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"Hogan's Heroes"

Scottish police have arrested Markus Meechan for a hate crime after he taught his girlfriend's dog to raise its paw when it heard the phrase "Sieg Heil" and posted a video of the dog watching a speech by Adolf Hitler.

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  1. Damn,the Scotts have gone full retard.Can’t take a joke across the pond or in Europe now a days.OT,I watched Blazing Saddles again the other night,Then again,that might be a hate crtime right there.

  2. At least we can rest assured that this could literally never happen in America.

    1. We only have proper speech regulations like those in NY that force people to use the right gender pronouns.

      1. Yeah,how does that not get tossed in court?

        1. It’s pretty recent and I don’t believe it’s been challenged yet. I mean, how long did stop and frisk last?

    2. Can’t tell if you are sarcing or not, Pat. But as Charles CW Cooke wrote about the Meechan incident:

      Were I to find myself near him, I doubt that I would friends with the maker of this video. Were he to start a business, I doubt I’d frequent it. Were he to run for office, I daresay that I’d vote for his opponent. But to see him “arrested” ? and in my name, to boot ? is an unmitigated disgrace. Pity him as I may, I am not scared of Markus Meechan. Irritate me as they might, I am not troubled by the handful of human beings who share his silly views. But men with night-sticks and uniforms and the right to dictate what is “offensive” and what is “reasonable”? That is the stuff of nightmares.

      And I wholeheartedly agree.

      1. But men with night-sticks and uniforms and the right to dictate what is “offensive” and what is “reasonable”? That is the stuff of nightmares.

        To prevent Nazism, we must act like Nazis.

  3. Ivan Pavlov wanted for questioning.

  4. Hopefully they arrested the dog, too. Can’t be too carful.

    1. no they just shot the dog…

    2. I thought the dog was the victim of the hate crime!

  5. Presumably screenings of Raiders of the Lost Ark are now forbidden in Scotland, too.

    1. Also Blues Brothers.

    2. And the end of History Of The World: Part I.

    3. Animal House

  6. OT:

    AMERICA SUCKS!!!…..-1.2643214

    Gotta love a column on how shitty America is written by a white man who claims to be black….

    1. I would reply that America was great by comparison to everywhere else. As bad as it was for blacks in various parts of the country, living in a ‘free’ Africa today is worse.

      1. Maybe the next black president will finally be able to heal the wounds and get us to that post-racial society.

        1. Hey, the best part of Obama’s tenure has been all the racial healing.

    2. “Sure, Paradise Island is great for all the attractive, nude people cavorting there, but is it great for that one kid born with Down’s Syndrome?”

      Also, an editorial should never contain the phrase “if you think about it”.

      1. I suggest “if you think about thinking about it” instead.

  7. You know who else … forget it.

    1. However, a spokeswoman for the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities told the Daily Mirror: “Antisemitism is not something that can in any degree be regarded as a joke…”

      You know who else didn’t find anything funny about the Jews?

      1. Woody Allen?

      2. Yasser Arafat?

      3. Mothers of Jewish girls?

      4. Me?

      5. “Antisemitism is not something that can in any degree be regarded as a joke…”

        Mel Brooks is going to have to give back all that blood money from The Producers.

        1. My joke is better than Cyto’s.

          1. Agreed. Blood money hits all the right (wrong) notes for this joke. Well played.

      6. Scottish Jews? If you thought *gentile* Scots were frugal, these guys will pinch pennies until they scream.

        …no, wait, that’s not funny.

    2. “This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone posting such material online, or in any other capacity, that such views will not be tolerated.”

      You know who else tried to silence a certain group of people based on their beliefs?

      1. Social Justice Warriors?

      2. Every Progressive ever?

  8. Wait…. Scottland? Home of drink and fight as the two tentpoles of entertainment? Where they throw a telephone pole for sport?

    If he had trained the dog to take a leak on the local Rabbi…. maybe…. but that isn’t even the worst bit:

    First, he was poking fun at his girlfriend who was over the moon about how cute her dog was by making a video short titled “Mate, Yer dog’s a Nazi”. (actually M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi)

    But more impressively, here’s the explanation of why antisemitism is bad:

    “It is a form of racism which needs to be condemned just as we would any other form of racism, just as we would condemn Islamophobia or anti-African racism.”

    I just can’t even with these people…..

    1. One has to wonder where this deep seeded blind hatred of the Nazi race comes from.

      1. Gary Johnson will stand up for the Nazis, and their right to force others to bake ritual Nazi pastries.

      2. The deep-seated hatred as well.

        1. You just want everyone to tow the lion, don’t you?

          1. Not everyone, just Fisty.

        2. I used seeded because I know they were doing a Wiener post later in the day.

      3. The fact that a dog likes Hitler means that we should probably like him too.

    2. To be fair, one should not condone prejudice against those of the Islamic race.

      1. Islam is a race?

        1. If you have to explain the joke….

          …… oh, wait….

      2. Eh, equalizing Islamaphobia with racism is often misused, but not always. It’s safe to say that the few idiots who shoot Sikhs and Hindus thinking they are Muslims are both Islamaphobes and racists. They’re assuming they are Muslim because they are brown people, then committing violence based on that.

        I’d be willing to bet a lot of the /actual/ instances of Islamaphobia (not mere criticism or misplaced criticism), the instances where someone goes up to a stranger they presume to be Muslim and starts berating them, are instances of racism, as it’s not really feasible to assume someone’s religion based on appearance (Sikhs and Hindus can often wear similar attire).

    3. What’s wrong with being racist against anti-Africans?

      1. So, anti-Africans are like what, Scandinavians?

        1. Oceanians. The point opposite to Honolulu is in Botswana.

          1. Lots of dry land, compared to lots of wet ocean.

            Checks out.

    4. Who gets hammered when the Islamic race insults the Jewish race? Where’s the outrage meter stand on that hierarchy?

      1. That doesn’t count, because intersectionality and punching up, or something.

    5. I read somewhere the other day that the left had to stand up to,racism against the LGBTQ community. I can’t remember where it was offhand, but it was a so-called “serious” outlet.

      The word racism is about to completely morph into a new meaning. Kinda like the supporters of transgendered ri gets ar attempting to do with the word “sex” in Title IX. (The article I mentioned was about Title IX rescuing trans people on high school and college campuses across the nation)

      1. I think “racism” means “people and ideas that progressives don’t like”. At least that can be our working definition.

        1. *people expressing ideas that progressives don’t like

  9. Usually I can kind of, if I tilt my head just right and channel every thought through my brain stem, see the perverse logic behind anti free speech people. This one? Not a clue.

    1. Hitler bad, that’s about it and, no, it makes no damn sense.

    2. By “tilt my head just right” you’d have to tilt it into a barrel of water and leave it completely submerged for a good five minutes for the logic of these jackboot motherfuckers to make sense.

      I mean, they’re telling this guy he can’t make a joke under penalty of imprisonment.

      1. And I didn’t watch the video itself…. ’cause, you know, HnR, that’s how we roll…. so I can’t speak to the actual execution of the joke, but the joke itself is a really good joke.

        Girlfriend keeps going on and on about how utterly perfect and super-cute her little pug is, so you post a video called “Mate, your dog’s a Nazi”. That’s a funny rejoinder. The history of comedy is replete with similar “cute little animal is secretly evil” jokes.

        The idea that they could miss this is kind of frightening.

        I’ve been in this meeting myself with HR before. I had an employee who was the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. Always going out of his way to help other folks out. So nice that he was a bit clueless…. he kinda expected everyone else to be good at heart and nice too. So when he sends the perpetually offended secretary a political cartoon with a possible racial overtone, she goes straight to HR.

        Poor guy had actually helped her out more than once outside of work… picking her up at the auto shop, helping her out at the house…. but given a chance to file a grievance… boom.

        So I had to sit there while HR parsed words said in jest with straight faces, feigning offense over the outrageous actions… It was as comical as listening to some old white dude recite rap lyrics. So I told them to stuff the whole thing up their rears, and if need be I’d defend the guy in court.

        You just can’t be nice to some people.

        1. In a sane world you would be able to fire the evil aggrieved twat on the spot in order to prevent future disharmony and damage to your company.

          1. That’s the truth-it’s almost guaranteed she’ll do it again to some poor sucker who says/does something she doesn’t like.

        2. Robespierre. Just remember how he died.

        3. The thing is, to argue that this guy was trying to commit an actual act of antisemitism is to argue that this was NOT a joke, and the guy was literally trying to turn the dog into a Nazi.

          Because if it is a joke then it is a joke because the cute dog is really a Nazi, and therefore is bad. The joke would be stating that being a Nazi makes something otherwise good, bad. Stating that Nazis are bad cannot be construed as antisemitism.

          Thus, if this is antisemitism, the defenders must be arguing that this guy was literally trying to raise Nazi canines, completely and totally seriously.

  10. he taught his girlfriend’s dog

    In case anyone missed the real joke here.

    1. So … his *girlfriend* …… was Hitler?

      1. She’s a real clean-Nazi.

      2. She’s jewish

        1. He sounds like a keeper.

          I mean, *I* wouldn’t do a joke like that, that’s how bad the joke is.

  11. Fun fact: William Wallace is an anagram of Adolf HItler.

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