. How does a chick as lumpy as her have no tits?

        1. That is totally photoshopped. There is no way she is that thin. And I think the bra she is wearing is flattening her chest.

        2. And the Mail is always good for a perky English Bird now and then.


          1. Well isn’t she adorable. I hope she pronounces all her Rs as Ws, too.

            1. You could eat her with a spoon.

      2. That selfie angle makes her acceptable until I scrolled down and was reminded what she actually looks like.

        1. Yes. She looks like a woman who would want to date me.

          1. Thanks for taking another one for the team. You da real MVP.

            1. Crusty is not just a playuh. He is a team playuh.

      3. *hovers link, whispers to self*

        Don’t…. do it. Don’t do it, man. Don’t fffffffffucking! do it! Hrrrrrgh!

        *clicks anyway*

        Well that was definitely… something. Excuse me while I find some bleach.

      4. Amy Schumer poses in just a bra

        Not. Clicking. That.

    5. They’ll be super totes extreme normal to the max

  32. Watch Hillary Clinton’s Big ‘National Security’ Speech

    Nope. I’ve got better things to do than watch that shrew spew bullshit.

  33. Clinton made the case that a Trump administration would pursue a dangerous and unpredictable foreign policy agenda…

    Oh no! Let’s vote for a woman with a dangerous and predictable foreign policy agenda instead!

  34. lol, let me tell you what you an expect, MORE LIES. If her lips are moving, she is lying.


  35. I’m excited to hear what she has to say about cybersecurity, particularly at the State Department.

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