Foreign Policy

Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul on Foreign Policy—and Fantasy vs. Reality

Here's a short tutorial on everything that's wrong with interventionists' rationale for war and more war.


Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) recently called a Foreign Relations Committee to discuss "America's Role in the World." It's pretty riveting stuff, especially coming after at least 15 years of utter incompetence on the part of the United States when it comes to diplomacy and war-making. Whatever else you can say about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama have mismanaged domestic concerns, you've got to admit that they handled foreign policy even more poorly.

Among the guests of honor at Corker's hearings were former Secretary of State James Baker (under George H.W. Bush) and former National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon (under Barack Obama).

Corker, for what's it worth, has expressed confidence in Donald Trump's foreign policy as laid out in the billionaire's recent "America First" speech. Baker, who also served in the Reagan administration and was involved in the managing America's response to the end of the Soviet Union and the first Gulf War, has been widely portrayed as dismissing Trump's foreign policy vision, which emphasizes getting allies to pay more of the costs associated with security ("burden-shifting") and generally being less gung-ho in terms of military intervention.

In fact, Baker's response was pretty mediated, as elements of Trump's plan (such as it is) reflect Baker's own ideas about "selective engagement," which argues for a compelling American interest in all military interventions. Rubio got him to say that anything that reduced NATO's presence in Europe would destabilize the world and Baker also smacked away Trump's suggestion that letting South Korea and Japan gain nuclear weapons would be a good idea. By the same token, Baker embraced the idea that our allies, whether in Asia, the Middle East, or Europe should be footing more of the defense bill in terms of both dollars and bodies.

You can watch the full hearing here (thank you, C-SPAN!) but first check out these two this transcription of Rubio's comments and a short, incredible exchange between Baker and Rubio and then Baker and Paul. Note: These clips are hosted on Rand Paul's YouTube channel, which is worth keeping in mind while evaluating them(New note: The Rubio vid has been taken off line).

Rubio wants to "revisit this Libya-Syria situation." Don't you see that it wasn't the United States causing any sort of chaos in these countries, he says. It was the people rising up against tyrants. We just got involved because it was the right thing to do and because, says Rubio, otherwise the Qaddafi and Assad regimes would be toppled and a power vacuum would develop…and radical Islamists would rush in:

I think it's important when we talk about [these interventions] to remind ourselves these were not efforts by the U.S. government to go in and overthrow dictators. It was the people of those countries…

In the case of Qaddafi, if he had gone into Benghazi and massacred all these people, what you would have seen emerge there would have been all these militias taking up arms, staying in perpuity, leading to the kind of instability we see now anyway….

It was in our national interest to ensure that whatever resistance there was to those dictators would be make up of people more stable and who we could work with, because in the absence of those sorts of developments, those vacuums would be filled by the radical elements that have now filled those vaccums in the absence of our leadership….[emphasis added]

This is where the hawks start chewing their own talons off: "There would have been all these militias taking up arms, staying in perpuity, leading to the kind of instability we see now anyway."

Seriously, AYFKM? Our actions have led to worst-case outcomes and yet that's what exactly proves we did the right thing? Rubio, who still defends the Libya intervention and clearly wishes that Obama had followed through on his idiotic, improvised "red line" comments with massive firepower, is somehow claiming with a straight face that absent U.S. military actions…exactly what has come to pass might have come to pass?

Baker responds bluntly: "But that's not what happened, Senator. We enabled it to happen by using our military." In fact, Baker goes farther and says the same misguided interventionist impulse was at work in Iraq: "Same thing with Iraq…It's a bipartisan problem. Look where we are now in all three of those places: Syria, Iraq, Libya."

Then there's exchange between Paul and Baker. Paul raises the possibilities that either our strategy was wrong in the first place—that our mideast interventions were misconceived at the conceptual level—or that they were simply mishandled. That is, with better planning and devoting more resources, we might have actually succeeded in toppling dictators and creating democracies. He clearly believes that the former scenario is more accurate. "We think we can just blow up Qaddafi and out of that, Thomas Jefferson will be elected," he says. "I think it's a naive notion." Paul continues that in terms of "selective engagement" these were times when we should have passed on using military force. He also suggests that Russia, given its long-time presence in Syria, will need to be part of any endgame.

Baker agrees with all of that, stressing that when it comes to Syria, of course Russia and Iran will need to be part of any solution to the current situation. He also stresses that in the selective engagement paradigm, each specific situation needs to be looked at in terms of vital national interests and correspondence to American values. "You might decide to even go as far as [using] the military. If you don't get to that point, you still have the tools of our political, economic, and diplomatic [resources]."

Rubio and Paul thus represent two very different paths forward for American foreign policy. For all sorts of reasons, I fall in line with Paul's. But here is the question for those who, like Rubio (and Hillary Clinton, for that matter), remain unreconstructed interventionists: What will be different the next time? Under both Obama and Bush, you've gotten your way and you can't pretend that American taxpayers and soldiers didn't give all the money and flesh you needed to succeed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, you name it.

Moving forward, the onus must be on the interventionists to explain why this time things will work out differently.

NEXT: Was Yesterday's SCOTUS Decision in Zubik a Win for Religious Liberty? You Bet It Was

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  5. OTish

    If any cares, Hillary is taking Kentucky and Lexington’s gay mayor is going to run against Rand Paul.

    1. Lexington’s gay mayor is going to run against Rand Paul.

      Must suck to have to run from your party’s energy policies. What are his chances of an upset?

      1. I see what you said there.

    2. Lexington’s gay mayor is going to run against Rand Paul.

      Must suck to have to run from your party’s energy policies. What are his chances of an upset?

      1. Nil. Outside of Lexington and Louisville, the state is deep red… teh ghey and coal issues will kill his chances.

        Fun Fact: Lexington gets 96% of it’s electricity from coal.

        1. Sure hope Rand has the integrity not to engage in ugly queer-baiting.

          1. I don’t think he’ll have to. The state RNC will do it for him.

          2. He won’t actually write the anti-gay newsletters. Gosh.

            1. Jeffrey A Tucker can ghost write them, again.

          3. Can he bait the hot lesbians?

            1. Some ‘bait to the got lesbians…

            2. Master baiter, etc.

    3. I’ve read so many stories about how Hillary has won this primary, even if the Dems scrapped their superdelegate rules, I’ve lost count.

      Is Lexington’s mayor making a big gay deal about his gayness?

      1. Plus, “no intent” to disclose top secret emails, so she’s good.

      2. No, he’s out but doesn’t make a big deal about. Has a business background and has been a fairly decent mayor.

        1. Excellent. What are his politics?

          1. College town social liberal, fairly pro business. Hasn’t done much as a mayor, which I count in his favor. Met him once at a bar opening, nice guy, very soft-spoken. There are rumors that the state DNC went after him to get him to run.

            1. I feel Hillary practically gift-wrapped his Senate seat with her remarks on killing the coal industry so I guess he only needs to stay on that message.

              1. Kentucky has that Civil War hangover thing where Democratic primaries decide a lot of local and county races, but in the general it swings heavily to GOP. As a result the Dem primary doesn’t really have a lot of actual Dems voting in it. (That has been changing, but yellow dog Dems are still a factor.)

                1. There are a significant number of reasonable dems who run and hold office at the state level, but the party seems to nominate a lot of ass-hats like Allison Dunderhead Grimes for any of the federal positions.

                  But to be fair the repubs keep electing Droopy for Senate. Bevin has not been terrible.

                  1. Tippy the Turtle brings in the moola. And he’s not yet batshit, pissing in mason jars nuts like Bunning.

                    1. Bunning is in the HoF. That was always worth my vote. McConnell made voting LP easy.

                2. “Kentucky has that Civil War hangover thing where Democratic primaries decide a lot of local and county races, but in the general it swings heavily to GOP.”

                  Where was Kentucky when the Democrats *really* needed them, in the Late Unpleasantness?

            2. Hasn’t done much as a mayor, which I count in his favor.

              *nods vigorously*

      3. Hillary is in the process of losing in KY to Bernie right now as we speak. She’s on a downhill slide. I don’t really think that’s where you want to be right now.

        1. She’s won in Lexington, 53%. Is she losing Louisville or the Yellow Dogs?

          1. I don’t know, I haven’t seen a map, just the percentages. Bernie is starting to pull ahead, even thought he’s only up 3 points right now, Hillary was ahead at first. I see another Bernie upset in the making.

            1. Depressed turnout from what I’ve reading. In some counties only half has many people voting this year compared to 2008. Not sure to who’s advantage that is.

            2. Only 7% reporting in Louisville so far, so it’s not as clear as the statewide results look.

              1. Louisville up to 26% reporting and Bernie is pulling away from her. (48/45%) Interesting.

                1. Only has her by one point in the statewide with 36% reporting.

              2. Hillary won Louisville and Lexington. Bernie seems to be beating her in all the eastern coal counties and lot of other more rural counties.

          2. I know a number of people who went out of their way vote for Bernie as a fuck you to Hillary.

            1. I know a lot of FU Bernie voters as well, but it hard for me to gauge. I’m in a college town bubble.

    1. Does he still have the Batcopter?

      1. More Important, does he have the nippled batsuit?

    2. Celebrities are doubling down, eh? As more people pull towards Trump, out they come with their inane bull shit.

      Also, be nice. Clooney is your next President – or higher upper top man.

      1. [Cartmanesque KJU voice] is that fucking Arrex Bardwin next? [/worsethanSouthParkcharacterization]

    3. This just adds ammunition to the “fuck you” camp.

  6. otherwise the Qaddafi and Assad regimes would be toppled and a power vacuum would develop…and radical Islamists would rush in:


    …I have no words…

    1. How about clueless,ignorant,war monger,dumb fuck,evil shit that cares only about looking tough.

      1. A nice beginning to a long list of apt pejoratives?

    2. I do. The little asshole is out of govt come January. So we can thank the gawdawful Republican presidential primary for that.

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    4. Whatever else you can say about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama have mismanaged domestic concerns, you’ve got to admit that they handled foreign policy even more poorly.

      Pretty much this says it all for any number of issues.

  7. Yeah, Reason should be jumping back on the Trump bandwagon:
    Better on foreign policy than Clinton.
    Better on taxes than Clinton.
    Better on guns than Clinton.

    Personally, I’ll be voting for Johnson (or McAfee, or whoever.)

    1. The only thing is that everyone is better on those things than Hillary. Even Bernie gets 2 out of 3.

    2. I dunno, even Reason has backed away from the Putin apologia that Trump endorses. When was the last time they were on Russia Today? At one point it was like every day. But they finally realized they were being stooges (and not the good kind).

      Beyond that, I don’t think engaging in trade wars is particularly “better” than Clinton’s tepid support of free trade.

      Guns? Sure, a New York liberal is going to be better on guns than another New York liberal. Especially when he has top men like Chris Christie advising him…

      And the thing about taxes, you can’t just cut them and keep on spending like Trump plans to do. He’s probably going to raise the deficit as much as Bernie would

      1. Nuh-Uh. Trump will make the Libertarian Moment great again.

        1. He’ll make it HUUUUUUGE!

  8. Well, now you’re just fucking with us…

  9. “why this time things will work out differently.”
    We learn from our mistakes?

    “But [America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit….”

    SecState J Q Adams 1822

    1. At the end of the John Adams series, Adams – played by Giammatti – lamented that the republic was already lost in his lifetime.

      It was interesting to see how Adams had grown disillusioned so soon after the creation of the country he was so instrumental in spawning.

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  14. Reposted from the other thread just because I think it’s kinda funny:
    The woman who got pregnant from anal sex

    1. ‘cloacal malformation’

    2. This story needs to be buried and never told again.

      1. “Life will find a way.”

        1. Life is a highway. A Hershey highway.

    3. Blech that sucks, her life must be one long UTI

  15. Unless they support basic principles of freedom and human rights (as determined by what they teach their children) we should not support them. The idea of “people more stable and who we could work with” is preposterous. They will just as quickly make themselves permanent dictator like the last guy – regardless of any sand monument consecrations of eternal fealty to Admiral Dempsey consummated with the sacrifice of heavy laden camels. However, the Syrian Democratic Front is a signatory to the Model UN Treaty to Reduce Sex Trafficking in Northeast Tadzikistan – this is a very positive development and we should reward such progress with the sale of artillery and armored vehicles.

  16. I don’t see what all the fuss is about our foreign policy, as if it were somehow different than all the rest of government. We’ve got a moderate problem we promote as some sort of existential crisis to justify spending a ton of money on it and then we fuck it up royally, claim that the problem would have been far worse if we hadn’t spent a ton of money on it and the fact that we didn’t fix the problem proves we need twice as much effort, then we argue over whether spending twice the money will result in a fuck-up twice as bad or only half as bad, then we spend twice the money and then every single person says “See? Told you so. Wait, what? Me? No, you’re the one who was proved wrong, I’m the one who was proved right.” What difference is there between fighting a war on ISIS, a war on drugs, a war on poverty, a war on healthcare, or a war on old people? It all turns out the same way anyways and it doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re fighting for or against. Then you spend a trillion and a half dollars developing a plane that can’t fly and wouldn’t be very good even if it did fly and the whole goddamn point of developing the plane was because it was supposed to save us money and everybody points and laughs because setting a trillion and a half dollars on fire is a big fucking hilarious joke.

    1. I know right? Might be time to move to Belize. Buy a little house on the beach and relax and laugh at the American stooges.

  17. Whatever else you can say about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama have mismanaged domestic concerns, you’ve got to admit that they handled foreign policy even more poorly.

    Nobel Peace Prize, losers!


    1. Along with Yasser Arafat. Krugman won the nobel in Economics.

  18. They just missplaced the PM links here

    1. They decided they no longer need the links, because this song has brought universal happiness.

      1. Hmm. I appear to have SF’d the link. try this


    White House Increases Overtime Eligibility by Millions

    WASHINGTON ? The Obama administration, in a far-reaching effort to improve the lot of workers that has ignited criticism from business groups, announced on Tuesday that it was making millions more employees eligible for overtime pay.

    Under the new regulation to be issued by the Labor Department on Wednesday, most salaried workers earning up to $47,476 a year must receive time-and-a-half overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during a week. The previous cutoff for overtime pay, set in 2004, was $23,660.

    “This is a big deal to be able to help that many working people without Congress having to pass a new law,” said Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute…

    …many workers will receive more pay when they work overtime, but others may end up working fewer hours if employers move to limit their time at work. In other cases, employers may decide to increase the salaries of some workers to push them over the limit so that companies will not have to pay overtime or hire additional workers after limiting hours for existing workers.

    IOW, the consequences will be varied, and not universally positive for everyone concerned! in fact, jobs might be lost! but hey, PR, yo

    1. You know what I see this as primarily affecting? the productivity of entry-level workers. why try and get your job done ASAP so you can run out and booze w/ your buddies? Every hour means more pay, so go ahead and slack your way to a higher pay-grade. Esp since there’s no ‘cap’ on bonus hours in the law (as there usually is in hourly-wage contracts)

      1. The Obama administration, in a far-reaching effort to improve the lot of workers…

        goes and toootally redeems himself.

        1. That fucker hasn’t done jack shit about the links, either

    2. Another thing is… if these moves were such obvious economic boons, why exactly would this president wait until the last 9 months of his presidency to impose them?

      1. So his successor can try to extricate himself (or herself!) out of the mess without being swarmed by screaming mobs of “workers’ rights” advocates.

        It’s like Bill Clinton’s last-minute arsenic regulations.

    3. Is this evidence of Obama’s stealth libertarianism?

      1. It’s evidence of Winston’s not stealth whining.

    4. Yeh.

      That won’t end well.

      Like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

    5. I was reading about this on a workplace advice blog I sometimes go to, the comments were about half and half between hope and despair. Even the pretty liberal owner of the blog was extremely skeptical. It’s going to be bad.

  20. Ding Dong

    Almost half of Japanese people hide when doorbell rings: survey.

    1. Would you open your door with these things running around?

      1. love those shows.

      2. Huh. So some women do actually forget how to use their legs when chased by monsters. I always thought B-movie producers made that up.

    2. That’s ’cause only Watchtower sales-teams ring the door bell.

      1. The only people that ring our doorbell are Soka Gakkai nuts, Jehovah Witnesses and NHK bill collectors. Wish they would find one guy that checks all those boxes to save me time.

  21. “Kaiser to end its global warming emissions by 2025”
    “”The degradation of the environment has a powerful effect on health,” said Raymond Baxter, Kaiser’s senior vice president of community benefit, research and health policy. “It is a major health issue that we can not ignore. … We did this because we think the problem is so severe, and we are at a tipping point, that we cannot take incremental approaches.””…..515870.php

    For those who aren’t familiar, Kaiser is a CA-based HMO. I’ve been a ‘member’ for 40+ years, some direct-pay and some paid by employer. I’ve found their medical care very good, but the the admin and the bull-shit PR stuff is enough to make a sane person cringe. For instance, the outfit sponsors a ‘local food fair’ at one location, which does nothing or worse for gaia or health, but plugs up the parking from all those watermellons signalling each other.
    Note the comment above. These people are supposed to use science in making decisions, and we get that steaming pile of shit as a statement.
    And if you bother to read the article, no, they’re not “ending” anything; they’re shucking and jiving with ‘offsets’ and other games, hoping those phony numbers will add up to something they can brag about.

    1. they’re shucking and jiving with ‘offsets’ and other games, hoping those phony numbers will add up to something they can brag about.

      They self-identify as having “ending emissions” so you have to accept it.

    2. Its marketing.

      Its either they spend their $10m per-quarter on food fairs and telling younger families how they’re reducing their carbon footprint…. or they blow the money on TV/Radio/Mailings to less-receptive audiences, etc.

      marketing is a line-item and they know they need to spend X amount on it.. and marketing directors thing “green” and “natural” and “local” type shit plays well to their target audience. What any of those things actually *mean* in reality? Who cares! do they ring up positive #s in polls? Good.

      I first became conscious of the insanity of “natural-product/green marketing” when I worked at REI. Merrill(bootmaker – Slogan! “Do what’s Natural!”) started making their packaging in very-ostensibly brown-colored recycled cardboard boxes which were labeled with all sorts “NATURAL” and “RECYCLED” and “GREEN” logos to make sure people got the message.

      These boxes were constantly falling apart. Disintegrating in inventory. they weren’t strong enough for the boots, and because they weren’t laminated they absorbed moisture and got soft.

      Solution!! they sent crates full of unused boxes to give to the end-customers. In the end, they were spending 3X as much on shipping, packaging, wasting tons of material. But it *looked SOOO green*. Sure, they ‘fixed’ it eventually. but the point was that the ‘brand effect’ was 1000x more important than actually ‘being environmental’

    3. Kaiser? Are you a poor?

      Anthem, Aetna, or GTFO.

      1. Gee, health care snobs! A new breed!
        Do these massage your tootsies at those other places? Take face-book shots of your procedures? Give you silk gowns so you can fart past the silk?
        Naah, they do a fine job, and for years the ER was my primary care physician. Until they wised up to me (and others, I’m sure) and kicked the co-pay.

        1. New breed? No, I’m the old breed. I have my doc’s cell phone number. They key is not using it unless you really need to. He’s been my doc for 15 years, and we keep the government out of it.

          Last time I used the cell phone was in August. Had a double ear infection from a pool in Hawaii (thanks Japanese tourists!), and I had to fly home that evening. Problem solved in 2 minutes.

          Sure beats sitting around in urgent care for 3-6 hours and filling out paperwork. Which is the future of medicine in this country, BTW.

          1. Playa Manhattan.|5.18.16 @ 12:23AM|#
            “Sure beats sitting around in urgent care for 3-6 hours and filling out paperwork. Which is the future of medicine in this country, BTW.”

            I don’t doubt it might be the future. Now, I drop an email to my PCP and typically hear back later in the day. ER care has never been more than 30 minutes and the ‘paperwork’ is flashing the Kaiser card.
            You prolly ought to limit comments what you’ve experienced.


  23. So has Jeff Tucker written an endorsement for Hillary and Rouseff yet?

  24. Ok who said something mean about Soave’s hair? Just say you’re “sorry” so he can concentrate long enough again to post the pm links

    1. I’ll start… “sorry” Robby, about making fun of your luxurious locks.

    2. Maybe he met his Delilah! Now he has no more strength for even the measliest of links. 🙁

  25. So GayJay is thinking of having Tuesday Weld’s cousin as his running mate. Why not drop out and give the nomination to Mitt Romney? Get all of the disgruntled Never Trumpers. And Joe Biden accused him of wanting to brink back slavery which pretty much makes him a libertarian already.

    1. Mittens is the best pragmatic, consequentialist choice for giving the Libertarian Party better exposure and securing future ballot access. Like GayJay he is a moderate Republican ex-governor with a failed presidential campaign under his belt. Downside? Mitt doesn’t buttchug pot. Upside? He’s not a drooling idiot. Ideologically there isn’t really a dimes worth of difference. Romney is a little better on taxes and free association. Johnson is a little further to the right on the neocon-isolationist continuum. Neither experienced executive is wanted for questioning in a murder down in Belize.

  26. Is this the ultimate libertarian film?

  27. Still no PM links, huh? See, this is what happens when you let private organizations do things willy-nilly with no gov oversight: Chaos, Somalia, no roadz, cats and dogs living together, Kochtopussi in the drinking fountains!

    1. State owned reason!!

      1. how was the kegger, dude?

        1. A few couldn’t make it, but we were persistent.
          Split some wood for the host and we build a nice fire. I’m better at stump than I remember. Some general debauchery. Lots of good food.

  28. State and Fed house were unopposed, so Rand Paul was my only vote today.

    Unforunately, my former state rep got primaried today and I didnt get to help. I had been voting against him for nearly 20 years. He is 81, so about time.

  29. If anyone sees Palin’s Buttplug, let me know. I have some dogshit to rub in his face.

    1. Don’t forget to set the bag on fire first.

      1. This is going to be served farm-to-table so he can really savor the flavor.

    2. Weigel is the kind of guy who would probably enjoy that.

  30. Interesting that Trump narrowly took Kentucky and Missourah over Cruz with 41% and 36% of the vote and got like 7% in Wyoming. Even after everybody else drops out he’s only getting a plurality of the votes? I see now why he made that weird statement about “saving your vote for the general election” – he can claim that of course he’s still not getting a majority of the votes, his people aren’t even voting any more since he told them to stay at home. All the people who didn’t vote? Those are his votes – and those cheating liars at the RNC probably will try to screw him over by not counting all the votes he didn’t get. So unfair!

    1. Ky gop caucus was 6 weeks ago, give or take.

    2. Cruz, Kasich, etc. were still vigorously campaigning during the KY and MO contests. The outcomes there aren’t surprising.

      It appears Trump is on target to receive more primary votes than any GOP candidate ever. Which is interesting considering how low Republican party ID has become (23% in 2014 according to Pew).

    3. Jerry, you usually sound real sensible to me, but WTF? Am I drunk or are you?

  31. “Iranian officials convinced Kim Kardashian is turning Muslims into models”…

    Naah. You don’t get ‘turned into being a model’ because you look at pictures. You gotta get hired.
    And you’ll have to start by taking that damn rag off your head; whaddaya trying to hide the fleas?!

    1. In other news, the hair removal business is booming.

      Several Persian relatives on my wife’s side of the family are models. None of them live in Iran. Odd, that.

  32. And then, the Iranis have been busy:
    “Iran Parliament Passes Bill To Seek Compensation From US”
    “The bill lists out the “spiritual and material damage” caused by “direct or indirect support of the United States” during the 1953 military coup, which overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, the destruction of oil platforms in the Gulf, the confiscation of Iranian funds abroad when international sanctions against it were in place, and even the hostile actions of the “Zionist regime” of Israel ? which counts the U.S. among its staunchest allies.”…..smsnnews11

    Paging Mr. Longjaw!

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  34. A couple years ago we got a letter from our health insurance provider that our policy was being cancelled due to the ACA. If we wanted to keep the same doctors that we had already had two kids with and were having a third we would have to sign up with Covered Californay-eh. My wife liked the kids doc and didn’t want to have to travel farther to have to bring them in for check ups. Fair enough. She got to deal with them. Good and hard. Over twenty hours on the phone and dealing with extra paperwork over the past two years with those idiots. They have received everything at least two times at this point. Two days ago they call and leave a message with some reference number and a request to call about it. I called this morning while doing something else and when I finally got through the woman who answered asked for my SS digits and my birthdate. I said I wouldn’t give that over the phone and asked why she needed it. She says she won’t tell me what she has on her screen unless I give them up. No way. Send me a letter, I said. “We can’t.” Then I can’t. This goes on. “I need to check with my supervisor about a letter. No, we cannot send a letter. It may get you canceled from your policy.”
    Well, I imagine you will send a letter then.

    1. Now I know that you’re older than Sevo.

  35. I’m still holding out for the links.


  36. The guy in the background gold mining @0:40 in the Rand video is pretty great.

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  38. “Under both Obama and Bush, you’ve gotten your way and you can’t pretend that American taxpayers and soldiers didn’t give all the money and flesh you needed to succeed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, you name it.

    Moving forward, the onus must be on the interventionists to explain why this time things will work out differently.”

    This. Every time. I think it’s hilarious that interventionists can continue to campaign on the necessity of foreign adventures when their track record has been such crap. You had your way, fuckheads, and it sucked.

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