Anti-Trump Crowd Causes Ruckus, Senate Passes Rape-Kit Bill, 'The Fappening' Hacker Pleads Guilty: A.M. Links


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  1. Anti-Donald Trump protesters got rowdy in New Mexico last night.

    Time to wall off New Mexico.

    1. Hello.

      Happy National Wine Day!

      1. Winston will be along later

        1. What about his mom? Speaking of whom, what wine goes with tuna?

          1. Thunderbird.

            1. That goes with catfish sushi

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            1. Do those posts add up to 40/40?

              1. Only in hindsight.

              2. Isn’t that a motor oil?

                1. It’s a motor oil AND a bumwine!

          2. Night Train?

            1. Sure, but Night Train Express goes with anything and everything.

    2. Wait, there’s a New Mexico now?

      1. It’s like old Mexico, but with more Mexicans.

  2. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    I’ll wait to see what Twitter thinks before I click this.

  3. No president can “save the economy.”

    But they sure can fuck it all the way up.

    1. But a Presidente can.

      1. +1 Arch-Generalissimo, Father of His Country

  4. 182) The guy who came up with the idea for Mt. Rushmore, Doane Robinson, originally wanted the faces to be famous western heroes?Lewis, Clark, Red Cloud, and Buffalo Bill Cody. The actual sculptor, Gutzon Borgium, thought it should be something with a more national focus, and that’s why he picked the presidents. Only, ugg, why presidents? As if they’re what’s best about America? Here are my picks for who should have been sculpted instead: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Eli Whitney. Maybe Walt Disney or Samuel Morse as alternates.

    1. construction on the memorial began in 1927

      Ford was very much alive and kicking, and not uncontrovertial figure at the time. As was edison

      Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 ? October 18, 1931)

      1. Ford was incredibly controversial at the time. ’27 was actually when he shuttered the Dearborn Independent out of shame. He’d spent most of the 20s being lambasted by all sides over it.

    2. Frederick Douglass would get my vote

      1. ^this^…brandishing a pistol.

      2. Frederick Douglass, Lysander Spooner, Harriet Tubman, and, why not, Benjamin Franklin on account of being a straight up pimp.

      3. John Brown.

    3. Homer Simpson.

    4. By the time Rushmore was completed, Edison, Ford and Disney would have been a bit unseemly with their anti-Semitism and tangential ties to fascism, which was falling out of vogue for rather obvious reasons in the early 1940’s.

      1. Ford and Disney would have been a bit unseemly with their anti-Semitism and tangential ties to fascism, which was falling out of vogue for rather obvious reasons in the early 1940’s.

        What were the obvious reasons?

        1. Yeah – what was the New Deal if not fascism?

        2. People had grown weary of the New Deal. Nothing dampens the enthusiasm for fascism quite like the experience of living under its thumb.

      2. citation please on Disney’s alleged anti-semitism

    5. Dick Feynman. And his dick.

    6. The whole story of Mt. Rushmore and Gutzon Borgium is really weird.

    7. Agile.

      1. Not possible, that would require the ability to sculpt in 7 dimensions instead of the usual 3.

        1. Plus the entire mountain would have to constantly shift in and out of phase.

        1. “God didn’t make man equal. Sam Colt did.”

          That quote really pissed my Baptist deacon grandfather off. Haaaa.

          1. I thought it was “God created Man equal….Col. Colt kept them that way”

          2. God made Man, Sam Colt made them equal

      1. Sometimes I try to count how many of his guns I’ve used, and it’s really scary the number I come to. A genius, no doubt.

    8. Thomas Edison was really, really awesome at poaching other inventors’ patents.

    9. Every single face is just Nick Cage looking crazy, but each face its own, unique brand of crazy.

      1. That’s NIC CAGE to you. He doesn’t even need a K to by NIC!

    10. Meh, stick with the Western heroes.

    11. Leon Czolgosz, Charles J. Guiteau, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth

    12. Patrick Henry, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington

  5. Due to existing obligations, I didn’t get much time to test out Total Warhammer yesterday. But my impressions so far (as of turn 4):

    It’s a Total War game.

    This is both praise and damnation. It looks to have all of the elements that makes Total War addictive in of itself, but it carries with it some of the things that they just can’t seem to shake. I’ve been playing Chaos, and have had two battles against the same faction so far. The battle AI… doesn’t appear to have changed at all. The first fight he just sat there until I got units in close, then it was a quick confused brawl and I routed him. The second fight I had my artillery forward (one hellcannon) and it was able to shell his lines from the get go, so he was forced to try to attack. Had he acted more aggressively in the first fight, his advantage in cavalry would have inflicted more hurt upon my army, but he wasted the opportunity.

    Being turn 4, I don’t have much of an impression of the campaign AI, and battle magic hasn’t come into play yet. Heck, I haven’t even had to commit my core of heavy infantry to battle (I can’t recruit new units of chosen and chaos warriors yet, so I let the marauders take the brunt of the fights, keeping the heavies in reserve.)

    My opinion may change when the more fantastical units and magic come into play.

    PS, I’m annoyed that the operators of the Hellcannon don’t have the mesopotamian hats the Chaos Dwarfs were known for.

  6. No president can “save the economy.”

    All I get from this is that ENB is in favor of electing more than 1 president at a time.

    1. Geez, what’d he do to get the nightclub shut down for months?

      1. You dont want to know.

        1. I suspect an extemporaneous bout of COASE may have been involved, at the very least.

          1. Their utilitarianism really pissed me off.

  7. The head of the Portland, Oregon, police department is on leave after shooting a friend while hunting and then trying to cover up the incident.

    Is his name Cheney by any chance?

    1. No, I think the likely explanation is that the friend Woged, freaking the captain out and causing him to take the shot.

      1. WINNER.

        *glitter bombs the thread*

    2. Why is it that people “on leave” rarely *actually* leave, as in leave for good?

  8. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    Title IX self-identifies as Title VI.

    1. What you did there – I think I see it.

  9. It seems Egypt has started randomly deporting foreign journalists.

    Make like an Arab Spring and bounce on outta here.

    1. Well, DUH. Those foreign journalists were probably rapists or something!! And, I’m sure, some of them are good people. But foreign journalists need to be banned from the country until we can figure out what’s going on. El-Sisi is just trying to Make Egypt Great Again!!

  10. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    And not the “looming Title IX crisis” caused by its apparent requirement for a guilty-until-proven-innocent standard for sexual assault? Or the “looming Title IX crisis” caused by its apparent requirement for schools to require innocuous speech to be considered sexual harassment?

    1. No, most people have passively accepted all of those…

    2. Both of those are well past the ‘looming’ stage.

      1. Well they still loom, like that fat guy in the seat next to me on the flight to San Jose. Folds of sweaty blubber crushing you into the metal arm of your seat. Yeah you make it to your destination, but you are bruised, tired and disgusted with the entire journey after the fact. THAT is Title IX.

    3. The author of the New Yorker article is a Harvard Law Professor who has criticized the “guilty until proven innocent” directives on sexual assault, and she cogently points out that the hysteria over “rape culture” and “triggers” fostered by the federal government conflicts with its current position that it is “discrimination” for women to object to persons with mail genitalia using women’s rest rooms. And her overall point is that the government has no business issuing such broad and controversial directives through “Dear Colleague” letters instead of through the legislative process.

  11. It seems Egypt has started randomly deporting foreign journalists.

    Egyptian millennials: That’s so random!

    1. Egypt literally can’t even.

    2. How is that in any way random?

      I would say they are methodically deporting foreign journalists.

  12. And can we pass a law that only Krayewski does the Links?

  13. The U.S. Senate Tuesday passed a bill would spur a host of changes to the way law enforcement handles rape kits.

    To save time, they’re just going to throw them away now.

    1. What do you really need for one of those?

      Maybe some rope or some duct tape, a rubber mask, and if you like em quiet, some rohypnol?

      Does Congress have some better ideas?

  14. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    At least we know one thing the government excels at: Unintended consequences.

    And the media too.

    1. I don’t see how there could be a Title IX crisis, since the language of the statute has nothing to do with transgenderism. Or is the crisis that the Obama Justice Department prosecutes based on FEELZ rather than law?

  15. “Ben said that as the presumptive nominee, Trump would have some influence on the platform, but it wouldn’t be determinative,” said the first source who attended the meeting. The source said several of those attending the meeting offered knowing smiles in response to the comment.

    “Wink wink nudge nudge”

    1. “So, is youh wife a goah?”

  16. No president can “save the economy.”

    If Barack H. Christ couldn’t do it, it can’t be done.

  17. “The head of the Portland, Oregon, police department is on leave after shooting a friend while hunting and then trying to cover up the incident.”

    Reminds me of the kid in second grade who was swinging his jacket around on the playground and somehow caught his zipper on my face, tearing off a big piece of skin that requires stitches. As I was walking toward the teachers with blood running down my face he kept saying, “Don’t tell, okay? You won’t tell, will you?”

    So yeah, cops and that asshole kid in the second grade, same mentality.

  18. Anti-Donald Trump protesters got rowdy in New Mexico last night.

    All my rowdy friends are here on election night.

  19. Just a rowdy ruckus from the anti-Trumps, huh? Some Trump supporters are violent thugs, though.

  20. 5/17/16

    Never forget.

    1. Also…Elizabeth Nolan Brown.


      1. I’m sure she’s flattered.

    2. Um, last Tuesday. Right. I’ve already forgotten. Can you remind me?

      1. Pretty sure I had tacos for lunch.

    3. Year 16? Roman empire… what happened then?

      1. I’m a big supporter of free speech, but both of you should be banned for those comments.

    4. Rico-gate!

      1. Wait… are you people still whining about a missing lynx?

        1. What do you mean, “you people”?

          1. What do you mean “what do you mean”?

  21. Anti-Donald Trump protesters got rowdy in New Mexico last night.

    So throwing rocks and bottles at police is what now passes for rowdy? But an 80 year old man throwing one punch is the dark night of fascism falling on America, right?

    1. Fuckin’ a

    2. “throwing rocks and bottles at police is what now passes for rowdy”

      Just good, clean fun. You know, like in Seattle back in 2000. Boys will be boys, John.

    3. Exactly.

      1. And lets not forget the special snowflake having her arm grabbed by some Trump flunky. That was violence against he media!! It was horrible!!!

        1. John, any Trump who does anything arguably wrong, even if provoked, is representative of all Trump supporters, as well as Trump himself, and proves that they are all violent racists. Bernie supporters, no matter how much violence they instigate, are just passionate idealists speaking truth to power.

          1. I have never once heard of any Trump supporters going to a Bernie or Hillary rally to protest and cause problems. Leftists show up and try to disrupt every single Trump rally. Yet, reason and National Review and various other publications who should know better insist that the Trump movement is violent and fascist.

            1. ah… one group is motivated and the other is not? Were you upset that not too many peeps showed up at the Pro-War rallies in the 60s and 70s? And lest you try to say the target is always the elephant, what of Hubert Humphrey?

              As to tactics, I think it only helps Trump by making him “the victim”. Can’t help but wonder just a little bit if Trump doesn’t have people pushing for these types of things to happen in the first place.

              1. “And lest you try to say the target is always the elephant, what of Hubert Humphrey?”

                The Humphrey hecklers were to his left.

            2. I have loathed Trump ever since he appeared on the national stage back in the 80s. I still think he’s an American version of Berlusconi.

              But the behavior of the enemies that he attracts in political and media circles, and the contempt they heap upon Trump supporters, coupled with the absolute evilness of the Democrat nominee make me hope that the buffoon defeats the witch.

              Speaking of the Democrat’s witch, just ten years ago Hillary expressed her intention to re-impose the Nixon-Carter-era national maximum speed limit of 55 mph. (Speaking at the National Press Club, 2006, “The 55-mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it…”)

              1. Seriously? OMG, I hope Trump brings that up!

        2. Speaking of snowflakes, where has Nikki and her cohort been?

          1. We traded them in to get Groovius back.

          2. You can only expend so much energy arguing with stupid people who worship a fraud.

            1. Who on here worships Trump? You keep saying that but you never have any evidence of it. I don’t worship Trump. I am pretty sure RBS and DERP don’t even like Trump, though they can speak for themselves.

              Maybe Trump is a fraud. Time will tell. But him being a fraud doesn’t make the double standard of reason’s treatment of the infamous old man punching the guy and the poor little snowflake having her arm grabbed and its treatment of the seemingly daily riots that leftists have at Trump rallies any less appalling.

              Why do you feel the need to whine about people worshiping Trump every time someone points out the horrible behavior of the left? What does one have to do with the other?

              1. Yeah, I’m pretty staunchly against Trump and have stated as much on numerous occasions. I was merely calling out the media’s double-standard with respect to violence at political rallies.

                1. +1 Chic

              2. Maybe Trump is a fraud. Time will tell.

                For the record, John, it’s statements like this that make you look like a Trumpsucker. If you can’t tell he’s a fraud by now, you’re a complete idiot and can’t be helped.

                1. So any kind of reasonable statement now makes you a Trumpster? I have never met Donald Trump. And neither you nor I have any fucking clue what he would actually do as President. If having any perspective about this makes me a Trumpster, then I guess I am. Of course that makes you an hysterical moron. All and all, I will take being called a Trumpster.

                2. For the record, John, it’s statements like this that make you look like a Trumpsucker. If you can’t tell he’s a fraud by now, you’re a complete idiot and can’t be helped.

                  He already has said he’s going to vote for him.

                  1. Sure I am. I don’t like Hillary. I have never denied that. The problem is when people like SF claim that I must worship him. That is absurd. Nothing I have ever said justifies saying that.

                  2. He already has said he’s going to vote for him.

                    In the New York Post, no less.

                3. For the record, John, it’s statements like this that make you look like a Trumpsucker. If you can’t tell he’s a fraud by now, you’re a complete idiot and can’t be helped.

                  Not a Trump supporter and not voting from him in November, but exactly why does merely saying ‘we’ll have to wait and see’ make that person a ‘Trumpsucker’? No one knows what he is going to do or how a Trump presidency will evolve. Only until then will anyone know if he was a ‘fraud’ or ‘bona fide’ – unless you have some means of accurately foretelling the future?

                  How does the apparent fact that Trump has 1) cashed in on his notoriety, and 2) tapped into an electorate that prefers him to any other candidate, make him a fraud? More than anything, it appears to make him quite astute at measuring up his opponents and reading the mood of a large population. Either that, or just blind luck. How does either make him a ‘fraud’?

                  John is a lot of things – caustic, incorrigible, opinionated, and occasionally an insufferable ass – but he is most certainly not an idiot.

                  1. Trump is a fraud because he constantly contradicts himself compared to what he’s said in the past and what he’s saying now to his braying masses. He contradicts himself from day-to-day, sometimes even in the same damn sentence. Trump is a petty monster, a petulant child and a pure huckster.

                    And the willingness to ignore and dismiss all this makes his worshippers morons.

                    1. Trump is a fraud because he constantly contradicts himself compared to what he’s said in the past and what he’s saying now to his braying masses. He contradicts himself from day-to-day, sometimes even in the same damn sentence.

                      This describes a lot of, if not all politicians. If we are going to characterize them all as frauds – ok by me – then that’s different. Trump being Trump I don’t think makes him a fraud, it makes him Trump.

                  2. Not a Trump supporter and not voting from him in November, but exactly why does merely saying ‘we’ll have to wait and see’ make that person a ‘Trumpsucker’?

                    Did you even read what John wrote? “Maybe Trump is a fraud. Time will tell.” No, we know this now. It’s evident. Trump all but admits it daily. What exactly are we waiting on to see that he’s a lying fraud? It’s the “maybe” and “time will tell” nonsense that is so galling.

                    Also, fuck off.

                    1. I didn’t even read the rest of your post, Restoras, which I should have, because it gets dumber. Here’s a hint about why Trump is a fraud, from Merriam-Webster online:

                      “A person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people.”

                      If you don’t believe that describes DT at this point, I consider you an idiot.

                    2. “A person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people.”

                      You’ll have to point out to me where Trump is actually pretending. He does what he has always done. That doesn’t make him a ‘fraud’ under your definition, contrary, it makes him genuine by being true to himself. The lying, contradicting, etc. to please the ‘braying masses’ is what every politician has done for all time. The fact that he is not as good at it as others also does not make him a ‘fraud’, unless you wish to characterize every politician as a ‘fraud’ – which is probably a fair point.

                      Also, fuck off

                      Nah. I rather enjoy watching sanctimonious assholes like yourself lose your cool.

              3. You may not worship him, John, but you sure seem to be his #1 defender/apologist around here.

                1. You may not worship him, John, but you sure seem to be his #1 defender/apologist around here

                  That is most certainly true. But when you consider that most of the rest of the board thinks like Theseus and has gone stark raving mad on the subject, that isn’t saying much.

                  1. Listen, cunt. All I did was point out what makes you look like the useful idiot you are regarding Trump.

                    1. No. All you did was say something self evidently stupid. You don’t know Trump is a fraud unless you have access to his thoughts or can see the future. If you don’t like being called out for saying stupid shit, get smarter. Life is hard when you are stupid and it is not my job to make it easier for you.

                    2. Someone has their panties in a wad!

            2. Good lord, wait until he’s actually president. It’s going to get bananas around here.

              1. The lulz will be epic, Rhywum, almost as good as a Biden presidency. Maybe even better.

            3. ‘Worship’ ha.

              This is why Trump’s winning

              A huge chunk of those voting for him loathe him. But they see what he is. They see what his weird statements mean.

              He’s not a Democrat. He’s not a Republican. He’s not part of any real party and he’s vehemently hated by most of the things we refer to as ‘elites’ or ‘establishments’

              He’s nothing. He’s a question mark.

              He’s a torch thrown at the gasoline soaked pyre that is the US–and every single one of you who follow Goth Fonzies’ pestilential bleating is doing nothing except adding gasoline.

              You’re already over–go look at that stupid ‘petition’ that King signed–most of the responses are by people laughing at them.

              And a whole bunch of them clearly hate Trump.

              I hate him. I will not vote for him. But I know he will be the next president.

              And Chaos will sweep the land.

  22. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    Theory: It would have been simpler in the long run to have let girls on the high school football team.

    1. Having played with some women, they were awful. The worst. And it was impossible to hit them without feeling guilty.

      1. Fine. Argue bathrooms with crazies, if Title IX was all worth it in the end.

      2. As long as they were shiksas, I had no compunctions about knocking them down, hard.

      3. Can’t we just go back to when women were second class citizens?

        Also, screw you, you anti-gentile son of a bitch.

        1. Fuck you, you inferior shaygetz. Now go do the lifting and carrying that Yahweh put you on Earth to do for his Chosen People.

      4. When you played with your girlfriend, you found it necessary to hit her?

        Not cool dude, not cool.

  23. The head of the Portland, Oregon, police department is on leave after shooting a friend while hunting and then trying to cover up the incident.

    Who doesn’t fear for his life from his hunting partner. I mean, they’re always armed!

  24. Let’s wave Mexican flags and “Make America Mexico Again!” signs while throwing rocks at police horses and smashing windows! That’ll sure convince people that Mexicans are awesome and that nobody should vote for Trump!!

    1. Yep. It’s like last year’s Freddie Gray “protests” with cinder blocks being thrown off interstate overpasses. “Surely *this* will convince people to side with us!”

    2. I’m a victim of sawkumstances.

      1. *attempts Moe -style eyepoke*

  25. Missing: Chechen Strongman’s Cat

    On the HBO program “Last Week Tonight,” Mr. Oliver described Mr. Kadyrov as a “Monster Energy drink come to life.”

    After mocking the Chechen leader for his seemingly endless wardrobe of Vladimir V. Putin T-shirts, he suggested that viewers should message Mr. Kadyrov directly to tell him they had seen his cat, they had not, or they were not sure. Mr. Oliver posted a picture of himself holding a cat and wondering if it was the missing animal.

    He apparently hit a nerve, because Mr. Kadyrov responded with a post in English, albeit slightly fractured, a rarity. He Photoshopped a picture of Mr. Oliver wearing a Putin T-shirt with the caption: “I am tired of jokes. I want to care for cats in Chechnya. By the way, Putin is our leader!”

    1. Its like a real life Dr. Evil, or may if Warty became a dictator.


  26. Cattle drugs could fuel climate change, study suggests

    Scientists say the drugs boost methane production in cowpats – apparently by favouring antibiotic-resistant, methane-producing organisms in the gut.

    Antibiotics also change the microbes which inhabit dung beetles, although apparently with no adverse effects.

    The researchers say it’s proof that antibiotic use on farms has unintended, cascading effects on the environment.

    1. Yes, because without antibiotic resistance, bacteria wouldn’t create methane!

      How stupid do these scientivists’ pronouncements have to get before people actually start laughing in their fucking faces?!?


    We know now that almost all the claims made against DDT were either false or hugely exaggerated and that it can be used safely to protect public health. None of that has stopped the activists. Buoyed by success against DDT, they continued to pressure governments and international organizations to end life-saving eradication campaigns. Even the World Health Assembly succumbed to this pressure, in 1997 passing a resolution calling for a reduction in the use of insecticides in disease control. Shamefully this occurred while Aedes aegypti-borne diseases were spreading to levels not seen since the 1940s.

    Now We’re Back to Square One
    Now Aedes aegypti is back with a vengeance. Pilot programs using genetically modified mosquitoes have shown some promise, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest this will work in settings like Brazil. Finding a Zika vaccine could take decades.

    The environmental movement is evil incarnate.

    1. I actually had to read an excerpt from Silent Spring in school. A mandatory class. It puzzled me why half a century later I was still forced to read a discredited rant.

      1. No one ever seems to mention that Rachel Carson was not a scientist. My great grandfather actually knew her quite well. My dad tells me that he described her as charming but not that bright.

        1. charming but not that bright.

          Being exposed to pesticides will do that.

    2. That pissses me off more than I can say.

      1. It makes me want to start seeing people hanged. It is nothing short of genocide.

        1. Considering that most environmentalists would like to see the human population reduced to pre-Industrial Revolution levels, that should not come as a surprise.

    3. It is ridiculous not to use DDT for disease control. The harm that it did was because it was also used heavily in agriculture. Targeted use for mosquito control should be a no brainer. There isn’t actually a total ban on that use, but there is a lot of pressure not to use it and to expand the ban.

      But it’s also important not to think of it as some magic bullet that will solve all the problems. It’s still possible for mosquitoes to develop resistance to DDT. But it’s certainly a good thing to have in a crisis.

      1. Its not a magic bullet but it is a bullet. We need to have a fully integrated and comprehensive program to eradicate this and other tropical diseases. We should be using DDT, genetically altered mosquitoes, enforcing community standards regarding standing water and such and whatever other means are available. We are talking about a disease that is going to cause millions of children to be born with life long and serious handicaps. Tell the environmentalists to go get bent.

        1. We are talking about a disease that is going to cause millions of children to be born with life long and serious handicaps.

          Yes, but those handicapped children will likely not breed as adults, so the greenies view it as a good thing!

          1. Not only that, but they’ll vote correctly.

        2. I put this right in there with discouraging industrialized farming in Africa. They’d rather see kids starve than promote something other than “organic” farming methods.

          1. How many of them also oppose GMOs like Golden Rice?

            1. Probably 100%

        3. Yes, I absolutely agree. All of those things should be used, especially when dealing with a serious disease threat.. It just seems that people sometimes seem a little over optimistic about DDT.

    4. Fumento pretty much destroyed Carson’s arguments at least 5 years ago. Glad The Federalist finally caught up.

    5. I’ll be spending the summer pregnant in a mildly risky zone (Kansas City) and this boils my blood whenever I think about it, so I’m trying not to..

      Also, related rant about the CDC…the maps they’ve been putting out are not entirely accurate and the fear mongering is pissing me off. I looked at the most recent local mosquito survey of Kansas and according to that the aedes aegypti have only been found in southeast Kansas, not KC. The cdc map doesn’t distinguish between areas where the mosquito is currently and areas where they could hitch a ride to. So they want people to be needlessly scared probably so they can get more money, but they don’t want to DO anything productive. Thanks guys!

  28. Clinton and Warren go after Trump for (gasp!) trying to make a profit.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday said Donald Trump eagerly sought profits from the 2008 housing market crash.

    “Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown ? because it meant he could buy up a bunch more property on the cheap,” she said, according to The Washington Post.

    “What kind of a man does that?” Warren asked at the Center for Popular Democracy’s annual gala in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night. “Root for people to get thrown out on the street? Root for people to lose their jobs? Root for people to lose their pensions?”

    1. “I confess, I went into business to make money.”

      1. The bubble must continue!

        1. First, let us agree that it was not a crash or a meltdown. It was a correction. Values were made up, not the result of market forces but rather government interference.

          Second, “because it meant he could buy up a bunch more property on the cheap” is hardly an reasonable indictment. I am a real estate investor (tho orders of magnitude lesser than the Trump!) and I was buying things as fast as I could raise the money. What does Warren think started to drive values back up? Maybe people starting to buy?

          This kind of idiocy is so common I feel my outrage starting to wear out. It makes me want to retreat to a gulch in Colorado.

    2. I’m bracing for Warren’s kickback from Clinton for staying out of the primaries. VP Warren…it’s fucking coming.

      1. And how!

        1. *pre-emptive narrow gaze*

        2. *tapers stare*

        3. *joins narrowed gaze a bit late*

      2. VP would be the best outcome.

        How about Attorney General Warren? Treasury Secretary Warren? Those would be far worse.

    3. It was totally different when Warren did it herself, though.

      1. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she.

      2. she was a foreclosure vulture. then she financed the homes to buyers at predatory rates. she is nothing but pure projection. help CFPB, stop me before I predator again!

    4. So what if he didn’t cause it? Things wouldn’t have been better if no one had bought up properties after the crash.

      It really is all about appearances for some people.

      1. It’s emblematic of the complete and total economic ignorance on the left. It shows that if left to them, they will run the economy into the dirt, just like Venezuela.

      2. Not only this, but the way you recover from a crash is that investors seek bargains and pump money into the crashed market. It’s the same mentality that wants to prosecute people for profiteering when they load trucks with needed items and take them to a disaster site.

        The left so desperately wants a community of conformist orthodox saints that they hate and vilify the very motivations that make human interactions work.

    5. I bet the Clinton’s cleared more net income than Trump over the past decade. Graft pays.

    6. This is an example of why Warren is a cunt. She made money off FORECLOSED HOMES.

      1. At my closing when we were going through the lein paperwork, my lawyer’s words were “the bank doesn’t want your house, they want your money.”

        I have no sympathy for people who let their mortgage get that far in arrears that the bank came after the asset.

    7. From comments:

      “Home owners don’t get hurt when people purchase foreclosed properties

      It’s the predatory lending that hurts. Warren didn’t drool over it either. Some of those homes were bought for family members as I understand it.”

      Are these people for real?

    8. George Soros… for one. He’s a big Dem donor, and a notorious short seller. He’s even been known as “The Man who broke the bank of England”.

  29. Completely OT:

    Ethics problem: Person A and person B start to reconcile after ten years of no contact. For reasons of his/her own, person A shares extremely personal correspondence from person B without person B’s knowledge or consent.

    I think it is questionable behavior at best.

    Your thoughts pro/con would be welcome.

      1. Extended family. I would call it sordid familial flim flam, but that would be overkill.

    1. Sounds like those ten years of no contact were a good move on Person B’s part. Nice of him or her to try to reconcile, but Person A is still a jackass. Go back to pretending Person A doesn’t exist, it was working fine.

    2. Given that relationships are at will, it is completely up to person B to set the expectations for acceptable behavior in the relationship. If the sharing is undesired by B (and I think reasonably so), then B needs to decide what would make B happy or leave.

    3. But does she know that he still plays this every year on the anniversary of senior prom?

      They were meant to be. They should kiss and make up.

    4. Person B doesn’t have to hate Person A just for that. Forgive and move on.

      But It’d be pretty reasonable for Person B to tell Person A “Sorry. We aren’t going to be close again either. You’ve shown you can’t keep private stuff private”.

  30. You know who else had a secret weapon…

    Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon Is Hillary Clinton

    Thanks to Hillary, Trump’s unification of the GOP is happening despite the candidate’s best efforts. Anecdotally speaking, the rationalization I hear most from conservatives who now begrudgingly back the billionaire has nothing to do with the candidate’s policy positions, outlook, or temperament. It’s generally little more than a deep detestation of Clinton, whom conservatives believe must be stopped for the good of the country. The thought of her presidency is unpalatable for most Republicans in a way that even an Obama term wasn’t. President Obama’s favorability numbers in 2008 and 2012 were far better.

    Hillary rouses a special kind of disdain. So does Trump, who carries around historically low favorability numbers among female, black, Hispanic, and Asian voters. But we shouldn’t forget that a chunk of those numbers are already baked into the electoral cake for Republicans. The GOP candidate was going to lose those groups anyway, even if a soft-spoken establishmentarian had won the primary. Obama, for instance, won 73 percent of Asian-Americans in 2012. How many will Hillary win? 75? Right now, 68 percent have a favorable view of her. The numbers may be similar, but they are unlikely to be much worse.

  31. Woman shows video of herself buying cocaine to deputies

    They stopped the vehicle, which Laroche was driving. Laroche apologized for weaving and speeding, and said she didn’t have a license because it was suspended.

    Laroche was arrested on a driving on a suspended license charge.

    One of the investigators noticed a dashcam type camera that was recording, and asked about the video quality. He asked if he could see the video, and Laroche said he could.

    “(The detective) saw that the video captured Laroche purchasing cocaine just prior to the traffic stop,” an affidavit states.

    Noting the accused drug seller, the detective went back to the spot and spoke to the seller, identified as 43-year-old William Hills.

    1. Never talk to police.

      Never never let police search you without a warrant.

      If you willingly show video of yourself buying cocaine… you’re really not going to listen to any of this, because you’re beyond hope.

      1. All good advice. I would add that if you’re brought in for anything, immediately demand a lawyer and declare that you won’t say anything further until you have spoken to one.

        1. That’s hard line to walk, because on the one hand it’s dumb to talk to the cops, but on the other hand if you don’t do what they say, as in don’t answer their questions, you risk being beaten or killed. After all, the cops can make up a story after they kill you and nothing else will happen.

          1. If you’ve already been brought in, you’re past the point of avoiding them. They’ll beat the shit out of if they are in the mood to, whether you answer their questions or not. Request an attorney immediately. Say nothing else until you have one.

            1. Still, it depends on the charges. At least here in Maine, if the charges don’t entail any jail time, you are not entitled to a public pretender. So if you can’t afford an attorney, you’re completely at their nonexistent mercy.

        2. My Crim Law prof (who was a crim defense lawyer before he started teaching) once told his class that the only defendants he reliably defended against charges were those who refused to speak to the police at all from the moment they were arrested. He said he couldn’t believe how often arrested people would incriminate themselves by chatting with cops prior to seeing their lawyer. His advice was “say nothing except simple questions such as ‘May I go to the bathroom, please?'”

          1. They people that talk are the one’s who don’t realize that 1) the police are not your friend 2) despite their claims, they will not help you out if you just admit that the 8lbs of weed are yours and 3) they will say absolutely anything to get you to talk.

          2. Yep. Never say a word to them, always get a lawyer immediately. This is going to sound goofy, but what finally convinced me of that is watching a shitload of Dateline/20 20/48 Hours true crime episodes late at night on Investigation Discovery. I get frequent bouts of insomnia, and there’s often nothing better to watch at 3 or 4 AM. It’s astonishing how many of these feature people who get convicted on remarkably insubstantial evidence, and the vast majority of them become suspects mainly because of something they told a cop. All it takes is something minor, like a small detail that varies from one account to another, and boom – a cop decides you’re guilty, a prosecutor brands you a liar, and a jury takes their word over yours and sends you to prison for life.

            I considered myself a fairly law and order sort of person who would have always cooperated with police for most of my life – hey, cause I’m not a criminal, right? – but I’ve come around completely on this stuff. It is so easy to convict an innocent man when the authorities are more interested in finding a scapegoat than finding the truth.

            1. It is so easy to convict an innocent man when the authorities are more interested in finding a scapegoat than finding the truth.

              Which is all the time. Being a prosecutor is often a stepping stone to higher office, and convictions make the person look good. They don’t give a shit if the person is guilty or not. They’ll knowingly condemn a hundred innocent people to death if it gets them closer to a position with more power, like governor or something.

  32. Honduran woman accused of punching a border agent’s horse

    Border Patrol agents were conducting enforcement operations near the tiny town of Why last Saturday.

    Late that night, they spotted nine people in the desert with seven large backpacks.

    The backpacks contained 374 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $500,000.

    Authorities say 29-year-old Karla Banegas-Banegas was part of the group and allegedly struck a Border Patrol horse in the face with a closed fist.

    Banegas-Banegas was booked into jail on suspicion of drug possession and transport plus animal cruelty to a work animal.

    1. That was one of the best scenes in Conan.

      1. The only horse punching scene I recall was from Blazing Saddles.

      2. but only a so-so scene in Blazing Saddles

        1. On its own or compared to the competition from the rest of the movie?

          1. only in comparison to the rest of the film, naturally

        2. Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad.

        3. Mongo sad.

      3. Conan punched a camel.

        1. enough of your euphemisms!

      4. That was a camel in Conan.

      5. Conan knocked out a camel.

        1. If I understand correctly, what people are saying is that it was a camel in Conan.

  33. Smoking cannabis ALTERS your DNA

    One might ask: What else alters your DNA?

    1. Pretty much everything

      1. Good Lord! Shouldn’t everything be so labeled, then?

        1. “Salt! – Non GMO and DNA-free!”

        2. That would be the civilized thing to do.

    2. The best part is the claim that these ‘alterations to your DNA’ are then passed on to your offspring.

      Lamarckian evolution FTW

      1. Which would likely mean that pretty much all of our DNA has already been altered, so “no harm, no foul”?

        1. The fact that I do not resemble a simple unicellular organism is proof that our DNA has been altered.

    3. I’m pretty sure people were trying to tell us this 20 years ago.

      This sounds like speculation on the part of a scientist who has already decided that cannabis is bad (or another terribly written article about science for the Mail). As far as I know, actual studies on the subject show a small anti-cancer effect of cannabis use, if anything. And that smoking it causes much less cancer than one would expect.

    1. Atheists are assholes. Not every atheist of course but atheism seems to attract a certain kind of insufferable busy body asshole.

      1. There’s the normal ones who leave people alone. Then there’s the evangelical atheists who get in people’s business as bad as any born-again preacher, without any of the restraints built into most religions.

        1. I think its the last part that is the big deal. The worst is when they are also socialists, because death camps are okay to them.

      2. I agree about the asshole anti-religion atheists. But it’s not clear that the complaint was from an atheist. For all we know it could be a relative of a Jewish soldier.

    2. “They asked were all those fallen soldiers Christian, and the answer to that was not, they obviously weren’t,”

      What the hell does that mean? If they were all Christian, the crosses are appropriate. But it would be a bit disrespectful if some weren’t.

    1. So you’re offended. Ok. Now what? Fuck off.

    2. Idiots.

  34. Anyone want a goat?

    1. I don’t have enough of a lawn to keep them fed.

    2. N-n-naaaaaaah.

      1. *narrows graze*

    1. “Judge ruled that parts of the video should remain sealed until trial is over”

      Because a trial is a search for Truth!

  35. Clinton thinks she knows how to take on Trump. Will it work?

    Clinton advisers are trying to stitch together an overall narrative that they are confident will destroy Trump, but they are still experimenting with tone and tactics as they seek an effective equilibrium. And even as they launched their first big effort this week, Trump’s response to it stole some of their thunder ? illustrating vividly that breaking through his barrage of attention-getting words will not be easy.

    Clinton’s aides say they have settled on the big story they want to tell about Trump: He is a business fraud who has cheated working people for his own gain, and his ideas, temperament and moves to marginalize people by race, gender and creed make him simply unacceptable as commander in chief.

    1. fraud who has cheated working people for his own gain

      Careful with *that* approach, H.

      1. Last time the Republicans nominated the one guy who couldn’t attack Obama on Obamacare. This time the Democrats are going to nominate the one candidate who can’t attack Trump… on anything really.

        Trump may be a con-man but he doesn’t have an ongoing FBI felony investigation hanging over his head and didn’t make his money selling state secrets. He may be a womanizer, but none of them ever filed rape or assault charges. He may stretch the truth and change his mind – but the Clintons are synonymous with lying at this point – Bill was disbarred for lying under oath and Hillary’s a pathological liar.

        1. I’m not aware of her ‘selling state secrets’, just grossly mishandling them. There seems to be plenty of ammunition to accuse her of selling access and influence to the highest bidder, which should be plenty horrible enough.

          1. You are right. God and hackers only know what was in the “private” emails deleted from her server, but they certainly monetized access to the tune of a couple hundred $million.

    2. From what I’ve seen, they have a general plan of attack much like the GOP had, and they are using the exact same attacks thrown at Romney in 2012.

      He doesn’t pay taxes!

      He is an evil rich guy who cheats the little guy!

      He is sexist/racist!

      No, it won’t work.

    3. Good thinking, Clinton campaign. None of the sixteen Republican primary candidates thought to go after Trump’s “ideas, temperament and moves to marginalize people by race, gender, and creed.” After making those arguments, why don’t you talk more about gun control and DOJ-enforced transgendered bathroom usage. All winning issues in OH and PA!

    4. Here is what Clinton and Trump’s GOP opponents don’t understand. Everyone knows the system is corrupt and to get ahead, you have to play by its rules. Nice, honest people finish last. You don’t get ahead in business unless you are willing to pay off various politicians and figure out how to make the crooked system if not work for you at least not destroy you.

      So when people see this stuff, they are going to shrug and see it as more evidence of why they need to elect an outsider like Trump. These attacks will just bounce off of him or maybe make him more popular. Whatever they do, they won’t help Hillary.

      1. The reasons I’ve been given that some people who personally detest Trump support him (a supervisor at one of my jobs, for instance) is because he has played the political game from the outside for so long, so what he wants done will get done with compromises, including on trade. And since he knows the angles of donating for cooperation, maybe he has a better solution than the common ones proposed by lifelong politicians.

  36. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel ‘bankrolled’ Hulk Hogan’s legal battle against Gawker, report claims, ‘after the site tried to out the tech billionaire as gay in 2007’

    A well-known Silicon Valley billionaire businessman is allegedly the investor who backed Hulk Hogan through his legal battle against Gawker Media.

    Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, is footing the legal bill for the former wrestler who won his suit against Gawker in March, according to Forbes.

    It is claimed Thiel backed the legal case against Gawker after the site published an article in 2007 claiming ‘Peter Thiel is totally gay, people.’

    1. There’s a lot of gay jokes and worldplay that can be done with “PayPal,” but I’m still trying to figure out who would even know who Peter Thiel is or why the fuck they would care about his sexual orientation.

      1. Gawker outed Tim Geithner’s brother for no reason. They just really like outing people

        1. They’re assholes of the first order, that’s the reason.

      2. Gawker, a company that only exists because you can make money off the internet, is always been dedicated to tearing down anyone who makes money off the internet.

        PayPal, Uber, AirBnB, Twitter, Facebook, and the whole Silicon Valley has been a continual target of their’s since they pivoted from being a cut-rate Page 6 rip-off. Denton’s entire business model is based on class war and preening hypocrisy.

        1. And offshore bank accounts. Don’t forget the offshore bank accounts.

          1. Bringing them up is an insta-ban. He must have set up bots searching on those keywords.

        2. I really hate how sanctimonious lefty publications are always so quick to go with the gay slur. Why is Theil being gay newsworthy or worth tabloid treatment? Its the 21st Century not 1955. Yet lefty publications will play the “he is really gay” card like it is 1955 all the time. They think everyone else is homophobic monsters yet they are the only ones who ever seem to care that someone is gay.

          1. That “okay, does it make any difference to me? No” reaction baffles some people, especially leftists. The poor dears get confused when their personal sexuality and/or gender identity don’t matter at all to other people. It severely pissed off a lot of people at the other branches of my church when my church’s youth group basically all said that to the much larger percentage of different sexuality and gender identity individuals from the other youth groups. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that our Sunday school teachers for most of our youth group’s lives had been early boomers, and literally people who marched in the South for civil rights, and believed strongly in “the content of your character” not “the color of your skin”, versus all of the other branches, who were mostly proto-SJW types and social sciences professors. Unfortunately, it seems like our church became more and more SJW over the years.

    2. Karma isn’t something that happens. Karma is something Thiel inflicts.

      1. Yeah, you do not cross an angry queen with billions of dollars to burn.

  37. They Supported Abortion ? Until They Saw This Video

    When faced with the reality of the abortion procedure, many people who are pro-choice change their minds instantly. A video put out by Live Action shows former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levantino describing and showing the process of a second-trimester (13-24 weeks of pregnancy) surgical abortion procedure. Dr. Levantino has preformed over 1,200 abortions and explains in detail how babies are ripped apart limb by limb in these procedures.

    Live Action approached people on the street and asked them if they were pro-choice. To those that said yes, even up to the point of birth, they showed Dr. Levantino’s video of the procedure. After watching the video, the people who claimed to be pro-choice changed their minds on the spot. They admitted they were unaware of how developed babies are at this point in pregnancy and described the video as “inhumane.”

    1. Yeah, not surprised. A lot of policy is based upon what people find squicky. Seeing something with defined limbs get torn apart is squicky to modern humans who’ve never even slaughtered an animal for food.

      1. I’ve taken part in the slaughtering of animals for food and I still get disgusted by seeing a human being torn apart (baby or not) by another human being.

  38. “Anti-Donald Trump protesters got rowdy in New Mexico last night. ”

    If Trump supporters behaved the way those people did, Reason would not stop freaking out about it for about a month

    1. Bernie basically threatened/condoned violence, and Reason was silent on it.

      It is a bit strange to me just how virulently anti-Trump Reason is. Apparently, open borders is the be all end of Reason’s version of libertarianism.

      1. I’m comfortable with the scathing criticism of Trump;in my opinion, he deserves it.

        I do wish they would turn a similarly harsh light on Sanders. Sanders is far more dangerous than Trump. The guy’s an unreconstructed Sandanista Communist, fer crying out loud!

        1. Trump deserves all the criticism he gets. What’s disingenuous is the claim that Trump’s supporters are dangerous violent fascists when every time there’s a riot or someone gets shutdown by a mob, it was leftists committing the actual assaults.

        2. +1 honeymoon in the USSR

        3. Clinton is even worse. She has no principles whatsoever beyond filling her and her cronies’ war chests but she has somehow managed to bluff her way through the leftist creed anyway.

        4. I wish they would showcase where Libertarian-leaning solutions are being found in the marketplace of ideas rather than tell me what’s wrong with so-and-so 800 times a month.

      2. I’m virulently anti-Trump and it’s still fairly obvious all the actual violence is coming from the left. Milo Yiannopoulos was also attacked by BLM protesters yesterday who then proceeded to assault multiple people who were just wandering around on DePaul’s campus.

        1. And the security guards that DePaul made Yiannopoulos hire stood there and refused to do anything. The BLM and Bernie people are straight up fascists. And the media at most ignores them and sometimes cheerleads them.

  39. The man behind the 2014 leak of myriad nude celebrity photos has plead guilty to felony computer hacking.

    This is surprising. Get two or three men on that jury and there’s no way they convict.

    1. Depends on the men in question.

    2. Why he’s a national hero!

      1. He deserves a medal, not prison

        1. So you’re cool with invading privacy?

  40. Here are 11 questions you can ask Libertarians to see if they’re hypocrites

    Libertarians have a problem. Their political philosophy all but died out in the mid- to late-20th century, but was revived by billionaires and corporations that found them politically useful. And yet libertarianism retains the qualities that led to its disappearance from the public stage, before its reanimation by people like the Koch brothers: It doesn’t make any sense.

    They call themselves “realists” but rely on fanciful theories that have never predicted real-world behavior. They claim that selfishness makes things better for everybody, when history shows exactly the opposite is true. They claim that a mythical “free market” is better at everything than the government is, yet when they really need government protection, they’re the first to clamor for it.

    1. Here’s the first “gotcha”:

      So our first hypocrisy test question is, Are unions, political parties, elections, and social movements like Occupy examples of “spontaneous order”?and if not, why not?

      1. No, because there’s nothing sponteneous about unions, poltical parties, or elections, and OWS was not a ‘social movement’, it was a clusterfuck that burned out fast.

        1. Regardless, libertarianism itself is not opposed to any of those organizations. They all have freedom of association and the right to exist. The question is meaningless (I’m not clicking the link). What they have the right to do politically is another matter.

          It’s also deeply ironic that they point to movements like black lives matter that latched onto something that libertarians were bitching about more persistently than anyone else (even if race was not the focus) well before Ferguson.

      2. Question #2:

        Is a libertarian willing to admit that production is the result of many forces, each of which should be recognized and rewarded?

        I, for one, give each of the orphans at my pollution factory a shiny sixpence at the end of the month and thank them for a job well done.

        1. Which gets us to our next test question: Is a libertarian willing to admit that production is the result of many forces, each of which should be recognized and rewarded?

          Retail stores like Walmart and fast-food corporations like McDonalds cannot produce wealth without employees. (1) Don’t those employees have the right to “coordinate their actions with those of others in order to achieve their purposes”?for example, in unions? (2) You would think that free-market philosophers would encourage workers, as part of a free-market economy, to discover the market value for their services through negotiation.

          1: Give it time, because as self-serve kiosk and self-driving delivery trucks become more feasible and cheaper than labor, fewer employees may be needed.

          2: People have a right to form groups such as unions for a coordinated goal, but they do not have the right to force people to become union members, nor should employees be compelled to seek employees only from a single monopolistic source.

          The derp is strong with this author.

          1. You would think that free-market philosophers would encourage workers, as part of a free-market economy, to discover the market value for their services through negotiation.

            You would think that, which is why they do. Consistently. That’s all Don Boudreaux talks about now. The difference is that we don’t think workers are total idiots who need the state to negotiate or set wages for them. Idiots.

        2. We generally don’t talk about how those factors “should be” rewarded, only that whatever is agreed-upon should be respected.

      3. Wouldn’t Occupy’s swift failure suggest it was not a spontaneous order? But yes, stable social movements in general are.

        Unions, sure, they are. Political parties form according to the structure of the state, so in that way they count. But elections are… elections. They’re singular events designed by an organization. Idiots.

    2. 1 Question To See If Richard Eskow Knows Anything About Libertarians

      Did Richard Escow illustrate an article about libertarianism with a picture of Ayn Rand? If yes, then ignore Richard Escow.

      1. But he also hits on the Kochs, Reason, and Exxon. He’s got it all figured out.

      2. We’re talking about the other libertarianism, the political philosophy whose avatar is the late writer Ayn Rand. . . one that celebrates greed and even brutality.

        Toats libertarian, brah. That’s everyone here to a “T,” no exceptions.

    3. Your average leftist nitwit has no problem believing in spontaneous order in a natural ecosystem, but believes the idea is just nonsense when it comes to human behavior in economics…unless it’s carbon or sin taxes. Many of their favored regulations of the market depend on the same economic principles even if they are too stupid to realize it.

      Also, Venezuela.

      1. And evolution arose from spontaneous order, and we are intelligent creatures that are the result of it, so spontaneous order should have zero effect on us because we can think and reason…. WHAT!?!?!?!?

      2. I assure you that your average leftist nitwit does not know that evolution has anything to do with spontaneous order or really understands what it about.

    4. Jesus why did i click on that link. Question 1 – did you read this article? Answer – if you did, you just lost between 15 and 40 IQ points, plus you got smoke inhalation from all the burning strawmen.

      1. you clicked on it because you are Jezus. Thank you for suffering for us

      2. I only went for the picture of Ayn.

        1. Same here. Totally would.

    5. There’s no point in playing this author’s game and answering these questions as though he were framing and asking them honestly. He is purposefully misusing language.

      Are unions, political parties, elections, and social movements like Occupy examples of “spontaneous order”?and if not, why not?

      Are state protected unions, political parties, elections and social movements that demand more state power examples of “spontaneous order”?—Because I really want to confuse you about the term so you’ll think it’s hypocritical for a libertarians to oppose authoritarian impulses.

      Is a libertarian willing to admit that production is the result of many forces, each of which should be recognized and rewarded?

      Is a libertarian willing to admit that since the government is the people, that the government should be able to steal as much of your productive capacity as they feel they can get away with?

      Is our libertarian willing to acknowledge that workers who bargain for their services, individually and collectively, are also employing market forces?

      Is our libertarian will to admit that unions own all the jobs and that when the government gives unions monopoly privileges and statutory advantages in their negotiations, that this is the free market at work?

      1. Is our libertarian willing to admit that a “free market” needs regulation?

        Is our libertarian willing to admit that you can’t have a free market without central planners and systemic extortion?

        Does our libertarian believe in democracy? If yes, explain what’s wrong with governments that regulate.

        Does our libertarian deny the right of majorities in arbitrary territories to make arbitrary decisions about other people’s life, liberty and property?

        Does our libertarian reject any and all government protection for his intellectual property?

        Does our libertarian not thank his majesty for the monopoly legal system that he’s privileged to use?

        Does our libertarian recognize that democracy is a form of marketplace?

        Does our libertarian understand that majorities have a right to loot and step on minorities and this is voluntary?

      2. Does our libertarian recognize that large corporations are a threat to our freedoms?

        Does our libertarian understand that Microsoft trying to sell you shit is exactly the same as the Gestapo hauling away your family?

        If you believe in the free market, why weren’t you willing to accept as final the judgment against libertarianism rendered decades ago in the free and unfettered marketplace of ideas?

        If you believe in the free market of ideas, why aren’t you willing to accept the success story of communism and socialism that killed and/or enslaved hundreds of millions of people last century?

        1. Thanks for posting all of them, since the first two questions weren’t so obviously terrible. The guy quickly devolves into begging the question and saying libertarians are hypocrites for not believing progressive orthodoxy.

  41. ‘Alt-right’ white supremacists have chosen Taylor Swift as their ‘Aryan goddess’ icon, through no fault of her own

    “Take Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus as examples of this: both began their lives with the same Nordic blood that Swift did, but what makes these two degenerates unfit for consideration as fascist icons?” the curator said. “It is because, although Aryan in blood, the two are not Aryan in spirit. To be Aryan in spirit is what completes the fascist.”

    It is not a joke, but it is a joke, but it isn’t a joke. Let’s investigate!

    1. Kim Kardashian is Armenian. Am I missing something there or do modern day Aryans define the term more broadly? Big-tent Aryanism?

      1. Well, I don’t know about modern day Aryans, but the historical Aryans were the guys who left a land known as ‘Iran’ to conquer northern India and ended up fathering the Brahmin caste.

      2. No, Kim Kardashian is not an Aryan. These idiots are too stupid to even racist properly.

      3. You know who else was in favor of Big-Tent Aryanism?

        1. Not me?

        2. The Waffen SS, circa 1944?

      4. The pronunciation is close. Don’t confuse them.

      5. Big-Ass Aryanism

      6. Holy Cow! “Big-tent Aryanism” made me laugh. I award Brochetta 10 internet points.

  42. Some fans want Captain America to have a boyfriend, though it won’t be easy to rethink this superhero

    Jess Salerno, a student and fan of the Marvel films, created the tag that engulfed Twitter’s superhero imagination. “I feel like it sucks that people in the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community don’t get the representation that they deserve,” she told Metro UK, “and it would be so amazing for something like Captain America or Marvel to be able to portray that.”

    The gay menace has finally crossed a line.

    1. They can have gay aquaman.

      1. They could even make him closeted, since he has to produce an heir (he is king of Atlantis, after all). It would totally work!

    2. Write your own fuckin’ comics.

        1. What… the hell… is that?

        2. She’s plopping into a big pile of eclairs isn’t she?

          1. She does look happy.

            1. The correct word is ‘jolly’.

        3. It’s funny. Apparently her love interest is a healthy weight. It seems that the authors can’t get around what they find attractive even when they pretend everyone else should.

      1. There are already gay superheroes and some of them have already been in movies. (Colossus is gay and was in Deadpool, although I don’t recall them making a point of his homosexuality).

        I don’t know why they don’t just ask for movies featuring some of the gay heroes instead of trying to make a character who is canonically straight into a gay guy. He’s had multiple onscreen relationships with women in the movies, so how does this even make sense?

        1. It’s not about representation, it’s about taking from the straights.

        2. Colossus is gay

          Not in the mainstream Marvel comic, he’s not. He was in the alternate “Ultimate” timeline, but not the regular 616 universe.

          – Nerdy comic book guy

          1. Iceman is 616 and Top Gun gay.

            1. Yeah, that’s a recent retcon (which doesn’t even really make any sense). He’s had relationships with women for 50 years? eh, oh well. He’s gay now.

              1. Let’s be honest… Bobby never did all that well with the ladies. “I can turn my dick into ice,” is a turn-on for a very thin layer of the lady dating pool.

                Deadpool has been bi (or maybe pan) for a long time.

                Midnighter and Apollo have been around since the late 90s.

                Northstar has been out since 1983.

                And of course:

                and it would be so amazing for something like Captain America or Marvel to be able to portray that

                Does she even know that one is a character and the other is a comic book company?

              2. I still maintain that teenage Jean is manipulating him. He’s got a five-decade history of dating women.

        3. I don’t recall them making a point of his homosexuality

          I think you have identified the problem.

        4. They’ve had representation going back to at least the not so subtle gay undertones of the campy ’60s Batman series.

          I mean, like, hellooooo Batman, Catwoman is trying to come onto you again, and look at her for crying out loud dude, what’s wrong with you?

        5. Ultimate Colossus was gay. 616 is hetero, though a bit of a cradle-robber.

    3. Look, fan bois, it’s either relevant to the story or it isn’t relevant to the story, and if it isn’t relevant to the story then what the fuck is it doing in the book?

      Retconning Dumbledore was petty crap. There? It was actually relevant to the story. Why not just include it? WTF tweets are not canon. *throws hands in the air*


    4. “I feel like it sucks that people in the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community don’t get the representation that they deserve,”

      The activist industry gives them an abundance of representation.

      1. What did Hamlet say again about what most people would get if they got what they deserve?

  43. Building robot McDonald’s staff ‘cheaper’ than hiring workers on minimum wage

    A former McDonald’s CEO warned that robots will take over staff jobs at the fast food empire – because it’s cheaper than employing humans.

    Ed Rensi has said that buying highly skilled robotics is a cheaper alternative than employing people on minimum wage to work in the company’s worldwide restaurants.

    He warned that huge job losses are imminent, and commented that it would be ‘common sense’ to replace humans in the workplace.

    This comes as a study into the future of human employment has predicted a surge in machine-led work such as robotic counsellors, body part makers and virtual lawyers.

    Skynet McDonaldsBot begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

    1. Is there anything on the McDonald’s menu that couldn’t be made in a vending machine?

      1. Does the snotty service count?

        1. How about randomly fucking up your order?

    2. In a panic, they try to pull the plug

      But the residue from the fryer makes it impossible to get a grip on the plastic.

    3. Good, that will free up the human employees to pursue their dreams and major in white supremacy privilege studies

      1. It does raise the troubling question of what these people do with themselves once the entry-level job market is gone. People who can’t get a job like that are basically unemployable, and I’m tired of paying for the people we already have on the dole.

        1. Maybe they can become economic migrants and move in with Cytotoxic?

          1. I think the rude awakening they’re in for is not going to pleasant for the rest of us.

          2. His Mom’s basement doesn’t have that much room.

  44. Anti-Trump Crowd Causes Ruckus

    “Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style
    If what you say is true,
    The Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous
    Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?
    En garde, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style”

    1. +1 Diversified portfolio

  45. Did anyone else see that Matt Bruenig got fired from his job for calling a Hillary Clinton hack a ‘scumbag’ on Twitter?

    I fucking hate that guy and I still think that’s absurd. He’s a guy who’s justified rioting before and he gets fired for attacking a Hillary drone? It’s almost like his thinktank doesn’t actually give a shit about his ‘incivility’ and is just protecting the donor class.

    1. ENB recently posted a horrible link that summarized the horrible story about those horrible people. My summary: everyone is an asshole.

      1. Link? I must have missed it when it came out.

            1. I didn’t want him to see Vox and run away screaming.

              1. He still hasn’t said thank you. That guy…

                1. I just finished reading it. It was painful.

                  I should have just trusted your summary. Everyone involved was and likely remains an asshole.

    2. I didn’t know he was actually employed by a thinktank. I find that more alarming.

      1. Meh. He’s made some arguments I find completely absurd (the fact he’s never apologized for the pure idiocy of that riot article is appalling), but he’s the rare leftist who makes arguments I actually have to think about.

        He’s an independent thinker and is not a party hack, which makes him rare on the left these days.

        He’s still a fucking prick, but he was probably the best person working for Demos and they fired him for criticizing Hillary supporters

  46. Ha! He insulted the president of the Center for American Progress. What a dumbass.

  47. They’ve found one of our orphan plantations! *wipes single tear from monocle*

    Indonesian 8-year-olds could be picking the tobacco in your cigarettes

    Thousands of children as young as eight are working in hazardous conditions on tobacco farms in Indonesia, putting them at risk of cancer, respiratory problems and nicotine poisoning, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

    1. I honestly don’t know whether to believe anything the government or media have to say on this topic.

      Link on same page about “skyrocketing e-cig kid-poisoning”. I recall that was debunked already.

      1. And 100 years ago, when the US was poorer, 8 year olds were working with all sorts of agricultural products, as it has been since the invention of agriculture. In 2016, the entire concept of having a kid work on a farm has to get special dispensation from government bureaucrats to get around ridiculously stringent child labor laws, and not for lack of desire to regulate on the part of the state, exceptions were made only after farm families and their powerful lobby doth protest too much.

        So no, this story of kids harvesting cash crops in a poor country is not some great injustice.

        1. I’m also not clear on how they’re “at risk of cancer, respiratory problems and nicotine poisoning” – unless they’re smoking on the job? Maybe the article explains it but I doubt its accuracy in any case.

          1. Cutting tobacco or topping corn stalks or loading bales were good ways for kids to make decent chunk of change for a really hard days work when I was a little older than that (12 or 13).

            I never actually did tobacco, but know plenty of people that did. Wear gloves and cover up, or get a massive nicotine headache a little later.

          2. Tobacco plants are very resinous. Touching the plants gets it on you and the nicotine is absorbed through the skin.

            They mow tobacco fields to 3-4′ to remove the flowers. The equipment ends up with a thick coating of tar. I scraped a hunk of that shit off and put it ‘tween my cheek and gum. It was like an instant injection of nicotine.

  48. L O motherfucking L!

    I’m having a stroke I laughed so hard.

    1. Our culture has always found ways to problematize poor people and fat people, often conflating the two groups in the terrible stereotypes of the Pepsi-swilling welfare queen, and the Cheeto-munching, NASCAR-loving boogeyman who willfully inflates healthcare costs for everyone with his abominable laziness.

      Problematize? PROBLEMATIZE?

      1. I suppose if you like being fat and/or poor, it’s not a problem. But for most people those things are considered problems. Which I guess is what “problematize” means.

        1. It’s a weaponized problem.

      2. Is she deliberately ignoring the correlation between poor people and incidence of morbid obesity in this country?

      3. I think we can all agree that it’s the education system that has failed the author most.

    2. I hate fatasses trying to pretend there’s nothing wrong with being fat.

      Speaking as a fat bastard myself, I know it’s my own damn fault and I should get on with fixing it. I do not go around trying to blame anyone else or try to claim it isn’t an issue.

        1. Is it goodwill hunting? I’m not clicking your link.

          1. I’m not clicking your link.

            I’m not clicking yours. Ball is in your court.

            1. My links are helpful. Your links make me question humanity’s right to exist.

      1. I suppose if someone is happy being fat and accepts all of the consequences that go with being fat, then there isn’t anything wrong with it.
        But this person seems to want to go full on bananas and claim that people being interested in physical fitness is somehow a negative thing in the culture.

        1. There is a difference between not hating yourself and pretending your flaws are somehow virtues. I don’t hate myself. There are however a lot of things about myself I would change if I could or should change but don’t have the self discipline to do so. My accepting that like everyone am flawed and not obsessing and hating myself over my flaws is called being a well adjusted person. My deciding that my flaws rather than flaws are really virtues and the world is just evil and bigoted for not seeing them as such is me being a narcissistic nut.

          1. That’s more or less what I am getting at. If you are happy and accept the consequences of your obesity or bad habits or whatever, good for you. I’m not going to tell you you need to change.
            When you start to try to convince everyone that no one should consider those things a problem is where it goes off the rails. Most people don’t want to be fat and for good reason.

            1. Exactly that Zeb.

    3. You people with your health privilege

      Any authentic campaign to prioritize health would address poverty and push for a living wage one could actually live on; it would push, with a typical Cross-Fitter’s evangelical zeal, for safer neighborhoods and more public parks. A truly positive, lasting vision of health?one that doesn’t drive people to turn their calorie counts into a calculus of their worth?should be about community, not competition. It isn’t about being “holier than thou,” about making that 6 p.m. yoga class, and then dashing off to the My Organic Market to pick up a hormone-free chicken for dinner. Healthiness should be about making each and every body, no matter how big or small, how fit or able, feel protected and cherished.

      “We are the world, we are the children”

      1. Healthiness should be about making each and every body, no matter how big or small, how fit or able, feel protected and cherished.

        That’s what church is for. Now do yourself a favor and skip the mashed potatoes.

      2. And if so be, by force through the butt end of a gun backed up by the state because guddemmit you’re gonna eat and live according to MY VISION!

    4. Her article titles are magnificent:

      Holiday kitsch is killing us: I’ve had enough of these pageants of enforced feeling that leave us all empty

      My home on the Island of Daydreaming Girls ? with Michael Fassbender, Marlon Brando, and Tom Hardy at my side

      I can’t forgive my mother

      I’m terrified of the cicada onslaught

      My best relationship is with my dog

      How Melissa McCarthy sold out overweight women

      1. She sounds like a lot of fun.

        1. *passes the bag of flower*

      2. She sounds like well rounded, intelligent and emotionally stable young, professional woman.

        1. No. She sounds like a retarded, fat bag of shit.

            1. Crusty??

      3. It’s hard for a woman to be described as a douche bag, but the title fits this one.

      4. Hahahahahaha….I’m sure her feelings for Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and (I assume) a young Brando have nothing whatsoever to do with their looks and muscular builds. WHY IS SHE SO FULL OF HATE FOR TUBBY ACTORS???

    5. if her heart disease treatment is going to cost my health insurer 500K and impact my premiums, then fuck her.

    1. It’s not that big of a deal because you know Bill Cosby has been photographed with a ton of political figures.

  49. Celebgate? No one has ever called it that.

    1. Do you seriously expect people who pretend to be serious journalists to call it “the Fappening”?

      1. A) Like they don’t call it that way and refer to it by that name between themselves.

        B) That would save us the embarrassment of having to look for it just to make sure we are talking about the same story.

        C) Seth MacFarlane will have to write a new song.

  50. Anti-Donald Trump protesters got rowdy in New Mexico last night.

    Christ Almighty, Ms. Nolan-Brown, why’d you go and have to make me agree with John?

    They didn’t “get rowdy”. They rioted. Call a thing by its proper name. Disliking Donald Trump doesn’t mean you have to support every douchebag who also happens to oppose him. It’s possible to dislike both Trump and the rioters.

    1. You should be thanking ENB Bill. I do my best to enlighten you but I can only do so much. ENB seems to have accomplished something I can’t.

      1. ENB seems to have accomplished something I can’t.

        It is true – ENB is pretty likeable.


        1. And as Tundra says she is wonderfully cute. And when did I ever claim to be likable? When did I ever want to be likable?

          1. And when did I ever claim to be likable?

            You haven’t.

            When did I ever want to be likable?

            Obviously never.

            You wrote: “ENB seems to have accomplished something I can’t.”

            And I wrote that she is pretty likeable. Meaning: you cannot be likeable, even if you did try to be likeable, which you obviously do not try to do, because there is no way anyone could like you.

            1. I understood the joke. And for the record is wasn’t a bad one. I just responded with “well yeah…”

              1. I know you understood the joke. Further explaining why you do not possess the ability to be liked – that it is impossible for any person to actually like you in any way – is also part of the joke.

                1. That is right juggler. My wife always makes that clear every time she demands payment for being around me.

      2. No. Acknowledging that the rioters are simply that doesn’t mean buying into your Oompa-Loompa Messiah.

        1. While I think that your becoming a Christian is a good idea Bill, you are of course free not to be one. So please don’t think I expect you to acknowledge my Messiah.

          1. Watching you try to be clever is like watching a dog chase a laser pointer, and it never gets old.

            1. And it always seems to get under your skin. So there is that.

  51. The man behind the 2014 leak of myriad nude celebrity photos has plead guilty to felony computer hacking.


    Per the article-

    Collins admitted that beginning in 2012, he sent emails to victims disguised to appear to be from Apple or Google, asking that the recipients provide their usernames and passwords.

    I tend to hold the term “hacker” to some higher level. What he did was the equivalent of saying “I’m from the FBI, give my your address and housekey” and calling him a “cat burglar”. “Hacker” evokes some guy battling fire walls and other high end security measures, clacking away on two keyboards at once to stay ahead of detection.

    “Hey, I’m from Apple, howsabout your user name and password?”

    Impressive. Beyond MY abilities.

    1. Social engineering is the primary tool of many hackers.

      1. I don’t know if they’ve formally spun phishing off from the overall umbrella label or not.

        1. Its a sub section of the wikipedia page. Is there anything more official than that?

    2. It’s called phishing. It’s a common tactic because it is effective. The mails usually contain company logos and graphics to make them look legit, and are worded in such a way as to get the recipient to think there is a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

      1. But doesn’t even the lousiest firewall or anti-virus protection see through that and put the message in your spam folder or tell you it is not legit?

        1. Depends on how well they disguise it. Also I would imagine that if it is a brand new phishing expedition, then the virus definitions wouldn’t have it. It would have to be caught by someone and reported first. Usually the address it is from will contain the company’s name, which helps to add an aura of legitimacy. These guys are clever, and they use this technique because it works.

          1. The lesson is two fold; don’t keep anything on your phone you wouldn’t be okay with the entire world seeing and don’t ever send your password in response to an email. No company should ever have a need for your password. It is their system. You go to them to unlock your account when you forget your password. Why the hell would they ever need to ask you what it is except when you are logging into the system?

            1. Like I said, the message is usually crafted so as to make the recipient think there is some kind of emergency, so they react by following the instructions before thinking about it carefully. I fell for it once about ten years ago. Didn’t even know that such scams existed at the time, though I do now since I take all kinds of security awareness training for work.

              1. I never fell for one but I remember the IT people where I worked going crazy about them and telling everyone what they were when they first started to be a problem.

  52. “Trump supporters get rowdy”

    “Activists in Ferguson get a little rambunctious”

    “Anti-draft protesters in New York work off some steam”

    1. “Typhoid Mary gives people the sniffles”

      “Border clashes between Russia and Ukraine give soldiers owies”

      “ISIS gives noogies to gays, dissenters”

    2. If Trump people had acted that way last night, Brown’s headline would read something like “Pro Drumpf fascist brownshirts stage mini Night of the Long Knives” or something.

      But when it’s Obamabots and Shillaries and Sanderistas destroying property and throwing rocks at people, they’re just simply “getting rowdy”. That’s how it goes.

  53. In news that should warm every Hit & Run commenter’s heart, The Wall Street Journal calls on Preet Bahara to publicly apologize for his disgusting misbehavior.

    “Oh, and where does Rebecca Mairone go to get her reputation back? An apology from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and other Justice officials would be a start.”

    —-“The Bank Fraud That Wasn’t”…..1464132299

    1. Hey, he ruined some careers and damaged some companies, that’s been enough to get elected Governor of NY in the past.

    2. Paywalled.

      Anyway if he brings down Cuomo and Deblasio, I’ll turn the other cheek.

  54. No president can “save the economy.”

    The linked article concludes:

    The president might not be able to conjure GDP growth out of thin air. But he (or she) can shape how the winnings are distributed. Don’t vote for the conjuring act. Vote for the distribution.

    So, to The Atlantic, it’s all about the vision of the welfare state that the candidate offers.

    Which is bullshit. The president can’t “save the economy”, but he can wreck it with regulations, mandates, prohibitions, and taxes. He can, however, unshackle it repealing regulations, prohibitions, and taxes.

    Obama has been particularly bad in this regard. For the first time history, the US has had more business closures than startups during an eight-year presidential regime. Labor force participation of adults is at an all-time low. He’s the first president to fail to have a single year breaking three percent GDP growth. Despite trillions of dollars of intervention directed by the president, the economy is still operating well below its potential.

    1. I’m surprised they gave the game away by identifying “the economy” with GDP growth. The editor must have been on vacation.

      1. They did this in the 70s when the economy was so obviously horrible even the hacks could no longer deny it with a straight face. The ideology is never wrong. So when things go to shit the excuse is “well this is just how things are and people need stop having such unrealistic expectations and learn to live with it.”

    2. The president might not be able to conjure GDP growth out of thin air.

      In part, this is true. What they do is deduct from the rate of growth that would be realized if they didn’t fuck with things.

      But he (or she) can shape how the winnings are distributed.

      And this bullshit is one of the things that deducts from the rate of growth that would otherwise be achieved. Redistribution reduces growth. That isn’t some sort of fanciful opinion. It’s basic economics. If you believe in supply and demand curves, that’s what happens. You can argue the effect is more or less pronounced. But, pretending it doesn’t exist makes you a moron.

      Don’t vote for the conjuring act. Vote for the distribution.

      So, in Atlantic-world wealth can be redistributed without being created. No wonder they don’t get supply and demand curves.

    3. There’s a reason (pardon the pun) that the Atlantic is so beloved and frequently cited by all our fake libertarian SJWs like Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

      Which is not really a shocker considering they have so many of their soul brothers and sisters over there like Megan Macadoodle and Conor Friedersdorf.

      1. Megan Macadoodle

        I laughed. I actually laughed.

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      2. Which is not really a shocker considering they have so many of their soul brothers and sisters over there like Megan Macadoodle and Conor Friedersdorf.

        …But that’s not the reason?

        1. Yes, it is the reason. The Atlantic is the #2 home (after here) of left-liberals making a living as professional fake libertarians.

          Heck, Andrew Sullivan was the original founder of the genre. All these clowns like Brown are just copying him to a ‘T’.

  55. The New Yorker tackles the “looming Title IX crisis” posed by the transgender bathroom debate.

    If feminists thought they had a problem with the male gaze … just wait until every locker room is unisex.

  56. Per the photo: I am here to tell you that green chile is one of the most delicious things on earth.

    That is all.

  57. Dude that looks like its gonna be really good.

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