Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson and William Weld Are 'Like Nirvana in 1991,' Says Krist Novoseli?

The former Nirvana bassist announced Tuesday that he donated "the maximum contribution" possible to Gary Johnson's presidential campaign.



"I just gave the maximum contribution to @GovGaryJohnson presidential campaign," announced Krist Novoseli?, the musician, activist, and author best known as the former bassist of Nirvana, on Tuesday morning. Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico (as a Republican), officially became the Libertarian Party's 2016 presidential nominee over the weekend. The Libertarian vice presidential nominee is former Massachusetts governor William Weld, also previously affiliated with the GOP.  

Asked whether voting for Johnson would "take votes away" from Democrats or Republicans, Novoseli? replied that "this election is like Nirvana in 1991. The Johnson/Weld ticket can capture imaginations to bolt to the top." 

Perhaps a little overly ambitious and optimistic. But, hey, you know what else seemed overly ambitious and optimistic? Nirvana, man. Also, Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. 

Novoseli? once identified as a Democrat, but now says his political views are uncategorizable. In 2008, Novoseli? supported Barack Obama for president; in 2012, he supported Ron Paul. "I'm an "an anarcho-capitalist, socialist, moderate… I don't know," he told Reason TV in 2014. Watch the whole interview below. 

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  1. Beat FoE!

    1. You have capitalized on your foe.

  2. You mean they are ripping off King Crimson and The Pixies?

    1. I thought it just meant terrible.

        1. This analogy is more apt than you all realize. Nirvana sucked at playing their instruments and were responsible for the fact that musical virtuosity and guitar solos fell out of favor for a whole generation. So yeah, it fits GayJay like a glove.

          1. You should changed your handle to “Chipper Morning Wood has terrible taste in music and is a dumb dummy head.”

            Now I am going to listen to Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam, a song which featured Novoseli? on an accordion (yeah, that is how talented he is), and then I will go on to enjoy the entire “Unplugged” album, which was one of the greatest moments in music history.

            You people…

            1. … note – this song is a cover

              1. Yes. Covering little-known songs was just part of one of the most seminal moments in music history.

            2. Did I say I don’t like Nirvana? You are reading too much into what I wrote. Music does not have to be full of virtuosity to be enjoyable.

              1. You are reading too much into what I wrote

                Purposely. I am just tapping your sack.

                1. I am just tapping your sack.

                  Chipper, you might want to get tested for VD after that.

                  1. No worries, Crusty always has a dental dam in his pocket.

      1. come on Restoras nothing says musical excellence like “we were better than the hair bands!!”

        1. They weren’t striving for musical excellence any more than the Ramones.

          1. That is not fair to the Ramones. The Ramones at least played in key, some of the times, and had some catchy tunes.

            1. Breed wasn’t catchy?

              1. Sort of. But not as catchy as I Want to be Sedated or BlitzKrieg Bob.

                1. Beat on the brat.

            2. Plus, you can listen to approximately 200 of their songs in full in under an hour and a half.

              1. Plus, you can listen to approximately 200 of their songs in full in under an hour and a half.

                They stole THAT from The Magnetic Fields.

    2. Everyone ripped off someone else.

      1. For sure. It is just that some don’t do it badly.

        1. Whatever. I like Nirvana.

          1. Oh lighten up Francis.

          2. Me too. I think Incesticide is their best album.

            1. this cannot be your honest opinion. Aerozeppelin? Blew? It’s the only fucking Nirvana disc that you CAN’T listen to straight through.


    3. I think you meant Killing Joke

      The result when Jaz Coleman“rips off” someone.

  3. In 2008, Novoseli? supported Barack Obama for president

    This is all I need to know about anyone.

  4. That picture has ruined my childhood.

    1. “Yoo hoo!” says some guy who was the bassist for Nirvana.

      1. Crusty has the weirdest boner right now.

        1. That is not a new situation for him.

  5. Remind me again why I should give a shit about what some entertainer says about politics?

  6. Johnson / Weld is like Nirvanna in 1991? More like David Bowie and Glenn Frey in 2016.

    1. Not bad. I was thinking something more like this

      1. Good thinking.

        1. damn you tube.

          This is what i had intended

          1. The blank screen nailed it.

      2. “Unavailable” now. What was it? Or is that the joke?

        1. That’s what I thought.

  7. So…there’s self-destruction involved?

    Too soon?

    1. I guess now we know why Johnson threw away that guy’s pistol. He doesn’t trust himself with it.

      1. I swear that i don’t have a gun, no, i don’t have a gun.

        1. Will Johnson be able to jump the fence to escape rehab in a couple of years? He is looking a bit old these days.

          1. See my point above.

            1. And they are not even really very libertarian. Only the Libertarian party could manage to sell out and get nothing in return.

    2. yes, the self destruction of the LP
      think about it
      out of the internet troll/bumper-sticker, the nazi cake guy, the libertine computer whiz, the anarchist, and the actual rapping doctor, they elected the guy who wants to ban articles of clothing and force jews to bake nazi cakes cuz of “fairness”
      and they picked the gun grabbing Obama supporter to be his running mate
      sounds like suicide to me… i mean hell the least damage they could have done is nominate the troll who at least can define libertarian minarchism but nope they went for the full on 12 gauge shot shell through the skull mess with the socialist and the fascist.

  8. That might be the gayest promo shot in the history of rock and roll. That thing makes the infamous Orleans cover look like a Chuck Norris movie in comparison. NTTAAWWT

      1. That is not gay that is tranny. and that is not the same thing.

      2. Would if she gained twenty.

    1. John, you’re the player on the sidelines who dumps a giant cooler of Haterade on the Coach at his proudest moment

      1. yes I am.

        1. Just was looking at May celebrity deaths.

          Did you know that Rick MacLeish, Dick McAuliffe, and Jim McMillian all left us within the last few weeks? Yours truly once got Jimmy Mac’s autograph outside of the Boston Garden when he was with the Buffalo Braves.

          Perhaps Snoop could produce a movie about Jim McMillian. There was an intelligent, classy Columbia grad who just so happened to be on one of the greatest NBA teams in history.

          1. Can you imagine if the Broad Street Bullies played today? Most of the employees at ESPN would suffer some kind of stroke.

            1. Just the sight of Dave Schultz fans wearing German helmets in the crowd would give the SJWs apoplexy..

              1. I had not thought about that. They so would.

            2. Ha! Bobby Clarke (the blood and missing teeth alone would demand trigger warnings left, right and center from the snowflakes) and Dave Schultz would drive them insane. Not just the Flyers. The Bruins too and the Habs could definitely mix it up with them.

              Speaking of deaths, and Blackhawks fans would know, Tom Lysiak died. Another player from my youth.

          2. I didn’t know about MacLeish. Damn. I had a sticker of him and a bunch of other Flyers.

            1. I was so crushed when they beat the Bruins in ’74.

          3. the Buffalo Braves.

            Who the hell are the Buffalo Braves?

            1. The LA Clippers two cities removed from the present.

  9. you mean they’re representative of the suicide of the LP? cuz thats all im getting out of this rigamaroll. GJ is hardly libertarian at best and a tyrannical socialist at worst…. and weld…. gak, there arent enough harsh words to describe that worthless crock of shit. i guess the LP just decided to use Kurt Cobains 12 gauge microphone and finish themselves off for good. Im done, no more donations, no more support, no more nothing, the party is dead to me now. when the fuckwads claiming to be the party of libertarians cant actually nominate a libertarian to represent them, and not only that but 2 virulent statist morons that stutter and crap out in every debate, they dont even deserve to be taken seriously ever again. I’ve been an-cap for some time now but i still used to vote at least….never again will i waste my time on that shit.

  10. I sneer at celebrities who proffer expertise out their field, as Stephen Hawkings just did against Trump.

    Why should I suddenly accept this celebrity’s endorsement as meaningful?

    1. You shouldn’t.

  11. That sweater vest is punk as fuck.

  12. Smells like something, something.

    1. your mom in heat?

    2. Smells like teen perfume.

  13. The great post-punk / alternative scene was already dying out by the time Nirvana & Co rolled around, but grunge certainly stomped all over the remnants and, except for a few bright spots, mostly killed it.

    For a few years turning on the radio meant hearing that same 90s production with the heavy drumming and croaky singing. Thank god NZ pop was still going full steam or I would have gone nuts during college.

  14. Perhaps a little overly ambitious and optimistic. But, hey, you know what else seemed overly ambitious and optimistic?

    Operation Iraqi Freedom?

    1. The Third Reich?

    2. Robert Reich?

    3. The Napoleonic Wars?

  15. Gary Johnson and William Weld Are ‘Like Nirvana in 1991,’ Says Krist Novoseli?

    Here’s an idea.
    Make Mr. Novoselic as VP.
    He’ would be a lot better choice than Weld.

  16. Meaning they will lead to the political equivalent of Nickelback in ten years?

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  18. Having been a massive Nirvana fan in my youth, and having watched many interviews they did……Kurt was definitely the brains of that operation. Krist seems like a nice, affable guy, but he always struck me as fairly dim.

    1. Kurt was great in his role as lyricist/singer, but the reason Nirvana got heard and loved was the basslines. The guitar was meh, the drums were powerful, but those songs totally hung on the bass melodies that were not like many other artists before them. I always felt that Novoselic got shafted because he is not a forceful personality, but listen to “Come As You Are”, or any of their tunes, and it is the bass that drives the song. Most people can’t even tell the difference between bass and guitar, but it’s pretty obvious in Nirvana records. I don’t take his political views to heart, but I think he’s a great musician.

      1. Krist can play bass for me any time.

  19. Which of the commentators is Krist Novoseli??

    1. Commenters, not commentators.

  20. There’s a reason no one has heard of this guy since Kurt Cobain died. He didn’t even have the talent of a Courtney Love.

  21. And no matter who wins this election, the US will be like Kurt Cobain in 1994.

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  24. Johnson/Weld does remind me of Nirvana in the 90s.

    Both are/were vaguely gay
    and surrounded by people pretending they’re actually important

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  26. Anyone that age who supported BHO and Ron Paul is either retarded or had a Saul like conversion.

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