North Korean Propaganda Outlet Hails Trump as 'Wise,' Jerry Brown Endorses Clinton, Bias at U. of Oregon: P.M. Links


  • Kim Jong-Un
    Screenshot via Korean Central Television

    The North Korean government might have a soft spot for Donald Trump. A state-run news agency published an editorial calling Trump "wise." The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has criticized U.S. policy toward North Korea and says he would be willing to meet with Kim Jong-Un. Make Korea Great Again, I guess.

  • TV host Jeff Corwin said bad parenting contributed to the death of Cincinatti Zoo gorilla Harambe, who was shot after a toddler wandered into the gorllia's territory. "The zoo is not your babysitter," said Corwin.
  • The University of Oregon says the details of its bias response reports are "not in the public interest."
  • California Gov. Jerry Brown endorses Hillary Clinton.
  • Here's Amber Heard's side of the dispute between the actress and the husband she is divorcing, Johnny Depp.
  • A terrifyingly large alligator menaced a golf course in Florida.