Would You Be Afraid to Fly If the TSA Were Abolished?

I wouldn't. Here's why.



Complaints about long lines at security checkpoints in U.S. airports are crescendoing. More folks are missing their flights even though they show up at the airports hours in advance. "I don't know what that was," responded TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger when told about the major such snafu at Chicago's O'Hare Airport yesterday. Let's abolish the Transportation Security Administration.

But wouldn't that put lots of people in danger of terrorist attacks? First, let's agree that after the September 11, 2001 atrocities American air passengers will never again permit a commercial flight to be hijacked. So, no need for a TSA to protect against hijacking.

But what about bombs? Doesn't the TSA protect us against terrorist bomb attacks? First, consider that last year TSA security screeners missed 95 percent of weapons and explosives in security tests. According to the TSA, its screeners found 2,653 firearms in carry-on baggage last year, and lots and lots of knives. Keep in mind that these weapons were in general not hidden by essentially innocent (if forgetful) travelers. So far, I can find no reports that the TSA has caught a single terrorist.

Still, of course, terrorists might well be able to blow up a plane. There have nearly 90 airline bombings/attempts since 1933 (an average of  about 1 per year).  But consider that in 2014, there were globally over 37 million airline flights (more than 100,000 per day). Total passenger numbers for 2016 are projected to be 3.6 billion. Assume terrorists take out one fully-loaded 747 per year (416 passengers)—your risk of dying from a bombing attack would be about 1 in 8.7 million passengers traveling annually or 1 flight in 37 million annually. For perspective, your annual risk of dying from a lightning strike is 1 in 4.5 million and car accidents 1 in 17,000.

In addition, the increased costs and delays due to airport security encourages people to switch from short-haul flights to driving with the result that about 500 people more year die from auto accidents than would otherwise have done.

Airlines and airports realizing the damage that bombings would do to their bottom lines, would, I suspect, devise and adopt truly effective luggage screening programs. Perhaps some combination of computed tomography scans evaluated by artificial intelligence and demographic information that airlines already know about their passengers when they buy their tickets (think updated Pre-Check). Even so, there is no 100 percent guarantee that all attempts of terrorism aimed at air travel will be caught and prevented. 

Abolishing the TSA would also eliminate that agency's ongoing violation of our Fourth Amendment rights.

Finally, if we can't get rid of the TSA, let's at least privatize it, as cogently argued by my Reason Foundation colleagues.

Note: I suspect that my next trip though airport security might be a tad more interesting than usual given the series of internet searches that I conducted to report this article.

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  1. It’s a pretty safe bet that any unionized set of government employees are going to make whatever they are tasked with worse. I will include cops in that measure. I was somewhat happy to see threats to hire private security bandied about lately, though it’s unlikely to happen on a large scale. Most Americans will on the one accept that the employees here are incompetent, but scoff at the idea of a for-profit entity taking over the task.

    1. I thought airlines could already opt out of TSA. Why aren’t they doing that?

      1. I’m sure it can’t be any type of loosely veiled threats from the feds or anything like that, so we can discount that possibility.

        1. “guidance”

      2. Isn’t it the airports who opt out?

      3. Airports can opt out. I don’t know why most don’t. I would figure it’s easier and safer most of the time to go with the flow and just let the government do it. If anything did happen and private screeners missed, there would be far more outcry.

        1. If anything did happen and private screeners missed, there would be far more outcry.

          As well as financial liability. You can’t really sue the feds for fucking up.

          1. But isn’t the TSA a big CYA for the airports? You can’t sue the feds unless they want to be sued, but you can sure as hell sue an airport authority.

            1. ^This^ plus additional layers and departments of bureaucracy. The State/Municipalities control the physical ground location of the airport, everything else is under FAA control. I’m sure the FAA would have no problems (e.g.) authoritatively re-routing all your flights along the routes longest and least populated routes were you to forego TSA screening.

              1. Most airports are run by Airport Authorities, entities with all the power of government but less accountability. The only advantage is they can, I believe, be sued more easily than one can sue actual government.

                1. Right. Didn’t mean to paint a picture that the local mayor pins flight wings on pilots. Just that acceptance/rejection of TSA is done as much or more by fellow bureaucrats and complicit politicians than any sort of uppity indpenedence-minded entity that libertarians would like to envision.

              2. TSA has the power to forbid any flights from an “unsecure” airport. That’s what got the gate-rape bill in Texas shitcanned.

        2. The problem is they would still have to conform to TSA procedures. Privatizing does no good.

      4. Even if they can opt out, don’t they still have to violate people’s privacy like the TSA does? If so, I don’t see much of a difference, as it’s still mandated by the government.

    2. The reason being that there is nowhere else that a person can get a high paying job with no skills and then be totally irresponsible and unaccountable at said job with nearly zero possibility of getting fired. There is nowhere to go for that outside of government. And it sounds like an entire generation is being prepared to covet exactly that type of job opportunity.

      We’re headed down a completely unsustainable and disastrous path. But with an entire generation and most of the generations before them now convinced that we should go down that path anyway, I don’t see how we avoid it. Venezuela, here we come!

  2. I’d be more likely to fly in cases where I can easily avoid flying, or have a choice. IOW, just the opposite.

    1. +1

      I like road trips anyway, but when I need to visit someone 1000 miles away, driving I go; a one day trip vs couple hours flying + 1 hour to the airport + 2 hours for TSA + rental car on the other end. I stay away from TSA as much as possible.

  3. if only airlines themselves had some incentive to be sure that flying was safe. The TSA is a joke of its own making. I’ve flown abroad and do not get that sense of security personnel being elevated to the level of their incompetence.

  4. If security was left up to the airlines, there would be constant death from the skies! Because we all know killing your customers is a great business model.

    1. Also, planes are cheap.

      1. Good point. And experienced pilots are ridiculously plentiful and careless of their own safety.

        1. Safety Third!

    2. 1 out of 4 people on planes were killed before the TSA! Ok, we couldn’t think of anything else. Please don’t check those statistics, hey look over there, something shiny!

      /The Feds

      1. Eight reasons you shouldn’t fly without the TSA. #3 will shock you!!

        1. No clowns and ponies?

      2. 1 out of every 5 women is raped by a TSA employee.

        1. Texas tried to put a stop to that.

          TSA threatened to close down all airports in Texas.

          Texas folded like a cheap suit.

    3. If that Reason document RB cites is the one I’ve read, the proposal is (as noted by some commentators above) to have the airports conduct security. The reasoning is that there exists some conflict of interest for the airlines: security vs. on-time flights.

      1. And there is no conflict of interest for the feds – jobs vs allowing you to make your flight.

        1. A smurf can ban you from your flight just because you looked at him funny.

      2. The reasoning is that there exists some conflict of interest for the airlines: security vs. on-time flights.

        That’s some derp-level reasoning there.

  5. Ban Muslims from flying commercial and the TSA can be safely abolished. And the Americans won’t be afraid to fly. How about that?

    Slightly more realistic? Allow Muslims to fly if they can get TSA PreCheck/Global Entry. Subject the rest of them to the Israeli-style airport security.

    President Trump could do it!

    1. No, it’s more likely that some people will be able to just walk right around security because they’re transgendered and feel that their rights are being violated if anyone finds their liquid explosive filled private parts. The rest of us will be strip searched and given an anal probe.

    2. Israeli-style airport security

      This. It frickin works.

      1. In your heart, you know I’m right.

        1. Mostly right, given that islamic extremists aren’t the only extremists out there. But by going down the extra scrutiny for muslim route we violate our principles. And how the hell do you tell definitively to what religion a person belongs? Use race as a proxy and you end up searching a lot of ethnic Lebanese Maronite Catholics. Pork test? Don’t Jihaddis get special exemptions from normal rules if it’s in the furtherence of their struggle?

          1. I’m playing for the dark side today, so, yes, you have to track them. Special marks in the federal issued Real IDs, all the stuff.

            1. But who decides they are muslim? Self-reporting? Mandatory registration (again, self-reporting but with an even larger disincentive)? Mosque surveillance? Seizure of church records (at which the non-muslim religious will go ballistic)?

              And what about that secret muslim who self converted and wants his 72 virgins and is running a lone wolf operation?

        2. Yah, but in my brain I know you’re a racist fkn retard.

      2. It works for the relatively small volume of flyers Israel has to deal with compared to the US. Not sure it would really scale up.

        1. All: 708 million airline passengers in the U.S. last year. Just saying.

          1. Individual passengers (ie, counted once regardless of how many flights taken) or passenger-flights (ie, counted each time you fly)?

            1. Doesn’t really matter. That’s still 708 million screenings. It’s too many to do Israeli style.

              Plus, El Al flights are expensive. They have armored cargo holds to protect against blasts, and that weight alone adds a lot in fuel costs to each flight.

          2. And how many of those 708 million would still fly if they had to pay the full cost of their security versus having it subsidized??

            1. Just because it’s ‘subsidized’ doesn’t mean they aren’t already paying for it.

        2. Good point, also the security officers have to be rather well trained, as opposed to mall cops that stumbled onto a life long permanent job and benefits.

          1. They’re not even up to the mall cop standard.

        3. That’s why you have to apply the Israeli-style policy only to Muslims or Muslim-looking passengers in the US. Their numbers are small. For now.

          1. Muslim-looking passengers

            See my comment above.

          2. The inevitable lawsuits from the Sikhs and Hindus will be fun.

            1. And traditionally-Christian Arabs, of whom there are many of in the US.

          3. Grizzly doubles down on ”Racist Retard.”

      3. Doesn’t the country have a grand total of one long-haul airport?

      4. Regardless of whether or not it works, it’s still a violation of people’s rights, and so it’s completely intolerable.

      5. Israeli’s subscribe to “do what works”. They’ll be accused of monsterdom no matter what, so why not be effective while they’re at it?

    3. Well, I suppose if it’s a policy of the airlines, that would be a solution. There would be some constitutional problems if it were government policy.
      But that still leaves the possibility of bombs in cargo, ground based attacks and people lying about their religion.

      I think the simpler answer is good. The TSA can be abolished now because flying is already very safe and future 9-11 type things are very unlikely because of locked cockpit doors, air marshals and passengers who won’t let that happen again.

      1. For what it’s worth all checked bags are screened.
        The Federal Air Marshals Service is part of TSA, though they’ve been fighting integration every step of the way and would love to get back out.

        1. A lot of commercial cargo goes on passenger flights too. It gets screened as well, but something might slip through.

        2. That’s because they know how unprofessional the smurfs are and don’t want that stink on them.

      2. passengers who won’t let that happen again

        It’s been almost fifteen years since then and the safe-space generation is well into adulthood. I don’t see them resisting. And your soccer moms will choose immediate safety of their own children over potential safety for more people in the long run, so they will do nothing to resist in hopes that they will land safely and may even rat-out potential resisters.

        1. I think they would resist. Let’s hope we don’t find out who’s right. I think you are overgeneralizing about a whole generation. There may be more people like that than there were 15 years ago. But it’s not everyone. And there are a lot of people over 40 on a plane.

          1. Yeah, they’ll resist.

            We have passengers mobbing on people planes simply for speaking Arabic.

            1. PM raises a good point.

            2. Or for speaking Al-Gebra!

          2. I think they would resist.

            Once their phones have been confiscated, yeah.

      3. “Trump Airlines: Don’t fly if you’re Muslim”

    4. Oh noes! Mohammed Crow laws!!!

    5. Tell all Muslims they have to be rubbed down with bacon grease before boarding. That should keep them off the planes.

  6. My business requires me to fly – a lot. So I’ll fly regardless. But I’d feel *safer* if TSA were gone and airport security privatized. The less Imperial bullshit, the better.

    1. There’s good reasons why the fedgov does not want to talk about what happened in Indiana after the DMV was privatized. But I can tell that story and fully understand why they don’t want to talk about it.

      1. Do you have a link for the story???

        1. Nope, but you can google it. My short story, abbreviated. It went from standing in long lines and waiting for hours every time you went there to do anything and then having to deal with nasty unhappy government employees, to walking in any hour of the day, any day of the week, no wait, and having several happy smiling employees eager to help you and getting out of there in minutes. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. It is one of the things that has heavily influenced me in my current political views.

          1. Same thing in Alberta (and maybe other provinces, for all I know).
            Time was you’d stand in line for hours. For a driver’s test. For license plates. Painful.
            Then private registries were allowed.
            Now you can walk into a registries agent in just about any strip mall and walk out with your new plates in a few minutes.

    2. The longer the security queue is, the less safe I feel.

  7. Or,
    Just have NO screenings whatsoever for weapons.

    I’d be perfectly at ease flying on an unscreened flight, knowing that america’s gun nuts are armed to the teeth ready to shoot any bad guy who try anything on that flight. Problem solved.

    1. International flights would still be a problem.

    2. +1 .45

    3. Free frangible rounds for all CCW holders.

  8. Your preaching to choir here Ron. But I also don’t go outside and think I’m going to get raped/robbed/shot/stabbed at any time or have kids who I think are in constant danger of getting kidnapped and than raped at any time.

  9. Well, I’m still going to drive instead of fly this summer.

  10. I flew for many years before the TSA even existed and I can assure you I only got blown up three or four times by terrorists, so it really wasn’t so bad. (The airlines would give you a coupon for a free drink at the pilot’s bar if you got blowed up to death, a 50% off coupon if you just lost like 2 or 3 arms and legs or a spleen or something.)

    1. They’d also give you a complimentary pack of cigarettes upon boarding your next flight, and you could smoke ’em all by the time the plane landed again!

  11. Isn’t the real danger the workers who have access to the planes?

    1. “Look over there! SQUIRREL!”

    2. I know a few cops who work at LAX. There are quite a few convicted felons working in the baggage handling departments for the major airlines.

      They can’t be trusted to vote. They can’t be trusted to own guns. But they get to bypass security checkpoints.

      The whole system is fucking genius.

      1. But they get to bypass security checkpoints.

        Do they? I thought that all the people working in secure areas had to get screened on their way in.

        1. Nope. ID badge and access code.

          1. Huh. Seems like a pretty bog and obvious security hole. Though as we aren’t seeing planes regularly falling out of the sky, I guess it isn’t that much of a threat.

            1. Yeah, it seems like Playa is complaining that more money isn’t being wasted.

      2. I’m calling BS on that one. I worked for a major airline a few years ago. All ramp workers have to pass a test and a security clearance.

    3. The Minneapolis airport seems to be staffed entirely of Somalis. Like you I sort of wonder at the wisdom of that. Especially since we are getting daily reports from the 10 Somali men who are on trial for trying to fly to Syria to join ISIS.

      1. Yup. Very true. To make matters worse, as someone else pointed out above, they don’t go thru screening before accessing the sterile areas of the airport. They get on a bus, offsite, and ride onto the airport grounds, enter the sterile area. The coup de grace? Swarthy-looking ladies in Muslim head scarves do the first flight of the day bom.b screening at Minneapolis. This is not sarcasm or B.S. This is, unfortunately, reality.

  12. Those opposed to privatizing screening will screech that unless private screening is 100% guaranteed to be 100% effective 100% of the time, it’s unacceptable.

    Of course they won’t hold the TSA to that standard.

    1. Of course they won’t hold the TSA to that standard.

      Or any government program. If they did, Obamacare would already be repealed.

      1. Obama would be repealed.

    2. Just like public schools cannot be reformed unless there is a 100% guarantee that every child will get an improved outcome.

  13. You know who else hated the children like you do.

    1. Nikki?

    2. Old Man With Candy?

      Oh wait, he loves the children. Never mind.

      1. Love. In love.

        Same thing.

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    1. You should probably spend less time with your kids, that’s why you’re surly.

      1. sounds like a TSA agent.

  15. Everyone knows that every flight that ever went into the air before 9/11 was instantly destroyed by The Nothing. Every flight that went into the air before metal detectors was sucked into the Bermuda Triangle.

    So, yes. I would fly wholehearted if the TSA was gone. As is, I haven’t flown since shortly after 9/11 and have no plans to do so. It doesn’t help that I’m 6’3 and don’t fit in those glorified cattle-cars and, since I’m rather conservative, it’s hard to justify the cost of 1st class or business.

    1. I sure as hell remember it being a much better experience before the TSA. Much better is really a huge understatement. I don’t even know where to start. But I do remember flying to Mexico, no passport, no searches, no questions, no hassle, only getting where you were going, that’s what it was all about like it should be. No one was afraid.

      9/11 only really changed all of this because of opportunists in the government and their constant fear mongering. Safety of course had very little to do with it, that was just mostly the excuse, not the goal. Now every time you fly you are unnecessarily inconvenienced and made to feel like a criminal suspect. I really do hate it. Just wait though, you’re not going to escape this by not flying, they will be in train stations, at bus stops, toll booths, and just random highway checkpoints before long, and even just on the streets stopping and patting you down randomly, just wait. This is how a police state winds up, it’s inevitable. We’ve gone down that road and there are no stop signs or speed limits in place.

      1. I’ll believe it when they finally make guns illegal, but I agree on the trajectory. I merely disagree on it’s inevitability.

      2. ”they will be in train stations, at bus stops, toll booths, and just random highway checkpoints before long, and even just on the streets stopping and patting you down randomly, just wait. ”
        Cops crawling all over the main station in LA already.
        Random highway checkpoints are already a reality in USA, as you know.
        And random street stops are also a reality in many places. Toronto had a big controversy about this in 2015.

  16. Note: I suspect that my next trip though airport security might be a tad more interesting than usual given the series of internet searches that I conducted to report this article.

    Welcome to my world, Ron. Once you’re in, you can never get out.

  17. Have the security delays gotten a lot worse lately? Or have I just been lucky or flown at good times?

    Every time I fly, I show up when they say I should and still end up with lots of time to kill in the terminal. I don’t think it’s ever taken more than an hour from showing up at the airport to waiting around for the gate to open (including international flights).

    1. My personal record is arriving at the Boston Logan airport 25 minutes before an international flight (okay, the first segment was domestic). The gate agents (for those who know Logan, the gate was in the satellite part of Terminal A) even had plenty of time to investigate that I didn’t need any visa for my destination. I wasn’t the last to board and the flight departed on time.

    2. I know the all the secrets at LAX (there’s a checkpoint in the basement of Terminal 2 that never has a line), so my experience isn’t typical.

      1. Minneapolis has the Skyway checkpoint that is similar. Once you know about it (and aren’t PreCheck) it is gold.

    3. My theory is that Minneapolis got in the news because their update to the security lines turned out to be a horrible, horrible decision.

      Then the other TSA agents saw that they got away with it and decided that they had better bring their A-game or get left behind by a bunch of rube TSA agents in flyover country.

      Sort of like I bet a lot of cops read dog shooting stories and think “I could do better than that…”

    4. Also, I think there was a correlation between problems at airports and various school districts spring break times, so passenger volumes went up and the TSA had no plans to handle the increase. Of course, they have no need to anticipate such things.

      Fortunately, I fly (rarely) out of Minneapolis Terminal 2, which can have a line, but it tends to move pretty quickly. I will be flying back out of Seattle in July, though, and I’m wondering about how bad that will be.

  18. Would You Be Afraid to Fly If the TSA Were Abolished?

    The question is a moot one here. As libertarians, we only fly in private jets. The problem we run into is that commercial planes don’t crash into the air, they crash into private property. I’m fairly certain barricading myself behind Ernesto, my Filipino manservant, and his assistants isn’t going to stop the commoners dropping from the sky into my infinity pool from splashing some non-Evian water and burning jet fuel onto my smoking jacket. TSA FOREVER!

    1. Why on Earth would you let commercial planes transit through your airspace?

    2. From 9/11 onwards, all the buildings crashed into were government-owned buildings. The terrorists were doing us a favor.

  19. In Brussels they blew up the security line. At this point. I’m more nervous in that gigantic mob with unchecked bags everywhere than I am on a plane.

    Abolishing the TSA and replacing them with private businesses who can handle the volume would make us much safer.

    1. That’s why I support pre-pre-pre-pre-screening — otherwise, anybody can just blow up everybody, as they’re all standing there in the pre-pre-pre-screening line.

    2. If the airlines really gave a shit, they’d pick me up at my house.

  20. I was at the Jet Blue terminal at JFK a while ago, and I sat at the counter for sushi in the secure area.

    The chef made me some rolls, and then disappeared to go on break. Left his knife right in front of me. A razor sharp 8″ Shun.

    I didn’t say a fucking word about it, because I really didn’t want to miss my flight by having the entire terminal evacuated.

    If you see something, shut up.

    1. I haven’t flown since 2001. So far I have no plans to do it again. If I need to travel across a few states, I’ll just rent a car. Fuck the TSA.

      1. That wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Oops.

    2. That 1984 German movie abt Sophie Scholl’s WW2 student protest, “The White Rose,” contains scenes with Nazi loudspeakers warning against packages left by “terrists” who hate “our” gubmint. That became an American movie after September 2001.

  21. Would You Be Afraid to Fly If the TSA Were Abolished?
    I wouldn’t. Here’s why.

    Apparently you’re not a pants shitting coward. Unfortunately most people are.

  22. I would be more likely to fly. Much more likely.

  23. TSA does NOT make you safe on a plane, so NO I would be no more afraid than now. People get banned items by TSA all the time.

    Would a private security company provide more or better security? My opinion is no simply because of the illusion of safety. Not to mention the cozy/fascistic relationship between private security firms and government. If someone wants to hurt people, they find a way. Brussels airport attack is a great example.

  24. No, I wouldn’t. In fact, I’d be more inclined to fly, since there wouldn’t be government thugs violating my constitutional rights. Whether or not the TSA is effective is a very minor issue compared to the fact that it violates our rights, and I would oppose it even if it were effective.

  25. Of course not

  26. I fear that the the TSA may not just be incompetent, but also an accomplice in the next terror attack. If you’re a terrorist, why would you go through all the trouble to potentially get caught going through security when you could simply attack the massive line? As the Brussels terrorists demonstrated, all that matters to a terrorist is a vulnerable mass of people regardless of which side of security they are on. Further, a similar group of 2 or more Muslim men wheeling suitcases into O’Hare wouldn’t be unusual, and Chicago police are already under enough criticism for being trigger happy that they’re not about to err on the side of caution apprehending people before security. We’d literally be safer if the TSA just didn’t come to work this summer!

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  31. Ever since those Transport Sozialist Arbeiterpartei whackos began bullying everyone (except Saudis) in airports, I have avoided flying in favor of Megabus or rideshare driving.

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  33. I regularly fly from PEK in Beijing. It’s damn weird that there’s less hassle in an actual capital-C-Communist country than in America.

    Of course, given how America is plunging down the economic-freedom (and personal freedom if there was any justice) ratings, it’s not necessarily surprising.

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  36. The TSA is a joke

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